NBC News Fires Matt Lauer Over Sex Allegations

Will this never end?

The New York Times reports:

NBC has fired its leading morning news anchor Matt Lauer over sexual harassment allegations, the network’s president for news said in a memo to staff on Wednesday.

“On Monday night, we received a detailed complaint from a colleague about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace by Matt Lauer,” Andrew Lack, the NBC News president, said in the memo.

He said the allegation against Mr. Lauer “represented, after serious review, a clear violation of our company’s standards. As a result, we’ve decided to terminate his employment.”

“While it is the first complaint about his behavior in the over 20 years he’s been at NBC News, we were also presented with reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incident.”

  • clay

    No more psychopaths in power! And that means you, Donald J. Trump.

  • Leo

    There’s been blind items about Lauer’s treatment of female co-workers for YEARS. I highly, HIGHLY doubt it’s just this one accusation that did him in.

    There’s been warring producer factions that have only gotten worse once Tamron Hall quit and Megyn Kelly was hired, and simmering, open resentment that still lasted over the Ann Curry debacle.

    He was also nearing the end of his contract and arguing with Andy Lack constantly. The execs knew and did nothing but times have changed. Hopefully for the better.

    • Ninja0980

      I’m not shocked by this in the least.

    • I stopped watching when Ann Curry was fired. She was the best person on that show. Smart, serious and professional. I wonder now what really happened.

      • SilasMarner

        It’s been put forward the Meghan Kelley be put in his place. It they do that then they lose me as a viewer. Can’t stand that reactionary fascist bitch.

  • Dutchlander

    Seems like every sexual predator is now paying the price. Except for the pig in the Oval Office.

    • j.martindale

      Roy Moore?

      • pj

        thank you thank you

    • Gustav2

      Justice Thomas?

      • pj

        thank you

    • Gerry Fisher

      It would be interesting to review Lauer’s and Charlie Rose’s comments about pussygate.

    • Bonobo

      Sarah Huckleberry?… bless her little heart.

  • BeaverTales

    How many men need to get shitcanned before they start teaching young boys the limits of appropriate sexual behavior in schools?

    Oh, that’s right…teaching kids about sex and sexuality makes baby Jebus cry. Well, too bad.

    • clay

      “Just another fern woman trying to weaken ‘merican man-hood.” /s

      We could also promote people in ALL professions who are team players and not jerks. Competence is not based on being an asshole.

    • seant426

      There’s no such thing as appropriate sexual behavior in schools. The distinction between sex ed. and keeping one’s hands to oneself needs to be made.

      • BeaverTales

        Not all inappropriate behavior involves touching, and not all touching is inappropriate. There is verbal harassment as well. They need to learn what kinds of adult behaviors are predatory/grooming.

        Besides, puberty is the time that kids are exploring their own bodies and becoming curious about the bodies of others….pretending it doesn’t happen won’t make it go away.

        • marshlc

          Which is something a good preschool does.

          We say to a child who wants comforting “Would you like a hug?” We say to a child who needs to be physically removed from a situation (if possible, sometimes safety trumps this) “Are you going to move from there, or do you need me to help you?” (“Do you need me to help you?” can be said by an experienced preschool teacher in a voice that leaves no doubt that you would be best to not need that help).

          A preschool is an extremely physical place and filled with very young children who are just learning how to control their bodies and emotions. Yet we still manage to teach and enforce consent and boundaries, without too much trouble. Amazing that so many adult men seem to have trouble with concepts that most five year olds have a pretty good handle on.

    • CB

      Maybe now that they realize there are consequences for their behavior, it will change things. (Not overly hopeful.)

    • For Sex Ed, I feel that it should be taught at different stages of child and teenage development. For sexual behavior and courtship, I feel teenage years are better than at a younger age.. Basically when teens are 16 or 17, I feel it is better to give them more nuance and more in depth material..

      I also feel like drug education like DARE, the teaching of sexual harassment to young boys to teenage boys will go through one ear and out the other. Peer groups, peer pressure are bigger influences.. Many of these men who have been exposed recently, have self inflated egos the size of small countries. I think their predatory behavior was reaffirmed by their position of power, which mixes into how they became predators in the first place..

      • BeaverTales

        I agree with most of what you said, except I think sex ed should be taught before they reach their teens whenever possible. Not all kids mature at the same age, and puberty can occur as early as 6 years old, particularly in girls.

