Trump Critic Erick Erickson Leaves Fox News: I’m Not Needed Nor Useful To The Network And They Know It

Mediaite reports:

The Resurgent’s Erick Erickson, a conservative commentator who has been a Fox News contributor since 2013, is leaving the network, according to Politico’s Jake Sherman.

Erickson, whose commentary has been both fiercely critical of President Donald Trump and his opponents, said he is leaving the network because his views don’t fit into any typical box.

“After five years at Fox News, I am leaving the network,” he said, per Sherman. “I am neither needed nor useful to the network and they know it too. I neither fit solidly as a Republican Trump supporter nor as an anti-Trump Democrat.”

  • DreadPikathulhu

    There are plenty of out-of-work actors in FOX central casting who can play the role of a Republican Trump supporter or anti-Trump Democrat.

  • JWC

    Well mr erickson . that is a stunning self endorsement I have no arguement with someone who doubts his own value

  • But where’s he gonna go when the red states secede?

    • Paula

      To hell with them.

  • bkmn

    Translation – Rupert is tired of me pointing out facts and reality so I am no longer welcome at FuxSnooz.

  • DrRobY

    So I wonder when MSNBC or CNN will pick him up.

    • kaydenpat

      Hope not.

      • Harveyrabbit

        But he’ll be a regular guest opinionater on CNN soon.

    • Butch

      MSNBC was willing to pick up that idiot Hugh Hewitt. I wouldn’t put it past ’em.

  • Gigi

    “I’m not needed nor useful…” The one and only time Erickson told the truth.

  • alc2018
    • Tawreos

      Poor closets, so many of them had gay people living in them for long and now that they are free to live as they want, they get molested.

  • That_Looks_Delicious

    Doesn’t he run Redstate? They were #nevertrumpers for most of the election, but they seemed to grudgingly fold at the end when it became apparent that the RNC couldn’t or wouldn’t stop Trump from being the nominee.

    No big loss. Erickson would have had Ted Cruz be president if he could have had his way.

    • Cuberly Deux

      He sold redstate a while back. He also had a slew of health issues. He also decided to pursue his divinity degree at some calvinist college.

      • Boreal

        A divinity degree. That will help him. /s

  • Bambino

    Why? Is Eric Stonestreet leaving Modern Family?

  • HZ81

    I’m Not Needed Nor Useful To ANYONE or ANYTHING And They Know It.

  • Princess Lardass

    “I am neither needed nor useful…”

    You could’ve stopped there.

    • olandp

      As if that is news…

      • Stacie

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        • olandp

          Fucking spam whore. Flagged and reported.

    • DisqusD37
    • jerry

      Not even as a useful idiot.

    • yes b’y

      Or as my mother would say. You’re neither use nor ornament.

    • CWQ

      Lardass….looking in the mirror again?

  • Joe in PA

    I’m Not Needed Nor Useful…

    Wait…is he talking about Fox News…yes…I would agree.

  • Tawreos

    I get the feeling he is quoting from his most recent job review

  • Bambino

    Maybe he didn’t meet the quota of sexually harassed victims require by Fox.

    • Harveyrabbit

      Or just didn’t fill out his “Harassed List” forms properly.

  • Leo

    All these fake mea culpa’s from Drudge, Beck, Will, etc. ENOUGH.

    Just like trickle down boys, NO ONE buys it anymore.

    Nativist faux-populism WAS ALWAYS your party which was the Faustian bargain made to get more voters in the Reagan era and stuck. It just wasn’t proudly admitted and flaunted.

  • safari

    The State News Channel doesn’t need you if you can’t pull off the full lie.

  • Paula

    Now that you have time off, go back and beat the shit out of your parents for naming you Erick Erickson. That’s not a name, that’s just plain lazy.

    • kareemachan

      Unless you are Scandinavian and your father’s name is Erick….

      • Paula

        Its still lazy. 😛

  • Pip

    Don’t worry Erick, CNN will offer you a job by the end of the day.

    • olandp

      He used to be on CNN. Then he went to FOXNews/Entertainment.

      • Jefe5084

        he should be ready to work for MSNBC, then.

