Pastor And Wife Found Guilty Of Scamming Millions Via Christian Micro-Lending Company To “Help The Poor”

The Washington Post reports:

The Alexandria, Va., pastor told his parishioners they could benefit themselves while doing good if they invested in his Christian-based company lending small amounts of money to entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Instead, a jury in Alexandria federal court agreed that Terry Millender and his wife Brenda Millender, who together ran Victorious Life Church, defrauded their friends and flock out of millions of dollars.

Terry Millender told investors they would make their money back with profit, all while fueling growth in developing countries. But that never happened.

Prosecutors said the couple had no experience in microlending and did not tell investors they planned to generate profit though risky currency trading. Their friends’ money was used to lure in new investors, according to court documents, and to make payments on a $1.75 million home in Springfield, Va.

The couple faces 20 years in prison.

  • Max_1

    The opposite of Christian.

    “Sell all your belongings and give your riches to the poor, THEN you can follow me.”
    Jesus Christ

    • james1200

      Hmmm…must be why Evangelicals buy into Trump and Paul Ryan’s leftover trickle down economics.

      • Max_1

        Golden calves… Golden showers… Golden Trump tower…

        • Todd20036

          2 out of 3 of those are good things.

      • LeeCMH

        Oh yes, it trickles down — urine.

      • Stubenville

        The actual reason is that they believe Trump will start a war in the Middle East and trigger the second coming of Christ. That’s why they overlook all of Trump’s crap.

    • Snarkaholic

      “If you have two coats, give one to he who has none.” ~Also Jesus

    • LeeCMH

      I really like the name, Evilgelicals.

      We were calling them Fundies when they referred to themselves as Fundamentalists. Then they changed to Evangelical.

      I hope it catches on.

      • Athirson

        Talibangelicals is my preferred parlance, but this is also a good one

    • kat

      Did Jesus ever do anything that actually helped anyone? Preaching doesn’t count.

  • fastlanestranger

    He deserves his idiot congregation’s money.

  • LeeCMH

    More goooooooooooooooooooood Christians.

  • Adam Stevens

    Hopefully, fellow scamvangelist Jim Bakker will find it in his heart to sell them a couple of slop buckets for their unexpected journey.

  • Boreal

    I am shocked that xtians are grifters. I’ll bet they find jeebus again in prison. He seems to spend a lot of his time there.

    • Joe in PA

      And get out of prison and do it all over again with a new wife.

      Oh wait…that sounds familiar. 🙁

  • crewman

    Christians can be guilty for scamming people? When did the rules change?

  • Oscarlating Wildely
  • sadoldguy


    • LeeCMH

      That one is good too. Evilgelicals is less specific, but this one is good too.

  • bkmn
    • Boreal

      The first 5 are far preferable to 6.

    • Snarkaholic

      I saw a Torture Exhibit here at one of the A.C. casinos. It featured actual historical torture items, including one that was similar to the wooden horse…
      …only it was a wooden pyramid (with incredibly pointy capstone)!

    • zhera

      It’s amazing how creative humans can get when it comes to torture and murder.

      • LeeCMH

        In the name of Jeeeeeeeeeeesus.

        • Emily

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      • Menergy

        I’d say it starts at an early human childhood age with torturing insects and small animals and maybe one another….then it gets really serious later in life!

      • Christopher

        Torturing and murdering fellow human beings are the two things that our species has excelled at since the dawn of mankind.

        • rickhfx

          From heterosexuals what do you expect, kindness? Lets look at our LGBT history.

    • Joe in PA

      Years ago, I was biking in Italy…we stopped in some small town…there was a medieval torture MUSEUM! Of course we toured it…unbelievably diabolical. [[shudders]]

      • greenmanTN

        There is one in Bruges Belgium too. Horrific.

      • ChrisMorley
        • eddiebeskeddie

          it’s been moved to the white house now.

      • Todd Allis

        I saw a torture exhibit a few years ago at the Museum of Man at Balboa Park, San Diego. It was overwhelming, the sick creativity we humans have used. That exhibit has since closed.

      • Statistics Palin

        This sounds like the opening scene of a giallo, an Italian horror movie.

    • JT

      The fifth may yet be brought to bear against these hypocrites.

    • Mihangel apYrs

      point : the guillotine was invented to make a “humane” execution, rather than being hanged, or hacked by a moron with an axe

      • Craig Howell

        And was not at all medieval, having been invented in the 18th century. Ironically enough, many of its victims were leaders of Holy Mother The Church Inc., which had so perfected the use of those earlier devices. What goes around….

    • HandsomeMrToad

      “Erst geköpft,
      dann gehangen,
      dann gespießt
      auf heiße Stangen;
      dann vebrannt,
      dann gebunden,
      und getaucht;
      zuletzt geschunden!”

      –Mozart, Die Entführung aus dem Serail

  • Gigi
  • Nic Peterson

    Oh sure, they can go bathe in the blood of jesus, cuz that’s a thing and poof, it’s all forgiven. Probably tough to get that out of linen, I imagine.

  • shellback

    See, if we had no scruples, like xtians, we could start tax exempt businesses too, and get rich, rich, rich.

  • MikeBx2

    Damn. Just when they are getting a nice tax cut too.

  • KCMC
    • Tread

      Um, hello.

      • KCMC

        Deck the balls…

        • Treant

          With tongues and honey…

    • Max_1

      Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle… That’s all I’m sayin’.

    • William

      I don’t think he would look right next to my partner. Oh well, sacrifices have to be made.

    • Treant

      I like my trees to have more…pine needles, let’s just say.

    • Christopher

      That is clearly baby Kal-El’s spaceship.

  • bkmn
    • Gustav2

      Sending the GOP my thoughts and prayers.

    • Tread

      The drumbeat should be that the GOP is making rich people richer while screwing over the average American.

