Alabama GOP Voters Blast Roy Moore In New Doug Jones Ad: “I’m A Republican But No Way” [VIDEO]

The Hill reports:

Democrat Doug Jones launched a new TV ad that highlights Republicans saying they can’t support GOP nominee Roy Moore following the bombshell allegations that he initiated a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old when he was 32.

The 30-second spot features both Republicans and Democrats saying that they can’t back Moore, calling him “divisive” and saying they don’t “trust him.” One voter notes that Moore, a former state Supreme Court chief justice, was removed from office twice. “I’m a lifelong Republican, but I just can’t do it,” one man says in the ad, about voting for Roy Moore.

  • Lizard

    Good. It won’t convince the batshit fundagelical Moore supporters, but it may persuade disgruntled and resentful Strange supporters to stay home.

    • another_steve

      I’m less hopeful.

      The preachers at next Sunday’s church services in Alabama will tell Strange’s supporters that Jesus wants them to – demands that they – vote for Moore. Moore, they’ll be told, is God’s messenger on earth.

      It’s either Moore, they’ll be told, or godless homosexuals fornicating in the backseat of your 1968 Chevy.

      • Lizard

        But that’s what I’m saying. The fundagelicals won’t change their minds, but they probably voted for Moore in the first place. The cities that went to Strange, even in Alabama, are more liberal than the country, and I don’t see this sorry excuse for a defense playing with them.

        I also don’t see them driving to their polling place and pulling the lever for a Democrat. I’m not completely devoid of realism. But I bet a surprising chunk of them stay home.

        • another_steve

          I assume that if you’re a Republican in Alabama, you’re devoid of reason. Dead to it.

          I’m thinking Strange’s supporters will pull the lever for Moore come election day.

          • Lizard

            You might be surprised. Yeah, party affiliation runs deep, but pedophilia/hebephilia is going to get through to some people. Anyone who believes the fundamentalist courtship excuse were already in the Moore camp to begin with, and I don’t think it’ll fly with traditionalist Republicans who would have supported Strange in the primary.

            I would also say that pastors endorsing Moore as a candidate is illegal, but we all know that isn’t enforced so I won’t bother.

        • clay

          It would require Strange to actually take action to “re-take” the northern part of the state and split the GOP vote. So far, Strange hasn’t seemed to take any action.

          • Lizard

            He’s probably bitter over losing the election by such a wide margin, but perhaps Moore losing the endorsements of so many GOP favorites will help.

          • Xiao Ai: The Social Gadfly

            Hmmmm, that’s Strange.

        • Gustav2

          “All their accents sound too carpetbaggin’ ACLU Demon-crat Yankee to me!”

      • liondon#iamnotatraitor

        Is there a line for this ’68 Chevy?

        • another_steve

          Well, the backseats were nice and roomy back then.

          • Todd20036

            I brought a Chevy to a levy, but the levy was dry.

          • another_steve

            Lol. It’s “drove my chevy to the levee but the levee was dry.”

            (Nobody – not even Don McLean – knows what that line means, btw.)

          • Tom Furgas

            He was just spoofing Dylan, who had a great penchant for meaningless crapola masquerading as profound wisdom and poetry. The more crap he shoveled out the more his fans went crazy for it.

      • Tatonka

        Tell me more about this Chevy.

      • Gustav2

        “The Lawd demands you not persecute a sinner forgiven decades ago, just like the Lawd forgave your sins from decades ago!”

    • RaygunsGoZap

      Watching CNN last night and they discussed new stories about the mall banning and those additional sources and then they had on 5 women – some Moore voters – saying there had always been rumors and people knew to avoid him in certain circumstances. Then they interviewed a female lifelong friend and when asked about the rumors she said there weren’t any. « I’ve lived here my whole life and never heard anything. » Sure, Jan.

  • Boreal

    Roy Boy will be crying on social media about the persecution in 3…2….1

  • Todd20036

    Either the democrats win in Alabama, or the republican voters lose because Moore is kicked out of the Senate or the republican senators lose because Moore is in the Senate.

    Democrats literally cannot lose no matter the outcome.


    In my opinion, the best scenario is the democrat wins.

    • ccc

      Excellent point, Todd!

    • GeoffreyPS

      I’m sure we can still find a way to lose if we try.

    • Rambie

      Never underestimate the Democrats ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

      • Jeffg166

        It’s a talent.

      • Lawerence Collins

        Thanks establishment Democrats for your sucking up to the likes of Steven J. Cloobeck. Listening to him tell Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to get in line and not go left. It just made me more against their lies to the Democrats base.

