Former State Pol Busted In $1M Bribery Scheme That Included Hundreds Of Pounds Of Dunkin Donuts Coffee

Boston’s CBS affiliate reports:

Former Massachusetts Sen. Brian Joyce “violated the public’s trust” and “decided to take the path of greed” by using his office for personal profit to accept up to $1 million in bribes and kickbacks in exchange for official actions, federal investigators said Friday.

Joyce, a longtime attorney and Milton Democrat who was arrested Friday, is accused of then hiding that money by creating a shell company and disguising it as “legal fees.” The 113-count indictment against Joyce, stemming from a two-year investigation, includes charges of racketeering, extortion, wire fraud, conspiracy to defraud the IRS and money laundering. His lawyer, Howard Cooper, said in an email to The Associated Press that he is still reviewing the charges.

The indictment alleges that Joyce secretly profited from his position as state senator by accepting “a stream of concealed bribes and kickbacks” that included a free Jeep and hundreds of pounds of Dunkin Donuts coffee, in exchange for official actions before the state Legislature. He is accused of pressuring state and municipal officials to take official action on government matters.

  • Lazycrockett

    Isn’t DD like the white trash of coffee’s?

    • Don’t tell that to folks in the east, esp. NE.

      It’s actually pretty damned good coffee. Given a choice between DD and Starbucks? I’d take the Dunkin’ Donuts coffee in an instant.

      • Todd20036

        I see what you did there.

        • netxtown

          it’s all sanka to me….

    • DandleBrian


    • Anastasia Beaverhousen

      DD has the worst coffee, leaves a film in your mouth, like they made the coffee near a vat of donuts or something.

      • You need to pick a different DD then. I *have* experienced bad ones.

    • Gee

      It is , Boston brown water with extra extra extra sugar and cream

    • jixter

      Only if you equate ‘white trash’ with ‘working class’, Lazycrockett – and I don’t mean that as an attack. DD has never been pretentious; it’s always presented itself as a ‘matter-of-fact’ kind of place, unlike Starbucks, whose ‘prissy-ness’ and ‘special-ness’ has always been its main feature, to my mind, anyway. I’ve never been to Krispy or Tim Horton’s, but I’d imagine that they’re more ‘working class’, as well, like DD.

      In 1975, when I lived in San Diego, Winchell’s Donuts were the predominant franchise, and there were millions of them there. Trouble is, they always looked dirty and run-down. At the time, they were all colored a pale yellow, which made their exteriors have lots of dirt-streaks that never got cleaned up. Consequently, I never felt like going into one and I was left with an impression of the Winchell’s brand being ‘run-down’ and ‘white-trashy’.

  • Okay, Joe, we get it: The entire universe is fucking with us at this point, in a futile attempt to wake us all up from the Matrix via a barrage of absurdly insane input.

  • bkmn

    For those who don’t know DD is like the Tim Hortons or Krispy Kreme of Massachussetts.

    • Todd20036

      We have DD here. The local branch on the street I live went out of business – too many healthy eaters.

      • KenDC

        Too many better donut shops.

      • TominDC

        Er, isn’t there a Krispy Kreme in your zip code?

    • And actually that goes all the way down into NJ and eastern PA. I believe I still own an old ‘discount refills’ DD travel mug from the late 1980s.

    • Reality.Bites

      They used to be very common in Quebec, from a peek of 200 outlets there is now one plus two kiosks it supplies. Tim Horton’s advanced on the market like an army.

      • bkmn

        don’t you mean “like a bitch”?

        • Hank

          I was thinking of an “army of ants”…. oh well

    • Gustav2

      We have DD in Ohio. 7 in Columbus

      • That_Looks_Delicious

        There are no Dunkins or Tim Hortons or Krispy Kremes where I live now. I never even thought about that until just now. The only donut shop proper that I’ve seen in Palm Springs is (ironically) right next door to the World Gym.

        • Gustav2

          or (appropriately)

      • bkmn

        Their HQ is in Quincy, MA. DD tried to enter the Minneapolis market a few years back and bombed out after about a year and a half, much like Tim Hortons.

    • Statistics Palin

      That’s like saying sheep shit is the pâté of Montana.

    • B Snow

      I think of it as the Starbucks of Boston — practically one on every corner. And someone there explained to me that Bostonians don’t eat that many donuts, they mostly go there for the coffee.

      • jixter

        Back in the old days, the donuts were pretty damned good, too. Then, the trans-fat panic began.

    • jixter

      If it hadn’t been for DD inventing the coffee and donut marketing niche, all the other places wouldn’t exist.

  • Todd20036

    DD is good coffee, but not worth ruining your life over.

  • bkmn

    If you want DD coffee you are best to pick up a bag of it at Costco and save yourself mucho dinero.

    • Tried it. It’s not *bad* but it doesn’t taste quite right to me. Not like the real thing.

