Obama: Fox News Viewers Live On A Different Planet

What would be the name of this planet?

Former President Obama said in an interview that Fox News viewers and NPR listeners are living on different planets in terms of what news they consume.

“If you watch Fox News, you are living on a different planet than you are if you, you know, listen to NPR,” Obama told David Letterman on his new Netflix series “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction,” which started streaming on Friday.

The former president was referring to how the Russians were able to “exploit” different kinds of U.S. voters, who were “operating in completely different universes.”

Fox News reports:

The comments drew a strong reaction from Gingrich. “Many, many years from now in a nursing home, or a nice retirement community, Barack Obama will be still living in a fantasy life,” Gingrich said.

“He’ll think that Iran really wanted to have a deal, he’ll think that high taxes really work, he’ll think that welfare’s a good deal.”

Hannity said that there’s actually some truth to Obama’s argument about people living in “different information universes.”

“The mainstream media, they want to destroy Trump and they loved him,” Hannity said, referring to Obama. “It’s that simple.”

  • Harveyrabbit

    What would be the name of this planet?

    Not sure but the living conditions are very similar to this:


    • PlutoAnimus


  • DreadPikathulhu

    I just can’t anymore.

  • Reality.Bites

    “Many, many years from now in a nursing home, or a nice retirement community, Barack Obama will be still living in a fantasy life,” Gingrich said.

    And Newt will be long dead and missed by no one but divorce lawyers.

    • Todd20036

      Right? Even Calista couldn’t give a shit

      • Bluto

        Her face is pulled tighter than a nuns arse, so how would we know?

    • JackFknTwist

      Gingrich is just a loser pig. No more no less.

  • bkmn

    Betty called out a snowflake that was triggered by this.


    • Ninja0980

      You’re right Clarke, we won’t call you racist.
      We’ll just call you a POS, because that is what you are.

    • JackFknTwist

      Strong competition for Ultimate A sshole Title.

  • JWC

    good for Obama Newt Gingrich and wife Callista both sound like something you need a bug spray for

  • Bambino

    If you want to relive in once a reality or just to escape an hour from this crazy shit storm, it is a great escape to watch the David Letterman’s interview.

    • Vista-Cruiser

      I’d better not, because once it was over, I’d be absolutely crushed to have to rejoin the present day.

  • Xaca

    Oh, c’mon….too easy. Theiranus.

  • Lazycrockett

    I’ve got this cued up for tonight before SNL. I’m assuming its an hour long, right?

  • joe ho

    Say what you want about them, the Fox news audience get their butts to the polls and they don’t throw away their votes with virtue signalling protest votes, like the Bernie or Busters and Kremlin Jill Green Party shitstains.

    • Ninja0980

      They held their noses and voted for Trump because they cared about SCOTUS and the lower courts, something our side doesn’t.

      • Todd20036

        Republican fall in line…

        Meanwhile when you ask a Berned Bro or non voter why they didn’t vote for Clinton, you get an array of non-answers – she wasn’t likable, she “cheated” in the primaries, she wasn’t left enough…

        Of course, when you tell them their non vote resulted in Trump, they scoff at the idea.

        It wasn’t THEIR fault. Heaven forbid.

        • Mark Cross

          But Hillary beat Trump. It was the Electoral College that gave us Trump.

        • marshlc

          Yup, worst candidate ever, blah blah….

          When the whole story comes out, fifty years from now, it will be clear that the election was straight out stolen,and Clinton did nothing much wrong.

      • Octoberfurst

        “Held their noses”? Hell they LOVED Trump! What world are you living in? You act like Republicans are sane, decent human beings!

    • BlackGayVeganAtheist

      Sadly, we do not have a coalition government here in the USA therefore it is “us and them”!

      Neither the Green Party or Independents have a voice in American politics and with garnering only 1-3% of the vote they probably never will.

      • joe ho

        They certainly won’t. And because of their self-destructive voting behavior–sabotaging the only party that will enact part of their agenda (i.e. the DNC)–they are doomed to working against their own self interest–just like the Trump voters. The 2016 DNC platform was the most progressive in history–and yet not good enough for many of them. So they sabotaged. Their feelings were hurt. They are a sad lot indeed. 2000. 2016.

    • Mark Cross

      The Fox News audience didn’t win the popular vote. Hillary beat Trump, by a lot, in the 2016 US Presidential Election.

