Human Rights Campaign Revokes Walmart’s Perfect Score After EEOC Complaints By Transgender Workers

Bloomberg reports:

The Human Rights Campaign has taken the rare step of suspending Wal-Mart Stores Inc.’s perfect score for LGBT corporate equality after two federal complaints alleged the world’s largest retailer hadn’t protected transgender employees from discrimination.

Wal-Mart received its first-ever perfect score last year after it agreed to add new policies favorable to transgender workers. The suspension of the rating was disclosed today as part of the advocacy group’s annual Corporate Equality Index report. The suspension is only the second in the 16-year history of the report.

Two investigations by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission “pointed to significant enforcement gaps in Wal-Mart’s non-discrimination policy, specifically with regards to sex and gender identity,” according to the Human Rights Campaign report. “Pending remedial steps by the company, the CEI rating is suspended.”

From the Human Rights Campaign:

This year, a record-breaking 609 businesses earned the CEI’s top score of 100, up from 517 last year — a single-year increase of 18 percent. This record sets a new high water mark for corporate leadership over the 16-year history of the CEI. The LGBTQ community is not explicitly protected by federal non-discrimination law — but these companies are bridging that gap for their employees and beyond.

The global number of employees with a corporate non-discrimination policy protecting against sexual orientation or gender identity discrimination is 14.5 million. 106 top businesses are corporate supporters on the Equality Act — landmark federal legislation that would provide the same basic nondiscrimination protections to LGBTQ people as other protected groups under federal law.

  • Boreal

    They are a shitty company. Everything is done for PR, not because it is the right thing to do.

    • safari

      They recently raised wages slightly.

      Because they knew that money would come right back to ’em.

    • PickyPecker

      When they first invaded our little town, they pretended to be so so generous presenting those youuge paper checks to local org’s and getting pics in the local rag.
      After they managed to shut down most of the local mom&pop stores, they stopped ‘giving’ those checks. #WINNING

      • djcoastermark

        A scenario that has taken place all across the country. Oops my bad, globe.

        • Nowhereman

          I loved it when they failed in Germany.

          • Peggy

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          • Margaret

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      • Nowhereman

        They did that here in Nowhere about 18 years ago. We taxpayers had to pay to put in the traffic light on the highway and side road to their store, and to get a water supply to them since they were not on the city line. ( Those of us who live outside of city limits are on our own catchative systems and gather water from our roofs.) Then since they were outside city limits, the city annexed a long narrow strip of the highway so they could collect city sales taxes. That meant that everyone who lived in the newly annexed area now has to pay city AND borough taxes and all that goes with it. And then of course they put 4 of our 5 pharmacies out of business and so on and so forth. I’ve never set foot in their store, and since the things I used to buy locally are now only available at Walmart, I do a lot of mail order. (I’m on an island–nowhere to drive to.)

      • doninkansas

        and all too often, after they kill all the local stores and when their tax benefits are about to run out, they close the store and leave the small town with nothing, sometimes not even a convenience store. seen it happen a lot here in Kansas.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Is this not the same company that takes out life insurance policies on Certain employees ?
    How Gross is that ?

    • Tulle Christensen

      I don’t think I ever worked for a company that did not take out a life insurance policy on me. If I died, the project would be set back six months to a year and at the smaller companies I worked for that could put them out of business

      • Todd20036

        Not the same thing. Walmart hires unhealthy workers, and doesn’t have medical insurance.

        When the workers die, Walmart makes money.

        You don’t really need to insure a cashier.

        • Ragnar Lothbrok


    • leastyebejudged

      So you’re saying the Insurance Industry is exploitative and corrupt and an affront to common sense ?

      Who knew.

  • safari

    I get depressed when I enter a walmart. My ex loved shopping there. He had to leave me in the relatively quiet shoe section. It’s just so depressing. The store is dirty, the sales people hiding, and for some reason their point of sales is some form of torture with one lane open and half the u-scans broken.

    • safari

      The u-scans also have a southern drawl:
      Plaesse skahn yer ferst aetem.

    • another_steve

      Depends on the store. The Walmarts around here are generally clean and well-stocked. The employees are efficient and courteous. They don’t present as the “indentured servants” that some on the far-left paint them as.

      Walmart employs lots of folks who otherwise would have difficulty finding any employment at all. For many, it’s entry-level work.

      For those who want/need to work or shop at one, nothing wrong with it.

    • leastyebejudged

      I like shopping at night, and WalMart here is the WORST at night when their underpaid, angry, employees are stocking shelves.

      Haven’t set foot in WalMart in 3 years.

  • KCMC

    in morning news. shocking. Kansas City, MO = TOTAL SCORE 91 + TOTAL BONUS 14
    = Final Score 100

  • Friday’s_cat

    I retired from one of those above and beyond companies. The harassment policy covers employees, contact workers, and vendors. When I pointed out how Fox News playing on the break room TV violated their code of ethics they changed the channel.

