Fox News Host Jeanine Pirro Busted Driving 119 MPH

The New York Daily News reports:

Fox News host and TV judge Jeanine Pirro is heading to court herself after being ticketed for excessive speeding Sunday in upstate New York. State Police say Pirro was clocked driving 119 mph in a 65 mph zone when she was stopped by a trooper at about 1:15 p.m. Sunday afternoon in the Town of Nichols in Tioga County.

A State Police spokesman said the only charge Pirro was hit with was speeding. He did not immediately know the type of vehicle she was in or whether there was passengers.

According to the DMV website, a conviction of going more than 40 mph above the speed limit could result in 11 points on a person’s driver’s license. When a driver reaches 11 points their license will be suspended.

  • KaBoomBOX

    “Judge” who thinks she is above the law.

  • kelven

    They just aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, are they?

    legalizing then drinking raw milk to own the libs— Lana Del Raytheon (@LanaDelRaytheon) November 19, 2017

    • BobSF_94117

      This is the sort of thing that happens to the factos-intolerent.

      • AlternativeQuacks

        I wish I could upvote that more than once.

    • Boreal
    • AmeriCanadian

      Liberals also “own” the theory of gravity. Please, please prove us wrong by jumping off of cliffs and gently floating to the ground.

    • jerry

      Yes…incredibly stupid. But this happened last Feb/March.

    • Todd20036

      When I read the expression that GOPedos would eat shit if a liberal was forced to smell his breath afterwards, I didn’t think any idiot would do that literally.
      Raw milk isn’t pasteurized. It really can contain blood or feces from the cow. It’s very dangerous to drink, and can kill you.

      • WildwoodGuy

        I think maybe that’s a bit overstated. You are correct; raw milk is not pasteurized. As a kid, I milked the cows and ran the milk (32 gallons/day) through a strainer and eventually through a separator and we all (my parents and sibs, my aunts and uncles and cousins and my grandparents) drank raw milk for years. I was very surprised by the taste of pasteurized milk the first time I ever had it. And no one on the ranch ever died from drinking the raw milk. It is NOT ‘dangerous’ to drink.

        • Zeldacat

          Ah, but you knew the cows and their environment. I will assume your animals were well cared for and the surroundings as clean as humanly possible. Under such circumstances I *might* try raw milk.

          But the fancy-schmancy organic “chemical free” “NATURE IS BEST EVEN THOUGH IT KILLS PEOPLE REGULARLY” stuff they have at my local store? No thanks.

  • Nic Peterson

    Rules are for the little people.

    • Rex

      Didn’t she just make some statement recently about having to obey the law?

      • Nic Peterson


  • crewman

    Isn’t there a speed at which it’s a felony if convicted?

    Also, given those speeds, should she be automatically tested for cocaine or other substance?

    To answer my own question, apparently in New York it is not a felony. However:

    Speeding 41 mph+ over the limit = 11 points
    At 11 points the NY DMV will suspend your NY license or NY driving privileges (if you live out of state). Any points accumulated within a given 18 month period count towards suspension.

    • AlternativeQuacks

      Uber for her from now on. I hope.

  • 119mph? Well she’s completely full of shit so I would imagine she was in a hurry to find a toilet.

  • kenar

    She’s been running from the truth for years.

  • BobSF_94117

    “… or whether there was passengers.”

    Really, NYDN? Surely they meant: “… or whether dere was passengers.”

  • There should be additional charges. What she did risked a catastrophe.

    It’s one thing to be caught clocked doing 80 in a 65 zone. But 119? That’s insane.

    • Marides48

      Did she imagine that she was driving on the German autobahn?

      • David Walker

        No, she imagined that “working” on Fox absolves her of anything the little people might be subject to.

    • /

      The only excuse for that is if you’re being chased by Roy Moore waving around his tiny “pistol.”

      • BearEyes

        no worries. she’s not 14

        • Boreal

          Not. Even.Close.

          • Rambie

            Some of her plastic surgeries could be…

    • I used to do it on Xmas morning to pick up bagels, (my family had weird xmas traditions, like lox and bagels on Xmas Morning, like good Goys) in a Porsche 911, but there was no one around,

      I thought I was going 80mph, when I really going over 120mph, it is also way too fast to react the slightest things that happens. So I slow down to a more pedestrian 100 mph..

      However, 120mph on the Interstate is reckless driving..

      • Lox and Bagels on Christmas morning? Did the family also go to a Chinese restaurant for Christmas dinner? Sound like my family.