  • safari

    I disagree with most of what Erick believes, but he has been one of those lone conservatives to say “Uh, guys, Donald is not one of us.”

    • That_Looks_Delicious

      But he still puts party over country. He’s the epitome of the current GOP.

  • AtticusP

    I’m surprised that Shep Smith is still at Fox.

    He seems to have a penchant for telling the Trumpanzees unpleasant truths.

  • Treant

    Who’d he fuck against her will?

    Look at me. Her. Sure.

  • Lazycrockett

    Watch out Shep.

    • Bambino

      He is one token gay/librel the network can use as “See? We are not bias and prejudice”. He should be fine.

  • Tomcat

    And we should care BECAUSE????

    • safari

      He’s given us so much

      • William

        See a doctor and get rid of it.

        • Treant

          Doctors can’t fix stupid.

        • olandp

          Penicillin should cure it.

  • That_Looks_Delicious

    OT – There are reports now of “several” dead and over 70 injured in that derailed train in WA.

  • Michael R
  • Lazycrockett
    • Lazycrockett
      • Bambino

        The dotard can’t have anyone bested him in the category of dumb.

      • safari

        Now he can go back to running the Federal Election Commission.

        • Snarkaholic

          Did you misspell ruining?

    • Treant

      So. Much. Winning.

    • That_Looks_Delicious

      All the best people, and the most beautiful chocolate cake. Believe me.

    • Bambino

      I would not hire him to give out flyers.

  • Jefe5084

    Nor are you needed or useful to the world in general.

  • Boreal

    ‘I’m Not Needed Nor Useful. T̶o̶ ̶T̶h̶e̶ ̶N̶e̶t̶w̶o̶r̶k̶ ̶A̶n̶d̶ ̶T̶h̶e̶y̶ ̶K̶n̶o̶w̶ ̶I̶t̶’

  • Sam_Handwich


  • PickyPecker

    OT: And now a seasonal interlude from Ms. Julie London….

    • Treant

      OT: I’m finding that the Zanaflex the neurologist started me on causes me to flush a bit. I’ve been literally hot to trot for a week, have the office depressed to 63° and I’m wearing only a dress shirt and summer-weight pants.

      I’m still Warm in December, but my body temperature reads a revoltingly normal 98.6°. The doctor says this may fade.

    • perversatile

      I ❤ Julie London
      Among the many stories my Mom likes to tell, most begining with,
      “Your father is lower than snake shit” instead of the traditional
      “Once upon a time” is the story about the time Dad and a bunch
      of his Navy buddies went to see Julie London in concert, having
      somehow obtained front row seats in the balcony section closest
      to the stage. Accompanied by whistles and catcalls Dad spent
      the entire show leaning over the balcony railings ogling Miss
      London’s decolletage, at one point so hyper extended, had it not
      been for the quick actions of a friend grabbing the back of his belt,
      Dad would have pitched over head first and broken his neck.

      Pops being the consummate blaggard, could always be counted on to add,
      “Yeah at the end of the show she flipped me the bird from behind a bunch of flowers and gave my mates the stink eye like she was measuring ’em up for a coffin.”

      • jerry

        “Nice girls don’t…” That’s a good rule for bad tricks, too.

  • gaycuckhubby

    Off-topic… Have you seen the updates on the track Palin arrest? It’s a doozy. Apparently track showed up at the Palin house drunk and on pills, Todd confronted him at the door with a pistol. Track broke through a window knocked his dad down on the ground and started beating him up. Sarah Palin is the one who called the police.

    • Treant

      I’m a bit surprised Sarah didn’t commandeer a helicopter and tranq Track trickily with tracers.

      • PickyPecker

        Trite and tacky. Just the way the Palins roll.

        • Mike Fischer

          Trite and Tacky, the names of Sarah Palin’s next two sons!

    • Mike C

      You know what the difference is between a hockey mom and a pitbull? Parenting.

    • Michael White

      Don’t forget track’s problems is all Obama’s fault because Obama did not respect the military according to the bag that dropped him.

    • BobSF_94117

      Sounds like typical holiday behavior at the Palins’ abode.

      • gaycuckhubby

        CHRISTMAS!!!! Not “holiday” you libtard snowflake!

