AT&T Announces $1000 Bonus For All Employees After GOP Tax Scam Bill Passes (But Hang On, Not So Fast)

CNBC reports:

AT&T was quick to respond to news of U.S. tax reform, announcing it would give some employees bonuses once the legislation is signed into law. The telecom giant said in a press release Wednesday that it would give more than 200,000 U.S. union members a special bonus of $1,000. The company also increased its capital expenditures budget by $1 billion in the U.S.

“Congress, working closely with the President, took a monumental step to bring taxes paid by U.S. businesses in line with the rest of the industrialized world,” CEO Randall Stephenson said in a statement. “This tax reform will drive economic growth and create good-paying jobs. In fact, we will increase our U.S. investment and pay a special bonus to our U.S. employees.”

  • Ham
  • Lazycrockett

    Sucking up for that merger.

  • JoeMyGod
    • agcons

      Those bonuses are taxable, right? Right.

      Oh, and Angelo is as much of a fucking idiot as ever.

      • Steverino

        Especially considering the bonus was negotiated by a trade union, which is anathema to cons.

      • leastyebejudged

        I was offered a job at AT&T at one point.

        Then I found out the guy that set it up was going to get like 5K out of it. I thought he was a putz and a moron, so I didn’t take it. I remember once he was all incredulous that he’d had the cops called on him for walking around a residential neighborhood dressed like a neo-nazi, carrying a pool cue mistaken for a weapon. The silly queen intentionally dressed in jackboots with a skinhead and was truly outraged over it.

        Edgy queer dressing like a fascist all outraged, lol.

    • leastyebejudged

      Liars like this guy are so popular with conservatives.

    • Todd20036

      What will kill peo9ple is the loss of health care insurance, you know, how Obamacare is defunded, and eventually Medicare is gutted to pay for this monstrosity?

      But hey, Hillary’s emails. RIght?

  • agcons

    You know, I just cannot deal with all of these lying assholes today. It’s not easy any day, but at least most of the time I’m able to read the stories.

    Fuck this noise.

    • Steverino

      Fox News / Fuck (this) Noise

    • another_steve

      After hours, we’ll commence with the posting of pics of semi-naked guys.

      Be patient.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Union members !!

    • UrsusArctos 🐻

      I was a proud CWA member when I worked for what eventually coalesced back into ATT. One thing was certain at that time, if Atlanta (HQ for BellSouth then) could find a way to work angles (cheat) on the contract they would.
      I never got those who were anti-union while taking the benefits. In the years since I left those scabs have learned a hard/costly lesson in the invisible hand of the market now that their union has been decimated. I wish I could say I’m sorry.

      • Charles in Bloomington

        I worked for AT&T / Indiana Bell / Ameritech and I agree with you.

        • UrsusArctos 🐻

          Former CST here. You?

      • WildwoodGuy

        I worked for AT&T/Pacific Tel & Tel/Pacific NW Bell/Southwestern Bell/Mountain Bell and I agree with you!

        • UrsusArctos 🐻

          I applied for a nice indoors job and got offered a job as a CST. It took a while to figure out that a 19 year old going into craft in that job was kind of a big deal.

  • AC

    It took the MSM months after the election to finally use the word “lie”

    How long before they similarly become comfortable with “gaslighting?”

    • m_lp_ql_m

      Given how cultured the MSP (mainstream public) is, the MSM is probably afraid they’ll think that word means “bending over with a lighter at your ass and farting.”

      • JAKvirginia

        And so the answer is to avoid it instead of explaining it to the public? Used to be you could actually learn things from the MSM. Now, just gossip, pop culture, and “reporting” the “events” of the day. Even OpEd sucks.

  • Lazycrockett

    Boeings is probably covered in their Government defense contracts.

  • Ninja0980

    Translation, give us our merger.

  • another_steve

    I’m old and wise, puppies. Read my lips:

    If Big Business praises it, it’s a bad thing.

    • narutomania

      Big Bizness is out to do one thing: make money. So ‘they’ won’t do anything that does not somehow make money for them.

