CHILE: Marriage Equality Bill Debate Begins Monday

Gay Star News reports:

Chile will finally begin the important steps of debating marriage equality on Monday (27 November). President Michelle Bachelet introduced the bill on 28 August, intending to modify the language to open up marriage to same-sex couples.

The Senate Constitution Committee has requested several organizations, from LGBTI groups to religious leaders, to come forward and make their case for against the change in the law. It still remains unclear whether the bill will also extend adoption rights.

Bachelet leaves office in March and one of the leading candidates to succeed her opposes equal marriage.

RELATED: Elsewhere in South America, same-sex marriage is legal in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Uruguay.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Debate ? What’s to debate ?

    • clay

      Chile’s only had legally recognized divorce for less than a generation, so I’m sure they’ll find something to argue about.

    • Bluto

      The same wrath of god bullshit that has been debated & promised thousands of times & has never happened. Ooga booga.
      For fuck sakes, just do it already.

  • iLoveEggplant

    ‘We can’t let old prejudices be stronger than love,’ President Michelle Bachelet says

  • DaddyRay

    Good luck but I fear they will stall the debate until she is out of office

    • ChrisMorley

      She may not have the votes:

      ‘Though her Nueva Mayoría coalition has a congressional majority, it is severely fractured ahead of elections in November and several members
      of the coalition hold socially conservative views.
      Former Chilean President Sebastián Piñera has said he opposes the
      bill. “There should not be discrimination, but at the same time the
      essence of an institution such as marriage should be respected, which
      has always been about conserving the human race,” he told the BBC.

      • Chile didn’t have divorce and abortion was illegal for years after the Pinochet era. Many of the social mores that were made illegal were thrown as a bone to the Catholic Church, as way to stop them making a fuss about the gross human rights abuse and the dictatorship..

      • scream4ever

        That’s an old article, and the pressure is now off since the Congressional elections are over. Also, if they fail to pass it, our side can easily sue, since the marriage law came about as a result of a settlement from a lawsuit.

  • iLoveEggplant
  • clay

    The Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina set should be a good sign. The “Southern Cone” is economically and socially integrated with each other and as progressive as Canada and Europe.

  • iLoveEggplant

    My husband and I went to Santiago in 2015 and they are ready for this; yes the people are ready. We walked throughout many parts of Chile holding hands and talked with people and they are ready for this. Not just gay friendly places but “everywhere” we went from our Airbnb rental families; to the wineries; to the hikes in the mountains.

    The people openly voiced that they are ready and they are not “bothered” by this declaration.

    • Mary

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    • Patricia

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  • ChrisMorley


    1st World Problems / that Wedding Breakfast menu:

    How to eat: beans on toast

    – This month, How to Eat is addressing a British obsession – beans on toast. But which bread to use? What additions are acceptable? Do you add red, brown or Worcestershire sauce? And who would dream of topping it with feta?

    • Ernest Endevor

      Good God, is nothing sacred! This is a cornerstone of English cuisine and must be treated with the veneration it deserves. You open a tin of Heinz baked beans. You put the beans in a saucepan to heat. You use the thick sliced white bread available in packages. You toast it. You butter it. You pour the hot beans on the buttered toast. There is no such thing as a ‘topping’. You do not put brown sauce or ketchup on it. That is philistine. You do serve it with thick, stewed tea with milk. In this way your body will absorb all the nutrients. You are permitted to read the Sun while complaining about how ridiculous Yanks are.

      Once in a blue moon – this should never be anything but an extra special treat reserved for birthdays, etc – you are permitted to serve a fried egg ON the beans ON the toast. Next up: bread and dripping.

      • DaddyRay

        Nothing like gassing up in the morning for the rest of your day with beans

      • ChrisMorley

        The secret of bread and dripping, is to skip the dripping [congealed fat eeeewww] and dig underneath it for the clear tasty meat jelly. Yum.

