Twitter Doubles Character Limit For All Users

USA Today reports:

Our commander-in-chief is going to have a lot more room to tweet. Twitter announced Tuesday it will roll out a 280-character limit for single tweets after testing the option among a handful of users since September.

The new character limit applies to languages where cramming is an issue, such as English. The change won’t apply to Chinese, Japanese, or Korean languages because the density of their writing allows users to say more with fewer characters.

The move will give President Donald Trump, Twitter’s highest profile user, more room to discuss potential policies and take aim at critics.

  • PickyPecker


  • bkmn

    so mch 4 brevity

    • MBear


  • geoffalnutt

    Giving him more rope to hang himself with!!!! Yay!!!!

  • Hasn’t happened for me yet.

  • Bluto
    • JT


    • Harley

      Stealing that.

    • Uncle Mark

      Shouldn’t President Two-Scoops be stuffing two of those in his face?

      • Dannielle

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  • peacfulseas inWA

    On the positive side now people can tell him to fuck off with 280 characters.

    • Todd Allis

      I can do it in 28 characters!


    Predator Dotard will take credit for this.

  • William

    Oh joy.

  • justme

    BUt,,But,,, Little Donnie can’t think beyond 140 characters.. It’s too much of a stress!!

    • JackFknTwist

      I wonder if he will start to develop his points ?

      I made my self laugh there !

      • justme

        the ones on the top of his head???

  • j.martindale

    Twice as much of the orange shitgibbon’s blathering. Something to look forward to.

  • William

    I’ll miss Steven Colbert saying dot dot dot in his Trump voice.

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      Dot Dot Dot……..
      Dot Dot….

      Dot Dot.

      I really like the way he says it.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
    • Jeffg166

      Sell them on eBay.

  • Hooray! Now I can write even longer inane things on Twitter!

  • justme
    • another_steve

      But he has big hands.

      Or so he says.

  • joe ho

    Because the Russian bots felt too restricted.

  • PickyPecker


    • Tread

      I read that as “Another Treason To Avoid Twitter.”

    • The Sentinel

      Only morons tweet.

  • netxtown

    oh hell no.

  • greenmanTN
    • The mind of a spoiled, feral toddler…

      • another_steve


        Love to you for “feral toddler.” Lol.

      • Cattleya1

        Who cannot put together a sentence with a subject, verb, and object. 280 characters just doubles his incoherency.

    • another_steve

      The man is certifiable.

      That gif helps prove it.

    • stuckinthewoods

      I’m sure those are the moves that made him so popular at Studio 54.

      • Tread

        It was the sucking of Roy Cohn’s cock that got him into Studio 54.

        • justme

          his small hands just made it look so HUGE!!

    • The Sentinel

      Jesus Fucking Christ.

    • Frank Conway

      FUCK! I hate this man. I hate that anyone thought making him president would be a good idea. I can NOT believe we are living through this shit!

    • yes b’y
  • Ragnar Lothbrok
    • Y’all here know I’m wordy as hell. I’m kinda annoyed I still don’t have the 280.

  • MikeBx2

    I’ve always thought Trump loved Twitter because of its limitations. Like his vocabulary and intellect.

  • another_steve

    I don’t know from tweeting.

    Who needs it.

  • Dreaming Vertebrate

    Breaking: Mueller doubles characters indicted! Expect unlimited sentences!!

    • Nowhereman

      Extra punctuation if you can guess their identities before the indictments are unsealed!

  • There was something cool about the 140 limit. I think this makes it more pedestrian.

  • TrueWords
    • Strepsi

      I wonder just why he hates him so?


      • The_Wretched

        It’s half obama-derangement syndrome from the faux-verse and half the revenge for the WH correspondant’s dinner where Obama eviscerated Donny the Unfit with well delivered jokes.

        • BearEyes

          And half that Obama is so much more capable

          • prixator

            .. and handsome and charming and smart and compassionate and a good person and a good husband and a good father and, and, and….

      • prixator

        This might not have been the beginning of his hatred, but it sure sent it into overdrive:

  • Judas Peckerwood

    Now with TWICE the inanity!

  • boobert

    Pathetic !

  • Glenn E Ross

    More room for him to repeat himself. Repeat himself more room. Room to repeat repeat.

  • New twitter: All of the stupid, now with half the tweets!

