Trump: I’m Proud To Have Won The “Merry Xmas” War

The Huffington Post reports:

President Donald Trump sent out Christmas wishes by praising himself for “leading the charge against the assault” on the phrase “Merry Christmas,” in yet another example of the president claiming to have won a dispute that never really existed.

Trump has repeatedly hammered on the false notion that American citizens were somehow unable to freely say the season’s greeting until he became president. Even a pro-Trump TV ad thanks the president for ending a war on Christmas that didn’t exist in the first place.

  • Boreal
    • Joe in PA

      As we used to say in Texas…you ain’t right in the head boy. 🙂 Good job.

      • Del Sam

        Or as my best friend always says, “She done gone and bumped her head!”

        • cleos_mom

          The version I’ve heard involved a maternal humanoid unit dropping said infant humanoid unit on its cephalic region.

          • Del Sam

            You are a warped brainiac. I think I am in love….

    • Todd20036

      There can be only one….

  • Joe in PA

    Billy Eichner for the win.

  • Harveyrabbit

    Whenever I read about tRump tweeting (happens way too often) I always picture him like this:

    • Jon

      I always assumed a more greasy turd for that heap of shit.

      • McSwagg

        2 Big Macs
        + 2 Fillet-o-Fish
        + 2 Large Fries
        + 1 Jumbo Choco-malto
        1 Yuge Greasy Turd

    • Todd20036

      Why does that turd look like a game controller?

      • Gretchen

        And how did it end up outside of that diaper? Color me confused.

        • ZRAinSWVA

          Unfortunately, (speaking from experience with aging friends and family) people with advanced dementia will often play in their diapers. Makes for quite a mess, both physically and emotionally.

          That being said, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the JMG’ers!!!

        • McSwagg

          How else is the Orange Shit Gibbon going to fling his shit?

      • Menergy

        Good question!

      • RoFaWh

        Well, aren’t game controllers generally shit?

  • Ninja0980

    Nope, not going to waste a moment on this POS today.

  • JT

    You’re proud to be a disgrace to the nation and humanity.

  • Gustav2

    The real reason Trump is not invited to Buckingham Palace:

    Queen Elizabeth, a woman of serious low-church piety, is said to prefer “happy” to “merry” because she dislikes “merry’s” connotation of boisterousness, even slight intoxication. (Similarly, in Holland some of the more strictly reformed Dutch prefer Zalig Kerstfeest—“Blessed Christmas”—to Vrolijk Kerstmis—“Merry Christmas.”)

    This moral suspicion of “Merry Christmas” dates back to the Methodist churchmen of the Victorian era who sought to promote sobriety among the English working class. Merrymaking of the ancient, alcoholic sort was frowned on year-round, perhaps never more so than during the celebration of the Savior’s birth. The phrase “Merry Christmas” would hang on, but the image of a family sharing a bottle of port or wine in the first commercial Christmas card was to give way to more temperate holiday depictions.

    We may no longer associate “merry” with spirits alcoholic as well as high, but the meaning was once familiar. “Merry” appeared in both the Wyclife and King James bibles in reference to intoxication, where it describes an evening in the life of the rich man Nabal: “He held a feast in his house, like the feast of a king; and Nabal’s heart was merry within him, for he was very drunken.” (To wish someone a holiday feast like Nabal’s was to wish him a very good Christmas indeed.)


    • Gretchen

      That’s very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

      • Gustav2

        The 12 Days of Christmas were pretty much a pub crawl, but house to house where spirits were dispensed to “merry makers” and carolers.

    • ColdCountry

      And even on Christmas, I learn something new on JMG! “Merry” Christmas, everyone!

    • cleos_mom

      Cute, but if that’s her only objection the planet is in more trouble than we suspected.

  • BlackGayVeganAtheist

    BOOM…what a loser Trump is and his supporters are for believing this SHIT….