        • Ernest Endevor

          Well, I think my Scottish coal-mining family would regard that as the rich man’s version. It’s not something I ever ate though I used to fix it for a good friend who doted on it. As I remember, he liked a mix – fat and jelly. With plenty of salt and white pepper sprinkled on top. Of course, it’s not far from many peasant dishes in French cuisine, but perhaps let’s draw a curtain before such horrors or we’ll end up swapping recipes for tripe.

          Ever see this? ‘Alan Bennet Class’ FTW.

          • ChrisMorley

            That’s a gem, thanks.
            Loved the great dollops of Mushy Peas added to everything.

            Now I’m haunted by childhood memories of tripe, home made brawn, lumpy burnt porridge, spotted dick, bathing in the Belfast sink in the kitchen, and torn up newspaper squares on a nail in the outside toilet.

          • Ernest Endevor

            I think we may have shared a childhood. Though mine happened in London so the accent was different.

            That clip makes me laugh and laugh. I love the whippet next to the man in his working class seat.

            I worked at Granada over the course of quite a few months during which the hubby and I shared many happy, and spectacularly good, dinners at the Armenian. Later they tried a London branch that failed. My favorite restaurant perhaps ever.

          • ChrisMorley

            The Armenian is still going strong.
            Now the trams squeak and squeal going around the corner at the Town Hall into Princess Street.

    • another_steve

      There’s something wonderfully decadent about British eating habits. When husband and I toured England some years ago, I got addicted to your ‘English Breakfast.’ It was so ridiculously high in fat and calories that it was irresistible. My body craved it.

      My husband is a nutrition freak. Lo-fat or no-fat everything. Thank goodness, the other day he had a manufacturer’s coupon for a dollar off a bar of butter. Real butter.

      It was the first bar of real butter we had had in the house in centuries.

      • ChrisMorley

        It’s disguised on some menus as “Full English”.
        Also do try the national variants “Full Irish”, Full Welsh”, “Full Scottish”.
        Here in Manchester, the Full English is just not complete without the tasty local delicacy from the fabled stalls of Bury Market, Black Pudding.
        You are advised not to ask what it’s made from before consuming.

        • Ernest Endevor

          OMG, black pudding! In Scotland the fish and chip shops served pudding suppers with various puddings. I remember cow heel in Manchester, and potted head and cow’s foot jellied meats.

          • ChrisMorley

            This Bucket List of 10 classic Manchester “delicacies” includes Cow Heel Pie.
            My favourite was the classic Pint of Boddies (Boddington Brewery’s draft bitter).

          • Ernest Endevor

            That’s very funny.

            I can’t believe that the Armenian is still there. The menu looks similar if not identical. We used to have secret dinners and hide in dark corners. I can’t drink beer, can’t take that taste or volume. My father was a big fan.

            I’m sure you know that Manchester was a very important date for shows either on their way to or from London. So there was a whole network of theatrical landladies where we stayed. The most famous were Mrs Hoey and Mrs Watty. They’d cook for you and provide cheap and comfy accommodations. I was a Mrs. Hoey man myself. She liked to walk about cutting slices off a cow heel to eat. Isn’t it also served with vinegar?

        • another_steve

          All peoples have their questionable delicacies.

          You may have heard of “Stuffed Derma,” also known as “Kishka.” A traditional Polish/Jewish delicacy. The outer casing is made from sheep or cow intestine and the stuffing traditionally is made with lard or chicken fat. Each bite of it reduces your life expectancy by six weeks.

          But it’s oh so good…

        • Ben in Oakland

          Black pudding can be quite good, or quite bad. I don’t go out of my way for it. I try not to think about it much.

        • Ditto with kidney pie. I think it is important in trying to utilize all of an animal that has been slaughtered, but kidneys is where I draw the line.. Yes, I know what is in black pudding. Besides true mincemeat pie, (a cow’s heart mince up, or other offal..

      • Ernest Endevor

        Buy him a copy of Fat Chance by Robert Lustig.
        Since I stopped using low-fat processed foods, began to cook in butter again, eat only full-fat yoghurt, NEVER drink OJ or other fruit juices, NEVER drink any sodas, etc I’ve dropped over 20lbs and look fabulous. Srsly, the book sounds slightly conspiracy-esque but the man’s an important scientist and he makes his case overwhelmingly. Also, my trainer advocates full-fat no sugar.