        • Nah, we most of the time had turkey for Xmas, but it was easier than Thanksgiving because none of the mandatory side dishes..

      • berberine

        While I am not excusing her behavior, I have driven on this stretch of road many times over the years at different times of the day/night. There aren’t too many drivers on the road and it’s really easy to think you’re doing 70-75mph and then realize you are at 100mph

        The last time I was traveling along this highway, I passed a state trooper who was on the side of the road. I looked at him and he wagged his finger at me. I looked a the speedometer and it was at 98. I honestly thought I was doing around 75. Took my foot off the gas and slowed down. I was thankful he didn’t pull out and ticket me.

        • When a person is driving 120 mph/190kph, things are looking much different than let’s say 80mph/130kph or even 100mph/160kph, things on the horizon come up very quickly, the engine is revving much higher..

          Every time I drove at 120mph, I could only do it for less than minute, because I realize that even a split second decision could be a disaster.

    • David Walker

      This is a perfect “DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!?!?!?” scenario. Bets whether she pulled it?

  • Blake J Butler

    Laws exist for there to be a speed limit.

    You know, the same kind of shit she hammers “president Hillary” about for her conspiracy theory that she’s above the law.

  • Tread

    Jeanine Pirro, unsafe at any speed.

  • Ernest Endevor

    “He did not immediately know the type of vehicle she was in…”


  • Joe in PA

    Lock. Her. Up.

  • netxtown

    Ironically, as I was making my way back home after a lovely eve at Choctaw Casino, I was pondering the speed limit. It is posted at 75 – but most folks are at least at 80, and the more adventurous are pegging 85-90. But – I was wondering…I wonder how long it will be before 100 is considered “mundane”?

    • peacfulseas inWA

      We got a call from OnStar at a couple ticks under 140 when we hit a rough patch in the roadway. It is not my car but the owner was in the passenger seat. Modified CTS V. Sometimes 100 does seem mundane.

      My nickname was Freida Speed

      • Stubenville

        I did 110 MPH on the Autobahn briefly once. I knew I was out of my depths, pulled into the right lane and “crawled” along at 80 MPH.

        • peacfulseas inWA

          I have a racing background in SCCA , Trans Am, took several defensive driving courses that included high end cars not made here. We repo-ed for a select few dealers. You don’t just jump in these cars and mash the throttle. I won’t go into detail on the safety measures we take,took on that pass but the only people in danger were the driver and passenger.

          • Stubenville

            Totally jealous of your skills. When the dotted lines turned solid from my speed, I knew I was out of my depth and slowed down.

      • I try to drive within limits in WA State, given the wet freeways in Western Washington, and there are plenty of speed traps.. One place I heard that is lightly patrolled is State Highway 14 on the Columbia..

        • peacfulseas inWA

          I drive like a little old lady on public roads.Haven’t had a ticket in 45yrs, no accidents whether in a car or on the bike.

    • It really depends on the weather, the contours of the road, the amount of traffic. Most States will give the drive some leeway on speed limit, (except Ohio) but really anything over 80, especially in bad weather and heavy traffic will get the driver pulled over.. Much like the Canadian Mounties are much more hardass about Speeding, given the weather in Canada most of the year..

      The problem with driving a 100mph/160kmh, on a semi busy interstate is reaction time, ditto with braking distance is much longer.

      • netxtown

        I guess I was speculating the advancement of technology in cars – and even on roads – that would all but eleminate ‘driver error’. And, for 100 to be mundane – I figure the real limit would be about 125.

  • Jeffg166

    There’s a bridge piling in her future.

  • Blake J Butler

    “I had been driving for hours to visit my ailing 89-year-old mom and didn’t realize how fast I was driving. I believe in the rule of law and I will pay the consequences,”

    Bitch that is the lamest excuse in the book. Hillary had better material than she had, and she was innocent for her accused crimes Pirro thinks she’s guilty of.

    • james1200

      I’d like to think she was coked up and playing with herself and lost track of how fast she was going. Yes, you’re going to sleep tonight with that image playing in your head. You’re welcome.

      • Blake J Butler

        I have my Pornhub account, with a raunchy playlist to drown that “imagery” out.

        You’re off the hook on this one James. 🙂

        • james1200

          I’ll have to try harder to scar people in the future.

