BREAKING: GOP House Rep. Darrell Issa To Retire

CNBC reports:

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Ca., will not seek re-election later this year, opening up another battleground in the deep blue state as Republicans and Democrats spar for control of the House. Issa’s decision to leave Congress follows the announced retirement of Rep. Ed Royce, R-Ca., earlier this week. He announced the move in a statement on Wednesday.

His decision to leave opens up an opportunity for Democrats in one of the American states most friendly to the party. Issa, who joined Congress in 2001, only narrowly got re-elected to his seat in California’s 49th Congressional District in 2016. In the presidential race, Hillary Clinton won his district by 7 percentage points.

  • Lakeview Bob

    Son of a fucking bitch!!!!

    I was looking forward to having his ass handed to him. Fucking coward.

    • kareemachan

      He wasn’t.

    • james1200

      How long after the election will he move to Russia? I say immediately, before the Democratic House opens investigations into Trump and also which members of Congress are on Putin’s payroll.

  • SkokieGuy [ChicagoAdjacentGuy]

    To the very smart JMG commentator who said Russia must have Kompromat on half of the members of Congress, me thinks you are right. They are dropping like flies.

    • james1200

      I think it had more to do with fact that polls were showing that he’s going down in November. That makes at least 31 Republicans that are retiring from the House so that’s really good news for our side.

      • OdieDenCO

        it is good news for America

        • prixator

          And, indirectly, the rest of the world, too.

      • misterjack

        That many? WOW!

        • james1200

          I was a little off; it’s actually 30, including Issa. I’ll bet there’s a dozen or more that will be added to this list, too.

          • Do you know if this is an unusually high number to retire during a mid term election or is this actually the norm and it just seem odd due to the crazy state of politics?

          • james1200

            It’s unusually high. The average is 22 and we already have 30 and it’s only early January.

          • Thank you.

          • Helen Damnation™

            Ha, they know what time it is!

      • SkokieGuy [ChicagoAdjacentGuy]

        Okay, its just polls, but don’t stop me from dreaming that Putin will release compromising info on every one of the rats jumping ship.

        • Bambino

          I don’t think he is stupid enough to incriminate himself by releasing all the information on the GOP traitors. It will just link right back to him.

      • Ninja0980

        He barely won the last time and the numbers were not on his side.

  • Lumpy Gaga

    FOAD, Issa. Good luck in workplaces where they allow firearms.

  • AmeriCanadian

    Slightly OT

    I can’t imagine what his childhood was like. Darrell Issa ________ (fill in the blank).

  • kareemachan

    Like loot-laden rats from a sinking ship….

    • Stephen Elliot Phillips

      Fuck us all royally then jump ship in a golden lifeboat..

      • FAEN

        The GOP way.

  • bkmn

    May Karma visit Mr. Issa for all the crap he has pulled.

  • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

    They’re all cashing in and enjoying their offshore Russian funded accounts.

    • Lumpy Gaga

      You get peed on!
      You get peed on!


      • Dreaming Vertebrate

        The real “Trickle down”!!!

      • Todd20036

        Hmm. Who’s doing the peeing?

  • james1200

    Too bad. I was hoping to see him get beat like a drum in that swing district of his.

  • Steven B
    • pch1013

      Good, good. Let’s remove any vestiges of remaining doubt that the GOP is the Party of Trump.

    • Joe in PA

      There was no collusion!

      I did launder a shit ton o money though. Makes me smart.


  • DisqusD37

    As a California resident, might I say, “Good riddance you piece of shit.”

    • JackFknTwist

      He gets one of the wanker of the year awards.
      There are more to around.

  • Karl Dubhe 2

    I think some more of the GOP reps need to resign from office now. Not before another election.

    Naow, please.

    That transcript was too damning.

  • Mike C

    He’s retiring to spend more time with his tax cut.

    • Kevin Perez

      ..or to steal more cars with his bother.

      • FAEN

        Probably both.

        • Gustav2

          Yes, both are theft.

    • Chuck in NYC

      More time getting his teeth bleached.

    • ted-

      Until someone kills him for being a GOP – you know those who are destroying our nation…

    • Ninja0980


    • Just Noh

      …and committing arson and insurance fraud

    • Jay Silversmith

      …or go pick grapes on Nunes’ russian vineyard.

    • Rick Hoyt

      He voted against the tax cut. I’m no fan of Issa, but he listened to his constituents on that one at least.

