FLORIDA: Baptist Hate Preacher Gives Advice On How To Avoid “Flaming Foo-Foo Fruit Loop” Waiters [VIDEO]

“If I ever go to a restaurant and sit down and here comes this flaming foo-foo fruit loop – I’m just like, oh great. I’m here to have a date night, enjoy some time with my wife and because of the lisps, I can’t even, you know. My recommendation – if you don’t just get up and leave – my recommendation is just don’t order anything. You sit there patiently and look around and you will find a lady that looks like a mom, that looks like a very diligent worker.

“You will find somebody that you notice that’s busy, that’s doing stuff. You say, ‘Yeah, that’s the one right there!’ You walk up to them and you say, ‘Hey, what’s your name? Have we had you before? Can we get you over here?’ I guarantee you it always works. That’s how you avoid a gay waiter.” – Jacksonville Stedfast Baptist Pastor Adam Fannin.

Unsurprisingly, Stedfast Baptist is on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list titled Active Anti-LGBT Hate Groups.

(Tipped by JMG reader Kent)

  • Todd20036

    That waiter probably has coworkers that won’t put up with your shit.

    And frankly, the last thing you want to do is piss off people who are making your food.

    Honestly, it’s obvious you want cock, and got guilted into hating yourself over it.


    • zhera

      Yeah, this guy has eaten a lot of spit and worse things if this is what he does at restaurants.

      Such a moran.

      • Tom Furgas

        He’ll be lucky if it’s only spit that he’s been eating at restaurants.

        • Tom Furgas

          A waiter at a posh restaurant in London was once asked if they monkey with the food even in a high-class establishment like theirs. He answered “Margaret Thatcher has eaten my sperm five times”.

    • iambu

      Seriously. SERIOUSLY don’t mess with the people that make or bring you your food. How many loogies you think this brainiac’s wolfed down unwittingly? I’d say lots…

  • Apart from the homophobia. that is the surest way to get the staff at a restaurant to fucking hate you. Thanks for sharing. I guarantee the next meal you eat out will have jizz in it.

  • Boreal
  • safari
    • Boreal

      Bingo. Mary wants a big dick in her mouth badly. She can’t get it out of her mind.

    • Those Onion writers. No one else can so easily distill an entire issue into one sarcastic headline.

      • AJ Drew

        Their creative brains have been working overtime for the past year; tough to out-Poe DT.

    • Galvestonian

      …because it’s there.

  • DreadPikathulhu

    Methinks the girl protests too much.

  • Ninja0980

    Great way to get a laxative in your food.

  • Jonathan Smith

    or just never eat out.

  • aagold76 .

    post his pic in your restaurant- and have every waiter spit in his food.

  • caphillprof

    The gay waiter prevents him from concentrating on his wife; instead he concentrates on the gay waiter.

    • Gustav2

      All the while saying, “NO HOMO!” in his head.

      • AaronD12

        …and nervously shuffling in his chair, trying to hide his throbbing boner.

        • doninkansas

          I’m sure that even I feel he were naked, no now would notice. He probabably has a Ken doll crotch.

        • Joseph Miceli

          Mrs. Fannin : “Adam, honey…how come every time we go out to eat you want to go home right after and have me play with your butt?”

  • Kelly Lape

    Spitting in the food of assholes is wrong… just saying.

  • VodkaAndPolitics

    Isn’t it funny how he’s supposed to be on a date night with his wife and THE ONLY thing he can think about is the gay Waiter…..

    • safari

      And his pouty, lisping lips. And the way those pants frame his taught bottom… is he a bottom? Is my wife looking? I’m getting the weirdest boner.

      • Todd20036

        Bet he’s a whiny bottom who is pissed every time he has to fuck his wife without so much as a dildo in his hole.

        • David Walker

          She’s a total bottom!

          • unsavedheathen

            Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

        • Stephen Elliot Phillips

          I bet he craves brown dick at a rest stop.
          Tap tap tap goes his foot

          • Jeff

            @Stephen Elliott Phillips: Many of us consider brown dick to be far superior to white dick… Please do not cast brown dick in a negative light, which is kinda racist. Thx

          • Stephen Elliot Phillips

            I have no problem with any dick. Im not the racist closet case.

          • Jeff

            Thank you, Stephen… I thought that was probably the case, but I just wanted to raise awareness about the racism inferred when people use the colorful terms “brown dick” or “black dick”. For messaging purposes in the United States, it is probably safest to say that all dick is created equal. Gay men are of course acutely aware that nature’s dick distribution covers quite an array of dimensions and densities. Some men were gifted by nature, some were shockingly shortchanged, and some transgender FTM men had their surgically created and installed. This variety of sizing is actually a good thing because the human body’s orifices (known to receive weiners) are also vastly different, and cannot always accommodate larger volumes of penis flesh. For some, orifice capacity is hardly an issue..

          • dempseyzdad

            But nothing wrong with saying “Brown dick is *far superior* to white dick”.

          • itsnwman

            Good point, he should be against the stereotypes as well as the words. Because gay men who have had lots o dicks all know that NO one race is all well endowed. But when you find a guy who is, WELL…

          • Dre

            Well I’m my opinion the white dick is far superior to other dicks,so to each their own lol;)

          • In the dark, all dicks are black. :o)

          • Harley

            Jeff. You letter is oddly arousing.

          • Mike Solo

            See, I read that as brown dick meaning undouched dick as its hasty and he didn’t prepare….

          • David Larson

            To say one is superior to another based on color on EITHER direction is racist

          • Dre

            I’m pretty sure everyone that is talking about brown dick,white dick and soon is just having fun..as many said before dicks of all colors do the job

          • seant426

            Hmph, I’ve never met a dick I didn’t like. 😂

          • nocadrummer
          • anne marie in philly

            everybody h8s THAT dick!

          • itsnwman

            Well played, sir!

          • seant426
      • Nic Peterson

        JAX boys! Time to dig up a Grindr profile.

    • Guess

      “I can’t even, y’know…”

      • ranchdad

        He can’t even ..y’know stop from being turned on. It won’t be long before we find out he’s going to an escort and asking to PnP

        • narutomania

          Add the little detail that it’s an underage escort who was … uuhh, assisting with his officework, and you got yourself the head story of the 11:00 News.

          • ranchdad

            Oh yeah OR helping him “lift his luggage.”

          • Librarykid

            or hold his hose

          • Tom Furgas

            Yes, the “head” story.

          • David Walker

            Now, now. Let’s not start rumors. We all know it was that kinda weird, kinda cute boy scout working on his God & Country badge.

      • narutomania

        (hahaha) THAT little phrase right thar is the gayest thing in his diatribe. He might as well have done a hair-toss at the end and stomped his little espadrilles.

      • Librarykid

        So eloquent in his speech. It looks like the Flat Rock Rising Spring Cool Water Seminary and diesel mechanics training school did not teach anything about improving communication skills except, “Yell Louder.” I have often wondered if the volume is directly proportional to the size of the lie. I have yet to hear a rabbi yell or shout unless it is a raised voice to be heard over the after service gab-fest to start Kiddush.

    • Yixing’s Fluffer

      “I have no choice, honey; I MUST OGLE HIS BOOTY. It’s Satan’s fault!”

      • Todd20036

        Read that last bit as, “It’s Santa’s fault”

        • Jonathan Smith

          ’tis the season.