      • safari


        • james1200

          *sigh* Once again I say, “moist” is the worst word in the English Language. C u n t has nothing on it. *shudder*

          • safari

            I’m doing an art piece today on JMG on the topic of moist and Trump-lovin’ women. I want to discuss the word moist in the context of their posts. To me, it is simply a lesser form of wet.

          • Lumpy Gaga

            No it ain’t.

          • safari

            What about juicy?

          • Ragnar Lothbrok

            Stop it !

          • james1200

            At least make it “sopping wet”. Then it becomes completely hideous.

          • safari

            Sopping is a dirty word. I’m just going to sop this up. Sop.

          • james1200
          • Lumpy Gaga

            Never knew Willam was so TINY.

          • Stubenville

            Well Latrice is a full-figured kinda dame…

          • james1200

            “Wet” is kinda hot, though.

        • Xiao Ai: The Social Gadfly

          Not even damp.

    • “I was too tired” is one of the worst excuses, too. Turns out that being overly tired while driving is even worse than being drunk, in terms of impacting one’s driving ability.

    • MichaelJ

      It is one thing to not notice when you are going 10-15 MPH above the speed limit, particularly on highways, since so many others cars do. But 119 MPH? I don’t think so.

  • TrueWords

    Was she running from the truth…

    • james1200

      She was running from the darkness that threatens to envelope her soul.

      • Lumpy Gaga

        Desparately trying to catch up to that storm, more likely.

      • Stephen Elliot Phillips

        Thats enveloping our country like a nazi black death

      • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson

        Too late.

      • RJ Bone

        I think the opposite, honestly. She’s a source of darkness and is running from the light instead, IMO. Most of them are – they’re not kind and have no better natures to which we can appeal.

    • jerry

      Pervy bosses

    • Xiao Ai: The Social Gadfly

      At the very least, reality.

  • Paula

    In Texas, that qualifies as reckless driving. Additional fines……..

    • Stubenville

      Connecticut too; I understand 40 MPH over is mandatory jail time.

  • BobSF_94117

    I bet Hillary had someone mess with her car.

    • Joe in PA


    • Winston Statehill

      Obama paid the Russians via Fusion to send one of the child molesters from the pizza place to mess up the car.

    • Finally, someone who knows the truth!! When good people get into trouble, Hillary has her hand in it..

      I am guessing, she did something to gas pedal, so they accelerated and couldn’t stop, it is something out of Hillary playbook..

      • BobSF_94117

        Apparently, it’s a very, very long play.

  • AlternativeQuacks

    Was Ann Coulter in the car and were they headed for a canyon?

    Those fools! They should have let her keep going.

  • Todd20036

    If you’re going 120 mph, you become death to someone crossing the street texting (even at a crosswalk).
    120 miles per hour. That’s just messed up

    • Tempus Fuggit

      FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!! She was NOT going 120 mph, you FAKE NEWS PERSON!!!!! She was going 119!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!

      • Todd20036

        Love you. Have my babies!

        • Tempus Fuggit

          Is that you in the avatar, there? ‘Cuz…yeah! 8^) Mwah.

    • As someone who drove that speed, you can only do it on the freeway, with little to no cars around, given you can be on someone’s tail in a 1-2 seconds.

      I know some drivers will drive on I-5 late at night from SF to LA on the really empty parts on pretty crazy speeds, but it is really dangerous, given you can immediately catch up to a car or a semi truck from a mile away..

      It is also nerve wracking if one does it for more than a couple seconds, given one cannot react at that speed if anything goes wrong, like a car does a lane change in your lane..

      • peacfulseas inWA

        I made those runs back in the 70’s also Bellingham to Anaheim more than a few times. Often non stop. Back then there was little traffic say after 10PM and truckers were very helpful.

  • William

    When I lived in Georgia, anything over 85 was automatic arrest.

  • safari

    No reckless driving charge?

  • Boreal

    Lock Her Up!

  • BlindBill

    IF she has no priors, her lawyer will have the ticket greatly reduced ..IF

    • It is a civil infraction. They can contest it, but I doubt they can get the fine reduce.. Anyway it is cheaper to pay the ticket and hire a car service than paying an attorney to get their ass handed back to them by a traffic judge..

  • DreadPikathulhu

    I didn’t know brooms could go that fast.

  • RJ Bone

    Because fuck the law and safety!

    “‘Less regulation’ and ‘less lawsuits’ because I don’t give two shits about anyone crossing the road. They shouldn’t have been in my way!”

    They don’t think that way? BULLSHIT.