    • AJ Drew

      Everyone and anyone with a Twitter account should post this to Dotard.

    • cleos_mom

      If you want to put a pebble in their shoe, try using “Xmas” when you write it out. It’s also a ‘religious’ spelling but no Trump supporter worth their MAGAt hat would know that. Too biblical scholarshippy.

      • Kruhn

        I’m going to say it in Greek

  • hdtex
  • BlackGayVeganAtheist
    • Gretchen

      It’s a metaphor for their core difference. I couldn’t listen with the sound on this morning since we are in a hotel room and my husband and son are asleep, so forgive me if I am repeating something obvious, but the decorations are symbolic of their moral fiber. The Obamas embraced diversity and difference while the Trumps are having a purely white Christmas in all ways. The People’s House is truly only for white people this Christmas. That scene with African American children was disgusting. She looked liked the benevolent plantation mistress overseeing slave children as they worked. As a white woman whose African American child is sleeping twenty feet away, I am horrified by this imagery. My son is not a second class citizen, and he’s absolutely not going to be treated as one by trash like the Trumps. It would be over my dead body before I let him be used as a prop by this sham of a First Lady.

      • Gustav2

        I am glad to read someone else thought the same thing about AA children.

        They are clueless.

        • BearEyes

          they don’t care.

      • McSwagg

        Much of the career staff of the White House is and has always been African American. It’s very likely that these are their children, so your interpretation isn’t too far off. These beautiful children were used in that scene as mere propaganda props.

    • Bambino

      If this is a Disney movie , we know which one is the evil queen.

      • McSwagg

        I think there are several (at least) evil queen dRumpfs.

  • BlackGayVeganAtheist
  • BlackGayVeganAtheist
  • RobynWatts

    I’ve heard those alleged bone spurs that Loser Donny Trumpin’ Farts had kept him from serving in the War On Christmas. Sad.

  • Dot Beech

    Why does that little mouth of his always look like a straining asshole?

    • Tomcat

      it always has shit coming out, that’s why.

  • Tomcat

    If it is all the same to you trump I just don’t feel as good as you do about EXCLUDING anyone with differing religious beliefs and world views.
    So to you I will say Have a Money Christmas and allow the rest of us to respect all mankind.

  • TexasBoy

    He’s just reinforcing his hold on his moronic minions. They honestly believe Obama passed anti-Merry Christmas legislation, and was a Kenyan-born Muslim.

  • Tomcat

    So trump, how about the war on us donning our GAY apparel.

  • safari

    Oh, Donald. It’s Christmas. Don’t be an asshole.

    • ColdCountry

      I don’t think he can help himself, bless his heart.

      • canoebum

        What heart? The only love he has is for himself. All else is lust.

        • ColdCountry

          Oh, I agree! I was using the phrase as those among us from the South say it is used – with utmost sarcasm.

          • juanjo54

            I was always taught that if a Southerner told you that it was the equivalent to being told fuck off by a Chicagoan

          • perversatile

            My favorite regional variations of “bless your heart”-
            ”I love him like a brother, but”.

      • McSwagg

        But he DID help himself … to a massive tax cut for himself and his oligarch friends.

    • Todd20036

      He lived 70+ years being an asshole every waking moment. At this point, that’s all he knows.

    • Reality.Bites


    • jeffg166

      Dysfunctional presidenting.

    • Bambino

      It’s asshole day everyday for the dotard.

  • Michael R

    I’ll say it :

    Mueller don’t give a fuck about Donnie’s stupid distractions .

    • KnownDonorDad

      He’s the anti-Trump: he works diligently and avoids the limelight.

      • Stephen Elliot Phillips

        I wonder how many days off Muelker has taken to play golf and hobnob with dictators??

  • KnownDonorDad

    Trump could use some visits by the ghosts from A Christmas Carol….

  • Slippy_World
    • JDS

      Love me some Eunice!!!!!

