White House Uses Rolling Truck To Block CNN Cameras From Capturing Trump Playing Golf Again [VIDEO]

Mediaite reports:

President Donald Trump made news today by making no news at all, putting in a round of golf for the second day in a row after tweeting that it was time to “get back to work.”

Trump’s golf outings have become strangely secretive lately, with reporters being forced to hide in the bushes in order to snag footage of the commander in chief getting his swing on.

Today, the White House is being accused of taking this secrecy to a whole new level, with photojournalists noting a mysterious white truck blocking the way from reporters gaining access to Trump’s golf outing, with The Washington Post’s Paul Farhi noting that the truck seemed to move along with the cameras, with the sole intent of restricting access.

  • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

    Send in the drones…

    • peacfulseas inWA

      Target practice for the SS.

      • Droz

        Anyone else wonder why the Secret Service wasn’t renamed after WW2? DHS agents aren’t the first thing I think of when I see those initials.

        • peacfulseas inWA

          Is this better ZZ ? I’m fascinated about that era and yes it is always where my thoughts go. 3rd season of Hunting Hitler has just started on the History Channel. They are using recently released classified CIA, FBI, etc reports with Bob Bier(sp) former agent and appears regularly on cnn. I have a choice of Fox or CNN so don’t judge me on my choice. I also get much of the Canadian News and of course here at JMG. I read online news world wide.One of my mothers points my sis recently cited of moms advice, ” Keep Current of the World Around You. At 86 yrs young she still practices what she preaches and reads JMG frequently but so far hasn’t ventured into the comments section. That I know of anyway. She loves the variety of news presented here.

  • Frostbite


  • Karl Dubhe 2

    That pesky First Amendment just has to go.



  • coram nobis

    Where are the paparazzi when you need them?

  • That_Looks_Delicious

    I hope at least that the rest of the world is getting a great big belly laugh out of our national disgrace. Then it will have served some purpose.

  • Bambino

    They will need more than just a truck to block that huge ass of his.

    • Robincho

      A properly berthed Maersk tanker would probably suffice…

  • WretchedMouse

    Da faq!?! We know he is there so it doesn’t matter if we see him or not. -shaking my head-

    • 2guysnamedjoe

      A picture’s worth a thousand words. A video, even more.

  • John Davis

    CNN could just fly a quiet drone camera thing over the golf course, from 300 feet, it would make no noise to those on the ground. But we’d get great shots of him cheating at golf, just like he cheats at everything else in life.

  • just so pathetic.

    a friend of mine on another blog has been arguing that what is likely to happen is that mueller and some other high ranking folks are going to get together soon, look at all the evidence they have on the traitor and some of his friends, and then have a sit down with him. they will allow him to ‘retire due to health reasons’ after his exam next month. saving a lot of effort, and possibly, a large number of other repukes’ freedom, as the investigation has revealed how corrupt the rethug party is. but the public will be told very little about that.

    • John Davis

      Wow, now THAT would be nice. Then we’d have to go after Pence, who can “retire for health reasons” after the 2018 election, when Dems take control of the House once again, and get the then Dem Speaker of the House to become the next Prez.

      • William

        Pence would ‘retire’ because of the knife in his back. There’s some other people interested in the top job.

        • David Walker

          You mean Mother?

          • William

            Ryan, Lindsay, Cruz.

      • Guy in CA

        President Pelosi would be sweet justice to fill the remaining term. Sadly her presidency would galvanize the Rethugs and be too much of a liability for the 2020 elections.

      • Kruhn

        No. It’d be whoever Pence nominates and Congress approves as his VP under the 25th Amendment.

    • margaretpoa

      I just don’t think his ego would allow for that. My 0.02.

      • i dunno. presidenting is Hard Work, and he’s not exactly well known for loving that. his ego is satisfied, he can say “i was the president.” but given how much he obviously doesn’t want to be in the WH or any other place where he is expected to do his job, i can totally see him saying “I Quit!” just so he can’t be impeached.

        • Judas Peckerwood

          But as this post points out, he doesn’t do the hard work, so that’s not an issue.

        • Chucktech

          Presidenting is hard work for legitimate presidents. Donald Trump simply refuses to do any work. He actually is incapable of doing any work. He can’t even pay attention to his daily briefing. So he plays golf and watches TV and rails at minions and staff. Perhaps that IS exhausting for him.

          But, really, he doesn’t do shit.

          • Margaret

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          • eddiebeskeddie

            ah…. but there you are wrong Chucktech. That is ALL he has done and continues to do; shit.

