Trump To NYT: Collusion With Russia Is Not A Crime

The Hill reports:

President Trump in a new interview denied any collusion between his 2016 presidential campaign and Russia, adding “even if there was, it’s not a crime.”

Speaking to The New York Times Thursday, Trump praised lawyer Alan Dershowitz, who has argued that Trump’s firing of former FBI Director James Comey was not obstruction of justice because Trump has the right to fire the head of the bureau.

“I watched Alan Dershowitz the other day, he said, No. 1, there is no collusion, No. 2, collusion is not a crime, but even if it was a crime, there was no collusion,” Trump told The Times. “And he said that very strongly. He said there was no collusion. And he has studied this thing very closely. I’ve seen him a number of times.”

Trump went on to say that he thinks Robert Mueller will be “fair” with him. Read the full transcript of the interview here.

  • netxtown

    shut the fuck up donnie.
    no one likes you
    no one cares anymore
    you’re just a blathering piece of shit.

    • Unfortunately a blathering piece of shit who has nuclear launch codes.

  • Bambino

    The man with no moral code or human decency. Collusion is not a crime. Raping is not a crime. Murder is not a crime. As are stealing, robbing, scamming, defrauding……..

    • Gustav2

      He is correct. collusion in only a crime in anti-trust laws. What we have here is a conspiracy around using stolen property…the emails. Then lying about it to federal investigators and the subsequent attempts of obstruction of justice.

      • Gerry Fisher


      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        Then, he goes on to say but the DEMS & Hillary colluded ! Collusion here, there and everywhere !!

        LOL, I mean the entertainment value is there, but is almost worthless because I hate that SOB so dammed much.

        • FAEN

          BLOTUS has made me physically sick to go along with the mental stress he gives me every day.

          My therapist says since his EC win the patient load has exploded. They have had to refer many to other practices because they just don’t have the space and time to fit everyone in. 😔☹️

          • bzrd

            many here can’t afford a therapist so we gather at JMG every day to vent
            it helps so much
            thanks all

          • David Walker

            My therapist said the same thing.

      • lymis

        Isn’t interfering with US elections a crime?

        • Gustav2

          OK, put Russia in jail.

    • OdieDenCO

      “And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything..” donny.

      • FAEN

        I wonder how many times his Daughter-Wife has heard that.

    • Gerry Fisher

      “When I shoot someone on 5th Avenue, it’s not a crime!”

    • FAEN

      Those are not crimes to BLOTUS and his Deplorables-they’re a feature! And I really do mean that.

  • Boreal

    An innocent person (or an intelligent guilty person) would say ‘No, there was absolutely no collusion.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    He’s right, collusion is not a crime. Nobody gives a flying fuck about collusion. We, and Mueller, are after him for conspiracy and treason. Those things are actual crimes.

    Also, WTF is this latest tweet about. It makes no sense.

    • Boreal

      He’s probably never even been in a Post Office, has no idea what they do or charge.

      • ted-

        Of course not! It’s a peasant’s duty to do that.

      • Buford

        His understanding of how health insurance works was not exactly confidence-inspiring (from July) –

        “(P)reexisting conditions are a tough deal. Because you are basically saying from the moment the insurance, you’re 21 years old, you start working and you’re paying $12 a year for insurance, and by the time you’re 70, you get a nice plan. Here’s something where you walk up and say, “I want my insurance.” It’s a very tough deal, but it is something that we’re doing a good job of.”

    • BobSF_94117

      It does make sense. Sort of. The USPS is obligated to subsidize all sorts of business mail. Package mail, not so much. At the same time, the GOP majority in the Congress has been purposely hobbling the USPS in every possible way for almost a decade, trying to force it to fail so that private industry can take over and make a fortune.

      And, as is usual for Mr. Trump, screw rural America.

      • Connie

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      • Audrey

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    • kladinvt

      Comrade Cheetos is insanely jealous of Jeff Bezos, because it’s been claimed he’s the richest man on the planet. It’s no deeper than that.

      • Gerry Fisher

        With tRump, the pettiest and most self-aggrandizing explanation is probably true.

      • bzrd

        and, Bezos made his money unlike the Resident Nazi who inherited his and has been losing a lot of it since day one

      • FAEN

        I blame his parents for not clipping him round the ear on a daily basis. Instead they created a monster baby.

    • OdieDenCO

      perhaps the GSA has informed him that his bastardization of the Old Post Office is in violation of the law.

    • BobSF_94117

      On a side note, I wonder what’s going to happen to Amazon’s delivery system the next time oil skyrockets.