  • ColdCountry

    As a cashier, I see a lot of people, and my usual response to anyone wishing me anything is to say repeat the wish, or say, “same to you!” I really don’t care, and no one else seems to either. I even had one cheerful, middle-aged woman wish me a, “Merry Christmas, and all that shit!”

    • Stephen Elliot Phillips

      I detest when someone tells me to have a “bless-ed day”…….

      • ColdCountry

        I’m not fond of that, either, but I usually manage a tight smile at the minimum, and try for a “you, too.”

        • RoverSerton

          I had a email from a per I’d never met in a large company send that a the end of a business email to a large distribution. I responded just to him asking what he intended that to mean since I was an atheist. No response.

          • Helen Damnation™

            Did you hear? They’re about to start executing our kind in Egypt? Cross dem pyramids off the bucket list, girl.

      • BearEyes

        I have a couple of co-workers who do that. They are otherwise good people. I just try to ignore it.

      • Menergy

        The phrase always brings back a mental image of the Hari Krishna scene in the terminal in the movie, “Airplane” 😈

      • The_Wretched

        “Did I sneeze?” He said with a puzzled look.

      • Sporkfighter

        “Have the day you want to have.”

      • Charles Baldwin

        I hear you buddy. I cant stand that either.

      • Kruhn

        For me, it depends on the sincerity of the person. Many use it almost as a throw down insult.

  • ohbear1957
    • Stephen Elliot Phillips

      Weve gone from the faux fox war on christmas to the very REAL war on reality

      • Friday

        Same ‘war’ really, pretending there was a ‘war on Christmas’ cause some lady was angry Wal-Mart didn’t make its cashiers always parrot the exact same holiday greeting, was just probably much to do with testing the waters about gaslighting their followers.

        • meltedrubbersoul

          “some lady was angry Wal-Mart didn’t make its cashiers always parrot the exact same holiday greeting”


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    • Nic Peterson

      Golly, Donnie Two-scoops single handedly fought and won the war on Christmas. I am so glad we don’t have to hear about that anymore.

      Happy holidays!

  • Happy holidays, bitchtits.

  • GayOldLady

    DJT, I’m an agnostic and everywhere I’ve going during the Xmas season for the past 70+ years people say “Merry Christmas”. The only “charge” you’ve “led” is the charge to insanity, profanity and inhumanity. May your Xmas be as merry as those you have damaged and destroyed in your life of excess and extreme. My wish for you as that you receive the gift of Karma in equal measure. May you and yours rest in pieces.

    • misterjack

      I was going to say the same thing, GOL, but you beat me to it. Oh, well –Merry Saturnalia!

    • ChrisMorley

      It’s slipped his attention, but the Guardian is keeping a tally

      Christmas after a hurricane: ‘We still must celebrate the holidays’
      – Residents in Puerto Rico, Houston and the Florida Keys talk about this year’s challenges – shelter, electricity and good cheer – to make the best of the holidays

      • thatotherjean

        I don’t doubt that nearly all of them will have more fun, joy, laughter, and good cheer than all of the Trumps in Mar-a-Lago this year.

    • anne marie in philly


    • Richard, another Canuck

      Good for you to be airing your grievances this happy festivus time of year GOL. May you have many more years ahead. Know that I am wishing you the best for you and your wonderful family. Hugs GOL.

      • GayOldLady

        Thank you Richard and best wishes and many more years to you and your loved ones.

  • Bambino
  • GayOldLady

    Have a Happy Day everyone. We’ll catch you all on the other side.

    • April

      As my trucker friend would say.
      Catch you on the flip flop. 🙂

  • Jamie Brewer

    Dan Savage summed up the “War on XMAS” perfectly in his classic book review of Sarah Palin’s shitstain of a XMAS Book back in 2013.

