Roy Moore Staffers Attack Fox News Crew [VIDEO]

Fox News reports:

Campaign staffers for Senate candidate Roy Moore late Monday night got into a scuffle with two Fox News camera crews prior to a rally in the town of Henagar, Ala.

Organizers told the media that Moore was expected to use the front entrance at the Henagar Community Center and the cameras were stationed outside, Fox News’ Jonathan Serrie reported. Moore instead used a side entrance.

Camera crews and reporters attempted to see the candidate as he made his way into the building. And that point, two men “decided to push the cameras back and physically manhandle two Fox News photographers,” Serrie told Shannon Bream, host of “Fox News @ Night.”

  • Southeast PDXer

    Republicans are violent. In other news, water is still wet. News at 11.

  • Kevin Andrews

    Typical of the Fascist pedophile and his mindless minions.

    • Tawreos

      Like they would ever let laws or personal rights get in the way of spreading jebus to everyone

      • Spreading jeebus, is that a communicable disease?

        • Tawreos

          It can be a very deadly one.

  • netxtown

    oh nos! they’ve even turned against fux news!

    • Tawreos

      Sooner or later, everyone does.

  • Tawreos

    I thought Fox was all for Moore and ignoring the pedophile thing?

    • Bambino

      He is a bit sensitive when he saw cameras, spotlights and mic booms approach. The pedophile is scare of his own shadow these days.

      • Tawreos

        I am hoping it is because he knows that the accusers that have come forward so far have only scratched the surface of what is out there.

        • wmforr

          He can’t possibly believe in the God he claims to believe in and think he’ll be forgiven just because he hates gays, Blacks, and Muslims.

      • BearEyes

        So 6 more weeks of winter?

        • Paula

          Yep, don’t plant your corn too early this year.

  • Tawreos

    Is it wise to manhandle reporters from a network that has a direct line of communication to your candidates base? If Fox turns on him bigly, Moore may be finished.

    • Gustav2

      The story is probably getting more repeat play on other venues than on Fox today.

  • Henry Auvil

    Did they grab the photographers by their pussies?

    • Bluto

      No, over 14.

      • Tawreos

        Which is why they were outside instead of inside.

  • Bluto

    This is rather tame for a kerfuffle but I enjoy watching the sexual predator enablers squirm nonetheless.

    • Robincho

      Tame for a kerfuffle? Maybe yes, maybe no. But it’s eminently qualifiable as a foofaraw…

  • David
    • Hey, that was from Rose telling the story of the Great Herring War! <3

  • DaddyRay

    And then there is this comment on the second video

    “And Moore is STILL refusing to put his hand on a bible and to swear that he’s innocent.

    Doesn’t he have a bible or is he GUILTY OF PEDOPHILIA AND DOESN’T WANT TO LIE TO GOD?”

    • Skeptical_Inquirer

      It’s bizarre considering God should know what the hell he’s been doing all this time.

      • DaddyRay

        And yet God did nothing to protect the children, its almost as if he doesn’t exist

        • CB

          Thank you!

        • TexasBoy

          He also doesn’t heal the sick and dying or feed the hungry. He is just too busy counting all the “like = 1 prayer, share = 1000 prayers” Facebook posts.

          • And he must have been on vacation during the Holocaust.

          • wmforr

            But if I get intimate with my husband in New York, he’s right on the job–flooding Houston.

          • You just might be on to something! If you could travel slowly west, stopping at towns have fun sexy times with the hubby, until you hit the perfect spot to end the droughts in California! If you could prove your talents, then think of the money you two could rake in!

        • AmeriCanadian

          It’s a test. Everything is a test.

        • Ragnar Lothbrok

          Or he’s just an old perv.

        • pj

          and let the republicans give the american 1% a big payday with their tax bill.

  • Dazzer

    Is it OK to snigger?

    • Tawreos

      I thought it was required =)

    • TheManicMechanic

      Snigger? Please! 😉

  • alc2018
    • Todd20036

      “He” Eddie. You really aren’t fooling anyone.