        Our culture treats any reference to sex as ‘dirty’, when it’s an inevitable part of growing up. We need to demystify it and answer questions honestly. Teaching Consent is where we fail to send the right message

        • JAX

          Also, kids are sexually active and aware of the act long before 16/17.

          Dare I suggest 13/14?

          • I was sexually active before I was 12…and I wasn’t the only one

          • JAX

            My school taught sex-ed when I was in the fifth grade. But, I went to a very progressive school. I don’t know if the country (i.e., parents) are ready for that.

  • Ninja0980

    As others have pointed out, the rumors of him being a dick to his female co-workers and others behind the scenes have been around for a long time.
    Not shocked at all this happened.
    In fact, it was long overdue.

  • MarkOH

    Interesting. So it seems that the “liberal” entertainment industry fires those that are accused of sexual imposition, but the Republicans continue to allow them to run for elections and stay elected. What hypocracy.

    • Gay Fordham Prep Grad

      As long as John Conyers and Al Franken remain in Congress we can’t be throwing stones at the hypocrites.

      • Franken and Conyers should resign but so should Trump and Thomas. Unless Republicans are willing to demand that Republicans resign, it’s hypocrisy for them to demand that Democrats do.

      • MarkOH

        Oh, please. The GOP has done NOTHING. I am tired of the self flagelating Dems. Moore and Trump have DOZENS of accuser and all they do is deny. When the GOP makes an attempt to recognize the problem, I will back down.

      • JCF

        From what I’ve seen thus far, Conyers and Franken are not in the same category. There’s a qualitative difference *secret harrassment of subordinate underlings* and open, dubious behavior of random women in public (the latter is not at all acceptable, of course).

  • Harveyrabbit

    After so many furious, spurious tweets the Orange Shitgibbon takes a needed break outside his office.


    • AmeriCanadian

      So that’s where he learned it from.

    • Oscarlating Wildely

      Oh, he looks so gleeful!

    • Stephen Elliot Phillips

      A self golden shower

    • BlindBill

      “…because it’s sterile and I like the taste.” – Patches O’Houlihan

    • Gerry Fisher

      That’s…interesting. (Cracked me up!)

  • Gustav2

    Of course none of these types of allegations have anything to do with him.

    This is not normal, any other human being would keep their mouth shut.

  • greenmanTN

    I’m not terribly surprised since waves of jerk-dom come rolling off the TV screen whenever he’s on camera. Whether sexual or merely interpersonal, something about the guy just seemed “off” to me.

  • ceeenbee

    Amazing that the fake president is relishing this moment. I’m sure the shitgibbon wouldn’t mind all the outtakes from his shit tv show be released then. He has nothing to hide. Right?

    • Reality.Bites

      He wouldn’t mind – it would only increase his supporters’ love for him.

    • CanuckDon

      It looks like Trump has weaseled himself into his real place of comfort…sitting in the highest bully pulpit that he could imagine doing nothing but lobbing criticism, lies, jabs, and smears. His fall from there will be the greatest delight when it finally happens.

      • CB

        Like the proverbial monkey throwing feces.

  • erstegeiger

    Just the one?……shocked!! I say I’m shocked!

  • gaycuckhubby

    Hmmm. Really curious to see what behavior caused this

    • Reality.Bites

      You mean, “What in the world did Matt Lauer do?”

      (Yeah, I know. But there are going to be a lot of “in the world” comments about this and I wanted to be first)

      • greenmanTN

        Where in the world have Matt Lauer’s hands been?

        • Reality.Bites

          I don’t know, but not as many places as Donald Trump’s, which fit in smaller ones.

    • It must be bad and there must be a video of it or something similar because nothing moves this fast in the corporate world. It also means that NBC is trying to minimize damage to the company (which means it’s not just him doing something once).

  • TJay229

    His “womanizing” was not a secret.

    • gaycuckhubby

      But was it inappropriate is the question

      • TJay229

        You ask him, his wife or the women who he DID have trysts with.

  • Michael R
    • AmeriCanadian

      She got bumps in ALL da places.

  • SkokieGuy [ChicagoAdjacentGuy]

    I have heard (and read) articles about him for years. I’m surprised they claim with a straight face that this is the first allegation.

    BUT – if people are canned immediately as soon as allegations are made, lives will be destroyed and it will be far too easy for people in custody battles, disgruntled employees and such to make allegations to exact revenge. Do we all remember the daycare scandals that workers were supposedly committing satanic rituals and sex acts? Do we remember the ‘recovered memories” scandals?

    Yes victims of assault should be believed, but somehow we need to have some sort of due process, or this will turn into the modern day witch trials, without a trial.

