Randy Rainbow – Sweet Indictment [VIDEO]

Viral YouTube satirist Randy Rainbow is back today with a timely Halloween-themed rip on the Mueller indictments, all set to the tune of Rocky Horror’s Sweet Transvestite. I won’t spoil any of the jokes, just watch below.

  • Tawreos

    I can’t wait to get home to watch this.

  • JoeMyGod

    Trivia: Randy Rainbow is his real actual birth name.


      They just knew….

      • ben-andy

        That he was musical?


          Fabulous. They knew he’d be fabulous.

        • Tulle Christensen

          That’s what the kids call it these days?

          • Grumpy Old Man

            In Ruling Class it was termed “Artistic” as someone found a British lord who died of auto-erotic wearing a tutu and other colorful stuff “was he (pause) ‘artistic'”.

    • greenmanTN

      Being named Bruce Rainbow is the only thing that would have made it more inevitable.

      • Bruce RM

        As a guy named Bruce, I find it fascinating that the name Bruce is associated with gays and or flamboyance. How did this ever come to be? I took a lot of heat in my childhood when certain people became aware of my name…they made jokes and I was not gay acting. The ironic thing is that yup I am gay. Where did this association come from? How did it ever get started? Would love to know the history. Can anyone help? We have Bruce Lee, Bruce Springsteen, Bruce Willis ..and oh yeah…the former Bruce Jenner…. Anyway, it is a very unusual. Any intelligent thoughts on this rare phenomenon ?
        PS the shark from Jaws and Finding Nemo was named Bruce.

        • greenmanTN

          I don’t know but it is interesting.

        • Grumpy Old Man

          l always thought it was because of how ‘easy’ it was to make the name sibilant like ‘Bruth’.

        • Aurvara

          In 1954, Frederic Wertham led an attack on comic books as a source of corruption of the young, writing a book called Seduction of the Innocent. It led to decades of self-censorship by the comic book industry so it did have a real effect. One of the things he singled out was Batman. An example, “Sometimes Batman ends up in bed injured and young Robin is shown sitting next to him. At home they lead an idyllic life. They are Bruce Wayne and “Dick” Grayson. Bruce Wayne is described as a “socialite” and the official relationship is that Dick is Bruce’s ward. They live in sumptuous quarters, with beautiful flowers in large vases, and have a butler, Alfred. Batman is sometimes shown in a dressing gown. As they sit by the fireplace the young boy sometimes worries about his partner: “Something’s wrong with Bruce. He hasn’t been himself these past few days.” It is like a wish dream of two homosexuals living together.”
          As the Bruce / gay connection seems more originally an American thing I wonder if this was part of it. I don’t know if the Bruce / gay connection goes back even farther than the ’50s.

    • jixter

      Not surprising. I have a marriage from the 1800’s of a Rainbow and a Heaven in my family tree. I can only hope that their union proved to be colorful and divine.

    • JCF

      His last name is Rainbow? Are his parents hippies? O_o

  • SoCalVet

    sweet baby jesus he’s singing my song!

    • -M-

      “Tell us about it, SoCalVet.” 😁

  • James in Hollywood

    Jeepers, he’s good.

  • MT YVR

    I’m always amazed at how fast he turns these things out. But he’s had me laughing reaaaaaally inappropriately at work.

  • TrueWords

    I LOVE him so VERY much

  • Todd

    Two weeks ago I turned my step-mother and 82 year old father onto Randy Rainbow. They both fell in love with him.

  • Natty Enquirer

    Oh c’mon, Randy, couldn’t you manage a few strokes of Franky makeup?

  • Dazzer

    That man is an international treasure.

  • bkmn

    Interesting – Politico is reporting that Sam Clovis, who is scheduled to be confirmed to the Dept. of Ag’s chief scientist in spite of not being a real scientist, is reportedly a cooperating witness with Mueller. Will Trump pull his nom?


  • Treant

    “Actually, I meant Rick Pence.”

    • clay


      • Treant

        A mental slip. I was momentarily thinking of one of my husband’s exes.

        • clay

          I’m glad to see his taste has improved.

  • greenmanTN
  • shellback

    Talent. Indisputable talent.

  • Michael R
    • -M-


  • Slippy_World
  • MDixon34

    It amazes me how quickly he can produce these things.

  • OdieDenCO

    HA! most excellent!

  • hdtex
  • Zach Powers

    Might be Randy’s best so far!

  • gaycuckhubby

    TBH not my favorite video he’s done… but I think he’s absolutely brilliant 98% of the time. Also I think he’s cute as hell 😉

  • “Ratchet girl”

    Hooray! I learned a new insult today!

    • -M-

      Ratchet / rached is an adjective. Probably from the character Nurse Rached, in One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest. General usage is similar to ‘broke down’, ‘nasty’, ‘skanky’.

      Possibly influenced or shaded by ‘wretched’?

      • perversatile

        Ratchet – low rent, uncouth, scurvy, ill behaved, or having no class.. Can also be used to describe a woman with a violent unpredictable personality who enjoys ‘going off’ with little to no provocation.
        See also: Chicken head. Basic bitch

        • Gregory In Seattle

          Thus the side remark, “Actually, I was talking about Mike Pence.”

  • JCF

    Especially great for those of us boycotting (Sarandoncott) the original…

  • Friday’s_cat

    What’s Captain Binghamton doing at 1:11?

  • MassageBear
  • aagold76 .

    his best yet!

  • MassageBear
    • Nychta

      Absolutely super! And bilingual. If only the U.S. had a president fluent in even a single language.

  • Blackfork

    Here’s an eye-opening blast from the past from our favorite nutjob, Roger Stone himself, while on InfoWars. From the RandiRhodes.com show…

  • Tawreos

    Love it, love everything about it!

  • JDS

    This was hilarious and spot on.

  • Gregory In Seattle

    This came out Tuesday evening. At most, he’s been working on it since the initial indictments were announced late Friday. So all of this was done in less than 4 days. Is that talent or what?