      • joe ho

        lol. The Fox News audience turned out where they needed to to win the presidency. The Bernie or Busters and Green Partiers did not. You need to reconnect with political reality.

    • “…and they don’t throw away their votes with virtue signalling protest votes, like the Bernie or Busters and Kremlin Jill Green Party shitstains.”

      I personally know several who did exactly what you said none of them do, so…

      • joe ho

        lol. the exceptions that prove the rule. statistics are your friend.

  • Lazycrockett

    Why would Obama need to be living in a care facility, he’s a fucking president. Fucking racist Newt.

    • Todd20036

      He wouldn’t. Newt is a racist. The only real difference between Newt and Trump is Newt used dog whistles, and Trump was overt.

  • jerry

    May I suggest Planet Shithole?

    • BlueberriesForMe

      You win!

  • Bambino

    A worthy thread that these soulless assholes will never get it.

    • Dayglo

      No, they’ll never understand it.

      • RaygunsGoZap

        Exactly. They’ll take away two things:

        1. White Genocide! The only mention of White is the House! That story has three POC and 0 WCMs! Erasure!
        2. Weakness: Just another example of Obama degrading America with “feelings”

      • Ninja0980

        Nope, as shown by one guy who tried to engage in the thread.
        And even if the younger Republicans say they support same sex marriage, abhor racism etc. their elders in control of the party don’t support the former and support the latter.

  • Sashineb
  • DN

    Well. This’ll be painless…

  • Dayglo

    There are several businesses in my vicinity who’ll broadcast Fox News to their customers. There’s a casual dining place, a suburban shopping mall and a highway rest plaza located on Route 95 between Maryland and Delaware. Those rest stop monitors are floor-to-ceiling huge, ala “1984.” Fox News is loudly broadcast to all visitors 24/7. Business owners can do as they please, but they’ve lost me as a customer if they intend to indoctrinate me.

    • Friday’s_cat

      Where I worked, a large multinational manufacturing concern, they had Fox News on the break room TV, until I demonstrated how that violated our values code of conduct.
      Any eatery owners that broadcast Fox News wouldn’t be above spitting in your food or beverage if they thought you were a Liberal.

      • Joseph Sarto

        Where you “worked”? Bullshit, your too psychotic to maintain steady employment. But, just for arguments sake, I didn’t realize NAMBLA headquarters had a “code of conduct.

    • sadoldguy

      Look into “TV B Gone”

      It’s a universal OFF button.

    • marshlc

      I was sitting in the waiting room while getting my snow tires put on, they had Fox on the TV. I didn’t pay any attention, just turned off my hearing aids and read my book, but the woman next to me finally said, quite loudly “I’ve had enough of this shit’ and changed it to a movie. Nobody complained, either because they agreed with her, or because they were scared to.

      • Dayglo

        I was treated to an entire hour of the 700 Club while waiting for new brakes at Meinecke. Pat Robertson enlightened me to the fact that the women’s liberation movement was part of a satanic conspiracy. Fascinating.

  • Joseph Miceli

    Newt Gingrich is possibly the most heinous blot on the body politic that has managed to stain its underbelly for the last 3 decades. The original author of the degraded language and lack of comity between the two parties, Newt has had the nerve to sit in judgement of Clinton while carrying on an affair with what is now his wife. Not satisfied with that, he (and wife number three!) head a grift-er empire of conservatard media that he regularly uses the presidential race to advertise for. His self promotion was so lucrative that it emboldened another grift-er…Donald Trump.
    I think I can say with absolute certainty that the world would be a better place if Newt’s mother had drowned the little sociopath at birth. Yet here we are again, treating him as if his opinion mattered. Please, the only thing standing between him handing out smallpox infected blankets to Dems is that he can’t make a big enough profit from it.

    • Steve Smith

      I wonder who he’s screwing while Callista’s off selling her arse in Vatican City?

      • Joseph Miceli

        Because you know he is. The mind boggles. After all, how did Newt Gingrich find three people on this planet to sleep with him to begin with?

        • JAKvirginia

          Proof that miracles happen?

          • Joseph Miceli

            Don’t say that. I don’t want to be Catholic. The gowns they wear are hideous!

        • Todd20036


          My older sister, who was far prettier than her (now ex-) husband, married him for money.

        • Gianni

          I have wondered about that myself. With things like him, I get the idea that far too many women have literally poor to no taste in men at all.