    • GayOldLady

      GOP has spent the past 15 years trying to run the USPS out of business so that private carriers can take over mail delivery. A GOP Congress created a law that forces the USPS to prefund it’s long term pension plan and retiree healthcare plans, which drives down their profits. What the USPS needs to do is to re-scale bulk rate postage for presorted business mail. There are companies that their entire business is sorting mail for corporations so that the corporations get cheaper presorted rates. We need to support the USPS, even with it’s flaws it’s delivery is much superior to UPS & Fed Ex.

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        Blows my mind that they are required to fund pension for employees who have yet to be BORN !

        • GayOldLady

          It’s ridiculous. When the GOP makes up it’s mind to destroy something it throws everything and the kitchen sink at it, but the USPS is still hanging on and hanging in. I hope they survive and that they’re relieved of the financial burden of pre-funding those plans.

          • William

            They all dream of being there when the USPS is sold off and the pension fund is leveraged out and looted.

        • FAEN

          You can thank the GOP for that.

          It’s part of their play book-destroy something then turn around and criticize it for not working optimally.

      • KevInPDX

        Also, the GOP hates union and the USPS union is still strong and one of the larger surviving unions in the US.

    • BearEyes

      maybe the USPS made a deal.
      you know, that thing the orange buffoon claims to know about making.

    • crewman

      My guess is it came about in his mind like this:
      ‘The Washington Post is publishing non-stop insightful, accurate, shockingly inappropriate things I’ve done. I have to stop that. Jeff Bezos owns them. Jeff Bezos owns Amazon. I am going to go after Amazon. The Post Office is helping them deliver packages, and that is a quasi-government agency. I can put pressure on them to charge Amazon much more, and that will hurt Amazon. Hurting Amazon will put pressure on Jeff Bezos. If he hurts enough I can pressure him to make The Washington Post treat me the way I want to be treated, i.e. the way Fox News and my State TV treats me.’

    • CJAS

      He’s not right; collusion is a crime. The law prohibits receipt of “anything of value … in connection with” an election from foreign nationals.

      • Taye

        Fake news .

    • JCF


      “Former Donald Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and his longtime business associate Rick Gates were indicted by a federal grand jury on 12 charges, including conspiracy against the U.S.“.

    • June Gordon

      Hers the sense: Trump hates Amazon because it is owned by the same guy who owns the Washington Post, which fails, repeatedly, to toe the authoritarian line and fawn over Dear Leader like Fox & Friends. Vindictive Donald wants to destroy Amazon. Who cares about jobs when his snowflake feelings are involved?

  • Gustav2

    And everyone who worked on the campaign will continue to lie to the FBI about something that is not a crime.

  • fastlanestranger

    It’s pretty entertaining the way he constantly tells on himself. It’s like he’s constantly inventing new ways to prove how stupid he is. And still, his followers believe every word.

    • Brian

      Well, they do pretty much all think the same. It’s like trying to reason with a baby. You can tell them all the facts, give them pie charts and data analysis that proves the point and they are still going to sit there and scream because … something.

    • Michael White

      It is a viscous cycle: he says this bullshit, it is supported by fuck news, that makes the orange turd feels good as it is on the news. Then begin again.

    • Todd20036

      It’s not illegal if the President does it.

      Didn’t work for Nixon, and he’s a hell of a lot smarter.

      • David L. Caster

        Well, Nixon was smarter. He’s dead now.

        • Man_in_the_mists

          Nixon is still smarter.

          • David L. Caster

            There is that.

  • BlackGayVeganAtheist

    From the comments and it is spot on

    It is quite telling that Trump and his supporters push the term ‘collusion’.

    The term ‘collusion’ is not anywhere on Special Counsel Mueller’s appointment letter…

    (b) The Special Counsel is authorized to conduct the investigation confirmed by then-FBI Director James B. Comey in testimony before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence on March 20, 2017, including:

    (i) any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump; and

    (ii) any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation; and

    (iii) any other matters within the scope of 28 C.F.R. § 600.4(a).

    (c) If the Special Counsel believes it is necessary and appropriate, the Special Counsel is authorized to prosecute federal crimes arising from the investigation of these matters.

    (d) Sections 600.4 through 600.l0 of Title 28 of the Code of Federal Regulations are applicable to the Special Counsel.

    • Gustav2

      The charges would likely be conspiracy, perjury, and obstruction of justice.

  • GanymedeRenard

    Collusion =/= treason

    Somebody find this imbecile a dictionary, please. And a Constitution.

    • HanyBaal

      Khizr Khan offered to lend him his copy. Unfortunately, it’s his reading/comprehension that are suspect.

  • BobSF_94117

    Someone should ask Dershowitz what happens when non-criminal collusion is tied to illegal acts like hacking…

  • BlackGayVeganAtheist
    • David Walker

      Perhaps in addition to his physical exam next month they could arrange some sort of mental exam.

      • William

        He best start studying now.