          • 2patricius2

            To be gay.

          • Jonathan Smith

            oh, honey.
            ’tis ALWAYS that season.

          • Galvestonian

            OHMIGAWD – It’s been that season since I was 8 years old and you just couldn’t get me out of the men’s locker room at the swim club … I just wanted to stay in there forever.

          • nocadrummer

            ♪♫ Fa la la la la, La la la la. ♫♪
            (All the way back from the tearoom.)

        • Same guy, just a dyslexic spelling error.

    • CraigNJ

      … and then he seeks out a mother figure when he can’t control his urges.

    • Galvestonian

      OooooH yeah, get them sinful thoughts outta his head … otherwise he’ll be checking out that hot waiters butt and basket and getting really, really sinful thoughts about getting a BJ or pumping the get all outta that sweet butt … oh my YES!!!

    • Igby

      So much so that he had to write a sermon about it.

    • gary whitehead

      Ha, ha, so TRUE!!

    • Noe Godinez Palomino Jr.

      He is a closet case at it’s best.

      • charemor

        All of the hand motion in the video sure turned my gaydar on.

  • Joe

    Very Christlike.

  • basementmatt

    If I ever go to a restaurant and sit down and here comes this flaming foo-foo fruit loop – I’m just like, oh great.

    unsaid: I hope he doesn’t recognize me from Scuff

  • Blake Mason

    His wife must be a winner if he is easily distracted my a feminine acting waiter… closet case.

  • Tomcat

    Too bad the restaurant cannot discriminate the way this guy does. They want their rights but refuse others theirs.

  • ceeenbee

    I find that the best way to avoid a southern baptist, bigoted, fool is to them, when they try and preach the gospel, that mythological sky faeries do not exist and there are very good medications on the market to to treat irrational and delusional behavior.

  • fuow

    Wow. And yet, the ‘Christians’ claim THEY’RE the victims. Why yes, I was screaming there.

    • Gustav2

      Of course, if they get a gay wait in a public restaurant they are being persecuted.

    • Misutaa Roboto

      But if I remember correctly, just a year ago they were not allowed to say “Merry Christmas”. Anyone caught uttering those words was quickly dragged off to the FEMA camps by Obama’s storm troopers. Who else has known such persecution as Evangelical Christians?

      • Jonathan Smith

        oh, IDK……..EVERY FUCKING ONE?!?!?!?!?!

  • JaniceInToronto

    Truly a man of God.


  • JackFknTwist

    It gives me great ‘not-so-guilty pleasure’ that we can make his little insignificant night out so uncomfortable.
    The guy is obsessed with what pleasure a cock can give.

  • Tomcat

    One day he might be surprised when his date gets up throws water in his face and walks out.

  • Frostbite

    I’m not religious. But if I were I’d look for a religious leader that didn’t look like a bigoted pretentious shithead.

  • Wesinoregon

    He’s not my idea of a real man.

  • HeyYouKidsGetOffMyLawn

    And yet he’s wearing a look created for him by gay men.

    Ten years ago.

  • JRDC

    It’s a fact. Latent, homosexual preachers avoid gay waiters.

    • boatboy_srq

      …in public.

  • Guess

    Gotta love the inference that the (possibly) gay waiter is NOT a “diligent worker.” Because, gay.

    • -M-

      And that the mom-looking woman automatically isn’t gay.

      • Or doesn’t love that gay waiter like a son?

        • Jonathan Smith

          yes, he does.
          kicked him out of the house, because “god”
          and ignored him for the rest of his life.

          • I think our wires got crossed in the mail. I was talking about the motherly looking waitress that POS suggested the bigot customer find to wait on them, rather than the gay one. And I said that the motherly looking waiter could very well love the gay one like a son.

          • Jonathan Smith

            My bad. Hugs!

          • ¯_(ツ)_/¯

            Hey, it happens, no worries fella!

      • zhera

        Or that women should work outside of the home. How non-Christian of him!

    • Chicago joe

      It’s not about the work ethics, it’s about his latent attraction to men and an obvious gay Mann gets his motor running, causing him shame and thus this rant.

  • Scott Fitler

    They edited out the part where he says “I don’t want that gay man near me because then people might see how similar we are…”

    • Guess

      *”spseospsle might psee how pspimilar we are…”


    But he can’t avoid gay Jesus…. 2000 years, and Jesus still hasn’t found the right woman.

    • Strangely enough they scream to the highest peaks when anyone suggests Jeebus was married, and fathered a child.

    • minidriver

      The disciples were quite well-developed thanks to hauling all those fishing nets day after day.

      • djcoastermark

        I always thought walking around in fishnets all day would be very uncomfortable.

        • David L. Caster

          Particularly with hairy legs.

        • Galvestonian

          Depends on how you’re built … give me muscles every time.

    • David Walker

      Well, a boy’s best friend is his mother.

    • Strepsi

      LOL i do love that movie, and him in it. Plus, Michael T Weiss

      • Robincho

        Herr Weiß ist SEHR heiß…

      • Sadly, I think the editing in Sterling’s big scene near the end (the one in the hospital) undermined what is a fabulous performance. It’s a big payoff. In the theater that whole scene builds to a big payoff for the character (and sums up what the play is about). In the movie there are weird pauses that interrupt the flow. Too bad. With better editing that would have gotten him an Oscar nomination. Even so, he’s spot on (and I saw some very good people do it on stage). I love Patrick Stewart anyway, but I don’t think I was IN love with him until this movie.

  • JoeMyGod
    • AJ Drew

      Any server worth their weight in the amount of salt they’ve refilled on one shift knows exactly how to deal with that, and it’s more about making sure that customer never returns, than some health-department horror story.

      Entrees arrived before appetizers. Oops.
      Water never refilled? Oops.
      “I don’t know why your THIRD credit card has been declined, but I can try again if you want…?”

      • Joseph Miceli

        Yes! Exactly right!

      • teele

        Some people lack the ability to pick up on subtle clues. I once worked in an upscale restaurant, and on a hectic Saturday night in high season, a patron approached the manager and angrily complained, saying “every time I come here, the food is terrible and the service sucks!” The manager looked at him pleasantly and replied, “it’s a wonder you keep coming back.” Some folks have to be hit over the head with it.

    • JCF
  • Lakeview Bob

    God, he represents everything that is wrong with Christianity.

  • boatboy_srq

    That’s a hell of a lot of words, when “lead us not into temptation” would have sufficed.

    • whollyfool


  • pj

    must have found out that the guy who told him to fuck off at the bar last night was a waiter at a nearby restaurant.

  • Harveyrabbit

    Normal person gives advice on how to avoid rabid dumbass bigoted preachers…
    Punch them in the throat and kick em in the nuts.


  • Hank
    • kareemachan

      Me neither.

      • Galvestonian

        I think he was forced out of politics thru some Republican scheme …

  • Boreal

    How long before he gets busted with an underage boy?

  • safari

    I bet he’s also a generous tipper.

    • boatboy_srq

      And the best service gets all four inches.

      • Boreal

        I think you are being generous with five.

        • boatboy_srq

          Indeed. Hence the edit.

    • minidriver

      with stacks of chick tracts disguised as half of a $10 bill.

