Flynn Promised Business Partner That Russian Sanctions Would Be “Ripped Up” Once Trump Took Office

The New York Times reports:

Michael T. Flynn, President Trump’s former national security adviser, told a former business associate that economic sanctions against Russia would be “ripped up” as one of the Trump administration’s first acts, according to an account by a whistle-blower made public on Wednesday.

Mr. Flynn believed that ending the sanctions could allow a business project he had once participated in to move forward, according to the whistle-blower. The account is the strongest evidence to date that the Trump administration wanted to end the sanctions immediately, and suggests that Mr. Flynn had a possible economic incentive for the United States to forge a closer relationship with Russia.

Mr. Flynn had worked on a business venture to partner with Russia to build nuclear power plants in the Middle East until June 2016, but remained close with the people involved afterward. On Inauguration Day, according to the whistle-blower, Mr. Flynn texted the former business associate to say that the project was “good to go.”

  • Lazycrockett

    Smells like Collusion.

  • Tawreos

    Sometimes I am glad they are this incompetent, imagine how much worse things would be if they had either the intelligence or the ability to do things with competence.

    • Todd20036

      That’s why Nixon got away with his corruption for years, and Trump’s is exploding a few months into his first term

      • GayOldLady

        Trump’s gotten away with corruption for a long time too. That’s why he’s a 71 year old man who acts like a 3 year old boy. He’s never faced any serious consequences of anything he’s ever done. He’s had daddy’s money, high powered lawyers and high powered friends to rescue him. Not anymore! 🙂

        • Strepsi

          …including the worst gay man of the last century, Roy Cohn, as a mentor.

          • Carissa

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    • DreadPikathulhu

      In the business world they’re used to making unilateral decisions, with little oversight and no accountability. Hubris will be their eventual downfall.

      • Daveed_WOW

        That’s his hubris. Whatever you think of him, he’s really just a lone wolf who has absolutely no people skills at all. That’s not Presidential. Even the worst Presidents (Nixon comes to mind) knew how important this was. Even the worst Presidents understood they were the President for the whole country, not just for themselves.

  • Tatonka

    Karma’s a bitch, isn’t it.

  • PickyPecker
    • Todd20036

      That’s real, isn’t it?

      • PickyPecker

        sadly, yes.

    • Gregory B

      Is he trying to do the Macarena?

  • Treant

    Well, that’s gonna leave a mark.

    How many hangman’s stations can we set up on the Mall? And can they be timed so that, like the Stations of the Cross, we can move from one to the next and appreciate each gargling death?

    • JackFknTwist

      A rolling guillotine is faster and mobile and can be erected on the back of a flatbed truck. As for the gargling, the spurting blood is just as sensational, if not more so with the visual effects rather than the aural ones.

      • Jerry Kott

        When people get hung, their bowls release.

        • JackFknTwist

          There is that.

        • No it’s when they die how doesn’t much matter for that.

        • Reality.Bites

          I must have been a real stud as a baby.

      • Treant

        Must we? The last time we did that, I got serious blood spatter. It’s a nightmare to get out of white.

        • JackFknTwist

          There’s a good trade in those all-white, full-body forensic suits.
          Hmmm ………..and you do say that white is your colour.

          • Treant

            Actually, it’s not. I have a white lab coat (plasticized) I wear for making soap. I look hideous in it.

            But at least you can bleach white. Now imagine wearing a nice sapphire blue and getting blood spray on it.

          • JackFknTwist

            I just don’t see a lab coat
            of whatever colour, being sufficient to protect you from the consequences of spurting jugular veins which can be undirectional and as unpredictable and as intense as a shitting hippopotamus.

          • Treant

            No, but it does protect from a basic lye spill or caustic raw soap accident. 🙂

          • JackFknTwist

            Yes, but protection while executing is not an insurmountable problem.
            We must keep our eye on the big picture: public
            c executions for the treasonous bastards.

      • jerry

        To save on cleanup, just drain the fountain and set up the guillotine there…

    • Smokey

      See: “dialogue of the Carmelites” final scene.

    • Jerry Kott

      Ouch! We have lots of nylon rope in our garage- it doesn’t break easily.

      • Treant

        Huh, me too. I use nylon clothesline to tie back my dahlia, and that stuff can hold tons of weight.

        • Jerry Kott

          ours is Bull Rope,can hold a bull..

  • Boreal
  • Kelly Lape

    But the emails… oh wait… But Franken

  • Kruhn

    As the bard Randy Rainbow says, it’s Mueller Time bish…

  • ceeenbee

    Lock him up!!! Lock him up!!! Lock him up!!!

    • j.martindale

      I like Treant’s version better. Hang them all!

  • TimCA

    Russian interference to undermine our democracy, but who cares? Flynn needed a business deal. Trump administration selling out America for personal financial gain. Traitors, all of them!!!

    • boatboy_srq


  • JWC

    Spill Flynn spill your guts

  • Gerry Fisher

    >Mr. Flynn believed that ending the sanctions could allow a business
    project he had once participated in to move forward, according to the

    You betrayed your country and your own professional legacy for money. This evil is so mundane.

