Franklin Graham: Pray To Jesus That A Gay Man Doesn’t Win Kim Davis’ Job As A Kentucky County Clerk

“Remember Kim Davis? She is the county clerk who wanted to be able to do her job without signing same-sex marriage licenses. Well, the gay man whose license she would not sign back in 2015 was recently back in her office, sitting across the desk from her. This time he was filing the paperwork to run for her job as county clerk — and Kim helped him. Pray for Kim Davis as her stand for her religious convictions put her back into the news again. I urge Christians across the nation to run for office at every level — local, state, and Federal. We can make a difference if we stand boldly on the side of the Word of God.” – Franklin Graham, posting to his Facebook page.

You can contribute to David Ermold’s campaign here.

  • bkmn
    • FancyThat

      So many in the WORLD are counting on Robert Mueller – and justice – to prevail.

      “You’re Welcome”— just for fun

    • JCF

      I would actually argue that the assholes listed above “personally destroyed” themselves. Mueller just made sure they paid the price for *other* lives they destroyed…

    • Gerry Fisher

      LUV that

  • Treant

    Yes, please do that. There’s no need to vote, God will take care of it for you.

    Just pray.

  • Lumpy Gaga
  • Boreal

    If David Ermold trounces the fundies then I will have hope again in the decency of (some) of my fellow citizens.

    • Joe in PA

      Pssst: Kentucky. They send McConnell to the senate every 6 years. 🙁

      • Boreal

        Yeah, yeah I know but Alabama.

      • Jeb

        I’m from Kentucky. Morehead (Rowan County) is a college town. My Southern Baptist relatives who live there think Kim Davis is a pig. My nieces love their guncle. They’ll vote for Ermold.

        • KnownDonorDad

          Please keep up posted as the election approaches. Planning to donate, I want to see Davis out so badly.

  • boobert

    We need the moron and breitart to support davis. That should kill her chances.

  • MikeBx2

    Says the man who recently encouraged people to vote for a child molester.

    • Joe in PA

      God has something to say about the election:

      • skyweaver

        This the best feed on Twitter for my money

      • MikeBx2

        So wise, that God. 🙂

        • Opinion Sousaphones

          Well, he is the Supreme Being, you know. He is not entirely dim. s

      • Cheryl Greninger

        will not hear them say “Well, I guess God wanted Jones to be elected,
        just like they never said “I guess God wanted President Obama to be
        elected twice.” However, God did want trump and moore to be elected, according to
        them. And, they don’t see the irony.

        • MonochromeMouse

          The most hypocritical thing about it is their god would consider their worshiping of far-right politicians idolatry.

        • Ranger One

          What they wanted was for God to bend to THEIR will. They were never interested in knowing God’s will, they just wanted him to obey in their “Go fetch, God!” manner. They don’t read the Gospel, because Jesus said if you are righteous, then you get blessings, and I don’t take your fucking orders masked as prayer. He was like, I’m not your waitress. You have to be good. He bristled at the idea that he was a trick pony. If asked to turn water into wine, he said fuck you.

          I guess God gave me my atheism to see things clearly!

        • seanooski

          Thank you!

        • J Anthony A. Holiday

          I’ve been thinking about that and I wonder if God did want that idiot 45 to get in so we could FINALLY see how bad off we as a WHOLE country. So we could FINALLY see how bad the political process and especially how bad Republicans and their supporters really are. I mean if folks don’t wake up from all of this, then we are really doomed

          • OldBaldGuy

            Well, then that makes God both a shit teacher and and a fucking sadist.

          • prixator

            If there was a god, I would hope she would do that.

          • Raja Mitchell

            You might have a valid point there…

    • 2patricius2

      Message from Franklin Graham: “God wanted you to vote for a woman assaulter, and a child molester, and now wants you to vote for a serial adulterer and divorcee. All because God is so upset with not being able to stop the SCOTUS from ruling against marriage for the gayz.”

    • KnownDonorDad

      Freaking party-over-country/party-over-religion hypocrite.

    • JackFknTwist

      ……and whom the UK is currently under pressure from many MP’s to ban from setting foot in the UK because of his hate and his incitement to hatred.

    • MonochromeMouse

      How else were millionaires supposed to get their tax cuts?

    • Gerry Fisher

      Zero moral authority.

    • Larry Branson


  • Ben in Oakland

    You should read the lead article in christianity today you christianist trash. But you won’t.

  • netxtown

    well then, franky. now that your true colors are out – you cn bet no fucking xtian will ever do any work for me. But, I must tell ya – there have been some in the past that really enjoyed the bj’s.

  • Adam Stevens

    Hopefully he’ll come through for you again, Graham. Send our regards to Moore.

    • FancyThat

      For Moore & Graham, tots ‘n preyers, tots and preyers!!

  • clay

    Remember Kim Davis? She is the county clerk who wanted to be able to do her job without . . . doing her job.