    • Jonathan Smith

      sure, several bible tracts………
      whenever someone handed those to me when i was waiting, i would make a point of crushing them and throwing them in the trash in front of them. 🙂

  • Jmdintpa

    if you click the link, go to the top, you will see the phone number… thats where i found it…. just saying.

  • William

    Running into yesterday’s trick can be awkward.

  • sadoldguy

    It will come out he is into kids or animals.

    • Galvestonian

      …naaaaw … this ‘un is into piss or crap – that’s why the toilets at his church look like you could eat outta them.

  • Bluto
    • kaydenpat

      I’m going to assume that that is from a comedy because that couldn’t be real. LOL.

  • Jose De la Cruz
    • zhera

      Haha, I was thinking of this.

      The dumbass preacher didn’t think about who’s making the food…

  • David Bradbury

    “don’t just get up and leave” I’m betting it’s because he COULDN’T stand up… #protesttoomuch

    • Jonathan Smith

      actually, it’s because he was standing up, (wink,wink, nudge, nudge)

  • Yixing’s Fluffer

    I’m worried about what this closet case is going to do to that poor waiter when he corners him in the hallway in the back.

    • Guess

      **Bends over** “Make this quick, fruit loop, I got a Senate seat to run for!”

  • Guess

    Mr. Stedfast Baptist got them Daddy Issues. Run to Momma! Run!

  • Tawreos

    It’s a meal, 1 meal out of thousands the average person in America will eat in their lifetime. Depending on the time of day and the type of restaurant you will have maybe 5 minutes of conversation with this person, but his hate will not let him act like a decent human being for 5 fucking minutes.

    I have never cared about how my waiter looks or their gender or anything beyond can you do the job in a professional manner, as it should be. The only time I have ever cared about the waiter is if I have had them before and they were terrible. That’s it.

    • David Walker

      One of the few things I remember from a “How to Make Friends and Influence People” course I took (because it was paid for and I felt obligated to go) is to get the server’s name when s/he greets you, and then use it throughout the dinner. Service tends to get a little more personal. The real payoff, though, is when you go there the next time and you ask if s/he is working tonight and, if yes, could you sit in that section? That will impress the host who will seat you in that section and tell the person you asked specifically for her/him. We did that at one restaurant for quite some time…as soon as our favorite person saw us, she got our drinks and we’d chat a bit before she took our order. A person has a name. Learn it, use it, and make that frequently anonymous person’s day.

      • killreligion

        I’m sure it works but good service should be anonymous and barely visible. The best waiters, by the end of your meal, you don’t even see them, they are so efficient and quiet

        • David Walker

          That may be true, depending where you dine. I tend to appreciate a job well done and I think that person deserves to be noticed and thanked and not just by a tip. Granted, the tip can express more than words, but I do like being personal…not chatty, but to acknowledge that s/he is a person and to thank them for making dinner a good experience.

        • Maybe they “read” me, but I tend to get the servers who are snarky and fun and throw some sass my way. I LOVE it! (Or maybe they just throw this in the direction of all gay patrons.) Anyway, it always gets them a nice tip.

      • CottonBlimp

        To be quite honest, that would horrify me as a waiter. I get wanting to be treated as a person, but when I’m working I just want to be a robot that gets paid, then I leave work and interact with the people of my choosing.

        • David Walker

          And I think I would pick up on that and go along with it.

  • Ninja0980

    Another closet case, great.

  • Beth Sanders

    My dear friend Sue Ellen is a very active member of this church and always praises this, strong, handsome, Christian man! I have heard many of his sermons and this is just a little bit of naughty gossip from Sue Ellen… Do not Pastor Fannin this, but every now and then when he passes by he lets out a loose toot and many of the parishoners complain! Sue Ellen says that she has friends who stop going because of the flatulents but she is ardent!! Please pray to fix Pastor Fannin’s flatulent problem.

    In Christ,

  • Leo
    • Boreal

      A fucking bible study. Why, just why?

    • Reality.Bites

      So in other words he was mistaken about which one offered to do “anything”

  • lymis

    So, a pastor is recommending that on a date night, you abandon your date and walk up to strange women and
    “You say, ‘Yeah, that’s the one right there!’ You walk up to them and you say, ‘Hey, what’s your name? Have we had you before?”

    Most street hookers would be offended by that approach, much less restaurant staff.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Umm chances are the ” flamers’ ” coworker will tell you to fuck off and get out.

    • clay

      or assume it’s because he seems a fan of over-working women as a way to harass them from the paid labor-force.

  • Hank

    Saturday night, I went out to dinner at a nearby restaurant… J.Marks…. the waiter was HOT and even my boyfriend noted and ogled. We got excellent and friendly service. Then again, after dinner. we went on to see the South Florida Gay Men’s Chorus for “dessert”.

  • Bomer

    As someone who’s been a waiter, twice, it always amazes me the amount of people that haven’t figured out it isn’t a good idea to piss off the people that handle your food.

  • ChrisInKansas

    He looks exactly like the type who pretends they hate what they’re doing in a gay-for-pay video, yet has the hardest boner and cums the quickest.

  • Adam Stevens

    As a former waiter, 2 words for this shitbag:

    Snot burger.

  • kareemachan

    Wow. As a former waitress (during college), I’d just say this to him: “Sod off.”

  • netxtown

    ******** OT *******

    don’t know if it is an issue (payload) yet. i just got hijacked coming into this thread. some ‘you just won’ bullshit….

    • Reality.Bites

      I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. Hijacked by what?

      • netxtown

        got a full screen popup….with some odd foreign voice. usually you have to click on some button to get snagged.

        • Jonathan Smith

          hope you ran an UPDATED anti-virus………

        • ChrisMorley

          Try Firefox for Pop-Up Suppression

          Open the “Mozilla FireFox” Browser.
          Click on the drop down menu on the top left corner of the firefox browser, and select “Options.”
          The “Options” window will open.
          Click on the “Content” tab.
          check the “Block pop-up windows”.
          click the “ok” button.
          Pop-Up Windows is now blocked in Mozilla Firefox Browser.

          • netxtown

            I have always blocked popups. This particular popup came through anyway.

            don’t take this the wrong way…..but…..I’m a systems administrator. I know my way around a bit….

            FWIW – I cant see most of the stuff at JMG unless I turn off the tracking protection in FF.

    • safari

      If you’re on iOS this is an issue that comes up every so often. Let Joe know.

      • ChrisInKansas

        I get it on my iPad every so often. Not lately though.

      • netxtown

        nope win7 – and I sit behind a full router w/ firewall.

        • Jonathan Smith
          • netxtown

            because win10 sucks. it’s got more backdoors than i could stomach. Put a sniffer in place – and you’ll see all kinds of stuff going on with MS and partners.

          • safari

            (It’s free to update to 10 through the 31st if you claim you need accessibility features. Not pushing you to, but it is $120 after that.)

          • netxtown

            I’ll wait for 11. I did the free upgrade. Two weeks later – I rolled it out of Win10. I don’t need or want MS and partners sniffing my ass at every juncture.

          • safari

            In theory there won’t be an 11.

          • Jonathan Smith

            of course not.
            “In theory”
            BUT….if they can make $20 off it, there WILL be.

          • Christopher Smith

            I sincerely regret having changed over to Win10. you are so right about the ass-sniffing–MS is nearly as fascist as faceplant!