    To quote a bit from that review: “Just as conservatives made patriotism toxic during the Vietnam War by conflating it with blind obedience to authority (“My country, right or wrong!”), modern conservatives have made “merry Christmas” toxic by associating it with Christian fundamentalism, religious intolerance, and the politics of imagined persecution.

    Unfortunately, the war on Christmas is a game Palin and O’Reilly and Fox News and the Family Research Council can’t lose. The more they complain about people saying “happy holidays” instead of “merry Christmas,” the fewer people will say “merry Christmas.” This will be held up as proof that the war on Christmas is real. But people like me aren’t replacing “merry Christmas” with “happy holidays” to be “politically correct,” as Palin insists in the introduction to her stupid book, we’re doing it because we don’t want people to think we’re assholes.”

    • anne marie in philly

      “we’re doing it because we don’t want people to think we’re assholes.” – THIS!

    • HanyBaal

      Growing up in Beirut in the early 80’s at the time Fundy Islam started its current rise, a similar shibboleth phrase came into use: “AsSalam ‘Alaikum”. Ppl started using that decidedly religious greeting instead of the usual “Marhabah” in order to suss out who is on their side. Christians and non-religious ppl (comminists, socialists etc..) did not use that greeting nor was it customary to reply with the proper “Wa ‘Alaikum AsSalam” to it. I recall my father insisting on NOT responding appropriately even tho we were Muslim because it sought to divide us. To this day, I refuse to use that religious greeting, mainly because, as Dan Savage says, it denotes assholes. I persist even with my Arab acquaintances from Moos-Majority countries greet me (and for whom the greeting is not a test of loyalty, per se). I respond with “Marhabah” and tell this story to the ones inquisitive enough to ask .

      • Karl Dubhe 2

        Thanks for teaching me something new today. I didn’t know about the non-religious alternative. If I have occasion, I’ll use it. 🙂

        Best of the season, hope you’re enjoying the weather.

        • HanyBaal

          Near 0 F here in the Twin Cities when came to work this AM. May enjoy it later, Thx

          • Helen Damnation™

            Exactly how does one enjoy -zero- degree weather? Christ, were you born in Alaska?

    • perversatile
      • McSwagg

        Are they targeting Santa’s sleigh with that anti-aircraft weaponry?

    • DN

      I can’t remember if her recipe for moose chili was in this book or another, but check it out:

      Not only are you buying store-bought chili mix, it doesn’t even give the amounts to use – “1 pkg.” How much is one package? They come in different sizes, Sarah.

      Oh and while we’re at it, making a chili spice mix is fucking EASY. Good god.

  • ab

    To me asking a gay person to be happy about Christmas is like asking a Native American to be happy about Columbus Day. For gay people the birth of the Christ child was NOT a blessed event. For my people it has meant 2000 years of violent persecution which is still ongoing.
    Happy Ho Ho.

    • seant426

      A fable perpetuated by men desperate to maintain the patriarchal status quo.

  • Frostbite

    Oh thank you Trump for helping us win this war! You are a kind an gentle soul, a friend to everyone, you fight for the rights of all people everywhere!

    See, he’s not the only one who can lie his ass off!

  • Rebecca Gardner
    • Exatron

      For every Trump tweet there exists an equal and opposite Trump tweet

      • MassageBear

        It’s as if he’s two-faced.

        • Leo Tallant

          And he has the two chins to prove it!

          • -M-

            Two chins, somewhere under all those jowls.

      • Dwight Williamson

        Trumps 2nd Law 🤡

        • McSwagg

          Newtonian (equal and opposite …) or thermodynamics (entropy aka chaos)?
          The both apply in his case.

          • Kruhn

            I thought Newton’s Second Law was Mass times Acceleration equals Force.

          • McSwagg

            You’re right. I should know better.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    My grandma said Merry Christmas to a shop keeper in 1961.
    She was arrested & jailed.
    She is is still there !!
    Free My grandma !!!

    • Clive Johnson


    • MBear

      She said “merry christmas” while she was removing his spleen with a ceremonial dagger.

