Ellen Welcomes Alabama Father Who Picketed Roy Moore On Behalf Of His Late Lesbian Daughter [VIDEO]

CBS News reports:

Nathan Mathis, the Wicksburg man who this week criticized U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore for calling gays perverts,  appeared today on the “Ellen” show.

Mathis received national attention after holding a sign outside Moore’s Midland City rally Monday that read “Judge Roy Moore called my daughter Patti Sue Mathis (who committed suicide) a pervert because she was gay. A 32-year-old Roy Moore dated teenage girls aged 14 to 17. So that makes him a pervert of the worse kind.”

In honor of Patti Sue, Ellen donated $25,000 to The Trevor Project which provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth, courtesy of Shutterfly.

  • DisqusD37

    Real change can start in the most unlikely of places.

  • Lazycrockett

    Guess I’m bitter, but I didn’t feel all warm and fuzzy over the old hateful dad.

    • Judas Peckerwood

      Sometimes people get better.

    • Sam_Handwich

      you’re a mean one, Mister Crockett :-p

      i understand what you mean. though there is something to be said of a repentant man, and a brave and graceful one at that.

      • Rocco

        Perfectly put. Thank you. That sentiment gives me hope every day in these dark times…

      • David Walker

        In a recent interview, I forget with whom, the expert was asked if he thought Moore would eventually concede. The person replied that there is no rule that says you have to concede, but that it is the well-mannered, gracious, gentlemanly thing to do. The short bit of silence after he said that let sink in so much of what ex-judge Moore and Mrs Mooooooooore are all about.

    • Princess Lardass

      I hear ya. But at least he admitted that he was a real ass and became supportive of gay people.

    • incredulous

      I didn’t see any hatefulness, just unfortunate ignorance, ultimately overcome.

      It would be pretty lonely around here if we refused to accept someone who went through a change of heart to become an ally.

    • Bluto

      You’re dead wrong, Mr Crockett. He is obviously a good, simple man who was the product of his environment. He could of kicked his daughter to the curb but instead he did what he believed was best to help her, not knowing better. He failed by ignorance, not by lack of effort or love. Being a father is not an easy task & there is no handbook.
      I respect that he overcame the ignorance & admire his bravery correcting past mistakes by entering the viper pit. His daughter would be proud of him today, I think.
      & kudos to Ellen for giving this worthy man a platform.

      • shellback

        Very well said, brother.

    • Dayglo

      Baby steps. For Alabamians, those are huge strides.

  • bkmn

    I said it the other day but he is one of the bravest people out there to protest outside a Roy Moore rally. A truly amazing man.

    • JT

      Yes, he is. And good on Ellen for honoring him in such a touching way.

    • Todd20036

      Yup. Too bad he helped kill his own daughter.

      Bullied her to suicide

      Suppose I’ll get flamed for that. But I carry a grudge with these things

      Points for trying after the fact, I suppose

      • Calamity_Jean

        “Bullied her to suicide”

        That didn’t seem true to me from watching the video. He said she came to him and said she didn’t want to be gay any more and asked him to help her find someone who could help her change. You know and I know that’s not possible, but the Mathises didn’t know that at the time. He was ignorant but didn’t seem to be a bully.

      • And now he’s out there trying to prevent other parents from repeating his mistake. He can’t save his own child now, but he can save someone else’s.

      • Michael

        If he were one of those awful, brain-washed Evangelicals who condemned their child, caused her death and then justified their abuse in the name of God, I would understand your grudge. Although he learned too late to save his daughter, his voice might save other children. He will punish himself every day for the rest of his life…and he should…but if we don’t acknowledge and appreciate his change of heart and willingness to make amends, there will be little incentive for others to do so in the future.

    • I sense that he has too much grief and anger to feel any fear.

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  • JHunter
  • Todd Allis

    Good all around. Sometimes it takes loss to wake people up.

  • another_steve

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again:

    Ellen Degeneres has done more to change hearts and minds when it comes to LGBT issues than all our activists and political allies combined.

    • The_Wretched

      I’ll put her second after as many of us as possible coming out.

      • another_steve

        Good point. The #1 changer of hearts and minds is having someone you know and like/love come out to you.