          • Matt

            When money is involved (a lot of it), all you have to do is lay there and pretend it’s someone decent for three minutes. I just don’t think I could suppress my gag reflex long enough to wait for the asshole to expire and claim his bank account.

      • Longpole

        Even if he manages to find a willing mistress, I doubt Callista cares. Republican woman like her, only seem to care about money and status.
        She was once a mistress herself.

    • David Walker

      Unfortunately, like radiation from an atomic bomb, newter and his contract on Murka will take forever to go away.

    • -M-

      *conservatrump media

      • Joseph Miceli

        Gingrich has been doing it longer and is better at it. Blech.

  • Vista-Cruiser

    Very true. Unfortunately, Fox viewers vote in every single election; NPR listeners not so much.

    • olandp

      I believe NPR listeners vote, there just aren’t as many as there are Fox viewers. Perspicacity must be taken into account.

  • JCF
  • Michael R
    • iambu


  • AdamTh

    Imagine living in an evidence-free, science-free universe….. sounds like a real shithole

    • JAKvirginia

      Not if you’re an evidence-free, science-free person.

    • Paula Key

      Well done, Rosa Parks!

  • Boreal

    In not many years from now, Newt will be living in trump, deregulated nursing home and that warms my heart.


    • William

      Someone on Etsy sells that face as a mask. The nurse face is also available.

  • Statistics Palin

    Said planet orbits a newly discovered shithole star.

  • BourbonGal

    Miss him dearly.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    As always, his wisdom speaks to truth. They’re fucking nuts.

  • Mike

    Calling bullshit on Obama’s false equivalency. It seems the right wing inanities about the “liberal media” are even etched into his brain. NPR isn’t the left wing analog of Fox News. Far from it. In fact, there is no left wing analog of Fox News.

    NPR, or Nice Polite Republicans, is a complicit news operation that pretends not to notice Republican atrocities, and treats every utterance and opinion as if they were all of equal value and worthy of consideration. If there is a euphemism the Republicans insist on to help give them cover, NPR obliges. Otherwise, they risk being called liberal, the only intolerable thing. I stopped listening when Terry Gross started calling torture “enhanced interrogation,” but never torture. Deplorable.

    • Friday

      I don’t think he was actually *making* that equivalency, actually. As much as NPR’s been toeing certain lines to keep the government from just shutting them down completely, it’s still not the same world as the right wing media, for sure.

      They really ought to take some care about not bending over backwards to let raving lunatic Republicans try to sound reasonable or ‘just the other side of the story,’ though.

      They’re also hobbled to a degree by limited funding, ….today in fact they were saying they had to hedge their bets for a while about the ‘shithole’ story cause they had to get some of their own reporting to look into it more.

  • Joe in PA

    So this happened: kind of on topic, I was walking through our local farmers market/indoor flea market…a group of folks were chatting, I overheard one of them say “they keep trying to get him out…but he always comes out on top, every time! (presumably talking about Trump). The reply was: If he did half the stuff that Obama did…he’d be in jail! Talk about living in a bubble. You KNOW they only watch Fox. 🙁

    • Gianni

      It really is that obvious, isn’t it. People like them actually believe they’re getting “News” from Fox. I tune into Hannity from time to time expecting to get reporting about whatever is also breaking on other news networks. He never reports a single fact about anything Trump said or did w/o first turning it around and slanting it to sound like poor Donnie is under attack. Then, of course, we go off on, “What about Hillary?” “What about Obama?” They did this, that, and the other thing and got away with it all. Fox is all about right-wing ideas, opinions, conspiracies, etc and their audience slobbers over hearing that bull.

      • a Trump presidency may have spared us in the long run from TrumpTV

        • Gianni

          Watch FOX News. It has made itself into Trump TV. No need for Donnie to start his own. Praising Trump and complaining about his majesty’s detractors; demeaning anyone who disagrees with our king; blaming Obama and Hillary for everything Donnie doesn’t currently like; and bitching about and accusing Hillary of anything they can dream up is ALL they do at FOX, aka: Trump TV.

    • JAKvirginia

      Had a discussion with a friend at dinner recently who expressed his dismay with people who were, as he termed them, irrational, based on their conclusions which he found wrong.

      I countered him to be careful throwing out the word irrational. “Studies have shown that their thinking is quite rational — based on their individual data-set. Their conclusions are flawed because their data is flawed.”