    • David J

      Well-stated. I would hope the actions of NBC were made after very credible solid evidence, not simply because of the verbal accusations of one or two or three women.

      • gaycuckhubby

        I hope they did the same amount of that hang that the Washington Post did with the O’Keefe story.
        NBC is going to want to be reliable on this so I’m assuming they did due diligence

        • A major corporation wouldn’t fire one of their top News people with a very detailed contract without cause. They wouldn’t also do this very publicly.. They know they started a legal war just seriously contemplating firing Lauer for sexual harassment..

          If there were serious allegations that still need to be looked into, NBC would tell Lauer that he is on a “leave of absence” while looking into this, or hiring an outside law firm.. Instead they fired him with cause, which means the evidence was solid.. Lauer will kick back, but most likely with the Charlie Rose scandal, more information will come out about Lauer and his predatory behavior..

      • SkokieGuy [ChicagoAdjacentGuy]

        Thanks. I don’t know how balance is achieved, but I can see this being turned into a weapon anyone can use with little consequence. In this specific case, I have no doubt that NBC very carefully vetted the allegations and this was obviously not a decision made lightly.

        • skyweaver

          Of course you are right, but a lot of women have had to endure humiliating courtroom cross examinations by attorneys basically saying they asked for it when they were assaulted. Which has kept other women silent. It doesn’t mean you are not right, what I’m saying is that I get this phenomenon we’re witnessing, wherein women as a group seemed to have collectively said “no more” and are coming forward with their stories. It doesn’t mean we put away due process. But I’d also guess in these high profile cases (except for Trump) there are a lot of corporate attorneys who have all the HR files in front of them, all the complaints, all the ways in which the corporation did or did not respond, and made their decisions.

          • SkokieGuy [ChicagoAdjacentGuy]

            Yes, agreed. The pendulum is swinging in the right direction, but it will no doubt swing too far. The fact that what someone wore or their past sexual history is still brought up in court and humiliating the victim seems to be a standard defense tactic is wrong. And also, the statute of limitations prevents many women (and men) from obtaining justice, even if they are willing to go through with the expense and trauma of a trial.

            Not sure that this is the right solution, but here’s an interesting idea to help empower victims and document allegations:


          • skyweaver

            Love the pendulum image, and I agree with you. We are witnessing a lot of pent up rage right now on behalf of people who’ve been assaulted (men have also had that experience) – these people are now discovering their voices and, as courage gathers, so will the telling of past wrongs. This is important. But the pendulum will swing back, less in terms of victims going back to being afraid, but having a sexual assault be roughly on par with having your car stolen (solely in terms of the angst around reporting it, I mean – the two crimes are quite different.)

          • SkokieGuy [ChicagoAdjacentGuy]

            Did you read the link? The idea of how to use technology to create digital proof and attempt to address the he said / she said issues is intriguing. Not perfect and likely nothing will be, but ideas, discussions and improvements to help reduce incidents, or at least better track and prosecute perpetrators is needed.

          • skyweaver

            Oh, and I love the link to Callisto, thanks for passing that on!

          • LookielouE1707

            There’s no reason to believe the pendulum will ever even reach the midway point before the forces of counterrevolution, embedded not just on the right but in every place in our society including this one, force it back to its original corner.

            We’ve had what, a dozen high-profile cases exposed in the current revolution? There must be thousands of sexual predators in the celebrity social class alone, once you take into account not just politicians and hollywood but high-profile businessmen, yet the handful of them exposed has been enough for people to start reflexively describing allegations as witchhunting even without evidence they are false (and accusing someone of witchhunting without such evidence constitutes engaging in a witchhunt oneself). There’s no way we’ll even get to a hundred scumbags successfully nailed without a consensus developing that we’ve had enough, that any further allegations must be swept under the rug so we can get back to normalcy.

            The issue is not just that our society alarms much more aggressively at false accusations than true ones, and treats one false claim as evidence that many true ones are invalid, although that would be enough to ensure that your scylla never happens; even if no false allegations get promoted, the true ones alone will be enough to prompt the revanche.

            So the charybdis, the concern that improperly vetted false allegations will drown out true ones, is moot – the latter will eventually be reflexively rejected no matter how good the vetting process is. If there’s any relationship at all between how well-vetted an allegation is and how it’s received, it’s a weak one, just look at how current cases have been treated.