    • Stogiebear

      You should type up a letter and send it to the White House asking him to pardon your granny. It’ll be a scream when it falls for the gag!

      Make sure you send a copy to Fox News and the Washington Post.

  • Did he publicly wish his daughter and son-in-law a “Happy Hanukkah” or was he worried his base would kick him out of office and try to have him lynched?

  • BearEyes

    fake war
    fake excuse of a president

  • Dave B
    • The_Wretched

      I’m not familiar with how things get on feeds. Is he culpable for anal prolapse porn?

    • Stogiebear


  • Jean-Marc in Canada
  • clay

    Donny couldn’t grab enough pussy on his own, so now he has to appropriate Bill O’Reilly’s, as well. Poor Bill’O, they forget you as soon as you’re out of the lime light.

  • dogdadny

    That info grafic counting days in office days at properties days golfing should include masses attended. See how that sits with the evangelicals – they’ll probably say it’s okay because he’s so busy saving them.

    • Reality.Bites

      You think they attend services (never, ever mass!) any more than they do?

      • dogdadny

        I don’t. That’s the point. He “saved Christmas” but doesn’t go to church.

        • Reality.Bites

          I miswrote my message. It was meant to ask if you think the Scamgelivals go to church any more than he does.

          Interesting thing about all those evangelicals we keep hearing from – none of them are actual pastors of actual churches.

  • Slippy_World
    • Leo Tallant

      An absolute classic. RIP Sparky, you are greatly missed.

  • HanyBaal

    Interesting pic @JMG. reminds me of Il Duce poses.

  • Dayglo

    That prick threw 2017 into chaos, but he’s not going to ruin my Christmas.
    Oh, who am I kidding? He’s all we ever think about.

    • thatotherjean

      It’s a lot like trying not to think about the elephant in the living room. He’s always there, whatever you’re doing.

  • anne marie in philly


    • Clive Johnson

      I almost wake up saying that.

    • Leo Tallant

      OK, I need this printed on a T-Shirt LOL.

  • Friday

    Hey, Drumph, maybe you should roll out the ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner, that worked so well for the last Republican idiot in that office. 🙂

    Does this mean all your Fundie supporters have to shut up about your ‘imaginary war?’ They might be pissed cause nothing’s actually changed and they seemed to be really into pretending to be persecuted if anyone gave a different holiday greeting. Not to mention all the fundraising grifts.

    • McSwagg

      If it means wearing Shrub’s over-tightly cinched flight suit, I emphatically vote NO!

  • Amanda B. Rekendwith
  • Henry Auvil
  • Acronym Jim

    Finally! Now I can go see Santa at the mall without wearing a flak-jacket.

  • lymis

    I happily say Merry Christmas. At Christmas. Which is a day, or in some traditions, a 12 day feast that starts today and ends on January 6.

    It does NOT start at Halloween, nor does it override all the other holidays in the last quarter of the year, including the myriad alternate Solstice-related holidays that various traditions celebrate.

    I wish people Happy Birthday on or near their birthday, too, not two months in advance.

    The war is not on Christmas. It’s on idiocy.

  • JR

    Merry War on Christmas to you all!

  • Taylor Bixler
  • Mark_in_MN

    He lead the charge? What charge? Apart from saying something about how he is supposedly winning he has actually done nothing. Of course, that is his wont, to take credit for anything (even if there wasn’t anything to do) for the sake of self-aggrandizement.

    • Leo Tallant

      Next he will be saying that he has just released all of the prisoners from the POW camps who were arrested in years past for saying Merry Christmas in public.

  • Dubito et cogitare

    A tiny man’s tiny fingers stroking his tiny manhood.

    • thatotherjean

      Well, he’s actually six feet, two inches tall–but most of it’s hot air, and the rest is BS.

      • seant426

        Fake news! The hair adds four inches. He’s really 5’10”.