  • JoeMyGod

    JULY 2008:

    Al Pirro Jr. last week quietly settled a lawsuit for $200,000 that involved Jeanine Pirro and her failed political campaign for Attorney General. Jeanine — also a former judge, District Attorney, failed Senate candidate against Hillary Clinton and now a talk show host — was in the backseat of her husband’s SUV on October 18, 2006 when it sideswiped a motorcyclist as they approached a light. The collision knocked him down, broke his ankle and sent him skidding along the pavement.

    The SUV was driven by a campaign staffer just weeks before the election.The accident out on Long Island raised eyebrows when the police were accused of giving preferential treatment to the Pirros. While the officer on the scene first reported a collision between Pirro’s SUV and Scott Lieberman riding his Harley, that report was subsequently deep-sixed after the officer saw Jeanine Pirro in the back and saw that the SUV was owned by her husband.

  • Dirk Prophet

    “I had been driving for hours to visit my ailing 89-year-old mom…sniff, sniff…SNIFF”

    • AlternativeQuacks

      She was doing coke while driving too?

  • Steve Morrison

    LOCK HER UP!!!!

  • Jeffrey

    Rules are for the little people…and liberals.

    • pch1013

      And people who aren’t white.

  • Gigi

    Speeding to see her plastic surgeon?

    • safari

      She was melting.

    • M Jackson

      Yes, he practices out of a logging camp in the Western Adirondacks.

  • HZ81

    I guess someone fired up the Right-Wing Kunt signal and Jeanine sprang into action.

    • Lumpy Gaga

      I should not be laughing.

    • Treant


      • Lumpy Gaga

        More likely, a silhouette of Obama.

  • Kevin Perez

    Lock her up!! there, I said it.

  • safari

    Almost 55 miles over the speed limit? How did she not get hauled in?

    • BearEyes

      given it’s upstate New York, perhaps the cops are fox viewers there – just sayin’

      • peacfulseas inWA

        I still read the Watertown paper, just to see how fortunate I’m not there ,especially this time of year. Reading the comments section from there would indicate your assumption would be very plausible.

      • Chucktech


        • BearEyes

          I wouldn’t put it past her.

  • Treant

    Fake News! Lies! The Dumpster is checking to see if she can be pardoned! She’s nice to him!

    Sure, State laws can be pardoned. Libtard.

  • AlternativeQuacks
    • JCF

      Aw. A Fine Bromance. <3

  • AmeriCanadian

    In Ontario her vehicle would have been impounded on the spot. I think the cost of the ticket is $10,000. There’s also a suspension of your driver’s license.

    • I think New York will suspend her driver’s license, 120mph is pretty reckless driving. If she got in a car accident, the amount of force would be very lethal..

  • peacfulseas inWA

    I am old enough that when I got my 1st license in Upstate NY they were thick paper tri-fold complete a page with every infraction readily visible to leo and worst of all parents.

    • Boreal

      They were blue paper when I got mine with no photo, just statistics.

      • peacfulseas inWA


      • peacfulseas inWA

        Just a few slots of filling the page we moved back to CA. After a few months I received letter in the mail saying my lic. was revoked and send my lic. to Albany. I’m in CA and never going back so yeah I’ll get right on that. Drove for many yrs. on that lic. until I moved to WA. Got stopped warned, flunked my 1st roadtest but gave me back my expired, revoked, out of state lic and when I asked if I could drive with the lic. he yes. Whatta state.

  • Ninja0980

    As mentioned in the other thread, they do NOT fuck around up there.
    She will be paying a lot of $$$ when all is said and done.

    • djcoastermark

      Which is just a drop in the bucket for her. The rest of us however….

  • ETownCanuck

    She must have been trying to escape from inconvenient facts.

  • Chucktech

    “OK, Ms. Pyro, where’s the fire?”

    • safari

      Her pants are on fire.

  • Kelly Lape

    That’s endangerment of other drivers. Lock her up.

  • joeintexas

    Don’t they alway ask for license, insurance and registration? The registration will tell you exactly what kind of car they drive.

  • John Thayer

    “Speed Thrills”!

  • Leo
  • Dreaming Vertebrate

    My dino senses are telling me someone must have been as high as a kite.

  • DisqusD37

    If there’s not a tree in this story, I’m not interested. (Sorry/Not Sorry)

  • Leo
  • Lars Littlefield

    No blood alcohol? That’s disappointing. 🙁

    • safari

      She’s more of a body in the trunk kind of gal.

