Louie Gohmert: Mueller Would Love To “Get Trump’s Scalp” Because He Wants To Be A Hero To Leftists

The Hill reports:

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) said Tuesday that special counsel Robert Mueller would “love to get Trump’s scalp.”

Gohmert accused Mueller of trying to become a “hero of the left” through his investigation into potential Trump campaign ties to Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election during an appearance on Fox News.

“I have said since day one, since he was appointed, he’s bad news,” Gohmert said. “He’s out for a scalp.”

  • Will Parkinson

    Gohmert Piles.

  • bkmn

    Keep on yakking Louie. I want to make sure Dir. Mueller knows he needs to take you down too.

  • clay
    • glass

      And, Bob is wayyyyy more intelligent.

      • peacfulseas inWA

        That doesn’t look like any of my BOBs. I can’t see where you put the batteries?

    • Acronym Jim

      That’s not a Bug Out Bob, it’s a holistic actress.


  • bkmn

    Does what Trump has qualify as a scalp?

  • canoebum

    Has anyone told Louie that Robert Mueller is a Republican? Has been for decades.

    • Chucktech

      Apparently, for some goofy Gohmert reason, he’s pining to be a hero to the left, you see…

  • Ninja0980

    Another idiot brought to you solely because of gerrymandering.

    • MaryJOGrady

      Also minority voter suppression.

    • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson

      Sorta related.

      Michiganders (the smart ones of us) gathered over 400,000 signatures (WAY more than required) to request a measure on the 2018 ballot that would remove the ability to drawn voting districts from legislators. Instead, a non-partisan districting committee would oversee that practice. Districts would be redrawn. Oh yes, they would be redrawn. Public support for this is HUGE. Legalizing weed as Colorado has is also very popular with voters as well.

      Snyder is term-limited out. The Republicans seeking to replace him are hated so hard. It will be a fun year.

      • Exatron

        I’m expecting the Republican controlled legislature to try subverting this. They’re assholes, and it’s the sort of thing they would do.

        • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson

          Next year is probably not the year to try that shit with us.

  • FelineMama

    Good Grief NO! I don’t think Mr. Mueller wants THAT scalp. YUCK!

  • clay

    I do think it would be kinda funny if Meuller went to arrest Dara Rohrbacher, but got Louie Gohmert, instead.

  • hdtex
    • Oscarlating Wildely

      one of the few times that I’ve been hypnotized by a butt plug….

      • greenmanTN

        Sure, Jan… 😁

      • Reality.Bites


  • That_Looks_Delicious

    Screwy Louie’s been on a bit of a nonsense rampage lately, even by his standards. He seems almost as panicked as Trump.


    • Oscarlating Wildely

      Considering the outcome the last time, I’m cool with that.


    • Bryan

      I’ll gladly take Gohmert’s head on a stake for $2000 thank you.
      No, somebody can just stick his head on a pike and then give me $2000

      • Todd20036

        I prefer garlic powder on my steaks

        • Try a coffee rub (a good use for older coffee grounds that haven’t been used)

    • D. J.

      Front line Louie, go to the front of the line.

    • JCF

      Why do all these RWNJ assholes have mouths that seem to DEMAND dildoes?

  • Natty Enquirer
    • JT

      Well, golllleeee!

  • Stogiebear

    Who got yours, Louie?

    • Rocco


  • Barry William Teske

    Oh look!
    ‘Whistling’ while working.
    Nothing serves self contempt more than pointing to or whistling about an implied other.

  • boobert

    Do they know Mueller is a republican?

    • Oscarlating Wildely

      “But you see, he’s from Glasgow so…”

    • MaryJOGrady

      Louie Gohmert knows nothing about anything. He gets re-elected regularly from one of the most benighted districts in Texas, where I used to be forced to spend time because of my ex-‘s health condition; it somehow boasts one of the best neurologists in the country. (They threw money at this neurologist and built him a research lab and gave him residents to supervise and he’s only 2 hours from DFW Airport when it all gets to be too much for him.) The only good thing about Gohmert being in Congress is that that means he is no longer a judge ruling on human beings’ lives in Tyler, Texas.

      • Oscarlating Wildely

        “he’s only 2 hours from DFW Airport”

        One forgets how expansive that state is. “Only” two hours on the east coast will put you two states away and probably in another metropolis (if one counts Boston as such. Sorry, NYC bias.)