            You know what some folk here sound like? Y’all sound like cops afraid that just any perp could up and falsely accuse them of police brutality, if we wage a “witchhunt” against bad cops. But outside of certain very limited contexts the odds that you will be falsely accused are very low, even if we have no effective vetting process – there just aren’t that many people out there with the drive to pursue such a false allegation, but there are many more people with the impulse to commit sexual assault. You’re weakening the response to a high-frequency crime in order to deter a low one.

            It’s like with terrorism – very few americans will be killed by terrorists, but millions of syrian refugees will either be killed or stranded in hell as long as we turn them away on the grounds of terrorism concerns. Our priorities are way out of whack.

          • SkokieGuy [ChicagoAdjacentGuy]

            We are on the same side of the fence. I am thrilled that victims are being taken more seriously. I am thrilled that people who have used power to prevent their victims from coming forward are being toppled. There’s only a handful now, but it does seem like many more dominoes will fall.

            Do you remember the day care sex abuse scandals in the 80’s? People were convicted and jailed because of false allegations. We need a way to protect and obtain justice for victims, prosecute perpetrators and prevent fake allegations from being weaponized. These are not mutually exclusive goals.


          • LookielouE1707

            Those cases are another example of the point I was making at the end there: there were, what, dozens of people falsely accused in that and related cases in that cycle of moral panic? At the same time there were hundreds of thousands at least? of abused children who never reported because they rightly suspected they would be disbelieved. One of those problems was orders of magnitude greater than the other. Even putting the two threats on the same plane constitutes false balance, as does the pendulum analogy, which implies the balance could just as easily go off in one direction as another.

            There’s nothing wrong with tackling a lesser threat, so long as doing so does not impede dealing with the greater threat – but promoting the meme that this campaign could transform into a witchhunt does that. The real witchhunt is against the victims of sexual assault who speak up.

      • seant426

        Three women? When do the accusations become credible? One woman? Three? Thirty? Please, tell us.

        • Gay Fordham Prep Grad

          I an not sure they were women

      • Corporations don’t do this from whispers or from one complaint written in a standard form. They do this, when they have lots of evidence in front of them, and they know there is much more out there. Firing someone with cause, is pretty much a smoking gun was found on Lauer..

        I am guessing that Lauer was warned, or something was in his HR file had a previous incident, (whether workplace or sexual harassment) Lauer is under contract, so he may be fired, but he most likely got some sort of payout for the rest of his contract, so he won’t jump ship to another TV network, no matter if he is fired for sexual harassment..

      • Strepsi

        Oh he’s one of their highest paid daytime stars, there has got to be a LOT more than just smoke here for them to do this.

        I suspect other on-air talent threatening en masse, with proof.

        It reminds me of Jian Ghomeshi here in Canada, a star of CBC radio, when he was brought into HR for being aggressively creepy, and apparently to clear his name said “Oh no, it was consensual, here’s a video of me choking a woman!” —> Fired.

    • clay

      Maybe this is the first new allegation since he was warned, earlier?

      • SkokieGuy [ChicagoAdjacentGuy]

        With Lauer’s money, he could legally attack NBC. There is no doubt a completely bulletproof dismissal. They didn’t even give him the “retiring to spend time with the family” face saving option. This was intentionally brutal.

        • clay

          That might have been their own legal department trying to scuttle lawsuits on the basis that they knew and did nothing.

        • If they acted this quickly that means there’s video or similar evidence. Nothing ever moves this quickly so whatever it was it’s bad and well documented.

          • SkokieGuy [ChicagoAdjacentGuy]

            We agree. That’s why I said this must be bulletproof on NBC’s part, because they acted so quickly and publicly.

        • The only reason Lauer would sue NBC/Comcast/Universal is that he can’t get a job at another TV conglomerate..

          As much as Lauer has money, and can hire a high price obnoxious lawyer, Huge Cartel like corporations are not pushovers in court.. besides a lawsuit could take years to resolve. The most likely scenario is Lauer stays quiet as his agent negotiates with other TV networks for a job.. The priority is working again, not revenge..

          • JAX

            He won’t be able to work until the climate dies down. He’s radioactive.

            Complaints from the tech industry are next…

    • Blake Mason

      I would not be surprised if Lauer retaliates and there is some sort of settlement.

      • SkokieGuy [ChicagoAdjacentGuy]

        You may be right, but if he sues, then all the allegations and dirt becomes public record. They are no doubt paying out the balance of his contract, so if he were smart, he would take his multi-millions and slink away.