      • Dreaming Vertebrate

        Did they, in fact, check the trunk?
        Cause I would not be surprised.

    • AlternativeQuacks

      Botox and silicone won’t absorb alcohol.

  • John Thayer

    If I were that cop I woulda cut her a break and written her for 84 in a 65 zone. Or better yet let her off with a verbal warning in return for her autograph.

  • Cuberly Deux
    • Priya Lynn

      Actually if you want to hit your head to dislodge something from your ear you need to slap the same side of your head that has the ear with the thing in it – because inertia.

      Slapping the opposite side of your head just makes it go farther into your ear.

  • The_Wretched

    119 isn’t speeding so much as it is playing russian roulette.

    • safari

      With unwilling participants.

      • Lumpy Gaga


    • John Thayer

      At least it wasn’t Virginia! Very unfair speeding laws there.

      “I speed, therefore I am.”

  • Ninja0980

    Maybe she was trying to make her get away after bugging someone else’s office/boat/house like back in the day with her ex.

  • John Thayer
  • Lumpy Gaga

    Racer X.

  • Paul

    Hell, 119, her mouth runs faster than that PHIFFF !!!

  • TexasBoy

    Oh, don’t worry, I’m sure the judge will give her the minimum, or dismiss the case on a technicality. Judge to Judge…*wink wink, nod nod*

  • John Thayer

    Now I really can say, “I’m with her!”
    You go girl! 119 mph! You go!

  • Lumpy Gaga

    “It is apparent to this court that the defendant is unable to drive at 65. And she was going fast, too.”

    • Mike_in_the_Tundra

      Of course, she can’t drive at 65. She must be at least 70 years old.

      • If she were to ever read this blog, it is THIS comment that would give her colitis. Thank you!

  • hdtex
  • Helen Damnation™

    I don’t know why she is so popular on Fox; her voice is enough, after only five minutes, to drive me to suicide (or homicide, my choice). Does she even know how horrible and itchy she sounds? Ackk! And this is BEFORE she starts lying.

  • Natty Enquirer
    • Donald Hollinger! Why were you speeding on the New York State Throughway up to Brewster! You know you cannot do that with the Putnam County Police!

  • Tomcat

    She should also have been charged with careless driving and that would have gotten her some jail time.

  • ColdCountry

    Around here, that’s ‘driving to endanger’ and you’d be lucky not to be dragged off in handcuffs.

  • narutomania

    Excessive speeding? Shouldn’t she have been taken to jail at that point, and then perhaps lost her license?

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Yeah, I went there…I hate this bitch and I’m not going to apologize for it….

  • Jack


  • Lock her up!! Lock her up!!

  • canoebum

    Public Menace. Public Nuisance. Public Disgrace. Take your pick.

  • Halou

    She wasn’t breaking the law.
    There was an “alternative speed limit” in effect that day.

  • jpinphx

    They didn’t throw her in jail???? wtf.

  • FAEN

    Wasn’t she yapping on about locking Hillary up JUST the other day.

    Apparently when Cheeto is POTUS you can drive any way you want to.

  • bkmn

    Fast, furious and a moron.

  • Pip


  • RogerW

    Late for her Klan meeting.

  • Buford

    Trying to outrun the shame…

  • Kevin Andrews

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving Missionary of Hate.

  • andrew

    Lock her up.

  • Macbill

    The Power of Money will decide this case.

  • Gianni

    Her favorite phrase is: “Lock her up”. Couldn’t they apply it here?

  • Doug Danforth

    oh, I’m sure she thinks the ‘law’ doesn’t apply to her. Now, if she were a bit darker, then things would happen

  • Guess

    Lest Ye Be Judged, Jeanine.
    Lest Ye be Judged.

  • John Thayer

    At long last, I finally get to say, “I’m with her!”

  • JWC

    Odd these peopl4e with the big Red “R” are just as human as the rest of us they just apparently Fuck up (or its repotrted) more

  • Rocco

    Lock her up! That’s right, I said it, lock her up! Lol… too delicious.

  • MassageBear

    Such a responsible person, one that commands respect and demands her audience heed her sage words…bitcharina.

  • John Thayer

    I’d call that, “Making Driving Great Again!”
    Remember what your driving instructor told the class in high school, “Speed THRILLS!”

  • gothambear

    Legal Aid Barbie hits the gas with a lead foot…

  • seant426

    Hunty in the countryside!