          • netxtown

            Not a fan boy. Being at the front of the line has never been appealing…

      • Hank

        Ever since I updated to High Sierra, OS 10.13, every time I open another article, i have to re-log into Discus!!!

        • safari

          I’ve had a ton of issues with Chrome doing that to me. I switched to Firefox or (ahem) Safari because of it. I think it has something to do with one of my extensions, though.

          • Jonathan Smith

            personally, i use Opera. never seem to have these problems…..

          • Hank

            I only use Safari, and never had a problem until this latest update. Then again, FaceTime no longer works on this computer since the update.

    • jmax

      I have that happen when I’m on my phone, and only happens with JMG.

    • Ninja0980

      Got it as well.
      Ran a virus scan to be safe.

    • netxtown

      OK…just got this fucking thing again. It is coming off one of an advertisement as it happens within a micro second of turning off tracking protections. It appears to target anyone on Verizon Wireless.

      I captured the address:


      I have added a zero-width non-breaking space in several places to block the url from being an active link.

  • ChrisInKansas

    I doubt someone like this has the balls to do something even as innocent as that. It’s just a “funny story” that people who would come to a shitty church like that would laugh at.

    • ChrisInKansas

      I shouldn’t say “innocent”…”simple” may be a better choice of words.

  • netxtown

    imagine if the foo-foo fruit loop waiter is mommy-looking’s son…..

  • Robincho

    He’s just pissed that they ran out of coq au vin and spotted dick…

    • Reality.Bites

      Everyone there spotted dick the minute he walked in.

      • ChrisInKansas

        “Oh God. Another churchy type who tips in phony 10 dollar bills. You take him.”

  • worstcultever

    What in the goddamn actual fuck? An adult human person somewhere actually blathered this absurdist, bizarre nonsense? About a hypothetical fucking waitperson in a fucking restaurant?

  • Porkie

    Meantime …somewhere in Jacksonville………

  • Renfield

    You say, ‘Yeah, that’s the one right there!’ You walk up to them and you then “move on her like a bitch”?

  • Mrs. Councillor Nugent

    Of course you can afford a night out with your wife, because your scam doesn’t pay any taxes.

  • jayjonson

    What a mess this a–hole is.

  • ChrisMorley

    Pastor Baptist Bigot is easily contacted:


    [email protected]

    5808 Normandy Blvd #10, Jacksonville, FL 32205

    • kareemachan

      Thank you.

    • Guess

      Next week’s “Sermon”: “We’re under attack!”
      **Passes the plate four extra times**

  • FAEN

    Me thinks she doth protest too fucking much.

    • ChrisMorley

      He’s trying to take his mind off the D by repetitive breeding


      • jmax

        Judging by the long dresses and uncut hair on the womenfolk, I’m guessing Apostolic Baptists, like Kimmy Davis.

        • Jonathan Smith

          so…..most of them are ready to get married?

        • ChrisMorley

          Well spotted.

      • FAEN

        That’s. Just. Creepy.

      • DumbHairyApe

        Which one’s his wife? These days with Roy Moore and his kind, you never know…

        • ChrisMorley

          I assume the one who’s sitting as far away as possible.
          Annual breeding is tough on women’s bodies and spirit.

          • Silver Badger

            Yeah, but then you get to replace then with a younger one.

      • DumbHairyApe

        Sixth from the left is in violation of the cult’s denim dress code.

      • Silver Badger

        Notice the wide stance. Even when sitting.

  • SDG

    What a superdouche. I betcha he is a closet-case.

    “What’s your name, have I had you before”….

    • Guess

      “No, but I hear you’ve had several guys in this place. And you can call me Stan.”

  • Dan Ryan

    Such a shame this type of Baptist scum infests the south, especially in JAX.

  • 1980Gardener

    Too bad. He’s handsome.

    • worstcultever

      He’s as ugly as the day is long. Fixed it for you.

    • Jonathan Smith

      in a christ-o-phobist way……………
      ican’t let my wife and kids or ESPECIALLY my church know that I know where EVERY gloryhole on the interstate is located……..

    • JAKvirginia

      Maybe on the outside. Inside rotten as all get out.

  • Ham

    I’d be shocked but as a gay waiter, at the time, I’ve had gay customers who have specifically asked for me because they didn’t want to be served by the black waiter. It’s all the same bullshit.

    • JAKvirginia


    • Reality.Bites

      Not that I begin to condone them trying to avoid a black waiter, but at least those gay customers aren’t conducting public seminars on how to do it.

      (One takes what small victories one can these days)

      • Ham

        Oh clearly you’ve never met a racist gay guy (in New Orleans). It may not be a seminar but I can assure you they hold court on this issue any chance they can get.

    • Jonathan Smith

      nope. sorry. fuck you. THERE is your waiter.
      Black, brown, gay or in a fucking tutu. if you can’t deal, GET THE FUCK OUT. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/71059ef19ea6959f0886dc0882d2d80e60c3d84e1c9de32ec3a507d5d7a6816c.jpg

  • DaveMiller135

    News Flash: All waiters are gay! Avoid the hassle altogether; just stay home.

    Also, to be clear, every time you have tried to rearrange the staffing of the tables in a restaurant you were visiting, the overworked waitress you dumped yourself on, had the gay waiter piss in your soup.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Better hope your paramedic aint no homo

    • JAKvirginia

      Or blood donor! You might get teh gey cooties! /s

  • sfjohn

    NOT how it works dumbshit: Waiters are assigned a certain area of ‘tables’ – you don’t wander around waiting for some closet-case to decide on you

  • Rocco

    Pathetic. Adam certainly is fannin’ something, I’d say his own flames. It’s funny how he thinks he is pointing somebody else out to others, or helpfully guiding others through a difficult situation. He has no idea how much of a confession he is making…lol. Miss Thing is in for some turbulence down the road. Good luck, gurrrl, better pray the waiter doesn’t have good memory…

  • BeckyMansour

    people pay to hear this shyt?

  • Dayglo

    Meanwhile, the “foo foo” waiter is thinking to himself “This guy again. Monosyllabic non-tipping troglodyte who’ll eat with his hands and will ask if we offer free Mountain Dew refills.”

  • Puck

    When will people learn? Don’t piss off the people making your food! All you have to do is ask for a female waitress, politely! The worst they will think is you are a sexist pig wanting a female waitress with your wife at your side.

    I am sure if he really did this he has had more spit in his food than food!

    • worstcultever

      People like this shouldn’t go out at all. They don’t deserve to live in a decent & respectful society.

      • Jonathan Smith

        so, they live in America

  • Achilles Tsakiridis

    Do all of the gay waiters a favor . Order in .

  • Mike

    Obviously this guy us super gay, right? I can hardly wait for his tricks to come forward to tell us all about his kinks.

  • 2patricius2

    But what does the straight waiter do when they find they are assigned to wait on this flaming bigot closet case minister? Of what does the gay waiter do when they find they are assigned to this closet case they saw in a gay bar, and he throws a tantrum about not wanting a gay waiter? Hmmm….

    • Jonathan Smith

      “But what does the straight waiter do when they find they are assigned to wait on this flaming bigot closet case minister?”
      lisp and mince and let the fucker starve.

      • Silver Badger

        You just know that the tip will be so bad that being his waiter will not be worth the trouble he will cause.

        • Jonathan Smith

          it would be anyway.
          ‘Ya think he tips his “lady that looks like a mom” anything?