    • JT
      • clay

        Rev. Huckabee– “Check out the tits.”

        • j.martindale

          You left out “sagging.”

          • clay

            Mike likes them hanging lower than his own.

          • HaHaHa

            Now I need to clean beer off my computer monitor, thanks for that 😉

        • Secure

          Just hoping you also noticed the word above them…..

          • JackFknTwist

            Great….I missed that !!!

          • Marides48

            Is that a sign from Gob?

          • clay

            The pic is funny for more than one reason.

      • Stephen Elliot Phillips

        Ms Davis yet again wearing a fashionable ensemble from her Christian Bag Lady Collection. Available exclusively at Hobby Lobby

        • j.martindale

          THAT was funny!

        • lattebud

          I thought they were made by 12 yo girls in the church school learning how to be obedient and good wives when they turn 14, cause at 16, the are past their desired expiration date.

        • Galvestonian

          I am damn sure that that is their ‘Salvation Army Derelict Collection’ as seen on Zoolander.

          • Stephen Elliot Phillips

            It could be. I have not received my newest issue of Deplorable Vogue

      • kaydenpat

        Lol!! My word.

      • troye68

        That the surviving members of Survivor and their record label sued these schmendricks for illegal use of “Eye of the Tiger”…that’s what I remember.

      • Robert Eckert

        Gonna sing a little song about a gal named Kim
        Poor county clerk, rather plain and kinda dim,
        Then one day she was hating on some gays
        Hit with an injunction, that no court would stay
        Legalese… ungodly… contempt of court
        Well the next thing you know, Kim’s sitting in the jail
        While her legal team spouts a bunch of major fail,
        Finally the judge said, enough, and set her free
        To step in front of cameras as a shill for Huckabee
        [rousing banjo solo]
        So now it’s time to say goodbye to Kim and all her kin
        Who say what goes against their Bible is a deadly sin,
        But that does not apply, of course, to her adultery
        Cause nothing says ‘true Christian’ quite like hypocrisy

    • Mike Curnutt

      No, she wanted to be paid for doing her job without doing her job.

  • Natty Enquirer

    * and the Word of God is me.

  • SoCalGal20

    Franklin might want to worry more about Florida than some small race in Kentucky.

    • skyweaver

      Wow. I like those numbers

      • Randy503

        And those arrivals are a bit PISSED at Trump and his party.

        • j.martindale

          They’re pissed?!!! I’m pissed!!!!

          • Todd20036

            Better to be pissed on than pissed off…

          • Cheryl Greninger

            No, it is not!!!

          • Rambie

            Todd, that sounds like trickle down economics to me. Is that the tag line for GOP tax plan?

          • Nowhereman

            I’ll bet Donnie 2 Scoops could chime in on that one. EEW–I just realized where the “scoops” probably came from.

    • Oh, Parker


    • Blake J Butler

      HINT: register them they’re mostly democratic votes that are are given.

      • Lazycrockett

        Rabidly Anti Drumpf more than anything.

      • Boreal

        They won’t be voting for an orange shitstain or congress critters that have fucked PR over.

      • architect_tim

        They sure aren’t friendly to 45 and Congress with the crappy job they did in PR.

        • Blake J Butler

          Which will energize them to vote and vote against him and his party.

          • Cheryl Greninger

            They are not allowed to vote, which is why the Republicans felt easy about not helping them.

          • Blake J Butler

            What part of they migrated to Florida to live there did you not understand from the tweet. They live there now they can participate in our elections if they are registered, because they are U.S. citizens.

            Yes, obviously republicans have never been helping them since they’ve been begging for statehood for years and have voted on it.

          • JCF

            Hey, some people don’t know. Let’s not give attitude just for being uninformed.

          • Galvestonian

            Does anyone know whether any PR’s moved to the New York area ?

          • ChrisMorley

            As US citizens, they simply need to register to vote.

          • Nowhereman

            If they move to the States, they can register to vote. Puerto Ricans are American citizens.

          • JackFknTwist

            Just get them registered , Democrats !

      • Nowhereman

        I’d suggest that they register as undeclared, or even as republicans. Let’s be stealthy.

    • clay

      “Franklin white” . . . not saying you’re wrong.

      • FancyThat

        … a white FranKKKlin slip. But it fits!

        Maybe David Ermold can see that Ms. Multiple-Marriage Davis gets a nice, tight-fitting pink slip when the next election comes around.

      • SoCalGal20

        Haha that’s what I get for using the voice recognition instead of typing. Apple isn’t wrong, though. 😉

    • Chucktech

      Jesus ain’t gonna fix that…

    • SoCalGal20

      One thing that might be of concern for the Senate race, though, is that Puerto Ricans appear to have a more favorable opinion of Rick Scott than might be expected because he welcomed displaced Puerto Ricans to Florida. I read an article about that a month or so ago.

