RUSSIA: Senator Warns That Banning Cruelty To Animals Is A Slippery Slope To Approving LGBT Rights

The Moscow Times reports:

A Russian senator has warned of the slippery slope that legislators risked taking by passing a law against animal cruelty.

The Federation Council struck down a bill on Tuesday that sought to ban cruelty against animals used in the training of hunting dogs and birds.

“We treat many western fads with humor, including political correctness, the rights of sexual minorities and others,” Senator Sergei Kalashnikov told fellow lawmakers ahead of the vote.

Drawing a smattering of applause, Communist Party member Kalashnikov warned: “Any thought, however humanitarian, becomes absurd when carried to its logical conclusion.”

  • acde

    Cro-Magnon or Neanderthal?

    • Frostbite


    • Homo Erectus.

      • kanehau

        Not without viagra.

        • Kruhn

          And he’s too dumb to be Homo habilis

    • m_lp_ql_m

      He’s in Asia, so maybe Denisovan?

    • GanymedeRenard


  • Do Something Nice

    OT: Care to guess which California newspaper was the only one to endorse Trump?

    Santa Barbara newspaper apologizes after printing gay slur in byline×920.png

    • pj

      i thought santa barbara burned down.

    • m_lp_ql_m

      “…the employee is represented by the Teamsters…”

    • That_Looks_Delicious

      I’m surprised they’re like that. Santa Barbara County voted for Hillary by 28 points and for Obama twice, and voted against Prop 8 back in ’08. Clearly they don’t know or care for their own customer base. Do they think people in Idaho are going to buy a Santa Barbara newspaper?

    • Timothy W.

      Wendy McCaw’s ownership and management of the Santa Barbara News Press has been a huge problem for Santa Barbarians for ages, and even made headlines globally after her meddling with the news room caused several editors and columnists to resign in 2006. The paper doesn’t really represent the city well, if at all.

  • Tawreos

    I wonder how he would feel if he was the animal being treated cruelly?

    • OdieDenCO

      like it was Saturday night with the hookers.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    Human beings suck.

    • Tomcat

      Glad I am a mammal.

  • Tomcat

    Don’t worry guy, you will still be allowed to beat your wife daily.

  • pch1013

    Russia is basically Uganda with nukes. And oil.

    • boatboy_srq

      WHITE Uganda with nukes.

    • Yixing’s Fluffer

      “Upper Volta with rockets”, for our European friends.

      • Kruhn

        You mean Burkina Faso. LOL

        • Yixing’s Fluffer

          It was first uttered when “Upper Volta” and “USSR” were still on the map. :o)

    • Lumpy Gaga

      And the White House.

      • Kruhn

        Actually Russians call their Parliament Building The White House.

    • Statistics Palin

      A Christianist North Korea.

    • Steve Smith

      And drunks. Lots of drunks.

    • vorpal

      They are horrible, unpleasant, mean people.
      Every time I end up making the mistake of engaging a Russian online, I have to resist the urge to punch my screen and instead stop internetting for the day.

  • Karl Dubhe 2

    I’ll bet his family “trains” bears too…

  • JWC

    another Knuckle dragger has spoken

  • boatboy_srq

    We’re just a western fad. I feel so much more transitory now.


    Wonder how they explain Tchaikovsky.

    • m_lp_ql_m

      “National hero”

  • Todd Allis

    Yes, once you start giving a fuck about the suffering of others, it’s a slippery slope to treating everyone with compassion. Scary, right?

    • Todd20036

      It is scary if you are a Nazi

      • wds

        Or a Russian higher-up …

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    • Ken

      Exactly what I was thinking.

    • DN


    • perversatile

      Well, it’s almost impossible to become a physically abusive husband and/or father without the benefit of having animals to beat on while growing up.

  • Adam Stevens

    A man as low as this doesn’t even deserve air.

    Why do so many men accept so little of themselves? Who do so many accept their character flaws as valor?

    We are now and will ALWAYS be better men.

    And they KNOW it.

  • GanymedeRenard

    I see. So the logical conclusion of refraining from hitting an animal is treating LGBT people with dignity and respect? If so, how’s that a bad thing in your two brutish brain cells, gospodin Kalashnikov?

  • AtticusP

    What an asshole!

    Trump will probably ask that he be made Russian ambassador to the United States.

    • Octoberfurst

      Too bad the ASPCA isn’t a government post because Trump would think this guy would make a great director of it.

      • AtticusP

        It’s sad to have a president that can’t even spell ASPCA.

  • Michael

    Why is it EVERY homophobic guy looks like this???