      This slick announcement on the part of AT&T just makes them look generous. Packaging is everything.

      • another_steve

        Thank you. Exactly.

        At a very crude and basic level, I’m a fan of American Capitalism because I believe that of all the world’s economic systems, it most perfectly mirrors human nature. The good, the bad and the ugly.

        Mine is a controversial view.

        • acde

          And mirroring human nature is a good thing? You may want to look at the last thousands of years of human history.

          • another_steve

            I identify as a Philosophical Daoist strict biological evolutionist.

            Nothing comes to us that does not belong and that is not – in the very long term – benevolent to us as a species.

            “Benevolent” understood as that which best ensures our continuance.

          • acde

            My observation over the past 50 or more years, is that capitalism as practised in the USA and western world is a carefully stacked deck and guarantees our destruction and demise within a few hundred or less years. It seems that we are doomed to repeat the destruction of the planet experienced by Lemuria and then Atlantis – an epoch later. Then we start all over again. Can we not learn from the past?
            Just a few small items to note might be the changing climate patterns, the high rate of species extinctions, the repression of humanity for the sake [material enrichment] of the few, regression in education at an unparalled rate – in the years since Reagan [~35 years], eliminating what it took us 500 years to build. It seems the purpose is to dumb down the populace so they are more readily controlled.

            Philosophical Daoism [the Way to What in today’s realities?] is a nice label, but what does it really mean in the larger picture of humanity today? Do not blindly adhere to an ideology. Think about what is going on, what you observe and experience and think for yourself based on what you see, experience and feel. Face the harsh realities of the time and embrace not knowing in order to find your own truth/reality.

          • another_steve

            Hear ya, acde.

            I adhere to a life philosophy that is essentially joyful. Always aware of the horror. Always ready to do battle when needed. But essentially a philosophy of joyfulness.

            Nature – evolution – God – the Dao – whatever we want to call it – makes no mistakes.

            Everything happens for a purpose.

          • acde

            Do you ever consider that you are there to be part of the healing and positive? It is just a little too easy to passively accept all that floats your Way. I understand your Daoism. Passive acceptance of all, is being part of the negative and the problem. Hpw can Light and Conciousness rise if you just bend over / capitulate without reaction? Doing nothing, saying nothing is the coward’s way out. We are all responsible for the life we have and we are all responsible to change it in what ever way we can so we can collectively expand Consciousness and reach for the Light.

          • another_steve

            As I said above, “Always aware of the horror. Always ready to do battle when needed.” Mine is not a philosophy of passive acceptance.

            “Acceptance,” yes.

            But not passive acceptance.

          • acde

            Thanks for replying and getting through to me. I became an activist due to much personal crap dumped inot my life and sometimes I get a little carried away assuming all are on the same page and not always taking time to see that they are. Happy holidays.
            Write to the Drump and your reps re the rolling back of refugee support and numbers

          • Emily

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          • another_steve

            There’s nothing wrong with human nature. It encapsulates both horror and joy. Both agony and ecstasy.

            The Way of Things.

          • Billie

            Google is paying 97$ per hour,with weekly payouts.You can also avail this.
            On tuesday I got a great new Land Rover Range Rover from having earned $11752 this last four weeks..with-out any doubt it’s the most-comfortable job I have ever done .. It sounds unbelievable but you wont forgive yourself if you don’t check it
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      • Danieruw

        There are morons commenting at The Economist about how this AT&T bonus is proof that the tax “cuts” are great and will do everything the repugnicans say.

    • ted-

      I’m just old and grumpy 🙂

      • another_steve

        We must resist the “grumpy” part, babe.

        When I sense I’m becoming grumpy, I visit the Czech twink porn sites.

        • ted-

          1000 x up vote!

          That’s one of the most beautiful responses I’ve received. Thank you. I must go to Porn Hub. Hopefully, the dismantling of net neutrality won’t affect porn sites. Sean Cody is a beautiful thing.

        • edrex

          that just makes me humpy.