      But, otherwise, be very afraid Republicans.

    • David Walker

      Good. The fucking moron won’t learn from this (or anything), but his lack of action has created consequences. May he and FranKKKlin Graham-Cracker enjoy each other’s company in hell. And Puerto Rico (and the USVI) still aren’t in working order.

      • JackFknTwist

        BF home got his power back last Thursday ! After many many weeks. Now for the repairs.

    • kaydenpat

      Good. Tip it blue.

    • Sporkfighter

      I wonder if the Republicans are doing outreach to these new Florida voters, explaining how the a Republican-led federal government will improve their lives.

      • SoCalGal20

        That would be interesting considering it’s because of Rs that PR is in such dire straits.

        • Sporkfighter


      • Rambie

        I know it was sarcasm, but it wouldn’t be the first time the Republicans would do exactly that. Hypocrisy is a consistent component of Republican double-speak.

    • Galvestonian

      …and they won’t vote Republican.

    • Nowhereman

      I hope that some of them go to Texas at least long enough to vote next year. It would be nice to get a jump start while we work on undoing the gerrymandering and the voter suppression.

  • shellback

    Get the fuck out of politics or pay taxes. Better yet, drop dead.

    • Princess Lardass

      But if he gets the fuck out of politics how will he help the compassionate GOP financially screw over the poor with their tax plan, deny them health insurance, and help elect congressmen and presidents who are clearly sexually pure and don’t sexually assault women and underage girls? You know. Things Jesus would obviously do. /s

    • Jason Jehosephat

      Why do you think Franklin Graham doesn’t pay taxes? Churches are exempt, but clergy aren’t.

      • killreligion

        Nope. Housing exemption for clergy. I bet his plane is categorized as a home

  • Blake J Butler
    • clay

      I wonder if McConnell will arrange a delay between Franken leaving and Smith being seated?

      • BearEyes

        that was rhetorical, right?

    • KnownDonorDad

      Don’t really know anything about her, but if she’s Dayton’s pick, it sounds good to me.

      • Blake J Butler

        She was the Former VP of Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, before working on the Dayton campaign to eventually getting chosen to run alongside him in 2010.

        She’s being called the baby killer of Minnesota from the right wing.

        She is good.

  • Blake J Butler

    Want to support her gay democratic opponent here is his site.

  • This Big Every Day!

    I wish Christians would follow Christ’s primary directive: “love one another and treat them as you would be treated.” Franklin and Anne seem to have devolved into some alternative KKK hate mongers.

    • Lazycrockett

      You dont make money off of that.

    • Snarkaholic

      They’re also directed to love their enemies (I won’t hold my breath).

  • Lazycrockett
  • MikeBx2
    • Blake Mason

      hunting season

    • Lazycrockett

      Wonder what PBS stands for in house.

      • Snarkaholic

        Perpetual Butt Slapping?

    • Tomcat

      Women finally doing the proper thing and speaking up.
      Keep up the good work and don’t worry which political party the offender is in either.

  • Pollos Hermanos

    “Dear Lord Baby Jeebus. Don’t let that heathen win a job where he files paperwork for the county and certifies deed transfers, that would be an abomination”

  • Michael R

    Pray To Jesus That … these phony assholes start getting taxed

    • FelineMama

      Hey, frankie, maybe, Your jesus will do what is fair & right? OOhhh! TAX Churches/Grifters or shut them UP!!! You know that separation of church & state thingie. I know, I know, how you gop’ers hate the Constitution, But, it is the Law!!

  • Megrim Twist

    Mmmmm …. no, Franklin. Doesn’t work that way. Maybe someday you’ll learn. But, a grifter’s gotta grift.

  • Bluto
  • DisqusD37

    Sounds like a challenge: Alright gays, lesbians, trans, queers, etc… Get out your Kim Davis voodoo dolls and pins… you know what to do.

  • Chucktech

    Yeah. Pray to jesus. That’s the ticket…

  • ChrisMorley

    A peak at the New London US Embassy, that tRump may come and open early in 2018, if he is prepared to suck up lots of London loathing.

    Architecture and Security: US embassy proves a catalyst for £15bn Nine Elms regeneration project
    – Standing in contrast to dark brick luxury flats, the glass citadel aims to be a benign fortress that is part of a wider rejuvenation of ‘Knightsbridge of the South’

  • Boreal
  • MT YVR

    Please. PLEASE. Pray to jeebus.

    Don’t bother voting, it might get in the way of the time y’all could be praying.

    PRAAAAY. PRAAAAY to Jeebus.

    • Snarkaholic

      In addition to frequent praying, a strict six-week no-food-nor-water fast should bring you even closer to Jesus!

      • MT YVR

        Karen Carpenter, is that YOU?

        • Snarkaholic

          She ain’t heavy; she’s my sister!