        • David Walker

          I would give Ellen the #1 title nationally because everybody feels like they know her and know she’s lesbian, married, and has kids…just like many in her audience. But I still think that Harvey Milk’s encouragement that we all need to come out is still incredibly valid. There are still hearts of stone and minds of ignorance and they need to be worked on.

          • Frostbite

            Ellen doesn’t have children. She has numerous animals, but no human children. Just FYI.

          • David Walker

            Sorry. Confused her with Wanda Sykes. It’s so easy to do.

      • Hue-Man

        Ellen reaches far more people, especially people who may not be allies. (wiki)

        The show averages around 2.9 million viewers per episode, according to
        daytime television ratings, making it a highly viewed daytime show. It usually only trails behind Live with Kelly, and Dr. Phil in total viewers. By 2017, the show passed Live with Kelly and only trails behind Dr. Phil.

        • another_steve

          The most powerful indicator of just how significant Ellen and and her show is was made clear to me when I learned that my straight 73-year-old brother-in-law watches her show daily.

          And don’t you know – when my husband and I talk to him about matters queer, he knows of what we speak.

          Learned, in part, through his exposure to Ellen Degeneres.

      • j.martindale

        My 62 year old sister says that it was that show Will and Grace that affected her. I was a bit offended that she responded more to a caricature of gay people in changing her (Catholic) opinions than the reality of her brother’s coming out. But it is what it is. If the TV personalities can affect people, good. I guess we need to take the opening of people’s minds however we can effect the change.

        • TimJ

          Sammy Davis Jr. did a lot to change my grandfather’s mind about black people. You take progress where you can get it.

        • Comedy, especially farce (which is the category to which Will and Grace belongs), tends to be better at addressing social issues than drama. I’ll let someone who studies such things try to explain why.

        • another_steve

          Did you happen to catch the British sit-com, “Vicious” – starring Derek Jacobi, Ian McKellen and an all-around fabulous cast featuring the incomparable Frances de la Tour among others. It played here on American PBS stations.

          Vaguely in the mode of “Will and Grace.” Campy characters. Silly plot lines. The whole works. But with two classically trained actors in the lead.

          Extremely campy and well-written. It might be available online, for anyone interested.

        • Michael

          I hated Will and Grace when the first incarnation aired on NBC. There were so few representations of gay people on tv so it infuriated me that the most watched gay show depicted two gay stereotypes and a fag hag.

          When I talk to people now, however, I understand the importance of the show and the influence that it had on the greater population. Will and Jack normalized and humanized the stereotypes for a lot of people and opened some doors to acceptance that we might not have had otherwise.(Jack McFarland, in my opinion, was an obnoxious narcissist and a character with no redeeming qualities whatsoever, but heteros loved him for some reason.) I think that Will and Jack opened the general TV audience up to the inclusion of more gays…more, very normal gays…on TV.

          The simple fact is that, at the time of Will and Grace, most of America saw us as stereotypes and hated us. Will and Jack may not have done much to reach beyond the stereotypes but they did snuff out some of that hate. I wouldn’t compare the influence of the show on the American public to Ellen’s influence but I do think that it helped to pay the way for Ellen to do what she does.

      • Sporkfighter

        Indeed; everybody’s favorite gay Uncle Bill or lesbian Aunt Sue is far more appealing than “those gays”.

    • leastyebejudged

      Way more people came out post Ellen.

      I remember right around the time she and her people were going around market to market to make a case for her show, Kurt Cobain was telling people who hate us to not buy Nirvana’s records or come to their concerts.

      “Stay gay all the way and wipe your ass with the USA Today”.

      I’ll never forget how much that meant to me.

    • Dazzer

      Ummm… I’m a bit conflicted about Ellen.

      I worked on the UK publicity for her first sitcom (These Friends of Mine), which morphed into Ellen.

      All I’m going to say is that she’s not the most pleasant person you’ll ever meet. I admire her tremendously for what she’s achieved, but I’d never waste the cost of postage to send her a Christmas card.

      • another_steve

        This wouldn’t be the first example of a TV persona/celebrity who projects lovey-lovey but is less so off-camera, Dazzer.

        It happens.

        • Dazzer

          God knows I know this. I’ve worked with them often enough over the years.