  • Frommer_Gast

    I do not understand the sentence: “because of the lisp I cannot even you know.”
    While it is certainly true that there are things I would never do in the presence of a lisping waiter, none of these I would perform in the presence of a non-lisping waiter.

  • That_Looks_Delicious

    He looks so much like that one in Arizona who says the same kind of things. Steve something-or-other. Both of them make my gaydar ping.

  • Gene Perry

    Oh, Mary, please … a homo waiter is the LEAST of your problems.

  • Gigi

    Normal, well adjusted heterosexual men don’t talk like this. This guy must have his own private glory hole down at the bus station and this rant was after he’d blown a dozen or more men from his church men’s group.

  • Guess

    MABEL: **puts down dishwater** “Okay, ya got me. Whaddaya have?”
    PASTOR FANNIEPACK: “Oh, I’ll have the Cream of Sum Yung Gai. And how bout you, dear? Oh, wait, I forgot, I’m a Real Christian. She’ll have the house salad.”

  • liondon#iamnotatraitor

    He needs to talk about how to avoid self loathing closet cases on Grndr.

  • Slippy_World
    • AmeriCanadian

      Actually, I like Woody Harrelson a lot so that wouldn’t really bother me so much. 😉

      • Strepsi

        yea, and he does yoga so he’s probably very bendy

  • Rex

    I guess Jesus’ commandment to “Love Thy Neighbor” doesn’t apply to him.

    • Jonathan Smith

      you missed the small print apparently.

  • BlindBill

    Best practice is to tell the host/hostess that you do not want gay people waiting on you or cooking your food when you call in for your reservation (preferably) or when you arrive at the restaurant. I am sure all employees will then work together to make sure your meal is memorable.

    This trick also works to prevent blacks, Mexicans, Jews, Muslims, and liberals from participating in your special night.

    • AJ Drew

      lolz. Yes, and upon parading out the entire kitchen staff, said patron would explode in a puff of smoke.

  • SilasMarner

    It still amazes me that there are assholes like this in the world. And I wish you would just get up and leave. We don’t want your kind in public place. Stay home, lock your doors, close and lock all the windows and pull down the shades.

  • Cuberly Deux
    • Strepsi

      I know! He takes his wife out for “date night” and scans the room for gay waiters — he’s obsssssessssed

      • BeaverTales

        We call it being clockable for that very reason!

  • Spongebob CrankyPants


  • clay

    Here’s hoping that mom-looking wait staff has a cold and sneezes on all their plates, or, I hear Hepatitis is going around in north Florida, just because he’s probably politically opposed to sick days for low-pay service workers.

  • Seven little words: “We reserve the right to refuse service…”

  • AJ Drew

    Hmm. “How to avoid a gay server?”

    Order take-out.

    • Jonathan Smith

      the driver might be gay!!!!!!!!!!

      • AJ Drew

        Ah, so many technicalities… um, he could pick up order at restaurant? Oh, cashier might be gay, so back to flow-chart origin. Hmm… meh, super-macho jerk’s barefoot, pregnant wife should be making his food anyway. grrr.

        • Silver Badger

          Or her mother if she has to take the night off to have another baby.

    • Guess


      • Silver Badger

        Will the sales clerk at the store have to supply a certificate of heterosexuality? How about the stock clerk? The delivery driver?

  • northern_neighbour

    He just reinforces the white ‘Murican Ah’m soooo ENTITLED hate stereotypes of his clientele, all of which has absolutely ZERO to do with what Jesus, historical or otherwise said in the gospels of the bible. These preachers are the poster children for all the things that are horribly and terribly wrong with America today, and Roy Moore is the archetype … but we’ll likely see tomorrow morning just how entrenched this religiosity CANCER and its inseparable hate-speech have become in “Murica.

    Nothing funny about any of it, however.

  • BeaverTales

    Is that the same gambit you use when you have a black waiter??

    • David Walker

      Absolutely not! Colored folks are created by god to serve us superior white xns. Don’t you read your holy scriptures?

      • BeaverTales

        Yup, no tip necessary…did you see The Help? Don’t order the pie for dessert, sweetie 🙂

  • DumbHairyApe

    “…I just can’t even, you know” sounds so gay. How long before this one is exposed as the self-hating deeply-closeted homosexual that he is???

    (Note: I don’t use the term gay because, let’s face it, he’s not happy.)

  • Mark

    Closet case.

  • neonzx

    How Jesus of him.

    A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.

    Translation: Don’t let a gay waiter serve you. Obviously, I must be reading a different book here.

  • bkmn

    Anyone else smell a closet case?

    • Guess

      combo-odor of crap and mothballs

    • Jonathan Smith

      sort of like a mix of mothballs and unwashed tighty whities?

    • Galvestonian

      I’m in Texas and I can smell his fabulosity and need to ‘camp’ all the way here.

  • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

    At first, I thought it was the Arizona hate minister.


    • Hank

      Is there a difference???

      • David Walker

        Only in location. Same Shit, Different Douche.

    • William

      Get these two together and cue the violins.

  • Mark McGovern

    Please all kitchen workers of Florida take note: when this man comes in, please please please make sure he is comfortable and has the straightest waiter in the place so he will stay and actually consume the food that you spit in before serving him.

  • marshlc

    “I guarantee you it always works.”

    FFS. Their JOB is to do what you want, you’re the customer – of course it “works”. But….

    -That busy mom over there you picked out is now serving at a table outside her section so she has further to walk and has her rhythm thrown off. She is going to give you worse service than your original gay waiter would have.
    -Even if she isn’t that busy so has time to wait on you properly, she won’t, because the gay waiter is her friend and colleague and she thinks you are an asshole for dissing him.
    -The cooks are also his friends – ever wondered why your food is always either over or under cooked, and seems to have been under the warming light for too long?

    -Bodily fluids.

  • Michael R

    People who don’t boo this ” sermon ” are human garbage .

  • scorpiomike

    Better suggestion to him on how to avoid a gay waiter: Eat shit and die!

  • Guess

    PLOT TWIST PREDICTION: Pastor issues began at Hooters

  • lattebud

    “Hi I am Emily. I am trans. What’s for dinner asshole?”

  • Stephen Elliot Phillips

    A lady that looks like a mom that looks like a diligent worker??
    So not only is he calling gay men lazy, and lisping this asshole wants to be waited on by a woman…

  • Kevin Andrews

    This latent homosexual may be found on any Saturday night in the Adult Book Store on Jacksonville Rd servicing all the dick that come through the glory hole.

    • Galvestonian

      Actually – he has handcuffed himself naked to a tree in the local park and invites all and sundry to do their thing.

    • Bj Lincoln

      This is my desktop for the day. Thanks

      • Jon Doh

        I tried that but its hard to read with all my gay porn link icons in the way.

  • DumbHairyApe

    So, I guess it’s okay to refuse service and food if your server is gay. It’s also okay for you to refuse to bake your cake for gays. What is it with these people?

    I missed the part in the bible, when Jesus fed the 5,000 from a couple loaves and a few fish, where he forbad any gay hands to touch and pass the food and denied that food to those who were gay.

  • Chrissy

    Shouldn’t this video be titled “How to avoid a gay waiter you had sex with last week in the men’s room of a Macys while having dinner with your wife”

    • LOL If he had sex with another dude in the men’s room then it was another closet case and not an out gay guy. We have apps. Men’s rooms? Girl, please.