        • Guy z

          We can only blame the “establishment” so many times before we are the fools (fool me once,…twice…).
          If we vote consistently and hold our reps accountable, there will be no such thing as the establishment boogeyman

          • Lawerence Collins

            That’s why I support non establishment progressive candidates.

    • patric2

      I fear there’s a very real chance that this could work out quite well for Republicans. Agree that Dems winning the seat would be an unexpected victory and hopefully further imperil the Republican bill (marketed fraudulently as a “tax reform” bill to redistribute wealth to the rich and to red states).
      On the other hand, it’s entirely possible that the Republicans succeed, either prior to or following his election, in booting Moore and keeping the seat for Republicans. If Republicans both keep the seat and rid themselves of Moore, it’s a win, win for them. If Trump also succeeds in kicking Sessions back to the Senate (though there are reports this morning indicating that Sessions isn’t interested), more good news for them. I hope I’m wrong and hope in particular that Jones wins, but I always expect the worst of Republicans, and Alabamans, until proven otherwise.

      • Todd20036

        Not a win for the Alabama voters. They vote someone in and those evil GOP kick him back out.

  • Steven B

    Which is worse for Republicans? If Moore wins or if Moore loses?
    Serious question.

    • Todd20036

      Both scenarios suck for them.

      If Moore wins, then either the senators kick him out (which disenfranchises the Alabutthurts) or Moore remains and the GOP has a religious wild card they cannot control.

      If Moore loses, the GOP majority drops to 2 votes, and even they cannot rein in GOPers that well given some of their own batshit legislation.

      I think the worst case scenario for is if the democrat wins.

      But even if the democrat loses, the democrats in 2018 can claim that the GOP is the Pedo party. And who wants to vote for them?

      • Tawreos

        Worst for them, best for the country.

      • Leo

        I’m too lazy to find a THIS *points fingers* GIF, so…..THIS!

      • Steven B

        I’m inclined to agree except that if Moore wins the GOP has to consider not seating him and maybe seating Sessions in his old Senate. It would kill 2 birds in that it would eliminate the PR problem of Moore and get Sessions out as AG opening the door to fire Mueller. BUT how would that go over with Alabamans and creates even more appearance of Obstruction.

        • BearEyes


          • clay

            makes it more visible

      • JCF

        When is Sessions Senate term up? I think we have to face, it will be next to impossible for Jones to get re-elected. No matter how good a job he does. This is Alabama.

    • Lizard

      Depends on how you look at it. If Moore wins, he’s almost sure to go along with social aspects of the Republican party (anti-LGBT, anti-choice, etc.). He’s also going to be a massive pain in the ass to the Republican party at large, not to mention his god-awful optics.

    • CB

      If he wins and is seated, it opens the door to all manner of attack ads against repubs. They all become the party that condones his immoral behavior. Whether or not that sticks, every one running will have to answer for it…house or senate. At least if the Dems have any strategic smarts, which I don’t always know.

    • Ben in Oakland

      Loses. If he wins, they might refuse to seat him, then the governor appoints a new religiofascist, and they can pretend it was all a liberal plot.

      • Steven B

        They refuse to seat a lawfully elected Senator? How will that go over with the people who voted for Moore? Plus there is a plot afoot to get Governor Ivey to replace Moore with Sessions simultaneously killing 2 birds with one stone. They get rid of the PR nightmare that is Moore AND Trump gets rid of his Russia recused AG. But, again, how would that go over with AL voters AND there are implications with regards to the Russia investigation.
        It’s still a no win, lose/lose scenario.

        • Ben in Oakland

          How will it go over? Waaaah, waaah, but wait, he’s a Republican. They will be slightly upset for as long as the memory lasts, but they won’t care in the long run. They’re not voting democratic.

          I think at worst, it will be no different. At best, we might flip Talibama.

    • Ninja0980

      In a way, worse if Moore wins.
      Put it bluntly, even if Jones wins, it’s likely to be a Scott Brown type of win where come general election time in 2020, he’ll be gone.
      And since Republicans will likely keep the majority and possibly expand it next year, not as bad as Moore being seated and being an anchor around the rest of the GOP’s necks, especially since if push comes to shove they won’t get rid of him IMO.

  • bkmn

    Open the door for any remaining moderates to get the hell out of the Republican party.

    • Boreal

      They all left long ago.

      • clay

        No, not all, but let this go a little while longer and they might.

  • BeaverTales

    They need to get a Christian minister to discuss why he won’t vote for Moore. They all ignore the Johnson Amendment on a daily basis down there anyway because God, and many Christians don’t think for themselves anyway…they just take orders, like they were trained to do from childhood.

    • JustDucky
      • Mickey Bitsko

        Moore wouldn’t get through the prologue of “Lolita” (by “John Ray Jr., Ph.D.”) before getting bored, jumping in his Buick LeSabre and scoping out the local school yards.