      • bkmn

        I’m not a big coffee guy anymore. About the only time I have coffee is when I am at Trader Joe’s and stop by the sample area, so once a week or less.

    • Sam_Handwich

      i buy ground coffee at the DD around the corner from where i live. it’s $5.99 and it’s a full pound

      • bkmn

        The chain I miss from when I worked out in MA is Fresh City. I love their wild mushroom barley soup and am always on the lookout for a recipe for it.

        • TuuxKabin

          Thanks for the idea. Here’s the ingredients from Fresh City’s menu:

          Flavorful portabella mushrooms, carrots, onions, creamy butter and chopped celery in a barley base . . .

          not much more than that.

          Think we’ll make up a batch since snow is forecast tomorrow. Finally finished the Duck Soup, left over from Thanksgiving.

          • bkmn

            Although I do loathe the term “wild mushrooms” when all the mushrooms used are being cultivated, not harvested in the wild.

          • TuuxKabin

            We’ll, there’s no truth in advertising, we all know that. It’s been a good season for ‘shrooms in this part of the country. Oysters give a thrill & hen of the woods. YES!

        • Dazzer

          To “make” wild mushrooms takes a bit of time, but it’s worth it.

          1) Take a punnet of ordinary mushrooms and wash briefly. Leave to dry.
          2) Put a pan on the stove at the lowest heat you can. Add about two thumbnails worth of butter and let it melt, but not sizzle.
          3) Add a very finely sliced or smashed clove of garlic to the butter. The idea is to let the garlic flavour the butter, not cook in it.
          4) Throw in the uncut mushrooms. Swirl the mushrooms in the butter, then cover pan and leave it alone on lowest heat for at least three-quarters of an hour.
          5) When you uncover the pan, the mushrooms should have sweated out all their juices into the garlic. It looks quite wet and the mushrooms don’t look ‘cooked’.
          6) Keep mushrooms on the low heat and let all the moisture evaporate.
          7) When all the moisture is gone and the mushrooms have blackened, add around a third of a cup of sweet sherry or port.
          8) Cover and leave for another half hour to let the mushrooms absorb the new liquid, then uncover to let what’s left of the moisture evaporate.

          If you’re going to store them for later, put them in a jar with a spoonful of sherry and they’ll keep for a week in the fridge.

      • PickyPecker
  • Pollos Hermanos
    • “Time to make the donuts… Time to make the donuts… Time to make the donuts…” 😉

      • Paula

        That’s funny. That is the same thing I say every morning that I walk into school.

        • Those commercials left an indelible impression, didn’t they? LOL!

          • Paula

            Yes, they did!

          • Marie

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          • MT YVR

            … I swear I read inedible…

            And I thought : but I LOVED them…

            OH. Right. Nevermind.

        • RaygunsGoZap

          You know what Mat Staver et al say as they walk into work ?

          “Time to take the nut’s dough!”

          • PickyPecker
          • Danielle

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      • CPT_Doom

        Except no one I know in New England (raised there) eats the donuts from Dunkin’s – they’re kind of gross. The coffee is superb, though.

        • E.J.

          Most DDs don’t make their own donuts anymore.

      • Snarkaholic

        Time to send several hundred of the ones you make to Chump…along with the following note: For minority staffers only…NONE for Chump! Signed, B. Obama

        • wds

          You mean he has minority staffers? Other than Osamara?

      • mpatreyu

        I was a baker there many years ago (early eighties). Used to make the donuts. Some of the best coffee and soup I ever had. Wasn’t a bad job but it was hard to get rid of the fryer stink.

    • narutomania

      Man, I used to LOVE going there in my youth. I would get a french cruller and then something filled, like a bavarian cream or a chocolate-filled something.

      Every year for Thanksgiving my brothers and I would take the train (by ourselves) from Syracuse, NY, to Elyria, OH, just west of Cleveland. Always an overnight train. We’d meander through Cleveland just as the sun was coming up bathing everything in a wonderful orange glow. My mother and my grandparents would be waiting on the platform, and right next to it was a Dunkin Donuts. I’d tank up on a big mug of hot chocolate and a couple donuts for the three-hour drive to Columbus.

      Oh, those were the days.

      • cleos_mom

        My most lasting memory is the donut breaks I used to take while pulling all-nighters in college.

        • Been there, done that in Burlington, Vermont when you sat at the counter and coffee was a quarter (with free refills) and the donuts were 10 cents (I think). A life time ago. Before they went corporate.

    • AmeriCanadian

      THIS is my favorite donut. Cream-filled Long John’s from Dunkin’ Donuts. My Canadian husband has never heard of them and, of course, they are not available in Canada. When we are in the U.S. I make sure to pick one up for him. Extra bonus if I can find one with chocolate cream!!!!