  • Paul_in_Dallas

    Anagrams: Gregory T. Angelo ~ Eager Glory Tong ~ Large Go-go Entry ~ Gay Log-on Regret

    • Mrs. Councillor Nugent

      “All of them witches”

    • edrex

      i’ve said it before, but i love that you do this. will shortz has nothing on you.

    • agcons

      I tried really hard to make another anagram, and all I got was “really fucking stupid”.

      I was never any good at anagrams.

  • JoeMyGod

    Here’s the union agreement reached last week that specifies a “lump sum of $1000” –

    • Robert Heikkila

      which covers 21 thousand employees not 200 thousand

      • Pip

        They extended it past the union employees to include all management 1 & 2 levels. All union folks are covered, plus the management equaling 200k people getting the payout.

        • William

          The man who came to locate our buried phone line was a former Southwestern Bell telephone repairman. He said most of the old employees were pushed out to make way for a subcontracted repair company. He said he was very lucky to get the job with the ‘Dial before you dig’ company.

          At one point some years ago, all the AT&T repair trucks in the area had Tamaulipas (Mexico) license plates.

    • eddiebeskeddie

      i don’t get where the problem is. Read the article and it sounds like employees will be getting the $1000 due to a previous union agreement and an ADDITIONAL $1000 due to the new tax bill. Am I understanding this wrongly? If i’m correct, where is the problem? I say thank god for unions. I’m not saying there is nothing wrong. I’m just asking, where is the problem with receiving the $2000?

  • April

    All this talk about how big business was being taxed at a punitive (35%) rate is total B.S. With all their deductions and creative accounting most if not all actually paid no where near that top rate but now with the cut to 21% plus their deductions the real taxpayers (you and me) will probably end up paying them.

    • Lazycrockett

      and with the loopholes still in place they pay probably around 13% now.

      • April

        Probably closer to 0%.

        The general public was scammed.

      • Gerry Fisher

        That was my thought: So you closed all those loopholes, right? [crickets]

  • William

    Yes this is so much more important than bringing fiber optic to rural areas or having phones that work when it’s raining.

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      I think I heard the UK just announced they will have High Speed across the land by 2020.

      X Net neutrality for us.

    • m_lp_ql_m

      Fascism doesn’t like open and easy communications.

  • Lazycrockett

    and here comes Sen. Mark Warner to steal the Tax Law’s thunder.

  • Ninja0980

    Homocons..most useless people on the planet.

  • SFBruce

    Gee, little Donnie didn’t mention that already done part of these bonuses. But I’m sure he’ll correct the record as soon as his staff updates him.

    • Gustav2

      Yes, he is like that.

  • April

    Watch how Trump takes credit for it. Same as he did for all those jobs he “saved” at Carrier.

    • PickyPecker

      Without a doubt. That should be coming either this evening or tomorrow.

    • That_Looks_Delicious

      The ones that are in Mexico now?

      • April


    • dcurlee

      Don’t forget all those coal jobs

      • Todd20036

        And the Mexico wall we don’t have to pay for.

        And Trump’s tax returns.

      • leastyebejudged

        That there are still (poor) people who burn tons of coal a month for heat is a real tragedy in this fucked up nation.

  • That_Looks_Delicious

    From Forbes magazine on AT&T’s taxes (2013):

    “It reported $2.7 billion in cash tax payments during the year, and on its income statement lists a provision for income taxes of $1.05 billion. Considering GE’s pretax income of $14.2 billion, that makes for a tax rate of just 7.4%.”

    Given how happy they seem to be about the GOP tax scam, I would guess that their effective tax rate just got dropped to 2% or 3%>

    • BobSF_94117

      AT&T or GE?

      • That_Looks_Delicious

        Oops! I pasted the wrong quote. And now I list the article.

        • Coprolite

          It appears that you have lost it. Holidays can be a stressful time for some.
          Have a merry Christmas.

  • safari

    Today is exhausting, and I haven’t done that much.

    • Michael R

      I’m putting my energy into work , since I have no control over anything .

      • safari

        I’m waiting for my colleague to return from an appointment.

