Breitbart Blames GOP Moderates For Dem Wave

From Breitbart editor Joel Pollak:

Democrats, exuberant from their first important win in the past year, are selling their hot takes all over social media. Their favorite theme seems to be that voters rejected “hate.”

The only real hate on display was in the Latino Victory Fund ad that portrayed Gillespie supporters as racists. It neatly captured Democrats’ contempt for the other half of America. The more they stick to that message, the easier they will make it for Republicans to retain power in 2018.

The main reason the GOP cannot unite to fulfill their past promises is because of jittery moderate incumbents in blue states and a few swing districts. Tuesday’s results will only make them more nervous and difficult to corral.

Most of the blame sits with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). But the buck stops with Trump. It falls to him to find a way to fulfill core legislative priorities on health care, immigration, and taxes without losing too many moderates or alienating his base.

  • Boreal
  • Tawreos

    “But the buck stops with Trump. It falls to him to find a way to fulfill core legislative priorities on health care, immigration, and taxes without losing too many moderates or alienating his base.”

    Republicans are so screwed.

    • lymis

      Note that he takes for granted that only the extreme right-wing things are “core” and that GOP moderates are just filler, along for the ride, and only important for their votes, not their actual input.

      The GOP should never have fed the Tea Party after midnight.

      • Uncle Mark

        Let’s face it, the GOP has been trying to do everything it can to stay alive, and cling to power…except to do the right thing.

        1). First during Nixon’s time, they woo’d the Southern racist vote.
        2). Then later let the Christianistas ride into the tent on the back of the Southern racists.
        3.). Then they attempted to channel the rage of the tea party movement to energize their party. Their rage often at odds with the GOP establishment
        4.). Now they brought in the alt-right/Nazis and Trump….who have their own agendas, and focus on themselves above all else…and ultimately look to overthrow the GOP establishment.

        This last group has invited in foreign corruption. The nature of their cause is antithetical to the very principles upon which this country was founded. Unfortunately, it appears that groups 1, 2 & 3 have latched onto 4, and now the GOP is finding themselves in a life & death struggle to purge 4, while keeping the rest. That struggle may prove to be the GOP’s inevitable undoing…as a result of inviting those toxic elements in to start with..

        • The_Wretched

          Fascinating political analysis. I think you’re spot on. They are running out of deplorables. Really, when you’re inviting in foreign mafia to ensure “your party wins”, you’ve lost.

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      • Nowhereman

        True that, and the Moral Majority before them. They really thought that they could control them. Who’s the puppet now, eh?

    • Nowhereman

      Let’s hope that he campaigns for each and every republican running in 2018.

  • AlternativeQuacks

    Yes! Listen to Breitbart, Repubbies. Stick to Trump like white on rice. LOL.

  • Bluto
  • “We’re the party of personal responsibility! And by that, we mean it’s always someone else’s personal responsibility!”

  • Bj Lincoln

    “The more they stick to that message, the easier they will make it for Republicans to retain power in 2018.”
    I don’t understand this. We are against hate so it will keep republicans in power?

    • Rambie

      Remember, it’s the GOP’er projection syndrome.

      • Bj Lincoln

        I have to remember that. Thanks.

    • -M-

      They think we’re going to alienate people by pointing out bigotry. Which arguably they were able to do by spinning that ad. So we need to be better at getting across the anti-bigotry message and at countering attempts to spin it as anti-White/anti-rural/anti-religious etc.

  • AlternativeQuacks

    OT – Not just Virginia. First evers in CA, MN and PA too.

    • Bj Lincoln

      This is so cool! The more the haters push lies about trans people the more it seems people are waking up to the truth. Having trans people in elected positions will help fight anti-trans laws popping up.

      • GayOldLady


        • Bj Lincoln

          I love your icon. Oh! I am now waiting to hear about my second hearing with a new judge. She didn’t indicate anything which is kind of nice. Easier to not get excited. She was aware I had been waiting a long time and when she made her decision, she would try to move it along quickly. They now owe me for 5 years.