          • MT YVR

            OF COURSE SHE’S NOT…

            Um. Heeey.

            Yeah. I’m going to hell.

          • Snarkaholic

            So am I. I shouldn’t make fun of her…she was a lovely person.

          • Stogiebear

            Well, you know, except for that whole corpse thing.

          • Reality.Bites

            I for one thought it was in poor taste for Alan Young to sing “A horse is a corpse, of course a corpse” at Mr. Ed’s funeral.

        • Reality.Bites

          An old co-worker of mine was once cast in a commercial that showed her preparing a meal for her children. We thought it was hilarious, since hating to cook was something she was known for in the office.

          I said it wasn’t her first brush with fame, that she used to be personal chef to Karen Carpenter.

  • Snarkaholic

    Remember me? I’m the restaurant employee who wants to be able to do my cooking job…without cleaning up, acknowledging customer requests, dealing with bitchy waiters, or staying until the end of my shift (unless I feel like it…which I usually don’t).

    • Michael R

      Now there’s a religion for that !

      • Snarkaholic

        Yes, I’m a No-Roast-rian!

  • peacfulseas inWA

    Yeah because that always works.Just ask Tonette Perkkkins.

  • Boreal
  • Leo

    OT. So apparently we’re going to war with either Iran or Yemen.

  • Reality.Bites

    Sure hope Kimmy saved money for the campaign from that huge speaking tour and book deal she didn’t get.

    Hint: they don’t pay their stooges, Kim. You wanna grift, no grifter’s gonna help you.

  • vorpal

    Stay home, pray, and put your faith in god for the entire election day.
    Let’s see how well that works out.

  • MikeBx2

    People who run for office in this country are already overwhelmingly Christians, but not all are anti-gay. Graham wants more Christian bigots.

  • BearEyes

    Part of Davis’ job IS to sign same-sex marriage licenses

  • Cuberly Deux

    Remember the interviews with the locals that were to scared to go on record on how the Davis clan were pretty much a notorious corrupt and vile tribe of thugs?

    There’s that dog stealing debacle. If I recall correctly there were other issues where the clan retaliated or otherwise intimidated the locals.

    If Ermold has a shot it’ll be due to the Davis reputation. Not so sure people will just write him off cuz he’s gay.

    Just an opinion.

    • NowAnAgnostic

      I took a chance with Doug Jones and donated $50 to his campaign. We should do the same with David Ermold. No matter how small the amount, please donate to his campaign. Who knows? Maybe the small contributions to Doug Jones from JMG readers made the difference.

      • Cuberly Deux

        I agree. We need to be involved in all races. The more horses on the field I spose.

        • David L. Caster

          If I’m going to contribute, I try to look for an opportunity when there is a matching or multiplier available. That way my donation is matched or multiplied by a factor sometimes of 3 or more. Very effective way to help. I supported Doug Jones that way.

          • killreligion

            But you just prove the well accepted theory that those matching challenges only bring out what was coming anyway

            There is too much money in politics-I refuse to make it worse. I don’t agree with advertising/lying. I vote, talk to people, write letters, have calls with my reps and pay lots of taxes.

          • David L. Caster

            I respond to fewer than one percent of the political donation solicitations I receive. I too believe money is distorting the political process. Nevertheless the candidates I feel a need to support at critical moments in an election cycle should receive financial help with their campaigns. To do otherwise risks unilateral disarmament when faced with an at times much better funded political adversary.

      • Reality.Bites

        Small? I gave him 13 million.

        Just kidding – as a non-resident and non-citizen it’s illegal for me to contribute to a US campaign.

        • Opinion Sousaphones

          Tut tut tut… make inflated real-estate deals and other spurious purchases… worked well for the traitor.

        • Del Sam

          You are so correct. That just absolutely never happens in US politics. Never, ever, ever foreign campaign contributions. (damnit, my sarcarsm doesn’t flow so easily before first cup of coffee. By third cup, it will flow easier than the air from my lungs.)

        • Paul

          Is it possible to donate via the local JustSetUpToDonateToDavidErmold Corporation? 😉

        • jerry

          Ever since the “Citizens United” court decision, you can donate to one of the “non-profit” super PACs…that’s one of the ways the Russians got around it. The source of the donations to those are never reported.

  • teedofftaxpayer

    Let’s Pray the stupids away.

  • teeveedub

    If it’ll piss of Franklin Graham, I’ll be happy to contribute.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada
    • Joe in PA

      I hope you proudly display the “You have been blocked” notification. LOL 🙂

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Hey guys, guess what. Twitter just suspended me for this tweet…yup, they really did. Clearly, they’re algorithm is fucked up.

      • Joe in PA

        Dang. For how long?

      • Tomcat

        Wonder if it was the Fuck off part?

        • Jean-Marc in Canada

          Considering how many times I see that word and worse on Twitter daily, I doubt it.