    • Danieruw

      We have a fitness center on our corporate campus with several TVs. One is almost always tuned to Faux “News”. When I walk in every afternoon, I change that channel, even before I scan my ID. No one should be subjected to that vitriol at their place of work.

  • Bluto

    I realize the HRC is only gauging LGBT metrics but to give walmart high marks for their treatment of employees is as laughable as Zimbabwe heading the UN human rights commission.

    • Not to worry SAUDI ARABIA does.
      (Maybe I should talk to the doctor about a larger antidepressant dosage.)

  • Rebecca Gardner

    What’s Walmart?

    • Steverino

      Where Make America Great Again shops.

    • safari

      Amazon’s lunch.

    • Todd20036

      Big box store. Sells everything you can think of, including guns.

      Sells them dirt cheap.

      Sells cheap crap.

    • Bluto

      A giant insidious entity sucking the soul & life blood out of every town it conquers for the greedy enrichment of 1 family.

    • safari

      Someplace you can find all your needs to shake and bake meth.

      • Treant

        Except pure lye. Well, in many areas; it’s not restricted in Alabama and Mississippi, for example…

    • Gun shop with a supermarket & drugstore.

    • Hunter M

      A chinese store, with products made and sold by slave labor.

    • Tulle Christensen

      A store people shop at instead of Target so they can pay 2 cents less for a pair of socks

  • TuuxKabin

    WalMart is one of the Gross National Blights.

  • Todd20036

    WalMart pays so little it’s employees are frequently eligible for welfare.

    I was in a walmart once, and the prices (and the quality) were so low I could only conclude vendors had workers making pennies an hour.

    And people wonder why manufacturing jobs don’t come back

    • BearEyes

      Wal-Mart aggressively nickel and dimes their vendors

      • boatboy_srq

        Ayuh. Google “Walmart Vlasic” and you’ll see how far they go.

        • BearEyes

          that’s consistent with what I’ve seen. Well worth a read. tks

        • Nychta

          Thanks. I found this article:

          When I think of Walmart I think in terms of the un-living wages it pays. The way Walmart deals with suppliers is the other side of the coin. Also, I had no idea how vast Walmart is. Frightening.

      • JCF

        There was a report I heard re Walmart and their vendors close to 20 years ago: when you try to sell your product to Walmart, after you demonstrate it, they say “That’s great! Now, how QUICKLY can shift production to China?” (Upon that answer, depends winning the contract)

    • leastyebejudged

      Nobody is protecting us from the poisons in the products imported from China.

      Our government is our biggest enemy.

  • Ninja0980

    Given how they treat their employees, no one should be giving awards to Wal-Mart for anything.

  • Boreal

    In each community they locate in:

    “It found that a single Walmart Supercenter cost taxpayers between $904,542 and $1.75 million per year, or between $3,015 and $5,815 on average for each of 300 workers.”Apr 15, 2014.”

    • Friday’s_cat

      In other words, capitalism.

      • Boreal

        Vulture capitalism at its worst. They decimate local small businesses and then cost the community lots of money. No one who shops there is saving because the community is still taking a financial and cultural hit.

      • leastyebejudged

        Failed and corrupt local government.

        Local governments fall all over themselves for these corporations to come into their towns.

    • Tulle Christensen

      I think we need a special tax. A company has to pay an extra federal tax that equals the amount the feds have to pay out in food stamps, etc, to their employees

      • Boreal

        I think we need a livable minimum wage as well.

        • Tulle Christensen

          Well yes, of course

          • Tulle Christensen

            I read if the min wage was raised to 15 an hour the feds would save 40% of what we pay out on food stamps

          • Nowhereman

            Trickle UP is the only economic plan that actually works. Give those of us at the bottom a raise, and we will be able to buy more things than just subsistence. We’ll also be able to send our kids to college so that THEY can make more and do more.

        • PickyPecker

          Our local W has shut down the vast majority of the ‘real’ checkout lanes with real people….replaced them with rows and rows of the self-checkout things. Elmininating jobs and frustrating shoppers both at the same time. #WINNING

          • John30013

            I think the retailers have convinced shooters that the self checkout lanes are faster (they’re not) and therefore more convenient. They’ve managed to reduce payroll and service level without reducing prices, and as usual customers are left holding the bag.

          • Being a bit more socialist leaning – I like my capitalism highly regulated, thankyouverymuch – with two exceptions I have not used a self check lane since the mid 2000’s.

          • The self checkout lanes at Walmart replaced TWO cashier registers with 8 or more self checkout registers. There are TWO people on duty at each self checkout pen to help those in need and to help prevent theft. Nobody has been replaced by a machine

          • Karl Dubhe

            If I have two things, I use the checkout. Sorry.

            Besides, the people who watch me check out the stuff are still employed. They don’t let you use them if you have more than a certain amount of stuff too. 🙂

          • By the time I get around to a walmart the cart will be half full so they better have some humans around I never can get through the self-check without issues.

          • Paula

            I only use the self checkout if I have a few items or if the other lines are incredibly long. Other that that, I am too lazy.