          • GayOldLady

            Oh, BJ, you’ve been done such a terrible injustice. I hope this goes quickly and you’re able to get your disability expedited. There’s no reason for this except total incompetence on the part of the bureaucrats. Thanks for letting me know, Keep me posted.

        • Jeffg166

          Religion is doing just fine.

          • Bj Lincoln


          • GayOldLady

            No religion survives forever. We have historical evidence to prove it.

          • Nowhereman

            One of my favorite songs is John Lennon’s “Imagine”. I imagine that world every day.

          • RoFaWh

            Examples: Mithraism, Manichaeism, all the old pagan religions of Greece, Rome, Egypt, and a lot of other places.

    • scorpiomike

      I was proud to vote for Tyler. I have met him a few times. Great guy who is motivated to bring positive change to my city.

  • JT

    the buck stops with Trump

    Yes, Drumpf wants all the big bucks to stop with him.

  • John Ruff

    Waaaaaaaaahhh. Tough shit, fuckers.

  • Reasonoverhate

    Please, please, please double down on tRump in the 2018 midterms!

  • Dot Beech

    As always, Breitbart is WRONG.

  • Blake Jordan
    • Ross

      But. Of. Course.

    • Oh, Parker

      They’re such skilled parasites that even their own readers don’t know they’re being had.

  • Dunkerblinker

    Trumps incompetence, his decisiveness and his corruption is what will turn America blue again.

    • Rambie

      Which is why I’m in no hurry for the Shit Gibbon to leave office willingly or unwillingly

  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    yes, please keep attacking Paul Ryan & Turtleface.

    • Uncle Mark

      Clearly, those Nazi/Confederate loving Breitbart lovers never studied President Lincoln and his speech about “A House Divided Against Itself…”

      • Rambie

        Shhh!!!! Don’t give the enemy intel.

  • Uncle Mark

    Meanwhile, the mainstream GOP is no doubt re-evaluating their current relationship with Trump. He has not helped them win any victories since 2016; in fact, he has appeared quite toxic to their party. Last night proved it !! Add to that, the fact that he has a rather dubious alliance with Bannon/Breitbart, which seeks to undermine & overthrow the current GOP establishment.

    So at this juncture, it’s probably safe to say the mainstream GOP has figured out that Trump is their tar baby. They will need to distance themselves from him ASAP, especially as more indictments come down the pike and the trials play out during the 2018 midterm campaigns. Further incentive to bury Trump may exist, if the GOP has also colluded with the Russians. Trump is likely to go down anyway, best to make Trump & Co. take the fall for all the GOP’s “sins” too.

    It should be interesting to see how much of a GOP remains in 2019.

    • Rambie

      As tightly linked to Russia as most of Trump’s administration is, I’d be shocked it the Russians don’t have links to many GOP’ers in Congress.

      • RoFaWh

        They’re all traitors to their country.

        Set up a guillotine on the DC Mall, hold show trials, and behead the lot in broadcasts.

    • Dom Saunders

      I like that we’re finally fighting back, but in my state, I was disappointed that our Republican still held on to her PA Supreme court chair. Still, Democrats hold a majority there and are projected to keep that for at least the next 10 years, so there’s the bright side to that. At least I managed to do my part yesterday to knock these basic bitches out of their seat. We need to get the GOP the fuck out.

    • -M-

      Relatedly, I wonder if the Republicans success in congress races in 2016 was partly because voters expected Hillary to be President. The US commonly defaults to divided government and it’s stupid to expect the Republicans in congress to provide either leadership or a check on Trump.

  • skyweaver

    There ARE no moderates in the Republican party. The last one was hunted to extinction when Dubya was in office

    • kareemachan

      Or they are in hiding and just too craven to come out in the open.

  • GayOldLady

    The moral of this story for the GOP should be, you can’t run on Trump’s agenda of hatred and division. The old saying that George W. Bush mangled is still true “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”.