          • Joe in PA

            I’m thinking “child rape” without the “enabling” attached. 🙁

      • BobSF_94117

        It’s probably the lack of proper hyphenation.

        • David Gervais

          Wrong target, comment withdrawn.

      • DoctorDJ

        I used to dive-bomb his FaceBook page, but I kept getting reported and my account f’d up, and Frankly (get it?) it’s not worth it. The minions over there live on the christo-fascist kool aid, and they’ll never listen to a differing opinion.

        Fuque Franque and his mindless sheeple.

  • JWC

    hate mongering dork

  • HoratioCaine

    It’s time to start digging up the dirt on Franklin’s hell raising rebelious years before he joined the family bible beating gravy train. There used to be dirt on his daddy but the wikipedia page seems to have been altered to make one of the kids more legitimate than they were (one of those full term premies don’t ya know, wink wink nudge nudge)

    • Reality.Bites

      Seriously, what would we DO with it?

      Have you not just seen that absolutely NOTHING is too immoral for a right-wing Christian to accept in another right-wing Christian?

      If he fucks little girls no one in the Republican party from the President on down cares.

      • David Gervais

        What if it were little boys? I hope not for the sake of any boys in his church but we know the usual pattern.

  • Gregory Peterson

    His father was an awful bigot, though many disagree with me. I don’t think that they paid attention to what he was doing when he, in his heyday, wasn’t on TV looking like an Aryan god.

    His grandfather, Dr. L. Nelson Bell, was an awful bigot, a racist and segregationist of the nice suit wearing, smugly pious, condescending sort. Billy allowed him to be the executive editor and columnist for their “Christianity Today,” which was funded by another appalling bigot, the oil magnate J. Howard Pew.

    And Franklin…He’s obviously carrying on in the family tradition.

    • Lars Littlefield

      I heard he ain’t got no willy.

      • Sporkfighter

        Must be true; I read it on the internet!

    • Galvestonian

      Family tradition ??? You really mean the family hustle … conning morons out of hard earned cash since the late 1940’s.

  • Lars Littlefield

    Joe, you cunning boy.
    Thanks for the link to David Ermold’s campaign. 🙂

  • Philly Mike

    Dontation made! Let’s get that fashion challenged county clerk out of there.

    • Snarkaholic

      It’s a fashion felony! Lock her up!!!

    • Jukesgrrl

      Do you ever notice she always wears multiple shirts … just like Steve Bannon? What’s with those people?

      • Philly Mike

        Hold The Presses! I think you pulled the thread on a big conspiracy Bannon and Davis are the same piece of shit wrapped in different cloth.

  • Nic Peterson

    So more with the prayers, Frankie? Is that gonna put it in the bag for the fat cow in Kentucky? I don’t thing that your prayers are going to make any bit of difference given that white Jesus shut you down on the kid molester.

    Shit, I used to pray for something useful like world peace and that never happened. Maybe more praying is the last thing we need to do.

  • hdtex

    Prayers lifted up to our precious Kim.///

  • Heaventree

    There’s a shitload of despicable assholes running around America right now and Franklin Graham is at the top of the list

  • Stogiebear

    Kim Davis? Isn’t she that special little snowflake who got triggered by marriage equality and then thought she deserved to be paid $80,000 per year for not doing her job? That Kim Davis?

    • Reality.Bites

      The job pays 80K? I think the internet can scrape up 80k a year to pay David to sit in the office and glare at her as a full time job in the event she wins.

      Scratch that. We’ll pay him 85 thousand.

    • David Walker

      The oft-married and frequent adulteress? Yeah. That sack of shit.

  • Rillion


  • leastyebejudged

    lol, I’m good with them praying, maybe they’ll skip the polls.

  • Friday

    Err, her *job* *was* signing all legally-compliant marriage licenses. It was distinctly *not* playing Pope over minorities she didn’t like and making her employees do the same, nor was it costing the taxpayers big bucks on her hate-preacher fundraising stunt and crocodile tears.

  • MagnaLupus

    I love how Frankie contradicts himself in the second sentence. She wanted to do her job….without doing her job. Typical religious myopia.

  • RoFaWh

    Graham should be arrested, charged with conspiracy to disobey the constitution, found guilty and sent off for fifty years at hard labor pounding big rocks into gravel.

  • TK

    Run David RUN!!! Any member (deceased or living) of the “Christian” Graham Crackers mega-bucks family makes me want to puke. Horrible memories of the brainwashing these and other scumbags tried to instill in me at a very early age. And isn’t Britain considering a ban on this bible-blinded fucktard from visiting their country?? And presumably his weirdo sister? If so, BRAVO!!! These people need to be banished from having any influence on humanity at large. They ARE the sickness, not those that they condemn and accuse.

    • JWC

      agreed 100,000 %

  • Benji

    The moral compass is out of wack, hopefully the beginning of the end for the evangelist and stanch GOP supporters.