    • NZArtist

      Cant find any christian ministers who are willing to pretend they dont fuck kiddies as well.

  • Bambino

    If you have to compromise your morality over party affiliation, you are not a decent human to begin with.

    • Lizard

      They only held on to that “party of morality” crap while their victims could still be shamed into silence. When the moments of truth came, when Republicans were revealed to be scum–be it Newt Gingrich, Donald Trump, or Roy Moore–they showed their true colors and their oh-so-moral supporters supported them anyway.

      It was never about morality. It was about using the optics of morality to bludgeon anyone who disagreed with them.

      • clay

        while their victims could still be shamed into silence /
        SO their victims could still be shamed into silence

        same diff

  • Bambino
  • AW

    My hope for Alabama one day is that they will get much better education and critical thinking skills that I think is sorely lacking there and pretty much everywhere in the bible belt and deep south.

    • Tawreos

      Things won’t change until the bible holds less power over them.

    • kat

      They can either have critical thinking skills.. or their Jesusy nonsense. They can’t have both.

  • Boreal
  • Tawreos

    I am a bit surprised that the add just doesn’t come out and ask “Are you really going to support a man that has been accused of sexually assaulting to women, one under the age of consent and was known to date teenagers while in his 30’s? Really?”

    • clay

      Yeah, but, Alabama Republicans seem to need more than just that.

    • Leo

      Yeah, I know, but tone is crucial here. They determined not to go for guns blazing/shaming in this ad to get the Republican vote.

      It’s going to come down to the church-going white women who decide to tell a white-lie to their husbands and vote for Jones. You and I both know that.

      • Lizard

        Yup. This ad was designed with surgical precision. It doesn’t attack Republicans. It attacks Roy Moore.

        No Democrat is going to win in Alabama by attacking Republicans and they know that.

    • Crazy Russian

      “Date.” That’s one way of putting it, i guess.

  • Ben in Oakland

    Hypocrisy in Talibama. Now that Moore has been Reveavled to be what we always thought he was, they now call him “divisive.” Before that, he was a man o’ god.

    • kareemachan

      They’re still calling him a ‘man o’ god’.


      • Todd20036

        Well, given the God he uses as a barometer, that’s hardly off base.

      • Ben in Oakland

        He is a man o’ god. Read the Old Testament, and you can see what that god is like.

      • Tread

        It’s because he hates gays so hard.

  • Boreal
  • Boreal
    • Ben in Oakland


    • Nic Peterson

      Barry Goldwater called it over 50 years ago. He kept reminding us until he died.

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  • Boreal
    • JCF


  • Lars Littlefield

    GO DOUG!

    • JCF

  • BearEyes

    Kicked out of office twice and is a kiddie stalker plus molester is divisive?

    • Lizard

      It is when he’s the Republican senatorial candidate for Alabama.

    • kat

      Yeah, I guess to those Jesusy Southerners, it’s worse to be divisive than to be a pedophile.

  • JustDucky

    Have we finally hit rock bottom? The Republican base and their pundits are cool with Nazis and child molestation. Where can they even go from here?

    • Reality.Bites

      Only space invaders

  • Clive Johnson
  • anne marie in philly

    let’s see if those inbreds follow through on voting day…

    • Treant

      They won’t. They’ll follow the KKKristian line of “suffer the children” until Election Day, get behind the curtain, and vote for Moore because he ain’t no Dimocrat.

  • TJay229

    Ooooooooooooooo oops!

    Has anyone else noticed that this is the second name associated with Steve Bannon that has had their career destroyed due to their defense on the topic of sex with minors.


  • Ben in Oakland


  • Canadian Observer

    Hmmm, I thought the racial make-up of Alabama was over a quarter African American… you might think an advertisement for the Democratic candidate might have at least a token black presence.

  • EdA

    Obviously ripping off the suckers who contribute to his fake non-profit isn’t enough.

  • Pluto Animus

    Jones’ add offers a message of unity for Alabama:

    ‘We can all unite in our contempt for Roy Moore.’

    I like it.

  • andrew

    Should Doug Jones win, and I sure hope that he does, one of his big problems, as a senator, will be that lots of national Democrats will expect him to vote like a liberal Democrat in the Senate. Should he do that his time in office will be short. In order to survive politically, he will have to stake out some centrist or center-right positions on some issues. He could look to Senators like Manchin, Donnelly, Heitkampf and Tester for some guidance.

  • -M-

    Upvoting these videos on YouTube is one way to help spread their influence.

  • JCF

    Huh, it’s (YT) not working for me.

    ETA: ah, it’s the embed that’s not working. It’s fine on YT. (And a good ad, IMO—for Alabama!)