AUSTRALIA: Marriage Survey Result Comes Tomorrow

Australia’s News Corp outlet reports:

He is the global trotting, career public servant with an eye-watering pay packet who tries to fly under the radar. But on Wednesday morning, at the dot of 10, all eyes will be on Australia’s numbers man-in-chief, David W. Kalisch.

Grandly titled the “Australian Statistician”, Mr Kalisch heads the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and it is he who will reveal the answer to the $122 million` question — did we vote Yes or No in the same-sex marriage survey.

Following three months of debate, we’re almost at the survey finishing line. In its latest update, released last Tuesday, the ABS said 12.6 million of the 16 million eligible voters had posted their vote, a huge 78.5 per cent return rate.

10AM Wednesday in Sydney is 6PM Tuesday in NYC.

  • JoeMyGod

    I’ll run a live-stream of the result announcement if one is available.

    • Strepsi

      It’ll be interesting to see the conservatives in their construction gear: immediately moving goal posts and back pedaling.

      • Gustav2
        • Tawreos

          Only in their wildest fever dreams could they look like that in construction gear.

        • Bambino

          What are they going to smash now? Stamps?

        • Joe in PA

          Construction workers use handcuffs? Who knew?

          • Tawreos

            Doesn’t everyone?

          • Hank

            Some of the ones, that I have known, have been quite proficient in nailing and binding!!

          • Bambino

            Someone told me about the adventures of having sex in a construction site during off hours…….

          • Ya, I think I’ve seen that porn.

          • Lillie

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        • Strepsi

          he was my favourite one

          • ben-andy

            David Hodo performed w/ the Village People any time there was a group performing up until 2015. He was originally from Sacramento, CA and did a lot of theater. Neither of those things makes him gay, but, in my mind at least, he totally is.

  • Michael R

    Let’s hope its a Marry Christmas for Australia.

  • Tawreos

    I know it is not likely to happen, but I would love it if after “Yes” wins the “No” side would just give and admit defeat. Probably not gonna happen with this one, but I hope I am around to see them finally throw in the towel.

    • zhera

      I’m hoping that the Yes side wins so thoroughly that the No side can’t do anything but crawl into a corner and weep. If the Yes votes are crushing the No votes, how can the politicians possibly justify the continued bigotry?

      • Tawreos

        Since when have politicians ever had a problem with continuing bigotry?

      • RationalismRules

        It looks like Yes will win comfortably, but not a ‘crushing’ result – latest polling says around 60% for Yes.
        Legislation will most likely move forward, but it seems very possible that religious exemptions will find their way into the bill.

        • Reality.Bites

          64% would make a majority of all eligible voters, not just those who voted, so that would be a nice target to hit

    • BearEyes

      They’ll just move the goal post again.

      • Tawreos

        Maybe they would be happy if I stepped up and let them block me from getting married. I will take one for the team if it will keep them preoccupied and let everyone else be happy. =)

  • Todd20036

    Big fucking whoop dee doo. Even if we win, nothing happens.

  • clay

    So, are there any political predictions of the probability of the Australian Parliament accepting the results (if ‘yes’)?

    • Tawreos

      Last I saw it was slim to none

    • Bambino

      They will have to spend another $120 millions to survey among themselves for a year to find that out.

  • j.martindale
    • Todd20036

      “I am not here anymore”
      Gods. In 2017. And Trump (or Pence) would love to do to us… what Hitler did to us.

  • Sam

    Oh, so if you really think about it, we’ll know the result almost a day early.

    • Tawreos

      If that is the case then they should be kind enough to give tomorrow’s lotto numbers as well =)

  • worstcultever

    I’m still just scratching my head at how stupid this whole thing is.

    • Ross


  • fuow

    Because voting on my human status is so, so right?

  • TrueWords
  • RepublicansRNotConservative

    If I’m doing the math right, thats 6:00pm EST, right?

  • JWC

    just pass the damned thing

  • I just calculated it will be 3:00pm in San Francisco before I saw Joe’s last comment. Calculating from EST would have been faster.

  • Halou

    And the bigots sing a song of “non-binding opinion polls” and the need for Parliament alose to settle the matter…

  • Canadian Observer

    Let’s see, $122(Aus), works out to roughly $5.5 per each and every Australian (regardless of age) and $7.35 per each Australian of voting age, and $7.72 per each Australian actually enrolled on the voting rolls. Kind of leaves me wondering, were the ballots created by hand by calligraphers using the best artisanal vellum, or is there some other excuse for the cost?

  • Blake Jordan

    If the YES “wins”:

    The bigots in parliament are going to tack on so many pro discrimination amendments against LGBTQ+s, the civil marriage equality legislation will have to be voted against…

    Or some other stalling will occur.