Trump: Smart Voters Don’t Vote For Democrats

Yahoo News reports:

US President Donald Trump tweeted right to the end of the year Sunday, boasting of his accomplishments in his turbulent first year in office and throwing down the gauntlet for the US midterm elections.

He highlighted his tax cut and a surging stock market in a series of New Year’s Eve tweets that seemed to set the table for next year’s fight for control of the US Congress.

“Why would smart voters want to put Democrats in Congress in 2018 Election when their policies will totally kill the great wealth created during the months since the Election,” he said.

  • DumbHairyApe

    I would hope his “smart voters” ask themselves, “Gee, how much ‘great wealth’ has he added to my wallet?” before they cast their votes.

    • Gustav2

      “I got a whole two bucks a week! I definitely will vote Republican!”

    • fuow

      Smart≠Trump voters.
      Then again, they do vote. More than we can say of ourselves.

    • Joseph Miceli

      I’ll get about an extra 700.00 on my tax check this year. Remember when Bush gave me a measly 500.00? I do. I also remember the crash in 2008 and how the two were directly related! Republicans destroy everything they touch.

      • Boreal

        Our country is infected with leprosy aka republicans.

      • Prost Seattle

        I will lose ~ $2000 in the tax cuts. Admittedly, my job is strange in that I have a lot of work expenses I can deduct from my taxes. All of those deductions disappear next year.

      • Mb

        I only got $300 from Bush.

        • Longpole

          Ya, “enough to buy a new muffler for your car” was the catch phrase of the day.

        • JCF

          All of mine got garnished for student loans. 🙁

    • Dramphooey

      Some of them are so dumb they think his completely ignoring him is just a build up to a great surprise. For an example see a steelworker laid off before Christmas.

    • Uncle Mark

      Drumpf’s “smart” voters will vote with their wallets when they cannot take tax deductions on their mortgages, state & property taxes, charities, or an other itemized options…in addition to having their kid’s college scholarships taxed. Then we have the GOP going on vacation without fixing the CHIPS program. Wait ’til they see the GOP going after MEDICAID & MEDICARE.

      The GOP knows they’re all going to be kicked out; they’re just grabbing all they can before they’re pushed out the door. Drumpf is too clueless to see that. Hell, he’s still waiting for his exoneration letter from Mueller.

      • Piet

        But the R’s timed the effective date of the cuts so that it won’t actually hit till after the midterms, so the “smart” voters won’t be voting with their wallets in ’18. All the more reason for us to work hard to get out the vote

        • cleos_mom

          And working equally hard to make sure that no one is unaware of the tax time bombs set to go off in a few years. Democrats just wait and then react all too often.

  • Lakeview Bob

    Just too stupid to comment on.

    • JCF

      I feel that way about most of Twitler’s tweets.

  • MBear


    • Elagabalus

      That’s an insult to asses.

  • Boreal
  • fuow

    Well, at least he’s consistent.
    And it’s his voters who actually get out and vote while we sophisticates stay home.

  • Bambino
  • BobSF_94117

    Does he really think most people own stocks?

    • Dramphooey

      I guarantee you those goofballs at his rallies don’t.

    • clay

      Donald’s bragged about not owning stocks. He has nothing that resembles internal consistency.

    • McSwagg

      Of course they all own stocks. That’s the wooden part on the butt end of the rifle. Some even own several “bump stocks” to boot.

  • another_steve

    My husband is into financial forecasts and forecasters and follows a wide range of experienced predictors. One in particular who’s on the conservative side and has an excellent track record of getting it right is predicting a Democratic takeover of the House in November.

    Oh joy.


    • Ninja0980

      My rep and the rep in the district to the North of me have been trying to defend their vote which WILL increase taxes on many of us here in NY to the people they represent and suffice to say it hasn’t gone well.
      The chances of Cuomo losing the next election or Democrats losing control of the State House are next to none and there is no way unions are going to allow cuts to education etc.
      So who do you punish for the socking many of us will get?
      The people who voted yes on a tax bill designed to screw over blue states or the people who give Republicans the majority.
      I honestly think by the end of next year, the number of Republicans you’ll be able to count serving in NY,NY,CA,IL will be on one or two hands and that’s it.

      • another_steve

        New Jersey has one of the highest property tax rates in the nation.

        Just wait until the effect of the cap on the state and local tax exclusion sinks in for the average property-owning New Jerseyite.

        • Ninja0980

          Bottom line, they want New Jersey to either cut taxes or for people to move out.
          The thing they don’t seem to get is that when people move, they don’t become Republicans for the most part.
          Hence the reason former Red states such as VA,CO,NV are becoming bluer by the day.

          • another_steve

            Yes. That.

            Another blunder on the part of the Republicans is their demonizing of the Hispanic population. “The Wall” and such. Hispanic people are the fastest growing racial/ethnic demographic in the country.

            Trump is fucking his party good.

        • Acronym Jim

          According to GFOA, NY tax payers are looking at a possible $1,700 increase.

        • BearEyes

          CT is up there too. We have 3 wooded acres in an ex-urb (basically, outer bedroom community now but more rural when I first moved in 25 years ago). Taxes on the house alone (nice, but nothing fancy) is $8K/yr plus the property taxes on both vehicles. And our rate is a tad lower than average for CT.

          • another_steve

            Interesting, BearEyes.

            New Jersey, in particular, is ridiculous in this arena.

            Man and I live in a big house on a 5-acre property here in Maryland. He also owns a New Jersey house inherited from his parents. He rents that house out. The NJ house sits on an acre.

