US Tightens Economic Embargo On Cuba

The New York Times reports:

The Trump administration on Wednesday tightened the economic embargo on Cuba, restricting Americans from access to hotels, stores and other businesses tied to the Cuban military.

A lengthy list of rules, which President Trump promised in June to punish the communist government in Havana, came just as Mr. Trump was visiting leaders of the communist government in Beijing and pushing business deals there.

Wednesday’s announcement was part of the administration’s gradual unwinding of parts of the Obama administration’s détente with the Cuban government.

Americans wishing to visit Cuba will once again have to go through authorized tour operators, and tour guides will have to accompany the groups — making such trips more expensive.

  • safari

    Punishing them for what?

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      For existing at the same time Obama was in office.

    • bkmn

      For not letting Trump build a hotel/casino there. He and his family went to Cuba when the embargo was in force and were turned down when they wanted to put a property there.

      • William

        Despite it being in violation of US law at the time.

      • KDK DSAPDX

        Cuba probably learned their lesson way back when Batista let the U.S. Mafia come in and build up everything. Story is that when the Revolution happened, the Mafia had little to no time to “get out of Dodge”, that they may have had to leave behind some of their fortunes hidden away.

        ‘Havana Nocturne’ is an EXCELLENT book I heard about on NPR and read a number of years back. See if you local Public Library has a copy. It’s a really interesting read.

        • lizdhm

          Plus, it inspired some GREAT scenes in Godfather II.

    • Bambino

      For allowing Obama to normalize both countries relationship.

      • The_Wretched

        ^this, more “undoing obama”.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Being brown, Latino, not speaking English, pick one or pick them all.

    • TrueWords

      There is a back door to Cuba via Mexico or Canada. No need to ask permission from Trump.

      Cuba is a great place to vacation….I have been four times and it is amazing!!!

      • vorpal 😼

        I really enjoyed my time in 2004 in Cuba, in the north of the Camaguey province. Gorgeous beaches and very friendly people. Also quite open-minded: I went with my dad and many Cubans asked us if we were a couple. Oh, hell no, but it was fantastic that they were so cool about it.

    • Do Something Nice

      It’s not punishment. Trump want’s money and votes from anti-Cuba Cuban nutcases in Florida.

  • Todd20036

    Because Obama, actually.

  • bkmn

    Our tourist dollars will do more to change Cuba than any embargo can.

  • Tallulah

    You can travel to Cuba from Mexico and they don’t stamp your passport. Who’s going to tell them?

    • shellback

      Tallulah, Maybe I’m crazy, but I can’t recall the last time I saw a post from you. If you’ve been gone, welcome home. If you’ve been here all along, please disregard this note. Hugs!

      • Tallulah

        It’s been awhile, but I read JMG several times a day. Alive and well and living in Mexico.

        • shellback

          Can I join you?

          • Tallulah

            C’mon down. It’s nice and warm!

          • shellback

            I’ve got plenty warm, I want someplace less crazy. Thank you for the invite.

        • William

          Give Vicente Fox a kiss for me.

          • shellback

            William, with all due respect, he’s mine. Keep your paws off. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

        • Lars Littlefield

          Entonces, ¿dónde vives amor? ¿Tienes habitaciones disponibles en alquiler? ¿Te gustan las películas de gladiadores? ¿Alguna vez has visto a un hombre adulto desnudo? 😀

          • Dean

            Lars has preguntas

    • Phil2u

      … and from Belize. I have friends who did it.

    • William

      Will your bank report you for using ATMs or paying with credit cards?

      • Tallulah

        I understand that ATM’s and credit cards don’t work for US citizens. I just googled it.

  • joe ho

    Continues to govern only to please his shrinking base–which includes the older, anti-Castro Cuban Americans. That’s not going to change.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      “…which includes the older, anti-Castro, pro-corruption Batista Cuban Americans” Fixed it…with respect of course.

  • AlternativeQuacks

    But he did some kind of weird thing where Americans can stay at an Airbnb homes in Cuba.

  • TexasBoy

    What in the hell is Trump supposedly punishing the Cuban government for? Would they not let him open a Trump branded hotel there? DOes he realize just how many oil reserves Cuba has, and that if we don’t start making nice with them the US will have no access to those reserves? We had a perfect opportunity to start being friends in the year or so before Fidel died, and relations were improving under Obama.