  • billbear1961

    I’ve seen some stories now, on Daily Kos and a story in the Guardian someone quoted, that show Moore sided with rapists 13 out of 16 times when such cases came up before the Alabama Supreme Court, even when the victims were children. In one case he said a Day Care Center worker who raped a 4-year-old showed no sign that he meant to cause her serious physical harm. In another case, he said the rapist should have been allowed to present evidence that the 12-year-old he raped was sexually active and had a sexually transmitted disease.

    Moore is a goddamned MONSTER.

    His history, as a judge, of siding with sexual predators should be widely broadcast.

    He must NEVER be allowed to remain in the Senate should he win the election.

    • Todd20036

      Which means the Nazis will overlook his “indiscretions” because they hold a bare majority

      • billbear1961

        At some point this country must decide if it’s willing to DEBASE itself to the point where it will accept the authority of any criminal, no matter how VILE, elected to office.

        • George Washington said political parties would be the death of our country. And he’s sadly correct.

          • billbear1961

            Well, when ONE of them no longer believes in genuine democracy and serves only the super rich, YES.

          • CottonBlimp

            Political parties are necessary. It’s religion that’s showing itself to be the death of the country – as it always has been throughout history.

          • Helen Damnation™

            Tribalism is what is killing this country. Party before country. Party before children and families. I don’t want to live here anymore, ashamed to be an American.

        • Steve

          It’s not “the Countrys” willingness to debase itself. It is specifically fundamental religious people that continue to support both t-rump and Moorebullshit. What they actually worship is power. If a being admitted to drowning the entire population of a planet except a select few – the least moral response would be to adore and worship it. The ends justifies the means in the fundies world.

    • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

      Even if he weren’t accused of crimes himself, these kind of judgements show he’s not fit for the Senate.

      • He isn’t fit for walking around. FSM only knows what he’s truly capable of……shudder

        • Erin

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    • vorpal
      • billbear1961

        Yes, the monster’s “date.”

        (Salut, cher minou! XO)

        • vorpal

          Salut, mon ourson merveilleux! C’est toujours un plaisir de lire tes commentaires ici! J’espère que tout va bien avec toi et ton mari!

      • safari

        I thought of you the other day, Mr. Vorpal. I saw students playing around in the our local telescope control room’s fishbowl office.

        • vorpal

          =happy trills and purrs=
          Local telescope? You have a local telescope?

          • safari

            No, I just didn’t phrase my sentence properly. The “control room” for the telescope near you is a fishbowl in my building’s atrium.

      • jerry

        Wait…that’s the school I went to!

        • vorpal

          So were you the top of your class or the bottom of your class? =evil grins=

          • jerry

            I graduated–cum loudly–as the top bottom.

          • vorpal

            Good show!
            (That was a request, and not a compliment :D.)

  • Bambino
    • wmforr

      I love her in that role, swinging from Katharine Hepburn to Bette Davis and back. And the only Disney movie since Fantasia with a rape scene. Well, this one was a bit more real and tragic than the hippos and ostriches.

  • Buford

    Dang, MooreCo… why so tense?

  • ceeenbee

    When did moorose hire the Tex Ritter brigade for security. Really. People actually still wear jackets with leather shoulder pads?

    • Tawreos

      Apparently in Alabama they are the height of fashion

      • Paula

        He’s loved that jacket since he bought it back in ’72.

  • SDG


  • Boreal

    ‘Fox News’ crew. How sad.

  • billbear1961

    I just saw this on Political Wire:

    Don’t know how reliable this is.

    • Boreal

      I never expected Roy to lose. It is Alabama after all.

      • billbear1961

        That monster must NEVER be allowed to remain in the Senate.

        Everywhere he goes in public he should be loudly decried.

        EDIT: A decent society cannot recognize any claim to authority by such a predator.

        • Boreal

          Republicans are bluffing when they say they will expel him from the senate if he wins. He will vote solidly for their agenda. This is just a game for them.