        • David Walker

          You have this perverse sense of humor that I admire. And then you pull something like this. Oy.

          • William

            You know Trump will watch this video for hours, trying to improve his counting skills.

        • Stogiebear

          Two plus two ARE four.

          (And it keeps playing even if you put your porn machine on airplane mode . . . )

          • William

            If you need ten solid hours of porn, see a doctor!

  • Mike

    “I didn’t do it. But if I did it, it’s not a crime anyway.” And it’s funny that people still cite Alan Dershowitz as if he were the last word in legal wisdom and knowledge. Dershowitz is famous for two things: getting rich criminals’ guilty verdicts overturned, and saying any damned stupid thing in defense of Israel, or in this case, in defense of Israel’s most idiotic useful idiot.

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      A.D is worthless. No network should ever air his ” Legal Expertise ” .

    • FAEN

      “I never stabbed her with a pencil and threw her in the river. And if anyone says I did….I’ll stab them with a pencil and throw them in the river”

      Vicky Pollard

  • greenmanTN

    I suppose Dershowitz could be a bigger whore, but it would require pasties and a stripper pole.

  • hdtex
    • William

      There isn’t enough vodka in all the Russias.

    • eddiebeskeddie

      America’s colloser.

  • Jack

    The right to fire the head of a bureau. Firing the head of the FDA while under investigation by the FBI is not obstruction of justice, since the FDA is not doing the investigation. Firing the head of the FBI is not the same.

    I have the right to wipe my hard drive clean, I mean really clean. If I do that because it contains evidence of wrongdoing for which I’m under investigation, it’s not the same thing.

    Is Dershowitz still compos mentis?

  • Gerry Fisher

    You’re going to die in jail, orange one.

    • FAEN

      He’ll die in disgrace but unfortunately I doubt he goes to jail-the GOP won’t let that happen. Not because they give a shit about him but because they want to protect their failing brand.

  • JT

    Your continued presence in the WH is a crime, you traitorous piece of shit!

  • Xaca

    Dershowitz = criminal. #Prosecute. #Convict. #Punish. #Incinerate.

  • Salton

    Once again, Joe, I must commend you for your perfect choice of photos, especially those befitting 45, our Dear Leader!

  • Chadwick

    I was reading this (enraging) story, and an ad for Gavin McInnes* new show came up next to it. Gavin McInnes co-founded Vice- before going on to found a fascist movement for angry disaffected young men (Proud Boys.) They called Trump their God Emperor.

    I know Joe doesn’t pick the ads- this is not that kind of observation. Just- remember the Opposition is trying to recruit and radicalize young people even here, on a progressive LGBT blog. Mountains of Bitcoin money aren’t going to help.

    And now, back to the Madness of King Donnie.

  • Jay Silversmith
  • jeffg166

    Treason, graft, corruption, incest, sexual harassment nothing is a crime if Donald does it.

  • Clive Johnson

    OT: “The Editor’s Notes On Milo Yiannopoulos’s Awful Book Are Absolutely Incredible: The comments include “Don’t make fun of school shooters”; “This entire paragraph is just repeating Fake News”; and “NO!””

    “And DON’T use lesbian as a slur!”

  • Jerry Kott

    There is this mindset out there which believes that it isn’t a Crime unless you get caught and they all voted for T45.

  • Natty Enquirer

    We have to stop fixating on the term “collusion.” In fact, that is a crime only in the sense of business fraud. What Trump & Co. are likely guilty of is conspiracy to commit email theft.

    • Jerry Kott

      It is all part of the Shell Game and Spin Cycle.

  • JWC

    Donny apparently got away from his handlers and decided to show who was still running he show Far better than tweets. i do not believe , however, that Donny is half aware of all that he said aybe his medical exam on the 20th. if revealed, will show some distubing facts

    • Will the White House have to release the results of his exam?

      • JWC

        Probably not They will find some convoluted reason not to We . as the general public will have to depend on leaks

      • William

        Just as soon as the audit is complete.

  • Slippy_World
  • Matt

    Conspiring with an enemy state to win a federal election IS crime, dumbass. And you are guilty AF.

  • Buford

    I’ll state the obvious… ‘collusion’ is not a crime… conspiring with a foreign power to affect the outcome of a US election is certainly a crime… obstructing justice is also a crime… etc, etc.

    HOWEVER, the bigger point here (to me, anyway) is this fascinating GOP mindset wherein anything that is not technically illegal is therefore completely appropriate. Unless their guy was convicted of actually committing a crime, their guy is above criticism… the act was either legal and appropriate or, if he wasn’t convicted of it, there’s no issue. It’s perfectly fine if Trump stands at the podium in a global summit and jokes about Angela Merkel’s figure… no crime against that, so it’s perfectly appropriate.