    There is indeed a connection to how physically repulsive a guy is to how much he hates homosexual men.

  • james1200
    • Judas Peckerwood
      • Word was he was fantastic with kids, too, even though he never had any himself.

      • james1200

        That doesn’t mean anything. Trump HATES animals and kids (he looks uncomfortable even around his own grandkids, even though they look like the Nazi dream.)

        • Todd20036

          He isn’t exactly loving to Uday and Usay, either.

          • Andymac3

            Trump kids keep costing him money, giving away his traitorous meetings, walking in on him hitting on Ivanka, and eating his french fries.

    • Yixing’s Fluffer

      That poor pooch…

    • zhera

      WHAT THE HELL is he doing??? Is that a Russian thing? They do that in Russia?

      Boy does NOT look happy about it.

    • Steve Smith

      That’s his lunch.

    • jixter

      Seeing this .gif of Putin again just brought trump to mind when he said ” … I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters, ok?”

      While it’s not exactly the same thing, there’s a parallel here, though I’ll be damned if I can explain it coherently.

      I love how the tall kid in the green shirt lifts his cap in a “Geez, WTF?”

    • bsinps

      That’s creepy!!!

  • DisqusD37

    Seriously, fuck Russia.

    • Barry William Teske

      It is not the Russian peoples fault the politicians are incompetant because money.

  • ChrisMorley
    • easygoingmister

      Lee and Eddie no. 1 in that bunch of pics for me. Though the sheep and horse shots are pretty good too.

  • Rebecca Gardner
    • Poe’s Law is officially obsolete.

      • m_lp_ql_m

        Poe’s Law is a Poe.

        • Sporkfighter

          We need a revised edition of Gödel, Escher, Bach just to deal with this self-referential, self-contradictory statement!

    • jerry

      Funny…everything out of Congress in the last year has reminded me of “The Purge” movies.

    • Hank

      And people went bonkers over Kathy Griffin and her attempt at art!!!

  • JFC

  • Bluto
  • Sporkfighter

    RUSSIA: Senator Warns That Banning Cruelty To Animals Is A Slippery Slope To Approving LGBT Rights

    Yeah, but wouldn’t that be a good thing?

  • northern_neighbour

    It seems likely that civic education about human rights is equally poor in Russia as it is in the US. I suppose Russian stereotypes/jingoism and derision for “the other” are of the same low mentality as a large percentage of our own “Deplorables”.

    And political opportunists like this Asshole love to exploit these widespread bigotries. Divide and Profit, “BIGLY” … as disgusting as this is.

  • Dehumanizing people is always step one on the road to extermination and genocide as official gov’t policy.

    • JCF

      Just the way that animal abuse is the surest sign one is on their way to becoming a serial killer.

  • Friday

    It’s almost like homophobes are generally people of despicably-low character. They think there isn’t enough cruelty to *animals* there to ‘stop people being gay?’ Can they even hear themselves?

  • Timothy W.

    Well to be fair, trying to understand systemic oppression of minorities of people and seeing parallels in our treatment of other species did lead me to eventually go Vegan.

  • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

    I fed lots of training animals to my hawks and falcons while teaching the birds to hunt. But they would have got to eat them anyways, and you need to teach them how to hunt and kill, so if they get lost they’ll have enough experience to survive.

    It is a necessity if you’re a falconer.

    • Friday

      There’s a difference between animal cruelty and feeding carnivores.

      • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

        Very true, but people who try to make their cats into vegetarians wouldn’t agree. “Does your bird want a cracker?”
        “About as much as he can talk, lady.”

        • Skeptical_Inquirer

          I know there are supplements to keep cats from going blind from being fed a meatless diet but I fear the incompetence/ignorance of pet owners who don’t know this.

          • Kruhn

            Cats are carnivores. Period!

          • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

            I fear the mentality that would impose a veg diet on a carnivore.

          • Skeptical_Inquirer

            I much prefer people feed meat eating animals meat as well. I think if a pet owner wants a vegetarian pet, they should go with something that already is into lettuce & sunflower seeds. Some of them even have fur.

          • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

            Guinea pigs and bunnies are pretty cool.

        • Friday

          Yeah, that’s… really missing the point of cats. (As much as a lot of what they put in ordinary cat food can be or seem problematic: I can’t even give my feline friend most of what passes for fish in that stuff, cause it makes him yark. For fish we split some real canned tuna, or something, cause by the time you buy good enough cat food you may as well.)

    • stevenj

      Not falcons but eagles…if you have not already seen this film you would probably enjoy it:

      • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

        I was one of those once, sans Horse. This is a Changeable Hawk Eagle from Ceylon.