        • margaretpoa

          I agree he’d need some sort of ego easing escape plan. He wouldn’t resign in humiliation, at least if he’s humiliated in his own mind.

      • Rambie

        He’d save is own skin especially if he can claim a “win” and get away with crimes.

        • RoFaWh

          An alternative that might work out better: Trump is discovered to have a life-threatening condition. He decides Russian medicine is better than American and flies to Moscow for treatment. Never to be seen or heard of again.

          • bzrd

            then it’s Siberia for him because he owes them Big $$$$$$$$$$$$

        • Chucktech

          NY DA Schneiderman isn’t going to let him “get away” with jack shit. Neither is the IRS. Eventually.

          • DesertSun59

            But he won’t spend any time in court or in prison. No jury in this nation will ever convict him and no judge will ever serve him a sentence.

          • Chucktech

            I’m not sure why you think that. And I certainly hope to sweet dead jesus you’re wrong.

      • JaniceInToronto


    • melllt

      I hate this theory. Lately, I’ve been easing the pain of his presidency by imagining him in an orange jumpsuit.
      Just thinking about the right wing crowing, see mueller couldn’t prove a thing, is about to make me look for the Tums.

      • peacfulseas inWA

        I think you can continue with that image. Their crowing is just that. Mueller has for the most part kept what he has discovered under wraps. It may not have anything to do with the campaign other than the trump crime syndicate the expendables but not the dogfather. He’ll go down for money laundering and payouts to sexual assault victims once Mueller exposes his tax returns.

      • carrolmcc

        I’ve just been drinking more.

        • peacfulseas inWA

          Heading to see my favorite budtender to stock up, it’s beginning to snow here. Don’t want to run out and it’s the only thing that keeps the wife from screaming at the tv and makes me not surprised by anything the bait and switch con man in the wh does anymore including his cult followers . http://www.2020-solutions.com/

      • Rebecca

        I tried that, Melllt. Trouble is is that bourbon works better.

      • 2guysnamedjoe

        “The American people need a conviction, pure and simple.”

    • Skeptical_Inquirer

      I get the appeal of the idea because it is an easy removal of the most obvious symptom. But it does nothing to fix the Russia problem nor the fact that the GOP would gladly whore out the entire country. It also lets Trumpeteers off the hook which is the worst of all.

      • 2guysnamedjoe

        The trumpeters need to be confronted with what they’ve done. They need their noses rubbed in the crimes of their dear leader.

    • fiizok

      I haven’t forgotten the anonymous FBI agent who was quoted very early this year saying something to the effect that Trump would die in prison. And since Trump has recently been slamming the FBI publicly, I can only imagine what they think of him now, and what they may have in store.

      • DesertSun59

        That FBI agent was, sadly, incorrect. 45 will spend not a single second in prison. No jury can convict him and no judge will ever hand down such a sentence. He will get away with his crimes just like he has forever. Why? Our justice system knows how deeply embedded into the Russian oligarch system he is. No jury or judge is willing to risk their lives by a conviction. Without exception, the Russians would pick them all off over time. 45 is a Russian asset and they will not allow him to be taken out like that.

    • Judas Peckerwood

      We can’t count on Mueller, impeachment, retirement or anything else to take down Trump. We have to win the 2018 elections big-time to neutralize him, and then kick his ass back to Hell in 2020.

      • Rambie

        Not just Trump but the entire Republican parties, “ass back to Hell in 2020”

      • (((GC)))

        We have to win the 2018 elections big-time to neutralize himand the entire Rethuglican Party, as Rambie said.

        If Popular Vote Loser is removed, and Congress will still do a President Pence’s bidding, we get a dangerous, theocratic right-winger in power who won’t trip himself up with the same tantrums and incompetence we’ve seen from Dolt 45*.

        • Steve

          Pence in many ways is far more dangerous than Trump

      • ChrisInKansas

        If we still have honest elections by then.

      • DesertSun59

        If we are going to rely solely on the ballot box we will lose and ALL the GOPers will win. Several reasons for that: 1) The GOP owns gerrymandering in 99% of House districts 2) GOP voter suppression laws are the bedrock of their elections in 37 states 3) General evote hacking has never been addressed in Red States and never will be due to hacking nearly being always in their favor.