  • Chris Baker

    Too bad those pesky lesbians aren’t as easy to spot as the gays. The International Federated Association of Gay Serviceworkers requires that all members dress and act in the stereotypical ‘gay’ way, but those damn lesbians won’t join, and just act like straight women.


    Not all people who act ‘gay’ and/or lisp, are gay, and not all people who act ‘straight’ are straight.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Avenger280

    And that sweet mom-looking lady-type waitress will be happy to take your order to her tattooed lesbian girlfriend who also happens to be the chef. Asshole.

    • Bj Lincoln

      I was a sweet hard working mom looking waitress who turned into the tattooed artist lesbian wife. Life is good.

    • Jack

      Oh, you just reminded me!

      One of my cat’s had a cancerous mass removed from under his eye. Unfortunately, the margins were NOT clean so we were referred to a nearby vet oncologist (who I’ve been seeing with another cat — another story). SHE said that if they did another surgery, it was likely to cost the cat his eye, that radiation was a better option for this, but they don’t do THAT kind of radiation so I’d have to go to Cornell’s animal hospital for that.

      Cornell is a three hour drive (if I’m driving; 3 1/2 when it’s my partner). We made an appointment and saw an oncologist there. She was youngish and hip. For some reason I mentioned the Statler Hotel on Cornell’s campus — it’s part of their school of hospitality and I’d eaten there several years ago when I went to Cornell for a graduation.

      So the onc casually says, while looking at the cat “Oh, I’ve never been. Even though my wife works there.”

      Lesbian waitress?

      AND the cat was back for surgery last week, eye intact, no radiation. Waiting for pathology. He’s great.

      • EdA

        And I’m glad that your cat is recovering well.

      • Friday’s_cat

        Good to hear.
        A: Cat doing well.
        B: Care giver felt comfortable enough to mention gender preference.

        Our cat had altercation with the Malamute right eye suffered trauma, vet says watch as it might become cancerous.

        • Jack


          My other cat lost a leg to cancer but responded really, really well to chemo.

      • Bj Lincoln

        That is good news. We have had women who work in all sorts of jobs spot us a fellow lesbians and say something like that to break the ice. We both have short hair and must ooze ‘lesbian’. Straight people think we are sisters frequently but LGBT folks spot us right away.

  • Gigi

    How to avoid a closet case pastor: don’t go to church.

  • Stogiebear

    Joe, the last sentence of your intro is having an existential crisis.

  • Jack

    Is that Biblical”

  • Susan Stange

    Are you sure this isn’t Mike Pence talking?

    • William

      Pence would never approach and speak to a woman without Mother at his side.

    • Reality.Bites

      Mike Pence would never go up to a woman and speak to her in public.

      (Sorry William. I’m updating the page slowly for some reason)

  • RNegron

    Great way to get an extra dose of the special sauce on your burger.

  • Natty Enquirer
  • William

    Okay you Florida boys, time to take one for the team. When you get the chance to bed this asshoe, do it. Capture the act on video and then post it online. Make a highlights reel, showing the good pastor begging you to split him in two and the inevitable tears afterward.

  • Friday

    Someone’s got issues, here. Now he’s trying to get people to whine about how a few gay guys *sound?*

  • iambu

    I bet his wife just can’t wait for date night!

  • dcurlee

    Such Christian love

  • HaHaHa

    The penis craving is strong with this one…..

  • Treant

    All those flaming froo-froo fruit loop waiters whose dick he keeps sucking, he means.

  • D. J.

    How does Rev. Bigot Brainiac know that the “busy lady, Mom looking waitress” isn’t raising kids with her wife?

  • Paul_in_Dallas

    Anagram: Pastor Adam Fannin ~ Is Adamant Porn Fan

  • Mike

    Usually the louder they bitch about the gays, the wider their stance.

  • EdA

    This guy bears an eerie resemblance to Ark. Senator Cottonhead, the Christianist fundamentalist who got the other Republiscum senators to urge the Iranians to hurry up their efforts to get nuclear weapons because a future Republiscum president would renege on the multinational weapons control treaty. I imagine that they are both sporting a beard (apart from a wife) in thoughts that it would make them look more butch.

    It doesn’t/

  • Guarantee you this dude cruises Craigslist.

  • Joseph Miceli

    I have been a waiter for most of my adult life. It is my career. In all that time, I have NEVER put something in someone’s food or seen another waiter or cook do so. We have standards and morals, and those prevent us from doing so. As to this Baptist shit stain, (I know, call the Office of Redundant Redundancy!) I’m fine if he wants another waiter. I won’t enjoy hosting him and he won’t enjoy my service, so I’m not getting a tip. I’d prefer it if he simply, without being a fuck face, asked for another server. My feelings might be initially hurt, but I’d rather have him trade me out than work for free or abuse me.
    That doesn’t mean he isn’t an asshole, though.

    • Jeffg166

      He is an asshole and he probably tips really badly regardless of his servers sexual orientation. He also looks gay as a goose.

      • Joseph Miceli

        No argument there. None at all. I saw the video and all I could think of was how this asshole must have bullied other kids (or been bullied by them!) in high school. Somebody needs a 10 inch dildo experience.

    • William

      I doubt you’ll be missing out on a tip if you aren’t his server. The server won’t be getting one either. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f0c1cebda07befc8df41feeabbeeea4e57c2bba91732902817d648cd765e976e.jpg

      • Joseph Miceli

        I’ve had these before and the Bastards know to RUN out of the restaurant before I can confront them. Seriously, If I could catch just ONE of them I’d tell them how offensive these are. Jimmy Swaggert used to be famous for doling these fucking things out.

      • Tom Furgas

        Isn’t counterfeiting money a sin, and a crime?

        • Jon Doh

          Only if you use aftermarket ink in your printer.

      • leastyebejudged

        I swear if I ever see someone leaving one of these there are going to be bodies on the floor.

    • Reality.Bites

      I’ve never waited tables, but I have worked in restaurants and had friends who’ve waited on tables.

      And of course none of the ones I’d consider decent people would ever do something like that. But it’s a fun fantasy we’ve all had.

      A few years ago at an airport a TSA agent and I were both stuck behind a jerk counting out pennies and loose change to pay at Burger King. I asked the TSA guy if he could arrest him and he said “not here, no”

  • geoffalnutt

    Sounds like a dessert you’d get at an upscale Chuck E Cheeses-type place. “We’ll have the Flaming Foo Foo Fruitloop On A Stick.” P.S. – Everything tastes better on a stick!!!

  • Robert

    the lady doth protest too much

  • xzargo

    Well, I’m ashamed to admit I’d do him.

    • Jon Doh

      I believe he would like to be done.

    • Joseph Miceli

      Don’t be. I’d hate fuck him and then piss all over him before I left a fiver on the dresser and walked out.

  • Paula

    Be nice to your server, preacher. You never know what he is going to use to stir your sweet tea, back in the kitchen. Just sayin”

  • Joseph Miceli

    Wow, just saw the video, what a fucking dick. He also sounds like he’s begging for a prostate massage.