          • billbear1961

            Is it a game for the country?

            Do Americans have ANY self-respect left?

            Will they accept the authority of any MONSTER elected to office??

          • Boreal

            As we know, republicans care little for the good of the country and most Americans will do nothing until they are personally impacted.
            The answer to your last question resides in the White House

          • billbear1961

            You could argue that a people who recognize the authority of MONSTERS get what they deserve.

          • With many innocent millions as collateral.

          • billbear1961

            Those millions must protest in the streets before all is lost.

            Crimes are still crimes even when criminals in “government”–gangster, predatory government–claim otherwise.

          • Ahh nope.

          • billbear1961

            Hello, biki.


          • Howdy Mr Bear!

          • wmforr

            When I saw Torchwood: Miracle Day it seemed totally ridiculous that Americans would welcome a child-rapist/murderer (Bill Pullman playing against type) as a hero.
            Now I fully expect Moore to quote Oswald Danes and say, “She should have run faster.”

        • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

          Alabama’s a ‘stand your ground’ state. Sometimes, all you need to slay a monster is a good toddler with a gun.

          • carrot festival

            There’s also the blessing of a bra holster mishap.

        • wmforr

          I imagine his first day in the Senate he will be greeted by massive protests.

      • Macbill

        I can dream, can’t I?

        • Yes, please don’t stop dreaming. We need dreamers, and those who muse, those who while away afternoons in thoughtfulness. Without such folk the world would be a much less bright, artistic place.

      • Cackalaquiano

        Frankly, there’s exactly zero chance he’s gonna lose.

        • The_Wretched

          The unauditable machines will see to it even the votes don’t.

        • wmforr

          And Satan is rubbing his hands at all the “Christian” Alabama immigrants he’s going to receive.

    • Gustav2

      If Moore wins, next December Republicans will not be thanking Alabama. They will be painted as the Roy Moore Party in the rest of the nation.

      • billbear1961

        I don’t know what to believe about this country, anymore, G.

        • charemor

          Sad, isn’t it?

    • billbear1961

      There is THIS:

      Retired Marine Colonel Is Launching a Write-in Campaign for Alabama Senator

      Col. Lee Busby, USMC (ret.) is launching a write-in campaign for senator from Alabama. Busby said that neither of the current candidates, Roy Moore (R) or Doug Jones (D), is qualified to be senator. When asked whether he thought Moore had molested teenage girls 40 years ago, he said he found the matter distasteful, but added: “As a voter, I don’t need to get to the bottom of it.” Busby isn’t going to be getting any money from the Republican Party or from Steve Bannon, so he is going to be dependent on small donors. He did manage to put up a Website already, though,

      Busby retired from the Marine Corps in 2013. At one point he served as vice chief of staff to a three-star lieutenant general, a fellow named John Kelly, who is currently White House chief of staff. Busby has not yet called Kelly to tell him about his plans to run for the Senate. Kelly is not likely to be amused when the call finally comes.

      Even if all votes for Busbee, Bussby, Bussbee, Busybee, Busbea, Buzbee, and Buzzbee are counted for him, the colonel has zero chance of being elected the next senator from Alabama. But he does have a decent chance of helping Jones win. The polls so far have shown it to be close race between Moore and Jones. It is almost inconceivable that more than a handful of Democrats vote for Busby, as Jones is a credible candidate with no scandals or even missteps in his campaign. However, more than a few Republicans who think Moore is disgusting but can’t bring themselves to voting for a Democrat now have an outlet to help Jones win but have a clean conscience doing so by voting for a pro-life military officer. If even 5% of the Republicans write in Busby, that could be enough to elect Jones.

  • Bert_Bauer

    OMG, they’re eating their own!

    • ByronK

      But they’re high fat, low protein. Like that kind of Chinese food that you stuff your face with but still feel hungry. Christie must be nervous.

  • hdtex
  • hdtex

    Just because you go to a dance recital at a school when youre 32 to pick out your future wife doesn’t mean you like children.