            His property taxes for his New Jersey house are higher than our property taxes for our house here in Maryland.

        • JCF

          I’m afraid of what the effect’s going to be on my dad (and ergo, Yours Truly) here in Cali.

  • bkmn

    THIS is something that pisses me off. They program their followers to hate us, make us the enemy. We are not just an opposing party – we are the evil enemy. We saw that in AL where time after time we heard people saying they just could not vote for a Democrat.

    We are all Americans, we are not the enemy.

    • JAKvirginia

      Those people are binary. More than 2 choices and they shut down. Good/bad. Yes/no. Throw a maybe in there and it’s “Uh….”

    • canoebum

      I disagree. The 1% have declared war on the rest of us. Not satisfied with having more than enough money for 100 lifetimes, they want more…and plan on taking from us. They may call themselves Americans, but they possess not one iota of loyalty to this country.

      • bkmn

        I agree with that but the poor folks that vote GOP see us as the enemy too and that is the big issue. We are all Americans but they don’t see it that way.

        • Natty Enquirer

          The One Percent works hard to convince the poor folks of that because 1% cannot get anyone elected by themselves.

        • canoebum

          Yeah. Well, you can’t fix stupid.

        • Chucktech

          A depressingly high percentage of the poor (and rural) seem to hate coloreds, queers and mexakins. They know they’re suffering under Trump but as long as he’s sticking it to the libtards, they’ll continue to support and endure Trump.

          • jeffg166

            They aren’t going hungry. Yet.

      • Todd20036

        Not all the wealthy. Even with such a small percentage, many in the 1% abhor Trump.

        Also, being 1% isn’t as rich as you’d think. My wealth is 1% (my salary is 15%). I don’t have to worry about bills, and my pension is funded, and my house is paid off, but I certainly don’t get anything from Trump’s tax plans.

        I just don’t lose anything if SS goes away or Obamacare goes away.

        You’re thinking of the top 0.01%. Big difference.

      • Frostbite

        why should they? their god is the dollar. may they choke on piles of them in hell.

      • ColdCountry

        Not all of them. Some of that 1% dislike Dump as well, and are also known for giving a lot of their money away.

        • canoebum

          Yes, a few.

        • Joseph Miceli

          “Not all like that?”
          Yeah, I’ve heard that before somewhere…..
          I know you are right, but unless something changes, Monsieur Guillotine will be entertaining indiscriminately. When the urge to “dine” overtakes the populace they don’t worry if who they bring to the table belongs on the guest list.

          • ColdCountry

            I certainly hope you’re wrong about that! We are in such a mess….

    • FAEN

      Exactly! Something is very broken if as a voter, a human being, you believe wholeheartedly that a Democrat is worse, WORSE than a child molester!

      • liondon#iamnotatraitor

        Suzie, Tell the police officer where the Republican touched you.

    • cleos_mom
      • bkmn

        What I don’t understand is why those people are not treating us as oracles or soothsayers, because almost everything we told them would happen has happened.

    • Joseph Miceli

      I remember the rhetoric that Reagan (traitor!) and Newt Gingrich (loathsome sociopath!) used to describe Democrats. “Don’t say “Democratic Party,” say “Democrat Party” because it sounds like “rat.” Both had long lists of names that everyone on the right was supposed to label us with. They created this divide and then blamed Obama for being divisive!
      I remember who to blame very well. Sicilians are good at holding a grudge and I’m a credit to my people. Jesus himself could run as a Republican and I’d vote for Satan.

      • bkmn

        I call that “othering” – making someone/something out as an other so it is easier to treat them as less than human

    • Pluto Animus

      Um, but we are, in fact, the enemy.

      I mean, you do understand that they are our enemy, and will never be our ally, right?

      Well, the same goes for them.

      Good is always the enemy of Evil, you silly goose.

      • bkmn

        There used to be a difference between having opposing views and being an enemy. We are all Americans, unfortunately many of them don’t think we deserve to be any more.

  • Joseph Miceli

    Maybe smart voters would see that their Republic is being dismantled and sold or outright stolen by the oligarchs and Dems are the last best hope for the rest of us not to live in a wasteland of filth and poverty as our nation declines. But hey…..both parties are the same!/S

  • BlindBill

    great wealth created? or just shifted more wealth into the coffers of the already wealthy.

    • Treant

      If you want to see this Administration’s tax policy in action, just play the movie “Robin Hood” backward and watch as Robin takes from the poor and gives to the rich.

    • Tomcat

      I just got my S/S figures for the next year and I will still make the same amount that I got for the last two years. My wealth must be going into some rich mans nose.

    • Uncle Mark

      Actually, it’s “great wealth” borrowed. Twitler & the GOP literally borrowed $1.5 Trillion from China (and others) to put directly into the pockets of the 1% and corporations. The rest of us have the pleasure of paying that loan back forever

  • Richard B

    Of course the scam-artist is lying again, while he furiously picks the pockets of his working class base….

  • Natty Enquirer

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Panderer of the United States.

  • Treant

    He did not write this. It’s actually almost coherent, if illogical.

    • Natty Enquirer

      Except it does say that ISIS is better off now.

      • Treant

        Well, that’s certainly true, ain’t it?

    • thatotherjean

      He probably dictated it to some intern who prettied it up for publication, but couldn’t make it make sense.

  • Bambino

    The same smart voters who smashed their Keurig machines out of spite?

    • Michael R
      • Jamie Brewer

        The only time I ever agreed with Frothy Mix was when he stated at a Voters Values Summit how :conservatives will never have the smart elite people on their side.”