    The Majority of Americans rejected Trump in 2016.Trump didn’t win the Presidency, he won the Electoral college. The Dems have lost 2 presidencies in the last 17 years through the flawed system that allows the Electoral College to decide the winner in spite of the voice and vote of the majority. And if the Electoral College isn’t going to be abandoned, then the votes should be reapportioned according to State Population to keep states that have tiny populations from having a disproportionate influence on the outcome.

    Yesterday we saw in VA, NJ, WA and in other States that many American’s do NOT embrace racism, Homophobia or Transphobia and will not be quiet in the face of it.

    Viva The Resistance

    • worstcultever


      • Dom Saunders

        Yes, but individual states can still be gerrymandered to hell, and if Republicans have control on how they want to divvy up any given state, that doesn’t help us either…

    • Ross

      But did Trump win? Or was the election stolen for him? My money is on the latter. Thanks, Russia!

      And did Bush win in 2004? Or was the election stolen for him? My money is on the latter. Thanks, Diebold!

      And Bush didn’t in 2000. The election was handed to him. Thanks Supreme Court!

      • GayOldLady

        “Or was the election stolen for him?”

        And then there’s that!!!!

    • -M-

      If we’re using electoral votes they also need to be awarded to candidates in proportion to the actual votes in a state, not all or nothing by state or district. You get fifty-one percent of the voters to vote for you, you get fifty-one percent of their electoral votes. We’ve had decimal points for a few centuries, might as well use them.

      And maybe the states’ electoral votes should also be weighted by voter turnout to disincentivise voter suppression.

      • kareemachan

        Decimal points!? That’s librul stuff talking!

  • “The only real hate on display was in the Latino Victory Fund ad that portrayed Gillespie supporters as racists. It neatly captured Democrats’ contempt for the other half of America.” This coming from an organization who lost their largest financial backer due to ties with nazis.

  • AlternativeQuacks
  • worstcultever

    Breitcorpse now has as much wind in its sails as Dumpy does.

    Enjoy your slide to oblivion, Bannon. Oh, and fuck you.

  • Gustav2

    Oh honey. you are not half of Anererica when America shows up to vote

  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    Dems need to hammer simple but potent messages like healthcare (while emphasizing that this would help people get treatment for opioid addiction), anti-Nazism, income inequality and point out just how BAD the GOP tax plan is.

    • John30013

      The ACA also covers mental health care, which seems to be the only politically viable response to mass shootings (although that might be starting to change). For every politician who refuses to support gun control but calls for better mental health care, we need to point out their hypocrisy if they don’t support the ACA.

  • Ross

    One year ago, 63 million voters thought it was a good idea to put this into the White House.

    • worstcultever

      Once Mueller’s eaten him alive and is picking Dumpy entrails from his teeth, I’d really like to see the asshole finally pursued and nailed for his Weinstein-ism as well.

  • TJay229
  • TJay229
  • Gay Fordham Prep Grad

    See here is where we go off the rails; it was not a “Dem wave” it was more like a Dem “troubling of the waters.” Both houses of Congress are in GOP control. We have one more full year of opposing, protesting, speaking out and doing everything we possibly can to stonewall the GOP until next November when by the grace of the deity (if any) we get at least one house of Congress. As Churchill said, “this is not the end, this is not even the beginning of the end, but it is the end of the beginning.”

  • Lars Littlefield

    Looking forward to seeing what the Breitbart white supremacists put forth as a presidential candidate.

    Note how I wrote “what” and not “who”?

    • Friday’s_cat

      Pence the inbred ferret if he survives Mueller?

  • Friday’s_cat

    Were Bernie Sanders and Ralph Nader egotistical asses or paid republican moles?
    Who will be the spoiler 2018 and 2020?

    • -M-

      If we replace first past the post with ranked voting then spoiler candidates and forced choices between who you consider the best choice and who you think is the best you can get elected would both be things of the past, along with most runoff elections.

      So for example: Hillary and Bernie could have both run in the general without splitting the liberal/progressive vote and people could have ranked whichever was their favorite first without worrying that they were effectively voting for Trump.