        As to the English breakfast, it should also contain grilled kidney, and liver, as well as sausages, eggs, etc. Other variants are kippers as a first course before the ‘mixed grill’, or if you want to go posh, kedgeree. Railway hotels used to serve wonderful versions and it made everybody happy. I cooked in those days and I’m here to tell you that English food, when well done, is superb. And when people could afford to eat it – when I was last there I took an old friend to lunch and he ordered a full breakfast which cost over 35 pounds. In my day it have cost ten bob – they weren’t anything like as heavy as we are today.

        • Shy Guy

          It depends where you go. A restaurant will charge a lot. I used to get a full breakfast in a greasy spoon cafe for under £3, and that included a rack of toast and a pot of tea.

          • Ernest Endevor

            Well, I haven’t lived there for a long time but, yes, the greasy spoon was the way to go. I never understood why so many in London were owned and operated by Italians.

        • eggs?!? If it doesn’t have Scotch eggs, send it back.. 🙂

        • Snarkaholic

          Agreed. I collect English cookbooks and, aside from being a little heavy-handed in cooking veggies, the cuisine is awesome.
          When I was over there, the only bad food I had was in the cafeteria at Richmond University, where I was staying; every other meal was amazing.
          I also love that people bring their dogs into the pubs! I hugged many adorable poochies by the fireplaces.

      • Snarkaholic
    • TuuxKabin

      Feta. Cojito. Mozzarella. Put the damn cheese on it and be done with it.

    • 2guysnamedjoe

      Put it on a roll, put cheese on it, grill it and call it a mollete.

  • SoCalGal20

    OT: Great news!!!! More MST3K at Netflix! They’re renewed it.

    • KnownDonorDad


    • Zeldacat


  • Blake J Butler
    • Skeptical_Inquirer

      I hate that more GOPers are way more pissed at someone who’s just kneeling to protest people being killed than someone who actively trolls for young girl victims to the point that a mall and a high school had to keep an eye on him.

      • Blake J Butler

        All i can say is Lahren won’t get any sympathy when her assault claims come out of the woodworks, she’ll get it i know it. Carlson, or somebody at the network is going to do it, she’ll quit and try to sue, and then she’ll expect sympathy from everyone, meanwhile she went to FOX knowing who they were and what they were like, with her trump supporting agenda discrediting accusers of baby huey.

        Her time is coming its just when, like that hughes girl with the crazy eyes who thought she was going to be somebody, now you don’t hear from her anymore even so much on the conservative networks.

  • KnownDonorDad

    Bachelet leaves office in March and one of the leading candidates to succeed her opposes equal marriage.

    Is this more a matter of actual belief, or of opposing everything about the current administration?

  • KnownDonorDad

    RELATED: Elsewhere in South America, same-sex marriage is legal in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Uruguay.

    And since French Guiana is part of France, it’s legal there, too. Meanwhile, it’s banned in Paraguay and Bolivia, and homosexuality is illegal in Guyana.

  • Danieruw

    “Elsewhere in South America, same-sex marriage is legal in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Uruguay.”

    Also legal in French Guiana, the Falkland Islands and Tristan da Cunha.

    • 2guysnamedjoe

      And in Mexico. Per Wikipedia article:

      Same-sex marriage is performed without restriction in Mexico City and in the states of Baja California, Campeche, Chiapas, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Colima, Jalisco, Michoacán, Morelos, Nayarit, Puebla and Quintana Roo, as well as in certain municipalities in Querétaro. Legislation to change the laws covering same-sex marriage is currently proposed in almost every state. In addition, courts in all states must approve marriage licenses for same-sex couples when petitioned to do so; individual same-sex marriages have occurred in every state.

  • JAKvirginia

    It’s interesting to note that in Argentina, when same sex marriage was being debated, the Catholic Church voiced it’s opposition. To his credit, the President of Argentina respectfully told them to sit down and STFU. Basically saying “None of your business!” Bravo!

  • JCF
  • billbear1961