  • GanymedeRenard
  • josephsinger

    There’s really not much question that Frannie Graham is a homophobe.

    • RoFaWh

      And as others have remarked, we all know why homophobes are the way they are.

      • Opinion Sousaphones

        Well, how long before we start hearing stories of a motel room and an expensive call boy blowing meth up his leather-bound butt… just wondering…

  • Eric Lewis

    I think I’ll make a donation to David Earmolds campaign in Graham’s name. I am sure its what baby Jesus would want.

    • Jukesgrrl

      There’s an idea!! I’ll have to donate again.

  • mjsatty

    Christians running for office? Has it ever been done before? People might not react well.

  • j.martindale

    Frank…Jesus doesn’t care who is the clerk. Really. Doesn’t care. Bigger fish to fry, you know. Go peddle you bullshit somewhere else.

  • worstcultever


  • Dot Beech

    Pray to Jesus that Franklin Graham doesn’t live anywhere near as long as his father has.

  • TrollopeReader

    You prayed for Roy Moore, you asshole. The Goddess shot you down, big time.

  • sadoldguy

    Why ?
    kim davis wasn’t doing the job she was elected to do.
    Replace her with a pet rock and get the same results with fewer court cost.

    Any conscientious civil servant would be an improvement, regardless of orientation.

    • Jukesgrrl

      Not to mention that if you go to David Ermold’s website, he has beaucoup qualifications for that job. Far more than the nepotism that got Kim Davis into the office.

      • sadoldguy

        All the better.
        Plus, David Ermold would be wonderfully karmic.

  • Dale Snyder

    Butthurt that his GWAD didn’t answer PRAYERS for the child molester he wanted elected in Alabama, now he’s sending more GWADLY prayers for a four-time married serial adulterer who just so happens to be a two-tonned sinful glutton.

    Go to hell you vile motherfucker.

  • kareemachan

    frankie, get over yourself and come out of the closet, okay?

  • fuzzybits

    Remember her? Who the hell can forget.

  • Jukesgrrl

    Oh, gee, Franklin. You mean that guy I gave money to the first time I ever heard of him? You should have spoken up sooner!

  • Lindoro Almaviva

    This bitch should be thankful I am not a resident of that county, cause i would have files for that seat withing a week of it being done to me and i would have been campaigning since. Kimmy Sue would know first hand it is a bad idea to mess with a gay man

  • Scott Plumer

    So if a gay man wins, does that mean the Big Guy is cool with gays?

    • Scott Scott Scott, don’t be silly! It means the christers didn’t pray (prey?) hard enough… or the evil LGBT folks intervened somehow (something something satan) Don’t you know gawd is omnipotent? Except of course when he isn’t

  • Reality.Bites

    I really don’t understand the point of praying like this.

    In their belief system, God is omnipotent and has a plan or he doesn’t people get elected based on lots of people deciding who they want to vote for. He also knows what everyone wants without them saying it.

    No matter how you slice it, no point in praying for a desired outcome in anything.

    • The_Wretched

      Their god is petty and jealous. You only get the good plan if you grovel. If you don’t obey, god gets to punish you and is right to be vindictive about it.

  • Reality.Bites

    Note to Kim: Suggest you contact Omarosa for tips on how to leave a job gracefully.

  • Gregory B

    Just stick to grifting your followers, Frankie. We, the people, will take care of the election just the way we did in Alabama.

    • KnownDonorDad

      “Stop making me do my job!”

  • kaydenpat

    Go David!! I’d love another loss to slap in Graham’s bigoted face.

  • Bambino

    You would think a guy who had failed so many time at prayers would get the message that god is not on his side.

  • Bambino

    His wheel of prayers is so small. Bigotry, racism, sexism, pedophilia, xenophobe and now he is back to bigotry again.

  • Henry Auvil
    • Ann Kah

      You first.

  • Apparently Franklin Graham is under the illusion that bigotry doesn’t sound hateful if it’s in the form of a prayer. And apparently Franklin Graham is also under the illusion that a two thousand year old man who never existed in the first place is somehow capable of hearing everyone all over the world at the same time.

    • Jonathan Smith

      And apparently Franklin Graham is under the illusion that anyone gives a shit what he says.

  • gothambear

    Tis the season for giving! Give generously to David Ermold’s campaign! If you know a Trumpster fan, give a donation in their honor (where legal)… 🙂

  • glass
    • Bambino

      Cost too much to hire a real person and he might like it. Just give him one of this.

      • Bj Lincoln

        I have to have this! I have several bubble machines because I love bubbles. I have nothing like that.

        • Ann Kah

          I didn’t read these in the right order and thought you wanted the first photo. . .

          • Del Sam

            I would like one of each of them, please….

      • glass

        Get about a dozen of them and line them up on his desk. Oh wait… that just might turn him on… nevermind!