    • j.martindale

      He is pissing on Obama’s bed again.

    • JP

      I think it has something to do with the sonic attack that took place or something

      • David Walker

        Well, that would make sense, sort of, but I think it’s because of President Obama’s progress in diplomacy and Cuba not allowing the slimy fucking moron to build a hotel there. Some people do hang onto their grudges.

        • RemusL

          Sounds like a two-fer for 45. Anti-Obama hatred and pure petty vindictiveness against Cuba rejecting his “brand”.

    • AlternativeQuacks

      Big Oil is in its last days. Even OPEC just projected that demand will start falling around 2030. I think it will be sooner even than that; several European countries have legislated some pretty agressive schedules for the end of gas- and diesel-fueled vehicles. And California is considering doing the same.

      • jpinphx

        around oil reserves are usually natural gas reverves which haven’t been explored there. TX, CA and PA are on their way to running low on them.

  • FAEN

    Yeah this makes sense. Not.

  • Harveyrabbit

    Well as my Canadian friends say.. Who wants Americans down here in Cuba anyway?

    • Michael White

      We ruin everything. This is why we have the rethugliCONS and tRump.

  • Phil2u

    What? I mean…WHAT?

  • Halou

    “A lengthy list of rules, which President Trump promised in June to punish the communist government in Havana.

    Punish them for what?
    Or is this a trick designed to frighten Cuba into inviting Russia to reopen their military bases on the island? Moscow’s wish was undercut by Obama’s raproachment policy, angering Putin and his imperial militaristic cronies. Cue Trump.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    YES! No more ugly American tourists, Cuba will be peaceful and relaxing once more for us Canadians.

    OK, not really serious about…well, kinda….but not entirely.

    Relax kids, it’s a joke.

  • Ben in Oakland

    Making the world worse, one country at a time.

    • Paula

      Starting with us.

  • ETownCanuck

    Geez, now the Cubans will have to go back to hating on the French-Canadian youths who Spring Break there, as the worst tourists ever….

  • William

    Yet Americans are free to visit Vietnam, a communist country we actually fought a war against, and lost.

    • OdieDenCO

      the US invaded Cuba twice. Once in the Spanish American war (Teddy Roosevelt famous charge up San Juan hill) and in the bay of pig fiasco.

      • William

        We never bombed Cuba halfway to oblivion.

        • Dannielle

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  • Publius

    Our Cuba policy is one of the biggest examples of pandering. For that handful of Cuban-Americans in Florida, this is your moment to shine, and show the rest of the country how petty you are as to hinge your vote for president on which person is most likely to carry on with an irrational, ineffective Cold War strategy. We are all the dumber and worse off for it.

  • Gigi

    I’ve met quite a few Americans when I’ve travelled to Cuba. Not only did they have to travel around the country with a tour guide, they weren’t able to set foot on any of the glorious beaches. They were also forbidden from talking to the locals, which is a shame because Cubans are lovely people. And Cuban men are scorchingly hot!! It’s sad that the Trump administration would want to punish Cubans, who depend on tourism dollars to live, because of his deep hatred of Obama.

  • Joe in PA

    And how are those Russian sanctions coming along…the ones you signed in to law, the ones that were supposed to start over a month ago? WTF?

  • Kenster999

    So glad I went in December!

  • Paula

    I would really like to have visited Cuba. 😟😟

  • boobert

    But forget it if they allow a trump property,

  • anne marie in philly

    WTF? castro is dead! we SHOULD be trading with cuba!

  • andrew

    The Cuban government’s “sin” is not that it is communist. We have dealt for generations with the big communist powers like the USSR and China. Cuba’s problem is that it is a small country and we usually kick the ass of small countries we don’t like.

  • David Gervais

    Whatever tRump’s irrational reasons might be, I still have to ask how does this benefit anyone except old Republican’ts with high blood pressure?

  • -M-

    Uhm ‘Kay, why? What’s the point?

    This doesn’t help us or our allies, doesn’t help the Cuban’s or encourage their government to improve in any way, doesn’t curtail any national or international threats, doesn’t hurt dead Fidel or see his brother Raul retiring any sooner.

    This is just being petty for it’s own sake despite the fact that we’d be better off making Cuba an showcase of the benefits of improved relations with us.