    • JackFknTwist

      O/T : Grassley of Iowa is a total scumbag, he needs to go now. What a little undemocratic b ollix……he said he would release the transcripts of the GS testimony, but changed his mind to put his party’s pro-Trump/turd’s interests above the interests of his country in pursuing Russian interests.

      Resign Grassley resign.
      And Lindsey should follow him

  • Tawreos
  • Dreaming Vertebrate

    Glad to see he has finally found a way to come down off that roof!!!
    Buh-bye corporate piggy!!

  • That_Looks_Delicious
    • Lazycrockett


      • That_Looks_Delicious

        I can see him winning in Ohio. (Former Buckeye here)

        But he would be quite the hypocrite if he runs for the GOP, since their policies cause all those conditions he writes about in his books.

        • Gustav2

          No, his foundation/charitable org has not brought Ohio one damn job, but it has paid for him to travel the whole state speechifying.

          We don’t know who was funding him. Maybe other investment bankers?

        • edrex

          and we all know that the gop cannot tolerate hypocrites.

    • Gustav2

      He has said, “No!” besides he has a new baby and the wife is clerking in the Fed Court which is more than a full time job.

      The local news have now said he is considering it.

      • Lazycrockett

        The first interview I saw of him was on AM Joy and he did fine, but the last I saw bout 5 months ago he was just GOP talking points. Plus he has no solutions to any of the problems that he writes bout. Just how “proud” his kinfolk are.

        • Gustav2

          He will not do well in the Columbus suburbs, they have seen him for what he is, a bankster.

  • liondon#iamnotatraitor

    See y’all on K street.

  • SoCalGal20

    HOLY SHIT!!!!!!

    Yeah CA49!!!!

  • BlackGayVeganAtheist
    • stevenj

      May he spend the rest of his life in car alarm hell.

  • BlackGayVeganAtheist

    First patriotic move he’s ever made.

  • Robert Adams

    All the GOP announced congressional retirements set me to wondering — is there a phrase that means the opposite of “brain drain”?

    • William

      Unclogging a sewer main?

    • Lars Littlefield

      bowel evacuation

    • Steve Smith

      Trump appears to be unintentionally “draining the swamp”.

    • BBauerNH

      brain gain? but that assumes improvement with the successor…

    • Uncle Mark

      Political enema

  • another_steve

    Can wez indict him before he go?


  • FAEN


  • Natty Enquirer

    Bye-bye, Viper.

    • Steverino

      “Step away from the House. Thank you.”

  • gaycuckhubby

    Fuck yeah! Let’s capitalize on this!

  • misterjack

    What are we up to, now, seventeen?

    • james1200


      • The_Wretched

        They only want you when you’re seventeen
        When you’re thirty-one
        You’re no fun
        They take a polaroid and let you go
        Say they’ll let you know
        So come on

        31 is way over the average for off year elections.

        • james1200


          • The_Wretched


  • OdieDenCO

    I’ve not followed politics in the past with the intensity I do today, but I’ve always had a eye on it. I find it fascinating to see so many in one party resign or refuse to run. It’s almost as if they are ashamed of the “work” they have done.

    • Tawreos

      I think it is more that some of them don’t want to get stomped like a narc at a biker rally.

    • BlueberriesForMe

      They want to make sure they’ll have their cushy lobbyist position lined up
      along with their federal-government-paid-for retirement benefits (including health care) before they face an election where they have to somehow “justify” their past year’s votes.

  • Gustav2
  • Hank

    I hope, that the CA Dems put up GOOD candidates in every Rethuglican held district, as they did in VA!!!

    • Vista-Cruiser

      Agreed. We definitely don’t need Issa’s seat filled by a Republican who’s even more right-wing.

  • blackstar
    • blackstar
      • The_Wretched

        Where is the ‘bwahahaha’? Quotes like that need the ‘bwahahaha’.

      • Uncle Mark
      • FAEN

        The women of Salem burned at the stake for being ‘witches’ would disagree BLOTUS.

        • Palmer

          They were hanged, not burned.

          • FAEN

            Thank you for the correction.

        • Palmer

          Oops, I forgot, one was pressed to death.

          • FAEN

            How awful.

    • bkmn

      More Dems need to be publicly calling him out, every chance they get, and moreso if the media is around.

    • John Ruff

      He’s awesome

    • The_Wretched

      More please and more from more of the dems.

  • Joe in PA

    Hey, those cars aren’t going to steal themselves!

    • GayOldLady

      And you know the buildings can’t set themselves on fire.