        • MaryJOGrady

          This neurologist also considered when relocating the abundance of hereditary neurological disorders in the area. He’s gotten some good publications out of all those recessive genes expressed thanks to the prevalence of inbreeding. (I wish I were kidding.)

          • Oscarlating Wildely

            As an academic, I can deeply respect that kind of commitment to one’s research. Can’t imagine the lovely tete a tete small talk that must result but respect the dedication.

          • Joseph Miceli

            So when I refer to a Louie Gohmert voter as an “inbred waste of human tissue…I’m not being insulting, just descriptive.

        • I depends on what direction you are traveling, Two hours north form NYC on I-87 and you’re still in New York and not quite in Albany. And Boston is over two hours from NYC – OTOH you *can* get to Philadelphia in less than two hours by crossing New Jersey.

      • thatotherjean

        He was a judge? Oh, dear god! I almost said “Only in Texas,” but then I remembered Alabama.

        • Sporkfighter

          Seems like Mississippi is trying to lay low. I haven’t heard of much stupid from there recently.

    • DesertSun59

      Clearly, not.

  • Jay Silversmith

    Not to cast aspersions on yer asparagus, Looney, but exactly WHAT have you or your fellow loons done or enacted to STOP russia from interfering in our elections again….hmmm?

  • Sam_Handwich
  • Lazycrockett

    What every Republican dreams of……being a Leftist Hero.

    • prixator

      It’s so hard to believe that Gohmert was ever a judge. Of course, an elected one, but still.

  • olandp

    And Ghomer(t) was a judge in Texas. Kind of says it all, doesn’t it.

  • That_Looks_Delicious
    • thatotherjean

      I would not be at all astonished. Sad, maybe, but not astonished.

      • Tristan

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    • Tomcat

      And honest things.

    • pj

      he sure behaves like it. as does so many of the people who work for him.

  • KnownDonorDad

    Any chance this guy will have a credible challenger this year?

  • Chucktech


    And just what the fuck benefit to Robert Mueller, a patriotic Republican (rare, indeed), would it be to “to become a hero of the left,”: you you dim bulb doofus?

    • David Walker

      Oh, my god. Can you imagine the rancor, the yelling, the screaming that would result in even trying to put such a test together. There’s a very funny plot point in Gilbert & Sullivan’s “Iolanthe” in which access to sitting in the house of lords is achieved only by “competitive examination.” Would it were true here.

  • Oscarlating Wildely

    And thus, of course, when the indictment comes down as it will, “it has no, I say no, credibility! Hatchet game! Scalps! Hillary did it in her emails!”

    Their desperation would be funny if not so obvious.

    • William

      The only thing in Louie’s head is a fart generator.

  • JT

    Someone’s already got Gohmert’s scalp.

  • Bluto
    • peacfulseas inWA

      Reminds me of the cat from The Secret Life of Pets, Chloe.

  • Ninja0980

    There was an article about Louie where they talk to some of his supporters and they say they support him because he tells it like it is.
    Sound familiar?

    • MaryJOGrady

      East Texas features a lot of inbreeding. As my sister the urologist, who used to practice in Lufkin, once put it, “The family trees don’t branch.”

      • David Walker

        It ain’t the edge of the earth, but you can see it from there.

      • Tomcat

        So the family tree is a reed?

        • Prost Seattle

          Palm Tree.

        • William

          A telephone pole.

      • William

        I’ve always like the description ‘Behind the Pine Curtain’.

    • Gianni

      “Telling it like it is” is a cop out phrase to describe someone who speaks whatever is rolling around between their ears. It’s strictly their feelings, their anger, their petty annoyances and dislikes, etc, and it resonates with whomever does the same thing. No real thinking necessary or done.

    • DesertSun59

      That phrase is used by uneducated Americans to describe politicians who don’t use a vocabulary over a sixth grade education level.

  • MikeBx2

    If he did nothing wrong, Trump’s scalp will remain in place.

  • Taylor Bixler
  • Todd20036

    Someone should tell Gohmert Mueller is a Republican

  • Boreal
    • Todd20036

      Stop dissing the Yip-Yips

  • Rocco

    And what a scalp it is…

  • Mark Née Fuzz

    Scalp, head on a platter, heart ripped from his chest…any would be good.