        • Elaine

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        • ScottSinEC

          I missed the Keurig-smashing when it happened. I’m pretty sure Keurig Green Mountain was not hurt when these fools destroyed the products they had already paid for, but hey, whatever. On another topic, is there any chance the guy in the above video has done gay porn? If not, I think he should.

        • Karin

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    • Larry in Oklahoma

      The same smart voters who elected Doug Jones in Alabama, too.

      • Bambino

        Nah, it was the black folks that put Doug Jones in the seat. Those smart voters with any conscience abstained. They see Democrat as worst than pedophile and rapist.

  • Sam_Handwich

    2017 saw the slowest private sector job growth in 6 years.


    • R W C

      My job got sent to Manila.

      • JCF

        {{{R W C}}}

    • BlackGayVeganAtheist

      Almost a year ago, Trump threatened corporations that moved jobs abroad with punitive tax rates. As president, he will sign off on a switch from coercion to seduction, offering the same companies far lower rates in the hopes that will be a more effective inducement for job creation.

      With the rise of Trump, some briefly thought that the US would turn instead to policies that would restrain multinational corporations in favor of domestic economic priorities. Instead, his party wants to restrain domestic spending in favor of the priorities of corporations.

  • BlackGayVeganAtheist

    The Republican party used to be an alliance of economic conservatives, well-off businesspeople & professionals, evangelicals + religious people/social conservatives, stupid racists, angry white working class people, anti-immigrant nativists, etc.

    Trump’s polarizing campaign mopped up half that alliance (stupid racists, angry WWC, nativists, plus some others) while declaring war on much of the other half (traditional Republicans, conservatives, business leaders, etc.) and the other half’s traditional leadership — Paul Ryan, etc.

    So for the foreseeable future, it’s hard to see how one person/candidate puts the party back together again.

    To be clear, the Tea Party movement pushed the party in this direction; this isn’t all about Trump.

    • Bambino

      Nah, the loose lips dotard just expose the Republican party true color for all to see.

    • Ninja0980

      The Republican Revolution of 94 laid the groundwork for all of this.
      Barbara Boxer and others have pointed out that Newt and his allies are the ones who truly helped make D.C. into the toxic cesspool it is today.

  • hdtex
  • Slippy_World
    • Natty Enquirer

      Wait till you see his putting-out-the-cigarette trick.

  • BlackGayVeganAtheist
    • Todd20036

      “We aren’t Nazis”

      That actually works.

    • JCF

      I recall most commenters here HATING that slogan above.

  • BlackGayVeganAtheist

    This is the truth that needs to be shared (Facebook, Twitter, emails and text messages…make it a weekly event to share this with as many people as possible) because many people do not know this and/or accept it as TRUTH

  • Joe in PA
    • Treant

      Stolen. I would have sex with that post if I could, it’s so appropriate and applicable.

    • Todd20036

      And like creamcicles, upsets my stomach.

      Orange juice and dairy: not a good combination

  • Harveyrabbit
  • Todd20036

    Except Trump didn’t pass any legislation that justified his claims that the economy was his.

    All he passed was a tax cut to the wealthiest, and that hasn’t taken effect yet.

    Why would smart people vote for a raping, treasonous, fraudulent Nazi?

  • Tomcat

    Actually people almost always do better, economy wise, under Democrats.

  • Treant

    OT: OK, this is not at all reminiscent of malachite, it was false tracing (congealing as batter temperatures fell) on me. It’s also nowhere near saturated enough, and not the right green to begin with.

    The white actually isn’t there; it’s an artifact of infrared light response on my camera. It’s actually a somewhat lighter green, but my lightener reflects very strongly in the infrared. Similarly, the light gray is actually a dark gray.

    It’s nice, and it smells great (lemon-lime), so I’ll just call it Tropical Camo and run with it.

    • Joe in PA

      Is this the product of that green slime you posted yesterday? 🙂

      • Treant

        It is, after 3 hours in the oven at 120° and falling, and sitting out overnight. You’ll notice some slight tearing when I cut that first bar, it’s still a teeny bit wet. I’ll wait a day or two before cutting the others.

        • Joe in PA

          I just enlarged the photo…it is actually kinda cool looking.

          • Treant

            I could also call this Moss Agate as it’s reminiscent of some chromium-based rocks.

            Yeah, those pockmarks (stearic spots, actually) are there in person, but you don’t notice them, it’s another case of strange reflectance from my camera. Stearic spots tend to happen when soap cools too quickly and congeals. Which is exactly what happened; the stearic acids congeal first. It’s cosmetic only.

            The patterning turned out OK for congealing soap, but I was looking for smaller, thinner bands and patterns in it like a natural malachite. That’s a no-go when your batter is rapidly turning into Jello pudding and you missed the right color (a much deeper green) to begin with. 🙂

          • PickyPecker

            Stop whining. It’s beautiful.

          • greenmanTN

            He reminds me of my grandmother. She was a VERY good cook but if you ever complimented her on something she’d say “You could do better in the trash!” (That’s an inside joke in my family now.)

          • Treant

            Beautiful, yes. What I had intended, no. Therefore, it’s garbage.

    • Joe in PA

      And BTW, anything with “camo’ in the name will sell well in PA. Sigh.

      • Oscarlating Wildely

        The middle yes… we in Philly region… not quite so much friend.

        • Joe in PA

          Stop living in that bubble! 🙂 (teasing)

    • TominDC

      That looks almost floral to me. Pretty!