    • John Ruff

      Oh no you didn’t lol

  • Reasonoverhate

    He knows he can’t win. Hillary won that district by 7 points and he won re-election by about 0.5%. The Dems will pick up that seat easily!

    • fuow

      Not if we don’t vote, we won’t. We must not underestimate the number of people who will vote against us for no other reason than to maintain the chaos in Washington.

      • ZRAinSWVA

        Absolutely correct. The ‘burn-it-down’ mentality is very evident on Breitbart, OANN , Faux and similar sites.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    Finally! California’s Louie Gohmert is finally leaving.
    So, what’s up with all the GOP bailing ship. Is this good or do they know something we don’t?

    • Tread

      Shit is about to hit the fan. The GOP is up to their necks in Russian oligarch money.

      • Rebecca Gardner

        I hope so. It feels like the United States has gotten a horrible disease since entering the 21st Century which has made it lose it’s way. It’s so sick it can’t think or act right, it has no idea what it’s doing, but a cure is on the way which will purge her of this disease and things can go back to normal. Really, that is all we have left because right now this country is at a crossroads and we either right our course or continue on the current one which only leads to certain death.

        • Steverino

          It’s like HIV, a good for nothing parasite entirely dependent upon it’s host, who it seeks to cripple and take down along with itself. Nihilistic.

    • John Ruff

      No, Rohrabacher is the Gohmert of Ca

      • Misutaa Roboto

        Rohrabacher is the Trumplet of CA, given that he’s a traitor on Putin’s payroll. Even Paul Ryan said as much when he thought he was only among friends: “Swear to God!”.

    • John30013

      They passed their corporate overlords’ tax giveaway, which was massively unpopular, so they’re bailing before the voters throw then out. Also, they’ll probably all land cushy jobs as lobbyists for those same overlords.

  • Billy Green

    Can’t. Happen. Soon. Enough. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. On second thought, please do let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. The harder the better.

  • Keith D Plane

    crap I was so hoping to see his ass handed to him on Election Day!

    • Tawreos

      Ewwww, that would require someone to see his ass. =)

  • Bomer
  • Gigi

    They’re dropping like flies. Or like rats jumping ship. Good riddance.

  • Slippy_World
    • The_Wretched

      I liked that anime. Welcome to the afterlife. You play games in the bar.

  • Sam_Handwich

    I guess Dotard/Mercers/RNC had no choice but to neuter Bannon, because the bloodbath would be even worse with him meddling with primaries.

  • William

    The rethuglican party is totally under control under the Kremlin. Cooperate or get out. The FSB (KGB) has all the dirt.

  • Dayglo

    Oh, what a storied career he’s had. An impediment to progress at every turn and he utilized taxpayers money so well.

  • paganguy
  • Friday’s_cat

    What’s with republicans using Dodge Chargers and Challengers to break the law?

  • Bambino
  • Friday’s_cat

    One more republican with a bag of cash and a one way ticket to Moscow stashed in an airport locker?

  • John Ruff

    Pussy fucking knows he’ll lose hard.

  • Joe

    He certainly has enriched himself.
    One hopes karma will pay him a visit!

  • R W C

    Can’t spell Issa without A-S-S.

    • ted-


  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Today’s musical selection:

    Appropriate I think.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    O/T Submitted without further comment….

  • Scott Fitler
  • JWC

    Another rat leaves the sinking ship What will the Dems do with a sinking ship

    • coram nobis

      Fire another torpedo into it?

      • The_Wretched

        Stand by patiently and watch. Occasional small golf clap.

  • TexasBoy
  • Kelly Lape

    He’s an evil piece of shit. I will celebrate his death. The next time I hear his name will be too soon unless it’s an obituary.

  • DaddyRay

    Oh happy day

  • Here are 5 of Republican Darrell Issa’s most embarrassing moments

    Despite being one of the richest members of Congress, California Republican Darrell Issa announced Wednesday that he would not seek a ninth term.

    Issa has represented California’s 49th congressional district, a coastal seat between San Diego and Orange County.

    Here is a look back at some of the most embarrassing moments during Issa’s two decades in politics.

    No comment, but here’s a middle finger
    In May, Politico’s Rachael Bade attempted to ask Congressman Issa about reports President Donald Trump asked then-FBI director James Comey to stop investigating former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

    Issa allegedly refused to answer the question, flipped the bird and kept walking.

    More at.

  • HZ81

    He should retire from life, too. Please move to the middle of the ocean Diamond Darrell.

  • boobert

    Republican incumbents are running away ! This just might work out !