      • Kelly Lape

        Sorry one party one nominee. Now since Bernie was and still is not a Democrat he could of pursued a 50 state strategy and gotten on the ballot as an Independent. He didn’t because it was easier for him to attempt to hijack the Democratic Party. I like Bernie, he is a good ally, but he isn’t a Democrat.

        • -M-

          I’m not advocating for multiple nominees, or for Bernie or Hillary. They were just convenient placeholder examples for candidates that could split Democratic votes if they ran at the same time under a first past the post plurality voting system. I’m more than ready for a new generation of leaders, and personally, while I like some of his supporters’ policy goals, I like Bernie less and less the more I hear from him or his supporters. And of course ranked voting wouldn’t prevent the possibility of a candidate making fratricidal allegations that could help elect someone worse than their target, but it would discourage it for any candidates who actually wants their priorities or failing that the nearest thing to them to win.

          The point was that ranked voting [Where you literally rank all the candidates running for a given office from your most to least favorite, 1 to whatever.]
          – 1) Allows third party candidates to run without the risk of splitting the vote so that someone on the opposite end of the political spectrum is elected.
          – 2) Means that voters don’t need to factor judgements about candidates’ electability into their decision on how to vote. With ranked voting whether Clinton was your first choice and Sanders your second (no matter how distant ) or vice versa you could ‘vote your conscience’ without worrying that doing so will help someone you like even less get elected.
          Using 2000 as an example, with a ranked voting system Nader &/or Buchanan running only affects the outcome if one of them wins. Adding or removing someone who comes in second or third or fourth doesn’t change the winner.

    • Kelly Lape

      They (Sanders and Nader) were useful idiots. We (the West) are under attack and the Russians are organized and goal oriented. Is the goal more of Ukraine? Or is their goal even more?

      Trump is like Chamberlain, in that he is attempting to appease Putin by giving him the Ukraine. Making the appeasement because of bribery or blackmail is no better than out of cowardice and hope.

      We (America) are under attack. It’s about time the GOP stopped fucking around with politics and opens a real investigation and starts protecting America –

      • RoFaWh

        One of Putin’s goals (there are many) is to reassemble the old Soviet Union. Thus Russian nibblling at Georgia in Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

        I often wonder if Putin realizes it’s probably not the best idea to reincorporate into one’s country millions of people who detest you and your country.

        • Kelly Lape

          Well it’s certainly Trump’s plan also. The “President” of all of the United States daily works to alienate those of us who despise him. We despise him because he purposefully works to make us despise him.

  • kareemachan

    Sorry, Breitfart, most of the blame is on shitheels like you who want to destroy our country. Have another fifth, Bannon. And another.

    • Kelly Lape

      You don’t give Bannon a fifth, you get him under oath and make him take a Fifth.

  • penpal

    Democrats are so fucking short-sighted that it makes me wonder how they win ANY elections. Voters rejected hate? That’s it??

  • Halou

    “We lost bigly, therefore it will be easier for us to win next year.”
    Not sure how that adds up, but whatever helps you sleep at night. breitbots.

  • boatboy_srq

    1) Conservatistism: it can only be failed.

    2) If there’s contempt for the GOTea, it’s because the GOTea made itself contemptible.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada
  • Mike

    A so-called moderate is a Republican who doesn’t fling his poo. Actually there is no such thing as a moderate Republican. It’s an extinct species. These guys are probably resigning because of threats of primary challenges from poo-throwing teabaggers.

  • Snarky

    Breitbart tried to rebrand Gillespie as establishment GOP last night as soon as it looked like he was going down in flames. But his campaign was pure Trumpian divisive white nationalism, and you bet that if he had won, Breitbart today would be calling him anything but establishment.

    And that Latino Victory Fund ad came out on Mueller Monday. The only reason Fox and Breitbart made a big deal about it is because they desperately needed to talk about anything but the news of the day. Cheeseburger emojis and awful Latinos for all! Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

  • boobert

    Sorry, this is a direct result of the moron’s actions !

  • JCF
    • JCF

      “portrayed Gillespie supporters as racists”