      • Treant

        I don’t usually work in green (or gray, for that matter). There’s no real reason for it, except that most scents don’t say “green” to me. Even this one smells more yellow.

        • PickyPecker

          Is it ever possible to inlay flower petals, leaves, etc into the soap during the molding process?

          • Treant

            Absolutely! However, the pH of raw soap is around 12.5-13, so you’ll also watch them rapidly turn brown and rotten-looking. So it’s not commonly done, except for laying some petals up top. Even so, where they touch or wick lye solution, they turn dark colors. Lavender does OK, but turns gray.

            Calendula (marigold) blossom is one of the few that will survive the process with any level of color intact. The photo below is from Rachel’s Creative Adventures and is a fantastic job of inlaying calendula petals.

            Even so, use it fast. In six months, it won’t look this nice…


      • Dreaming Vertebrate

        This little dino is pretty sure they are fossil ferns.

        • Treant

          That…would be nightmarishly difficult and require an internal, invisible swirl that I can’t see while I’m making it.

          But it does give me an idea…

    • TK

      Hi. A friend and fellow JMG reader told me you make soap. Cool! So do I. I had soapmaking company on Maui for ten years. Cold process is the best soap and fun to make.

      • Treant

        I tend to agree; everything that comes out of my workshop is CP or CPOP, depending on my mood!

    • Slippy_World
      • Treant

        Yeah…no. I did it once. Once was enough. Once is a good idea to remind yourself of what your great-great-great-grandparents used to go through. Or, more accurately, why my g’g’g’grandparents bought their soap, thank you very much.

        Give me modern bottled lye, modern pre-cleaned oils and fats, and a modern electric stick blender and milk frother. Plus modern synthesized colors and scents without the lead and arsenic.

        I can make soap in 30 minutes instead of three days.

        • cleos_mom

          I learned to make lye soap when I worked at a museum during the 90s. If you’re into hiking, camping or anything woodsy, it’s a good idea to have some around. It can minimize a case of poison ivy or chiggers or, sometimes, stop it altogether. Never made it for sales, though.

          • Treant

            We also don’t process out the glycerin, so it’s much more skin-friendly. Not to mention not using synthetic detergents…which are not dangerous at all, merely rather drying.

    • BearEyes

      if the white in the picture isn’t actually there, just label it as “jade”

      • Treant

        That’s an excellent idea, actually, although there is a paler green stripe where the white appears in the photo. Still, I’ve seen pale jade, so… 🙂

  • R W C

    If you have to ask, you don’t deserve an answer!

  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    I’ll probably get a few hundred dollars more for my refund, have a 401K with some stock and I’d STILL rather Hillary won because the world won’t be on fire whether it be from climate change or nuclear war.

    • Tomcat

      Increased economy brings higher prices so it is a wash.

  • Bluto
  • pj

    how do you know what smart people think.

  • Chucktech

    The stock market may have gotten some boost at the prospect of Trump’s tax giveaways and promises of deregulation, but the stock market hardly did poorly under Obama. I would gladly trade a slightly less robust stock market for sane and Constitutional stewardship of our country.

    • clay

      The Stock Market had some boost because they finally knew what to base their predictions on. The boost wasn’t based on the direction of the decision, but that a decision had finally been made (four months late).

      • Chucktech

        I’m not sure what decision you’re referring to, but as much as I’m loath to admit it and unless I’m mistaken, the stock market had a more than noticeable boost the day after election day.

        • clay

          and after the House passed the tax cuts.

    • Joe Maynard

      While the US stock market is up for the year in dollar terms, the US dollar is down around 10% vs. the Euro and about 4% vs. the Yuan since January.
      See for yourself.
      For some reason Twitler does not twit about this.
      I sense the economy is moving from a solidly-based, if slow, recovery (thanks, Obama!) to a speculation- and leverage-fueled bubble. Those things don’t usually end well, at least, not for the 99%.

      • I love dim sum

        Big deal if the dollar is 10 percent down against the Euro….I was over in Portugal back in January and the exchange rate was almost 1:1. It was fantastic, everything was so much cheaper than it would have been 10 years ago when 1 euro was worth $1.50.

  • Gregory In Seattle

    Never mind all the many, many studies showing that Republican base is made up of the least educated Americans.

    • Halou

      Compared to Dearest Dotard they’re fuckin’ Mensa candidates.

      • fuow

        Apt comparison. When I qualified for MENSA as a young teen, my grandparents (who escaped the NAZIS) wouldn’t let me join as our local group applied the one-drop rule.
        So, yeah, they may well have been. Seeing as how they’re mainly my age or older.

      • Tomcat

        Actually Dotard is outsmarting them by a long shot.

        • Bambino

          It does take a lot of dumb asses to put the dotard in the White House.

  • Princess Lardass

    Why would smart voters want to put Democrats in Congress in 2018 Election when their policies will totally kill the great wealth created during the months since the Election?

    The jokes write themselves.

  • yes b’y
  • Rocco

    Little Lord Fauntleroy wouldn’t know smart if it bit him in his rather substantial and unattractive ass.

  • Uncle Mark

    “Why would smart voters want to put Democrats in Congress…?”
    I thought this F’ing Moron LOVED the uneducated. His uneducated deplorables have often called the educated “elitist.” Is he abandoning his base or implying that those morons are somehow actually smart?

    • EdA

      Because they’re smart? Although of course Benedict Trump considers himself smart for being able to (hire accountants who could) take advantage of quirks in the tax code to evade — oops, avoid — payment of taxes.