          I’m entirely comfortable with performers who have a public persona saying one thing and their private behaviour being entirely different. This is the nature of showbiz – and I don’t have any objection to it.

          All I can give you is my personal experience of working with some of these people when their shows got shown in the UK. I love Oprah – she’s just a no frills human being. She opens doors for you and she laughs. I’ve had fights with Sally Jessy Raphael’s people, but she’s kinda fantastic. I love her and her staff. They spend their lives not being morons.

          I love Rikki Lake. She’s just brilliant as a human being. I’m a gold-star gay. but I’d do my absolute best to have sex with her. She’s one of the great people you’d ever meet.

          And the last US talk show host I ever worked with was Montel Williams. Obviously, the man has spent a lot of his life being superbly beautiful physically, but the guy is actually one of the great thinkers you’ll ever meet.

          He’s a thought-out, fantastic member of the human race.

          I’ve talked to all these people. These are just my interpretations of them as human beings.

          Even though I only worked with DeGeneres at the earliest stages of her broadcast career, I don’t think she even came close

          • peacfulseas inWA

            We, they are just people. Very few of us project our true nature to those we are unacquainted, always trying to show are best traits and hide our flaws from public view.

          • seant426

            You’re right about Montel. He’s a prince among men.

          • Dazzer

            I’d take a bullet for Montel Williams.

            He’s not an easy man to explain, but he’s one of the best men you’ll ever meet.

          • missmobtown

            I’d looooove to meet Rikki Lake. In the street, in the sack, grocery store — wherever!

          • Dazzer

            Rikki Lake is fantastic. She’s absolutely one of the great people you could meet.

            She might have done all the Hollywood stuff, but there’s not a downside to that woman. She’s funny as fuck.

      • romanhans

        I’m cool with strong, trail-blazing women being difficult. After all they’ve been through, I’m surprised Ellen, Rosie and Wanda haven’t been driven insane.

      • Look at how she treated her writers on that show. So yes, I probably would not want to work for her. But I promise you I worked for people even worse (men and women) in the corporate world. Her show is entertaining, and she addresses gay rights in a nonthreatening way. Public opinion swung in our favor on gay rights in a way that public opinion has never moved, at least not that quickly, on any other issue. That’s not all Ellen, but she’s a big part of it.

    • RickCabral

      Yay, Ellen!!!

  • OT- Another Senate Seat in the South in a neighboring state to Alabama, Tennessee, has become competitive for Democrats in 2018. This is Bob Corker’s replacement. Former Democratic Governor and mayor of Nashville Phil Bredesen announced last week he is running for the spot. He is very wealthy and very popular. He is a centrist and not well liked by some leftists in the state — but he stands a chance of winning. Larry Sabato has moved Tenessee from safe Republican to likely Republican. Bredesen can self fund the race if he wants, he was last elected Governor in a Republican state with 66% of the vote in 2006.

    • The_Wretched

      While +1 Dem senator would be nice, elections are not decided on issues. Or at least not on how liberal or not or conservative or not you are in the general. As such, this endless selecting the most ‘centrist’ by DEMS (and never by REPS) is a bad and entirely unnecessary thing.

      • I think a Democratic controlled Senate which would take 51 votes would not be “nice”. I think it would be wonderful! It would block another Gorsuch and give the Democrats veto power over more Trump budget catastrophes, and control subpoena power in investigations. It is 51-49 now, so we are close. Pence is the deciding vote in a tie.

        • The_Wretched

          And there has to be more than 1 available to take that seat.

        • another_steve

          The Supreme Court is the major reason Democrats must do everything possible to regain control of the Senate. By any means possible.

          Long after the criminal sexual predator in the White House is history, his Supreme Court appointees will still be serving.

    • Boreal

      I have no doubt dems can win big but disenfranchisement will be rampant. Massive turnout is key in every race.

    • GayOldLady

      I’m a Tennessean and I can tell you Bredesen absolutely can win. He is very popular statewide and will have no trouble raising money.

      • How come some lefty people are trashing him on Koss? They say he threw people off health care or something – that the state had health care problems and he had to balance a budget? They are making him sound like Rand Paul.

        • I just answered my own question. LOL. Lefty people on Koss. No need to answer. I got attacked from criticizing Sarandon over there.