        I just want to get stuff done, but I can’t start anything until she gets back. So I sit… anxious.

    • Cuberly Deux

      It is, had dental work done yesterday and was warned it’d take a few days before the sensitivity and some pain goes away….feeling oogy.

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      8 hours til midnight.

  • safari
  • dcurlee

    You have most of your things made over seas just like Trump. Give me an f’ing break. You are giving nothing back in the big picture

  • Pip

    Joe, something that keeps getting missed is the tax scam HAS to be signed by Xmas, or it doesn’t happen.

    Edit: It was pointed out to me that it has to be signed prior to Xmas for it to hit during the holidays. But it’ll supposedly happen either way. Figured I’d update.

  • pch1013

    I got a $500 holiday bonus *yesterday* – Thanks Trump!!

    /s <– just in case that's not obvious

  • AdamTh

    How ironic…. While reading this story, my AT&T cell phone just crashed

    • m_lp_ql_m

      I think it’d actually be truly ironic if one’s AT&T phone started working properly.

  • leastyebejudged

    This is such brilliant, rehearsed strategy, you really have got to admire it.

    The UNION employees that speak-up about not getting the bonus ? Yeah, see how ugly THAT gets real quick ?

    It’s a brilliant way to silence Union members for fear of conservative backlash.
    Everybody hates you for the bonus you didn’t even get. See how that works ?

  • safari
  • Lazycrockett
  • Slippy_World
    • safari

      Always Pence, in the background. Just staring.

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        The ghost of christmas hell

      • Cuberly Deux

        He referred to the bill as “The middle class miracle.”

        • safari

          Mother strokes his back for a moment. The human contact makes him feel wanted since it’s been months.

          • Cuberly Deux

            GAH! Brain bleach STAT!

  • boobert

    What are the reasons that 7 reps didn’t bother to vote? Kennedy’s wife is giving birth, but the rest had time to tweet but not vote.

    Brooks, Mo
    Napolitano, Grace
    Thompson, Bennie
    Kennedy, Joseph
    Renacci, James
    Smith, Lamar
    Pocan, Mark

    • clay

      Mo Brooks– odd, since he was reported to have returned to DC specifically vote for this.

      Grace Napolitano– probably still grieving her husband at home.

      Joe Kennedy, III– at home with wife in labor.

      Mark Pocan– recovering from heart surgery in Wisconsin.

      Lamar Smith– like Mo Brooks, voted for the earlier version, and maybe just couldn’t be bothered? Considering he’s being heavily primaried, don’t see how skipping the second vote will help him.

  • Lazycrockett

    Nicole Wallace aint having it.

    • Cuberly Deux

      Almost everyone on that panel was just as torqued.

  • Boreal

    Poor Miss Gregory, lacking critical thinking skills, the social graces and the interest of any sane man.

  • Cuberly Deux

    Pad a union negotiated outlay, after net neutrality overturn. Sounds about right. AT&T has been hit particularly hard w/ bad press lately.

    “Between 2008 and early 2017, the three big internet providers–Verizon, Comcast, and AT&T–and their trade organization, the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, had spent $572 million lobbying federal lawmakers on subjects that include net neutrality. Through early July, about 5.6 million public comments had been registered with the FCC.”
    “A clear case of favoritism that runs counter to net neutrality arose in 2014, when internet provider AT&T spent $48.5 billion to purchase DirecTV, a satellite television service. AT&T announced last year that it wouldn’t count streaming of DirecTV shows against its customers’ data caps–but other content providers’ programs would count against the caps.”

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
    • Treant

      I’d do something about this, being Pennsylvanian and all, but I’m way too busy fucking my first cousin.

      Perhaps tomorrow.

      • edrex

        and with a family that size who has time?

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        Incest really is best

    • Tomcat

      Is that the Pennsylvania Reichstag’s?

      • clay

        More like the spill over / overlap between West Virginia and Jersey. None of the guys (all guys, naturally) seem to be native to PA.

    • Cuberly Deux

      They always seem to have messed up lives, even outside of their messed up causes.