      • NBC are firing him with cause. There may be compensation to terminate Lauer’s contract (for firing with cause), but firing someone with cause, means they are not giving out a settlement. They are basically saying we have overwhelming evidence to fire Lauer, and we are not negotiating.

        • Blake Mason

          I was think more a scenario that Skokie outlines. They prob paid out his contract.

          Rehab next?

          • NBC will give a payout to Lauer to terminate his contract or what is left of his contract with NBC, no matter if he was fired or not.. They don’t want him to jump to another network in the near future, no matter the allegations or firing him with cause. Most likely there would be a year or two before he can work for another TV network, (however I read his contract was ending soon)

    • netxtown

      it has already turned into the witch trials. There are only juries. And when the blow-back happens, women are gonna be pissed.

      • SkokieGuy [ChicagoAdjacentGuy]

        Yup. And it hurts women who may have their real allegations diluted and not treated seriously when people start using fake allegations as a cudgel.

        • netxtown

          And HR departments across the country are writing new policy that aims to put the company at minimal risk. Even married couples who work for the same company are going to find a wholly different workplace. A little kiss after lunch? not any more.

      • Gerry Fisher

        I’m not sure it’s a witch hunt. I’m betting that it’s more likely to be a realistic statement of how much of this behavior has been going on for a very, very, very long time. The only ones that seem odd to me are the “he groped my butt at the state fair” accusations made against Al Franken. I think the solution to that problem is to do what the other politician was doing when asked to take a picture that day at the fair. “Is it OK if I put my hand on your shoulder or back? What would you prefer?” “On the hip” should not be an option, because that can be misconstrued.

        • John30013

          This recalls am incident when I was in ROTC. We were lined up for uniform inspection, and a female cadet had some issue with her collar (in the back). The inspecting officer (an older man) mentioned to the cadet that he was going to touch her collar. He then adjusted her collar. I thought it was both thoughtful and respectful that he clearly indicated in advance that he was going to touch her, and where, so she wouldn’t be startled or perceive it as anything other than what it was.

    • Dot Beech

      He was not “canned immediately.” It is clearly reported that there was an investigation and that the results of the investigation substantiated the claim made against Lauer. There is no reason to believe that this was done capriciously or for any other reason than the claim against him being substantiated by the investigation.

      That’s the “due process” that is appropriate in this situation. “Due Process” is a legal term that only comes into play when the government, i.e., the courts, is involved in adjudicating a matter. There is no guarantee of “due process” in private employment. If you have a contract and you break the rules, you’re done. If you have no contract, you’re done whenever your employer says you’re done.

    • Gerry Fisher

      I don’t know if this is still the standard, but when I received supervisory training for a major corporation back in the early 90s, there were two classes of sexual harassment. One involved, for lack of better phrasing, “Come ons,” creepy unwanted attention, or failing to keep the environment free of sexual materials. In those cases, the person received a warning and was given an opportunity to stop. If I’m recalling correctly, a manager who failed to clean up a sexually offensive/intimidating environment fell into this category and given a warning. It would take repeated instances after the warning to result in firing. In this category, company policy accounted for an “ooops” by a reasonable person and gave the person a chance to recover.

      The second class was unwanted groping of breasts, butt, and genitals. If proven, the person was fired immediately; no discussion, no “second chance.” (I don’t recall what would have happened if it was a “(s)he said, (s)he said” situation about physical contact.)

      I was involved in reporting one case to HR. It involved “creepy unwanted attention” and then an attempt at minor retaliation for not returning the attention. This person was spoken to and got back in line behaviorally speaking. There were no further incidents involving this person in the few years I remained involved in that group, so I think the application of policy worked well in this instance.

      • netxtown

        On the ‘touching’ aspect….

        With all the stuff we have all been ‘sold’ – there is little left of the human body – excepting ears and the asshole – that hasn’t been made ‘sexy’. Legs, arms, bellies, backs, lips, eyes, eye lashes, hair, feet, finger nails – and the list goes on. So, being all these parts are sexy – a full ‘no touch’ policy is realistic.

        Is that going too far? hell yes – but it is where we are headed. Sex sells, and every ‘body’ wants their 15 minutes…..

    • NBC didn’t fire a star within 48 hours without some highly incriminating evidence.

      • Statistics Palin

        What? You’re a libertarian now? The Free Market is God?

        • What the fuck are you talking about?

          I’m talking about the reality of firing a star. NBC has known about this for a long time. This wasn’t even a secret at the Today show. According to Variety, the on-air personalities that went on air and acted shocked knew as well. They are lying, covering their asses to protect their own careers. NBC only fired him because the story was coming out and the lawsuits would be coming. They are trying to pretend they acted as soon as they knew. It’s a lie. That’s how these things work. It’s not how they SHOULD work, but it’s how it is.