  • Forrest Halford


    • ted-

      He’s not dead, YET! 🙂

  • FAEN

    I hope the Dem wins his seat.

  • hdtex
  • coram nobis

    Here’s a chart of the California congressional delegation.'s_congressional_districts

    Out of 53 seats, GOP has 14, and from this chart it looks like 7 (including Issa’s) are ready to tip. This doesn’t include McClintock in CA-4, who the California Democrats are targeting, or Nunes, who seems to be in hot water.

    Flip enough California seats and it would be a good start on a House majority nationwide.

    • stevenj

      McClintock’s constituents gave him a hard time at his town halls last year. He is definitely being targeted:

    • SoCalGal20

      I’ve seen that people speculating that the seats that are good bets to flip in CA, NY, and NJ alone could be enough to flip the house.

      • coram nobis

        The demographics are shifting, with more Hispanic and Asian voters in places like Orange County and in the Central Valley. NY and NJ probably as well in some places. Also, CA is going to feel the effects of the Federal tax laws, and not just in the well-to-do coastal areas. A lot of farmers are going to get some surprises with their taxes, I would imagine, and won’t thank the GOP delegation for that. The offshore drilling and renewed attack on our pot industry won’t gain the GOP any seats in CA either.

    • Oh, Parker

      Nunes is going down for obstruction.

      • coram nobis

        So that seat may drop open. It augurs well.

  • Halou

    It would be easier to write a list of Republicans who are not “retiring”. Their collective scandals are making re-election more and more impossible so rather than suffer the ignimony of defeat they leave that to someone else while they spend the rest of forever patting themselves on the back as “winners”.

  • Rats leaving a sinking ship…

    Also, Issa’s district has been moving steadily more and more Blue over the last 10 years. In 2016, really only his incumbency and the lack of a better quality Dem candidate kept him in office.

  • LeeCMH

    I’ve been cautiously optimistic about the Dems chances this year.

    This is encouraging.

    Especially Issa, who led the Benghazi GOP crap.

  • Vista-Cruiser

    This is too bad in a way. I really wanted to see him lose an election to a Democrat.

  • Treant

    It does seem like some of the dumbest and the worst are leaving.

    That’s a good thing. Even if the districts are stupid enough to vote Republican, there’s at least a minor chance that somebody with some intellect will slip in somewhere.

  • Ninja0980

    Translation, I’m looking at my poll numbers and the way my district is trending and I can either chose to retire or have the voters of my district do it for me.

  • JAKvirginia

    I’ve fucked up everything i possibly could. My work here is done.

  • Card

    Marginally OT: With Ecuador wanting Assange out of their embassy more each passing day, what are the odds of Wikileaks dropping the other half of the hacked email stash (i.e., the GOP ones) in some kind of play to save his ass?

  • anne marie in philly

    don’t let the door hit yer fat white ass as ya leave, asswipe! CA, turn this seat BLUE!

  • Richard

    Well, he’s done his damage to the American people and now can sit back and enjoy a nice fat golden parachute of a tax cut. I wonder if anyone in CA49th can recall something good he’s done for his constituents? I can’t think of anything. Glad to see him go !

  • JAKvirginia

    Time to play Fill In the Blank!

    Darrell Issa _______________.

  • Jamie Wilson

    According to the highly regarded political forecaster, Larry Sabato of UVA, the Dems need to have a ballot preference of +4 in order to retake the House. (In other words, people say that they generally would prefer Democrats to win over Republicans by a margin of at least 4%.) Currently, the Dems have a ballot preference margin of 11%. So even without these retirements, things were looking pretty good.

  • Stubenville

    The rats desert the ship. Good riddance.

    No love,


  • MDixon34

    Now if we can just convince Rohrabacher to retire.

  • John

    Good riddance!

  • TimCA

    As a voter in the 49th, I’m particularly thrilled over this bit of news!!

  • BobSF_94117

    The economy is improving. People are buying more expensive cars. Someone’s gotta steal them…

  • Gregory In Seattle

    Another one bites the dust. And another one’s gone and another one’s gone….

  • Gianni

    Not disturbed by this news. Suddenly, in the midst of the Trump Era, Republicants are retiring in droves. What gives? (not that I’m complaining)

    • CB

      Protecting their post congress paychecks before they can be hit by flying poo. /s

  • pgarayt

    Nobody will miss you. Enjoy your tax payer pension you don’t need.

  • Jefe5084

    Oh boo hoo hoo–NOT!

  • JCF