SNL Takes Trump Team To The Shower [VIDEO]

Deadline Hollywood reports:

Alec Baldwin killed two birds with one SNL stone last night, reprising his Trump to jab both the president and Harvey Weinstein. “What an idiot,” said Baldwin in character about the disgraced ex-Miramax honcho. “He could have gotten away with all of it if only he’d gotten himself elected president.”

With Alex Moffat playing Paul Manafort, Beck Bennett as Mike Pence and Kate McKinnon doing her wonderfully bizarre troll-like Jeff Sessions, the whole gang ended up in a shower – so Trump could make sure Manafort wasn’t wearing a wire and a fully-suited Pence could wash Manafort’s back.

  • djcoastermark

    Was that the real press conference or was that a parroty ? ( and yes, I’m still grumpy. I need to go for a bike ride)

  • Rocco

    I loathe Sarah Huckabee almost as much as I do Smellyanne Conjob. I hope one day to never have to see either one on tv again. Ugh.

    • Harveyrabbit

      Hopefully unless you’re a prison guard watching closed circuit tv of the prison cafeteria you won’t have to.

      • Opinion Sousaphones


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    • Dreaming Vertebrate

      Tune in to SNL next week for the SmellyAnne – Sarah Huckabee shower scene. This promises more sheer horror than the bloody Hitchcock classic.

  • Dagoril

    It will fill Drumpf with rage. It’s a good thing.

    • Dreaming Vertebrate

      An enraged Dotard is an unstable Dotard.

  • Tawreos

    That was the most sensible briefing out of the White House since the start of the administration.

  • Joe in PA

    That’s not Sarah…sleeves aren’t big enough.

    • Ernest Endevor

      Also, not enough eye make-up. And such as.

  • Ross

    Alec had gained a LOT of weight at some point. It’s nice to see him trimmer again.

    In his youth the man was a GOD.

    • TrueWords
    • TrueWords
      • Ross

        That scene is permanently etched in my memory.

    • Opinion Sousaphones

      Well, not bad back then, not at all! However, I think I prefer him as he appears right now… we are of an age together. One thing that makes me happy is that, as I have aged, so has my age preference for… not saying I do not find young men attractive, just happy that I still find my age-peers attractive too.

      • Ross

        As a young thing, I was attracted to older men.

        Now, as an older man (60), I like men my age (and I would SO do Alec) but have belatedly developed an appreciation for younger men.

        Looking back, because I hated being young (I didn’t like being broke, the bad jobs, and not being taken seriously), I had no attraction to youth. Now, I just sigh at my stupidity.

        I would love to be 25 again. BUT…with my sixty-year-old brain.

        • zhera

          As they say: Youth is wasted on the young. 🙂

        • greenmanTN

          That was my exact progression of attraction too.

      • CanuckDon

        Now if we could only convince more older men that other men their age still find them attractive physically and mentally instead of them chasing younger guys believing that their only attractive quality is their wallet.

        • Opinion Sousaphones

          I think that might be a lost battle from the start. I think such matters are beyond argument. You might have to be content to enjoy the full spectrum of intimacy even if others are not. Also, we are not utterly alone in our views, we are just poor targets for advertising, and so not much catered to.

      • greenmanTN

        Can we clone you? At times it seems like guys older than 40 who like guys their own age are unicorns.

        • Opinion Sousaphones

          My clone would be young for the next 40 years! Besides, I think such attitudes have more to do with personal experience than my body…. ok, too serious, you were only joking. However, if you could insta-copy me, attitudes and all, that copy would be single (I am married), and I am sure he would like you. Still, I would have to warn you that, although he is fundamentally harmless, he is more than a bit of a nutter… actually, the phrase that comes to mind is “barking mad”… marry him at your peril!

    • Gerry Fisher

      Bear, Svelte Bear, it’s all good with that Baldwin chest fur. It looks good in silver, too!

      • CanuckDon

        Unfortunately, but also thankfully, it distracts from the Trump character.

      • Ross


    • TexasBoy

      I do so miss the days when most guys didn’t shave their chests. And actually went outside to mow their lawns and stuff without shirts.

      • Ross

        Shaving chest hair should be illegal.

        I just don’t get it. Why do men want to look like boys?

        • Stephen Elliot Phillips

          Because most men are straight. And do what their girlfriends find attractive and most females dont like hairy beasts. Way of the world

          • IDavid

            Gimme that hairy beast anytime.

          • Ross

            Most females don’t like hairy chests?

            I suspect that is an urban myth as that is not what I hear from a lot of females.

          • Stephen Elliot Phillips

            I think older generation females are very ok with hairy men. Like the tom selleck/alek baldwin age group.
            Patty stanger on millionaire matchmaker makes her male clients shave everything from the neck down. Thats weird

          • skyweaver

            I can only speak for me – I love a hairy man. My husband is quite fuzzy and I love touching all of his hair, it’s wonderful. In fact, every single relationships I’ve ever had the guy was quite hairy

          • zhera

            I’ll have you know I had a thing for Jon Bongiovi’s hairy chest back when I was 14 years old. lol

          • Stephen Elliot Phillips

            me too!!

        • DonnaLee

          My guy needs trimmed, because his hair gets crazy long, but shaving sucks. Who wants to embrace a stubbly, prickly body?

    • M Jackson

      He once wore a tight polo shirt on “Knots Landing” that drove me to distraction.
      He was a meany but i sure was sorry to see him plunge off that roof.

      • Dale Snyder

        He was the nastiest of christian nutcases on that show.

  • Acronym Jim

    OT: So I wake up this morning at 4:30. I think to myself, it’s only a half-hour before I usually get up and I’m no longer particularly tired so why not get up, make coffee and start a lazy Sunday.

    Then the dog crawls under the cover and snuggles up with a satisfied little sigh so I figure another hour’s worth of sleep won’t hurt on said lazy Sunday. Two hours later, I finally get up, make aforementioned coffee and log on to the computer. I had completely forgot it was daylight savings time. If I had done the non-lazy thing, my internal clock would have been seriously screwed up.

    Moral of the story: small victories count almost as much as satisfyingly snuggled small dogs.

  • Robincho

    That shower scene — not enough Zyklon B…

  • Joseph Miceli

    Someone PLEASE show that to Jeff Sessions and film his reaction!

    • M Jackson

      He’ll stamp his little cloven hooves!

      • BillysWilly

        He looks like Granny Clampett

  • seant426

    Kate McKinnon is a national treasure.

    • KP

      Jeff Sessions tail!

    • KaBoomBOX

      She’s our Judi Dench.

  • greenmanTN

    Has Kellyanne been around much lately? I’m hoping that SNL “It” sketch was so devastatingly accurate it did permanent damage to her credibility (which she didn’t deserve in the first place).

  • JCF

    Was anyone else surprised when Beck Bennett popped up, and he was Pence? I just used to seeing him as Putin.

  • DonnaLee

    SNL is just amazing anymore. They have a neverending well in this administration.

  • B Snow

    I don’t even have to read the article or see the sketch to start laughing at Kate McKinnon’s brilliant portrayal of Jeff Sessions.