      • Uncle Mark

        We know these folks are the desperate, bigoted, nihilistic, fascist, easily-fooled and/or willfully ignorant. Trump is nothing more than a semi-entertaining salesman & charlatan, who boasts of being rich, but won’t let anyone see his tax returns. His “smart” followers all expect to gain wealth & power…something he will only provide to those already with wealth & power, who actually partner with him. His moronic minions serve as nothing more as his mindless cheerleaders that he will happily fuck and toss aside. They will see soon enough that they aren’t gaining any wealth. That may be the education some needed to change sides. Unfortunately, there will still be those, who take some comfort that he’s somehow keeping those “brown people” “in their place.” Some may take comfort that he’s pissing off those educated liberals, who are still better off financially (for some reason) than the Trump minions. For those folks, this illusion of power or elevation over “lesser Americans” is all that they need to support this fake-President of the people.

  • GayOldLady

    About 40% of Americans are in the Stock Market, but the lions share of that 40% are in the stock market via 401k. Most Americans have no idea about how the Stock Market works or how perilous their 401k investments are. The crash of 2008 destroyed many peoples life savings because their life savings was wrapped up and basically trapped in the 401k monster created by Ronald Reagan, which was nothing more than a retirement scheme that allowed businesses to abandon pensions and short shift long term employees with a stingy contribution matching con. I’ve been told by some young friends that their employers are no longer matching their first 3% of contributions at the time of the contribution but are matching them at the end of the year thus holding their matching hostage to a full calendar year of employment and depriving them of interest on the match. It’s disgusting!!

    • Tomcat

      A controlled market CRASH (adjustment) takes placed every few years to keep the 401k from growing too fast. Goes down by a ton over night and goes back up over months and years.

    • Todd20036

      i believe it. and this is instead of a defined pension plan

      • JCF

        My father (97) and I live off of his pension. And the reason we’re able to do so comfortably, because it was/is a defined pension. [Imagine, employers didn’t use to begrudge their retired workers a comfortable later life, just to withhold STEAL the money for extra profits!]

    • clay

      Which also means that most of this “wealth creation” the GOP is hoping for won’t actually be seen until after people retire.

      • EdA

        And when we start selling off the stocks that make up much of the substance of our 401(k)s and IRAs, especially to supplement the part of our Social Security and Medicare that the Republiscum have their hearts set on swindling us out of, there will be a remarkable although hardly unforeseen shortage of buyers. Which means …..

        • gaymex1

          …in a nutshell.

      • GayOldLady

        If the markets remain stable. I took 3 hits in the market. In 1987, in 2002 and 2008.

  • Halou

    For one, because they are averse to putting the wants and wishes of a foreign tyrant ahead of their own country’s interests. What was it he said at the inauguration? “America First”?

  • Tomcat

    Smart voters should want the lions share of tax cuts to be middle class.
    Anything else is just sucking ass.

  • Sam

    I guess Adolf Twitler must think a majority of voters in Virginia, New Jersey and Ala-freaking-bama must have been really stupid.

    • Halou

      Who would have known that “paedophiles of the world, unite!” would not be a vote winning strategy!?

    • GanymedeRenard

      “Adolf Twitter”. Love it!!

  • FAEN

    You’re a loser BLOTUS.

  • Ninja0980

    The tax cut is and will remain unpopular because smart people know that they are getting bread crumbs for a couple of years while the rich get full meals for years and decades to come.

    • Skeptical_Inquirer

      I think it’s telling most people are against this tax cut plan. And I’m glad that Susan Collins lost a lot of the good will by voting for this clunker. I hope she gets booted out but not sure when that’ll be.

      • Ninja0980

        I had a friend that worked for the Sheena Bellows campaign back in 2014.
        Drove her nuts how many Democrats and Independents bought Collins “moderate” stance.
        She is no William Cohen or Olympia Snowe but voters thought she was.
        At least with this tax bill, that mask has been ripped off once and for all.
        IMO, she is in serious trouble in 2020.

        • Skeptical_Inquirer

          This really needs to be pounded into everybody’s head: NO GOP is a moderate. Sure they’ll sound somewhat reasonable during campaign but they’ll fucking goosestep with the partyline the second they’re in Congress. I swear I don’t get why the GOP pol has to almost literally Sieg Heil and throw bodies in an oven to get people to say, “Hmmm, not that reasonable.”

          • Ninja0980

            There were GOP moderates at one point but they have all been driven out of office and the party one way or the other as the Republican Party and their voters move further and further to the right.
            Richard Hanna, who used to be the Rep to the district North of me, was the last moderate left (and an LGBT ally) and he retired in disgust and because he was tired of fighting primary challenges every two years for daring to support abortion and LGBT rights.
            Ironically, given fact the new Rep (Claudia Tenney) voted yes on the tax bill, many folks who cheered his retirement now realize that maybe having a socially liberal Rockfeller Republican wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

          • Skeptical_Inquirer

            Is there any way he could run as a write-in or an independent?

        • clay

          I think too many people give her Snowe’s credit, ’cause, you know, all women look alike.

        • Skeptical_Inquirer

          Oh, one more thing. I’m willing to contribute a bit of money to a decent Dem opponent to Collins like I did Doug Jones. Sadly still not a Powerball winner.

  • clay

    2012, Rick Santorum: “We will never have the elite smart people on our side.”
    2013, Bobby Jindal warned the GOP to “stop being the stupid party. . . stop insulting the intelligence of voters… with offensive and bizarre statements,” before insulting the intelligence of voters with offensive and bizarre statements.
    2016, Donald Trump: “I love the poorly educated.”
    August 2017, Lance Dutson wrote, “I have thought for some time that the Republican Party has a racism problem. But what I’m starting to realize is the Republican Party has a stupidity problem, which sometimes manifests itself in racism.”
    September 2017, Joe Scarborough: “I’m just tired of us being the stupid party.”