  • Secure

    All the countless hours of praying in Alabama didn’t do Jack Shit.

    • Jonathan Smith

      Sure they did. Got Moore shitcanned

  • Silver Badger

    The takeaway from this is that every election counts. No matter what level.

  • Itsatarp

    “..wanted to be able to do her job without signing same-sex marriage licenses.”
    So, she wanted to do her job without actually doing her job?

  • Guess

    Kinda OT: One feller who won’t win that jerb.

  • Silver Badger

    I wouldn’t be too worried. A openly gay man’s chance of winning a Kentucky election are somewhere between slim and fat, but not by any means likely.

  • Kenneth Henderson

    So when David Ermhold wins, does that mean that either a) God supports the left or b) God is a figment of their imagination. Inquiring minds want to know…

  • WTHella

    In other Kentucky news..

    Dan Johnson, (Pastor and) “a Republican state lawmaker in Kentucky known for inflammatory Facebook posts comparing Barack and Michelle Obama to monkeys and who defiantly denied allegations that he sexually assaulted a teenage girl in the basement of his home, killed himself Wednesday night. He was 57.”

    “On Tuesday, Johnson held a press conference at his church on Bardstown Road, where he denied the molestation allegations. According to court documents obtained by the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting, the alleged molestation took place on New Year’s Eve in 2012. The alleged victim, who was 17 at the time, told authorities that she was staying in a living area of the Heart of Fire City Church where Johnson was pastor, when Johnson, who had been drinking a lot, approached her, kissed her and fondled her under her clothes.”

    • misterjack

      He finally did something right.

  • Clive Johnson

    Today’s Youth Pastor Update. (Using search terms ‘youth pastor’ on google news and selecting only those stories on the first page.)

  • Charlie

    yes, please continue to pray your little hearts out…it has worked out so well for you thus far…

  • olandp

    Like there aren’t any “Christians” in elected office now.

  • troye68
  • Kevin Andrews


    This recognized Hate-Group does what good pedophile-supporting, Evangelical Missionary of Harte do since they can’t blame this on the Black man. They blame the GAYS. Watcht-out, we are coming to eat your babies.

  • eddie beskeddie

    graham is like jesus – deaf.

  • ted-

    Will he die already?

    • EdA

      You’re thinking of his anti-Semitic father, perhaps, who has been holding on to life by his fingernails for decades, presumably in fear that he actually MIGHT get to meet his maker after he croaks and who, based on the words put into Jesus’ mouth, would be mighty pissed at the piece of Santorum and of most other Southern Baptists, Southern Methodists, and the other Christianist Fundamentalists who exemplify why Jesus wanted to have nothing to do with them.

      • ted-

        Nope, I meant him. That old fuck can kick the bucket too.

  • Jason Jehosephat

    This is an example of what gets me about prayer. If Jesus wants Kim Davis to win, then there’s no need to pray to Jesus for Davis to win, because she’s going to. If Jesus doesn’t want Davis to win, then to pray for Davis to win is to contradict Jesus’ intentions, which just doesn’t strike me as a good idea.

  • Ann Kah

    Sure, go and pray. Or maybe play tiddlywinks. Either one works just as well, and both keep you amused and out of our hair.

  • Tempus Fuggit

    Pray…? That’s it? C’mon, you’re just not trying. This calls for a good, long fast. At least six months.

  • HappyDance904

    Kentucky Clownty!

  • Franciscan

    Lord, I pray that little Kimmie will be forgotten by the newspapers and nobody will ever have to read her deplorable opinions again!

    • (((GC)))

      Kim who? 🙂

  • Richard B

    As the legend goes, Franklin’s god, the one who created the expansive universe and all those those pesky same sex loving gayz, the same god who wisely guided the US Supreme Court to allow those pesky same sex loving gayz to get married. Franklin is making a national plea to Christians everywhere to pray to that same god that made the gayz to intervene and not let one of those God made gayz get elected to a county clerk post held by a serial adulterer, something Jesus had a lot to say about.
    Though Franklin Graham is a recovering cocaine addict, a case can be made that Franklin fried his brain a long time ago and God chose not to heal him.

  • romanhans

    UK headline: Opposition grows to visit by Franklin Graham, who is accused of ‘hate speech’ for remarks about Islam and gay people.

    I much prefer the European idea criminalization of hate speech to American free speech, especially when it doesn’t allow religion as a justification for bigotry.

  • TimJ

    Thanks Franklin! The Steve Bannon of the Teavangelicals.

  • agcons

    If I were the praying sort, Fraudlin, I’d pray that Kim’s gravy train would soon hit a brick wall.

  • Debby Gossett French

    Every job has requirements. You can’t work as a cook at a steak house and refuse to serve meat, you can’t work as a cashier and refuse to handle money and you can’t work at a strip club and refuse to take your clothes off. Why does she believe that she has the right to decide when she will do her job and refuse service to anyone she wishes? She should have been fired. She doesn’t have the disposition for the job. She needs to find another career.