  • MikeBx2
  • Anastasia Beaverhousen

    Covfefe covfefe, there, doubled it for him.

    • The_Wretched

      Say it three times and all your mirrors will only show images of Trump.

      • Natty Enquirer

        I’d rather have three Bloody Marys.

  • lymis

    I think it defeats the point of Twitter. But then, so does spitting out 6 tweets in a row to accomplish the same thing.

    This just provides a more efficient format for me to continue to ignore.

  • Halou
  • Steve Smith

    Oh joy. Double the drivel.

  • Jude Newton

    Trump’s new level of batshit crazy has been unlocked.

    • coram nobis

      Wake up and smell the covfefe!

  • JAKvirginia

    In related news, Trump’s Twitter account will be shut down to free up extra bandwidth for this change. Carry on…..

  • Tawreos

    280 characters per thought may be stretching the limits of his intellect.

    • And his attention span.

      • Tawreos


  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Have to admit, I’ve enjoyed the increased character use precisely for the reasons given. English is a cumbersome language, so having a bit more room to maneuver your thoughts is a good thing.

    That said, the screeds that will emanate from the White Trash House will prove interesting.

  • Jim Maloney

    “…take aim at critics.” It’s that obvious.

  • Gianni

    Oh, good! Now Trump’s blather can be twice as long in one tweet.

  • Harveyrabbit

    Jebus. Don’t let the orange shitgibbon know you can say more in Chinese.

    • coram nobis

      Sweet Cheeses Priced, did he really use that Charlie Chan gibberish?

      • Karl Dubhe

        Getting harder and harder to tell satire from the real deal, eh?


        I’m pretty sure that was satire.

        • coram nobis

          It sort of sounds like something Doorknob Frump would say.

  • coram nobis

    Character was never a limit for Twitter, it seems.

  • Nic Peterson

    That’s what I’ve been waiting for to finally break out of my egg as the cool kids say. I will set up an account and show the world my oeuvre. Right after I wash my hair, mix a drink, finish the complete works of Ezra Pound and watch this paint dry.

  • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

    It’s a bummer for Stephen Colbert. Whenever Drumph went on a Twitter storm exceeding 140 characters, Colbert would read it all, including punctuation. He’d read out, in Trump’s voice: “crooked Hillary dot dot dot” “dot dot dot dot so sad!”

    Now, he’ll only be able to do it for twitter storms > 280 characters, i.e. 3 conventional tweet storm and over. 😆 😅 😂 🤣

  • Jeff Harris

    Twice the nonsense in every tweet:

    Has Twitter ever contributed anything worthwhile?

    • Cattleya1

      I don’t use it, but it allows Twitler to reveal his ‘mind’ to us. I still believe his ultimate downfall will be in a tweet.

  • Paula

    Aw fuck x2!

  • ceeenbee

    Great!!! Now the shitgibbon can make an ass of himself twice as fast.

  • Karl Dubhe

    So, how soon before it’s as many characters as required?

    Before or after he kills us all?

    • Treant

      After. At that point, 0 characters will be required, and 0 characters will be available.

  • Stubenville

    What fresh hell is this?

    • Cattleya1

      Another DP fan, I presume?

      • Robincho

        However long that line is, it forms right behind me…

  • BobSF_94117

    The change won’t apply to Chinese, Japanese, or Korean languages because
    the density of their writing allows users to say more with fewer

    Our 26 letters and those of most languages are represented by relatively short binary values only a few digits long. There’s a technical issue Twitter is up against that limits them to 124, now doubled. Chinese, with its tens of thousands of characters, has always required much longer binary codes for the “letters” of its alphabet. 126 Chinese characters is a lot more data than 126 English characters.

    Something’s fishy.

    • DavidAZ

      I’ll bet the Chinese see through this for what it is….鱼目混珠 (trying to pass a fish eye off as a pearl).

      • Bj Lincoln

        I see what you did. Slick.

  • Xiao Ai: The Social Gadfly

    Still. Done. With. It.

    Until it becomes a truly Democratic platform, they don’t deserve my income generation.

  • Gregory In Seattle

    George R. R. Martin will be happy: he killed off all 140 characters long ago.

  • leastyebejudged

    Hopefully this will kill Twitter.

  • Nowhereman

    I wonder if twitterers will stop abbreviating words that are only three letters long and stop using numbers as words.