        There is one exception to that case, so far: AL. Moore has now revealed that he expected hacking to hand him the election. He revealed that by screaming fraud. He left the state during the last week of the campaign because he expected it to be in his favor. It didn’t happen and that was a surprise to him. He paid handsomely for the election to be handed to him. In any other Red State where any Dem wins you can expect the GOPers to contest the elections.

    • June Gordon

      Unless Trump takes lying Mike Pence and his Christian Sharia Law with him, this arrangement does NOT work for me.

      • narutomania

        My mum hates Drumpf. (She’s 71 yrs old.) Actually, she loathes him. Whatever synonym for “hates strenuously” you want to use would work well here.

        But … she actually hates and fears Pence more than Drumpf.

        It’s a toss-up for me. I loathe each of them equally but for different reasons. It’s like deciding which you hate more: the smell of dog shit or the odour of cat piss.

        • Rambie

          Oh that’s easy, the odor of cat piss. Having grown up with both dogs and cats I can attest.

        • RoFaWh

          I’m older than your mum.

          Now peel me a grape.

      • TCinBerkeley

        What would be great is if Pence got taken down too. Then Ryan would become president, and if there is anything Democrats & Republicans can agree on is that Ryan is a putz.

    • Rambie

      That’d just let the rest of the Republicans off too easy…

    • Dorothy Rothchild

      Interesting theory but Mueller knows that Trump colluded with a foreign government to win the election. If the full truth doesnt come out there’s nothing to stop it from happening again.

    • Rebecca

      I’ve been telling my husband that for the last several months.

    • 2guysnamedjoe

      ” He devalued the Presidency, and left the country that elected him in trauma.. . . . The American people need a conviction, pure and simple.”

    • Piet

      But if he just resigns, he gets to keep the perpetual Secret Service protection and the annual office allowance as well as the pension. Don’t they take all that away if he’s impeached, convicted, and removed? Or does he get it no matter how he leaves office? Does someone here know? Frankly, I think he’s already made more than enough money off the presidency; I’d like to see him driven out of DC in penniless disgrace, but I’m a sweetheart when it comes to matters like that.

    • DesertSun59

      I share this assessment. It’s completely obvious to anyone following this issue that 45 will never see the inside of a courtroom over his collusion, much less a nanosecond of prison time. His minions will fall on their sword for him tho and spend much time inside a cell.

  • james1200

    He’s being secretive because he’s working hard and meeting world leaders on the golf course.


  • nocadrummer

    “get back to work.” on his golf game.

    MAGA – Make America GOLF Again.

  • margaretpoa

    Your tax dollars at work! Bet it’s from Trump’s Rent – A – Truck.

    • John Davis

      He’s even making money blocking news media from seeing him be “presidential” on the golf course.

  • abqdan

    I don’t get why the camera truck was on the other side of the road – they should have parked where that truck was. Or did the Secret Service stop them?

    • David Walker

      The latter, I would suspect. Maybe not the Secret Service guys, but maybe some shite house goons. This is not an accidental thing.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    I just cant anymore.

    Can you anymore ?

    • james1200
    • greenmanTN
    • melllt

      Just picture him in an orange jumpsuit and find the Tums.

    • David Walker

      What I’m having trouble with (all the other shit being a “given” now) is him not wanting to be photographed. The fucking moron doesn’t want to be photographed? That means it didn’t happen? Or all of a sudden he’s camera shy. Anything shy (aside from germs)? Does Not Compute. Does Not Compute. Does Not Compute.

      • He doesn’t want to be photographed if there is shame involved with the photo.

        He hates pictures that are unflattering, such as from the side, which shows his gut and gigantic neck pouch. Hates pictures where his ridiculous combover is blowing around. Hates pictures that feature his increasingly gigantic ass.

        But here, it’s that deep down he knows people view his constant vacations and golfing as signs of extreme laziness and self-indulgence. This equals shame. And a top motivator for narcissists is avoidance of shame.

        • David Walker

          I kinda thought it might be as you describe. Melania’s husband is a fucking moron inside a corpulent narcissist wrapped in thin orange skin topped by a bleached dead squirrel.

  • JWC

    WTF Trumpy Whumpy feeling a little shame I doubt it

    • RoFaWh

      He’s perturbed because his cocoon has stopped working and isn’t keep out all the bad news.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    …and the pettiness of Trump continues….

  • ohbear1957

    It’s the Presidential Snack Truck – full of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Big Macs, and chocolate cake.

    • carrot festival

      Pulling a trailer of ketchup too.

    • Halou

      Beautiful chocolate cake. Xi Jinping’s favourite!