        • Boreal

          Party purists=trump enablers.

        • GayOldLady

          In the 90’s TN got a waiver from the Federal Government to modify the State Medicaid program to a managed care program. The State expanded Medicaid eligibility and the program quickly ballooned past the Medicaid funding limits. The State was faced with choices that required raising eligibility threshold. As it happened Bredesen was the Governor who had to make the decision in order save the program. He commissioned an Independent review of the program and went with their assessment. Over 100k people were moved off the program, but the program has survived and insures a lot of people, people with mental illness , children, seniors and low income citizens. It was an early try at SPUHC but poorly designed.

        • GayOldLady

          Also, TN has no State Income tax and Bredesen was faced with trying to introduce a State Income tax. The citizens of TN rebelled against it and began protesting at the Capital in Nashville. Our taxation system in TN is very regressive sales tax on nearly all purchases except prescription drugs and some other items.Currently we’re at nearly 10%. I’d prefer a State Income tax because I believe a sales tax disproportionately impacts lower income citizens

          • jerry

            Yes, sales taxes are very regressive. Almost every time conservatives call for a flat tax, it’s coupled with a national sales tax. A person making 100 x what you do does not also buy 100 x the taxable goods and services you do, so it’s another way to shift the tax burden down to the lower and middle class.

          • RoFaWh

            The ideal tax system is like a stool resting on three legs: tax on income, tax on expenditure, and tax on wealth being the three legs which ensure stability.

            Generally the tax on wealth is mainly or only a tax on real property.

            A study at the Brookings Institute years ago came to the conclusion that this system was pretty equitable across the years as population ages.

        • Calamity_Jean

          If you’re referring to Daily Kos, it’s spelled “Kos”, not ‘Koss”.
          (Rhymes with “Rose” I think.)

        • Some lefty people are idiots. They are like the far right in terms of tactics and stupidity. We get to a majority with a mix of moderates, liberals and maybe even a few people leftists actually approve of.

      • Nathaniel

        So Bannon’s help would not be necessary?

    • Rocco

      Is that the one Marsha Blackburn is seeking? I despise her…omg. It would be worth it to never see her on tv again. So robotically partisan…

    • Nathaniel

      That’s encouraging to hear but I thought the same about 2016 Indiana Senate race and Bayh chances.

  • Nic Peterson

    The scandal that is Roy Moore’s entire life should never be given a moment of rest over the next decade. Fundies should have it pressed against their noses as long as the current generation of apologists draw breath.

    • penpal

      Democrats should be reminding the voting public at every turn, about the pedophile-excusers who vote for pedophiles. They’re a dangerous menace to society and when people don’t vote, the pedophile-enablers put pedophiles into power. That should be enough to scare the shit out of any half-normal person.

      • True, but I think the tax bill is going to be the trump (or Trump) card next year. “Susan Collins voted to raise YOUR taxes!” will do far more damage (or whoever is running, especially in states with a state income tax or where there are a lot of people with student loan debt).

  • Lazycrockett
  • Bubba in TX

    On a superficial note, I’m glad someone told him the word is pronounced “pervert”, not “prevert”, before he went on national television.

    Having said that, I thought he was very well-spoken, and I hope he continues his activism. He might be able to change hearts and minds.

    • David Walker

      Know what you mean. I was a little concerned about that, too, so thanks to whoever took him aside and coached him. And thanks to Ellen for putting him and his story on national TV…and for the donation to the Trevor Project. He seemed to sense it was a very good thing. And now I’m hungry for peanut soup.

      • Sam_Handwich

        i’ve never had peanut soup, so i looked it up. seems there are two distinctive kinds: colonial American, and west African

        • David Walker

          I suspect, then, that I’m familiar with the colonial variety. First had it in Williamsburg many lifetimes ago. It’s very difficult to find (hey, Progresso…what’s your excuse?) but it’s is wondrously good. Almost worth a trip to Williamsburg just for that.

          • RoFaWh

            Many years ago, the Washington DC Evening Star newspaper published an interview with the wife of the newly arrived ambassador of Ghana, itself then a newly independent country, in its Women’s Section. (The forgoing dates this to 1957.)