      “Self-proclaimed judge Steven Duane Curry is also tied up in the Pennsylvania common law court. It’s not his first rodeo, as Curry, who once faced investigation for selling fake metorites online, has presided over other sham proceedings.”

      • clay

        . . . in Colorado.

    • Bambino

      Don’t they have parents to beat up?

    • Andymac3
  • Tomcat

    I trust ATT as much as I trust the GOP.

  • Cuberly Deux

    Sure seems like biz with catastrophic press over the past few years see an opening for some damage control.

    • Lizard

      Oh my God, the trumpanzees are going to be unbearable about this.

      Some journalist should follow up on that $400M donation next year.

      • Cuberly Deux

        “…philanthropic causes…”

        “MOSCOW—He was one of Russia’s untouchables: the country’s 21st richest man, a senator in the upper chamber of parliament. He is part of the circle of businessmen known for their loyalty to President Vladimir Putin and the benefits they’ve reaped as a result, a billionaire member of Putin’s United Russia party who has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in important state projects to curry favor.”

        Oligarchy here we come. Not that we weren’t well on the way there long ago.

      • The_Wretched

        Given to Trump’s and equivalent “charities”.

    • Tomcat

      Not bad since trump is trying to cancel their penalty.

      • Cuberly Deux

        Yep, go figure.

        Also, their fake accounts scam was revised as to the number of accounts they set up, back in Aug of this year. Even some GOPers were wanting to expand the investigation against them. Gee, now that WF made them look good wonder what happens next with those investigation murmurs.

    • clay

      “Oh, just draining the swamp. What’re you doing over there?”


  • Stev84

    Of course with “investment” they mean gambling on the stock market. All but guaranteeing another bubble and crahs

    • clay

      (plus interest rates increasing too fast and some inflation)

  • Tomcat

    The truth will come out when jobs start closing and people scream I am bankrupt, what happened.

    • Lizard

      Nah. To borrow from The Big Short, they’ll blame immigrants and poor people.

      • Daveed_WOW

        That’s the plan. That’s always the plan. The rise of the Alt-Right did not happen in a vacuum. It was deliberately trotted out to help lay the blame for the coming economic chaos on poor people and immigrants.

    • clay

      They’ll forget about it even before then.

      • djcoastermark

        And then blame Dems.

        • clay

          for not playing along, even though the GOP bills passed.

        • Lizard

          Especially Hillary, somehow.

  • DuaneBidoux

    Who cares in reality who gets it now. Our kids are getting stuck with the bill. Republicans: the ultimate child molesters.

  • LemonSense

    FYI, Rosenberg was corrected. The bonuses are ON TOP of the $1,000 from the Union agreement.

    • BobSF_94117

      So, if it’s all about Trump, why only union employees?

      • Jim Gallagher-Barker

        Most likely because it’s in the union employees’ Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). Probably a profit level bonus–if the unit(s) covered by the CBA reach a certain level of profitability, AT&T is required by the contract to pay the bonus. (HR guy here, studying for his certification test on the 30th).

        • BobSF_94117

          Yes, you’re probably right about what’s really happening. I was just asking why this little bit of theater seems so contrived.

          • Jim Gallagher-Barker

            Huh, it turns out AT&T was laying people off as they announced these bonuses. Hmmmmm…..

    • Friday

      Kinda hope that was the union playing a little bit of PR jiu-jutsu. 🙂

  • Mike C

    ATT also send me a text message saying all my mobile streaming would be now be at a default resolution of 480p (standard def) – but I could turn that off if I wanted. It took me a half hour to find the turn off button on the website.

  • Gianni

    Quite a response to having bought the Republicant Congress. You’re so tickled and giddy that you want to share the new-found wealth before you even get it.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada
  • BobSF_94117

    Well, AT&T’s CEO has revealed himself to be a liar.

    Nice. Sell! Sell! Sell!!!!!!

  • houstonray

    So all employees are getting $2000 now? I saw that ATT is now saying the $1000 is on top of the other $1000 the Union mandated last week?