      • John30013

        I’ve never seen these with chocolate cream, so kudos to you for finding them. I love DD’s chocolate cream filled doughnuts, although I’m not a big fan of the powdered sugar on the outside (so messy).

        • AmeriCanadian

          I know exactly which ones your talking about. I’ll get those if I’m craving the chocolate cream. I’ve only found the chocolate cream-filled long john’s at independently owned donut shops. They are very rare but they totally remove the chocolate monkey that I often find on my back.

  • coram nobis

    Does DD do takeout in DC?

    On the sixth day of Christmas, Donald ate at lunch today
    Six Dunkin’ Donuts
    Five … onion … rings …
    Four well-done steaks
    Three Big Macs
    Two Filet-O-Fish
    And a great big Chick-Fil-A

    • Hank

      There are 2 in waling distance of 1600 Penn. I am sure, that the “glorified” coffee boy, Papadopolus met up with Muellers Men, when they were talking! /s

  • JoeMyGod

    There are THREE Dunkin Donuts within one block of my building. True story. There are more Dunkin Donuts outlets in NYC than there are Starbucks.

    • GanymedeRenard

      I used to live in Morningside, right between Columbia U and Harlem. I don’t recall there being a Dunkin Donuts outlet around there. Pity, because I like DD’s coffee better than Starbucks’ (sorry, that’s just me). Where in NYC do you live, Joe? I’d love to buy you a drink (or symbolically a coffee) next time I’m in the Big Apple! 🙂

      • Rambie

        I’m hear you, Starbucks coffee tastes burnt to me. DD’s is better for a chain place.

        • Mrs. Councillor Nugent

          Starbucks has always tasted burnt to me too. I can tolerate DD if there’s no other choice–just don’t let them put any sugar in, as they do it by the scoop, not the spoon.

          • Rambie

            I prefer local coffee houses in any city I’m in.

        • GanymedeRenard

          Not to mention their coffee is ridiculously overpriced.

          • jixter

            And in their silly pretentiousness, do they still call a ‘small’ cup a ‘Tall’?

          • GanymedeRenard

            They do. As a former hipster I can attest to that.

    • JoeMyGod
      • jerry

        It seems the Manhattan ones all shared space with Baskin-Robbins. When I was there for pride in June, I hit the one on the corner of 31st and 5th for coffee each day. It was a combo with Subway/Baskin-Robbins/Dunkin Donuts.

    • ETownCanuck

      I saw more Chipotle in NY than anything else when I was there, felt like almost every block had one.

    • That_Looks_Delicious

      Dunkin is very popular in some parts of the country, Tim Horton’s in others, Krispy Kreme in others. Voodoo Donuts seems unavoidable in Portland.

      • Rambie

        Mmmm I miss Voodoo Donuts!

        • That_Looks_Delicious

          You see those pink boxes everywhere you go in Portland.

      • mpatreyu

        I’ll never get the popularity of Krispy Kreme. Really bland

        • anon

          You must have never eaten a hot KK glazed donut. My wife and I sit in the KK parking lot with a quart of milk and a dozen hot glazed and stand next to the car to eat them. If you eat them in the car, the sugar falls off and fills in every nook and cranny of the car’s interior. Requires a detailing job after eating them.

    • Mrs. Councillor Nugent

      Krispy Kreme failed totally in its bid to rival DD in Boston, and most of the shops tanked within a year or so. For the record, I avoid DD like STIs.

      • jixter

        Krispy expanded too quickly but didn’t have a distribution network worked out beforehand. For them, it was a case of ‘too much, too soon’. I’ve always wondered how many big-shots got fired for that (really stupid) bungle.

        Dunkin’ is native to Massachusetts, so they’re a home-town team and are held in a special New England regard. They’re also working class, unlike Starbucks, which is snooty and pretentious.

        EDIT: Out here in the Sonoran Desert, there are about 5 Dunkins, a million miles apart – but there are also a million Starbucks, 5 blocks apart.

  • PickyPecker

    The little town one over from ours got a DD. It opened last week. That was front page news in the local paper. Go figure.

    Only thing I ever noticed ‘remarkable’ about DD was the immense amount of their coffee cups in the streets/grass/gutters/subways of Boston.

  • Paula

    El Paso has DD. I know they have coffee because my SO gets it. I do not consume the beverage. It smells great, the taste, not so much

    • William

      My Mother is the same way. Loves the aroma, can’t stand the taste of coffee.

      • Paula

        I don’t even like coffee flavored candy or ice cream.

        • jixter

          Funny how different we can be, Paula. I love coffee ice cream and use it as an acid-test against every brand I’ve tried.

    • Statistics Palin

      Do you like cocoa made from scratch?

      • Paula

        Yes. I haven’t made it in a long time.

        • Statistics Palin

          Valrhona makes a great cocoa with a strong chocolate flavor and almost no bitterness. Of course Mexican hot chocolate is divine, too. I wish I could brew you a cup.