  • JT

    Their god is created in the image of their vice and bigotry.

    • Gianni

      That’s a fair point.

  • JT

    Maybe Roy Moore should ply his trade in Kentucky.

    No one has challenged Kentucky’s law, which allows judges to approve
    marriages for children 15 and younger, provided the female is pregnant.
    Children 16 and 17 can marry with parental consent.

  • BeaverTales

    Just saw a video of one of his sermons.He used to be a somewhat handsome old dude, but now age, easy living and hate are making him look like shit. He’s beginning to look like the cryptkeeper in Tales from the Crypt. He’ll be around for 50 more years, if his dad’s lifespan influences his.

  • HZ81

    She helped him with the paperwork? This Kim Davis person sounds like a traitor!

  • margaretpoa

    Actually she wasn’t doing her job by refusing to sign marriage licenses.

    • Gianni

      Franky’s not going to bring that fact up in his nonsensical argument. It’s smells too much like truth.

    • customartist

      That fact and the COST to taxpayers will surely be a campaign focus

  • Marion Hermannsen

    So let’s look at this: who do you think Jesus loves more? A thrice-divorced, sour-faced adulteress who actively makes people’s lives miserable? Or a guy who accepts the way God’s made him, spreads love and acceptance, and wants to serve the community? Hmmmm, hard choice…

    • Gianni

      One thing: Good Christians like Franky don’t accept that. WE CHOOSE to go against the will of God and defy how He created us to be. We’re all str8 and he and those other well known mouthpieces will swear to that on the Bobble. I don’t know how gay people manage to do it but we do. We just don’t accept our hetero natures and instead become dick lickers for the hell of it. In this thing with Franky, I can’t quite grasp why he doesn’t like the idea of a gay man doing Kim’s current job. What’s it to him? Plus, it’s in Kentucky, not where he is. I do know that if he gets elected to Kim’s position, he’ll certainly do the job he’s supposed to do and not stick his nose in where it doesn’t belong – in the personal lives of those whom the law says can be legally married.

      • AdamTh

        What is it to Franky?

        Money. MONEY! He has to have something to whine about so the sheeple will keep sending him money.

        • Gianni

          Too true! It is all about money. If their loyal listeners didn’t give them money to sit and listen to what is otherwise a load of crap, guys like him would have to look deeper into their Bobble to find someone else to hate and stop from “frightening” them.

  • Gianni

    I wonder if Franky and all those other evangelical talking heads ever wonder why so many of their prayers don’t get answered in the way they want and why their congregants never ask them about that?

    • customartist

      The Baby Jeezus “has a plan”

  • KnownDonorDad

    “Pray for Kim Davis as her stand for her religious convictions put her back into the news again.

    He tipped his hand. It’s all about her media martyrdom.

  • Rudiger J. Hamsworth

    You believe prayer works and that’s your wish?

  • Nicholas Fulford

    “And if thy right wing offend thee, pluck it out of office and cast it into the electoral desert. For it is better that you should lose an erection than to be cast into the state prison as a pedo for Jesus.”

  • Dagoril

    Doesn’t their Jesus have more important things to worry about?

  • Grumpys cats Best Friend

    Who is this mysterious person you call god?

    • Opinion Sousaphones

      A non-corporeal pyschopath… given to mass murder, rape, and the general abuse of all non-whites, non-straights, or non-males… generally speaking, just about the worst person imaginable. So unrelentingly awful that it is a near certainty that he (usually “he,” but sometimes “she”) does not exist… or so it is to be hoped.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Fuck you, you god dammed pos !!

  • Bob M

    I hope that Mr. Ermold makes sure his filing is properly flied and not messed up on some “clerical error” by the clerk…

  • Charles Nelson

    Graham wants a thousand parishioners to sign over their Social Security checks…he found out that he needs a new Lear jet…the old one has a full ash tray!

  • KaBoomBOX

    Bye-bye tax exempt status, asshole.

  • Terry

    I hope the guy wins. I shoukd check to see if there is a dialer for him. I wonder if a decent Republican will Primary her for making a mockery of their County

    Graham: He is nothing more than a hateful ideologue hiding behind God, just like Moore

  • Nowhereman

    Take that beam out of your eye and go fuck yourself with it, Frankie.

  • JackNasty

    God must be out of money again. Good thing he has Franklin Graham to collect more for him. Nothing else opens fundamentalists’ wallets like hating gay people.

  • Outtruder

    When one reviews history, God has used bad kings to bring about His will. What was entended for bad He turns around and uses it to accomplish His purposes.
    The kings are like water and He absolutely directs their course.

  • elvis singleton

    bird of a feather flock together graham an moore are both birds of a feather