  • JT

    Santa lost his shirt last night.

    • Treant

      That’s not Santa, those are three of Santa’s helpers.

      Santa needs lots of naughty boys to be satisfied.

      • bzrd

        the Three Wise Men

  • Judas Peckerwood

    A prosecutor whose goal is to nail criminals — what next?!!!

  • Steverino

    Funny how these GOP snowflakes are now all of a sudden melting and panicky over the same scrutiny of their team that both Bill and especially Hillary Clinton have been put through dozens of times over the past three decades.

    They should just man up and grow a pair, just like the Clintons did, be stoic, and let the investigation leads where it leads.

    (Oh, and by the way, Karma’s a bitch).

    • peacfulseas inWA

      I’m okay with the gnashing of teeth just to keep it in the news cycle. Most sane people know the more the Dotard Crime Syndicate protest that nothing is there , there likely is something there. The flip side is what are the enemy, DCS, cooking up while the latest reports dwells on the outrage from the manbaby over the latest tidbit released in the investigation.

      • Steverino

        Yep. Nothing screams guilt like “Don’t look there!!!!1!!1! We’ve got to shut this thing down!!!!1!!!1!!!”

        Contrast that with the cooperation of Hillary Clinton with her many investigations, by her political enemies no less, who came up empty-handed every time.

  • Sam_Handwich
  • anne marie in philly

    what do YOU have to hide, dumbass? why ain’t you dead yet; you look like the crypt keeper!

  • unclemike

    Yes, because Mueller is much more interested in pleasing Dems than in any sense of justice or law.

  • andrew

    Louie Gohmert criticizing Robert Mueller would be like me criticizing Stephen Hawking’s views on physics. Robert Mueller is an exceptional individual. In high school he was the captain of the soccer, hockey and lacrosse teams and was the medal winner as his schools best athlete. He served as a platoon leader in Vietnam and was awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart. He received a B.A. from Princeton Univ., an M.A. from New York Univ, and a Law degree from the Univ. of Virginia.In 2001 he was appointed Director of the FBI by President Bush and approved by the Senate by a 98-0 vote. Obama extended his Directorship for two additional years. He served as Director from 2001-2013. During the Bush Administration he clashed with Cheney because he was a vocal opponent of “enhanced interrogation” torture. It’s not likely that Mueller is interested in pleasing any particular political faction. In Mueller Trump and his allies have found their worst enemy. An honorable man in search of truth.

    • alguien

      difference being, you know you’re probably out of your league with hawking but gohmert probably thinks he’s on par, intellectually, with mueller.

      • JAKvirginia

        Gohmert isn’t on par with Formica.

        • David L. Caster

          Or even just plain old dirt, let alone mud.

          • D. J.

            Used cat litter.

      • prixator

        Yup. Gohmert’s not only a lawyer, but was also an elected judge. Judge beats lawyer, ha ha ha.

        • alguien

          roy moore used to be a judge too…

          • prixator

            And he thinks he’s smart enough to be a U.S. senator! Unfortunately, Republicans too often fail upwards.

          • alguien

            yup. and the further up they go, the easier it is for the rest of us to see their asses.

  • Tomcat

    Shut up Gomer.

  • Galvestonian

    Well, if he can take you out and the rest of the Traitorious Republican ass monkeys that would be a real blessing, too.

  • jm2

    the obvious is that Gohmert is jealous – he has no scalp!

  • Tomcat

    I think it might be time to bring obstruction of justice charges against a few congress people.

  • j.martindale

    Republican FBI Director appointed by Republican Deputy Attorney General, investigating Republican President. Yeah, it is all the left wing’s fault!


  • GanymedeRenard
  • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson

    Two questions.

    1. How does Louie feed and clean himself without adult assistance?

    2. When Louie develops end-stage dementia, how will anyone know?

    • Gianni

      I suspect that even in the end-stage, he’ll get reelected. Republican voters are, for the most part, loyal to the max, especially if the candidate is a total doofus.

      • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson

        So, like when shit comes rolling down his pantleg and over the toes of his shoes they’ll still applaud his faked dedication to Gawd and Murica and babys?

    • Bryan

      The smell will be coming from his ass in addition to his mouth.