          • Paula

            They sell it in the stores here. It is Abuelita brand. I have never made it but I have had it. Its good.

          • coram nobis

            The Mexican recipe is very good indeed, and this brand has been around in Mexico a long time (didn’t know Nestle bought it).

          • Paula

            didn’t know that either. Every store around here has a large Mexican food section. It is all stuff from Mexico. If you really want to get deep into the food, go to one of the ranch markets. Its like being in Mexico. Very authentic.

  • Bluto
  • Publius

    Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. *rolls eyes* What a wanker.

  • billbear1961
  • William

    Bribery and kickbacks? How quaint!

  • james1200

    So basically, this is a welcome to Massachusetts story. Two of our previous three House Speakers were also sent to jail for corruption. I still wouldn’t give up one party control of the legislature, though, because obviously the GOP is horrifying. As strange as it may sound, the state is run pretty well, aside from all the bribe-taking, lol.

    • Lazycrockett

      Trying to take the Illinois crown?

      • james1200

        That’s the one thing IL can beat us on, corruption.

    • jixter

      So, basically, this is also a “Welcome to Rhode Island” story, too. And Illinois, and Ohio, and Nebraska, and Georgia and …

  • Anastasia Beaverhousen

    Dunkin Donuts? At least the cops didn’t have far to go to arrest him.

  • Lizard

    Not coffee! Those monsters.

  • Elsewhere1010

    Dear Male Democrats

    1. Keep it in your pants. Even better tell it to shut up.

    2. No groping. Ever. Anyone. We’ll cut your hands off.

    3. That money isn’t your. Put it back. Then see the last section of #2.

    Everyone who’s tired of stupidity, lust, and greed, i.e., Democrats.

  • billbear1961
    • GanymedeRenard

      JMG, that should totally be your New Year’s avatar, Mr. Bear! It’s gorgeous!

    • That’s…that’s…like looking upon the face of God.

      Hail coffee, full of caffeine, the brew is with thee… Blessed art thou among beverages and blessed is the foam atop thy deliciousness. Hail coffee, nectar of the gods, pray for us coffee-addicted now and at the hour of our waking, amen.

    • Edmund Allin

      Normally I don’t care one way or the other about fanciful designs in foam, but that is just too cute. Awwww.

    • AmeriCanadian

      Pure artistry. Or is that artisanship? After reading the SCOTUS transcript I’m no longer sure…except that it’s considered speech and therefore you do not have to participate in my morning coffee ritual.

    • Gerry Fisher


  • Mark Née Fuzz

    With all that coffee they should have kicked in a few warehouse club sized packages of toilet paper too.

  • Blake J Butler
    • Taylor Bixler

      Gotta keep the rubes distracted on culture war stuff 24/7

    • billbear1961

      The dictator’s misuse of government to pursue his political opponents continues.

    • billbear1961

      The DoJ morphs into the goddamned Gestapo.

  • Taylor Bixler

    Given how the McDonnell case changed/hollowed out what amounts to “official corruption”, this guy seems super dumb or super bold to get caught doing what seem like literal quid pro quos.

  • leastyebejudged

    lol, one got caught.

    Just the one.

  • Lazycrockett
  • Lazycrockett
    • JWC

      Trying to diffuse iy with a sympathy bid

    • Taylor Bixler

      Not to be all conspiracy-ish, but am having a hard time believing that the Handmaid’s Tale stuff is all that is going on with this guy.

    • Weirder and weirder…

      Are we gonna find out there never was actually a legit (of sorts) surrogacy request? That in fact this news breaking was the 1st time Franks’ wife ever heard of any of this and then had a complete screaming breakdown?

      • Not saying Franks asking didn’t happen. But rather that the whole idea of him arranging a surrogate (and trying at least twice) was complete news to his wife.

  • JWC

    Daily it becomes apparent that this government is so ouvertly corrupt

  • David

    You know what, I like Dunkin’s coffee too, I’d probably accept a few hundred pounds.

    • coram nobis

      That’s a lot of dough!

    • GanymedeRenard

      Me too. Sterling.

  • Natty Enquirer
    • Treant

      And the Zoloft to know the difference.

  • Kevin Andrews

    The only Washington, District of Corruption action that “Trickles-Down” to the State level in as greedy a group as professional liars & purchased Meat-Puppets who’ve just legitimized their bribery with a Treasonous SCOTUS putting AmeriKKKa up at auction to the highest bidder.
    How’s them Democratic Elections working out for you AmeriKKKa?

  • Gerry Fisher

    When corruption hits Massachusetts, of COURSE it involves payoffs of Dunkins!

  • Jay Silversmith

    …and Chris Christy was the one bribing him to get those donuts.

  • Bob Conti

    Who ever thought the phrase “dollars to dounuts” could be meant literally?