    It’s this perspective that is ruining this country. The GOP House and Trump’s supporters seem to honestly believe that everything Trump does is completely appropriate unless/until he is convicted of an illegal act. That needs to change.

    Also worth noting… Hillary was repeatedly cleared of any criminal wrongdoing after years of active investigations, yet they still chant ‘Lock her up!’.

    • Bj Lincoln


  • Halou

    1. There was no collision.
    2. And even if there was it wasn’t with Russia.
    3. And even if it was it was done by the Democrats.
    4. And even if it wasn’t it’s not illegal
    5. And even if it is….

  • TexasBoy

    Hey GOP Congressmen, can we impeach him now?

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Doucheshowitz is a fucking hack, so anything coming out of his mouth is just bovine feces.

    As for Trump’s assertion that collusion is not a crime, how is it not a crime to work with a foreign government to rig, or the very least sway, an election? Actually you & Doucheshowitz are right, the word that best describes those actions is Treason.

  • Bj Lincoln

    It was “edited for clarity” meaning they cut all the repetition and strung together sentences to make him sound like an adult.

  • William

    If only Benedict Arnold had known about “fake news”.

    • Halou

      George Washington totally colluded with the British, must investigate. Lock him up! And on a totally not related note, President Benedict wants to strike a grand bargain with King George III that includes sticking it to the French.

  • SkokieGuy [ChicagoAdjacentGuy]

    I didn’t see or touch that cookie
    If I saw that cookie I didn’t touch i or eat it
    Someone may have eaten that cookie, but I had nothing to do with it.
    My campaign may have eaten a few cookies, but URANIUM
    I do enjoy a cookie now and then, but so do ILLEGAL ALIENS
    I may have eaten a cookie, but it was an AMERICAN COOKIE
    I ate several cookies, so one may have come from Russia, or maybe CHINA
    Okay, so if I colluded with Russian in the obtainment of cookies, its not a crime and THERESA MAY IS A DOODY FACE and I am disbanding the FBI.

  • sfjohn


  • This comment from the interview leaped out to me, “Another reason that I’m going to win another four years is because newspapers, television, all forms of media will tank if I’m not there because without me, their ratings are going down the tubes,” Mr. Trump said, then invoked one of his preferred insults. “Without me, The New York Times will indeed be not the failing New York Times, but the failed New York Times.”

    • Pip

      He’s got a point. I mean a good portion of our MSM has turned into clickbait gossip rags. They don’t report on it if it can’t be sensationalized. I mean look at how they handled the election. They got him elected and are now laughing all the way to the bank by behaving as if they had nothing to do with it and posting sensationalized articles against him and his admin.

  • EdA

    It’s true that “collusion” is not a crime, but “conspiracy to commit espionage,” “conspiracy to violate election laws,” “money laundering,” “income tax evasion,” and “obstruction of justice” are, to name just a few. And POTUS (Piece of trump of the Untied States) has effectively already bragged about encouraging espionage against the United States and conspiracy to violate election laws.

    Although sound on most things, there is one area where Alan Dershowitz has a blind spot big enough to hide a whale. It’s not, “Is it good for the Jews?” Which is one thing. It’s “Is it good for Netanyahu?” which is something else altogether. Undeniably Benedict Trump is good for Netanyahu and his ilk, so almost everything else seems to get viewed through that lens.

  • Survey Programmer

    Dershowitz is also defending the female doctor in MIchigan who circumcised the foreskins of over 100 girls – less severe than the mutilation performed on boys in this country – on the basis of ‘religious freedom’. So this tells you a lot about his warped view of the world.

  • JCF

    Seriously, who didn’t see this coming?

    This cartoon is about to go from a go-for-the-throat attack parody, to a simple description—Drumpf saying, “So what?”

  • Stogiebear

    That picture of him always makes me want to pick up a cricket bat.

  • Jmdintpa

    We rise up and do it or we get buried.

  • Franciscan

    And Dershowitz from time to time is flat-out wrong.

    • BobSF_94117

      He’s not being “wrong”, he’s being purposely dishonest and deceptive.

  • Kevin Andrews
  • Gianni

    “President Trump in a new interview denied any collusion between his 2016
    presidential campaign and Russia, adding “even if there was, it’s not a
    crime.”….That sounds like something akin to an admission to me. The only reason he’s seen and heard Alan Dershowitz is because he watches and pays attention to FUX News. Dershowitz is on there for the only reason anyone appears on FUX, he’s a Donnie kind of guy. Besides, Donnie has read into Dershowitz’s statements and, as usual, his mind ignores the key words and creates its own narrative – “There’s no collusion”, actually reads “No collusion has been proven, yet.” Settle your ass, Donnie, there’s much more to come!