  • William

    Louie’s theme song:


    • FelineMama

      Actually, doesn’t the “Wizard of Oz” ‘splain Dumptruck’s congress & hisself: Lookin’ for Brains, Courage & Heart. FERGETABOUTIT!!

      • William

        Damn you’re good!

  • -M-

    Or maybe it has something to do with patriotism or the law.

  • Jerry Kott

    The more smoke they blow, the more proof that there is fire. If Don Quixote Trump has nothing to hide, why is he fighting windmills? There quest of trying to create reasonable doubt is only reinforcing the fact they have something to hide.

  • DesertSun59

    It’s amusing when a brain dead Republican (Gohmert) pretends that a fellow Republican (Mueller) wants to be a ‘liberal hero’.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada
  • Gianni

    One of the top braniacs in the Rep Congress speaks again and says nothing of value. It’s odd but he even looks like a nit-wit.

  • JWC

    Of Course he is after Trumps scalp He is after his whole fat bodyt o throw in prison and not for the convoluted reason of FAUX

  • netxtown

    Crazy Water.
    Gohmert drank it. And a refill.

  • coram nobis

    How’s the Stupidest Congressman Competition coming?

    We should send him our pots and thayers.

  • Jaclyn Rae Glicken

    The FBI is now a leftie wing? How much more money do these muthafkrs need? What are they getting for this? I swear their coke is bad, and they are all insane.

  • Dayglo

    To call him a Neanderthal would be an insult to all decent cave dwellers.

  • Jaclyn Rae Glicken

    Question. Mr. Law & Order, who is attacking the FBI for investigating him. All lies, FaKe, right?
    Does that not make the thousands of other investigations the FBI are investigating, just as FaKe? How long before that becomes what defense attorneys use that as defense for the worst of the worst?

  • Richard B

    The idiot from Texas mustn’t know Robert Mueller is a decorated war hero, highly accomplished republican working for two previous republican presidents, is the former FBI chief , and was appointed to investigate Trump wrong doing by fellow Republicans.
    Where does the leftist angle come from?

    • Jerry Kott

      His asshole!

  • Pete Wascher

    so, louie, do you think mueller has enough evidence to take his scalp?

  • JAKvirginia

    Well, Louie, judging from your pic somebody already got your scalp.

  • Kevin Andrews

    Does anyone even listen to this howling primate?

  • No More GOP.

    He’s a Republican, you nitwit. He’s out to do his job. With any luck, it will include lots of scalps (figuratively speaking).

  • Jmdintpa

    eat shit fucking baboon. if there were any justice or god this shitass and his ilk would be dead right now.

  • Joseph Miceli

    What a ridiculous person. Of COURSE Mueller is out for a scalp you ass! If he wasn’t then he wouldn’t be doing his frikken job. I also like how the McCabe is suddenly incompetent to investigate Republicans because he finds them to be repulsive. By that metric Louie Gohmert is incompetent to judge homosexuals, Muslims or Democrats. Well, he actually is incompetent to do so, but not because of his bigoted beliefs. It is because he’s so stupid.

  • Gianni

    I wouldn’t mind if he really did get Donnie’s scalp. Then I wouldn’t have to see that freaking mess on his head. I always say the same thing when Donnie comes on the tube: “That fuckin’ hair!” You can tell that it always has about a half-pint of Aqua Net on it and sprayed into place half over his ears. Please, Mr. Mueller, take that scalp and burn the awful thing.

  • agcons

    I’ll never understand how this idiot manages to keep breathing without pictorial instructions.

  • Halou

    Is that literally or figuratively? I’d be satisfied with either.

  • D. J.

    Oy, Louie Gohmert….Terri Schivo would have been a brighter, better, smarter Rep.

  • Matt

    JFC, only Texas could produce a man this stupid.

  • Doesn’t Loonie Louie realize that Mueller is a REPUBLICAN?

  • Snarky

    This is just one more attack that Fox and the right are using to try to discredit Mueller, the FBI and every other part of the Russia investigation. They don’t care how many institutions they tear down as they try to defend Trump.

  • jimi008

    “I have said since day one, since he was appointed, he’s bad news,” Gohmert said.
    So you were fully prejudiced since the first day of his appointment, making your current observations just more useless, subjective, malicious bullshit.

  • JCF
  • BudClark

    Goober must have drunk his enema, rather than putting it in in the more orthodox fashion.