  • SilasMarner

    The only “great wealth created” was the wealth that was piled on top of the wealth already in the hands of the 1%.

    • Halou

      Money only has value when it changes hands, otherise they’re just pieces of paper. By dumping 99% of it in the hands of 1% of the population Trump is essentially taking that money out of circulation while giving his loyal oligarchs bonus bragging rights because they can say bigger numbers in future.

      • clay

        But he’s doing that through corporate tax cuts so it will look like the economy is flush with funds, driving up interest rates and inflation as a recession begins.

  • greenmanTN

    Yep, that’s the first word I think of when I think about Trump and his supporters. Smart. 🙄

    As someone here said yesterday:

    What did Trump get on his IQ test?


    • FAEN

      The best drool though 😉

  • Michael R
  • GanymedeRenard
  • SoCalGal20

    The Blue Tsunami is coming for you. If Mueller doesn’t get you first.

  • Lazycrockett
  • Bambino
    • Ninja0980

      Lazy journalism 101.

  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    OT: People watching Victoria might find this video series interesting. There’s a different video in the series explaining that this is based on the notebook of a real serving person of that era.

    • Treant

      Yell down to the maid to make you a cake and go pork the stable-master while you wait for Agnes to finish up.

    • Acronym Jim

      Thank you. That is both fascinating and soothing at the same time.

    • cheakamus

      Pretty much the way I make Christmas cake every year — even the pan looks the same (mine came from England 50 years ago). I make three cakes in graduated sizes (my pans are a wedding cake set), and they last the whole year (wrapped in plastic and placed in biscuit tins in the cool basement). They only get better with time!

  • Michael R
  • JWC

    ya more fake statistics he grabs outta his ass

  • -M-

    What a surprise 🙄. The petty tyrant’s constant self-aggrandizing propaganda and gaslighting disinformation continues.

  • Tom Ato

    “If the Dems (Crooked Hillary) got elected, your stocks would be down 50% from values on Election Day. Now they have a great future – and just beginning!”

    I’d rather be down 50% than have this turd as prez.

    Of course, that the market would be down 50% is just another lie from donnie.

  • JT
  • Sporkfighter

    Those people intelligent and educated enough to understand that bumper sticker solutions to complicated problems can’t work voted overwhelmingly for Clinton.

    I took a list of all 981 U.S. counties1 with 50,000 or more people2 and sorted it by the share of the population3 that had completed at least a four-year college degree. Hillary Clinton improved on President Obama’s 2012 performance in 48 of the country’s 50 most-well-educated counties. And on average, she improved on Obama’s margin of victory in these countries by almost 9 percentage points, even though Obama had done pretty well in them to begin with.

  • fuzzybits
    • “Decline in mental faculties” assumes that there were mental faculties there to begin with.

    • JCF

      The other great thing about “Dotard”? Now, you can use the “-tard” ending again, w/o having it automatically connected to the (offensive) R word! *

      * Not “Republican”, the other offensive R word.

  • Gigi

    The only ones who’ve benefited from the “great wealth created during the months since the election” are 1%ers. Poor and middle class Americans are still suffering, not that Dolt 45 would know because he’s been spending his days tweeting and playing golf.

  • joe ho

    2017 saw the fewest number of jobs created in 6 years.
    3.5 million more are uninsured.
    Premiums are up.
    And Trump has taken only one step: a $1.5 trillion tax cut, mostly for the rich and corporations.

    The stock market during Obama’s first year was up by a greater percentage than Trump’s.

  • Sam_Handwich


    i’d just finished eating an omelet when this came over the twitters

    • McSwagg

      Gotta break a few eggs (egos?) to make a good omelet.

  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    OT but not really: For people of limited means, what do you think is the best investment in terms of contributions:

    1) Mostly to organizations like ACLU and other legal organizations who protect us through the court system.
    2) small contributions to many of the races where new Dem candidates are running.
    3) somewhat larger contributions to the most likely Dem candidates

    • fuow

      Number 2 or 3. The ACLU has been as much of a disaster as a help.

    • cleos_mom

      I agree; #s 2 and 3. #1 seems to be in a separate category.

    • McSwagg

      If you have available time and are able, volunteer. It cost zero dollars and provides great benefits to you and the candidate.

  • Robert Adams

    “Why would smart voters want to put Democrats in Congress”?

    Well, because as you fail to realize, smart voters are actually , you know… smart.

  • BlackGayVeganAtheist

    Democrats NEED to come out and VOTE for the Democratic candidate on the ticket and stop all this Independent/Green Party candidate voting.

    Once the election is over Jill Stein, Nader and Bernie (yes I know he is still a senator and working for the people of his state) are a distant memory and do not have a seat at ANY table.

    There is NO coalition government here in America so YEAH you have wasted your vote and given it to the Republicans for a WIN.

    • Chucktech

      I wish it weren’t so, but, yeah, pretty much…

    • I love dim sum

      I’ll never be voting for a Democratic candidate ever again, it’s Green party or some other 3rd party for me. If you are butthurt about that, good.

      Oh and good luck with getting more Dem votes, since 20 million people have left it over the past year and declared themselves independent.

      • fuow

        The only true statement in your postings is the ‘dim’ in your name. Here’s a link to real, hard data which disprove your contention.
        Are you a Russian bot or a Russian troll?