  • KarenAtFOH

    Truck seems double-parked — call the police!

    • William

      It’s a suspicious vehicle!

      • RoFaWh

        Tell ’em you’re worried it might be carrying a bomb and it’s s-o-o-o-o-o-o close to the president.

  • Jeff Matchan

    You can tell it’s a Trump truck because it’s All White. Millionaire Asshole Golfing Again!

  • Robin Bailey

    Next time, smart reporters will bring a couple of chocks along. Sneak one casually under each wheel. With the CNN logo. Could be a fun game. Oh, and try to interview the truck driver.

    • David Walker

      The question is would Kelly Anne want to be interviewed?

    • Taylor Bixler

      (and it would fit the type of republic we continue to slide towards)

      • Todd20036

        I never did figure Eddie to be hetero

  • William
    • David Walker

      I can’t even imagine how infuriating that must have been. It’s probably the first time in the history of public transportation that the bus was on schedule.

  • Lazycrockett

    Now the fat fuck is bothering firemen at some florida station.

  • Taylor Bixler

    Just add this truck to the taxpayer bill Cheetolini.

    And perhaps this awesome truck can make an appearance in FL. Block the entrance to Maralago

  • Natty Enquirer

    So go stand in front of the truck.

  • More taxpayer money being wasted on slovenly, slothful Donald’s constant vacations.

  • Ninja0980

    Your tax dollars at work.

  • CNN should just bring two camera crews.

  • Cackalaquiano

    You mean Trump is so petty and sensitive that he doesn’t want coverage of him playing golf?

    • Gil

      He cheats….

  • I was listening to some right wing radio (wasn’t my car….), and there was this guy on (think he was subbing for limbaugh) who was slamming Tom Hanks for apparently not going to the WH if invited because of trump. The host was saying that the president deserves our respect and we just need to give him some time.


    Well, this is how much i respect our president.
    I would not piss on the fucker if he were on fire.
    Dried cum in a used condom is worth more than him.
    I cannot wait for this guy’s life to cease.

    Respect is earned. You sir, have done *nothing* to earn it.
    Not even the smallest hint of respect.

    Fuck Off.

    • Gerry Fisher

      It’s been a year. [taps my toes] There was a political cartoon of a child taking lit matches to the living room drapes. The father says to the mother, “He’ll come around. Just give him a little more time.”

  • GanymedeRenard

    I just remembered that Rio also tried to hide its favelas behind a wall for their Olympic games. No shame to be seen.

  • AdamTh

    Trump hires people to block media’s access. I guess that all part of his new jobs program…….

  • peacfulseas inWA

    ” I’m going to be so busy I won’t have time for golf ” from the bait and switch con man in the WH.

    The bait and switch con man is a quote from Richard Painter, ethics counselor to g.w. bush.

  • JT

    White House Uses Rolling Truck To Block CNN Cameras From Capturing Trump Playing Golf Again

    Does this big truck make my ass look fat?

    • GanymedeRenard

      More like, does this fat ass make my truck look small?

  • BearEyes

    multiple cameras, multiple locations
    keep’m guessing

    besides, who is he golfing with anyway?

    • Halou

      Officially: “Nobody”

      • BearEyes

        that must be how you say Derapaska in russian.

    • Paula

      The best solution. Have several roving teams, will they have several trucks?

    • Rambie

      As private property they probably forced all the media into one spot for that very reason. Flight restrictions would keep TV helicopters out. Perhaps get a caddy to with a secret cam.

      • Natty Enquirer

        As private property, I doubt they let them in at all. Those reporters are on the public highway trying to get shots across the property line.

        • Rambie

          You could be right. If so the media should setup shop on the other side of the is a big line to prevent the trunk from blocking views. Let them tear up the greens with multiple trucks

  • Ranger One

    He never wanted the job! He wanted royalty, chocolate cake, and State dinners hosted by other nations, and applause, and big houses. Stupid people who thought he was their crown prince!

    • Halou

      But… but… Obama made it look so easy and cool.

      • whollyfool

        It’s harder than he thought it would be, lolsigh

    • David Gervais

      Well, his supporters got a clown prince. Isn’t that close enough?

  • Boreal
    • LesbianTippingHabits

      Well, ISIS is gone. The anti-ISIS offensive began under the Obama Administration and continued under the Trump Administration.

      • RationalismRules

        Gone? I doubt it.
        The only way to defeat fanaticism is through improved living standards and better education. Unfortunately that’s a long term process, and one that doesn’t line the pockets of the powerful.