  • Christopher Street

    Oh fuck this sanctimonious piece of shit. Stay home you closet case, the Golden Corral or whatever fine dining establishment you drag your sorry ass to does not want your kind. You’re so in-the-minority that staying home will make everyone happier than if you went, especially the poor minimum wage wait staff that has to deal with your sort. Your $10 tab and snarky prejudiced comments left in place of a tip will not be missed.

  • Texndoc

    I was reading the original church was in Fort Worth (Still is I guess) and the “pastor” got press by preaching the Pulse nightclub victims “deserved it”. Was covered here. And this guy is at a new storefront in Jacksonville trying to drum up business. Seriously, their “church” is a room in a rent cheap dive with folding chairs and a paper sign on the wall. They need some press.

    • William

      Is that the ‘church’ that is in a former No-Tell Motel, across the courtyard from the used appliance store?

  • Jon Doh

    Our food last night was good, service was good, and the cute bearded waiter was friendly. And then he had to spoil it all by saying something stupid like “have a blessed day”.

    • Reality.Bites

      A few years ago I has having lunch with my aunt on Easter Sunday. It wasn’t very busy and the waiter was sweet. After we’d paid (and tipped generously by Canadian standards) he said he was glad it wasn’t busy because he’d be able to leave early and go to church.

      We kind of felt like when you give money to someone and they use it to buy crack.

      • Jon Doh


  • edrex

    not only would jesus not deem him worthy of the kingdom of heaven, he would find him too uninteresting to hang out with.

  • Renfield

    Notice there’s no picture of the “audience”.

    • Texndoc

      Their YouTube page has some interesting videos. The “church” is a dumpy room with no windows and folding chairs and they do baptisms behind the strip mall in the alley in a bathtub. What is it with “Baptists” – never any style or smoke

  • coram nobis

    They don’t know how to spell “steadfast”? Or was it a Freudian version of “studfast”?

  • Clive Johnson

    “I see that gay waiter and my thoughts immediately go to that nasty gay seks they have. How can they do that? I keep thinking about it, and it turns me off. I see that gay man and wonder what he looks like having that anti-biblical gay seks. So, I keep looking at the gay man, thinking, do I want to keep looking at him? There he is. I see him. I’m watching him. But, I don’t want to. I must find some female to serve us. I just must.”

  • Ranger One

    “Honey, I know you want a quick, refreshing drink on our romantic date. But you can’t have one because the sexual orientation of the waiter is more important than you.”

  • Raymond Robertson

    We’ll, Adam, that’s what happens when you book a table at Chippendales.

    • Oscarlating Wildely

      Been saying for ages that place is for family dining, for only the right and best kind of family of course.

  • Pablo Sánchez

    “Ya, amen” shout one of the four people sitting his parish/garage.

  • Ranger One

    Q: “How did it go on your date last night?”

    A: “That guy was sooo weird. It was the strangest date I was ever on! We sit down, and all I wanted was a glass of wine, and he immediately starts some kooky tantrum about the waiter! ‘We can’t have that waiter! I want a waiter who is a MOM! So he gets out of the chair, and starts approaching waitresses who look like moms. It was Twilight Zone time.

    Q: “Well, if you don’t want a rude waiter.”

    A: “No no no no no. The waiter was nice. He had a problem with the waiter. The waiter was gay or something. He didn’t like the way he talked. It So fucked up. I just with he came with a warning sign before I agreed to date him.”

  • Statistics Palin

    Gay waiters and cooks know how to deal with redneck Baptists.
    Tip your waitress.

  • RustynAtlanta
  • unsavedheathen

    I hope the good reverend understands that he’s getting the “special sauce” on every order from here on out.

  • Michael

    In other words, “If I get a gay guy as a waiter I won’t be able to stop thinking about having sex with him all night long.”

    Dude, a grow a pair of balls and start dealing with it.

    btw, hopefully the restaurant would ask them to leave if they asked for another server.

    Turns out this assh*le is from my hometown, Jacksonville: https://www.facebook.com/stedfastjax/

  • M Jackson

    Yep, he’s a spitter.

  • Drayfield

    Hope the cook isn’t gay 😜

  • Jean-Marc in Canada
  • djpaulkraft


  • AdamTh


    A Baptist preacher actually saying “Have we had you before?”

  • Micah Spiese

    Cause that’s what a server wants to do. Pick up an extra table of cheap, non tipping, judgemental assholes. Get in line, ladies.

    • Halou

      Interrupting them in the middle of serving others no less.

      Always respect the restaurant staff, they’re the ones who decide how a meal is made. Anything from spitting in it to “forgetting” to wear sterile gloves one time.

  • ColdCountry

    Jesus Fake Christ but these people have issues!

  • seant426

    Hey, if they ain’t gonna bake cakes, do flowers or sign that certificate of marriage, then I say let ‘me go to Old Country Buffet and wait on themselves.

  • leastyebejudged

    a little detergent in their food goes a long way !

  • ColdCountry

    Now, if I were the waitress he approached, I’d say, “Well, that’s ___’s table, is there a problem?” And if he said he was here with his wife and didn’t want to be distracted by, you know…., I’d say, “Oh, you don’t want your wife to see you looking at his – very attractive – butt?”

    I was a lousy waitress.

  • Jim in TO

    Best to ignore this idiot. His church is a TINY group that meets in a strip mall storefront in Jacksonville. Half the stores in this mall are empty, so he is probably paying little in rent. His “church” is the storefront in this pic with the woman in blue and white. https://goo.gl/maps/wE8SoVtjCcm

  • That’s his idea of what Jesus would do?

  • juanjo54

    It s obvious that this faux Christian douche bag never worked in a restaurant. I do hope this story and his photo are passed around everywhere and especially in his home town. I also strongly urge anyone not to sit at the same table as he is sitting as restaurant staff have ways of dealing with douchebags. I am willing to bet that more than one dick has been rubbed onto his entree or some special seasoning has been added to the sauce served on his vegies.

  • Halou

    More like how to get a free dose of spit in your meal. The only reason the staff tolerate that sort of rudeness is because it isn’t their job to argue and they’re not paid enough to get that kind of stress. But you can be sure they’ll vent their frustration to their colleagues, chef among them.

  • SBW

    This is a quintessential closet case if I’ve ever seen one. Wow.

  • justmeeeee

    Yeah, Mary, we know which one you’ve had before.

  • Taylor M Russell

    Some gay guys don’t talk and act like stereotypical gays. One of your co-workers who you go and shoot pool with on occasion might be strictly dickly.

  • fkevin

    A side note on waiters and tipping: U.S. Department of Labor proposes “tip-pooling” to fill wage gap for workers


    Here’s how I see it: Most likely the National Resturant Association forward this proposal spreading tips to the back of the house where wages have been held down for at least 20 years. Resturant owners have been looking to control server tips as a revenue stream for years. This proposal would allow owners to only pay minimum wage with part of the tips wait staff recieve (which owners are Federally required to meet), and then distribute the rest as they see fit to back of the house so they do not have to raise wages. It’s written like it will only affect wait staff who are paid at least the minimum wage, which 99% are not. But…Federal law dictates resturants are to pay the difference if minimum wage is not achieved. So in essence all wait staff are paid at least minimum wage and could be subject to this new proposal. I would not put by this administration to do this.

    • Halou

      I think it is disgusting that people have to rely on charity as a topup to their wages.

  • Halou

    Evangelical christianity. For when you’re going on a date with your wife/girlfriend and your gaydar wont stop going off.