            Mrs Ambassador remarked, inter alia, that one of the things she liked about life in the US was peanut butter; it made preparation of peanut soup so simple. A recipe was then given which started iirc with boiling water and peanut butter, the oil being skimmed off, the watery part becoming stock for a soup with veggies. I don’t remember if the soup also contained chicken or other flesh, but think not as the peanuts provide the protein.

          • David Walker

            Wow. Thank you. I must investigate. Oh, Mr. Google……

      • AJ Drew

        Nooclorr avoids the other most obvious pronunciation issue.

      • Sporkfighter

        I thought “prevert” placed him in a time, a place. He sounds like his neighbors and might make his message more acceptable.

    • BobSF_94117

      I’ve known people who said prevert because they thought it was “dirty” to say pervert. A bit like “dang”.

      • jerry

        Paging 1M mom: p**vert.

    • leastyebejudged

      I’m not getting what the issue is.

      People are who they are, maybe it’s you that has the problem.

    • Kamen

      You have to meet people right where they are, and where this Man has traveled to I’m OK WITH! Leave him alone, he is fine just the way he is!

    • I think he went viral because he wasn’t a slick, polished activist, but a person that people who are still very homophobic could relate to. Yes, it would have been better if he didn’t mispronounce a word, but the authenticity was there.

  • cayliffe

    Big Big Flood of tears. I’m just so proud of everyone. The husband (of 28 years) and I are from Santa Monica, now living in Greenville, SC (for past 7 years – work related) and this has been our experience here as well. Being “country” does not mean stupid and homophobic. How touching was that remark about cutting off the tractor to go watch Ellen. Jesus. That’s when I lost it. Oh Ellen, Ellen, Ellen.

    • Gigi

      Who’s cutting onions?

  • Gigi

    I’m bawling like a baby. My parents disowned me when I came out as well. My father threatened to kill me. My mother begged me to “get help.” I went to please her, and it almost killed me. After that my mother didn’t speak to me for more than 20 years. My father came around sooner but I hated him (long story) so, ya. Two years or so before she died my mother send me texts asking how my man and I were and would always sign off with, “Love you both, Mom.” I love this father and am so proud that he stood up and took a stand!

    • Adam Schmidt

      I understand exactly what you mean and I too have been crying my eyes out every time I see this man.

  • Reasonoverhate

    I don’t know how you can’t stand behind this man 110%! He admitted he was wrong, he learned, and he changed for the better. What more can we ask of our allies? I was in tears by the end.

    • If people couldn’t learn and change then we’d still all be in the closet afraid of losing our homes and jobs like gay people in the 1960s. People can change.
      For example, Joe Biden voted for DOMA and then 16 years later was pushing the Democratic Party to fully embrace marriage equality.

  • JCF

    Onions. Everywhere onions…

  • leastyebejudged

    I knew she was gonna do this.

    We have a Saint, you know.

  • Dayglo

    If only we could airlift oppressed racial and sexual minorities out of the Bible Belt. I’m thinking like an “Operation It Gets Better.”

    • leastyebejudged

      What the bible belt is, is unsustainable.

      We should all MOVE there.

  • Jerry Kott

    It was sad to see the video of this broken hearted man. It is an inspiration to see his courage. But I do have concerns for his safety when the dust settles after the election. The backwoods folks are sore losers and may retaliate with some vandalism. I hope he is safe and his community stands with him.

  • LarryChemEngr

    I love this man. I honor his heart and courage. I posted his video on my facebook before the election. Lots of likes.

  • Paul

    I’m sorry, but WHY is Ellen, probably THE most prominent representative (at least of the female gender) of the LGBTQ community in America, REWARDING a man who DISOWNED his gay daughter?

    I get that he repented and everything, but he did it when it was too late.

    • Silver Badger

      We do not live in a perfect world.

    • ErickMN

      We have all made bad decisions, and many of us have powerful regrets. He is not alone.

      • MBear

        Im pretty sure i didnt drive anyone to suicide.

        • JCF

          After careful reconsideration: retracted.

        • ErickMN

          I’m pretty sure you are babbling about a situation you don’t understand.

      • ErickMN

        I regret choosing to be gay. I now have Aids and I’m dying without any friends or family.