        • LesbianTippingHabits

          Let me clarify. ISIS will seek to return. But it no longer controls the territory it seized in 2014, and that is an accomplishment. Thank you.

  • whollyfool

    Seems like a good time for a cat video. 😛


  • Halou

    Want to know why Trump is trying to stop people seeing what he is doing?


    Deripaska is a colleague of Manafort from his time working with Yanukovych, and Rybolovlev has frequently made news during the election campaign and since by ‘coincidentally’ appearing in the same places and at the same times as Trump.

    • The_Wretched


  • Chrissy

    why didn’t they get an assistant to park their car in front of truck and one in the back, blocking him in. It would force the person to come out and then the Trump administration would look even more petty.

  • Cuberly Deux

    Wow, Obama beating Donnie as most admired thingy has Trollsylvania totally losing their shit.

    • Robincho

      I found it for them. All Trollsylvania needs to do to find their shit also is to look in a mirror…

  • Halou


  • Cuberly Deux

    Problem solved.

    Gee, wonder if he doesn’t want us to see who he’s playing golf with er somthin….


  • Boreal
    • Jamie_Johnson

      Can you imagine what they’d be saying on Fox if Obama had hid behind a truck?

      The mind boggles.

  • Hank

    So much in Herr Drumpf’s belief in the Freedom of the Press!!! /s

  • edrex

    with that fat ass, he’s going to need a bigger truck.

    • J Ascher

      I’m sure he can get one of those giant earth-moving machines you see at excavation sites.

  • KnownDonorDad
  • ultragreen

    Can’t those cameramen disperse? One truck isn’t long enough to block all of them if they do that.

    • KnownDonorDad

      Bring out the drones.

  • hdtex
  • kanehau

    You people…. it’s obviously a FBI surveillance van!

  • stevenj

    CNN doesn’t have a drone that can fly higher than the treetops?

    • LesbianTippingHabits

      Sad !

    • Snarky

      There are lots of restrictions on where news organizations are allowed to fly drones. I would assume Trump’s property, while he’s there, is one of those restricted areas.

    • J Ascher

      See my comment above.

  • LesbianTippingHabits

    If this is the worst scandal under Trump, America isn’t doing so bad.

    • The_Wretched

      The point is that Trump is hiding. All the time, he’s hiding.

      • LesbianTippingHabits

        Yes, he is hiding. And it will all come out. Including ‘him.’

  • John30013

    Time to launch the drones….

  • Pip

    How pathetic.

  • wds

    Surprised they could find a truck big enough on such short notice … Just saying…

    • Girlgoon

      You mean big enough to hide his fat ass

  • FelineMama

    WH, desperate much? PANICSVILLE Whats’ happening? Death threats?, donnie having a 48 hr. sundowners episode? PutyPoot in town? What??

  • andrew

    The nation and the world would be safer, happier and better places if Trump golfed 365 days a year.

    • J Ascher

      In the Atacama or Gobi Desert!

  • Keith D Plane

    O/T why is there a banner ad at the top for Alliance for Freedom on this site?

  • Jefe5084

    Speaking for myself, I have seen enough of that barn-sized ass and that jaba-the-hut belly in the white polo shirt to last this and my next several thousand lifetimes. Block away. I have a YOUGE eye bleach bill to pay.

  • Snarky

    They missed an opportunity! I assume that tomorrow the panel truck will be sporting a giant ad for Trump properties or MAGA hats or some shit.

    • Friday’s_cat

      Free Candy!

    • Girlgoon

      That’s the truck Roy more used to hang out in front of the mall with

  • nipper

    Thats a Mitsubishi Truck. The Irony

    • J Ascher

      Making Asia Great Again!

  • J Ascher

    If the area around Trump’s outings is restricted airspace, and it probably is, the press should use some low-tech means to observe him: helium balloons, birds with attached cameras, and the like.

  • nipper

    I was wrong its an Isuzu truck making america great again

  • Girlgoon

    My tax dollars working hard for me

  • JCF


  • Gerry Fisher

    …but…but…he conducts so much business while at the links. Why try to hide it? /s

  • DesertSun59

    The vans are an attempt to prevent the media from covering the fact that 45 is meeting with his Russian masters on the links.

  • David Gervais

    You’re all wrong. Trump is a master at distraction. While the camera crews are filming trees, he is having the real meeting with his owner’s rep in the truck. He uses the truck instead of a limo like other politicians because it has more room for junk food and grabbing women by the whatever.