Wildfires Rage In Southern California [VIDEO]

The Los Angeles Times reports:

A fast-moving, wind-fueled wildfire swept into the city of Ventura early Tuesday, burning 31,000 acres, destroying homes and forcing 27,000 people to evacuate.

About 150 structures — including at least one large apartment complex — were consumed by flames, and many more were threatened as the fire crept about a quarter mile away from City Hall. Engulfed in flames, the Hawaiian Village Apartments collapsed about 4 a.m. Residents watched with their cameras and cell phones out, the sound of propane tanks bursting filled the air.

Hundreds of firefighters working through the night tried to prevent the blaze from spreading, block by block, as they were confronted by wind gusts of up to 50 mph. One firefighter was injured, though it’s unclear how. Fire officials said the intensity of the fire, coupled with the wind, made it pretty much unstoppable.

  • DaddyRay

    And once again absolutely zero dollars in disaster relief from Trump

    • Also this:

      “The House Republican tax bill would eliminate the deduction for personal losses from wildfires, earthquakes and other natural disasters, but keep the break for victims of the recent severe hurricanes.

      If the bill becomes law, the deduction would disappear next year, but would be available for victims of the massive wildfires that struck Northern California last month — as long as they can figure out their uninsured losses and include them on their 2017 tax return.”

      I don’t know if that part remained in the bills that passed.

      • BlindBill

        yet expensive coastal properties still get government subsidized flood insurance and can rebuild and rebuild and rebuild with no fear of not getting re-insured at the same low prices …. hmmm

      • boatboy_srq

        So, wet sandy states get relief but dry brittle ones do not. In other words, scr3w liebrulsoshulist California and Pacific NW, but give Gut Patriotische FL and TX their money. The Pandering To The Base is becoming deafening.

        I wonder if anyone’s told the GOTea that one of the biggest quakes in US history was New Madrid – and that hit MO, KY, TN, AR IL and IN.

      • Friday

        This is economic warfare on blue states.

      • JCF

        Hurricanes happen in Red States!

  • HZ81

    Scary. Be safe, my CA peeps.

    (Although, a nation-wide cleansing fire could be good… wait, no. No.)

    • Frances

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  • worstcultever

    Morning pep squad!

    Oh fuck it, I got nothin.

  • Tomcat

    Too many fires for it not to be arson. These people know not to light even a small fire this time of year.

    • greenmanTN

      My paranoia is whispering “Russians did it!” It might be time for that tinfoil hat.

    • Natty Enquirer

      The start is frequently fallen electric cables. High winds knock over dead/dying trees and they take down the lines. That’s what happened in the Wine Country back in October.

      • JCF

        This. It’s advised that electric companies turn off power lines in “Red Flag” wind conditions. Annoying? Definitely. But compared to losing your house—or your life???

    • ColdCountry

      Smokers are notorious for tossing lit butts. (I remember crossing Arkansas on I40 in ’81(?) and the whole width of the state, I was never out of sight of an active fire or an old burn.) Or, you can have sun through a piece of discarded glass, or the spark from and atv or lawn mower muffler. Or a mower can hit a rock and strike a spark, Sometimes I think the only fires that are hard to start are the ones we want to burn.

  • meh. the Amazon is almost gone. the only reason anyone cares about this fire is bc this is CA. yeah, i went there again. people with money, lots of it, only care about themselves. not those people in any place you can name on the globe, who don’t and aren’t getting international attention when their forests burn thanks to GCC. i am a Finn, i get it.

    • Seriously, Fuck you. If you actually know the area that is being burnt and evacuated, you wouldn’t be so smug.. It is either poor or middle class. The winds are blowing in So. Cal. These types of fires are terrifying, they move very fast, there not much to stop them. The evacuation happened at midnight last night in Ventura.. One of the places burnt down was an apartment building..

      California is not Bel-Air and the Kardashians, it is a pretty diversified state, with lots of people just wanting to make ends meet, like those in Ventura and Ventura County.

      • hey, it’s OK. fuck me all you want, or tell me to. srsly, i understand.

        you liberal Californians do not deserve what is happening to you. i apologize for offending you, in a totally non-repuke way. my point was about forests that are burning. in Finland, in CA, in the rain forests. again, i apologize for offending you in the most sincere way i can. i only want for my n&n to have a life, where burning does not equate with the reason they don’t have air, or food.

        i love CA liberals. always have and always will. thank you for correcting me.

      • SoCalGal20

        Ventura County is also one of the major agricultural areas of CA. So lots of working class folks working on actual family farms, citrus groves, etc. Ventura itself is a working class beach town. I love that whole area. I used to live in Valencia and that drive on the 126 to Ventura is one of my favorites. So scary how big that fire got so fast.

    • Rebecca Gardner

      Wow! Did you really go there? Do you know anything at all about that area of CA? It’s all farm land, and trailer parks, and working class folks just trying to get by. For some of them they are starting today homeless with absolutely nothing nor the financial means to change that situation any time soon.

  • Natty Enquirer

    That part of the coast can get vicious downslope winds this time of year. The air heats up and dries out as it spills over the mountains. Ten percent humidity or less is common.

    • Rebecca Gardner

      The Santa Ana winds were f**king insane yesterday. We were driving through there and they were howling.

  • BeaverTales

    I’m heartbroken, I’m a west coast kid through and through and know Ventura county well, having grown up nearby. No one anywhere on earth deserves this kind of tragedy, but when you see your memories going up in flames, it makes things much more real and it feels like a punch in the gut. From BC to Cali, please be safe and rebuild when you can someday.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    This is so sad. Yesterday I drove right through there on my way to Pismodise from Beverly Hills. We apparently missed this by a couple hours.

    This is so heartbreaking. I’m down in this area a lot. Especially Santa Barbara to catch Channel Islands dive boats.

    My heart goes out to all those affected.

    • stevenj

      Pisomodise? lol

      • Rebecca Gardner

        Yeah. The Pismo Beach nickname. I’m actually drinking coffee from my friend’s Pismodise mug right now. LOL!!!

        • stevenj

          Usually stop there to and from SF for a pee break/get something to eat. I call it Pissmo.

    • JCF

      When I see fires race up hillsides, it scares me, because my brother lives on a hillside (Woodland Hills, not Ventura—and not open rangeland. But tract housing didn’t save those people in Santa Rosa, so… )

  • ColdCountry

    The length of that fire line is what amazes me. So hard to get away from it with all those dead end canyons. Terrifying. And the losses are devastating. Be safe people.

  • Mike in Texas

    Wow … my brother’s house is 1 block outside the evacuation zone. He’s okay.

  • Artsy

    Not again!! Just spent last weekend there. Some of our family members have been evacuated. Others are indoors trying to escape the smell of smoke. Scary as f*ck.