          No, I’m not a Libertarian, but I know from being alive in the US for 50 years that corporations only care about what costs them money. They are fine with allowing women to be sexually assaulted on the premises so long as they won’t be sued or it won’t affect sales/ratings. I guess that’s the “free market” at work. I’m not in favor of things working that way but I’m smart enough to observe that the only way to hurt corporations is through lawsuits or boycotts. They aren’t people (in spite of what our right wing courts say) and don’t have empathy or compassion and therefore no morals.)

  • vorpal

    Ugh… tweets like that are what make me wonder when my requisition form to have a fully stocked bar and a fully staffed bartender installed in my office are going to go through.

    • MB

      MEOW !!!!!!!!!!!

    • SkokieGuy [ChicagoAdjacentGuy]

      Do you need help with making sure this bartender is fully staffed? *raises hand*

    • Bluto

      Why yes, I would like a cocktail, good Sir.

      • AmeriCanadian

        You left out the ampersand.

    • David J

      I hope you invite me over to your “office bar” to do our business together while enjoying some cock tails.

    • CB

      Well, I know whose office will host happy hour.

    • Anastasia Beaverhousen

      Honey, money, wealth and a great rack helps a lot.

    • JT

      How about making that a fully stroked bartender?

    • Robincho

      It’ll be the perfect place to have a stiff one! And after that, maybe even a drink!…

    • Reality.Bites

      I don’t think those arms can bend enough to properly shake a martini.

    • Daveed_WOW

      Bartender with phone on photo set. Tattoos almost look real.

    • Gerry Fisher


    • Gayer Than Thou

      Ironically, you’d better keep your hands (and everything else) off that bartender if you don’t want an uncomfortable meeting with HR.

    • Hank
      • nocadrummer

        And I bet he gets his front “bar” worked a lot too!

    • Leo Tallant

      This Bartender looks like he might be “fully staffed”.

  • Sam_Handwich

    meanwhile, Dotard still looks like a cornered rat


  • Rex

    It seems the time has come to clean house, everywhere except the White House.

  • seant426

    Not sure about the “Will this never end” comment, but he has a long history of lascivious behavior. And no, it’s not gonna end. This is just the beginning.

    • band

      Thank you.

  • Texndoc

    Discovered Monday night? And fired 24 hours later a man who they have a multi million dollar deal with? I suppose Willie Giest is now being interrogated under bright lights and harsh conditions – just to hear “You’ll take his place.” Which is what he’s wanted for years.

  • jruffdc


  • Leo

    Now confirmed by CNN that NBC did this to pre-empt both a New York Times AND ANOTHER Variety story with over a dozen women EACH coming forward.

    • gaycuckhubby

      Aha! This makes a lot more sense

    • gaycuckhubby

      So why the fuck would Luck lie when he knew that to Publications had a story ready to go?

      • seant426

        To make it seem they acted quickly when they really didn’t.

    • seant426

      Still not going to stop the stories. I’m surprised the National Enquirer hasn’t been the first to break these kinds of stories.

      • Reality.Bites

        No, but there will be no delay in firing him after the story hits – people expect the story to have an ending when they hear it for the first time.

        NBC has done what they can to distance themselves.

  • seant426

    Trump’s tweet re. this action is reprehensible, even for him. And that’s saying a lot.

  • gaycuckhubby

    I’m not being a troll, I swear. And I’m not equating the two accusations at all! I’m being realistic, this bolsters Roy Moore’s chances.

    • JAX

      We are not aware of Lauer’s conduct… yet.

  • Tawreos

    When is it going to be the Sexual Predator in Chief’s turn to pay for the accusations he has racked up over the years?

  • CB

    I have a good friend who was a regular on the show. She rebuffed his aggressive behavior for years. It’s been an open secret since his days in Boston, but no one said anything because he helped a lot of women advance in their careers. This is going to continue for a while yet.
    NBC has to seek cover, and I suppose they only “officially” knew about it when a formal complaint was filed. But it speaks to the tacit support of this kind of behavior in all industries, and as they say, “sunlight is the best disinfectant.” Let’s hope.
    As a young, gay man, I worked in situations where I had many female colleagues and watched how they were treated by these men in publishing and entertainment. Certainly not all. Some women shrugged it off, others were highly upset by it. Some played the game and hoped for advancement. But everyone knew what was going on.