    • SkokieGuy [ChicagoAdjacentGuy]

      The Trump admin will claim he was a rogue actor and they had no idea he was trying to profit off the new administration. Perish the thought!

      • Reality.Bites

        But their emails! (Not kidding with that one. They left a trail a rabbit with diarrhea would envy.)

  • Jmdintpa

    Muller will find plenty to impeach Trump for. He will release the evidence and no one will do anything. Repubs win more in 2018 and Trump wins again in 2020. Right now the Dems are to busy screaming for every man who assaulted a woman to resign yet they just voted to not impeach the head pussy grabber. What hope is there??? By then our rights to free speech, open press, right to assemble and on and on will all be curtailed and thats the end of that. We are headed to a quasi religious oligarchy just like Russia. If you have decided what you will do when this happens start planning now. As a gay person you will be marked in the next phase of American History.

    • Strepsi

      I hate to say it but I share your pessimism.

      I have heard naïve people saying now they’ll impeach Trump – wut?! The GOP are endorsing a child molester, you think they mind larceny or lying or collusion or obstruction? Dream on/

  • boatboy_srq

    And with that the quid is clearly pro the quo.


  • Robin Bailey
  • Marty Johnson

    To rip up the sanctions imposed by the impetuous bisexual mulatto would have been the best thing for this country. Barry had no problem with Russia until Hillary lost and he had to blame it on something other than people rejected him and the democraps.

    • WTHella

      The best thing for Trump maybe. Oh and fuck off.

      • Gianni

        I’ll second that! It’s really interesting how when Donnie lovers can’t face the reality of this dirtbag of a President, they concoct conspiracy theories about Obama. Donnie has been doing that all along, a la FUX News.

    • sandollar_man

      Incorrect. On a massive scale.
      Obama Accomplishments:
      1) Prevented the Second Republican Great Depression
      When he took office we were losing 700,000 jobs/month. The banking sector had cratered and there were almost no loans being issued. Under GWB’s watch, 10,000 factories had shut down or had been moved offshore.
      2) He got Osama bin Laden
      3) Stood up to the fools who forced the government shutdown.
      4) Stood up to Syria and got them to give up their chemical weapons, and with the UN confirming that they had given up their chemical weapons.
      5) Struggled against the entrenched insurance interests, and followed through on his promise to change the healthcare system. That incredible struggle against those entrenched interests is a sign of courageous perseverance, and is a difficult and thus major accomplishment. He promised to reform Healthcare and he did so. On the campaign trail he had been bombarded with stories of canceled policies, denied policies, bankruptcy, and prohibitively expensive insurance. Now millions more are able to afford healthcare.
      6) Presided over a record stockmarket – it was at 8000 when he started; it was 18,000 by the time he left office.
      7) Saved the auto industry
      8) Expanded civil rights
      9) Added back almost 14 million jobs to the economy
      10) He had promised to repair our damaged international reputation. We had been viewed as torturers with the Abu Graib scandal.
      On the day he became President, the whole world celebrated like it was Mardi Gras.
      The whole world celebrated in an orgasmic display of relief. To be fair, they might have celebrated regardless of who had won.
      Cuz the rest of the world so hated the very essence of GWB’s guts, that they couldn’t contain how happy they were that his Neocon mass murdering torturous thug-ish lying administration was gone.

      Obama normalized relations with Cuba, implemented a historic Iranian nuclear deal, signed a global climate pact with nearly 200 nations.
      He had overseen the continued success of Obamacare, all while the economy recorded 73 straight months of job growth.
      Job growth charts: >>>
      His approval rating was 52%. Congress’s approval rating hovered at 10%.
      That doesn’t just represent a 5% better approval rating than Congress – it represented 5 TIMES, the approval rating of the Republican Congress, at the time.

  • JCF

    Flynn better have been DIRECTED to do this, by Drumpf: I’d hate to see him get immunity for this, w/o it.

    • Gianni

      He wouldn’t be remotely considered for immunity if he hasn’t convinced Mueller that he has highly serious info to provide about other bigwigs in the administration, possibly including the Prez. If not directly about the Prez, the avenues for others’ with more info is clearly opening.

  • BobSF_94117

    I don’t suppose anyone asks any of the pro-Russian morons why the like Russia so much. I mean other than for the money they’re going to make.

    • Gianni

      You’re right. No one has bothered to ask that question of them. I presume it’s because it’s a given that ‘Money Talks’, etc.

  • Kevin Andrews

    The stench of Gilded Feces from this Russian-Turk operative, exposed from October before the 2016 election, called out in writing by the Democrats, palpable no matter where it appears. Kabuki and Fraud are the political arts these days. Follow the money. Know who owns & operates your Meat-Puppet who sells your votes for his or her profit. Some Government.

  • TrollopeReader

    Gosh, i dunno …. if * I * was watching my boss being inaugurated, i listen raptly, applause when appropriate, and give a standing ovation. Texting business plans and victories *might* wait a tad longer than eight minutes into the new administration.