      These people aren’t crazy in any way. Their thinking has been so skewed by erroneous or false data, they are now incapable, in fact resistant, to accepting correct data. They have essentially lost the ability (the will?) to know what correct/truthful data is. They would have to completely rebuild their belief system to integrate truth… something that would totally disrupt their sense of well-being. They simply may be incapable of changing.

      Frightening possibility.

      • Joe in PA

        As you say: “Frightening possibility”. Sigh.

  • greenmanTN

    They live in Shitholistan.

  • That_Looks_Delicious

    THANK YOU! Thank you, President Obama. It is long overdue that somebody spoke plainly about that.

  • fuzzybits
  • BobSF_94117

    This is why I chose not to watch the Obama interview.

  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    I will never forgive nor forget all the hypocritical tone trolling they did about their easily wounded fee fees while gladly wearing the C word and applauding their orange calf bellowing obscenities and insults at the rest of the world.

  • rednekokie

    Oh wow — how I miss the gentleman President Obama!!!

  • Lionel Leston

    Trump supporters’ homeworld…Ferengenar, Cardassia, or Nal Hutta? Discuss, fellow Trekkies and Star Wars fans…

  • UrsusArctos 🐻

    O/T – Gowdy Doody resigns from Ethics Committee. I wonder what dirt is about to hit the fan on this low life.

  • -M-

    No, Sean. The difference is Fuax news fuckwits like you ignore objective facts and throw logical consistency aside to promote whatever your self-serving lie of the moment is.

  • ian

    Love how the reaction on the right confirms Obamas point. The fact they seem so butthurt only demonstrates their insecurity. They know deep down Obama is correct, that pretty much every criticism of them is correct. Betty Bowers is right, they’re reacting like monkeys throwing their own feces at the wall, not because they’re angry, but because they’re frightened. To me, that defines a snowflake.

  • whollyfool

    I don’t think that is exactly what he meant. I think he meant that we interpret the world in completely different ways.

  • marshlc

    OT – had myself a nice little double feature; when I was at the library yesterday I saw they had “All the President’s Men” movie as a staff pick so picked it up. Watched that last night, and today went to see “The Post” in the theatre. Now I’m all riled up – freedom of the goddam press, fuck yeah!

  • Barry William Teske

    Oh look!
    Newt Gringrich can bendover…

  • Infinite Jester

    Naturally, I assumed the name of the planet was Deplorable.

  • MassageBear

    HAPPENING NOW: Trump restaurant, hotel and other properties receiving avalanche of 1-star “shithole” reviews on Yelp and other public websites. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/216bc6cd0a2fbc9f0d472bfa7a60dcfac41b0b18b01d80c19b368f30fba340b8.jpg

  • Henry Auvil

    I want to live on Planet Obama.

  • Ann Kah

    “FOX viewers live on a different planet” – I wish, Barack, I wish…

  • EdA

    Newt Gingrich, one of Sheldon Adelson’s most wasted investments, even if he only cost Adelson pocket change and, for what it was worth, he did get some bragging rights in officially owning a former Speaker of the House of Representatives.

    Now that she’s gotten what she wants, I’m sure that Callista won’t mind in the slightest if Gingrich, now 74 years old, finds some new woman to intercourse with him instead of her.

  • Kevin Andrews

    Good on President Obama in his calling out the lying propagandists at Faux News and the professional liars club. Rupert Murdoch is the jew scum of the Earth who is now drilling in the Golan Heights with Dickless ChainE for oil while the American Troops are merely strong-arm land and resource thieves for the 1% Oil Barons and the Israeli illegitimate State in Palestine.
    Faux Spews is as disgusting as Bannon too.
    Gingrich is lower than whale shit in the Bahamian Trench and the Shitgibbon’s appointment of its whore to the Vatican ambassador post a real gilded feces insult to any intelligent human. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b8a7a06c6053ddc6ba0629f29e1099d0ff5bbd87a7a2ed8681a502c3b0b5242f.png

  • YUGE

    Fox News, CNN and MSNBC are all bad.

    • andrew

      Are they all equally bad ?

  • andrew

    When I think of the Obama eight years wedged in between George W. Bush and Trump, I tell myself: “Don’t let it be forgot/that once there was a spot/for one brief shinning moment/ that was know as Camelot.”

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