      • Dubito et cogitare

        I was referring to his moral and ethical stature, not his height.

  • Mike

    Trump thinks no one is allowed to say Merry Christmas because no one says it to him.

    This is one of the things you get when you elect a president who’s a mental midget. a man who only knows what he sees on cable news all day long.

  • JWC

    and still an asshole at Christmas

  • Daveed_WOW

    OT: I noticed that Herberger’s had Ivanka Trump prominently displayed. I no longer shop at Herberger’s.

  • teedofftaxpayer

    It goes to show that our “President” is a dumb ass.

  • Phil B.

    So when is he going to pardon all those people rotting in prison these past eight years for saying “Merry Christmas”? Hypocrite.

  • Coprolite

    Yo, President Dump
    Happy Festivus!
    I pray for the Gods to shit on your New Year!!!

  • Mike

    Imagine having to kiss that sphincter in exchange for the money. I’d rather sleep in a Slovenian gutter.

    • Halou

      A billion dollars and half of everything when he dies is a tempting offer though.

  • Charlotte Spak

    Has anyone noticed that on the DVD set of the first season of The Apprentice, that the background music of the disc menu is Trump rapping that this is a dictatorship and that he (Trump) is the dictator.
    Dic dic dic dictator.
    SAD! And pathetic, poor deluded moron actually believes that he is the all great and powerful dictator of America. He hopes to make his mancrush (Putin) so proud of deluded Donny.

  • Wynter Marie Starr

    To those who are “offended” when I wish them a Happy Holiday, I have a question. Would you prefer a jolly “Fuck You?” Or, will you take it in the spirit it’s meant? Your answer will depend on which sentiment you receive.

    • McSwagg

      A “Jolly Fuck” might be interesting. Just sayin’.

      Happy Holidays!

      • Wynter Marie Starr

        LOL, yes it might be with the right person.

  • Palmer

    I thought I’d seen this image before.

  • Well, at least part of the Christmas story is true. There really was a Saint Nicholas. The rest of course is all made up.

  • Halou
  • ColoMtnWoman

    This moron is like the rooster that crows every morning when the sun comes up…convinced that it is HIS crowing that is causing the rising.

  • Galvestonian

    Hey Everyone – I hope that you all ( especially you Joe ) have a great Christmas and the happiest of Holidays. Maybe by this time next year we’ll have the orange dork outta the White House — and the rest of his asshole buddies.

  • Clive Johnson
  • Tempus Fuggit

    So I guess a warrior in the War on Christmas™ built a time machine and travelled back to 1960 to sabotage the scene behind this illustration, then. That’s the only possible explanation for the terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad, non-Christmas-specific expression of cheer in the shop window.

  • tim870

    How soon until he decides that he invented the phrase Merry Christmas?

    • Gianni

      I’m sure he’s thought of saying that, but could feel the pain and hurt of the blowback it would cause. He’s come about as close as he could now w/o claiming to have actually created the greeting. BUT, he is the “Merry Christmas” champion!

    • McSwagg

      How soon until he decides that he invented … Christmas?

  • JCF

    As I’m left explaining “the Episcopal Church turns NO ONE away, no matter how fucked-up”, for your annual little Christmas Eve play-acting at Bethesda-by-the-Sea (EC) in Palm Beach…

  • leastyebejudged

    Bring back the guillotine

  • Matt

    Happy Holidays, you ignorant f***.

  • Gianni

    The lunacy is shouted louder and louder as the dementia deepens. This loon is our President.

  • Lizard

    What does he think he’s done to “win” this “battle,” exactly?

    • RoFaWh

      Don’t ask such difficult questions. To do so is to demonstrate that you are not 100% behind the regime. Consider this a warning.

  • jmax

    And he won the “war” with those debilitating bone spurs. I’m impressed.

  • jonfromcalifornia

    As the Evangelicals nod at what their president has done for them…