  • TexasBoy

    Love it, they attacked Fox News. I’m sure they must’ve thought it was CNN 😉

    • Wesinoregon

      Those Southern Republicans don’t know how to read yet.

  • Chris Gardner

    FOX NEWS ALERT: Unknown Liberal news crew viciously attacks Roy Moore campaign staff while they were praying. Has ungodliness infiltrated the liberal media? News at 11.

    • carrot festival

      I’m sure they’ll identify them as CNN…Twitler’s favorite punching bag.

  • fuow

    Even FAUX News crews deserve freedom of the press rights.
    (Didn’t stop me from enjoying their discomfiture, though.)

  • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

    What does the second guy say? “You’re standing in his ???? now!” ?

    Makes you wonder what it is they didn’t want the cameras to see.

  • Haha! Enjoy this Faux Newz! You made this monster of thinking we don’t need, nor shouldn’t have a free press, and that it’s perfectly okay to push a camera man.

  • Clive Johnson

    The ongoing erosion of values and norms courtesy of Trump and co.

  • Halou

    The allegations against him are so fake, Roy Moore’s mob are now resorting to physically assaulting Fox staff over it. Fox of all people! Would you ever think you’d see the day?

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    It’s as if Karma and Poetic Justice decided “What the hell, let’s fuck with them both”

  • SilasMarner

    The Nazi party is alive and well in Alabama.

  • safari

    Meanwhile: I listened to an NPR producer’s book pitch on Fresh Air about how if we just got out of our bubble we’d learn the right is just like us.

    • Lumpy Gaga

      This drumbeat of how the “elites” (anyone who finished high school, apparently) are the ones in constant need of attititude readjustment and edumacation is quite wearying.

      • wmforr

        But off course “elites” does not include billionaire criminals and multimillionaire Fox News puppets. They’s jes’ folks.

    • The_Wretched

      The oligarchs are a little upset that their plan to rile up the “alt-right” to get them to vote has lead to a riled up “alt-right”. NPR has been in the front lines (though they are far from alone) in trying to normalize the nazis. It’s the master-elite telling the rest of us to sit down and shut up. The NYT was rightly blasted for doing the same this week.

    • Treant

      Except we must realize they have not had our advantages, such as fine schools, libraries full of books, shampoo…

      (Addams Family Values)

    • Deacon Phreque

      I can hardly listen to NPR anymore. When they talk to conservatives, they let their bullshit go completely unchallenged. When talking with progressive, every point is nit-picked and “what abouted”. All that Koch money they take in has skewed NPR horribly from where they used to be.

      • Friday

        Also their Dubya appointees and *still* being threatened with being cut out of existence if they get ‘too liberal.’

    • Dayglo

      God, if I hear one more fucking “visit to Trump country,” or how we’d do well to listen to our rural neighbors because “we have more in common than …blah blah blah”
      Let them normalize and draw false equivalencies all they want, I ain’t buying it.

    • -M-

      Ugh. People are people, but these people aren’t playing by the rules of respecting other people and their rights and engaging in civilized, rational, fact-based debate.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Derwood !!

  • Steve Smith

    From today’s real news:

    I have much more faith in reasoned and researched articles than I do in anything that comes from the demented rantings of a fundamentalist fanatic with paedophile tendencies.

  • Lawerence Collins
  • Beth Sanders

    I read he caused girl to get abortion?

  • Dayglo

    Rupert Murdoch — “Who are those bloody cameramen? Fire them!”

  • BartmanLA

    Fox News learning the meaning of the term Karma after all. LOL

  • kaydenpat

    Perfect. Don’t they know that Fox News is their biggest media ally? Lol.

    • JWC

      they are from Alabama “They don’t Hafta”

  • Ninja0980

    And so many right wingers cheered this on.
    Makes you sick.

  • Al Prazolam

    I can’t say I feel sorry for Pox News. Moore and Pox deserve each other.

  • JCF