      • bkmn

        Ever Dem needs to say exactly that during every fucking interview.

  • Bambino

    If only they are whites, they would have near zero chance of being expose.

  • KCMC

    All these faces do not look okay…

  • Tawreos

    They help the poor the same way that congress does, by giving money to people that already have money. I am surprised they are going to prison instead of being elected.

  • Mike Knife

    That is what all Christians churches do, scam people out of their money. I can tell you about Jesus for nothing.

    • Funny, that’s what he said to do anyway. (Freely you received and freely you shall give out.)

  • coram nobis

    God helps those who help themselves. With both hands.

    • KCMC

      My favorite dates. JS.

  • FAEN

    The Family Values party of Grifters.

  • Joe in PA

    Where’s Robin Roberts with that “Bye Felicia”?

  • Todd20036

    No sympathy for the preachers.

    No sympathy for the gullible congregation.

    In fact, the flocked got fleeced.

    The shearers got incarcerated.

    I love karma!

    • Ben in Oakland

      Really baaaaaaaad people. they certainly pulled the wool over the eyes of their congregation. Shear magic!

    • Mikey

      bah they can go flock themselves.

  • Stubenville

    There is no spot in Hell miserable enough for these despicables and the people who aided and abetted them.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada
  • Andymac3

    Good, fuck them

  • Ben in Oakland

    Thoughts and prayers for their well being.


  • Snarky
  • Joe in PA

    So, I just watched the first vid…what’s up with the title for his wife: “Lady Brenda”? Is that like Lady Bunny? Also, the fade-out music at the end was not a Christmas hymn…wtf y’all?

    • ChrisMorley
      • Joe in PA


      • Karl Dubhe 2

        Where can I get a floppy hat like that?


        • Canadian Observer

          You have to go back to school… bonnets like that are worn by those who have completed graduate programs… the mortarboard most people wore when getting their Bachelor degrees are just the training wheels of academic headgear.

          • Karl Dubhe 2

            I’m not spending 50k on a hat.

            I’ll either liberate one, or get the pattern and break out my sewing machine.

  • richard philbrick
  • richard philbrick
  • AdamTh

    Why is it their (all christians actually) “work” is always in other countries? That should be the first clue it’s a scam……

  • Treant

    “Lady” Brenda? What the fuck is it with this supposed highborn shit? Sweetheart, this is America, you don’t get a title beyond “Esquire.”

    And I won’t even use that.

    • William

      “Inmate” has a nice ring to it.

    • jmax

      If he can give himself the meaningless title “Pastor”, I guess she can call herself whatever the fuck she wants also.

      • Treant

        Henceforth, I am King Cocksucker Treant.

        • jmax

          All Hail the King!

    • Jukesgrrl

      Omarosa is known as Lady Omarosa in her private life. (She’s married to a pastor.) She called herself The Honorable Omarosa when she worked at the White House, unlike any presidential staffer in history.

  • JWC

    sue prise me NOT

  • Ninja0980

    Grifters gotta grift.

  • richard philbrick
  • BlackGayAthetist

    Prosperity Gospel … they should rename it, “Capitalism Spirituality”

    It sure and the HELL isn’t Christianity.

    • kat

      Because Christianity itself isn’t a scam? Puhleaze.

  • mlhoenig
  • mlhoenig
  • TexasBoy

    So this is fraud, but promising people life everlasting in an unverifiable afterlife full of wine and roses for their weekly tithes is OK and not subject to taxation?

  • pi may

    every one of these richly bless chistogrifters has one thing on their mind, other people money, sick sick group each and every one.

  • Puck

    This is what they all do. If you aren’t giving back to your church or your community then you are scamming. If you are a preacher and have a mega home, you are scamming. If you are a preacher and you make more from the church than the poorest of your people then you are scamming!

  • Cuberly Deux

    How is this different from a politico writing & voting for legislation with specific provisions that guarantee handsome returns? How is John Cornyn still walking around free when the new tax cut bill guarantees he’s gonna get some serious $$$ due to his property holdings.

    It’s all theft, just different window dressing.

    • Harley

      If Democrats take back congress and the White House they can reverse this tax scam and return America to the Eisenhower tax plan from the 50s.

      • Tor

        Nice thought, but don’t count on it.

        • LesbianTippingHabits

          Yes. To Make America Great Again, that means substantially higher tax rates for rich people.

          Sad !

      • Cuberly Deux

        (sigh) If only…..

  • Athirson

    Haven’t the words “Christian” and “scam” become pretty much synonymous, or perhaps even redundant?

  • NZArtist

    No mention of fooling them into believing in imaginary friends?

  • Tor

    I thought grifting in the name of Jesus was perfectly legal.

    • Stubenville

      Only if you’re not b-l-a-c-k.

      • 2guysnamedjoe

        They should’ve gotten Jim BaKKKer to front for them.

    • Gianni

      You have to do it the right way. At the very least, don’t be obvious about it.

  • JCF
  • Gianni

    Isn’t it obvious that either God doesn’t exist because characters like this perpetrate these scams regularly using them to suck the money out of foolish people’s wallets or God just doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the people who faithfully give up their money to scammers using His name to sucker them in. Either way, I think of the expression: A fool and his money are soon parted!

  • JackNasty

    I’m shocked, shocked I tell you, to learn that church leaders would con their congregation.

  • rickhfx

    Christians, bless their hearts.

  • twb6yz

    Anyone else catch in the title sequence of that video that his wife is referred to as “First Lady?”

  • Rick Zajac

    Of course they’ll claim it’s anti-Christian bigots who contributed to their downfall. It’s always someone else’s fault.

  • SilasMarner

    All organized religion is a scam and their leaders criminals.

  • kareemachan

    “Lady Brenda”?