          • Well, if you watch the live action Transformers films… I kid, I kid.

            But I was a cashier at Walmart. We were the ones who caught all the crap. Management rode our asses, customers rode are asses; there were days I wanted to yell, “If you guys are gonna keep doing this crap, at least pull my damn hair before you do it!”

            So glad I’m outta that hellhole.

          • leastyebejudged

            The future is VERY bleak.

            All these high tech corporations with their $ and automation, they will continue to DESTROY local communities.

          • Ray Taylor

            And many are not open when you want to check out creating long lines.

    • leastyebejudged

      The HRC needs to be DISMANTLED after this fiasco.

  • safari

    “Dad, why did you vote for Donald?”
    “Look at all those closed factories that surround the city!”
    “Your favorite store is Walmart, Dad”

  • bkmn

    Are people still donating to HRC?

    • Boreal

      Not me, not for years and years.

    • BearEyes

      Not since they endorsed d’Amato

  • liondon#iamnotatraitor

    Wal-Mart’s whole business model is a human rights violation.

  • “Wal-Mart received its first-ever perfect score last year after it agreed to add new policies favorable to transgender workers.”

    Observation: Perhaps HRC should make it a policy to base their ratings on actual previous year/quarter data instead of corporate promises?

  • Henry Auvil
    • Tawreos

      We are going to need a lot more brain bleach after this.

      • Karl Dubhe

        Only if one is rash enough to click on the people at walmart website.

        • If you want something lighter try a – cars of walmart- image search.

          • Karl Dubhe

            That is/was disturbing…

    • loosevowels

      our community is not any better .. Grindr scruff is notorious for whites only, the owner of the bar i go to told me a most of the men of a certain age and a few young men will no longer come in … why , he “allows ” men of color Asian men , trans men and women etc so until we clean our own house lets not be quick to throw stones and it’s nothing new I remember being 18 and reading my first gay rag and the classified almost all of the the personal ads were loaded with NO FATS or FEMS , i know no one here is that way .. but it does exist

  • It’s far more of a reflection on HRC which apparently will issue “perfect” scores based solely on claims and statements, as opposed to actually MEASURING performance.

    And it’s not a good reflection, as usual.

  • Reality.Bites

    That’s a Canadian Walmart in the photo. You folks have Supercenters, not Supercentres.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Hahahaha, you caught that as well. I saw that and went “what?” hahahaha

    • boatboy_srq

      Ahmurrrkkkans cain’t speyul.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Wait, Walmart had a perfect score??? How??? Further, HRC hasn’t been relevant for years so…

  • Zeldacat

    As if they treat their other employees any better. Personal experience here. Fuck them.

  • William

    There’s been a trans employee at our local small town Walmart for 20 years. I don’t know how she does it, customer comments I’ve overheard are not kind.

  • patrick


  • patrick

    Perhaps it is the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) which should be receiving unsatisfactory marks for their coziness with Corporate-America? HRC’s deliberately misleading “Index” reads like a who’s-who of our Nation’s corrupt businesses – a list which overflows with companies who often pose as friends of our Community. As a contrast to HRC’s self-serving Index, here’s a list of the just some of the dozens of Republican-politicians, candidates and campaigns, to which Walmart has recently contributed. It surprisingly, it includes many of the the most relentless enemies of the LGBTQ-Community. Walmart’s political-friends include:
    Bush, Jeb (R), Trump, Donald (R), Cruz, Ted (R-TX), Rubio, Marco (R-FL), Ryan, Paul (R-WI), Carson, Ben (R), Portman, Rob (R-OH), Toomey, Pat (R-PA), Blunt, Roy (R-MO), Grassley, Chuck (R-IA), McCarthy, Kevin (R-CA), Chaffetz, Jason (R-UT), Scalise, Steve (R-LA), Lee, Mike (R-UT), Sessions, Pete (R-TX), Price, Tom (R-GA), Gowdy, Trey (R-SC), Paul, Rand (R-KY), Shelby, Richard C (R-AL), Issa, Darrell (R-CA), King, Pete (R-NY), Sessions, Jeff (R-AL), Walker, Scott (R), GOPAC, National Republican Senatorial Cmte, National Republican Congressional Cmte, Republican National Cmte.
    “REVOLVING DOOR – 79 out of 91 Wal-Mart Storeslobbyists in 2016-2017 have previously held government jobs”

  • leastyebejudged

    For HRC to award WalMart in the first place is such a profound, grievous injustice, that I believe everybody that works for HRC and in support of HRC should be blacklisted for life.

    WalMart underpays it’s people to the extent they have to rely on government assistance to survive.

    HRC needs to be dissolved and it’s idiot employees and supporters shamed into oblivion.

    And so far as companies “bridging the gap” – that’s horse shit, as soon as they need an excuse to shit can you, being in that unprotected class IS a BFD.

    HRC is incompetent. We have thousands of people every year that are fired from their jobs because they are gay, because they got married. And they can do NOTHING.