New York City: Felony Crime Rate Hits Record Low

The New York Times reports:

It would have seemed unbelievable in 1990, when there were 2,245 killings in New York City, but as of Wednesday there have been just 286 in the city this year — the lowest since reliable records have been kept.

In fact, crime has fallen in New York City in each of the major felony categories — murder and manslaughter, rape, assault, robbery, burglary, grand larceny, and car thefts — to a total of 94,806 as of Sunday, well below the previous record low of 101,716 set last year.

If the trend holds just a few more days, this year’s homicide total will be under the city’s previous low of 333 in 2014, and crime will have declined for 27 straight years, to levels that police officials have said are the lowest since the 1950s.

The numbers, when taken together, portray a city of 8.5 million people growing safer even as the police, under Mayor Bill de Blasio, use less deadly force, make fewer arrests and scale back controversial practices like stopping and frisking thousands of people on the streets.

  • Sporkfighter

    Where’s the Trump family living these days?

    • Bambino


      • Sporkfighter

        So they’re not in New York?

        • Hank

          Too col for golfing!!!

  • Todd20036

    Shocking. Treat people like humans and they act like humans

    Treat people like animals…

    • FAEN

      Yep. That’s why in Germany they treat criminals with humanity, dignity and respect. Ironic isn’t it?

  • Donald will, of course, alternately claim that these stats are entirely due to his own pudgy self…and that New York is a hell hole with skyrocketing felony rates.

    It will not occur to him or his supporters that these two claims are entirely contradictory.

  • Judas Peckerwood

    How long before Cheetolini claims credit?

    • Bambino

      Yes, he lured all the criminals away from NYC to Florida and Washington DC. Something about the saying of turd of the same stink piles together.

      • MonochromeMouse

        So that’s what he meant by “Drain The Swamp”.

    • Jerry Kott

      Give it some time, he will.

  • JackNasty

    The crime rate always goes down when the Trumps leave town.

    • Connie

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    • Elaine

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  • Bambino

    Let’s not jinx it. Still 2 more days to go. Assholes domestic and international terrorists are always lurking and planning something.

  • Cuberly Deux

    OT: Is there anything slower than “conservative” introspection? I guess lil Marco was too busy huffing those short term gains from his real estate investments to notice.

    “Rubio: GOP Tax Bill ‘Probably Went Too Far’ On Helping Corporations”

    “By and large, you’re going to see a lot of these multinationals buy back shares to drive up the price,” Rubio continued. “Some of them will be forced, because they’re sitting on historic levels of cash, to pay out dividends to shareholders. That isn’t going to create dramatic economic growth.”

    • That_Looks_Delicious

      Rubio, Collins, Flake, McCain, Corker and Murkowski will now perform the little known spin-spin-spin scene from the Nutcracker to try to justify to posterity what they know they just did.

      • Cuberly Deux

        Or, they’ll deflect deflect deflect….

      • Lizard

        Can’t wait to see how Corker tries to get out of it. In any other country, he’d be called “corrupt.”

    • TominDC

      He’s been a senator for over a decade (since 2006), and hasn’t thought through the effects of corporate tax cuts?

      I call BS on that. This isn’t introspection, this is doing PR damage control.

      • Cuberly Deux

        Which illustrates the fact that there’s no bottom to the cynical depths the GOP will plunge to put one over on it’s base.

    • Jerry Kott

      The Irony in this is that Corporations , have bragged about using every loophole to avoid paying any tax at all. So lowering the rate is window dressing when T45 has bragged that his paying little if any taxes makes him smart. So now there seems to be some smoke being created to spin that the Ruling Class appears to be experiencing some hardships.
      Poor Rubio, a Leopard doesn’t change it’s spots.

    • Lizard

      Oh my god. Pretty much every nonpartisan economic group was screaming at them that corporations would use the tax savings for buybacks before the vote even happened. He has no fucking right to act surprised by this. If he’s genuinely surprised, he wasn’t fucking paying attention to the bill he was okaying, and if he isn’t surprised, he’s a liar.

      I hate Republicans so much.

    • prixator
  • Jerry Kott

    Absolutely Amazing!

  • Denis

    NYC has grown safer because it’s grown exponentially richer over the last decade. Gentrification has a lot to do with these crime stats

    • FAEN

      Fair point.

  • FAEN

    Somehow BLOTUS will make this about him.

  • That’s fucking awesome! Well done NYC!
    We *will* be returning, soon!
    Husband LOVES NYC.

  • Dreaming Vertebrate

    Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions: Lies! LIES!! This does not fit with my narrative!

  • bkmn

    If they really want to cut down on crime, they should stop and frisk the billionaires.

  • Dreaming Vertebrate

    With the Trump crime family out of NYC, a drop in the crime rate was inevitable.
    Sorry Washington, he’s your problem now. Good luck!