        • Skeptical_Inquirer

          I hear they’re not cuddly or adoring like mammal pets but do “know” you in that they trust you.

          • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

            Yeah. Birds are pretty alien. Some of their behaviors I understand because they share SOME behavioral attributes with mammals, but what’s up with that shaking your foot like you’re scratching your head only not touching it? Did T-Rex also do that?

      • Skeptical_Inquirer

        I’ve seen this movie. It’s good. I believe the actress who plays Rey in the new Star Wars series is the narrator.

  • Moebym of the Returners

    “Cruelty to animals is wrong? Have we gone soft?” – Kalashnikov

  • edrex

    aaand that sums up my abiding russophobia.

  • Priya Lynn

    These Russians are fucked in the head. I can often put myself in someone else’s shoes, but I can’t comprehend this type of thinking.

  • That_Looks_Delicious

    A Modest Proposal, 2017 version.

    I think our glorious leader President Trump needs to do more to develop future sociopaths to stock up the GOP. This is why this animal cruelty story comes at such an opportune time in our history. President Trump should start a new national initiative introducing young children to animal torture. I say start them off in kindergarten and 1st grade with small creatures, perhaps twisting the heads off of hamsters and canaries, then moving on to drowning kittens. By the time they’re in 3rd grade, they should be able to skin live puppies. Yes, I know, the children are all going to cry and make terrible scenes, but how else are we going to form the true psychopaths we need to pass Republican legislation and enact the Trump agenda in the future? MAGA!

  • Halou

    “Any thought, however humanitarian, becomes absurd when carried to its logical conclusion.”

    Too true. Such as the thought someone had of hiring this clown.

  • Luddite

    This Russian Senator looks like a repulsive Troglodyte. He probably walks on his knuckles.

  • Rick

    “Fad.” Uh huh. Because we only recently invented the gay. I mean, it’s not like we have an ACTUAL HISTORY or anything.

  • ​Russians have been lied to by their government and by their church so they now honestly believe:
    1. Homosexuals are made and not born
    2. Homosexuals are predators who are after their children
    3. Homosexuals are out to make the whole straight world into homosexuals
    4. Homosexual orientation is directly linked to immorality
    5. Homosexuality is spread via “propaganda”
    6. Homosexuality is a Western phenomenon, and is “anti-Russian”
    7. Homosexuals can be turned into heterosexuals by persecuting us
    8. By converting gays ‘back’ into straights, the declining Russian birth rate will be reversed.

    All of these statements are 100% wrong. These are not facts, they are misperceptions, and they are being used as excuses for abuse.

    The only way forward is by direct engagement with religion and lawmakers, challenged in open and public debate. Unfortunately there is also going to have to be considerable martyrdom, with activists putting themselves in harm’s way, risking their lives and actual bodily harm as recent footage of violence has already shown to be escalating.

    • Hank

      We can thank the Russian Orthodox Church for this in my opinion!!!

      • Skeptical_Inquirer

        We should blame pretty much all the churches for either actively pushing it or not pushing hard enough against this.

    • Gianni

      Unfortunately, many of those eight items on the list are also widely believed here in the States and too many other places.

    • Barry William Teske

      Oh look!
      Evidence of the ‘squeaky wheel’ syndrome.

  • kareemachan

    absurd = logical


  • j.martindale

    Genghis Khan wannabe.

  • Statistics Palin

    “We treat many western fads with humor, including political correctness, the rights of sexual minorities and the use of toilet paper.”

    • Barry William Teske

      Explains why Russian politicians use the voters instead of rabbits when in the forest.

  • Joe

    My Russian friends tell me that outside of the wealthy big cities, Russia is a stinking hot mess.

  • Andymac3
  • Jmdintpa

    and in a few short years we will be just like Russia… unless we get off our asses and rise up and stop the fascist. its not going to be pretty, its going to be ugly and violent but thats what it will take.

  • Ogre Magi

    We can thank the Russian orthodox church for this

  • Kenster999

    “Any thought, however humanitarian, becomes absurd when carried to its logical conclusion.”

    That’s right… such as the idea that he’s promoting!

  • Gianni

    If the LOGICAL conclusion is that the minorities you hate so much actually end up being treated fairly, justly, and equally to yourself, why is that LOGIC absurd? ‘Logical’ means it makes sense and is reasonable. A Dummy is a Dummy is a Dummy not matter where he lives or what his nationality is.

  • Mundusvultdecipi

    I think we can now safely consider nominations for the 2017 Global WTF?-ery Award to be closed!

  • Barry William Teske

    Oh look!
    A serial killer in waiting.