    • That’s the part of this that is the most infuriating. This has been going on for so long and everyone knew in almost every case. Example: two women who complained about Charlie Rose were fired. That sends a message. And in entertainment where entry level opportunities are scarce (and often don’t even pay) the choice is to navigate that or give up on your dream.

  • Gustav2

    When is Justice Thomas resigning?

    • Daveed_WOW

      Don’t be silly. It’s OK when Republicans do it. Roy Moore is going to win. They love him for literally everything he did. Everything.

  • JT

    Will this never end?

    Not with the douchebag dirty tricks people using it for their own ends, until people start acting reasonably about it.

  • Nate

    Lock up every man because this is where this whole thing is going.

    • kareemachan

      Feeling nervous? Why is that?

    • Jean-Marc in Canada


      BTW, maybe men should feel this way for awhile, fake god knows women have felt it for millennia.

  • fkevin
  • Stuart Wyman-Cahall

    Squirrel? Maybe. Maybe not. But the oligarchs want these tax cuts that will have a detrimental impact for millions of middle class Americans…and this is my morning headline? As big a news that this is, letters are starting to go out to families that will pull health care from 9 million children. I’m heartbroken.

  • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

    I haven’t watched The Today Show since Katie Couric left because I couldn’t stand Matt Lauer. Before that, I didn’t watch The Today Show because I couldn’t stand Katie Couric or Matt Lauer.

    • Reality.Bites

      I’ve been boycotting since they fired J. Fred Muggs.

  • Gerry Fisher

    He should have been fired for that lame attempt at interviewing presidential candidates last year.

    • PianoGuy

      Amen! My thoughts exactly.

  • KP

    “…we were also presented with reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incident.” Talk about CYA.

  • Daveed_WOW

    Good. I have always hated him. He’s an inferior journalist.

    • William

      He is a lousy interviewer.

      • Daveed_WOW

        Exactly. Ever see him get snarly and snarky in order to appear “tough”. Compensatin’ like Spacey.

  • bkmn

    One of the many reasons I stopped watching the Today show now gone. Good.

  • Guess

    I do hope Ann Curry is having a pleasant morning.

    • William

      Ha! The first thing I thought when I heard the news was Ann Curry must be smiling.

    • Guess

      oh, and Tamron Hall, your next spot of chamomile is on me.

  • Jack

    Were Trump normal, he’d see the writing on the wall.

  • He was fired in less than 48 hours of the complaint? Whatever it was had to have been really bad (and well documented). Nothing moves that fast in the corporate world.

    • JohnJay

      I would think for that to happen so fast, they must have asked him if it was true, and he must have said yes. Then, they probably asked if there might be others coming forward, and he likely said maybe so.

      • Reality.Bites

        I said this the other day – whether a first accusation is true or false, the accused knows if there are other, definitely valid ones that will come out once one is made public.

    • Mike Rasor

      Not necessarily. Reporting surrounding the story is claiming that the NY Times had been investigating Lauer for several weeks. It seems just as likely NBC had already done their own investigation prior to this complaint and the most recent complaint was simply the event which allowed them to justify the firing.

    • BartmanLA

      Actually according to the reports the incident that predicated his termination occurred at the Rio Olympics this past summer. It just took NBC this long to realize if they didn’t get out in front of this with the tidal wave of #MeToo cases they could be seen as covering up for him. So out he goes.

      • They have a lot invested in Matt and he makes them a lot of money. They were going to pay off or hush up whoever threatened their profits as long as they could get away with it. According to Variety this wasn’t any kind of secret on the show and people who work their claim that they on-air talent pretending to be shocked by this are lying to cover their own asses.

        I wrote that when we didn’t know much. Now that we do it’s clear that not only was it bad (very very bad actually) but the network and producers were well aware and this wasn’t a single incident but a long pattern. I have no pity on Matt or his enablers and I hope this costs NBC millions. How dare they put the women working their in these situations knowing full well what was going on. Shame on the lot of them.

  • kanehau

    Back when Matt Lauer was doing the “Where in the world is Matt Lauer”, he did an episode at the lava flow here on the Big Island (Hawaii).

    My BF and I thought “hell, let’s go out and watch”- so we got up super early in the dark dark morning and drove down to the flow and hiked out to where they were filming.

    We hid ourselves nearby, in the lava fields, watching them film… when one of the crew came over and said “would you two mind coming over here with the rest of the people watching? You are breaking up our microwave transmission.”