        • I love dim sum

          Waaaah RUSSIA! is the Hillbot version of ‘Fake News’.

          And I read the article, and there’s no real data there, it’s just someone trying to massage the numbers……just like when Nate Silver said Hillary had a 90 percent chance of winning last year. So your link fails.

        • BlackGayVeganAtheist

          Fuow you are a good person for engaging with this internet “person”…

          The only 20 million that the Green Party got over the last year was in the form of money as it is what Jill got from Russia to run and take away votes…now that is reality

        • agcons

          I don’t think Russian anything. He/she is just sum dim bulb.

  • jm2

    because ill-informed, ignorant, and stupid voters put Republicans in Congress. oh… and in the White House! 😜

  • juanjo54

    this man’s sole accomplishment in life is that he won the sperm lottery

    • another_steve

      His father Fred was every bit as evil and criminal as he is.

      Bad sperm produces bad offspring.

  • acde

    Wealth growth for < 1%

  • ChrisMorley


    US vice-president Mike Pence greeted by ‘Make America Gay Again’ sign

    – Sign hung by neighbours outside Pence’s Colorado vacation home

  • Larry L

    Fake News vs Reality?

  • JDS

    Donald Drumphf, you deserve to remain in the pages of Bloom County trapped in the body of Bill the Cat.

  • boobert

    The fiscal year ended on Sept 30. Most of this year was still based on the Obama administration. Since then the stock market was doing some crazy ups and downs. With the crazy tax bill passed, the future will be a wild ride. Any savings on taxes for the middle and poor will be offset by huge hikes in healthcare and other expenses. Once they realize the tax plan won’t help , they’re going after SS and medicare so the wealthy and corporations can keep the tax cut.

  • I love dim sum

    I can’t stand Trump, but I won’t be voting for Dems because they are just a 2nd republican party. They are influenced by the same donors as Repubicans. The US essentially has a one party state.

    • Friday

      You’re not fooling anyone.

      • I love dim sum

        OK youre right the jig is up, I really am going to vote Dem.

        • LesbianTippingHabits

          And I love dim sum, too.

          Just don’t forget to tip generously for good service, for tips are good karma, and karma never lies.

          Thank you

    • LesbianTippingHabits

      I’m not going to disagree with your characterization of the Democratic Party establishment, but if both parties are the same on policy issues – corrupted by Big Donors – then I suggest you hold your nose, as I did, and choose based on who would be the least bad for our country.

      • I love dim sum

        No thanks, people pulled that ‘hold your nose’, ‘youre a purist’ nonsense with me last year.

        Not a purist to refuse to drink fetid sewer bilge. I threw the sewer water back in the faces of the Hillary campaigners last year and voted Green Party, and I’m still very proud of that.

        • LesbianTippingHabits

          Well, that’s your choice, and you can take credit for Donald Trump seeking to drain the swamp of fetid sewer bilge.

          Well done!

          For what it’s worth, I think you threw away your vote, but I respect that you – and no one else – have the right to make that decision for yourself.

          Unlike Colin Kaepernick, at least you voted.

        • xzargo


        • So you voted for Putin’s other stooge.

          • I love dim sum

            “Putin’s other stooge”? Are you talking about Bill Clinton? He’s taken millions of dollars from Russian banks for giving speeches to them, Hillary as well.

            I’m not impressed with your McCarthy witch hunt stunts that you are pulling with Jill Stein, who I voted for. I’m going to continue voting Green Party or some other 3rd party because I find the DNC utterly abhorrent, and no different from the Republicans.

    • M Jackson

      You’re empty and useless. We got it.

      • I love dim sum

        And you are uneducated and brainwashed.

  • ColdCountry

    Isn’t he the one who said he liked the poorly educated?

    • cleos_mom

      That explains “I love dim sum”.

  • Friday

    Err, Donnie, that’d be because actual smart voters aren’t stupid, never mind stupid enough to believe *you* and your incoherent droolings.

  • LesbianTippingHabits

    Trump voters voted; Colin Kaepernick did not. Progressives must acknowledge that fact.

    Anyone who really cares about 2018 should donate to Conor Lamb running for Congress in Pennsylvania. That’s the next Special Election – March 13, 2018.

    Donations under $200 need not be reported publicly. Thank you.

    • I love dim sum

      He’s another neoliberal DINO….looks like he’ll vote for more wars and take lots of defense industry lobbyist dollars. I won’t be voting for him.

      • LesbianTippingHabits

        Unless you live in PA-18, you can’t vote in this Special Election.

      • Michael White

        another the candidate is not perfect so I will show them and not vote. So sad and childish. Our nation is fighting for its life and you cry and cry because someone is not perfect. You are a big part of the problem.

        • Oscarlating Wildely
        • I love dim sum

          I refuse to vote for the human equivalent of a dog turd. It’s actually you that is the problem because you support these DINOs. Well guess what, you will continue to lose elections because people like me aren’t going to vote for them. You are powerless without our vote.

      • William

        Happy New Year. I hope you are a success at hand grenade repair.

      • The_Wretched

        Don’t feed this troll.

      • Deacon Phreque

        Go fuck yourself, you POS.

        • I love dim sum

          Typical hyperbolic, irrational Hillary supporter. Have fun losing more elections.

    • stevenj

      Clinton voters voted. She won the popular vote by nearly 3 million. Did you think Kap lived in one of the 3 states that put trump over the top by electoral votes? Or are you just shaming him and progressive voters because he stood up for a progressive cause and then didn’t vote (in blue NY or blue Calif)?