      • Snarkaholic

        Poverbs 22:6: Train up a child in the (obnoxious, selfish, over-indulgent, bullying) way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.

        • minidriver

          Looks like they got 100% of their effort rewarded.

    • pj

      lecture me again about how i should raise my kids sarah.

    • worstcultever

      Saying it for the 80-millionth time – there’s not enough abortion in this world.

    • safari

      I look forward to him touring the nation discussing the danger of substance abuse.

    • Mike_in_the_Tundra

      Lovely, lovely family. I bet Christmas dinner will be a pip.

    • Holy crap! I didn’t consider that it was against his parents. Wow.

    • JRDC

      Lol. Good.

    • Nic Peterson

      Thanks Obama!

    • Lantor

      Did Track see combat when he was deployed? This could be a result from PTSD. Of course, I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt.

      • Uncle Mark

        No, he was safe behind the lines, working in the motor pool. He never saw any action. He’s been a problem long before then. One year, he killed all the battery/heaters for the buses, so they couldn’t get the buses started to pick up his fellow high school students. The next year, he ratcheted it up to severing bus break-lines. That’s why he ended up in the service to “straighten him out” and to avoid jail time.

        • Lantor

          I stand corrected. The sh*t gets anything coming to him.

      • -M-

        I don’t have a reference, but I don’t think so. I thought I read that he was a driver in the motor pool.

        • Lantor

          yeah, it sounds he was lucky

    • netxtown

      Just another night of family board game fun. “Sorry”

    • Uncle Mark

      How did Track know that Todd wanted a drunken bitch-slappin’ for Christmas? It’s a shame he didn’t have enough for the whole family

    • prixator

      Hmmm… maybe he found out that Todd is not his dad?

      Nothing is too strange for that soap opera family.

    • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson

      And Todd and Sarah sped off in different cars when the cops showed up.

    • Grumpy Old Man

      I have waited a couple years to use this sketch of the Palin family brawl at someone’s birthday party:

  • BobSF_94117

    Hold on, Fox has anti-Trump Democrats?

    • Boreal

      They just play anti-Trump Democrats on TV.

    • boatboy_srq

      There are pro-Trump Democrats?

  • gaycuckhubby
  • boatboy_srq

    No room at the inn for GOTea ABTs, huh?

  • Treant

    OT: The dogs are home from grooming. I put my robe down in my office so Casey, the elder, could sequester his violated and thoroughly unhappy self somewhere where the groomer can’t attack him again.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada
  • JT
  • TJay229

    I thought this was good news… His passing.

    Yea I said it.

  • Blake J Butler
    • Tread

      But the economy says job growth!!!!

    • safari

      I saw this, but I can’t tell if this is something to take at face value or if it is just seasonal work going away for the winter.

  • SoCalGal20
    • worstcultever

      gah, that’s just the greatest

    • Natty Enquirer

      Are you kidding? The dogs can smell the guy from three feet away at least. They are happy because they freed him from the trap.

      • SoCalGal20

        Well, yeah but still!

        My favorite is the guy who dressed up like his dog’s favorite toy (Gumby) lol.

  • worstcultever

    Doesn’t fit in at Fox = hasn’t cost them multi-millions in sex-pest settlements = not a real repuke man

  • Friday

    Cause Fox has no use for even slight variations in the party line, of course.

  • Jeffrey

    Hey Eric, did you know you can save a fortune on winter heating bills by suddenly and tragically passing away? (To paraphrase Katya)

  • No More GOP.

    Translated: “I’m not blonde and female, so I’m not getting the stats the network wants.”

    • JRDC

      Yep. If he weren’t a scumbag conservative, I’d wanna bang his fat little butt.

  • Michael Hampton

    That’s funny. News reporters used to not have to have any political views to report news.

  • Mike

    The first time I heard of this scumbag was when he threatened to shoot any census taker who came to his door. Naturally, CNN scooped him up after that, and now he’s traveled through the colon of the “news” business, and plop! Next stop, MSNBC to provide some of that precious “balance.”

  • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson

    Someone hears the tumbrels approaching.

  • JCF