  • BobSF_94117

    So, $1,000 for 200,000 employees is $200M. Sounds like a lot. How much is AT&T going to save in taxes thanks to the GOP bill? Well, their annual tax bill is $7-8B.

    I assume they’ll save over $2B, even more probably. And the employees will get about 1/10 of that or less. Sounds like quite a deal for stock holders…

  • bkmn

    I guess they can afford to take a victory lap after the end of net neutrality.

  • JCF
    • Andymac3

      And on RT, Russian Propaganda TV, have these guys even heard of optics?

      • J Ascher

        They think optics is millenial-speak for opera tickets!

  • SkokieGuy [ChicagoAdjacentGuy]

    A bonus and investing in capital equipment reduces profits and reduces taxes. It has always been that way.

    When taxes are high, companies invest in themselves and their employees rather than pay it in taxes. And they build museums or hospitals or opera houses. When you lower taxes, your reduce that motivation.

    • ultragreen

      It’s a scam. A preexisting union agreement already dictated the $1,000 bonus for union employees, and I suspect the ‘increase’ in capital investment in the US was already planned by AT&T because of skyrocketing demand for wireless and other kinds of information services.

      • SkokieGuy [ChicagoAdjacentGuy]

        I know its a scam. But the basic Republican premise they are trying to prove, “If we only reduce taxes, business will create more jobs” it blatant bullshit and yet they’ve been selling that for 40 years.

        • canoebum

          Correct. With the tax cuts these huge corporations are getting they will do two things: 1) buy back as much of their outstanding stock as possible, so that the dividend payments to those left holding the stocks, most especially the executives, will be substantially larger, 2) give those same executives larger bonuses and raises in pay. The workers will get shit. Investments will only be made if they can be shown to raise the stock price.

    • Gerry Fisher

      Corporations have been flush with cash since 2010. They’ve been withholding investments in employees for eight years. Eight years. They’d been saying “They were nervous” (about market conditions).

  • Gigi

    Why has the tweet saying the $1000 was mandated by a union agreement been deleted?

  • CraigNJ

    A one time bonus is nice but a salary increase is even nicer. I wonder what kind of bonus the executives will be getting?

    • Kruhn

      It is for union employees. How many AT&T employees belong to unions?

      • Tempus Fuggit

        A few of them might belong to credit unions.

  • rednekokie

    Bull shit.

  • Len Barnes

    Would you guess the Trump administration will now approve AT&T’s merger with Time Warner?

  • Mike C

    Imagine working for a company so shitty that when it gives a Christmas bonus it makes headlines.

    • Tempus Fuggit

      Murrica! Fuck yeah!

  • Marlin

    Who needs Social Security and Medicare when we can rely on the good graces of our corporations?

    • Snarkaholic

      Yes…word is that they’ll allow you to eat out of their dumpsters during the second Tuesday of every month!

  • 41PC

    A few weeks back United Airlines announced a $3,000,000,000.00 (3 billion, with a “B”) stock buy back, the addition of more executives, and they are shifting certain expenses to the employees in an effort to save up to $3,000,000.00 (3 million).

  • Blake Mason

    Liqueur stores and brothels are wringing their hands.

  • Benn McKnight

    If this is true, and there is some debate, it’s not just the Republican tax scam that we have to “thank”. It probably has something do with changes up coming due to net neutrality being revoked. Also it was @MikeBloomberg who said that the bit about fantasy. The pledge was $1000 to 200K employees yields $200 Million. The Tax bill is suggested to impact AT&T to the tune of $1 Billion. We should expect the rest of that in bonuses later in the year, right? Its a very 1% thing to do- invoke the 80/20 rule. The masses get the least share.

  • Gerry Fisher

    Aren’t “special” bonuses ones that don’t happen regularly? You know, ones that can disappear next year? Isn’t is so much *fun* bringing American policy, government size, and regulatory structure back to pre-Great-Depression levels, not that that could ever happy again, mind you? /s

  • kladinvt

    And doesn’t it have more to do with the repeal of Net Neutrality, then the CONS’ Tax Scam?