    We were apparently line-of-sight between they microwave transmitter and the receiver back on the road.

    We did get to watch the rest of the filming with other people who had gathered – and as luck would have it… neither of us ended up with scrambled brains.

    • SDG


  • netxtown

    I know i’m gonna get some blowback – but…. women need to step up to the plate and stop selling their ‘looks’. I get it they’ve had years and years of forced acceptance just to scratch out a living – but when you play the sex appeal game, you are not helping your core cause to be treated equally.

    An example is this pic of an upcoming TV show:

    notice how the men are dressed/posed. Now notice how the women are dressed/posed. Hollywood sells sex….and on occasion a decent story line. And women do themselves no favor when they comply. And no, gunny sacks is not the alternative.

    I get it most folks want to look their best and maybe increase their marketability. But, when you put something out to the market – folks are gonna want to touch it and feel it…and now we have a problem. They objectified their sexuality – so is fair to holler when someone wants to examine the merchandise.

    It’s a really fucked up catch22.

    • Wait, so it’s women’s fault that they are treated this way when they either put up with it or don’t have a career? Seriously?

    • SDG

      Blowing a gale in your face! Women sell their looks, because it’s expected of them. Blaming them for men making advances, is absurd.

      It’s the male caveman, bullshit idea that they can “have” what they can get. The more power they have, the more pu$$y they feel they can grab.

      What I find HORRID is that men are being fired solely on a complaint. No investigation, hearing? WTF?

      • kareemachan

        My take from the article was that there was enough evidence presented (I have no idea what) that it was an open and shut case. I could be wrong. I don’t think they would do it without something, considering the possibility of a lawsuit.

        • SDG

          You are probably right.

    • kareemachan

      So it’s the victim’s fault. Got it.


      • netxtown

        absolutely not. My point is for women to stop being what men want them to be.

    • This has nothing to do with looks, or if one wears tight sexy clothes 24/7. It has to do with power, the perpetrator feels they are self entitled, and most importantly they can get away with it.. The perpetrator just repeats sexual assault or sexual harassment tactics that they used before, and feel they are invincible.. I doubt that the victims of Kevin Spacey felt they were wearing tight sexy clothing in front of him, given many of the gropes and assaults happened at bars or at parties..

      What is warped about Hollywood, is the power dynamics, not the sexualization. Harvey Weinstein got away with raping women, because people were too afraid to speak up, because they would lose their job, or won’t get future jobs.. Ditto with Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly..

      Back in the Medieval Ages, there outrage and umbrage for women to show their hair, might as well show their naked bodies, given they show their hair to tempt men..

      This is about powerful males abusing their power to either assault women or using their power to cover up their behavior by being punitive to women who speak up..

      I will use Harvey Weinstein as an example. What shocked people besides the rapes, was how much effort Harvey Weinstein did over the years to cover up his sexual assaults, and how many people were compliant in covering it up, including former liberal hero, David Boies..

      • Reality.Bites

        And that kid at assaulted by the future Ohio state rep at a Christian conference with his parents – I somehow doubt he was wearing a crop top and Daisy Dukes.

    • Stuart Wyman-Cahall

      Thank You, Angela Lansbury. Geeze.

    • boobert

      That was especially true with leeann tweeden. She was bumping ,groping,kissing and flirting. Then she became outraged after many years and a fox job.

  • Bj Lincoln

    The wife and I watch Good Morning America. We both have a thing for Robin. That and we trust her to tell it like it is.

  • Ross

    I have LOATHED Matt since his ambush of Hillary during the “Commander-in-Chief” forum.

    And then he kissed Donald’s ass.

    So, this news is soooooooooooo sweet.

  • kladinvt

    And what of the 20+ sexual assault allegations against Comrade Cheetos?

  • Steven B
    • JAX


  • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson

    Long, long overdue.

    Ann Curry is happy today.

  • pablo

    Fired based on a single complaint in 20 years? I think NBC just wanted to get rid of him.

  • boobert

    I think what they’re trying to do is make everyone sick with all these allegations , so that when more come out against the moron no one will care.

  • nocadrummer

    Meanwhile the pussy-grabber remains in the White House.

    But to break the monotony… here’s Matt.

  • JCF


    No, it won’t end—not until every last motherfucking harrasser/abuser is GONE! Good riddance!

  • Litty Thum

    I’m really surprised. I used to work with him and he always seemed respectful and decent to all of his colleagues.

  • Blake Mason

    It also occurs to me that these incidences might be part of the resistance.