  • TexasBoy

    Explain to me how a straight man on a date night with his wife is distracted by a gay server?!

    • red-diaper-baby 1942

      Yeah, I was wondering about that too.

      • ImdaPrincesse ™/MsWonderFall

        “With visions of veiny members
        Dancing through his head”

    • ImdaPrincesse ™/MsWonderFall

      You know he wants it.

    • Lumpy Gaga

      You know….. the lissssssssp.

    • Pip

      It’s hard to concentrate on the beard across from you when you’re being distracted by the waiter’s sweet sweet can.

  • JeauxFan

    Yeah, get a WOMAN to serve you instead of the fag. Fuck YOU, you fucking fuck.

  • SBW

    Call or email his strip mall church:

    [email protected]

  • GanymedeRenard

    If I were a waiter, I would spit and piss on your food, you son of a harlot!

  • yourmomsidol

    How long until this one Haggards out?

    • Vinnie NYC

      B-I-N-G-O !!!

    • andrew

      Yep. No straight man who is confident in his own sexuality is offended or concerned about the sexuality of his waiter.

      • Gianni

        I’m sure his faithful congregation doesn’t realize it, but he gives himself away with that so-called sermon.

  • Chris Gardner

    Waiting patiently for him to get caught in a bathroom…

    • Gianni

      With a wide stance?

  • Blackfork

    Yeah, do that. I bet that woman waiter, a coworker of your spurned gay waiter, will gladly let him spit in your food. Not to mention what the kitchen will add to it. It does happen.

  • Brandon Scott Perry

    I’d ask him and his wife to leave. I wouldn’t want their business!

  • Rillion

    “…and because of the lisps, I can’t even, you know.”

    Keep from getting an erection? Yeah, we know.

  • Ronp954

    This is their email – [email protected]

  • Ronp954

    This is their phone # – 904-323-1599

  • The_Wretched

    Hrm…the success or not of my dates or date nights has next to nothing to do with the wait staff. If that’s your margin, maybe you need to up your game or quit being such a snowflake.

  • andrew

    If a man is out to dinner with his wife and he is concerned about the sexuality of the waiter, he is one psychologically sick man.

    • FelineMama

      Nah, just like the comments above, he’s gay.

  • NZArtist

    How does he go on date nights? Most restaurants dont allow livestock at the table.
    Might be different in Alabama and Kentucky though.

    • Jimmy R

      Why ya gotta drag KY into this? We get blamed for enough legit stuff, but we can’t be blamed for this guy. He’s in Jacksonville, Florida, another area known for its redneck tendencies.

      Besides, here in Louisville, we only allow livestock in restaurants during Derby week.

  • Vinnie NYC

    He’s really working those “Just Jack” hands all over the place.

  • Lumpy Gaga

    In a weird twist, when they go out to dinner, his wife has to tell him where her boobs are.

  • JCF
  • BateWorld/BateShop

    You’re gay. And you won’t admit it to yourself. Otherwise you wouldn’t be so bothered by a waiter doing his job.

  • fuzzybits

    Yea asshole,because all the gay waiters just go into work to just stand around.

  • Don Duncan

    Alabama wants you

  • Jay Phelps

    Another fine Baptist preacher who spends way, way too much time thinking about gay men. From his whining, it’s clear the “Rev.” doesn’t like being confronted with a gay man happily going about his life. Either “Rev. Hater” is secretly envious, or he can’t stand seeing a gay person NOT being miserable like the preacher always claims.

  • Oh, Parker

    Shallowest closet ever.

  • James


    • FelineMama

      YEUP!! That damn closet is closin’ in there on ya’ baptist preacherman. Time for some “spring cleaning?”

  • David Raymore

    Wasn’t he the one that got tazered at the Canadian border screaming like a Nelly queen at the border patrol?

  • Gianni

    Sounds like he’s a bit too focused on who around him might be gay instead of enjoying the time spent with his wife. It’s too bad that the whole world around little ole you is absolutely NOT to your every little liking. What kind of religious sermon is this anyway? Does his congregation actually like to sit there and listen to bozo here whine about gay people occupying the same planet as he? They actually part with their money to hear this? Isn’t he supposed to be teaching them how to commune with God; to grow closer to Him; to learn from His example how to be better people? They really need to fire this jerk. He’s anything but the Christian I’m sure he believes himself to be. He’s way into being all about his personal hatreds.

  • anne marie in philly


  • Gianni

    I wonder if, during date night, his wife has to call him back to the reality that she’s speaking to him and he’s not paying attention. Also, how much fucking time does the waiter spend at your table talking to you? Normally, they take your order, go away, come back with it, tell you to enjoy the meal, and that’s pretty much it. I’m sure you didn’t leave a tip and likely put a derogatory comment on the check.

  • wds

    Over and over I’ve learned when these so-called men of the cloth start hyperventilating about “the gay” over and over it’s usually because they’re having a problem with it, sometimes someone in their family is or seldom someone close to them is. And I agree with @VodkaAndPolitics he’s on a date night and he’s worrying about a gay waiter? And then he wants a lady who looks like a mom? Who’s he trying to channel? Mike Pence?
    Also what’s that in the glass on the pulpit? LOL

  • itsnwman

    So absurd, on so many levels. Who does he think preps, cooks, prepares the food, and very often owns the restaurant where he is spending his money? And he is dressed in a dark suit and white shirt – LIKE A WAITER! Maybe he is worried the waiter just found him on Grindr, 20’ away?

  • Preacher dude, nobody is hitting on you. Just because you are lusting after the “gay” waiter, doesn’t mean he wants anything to do with you besides bring you your food.

  • Ann Kah

    So you see a maybe-gay waiter (maybe he only has a higher voice than you do) and you can’t stop thinking about him all evening? Are you trying to tell us something?

  • fredk3fredk3

    Holy Assholey! What a tool the so-called Pastor is! Seems really overly focused on the waiter and his sexuality … maybe his metrosexual carefully trimmed beard is the clue. Wonder – does he also take a wide stance when crapping in a public stall?

  • Harold N Alan

    A very lousy preacher indeed. A FAKE CHRISTIAN at best! He has joined that rank. He is in no way leading people to the cross. Spreading hate is NOT in the new Testaments, forget the stories of the old Testament, the purpose of the birth of Jesus was to start fresh for he was the new agreement with god and man! There is NO HATEFUL quotes from Jesus! These fake Evangelicals are a cancer to Christianity! They make lots of money from their blasphemy to their blind followers…then use money to pay off politicians to defend them.

  • Eioljg

    As if that is the right was to follow Jesus? And he is preaching that to his flock?

  • ECarpenter

    So you avoid the straight waiter you think is “girly” and go for the muscle jock gay waiter because he’s more “straight acting”. Because you’re an ignorant assh ole for Jesus!

  • Dan Ruston

    Foo Foo ?? What a bigoted hateful thing to say. So called christians like him will be the first ones to burn in hell….LOL

  • Tony LaColla

    He’s got to be gay.

  • Fagundes Souza
  • Liam

    Commenting HERE does nothing. Go to the YouTube channel and comment on the video.

  • EricD.

    He would make a good SS soldier for Hitler, but in this country right now, he has nothing good to offer. He’s just looking for unlucky saps to discuss his mental issues with………..but then pretend to be working for God……….not happening buddy, you are a certified tool.