  • Lazycrockett
    • Dreaming Vertebrate

      And how long before Dotard calls out his man-crush Putie?
      This little dino is thinking – – – NEVER.

    • JCF

      Russia (i.e., Putin) helps North Korea…so time to blame China! [Drumpf Logic]

    • prixator

      So did the Chinese.

  • tbj5
    • Dreaming Vertebrate

      More Russian tanker news! Ack!!

  • Lantor

    Well, besides the answers of Trump leaving town and gentrification, I’m seriously interested in knowing why crime dropped. Knowing full well there are still poor in NYC, are social services better funded?

    • Tomcat

      One cop per person /s.

    • Jerry Kott

      I really would like to know the thoughts as to why. Could be that all the crazy fucks now live outside the cities. Yet Philly still appears to have a very high crime rate. Drugs in the Hinterlands are creating a higher level of crime.

      • Dazzer

        It depends on the drugs involved. It also involves child-density rates in ‘communities’.

        If you look at the historical data, while there is an increase in drug-use involving opiates (heroin, etc) the crime rate goes down.

        When there is an increase in usage of cocaine and its ancillary usage, the crime rate goes up.

        There’s no value judgment here. Essentially, if a drug slows down a person’s metabolism, they’re less likely to go out and commit violent or active crimes. If the drug in question stimulates the user’s biology, they’re more likely to be pro-active in their ability to commit crime.

        The second aspect is that if you have a lot of young kids in your community/social grouping, you’re more likely to get more opportunistic crime committed.

        If you look at the aging demographic of New York, because it’s a city that’s getting overall older, the crime rate has fallen.

        But if you look at youth population increases in New York – the entire city rather than just Manhattan – crime rates haven’t dropped that much where there is a substantial youth demographic in those areas of the entire city.

        New York’s age demographic has increased over the last 20 years and – as a city – its usage of cocaine-based drug usage has fallen.

        everyone looks at New York as a weather-vane of drugs and crime policy for the USA in terms of headline crime statistics.

        I’d argue strongly that if you actually wanted to see how overall American strategies about crime work, one should look at Chicago.

        Chicago has an infinitely better data-recording system that works holistically. Chicago has been operating crime-preventative policies that have been closely examined since the 1980s. And it’s a fascinating mass of data. Really fascinating.

        New York’s crime data is always a bit compromised because the Feds always get involved and journalists take the easy way out by pretending that New York is representative of the entire USA because it attracts all the ‘strong’, ‘leaderful’, journo-friendly analyses from lazy reporters and eager PR people.

        The truth is, though, that if you want to see the trends on urban crime in the US, you need to look at Chicago.

        It’s a far better indicator.

        (I’m not having a pop at New York here – I’m just pointing out that it’s never been a representative picture of urban crime in America.

        • Jerry Kott

          Wow, thank you for taking the time to make sense and give this matter some sense. In our region in the hinterlands, meth still plays a role in crime. NYC has always been portrayed as a Hell Hole for crime.

          • Dazzer

            One of the problems the US has (and the UK and many other countries have) is that meth is a synthetic drug.

            There’s no such thing as ‘pure’ meth.

            So the ‘meth’ that’s used in one part of a country has little relevance to the ‘meth’ that will be used in another.

            So you can’t predict how a ‘meth’ user in one part of the world will react against the behaviour of a ‘meth’ user in a different part of the country.

            There is no standard for synthetic drugs. So you can’t predict behaviour.

          • Jerry Kott

            In our region in Pennsylvania, meth seems to be behind crime on many levels and there appears to be no shortage of home brewing being done.

      • Lantor

        Was it Rudy that bought the one way bus tickets to other cities?

        • Jerry Kott

          His No Broken Windows plan may have contributed but I suspect there are many factors to this point at play

    • justme

      Donnie drained the swamp.. Took all the crime bosses to DC

  • shellback

    Gypsy Kitty predicts: “The crime rate will soar when all the felony charges are filed against Thump.”

    • Acronym Jim

      Edward Gorey meets Gary Larson.

  • Tomcat

    Damn, the Russian mob must be in charge of New York now.

  • Natty Enquirer

    Down to one murder every 30 hours.

  • ceeenbee

    See what shooting unarmed civilians does for the crime rate.


  • justme

    ..And we all know..Little Donnie Dotard will take credit for it..

  • TuuxKabin

    Avoidable lead poisoning in children should be a criminal offense. Then NYC would have a soaring crime record. De Blasio has neglected this for a long, long time.

  • JCF

    “It would have seemed unbelievable in 1990, when there were 2,245 killings in New York City”

    The year I moved to NYC! I was braver than I knew (NYC was crack-o-rama then…)

  • amandagirl15701

    According to this National Review article, the author attributes the drop to white people forcing out blacks. What year is this again? I keep getting confused in my old age.