    • JCF

      I’m sorry that your heart is SO hard, Paul, towards a man who put himself out there—in rural Alabama!—to take stand AGAINST anti-gay bullying (in high places).

      It was too late for his daughter, Yes—but not all the other LGBT kids he’s fighting for.

    • Calamity_Jean

      “…a man who DISOWNED his gay daughter?”

      I don’t think he did, based on what he said on the video.

  • MBear

    He drives his daughter to suicide, sheds a couple of tears, and Boom: celebrity.

    Fk that

    • Priya Lynn

      Who said he drove his daughter to suicide?

    • He didn’t understand homosexuality because of his religious background, and so with good intentions he tried to get her to change. It was only after he had sought medical and psychological help for her that he gradually came to realise that it was not an illness or a choice, it was just the way she was. Please allow this kind man to redeem himself. He did the best thing he thought at the time, and is now openly saying he is sorry about it. The problem is not with him, but with the misinformation fed to him by religion, and the hypocrites feeding it to him. Please watch the interview and watch the video of him holding up his sign.

      • MBear

        He can redeem himself. Im not stopping that.

        But i dont have to invite him to dinner.

        That priviledge is reserved for peiple who dont murder their children

        • Priya Lynn

          I think its a bad idea to reject allies who have come around.

          We need everyone on our side we can get.

          If we can’t forgive someone who has had a sincere change of heart we are in no position to pretend to be holier than thou.

          What incentive is there for anyone else to change their position if they know we’ll crap on them regardless.

          • MBear

            There’s a difference between celebritising someone who committed violence against the community and crapping on them.

            If you cant see the difference…

          • Priya Lynn

            I’m happier to have him on our side than you.

          • Read ‘The Prodigal Son’

          • MBear


          • No-one’s forcing you to educate yourself.

      • BeaverTales

        I grew up surrounded by people who said homosexuality was evil. They even convinced my mother. She only came around when I told her that if she couldn’t accept me for who I was, then we would be dead to each other forever. I told her she had to decide if I was a good person, because I wasn’t going to pretend to be straight anymore…not for her and not for anyone. That was 1991, 27 years ago in Southern California. She grew and changed too. Now she acts like she invented PFLAG….lol

    • dogdadny

      His daughter died in 1995! Remember life in 1995? Can you imagine life in Alabama in 1995?

      He was denied services for making his sign (spelling and grammar correct) for religious reason and had to make it himself. He also told the guy off by saying God said not to sleep with another man’s wife.

      He didn’t seek celebrity.

      He’s a peanut farmer from Alabama. He did what his daughter asked him to do. It was her desire to change not his. He most certainly did not murder his child. He definitely did not have to protest.

      The money was not for him but donated in his name.

      • Christopher Smith

        I well remember 1995 and life in it. Clinton was POTUS, presiding over unparalleled-for-many-years prosperity. The hate machine so successfully propagated by Newtie the Blowfish and his thug colleagues was only beginning to gear up. Raygun and his successors had not yet managed the total destruction of amurrikkkan public education.
        What about the Masterpiece Cakeshop (what a vomitous oxymoron that name is) case, Gorsucks, Pence, the emboldening of every hate-filled no-neck monster on earth by Faux, Whitebarf, Alex Jones, etc ad infinitum, have you managed to miss? As if our situation now were so much improved! We still have no job protections, no housing protections, no status as a class, and Gorsucks/Pence/et al are salivating at the thought of revoking marriage equality before they load us all into lorries bound for concentration camps.
        Puh-LEAZE with the 1995 crap!

    • Ann Kah

      He is old, and has changed his attitude. Look around congress. Real change can come only when you can change the attitudes of old men.

  • Truly wonderful man, salt of the earth. Heartrending to watch, but redemptive in every sense.

  • This is what Ellen does best. Kudos to her for highlighting what people and groups are doing right in our society and bringing them to the attention of a wider audience.

  • BeaverTales

    He’s the new Judy Shepard. Folks like him can hopefully change more minds than a thousand Roy Moores ever could about what Christianity should be. He’s the kind of parent and person that most Americans should aspire to emulate.

    • kat

      Christianity’s done. Bulldoze it and start over.

  • Kevin Andrews

    We should all be grateful to this man and his country eloquence in support of our community.

  • Nowhereman