      • LesbianTippingHabits

        Thank you. I am well aware that Hillary Clinton won the national popular vote by a substantial margin of 3 million or so votes (including mine) and that Colin Kaepernick probably lives in a non-competitive state (like me).

        However, for all the talk/complaints about voter suppression, etc., the fact is, Colin Kaepernick suppressed his own vote.

        No Republicans needed.

        Kaepernick would have had so much more moral authority on public policy issues had he chosen to participate in the political process. [Exactly how anyone actually voted, or even if any person cast a blank or spoiled ballot, is Secret and nobody’s business.]

        If one chooses not to exercise a right for which people died, well, it’s difficult to take such a person seriously. Sad !

        • stevenj

          Hmmm…I very much got the impression Kap’s issue was parallel to BLM and not the presidential election and not sure he wanted to get anymore involved politically than that. How he voted (or didn’t vote) is his business. I think he was pretty brave to do what he did challenging the NFL and the blind flagwavers – an excellent example of where he stood morally (or knelt in this case). Yes, the voter turnouts are pretty bad.

  • BearEyes

    smart voters vote country over party.

    • I love dim sum

      Sort of contradicts you Hillary supporters “it’s her turn! she deserves this!” crapola you were saying last year.

      • Andymac3

        Happy Troll Year to you, fuckwit

      • Hryflex

        You are SO blocked. Happy New Year to me. 2018 will be much better without reading your OT comments.

        • I love dim sum

          Good luck with never winning any Dem elections ever again. I love how you Hillary supporters can’t convince anybody to be on your side, and you react by blocking anyone that dares to dissent. Nice losing strategy pal.

  • vstill

    Why, of course, yes! What we need is another era of “irrational exuberance” because that worked out so well the first time.

  • anne marie in philly

    oh STFU, you orange blob of shit! may 2018 see you and your family and many other GOPricks IN JAIL!

  • Henry Auvil

    How many Trump supporters own “stocks”? What an A-hole.

  • justmeeeee

    I can hear it now: the day after the next election (aka Republican massacre) when el cheeto says, “I told the Republicans they’d get killed if they didn’t do exactly as I said, and they did!”

  • We already have plenty of data that shows that smarter people are more likely to vote for Democrats.

  • Dagoril

    Even in frakking Alabama voters were smart enough to vote for the Democrat. You’re running out of people dumb enough to keep buying your bullshit, Drumpf.

  • coram nobis

    An interesting article in Salon on the diplomatic situation in Ukraine, on point here in that Donald seems to be stirring the pot by sending state-of-the-art Javelin antitank missiles.

    (Fun fact from Wikipedia: Javelin launch unit costs $126,000, and each missile an additional $78,000 each. Nice stuff if the Ukrainians peddle it on the arms markets. AT4 or RPG weapons would be cheaper).

    … a renewed effort to implement the agreement known as Minsk II, after the city in which it was negotiated three years ago this coming February. The signatories of Minsk II were the Kiev government, Russia, Germany and France. The U.S. was pointedly excluded — not at Moscow’s behest so far as I could make out at the time, but because the French and Germans were fed up with American subterfuge intended to keep a dangerous and costly conflict going.

  • StudioTodd


    Because we hate you.

  • FelineMama

    To the gop & Its’ Leader, Time of Death: NOW, 12/31/2017. Thoughts & Prayers!

    • The_Wretched

      I’d join you in a violent overthrow; however, they don’t work. It has to be nonviolent protests and such.

      • Ann Kah

        Well, “thoughts and prayers” are pretty non-violent. Unfortunately they’re ineffective too.

  • Gianni

    Perhaps because smart did not choose to be President and now that you are the President, this is really the only political way to block, undermine, and thwart your dumbass.

  • Willys41

    Yeah, plus Trump saved coal and ended all crime!

    • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

      He saved coal because he received so much of it in his Christmas stocking?

      • LesbianTippingHabits

        I ordered my coal, sent to the White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20500.

        Did you?

    • Ann Kah

      While feeding widows and orphans and rescuing drowning puppies, and creating world peace and saving the planet and…

      Anybody got any kryptonite?

  • TimJ

    Still going after the candidate he beat over 13 months ago. Something wrong with his brain.

    • Ann Kah

      Are you just now getting around to noticing that?

    • JCF

      I believe you meant to say, “EVERYTHING wrong with his brain”!

  • jonfromcalifornia

    He does know he’s just talking to the wealthy, right? The rest of us are screwed.

  • Rillion

    Its like he doesn’t believe that only half of Americans own stocks and a good portion of that half to do own stocks don’t own many.

  • JCF

    Heh, IF ONLY to piss you off, mutha- daughter-fucker—that’s why! *

    * I bet there are at least as many objective, practical, life-affirming reasons to VOTE DEMOCRATIC (at every level!), as there were additional Hillary votes (~ 3 million)

    Make it happen!

  • Dunkerblinker

    I just do not know how I can handle three more years of this ass-whipe!

  • Matt

    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if the stock market was rising so fast because of Russian investments? And wouldn’t it be even funnier if, when the time comes for trump to be led away in handcuffs, that said Russian investors sell off ALL their stock in Americans companies at once, causing a huge collapse in the markets? Finally, trump could take ownership of something that happened in the U.S. besides things Nazi-related.

    • Matt

      Btw, there is no such thing as a “smart conservative voter.” You’re either a “smart voter” or a “conservative voter.” It is NOT possible to be both.

  • Steve Smith

    The Dow is on its way down again and the dollar is very low against the Euro, even. So just more BS from the fat git.