Kevin Spacey’s International Emmy Award Revoked

The Independent reports:

An Emmy award honoring Kevin Spacey has been revoked following an allegation he made sexual advances towards a 14-year-old boy in the 80s. The two-time Oscar-winning actor was due to receive the 2017 International Emmy Founders Award in New York next month.

The International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences released a statement saying that “in light of recent events” it will be withdrawing Spacey’s honour. Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp alleges the 58-year-old sexually harassed him as a young teenager at the then 26-year-old actor’s apartment in 1986.

  • Tawreos

    This is good to see, but it still doesn’t make up for the damage he did by making his coming out all about him and not caring that he set us all back with the way he went about it.

    • netxtown

      yes it could have been handled much better in a number of ways. Still, i abhor this trial by MSM. It stinks of McCarthyism.

      • Adam Schmidt

        I think part of it is because Anthony Rapp was a minor at the time the incident was alleged to occur so it seems all the more wrong. But at this point we now have a public allegation and Spacey’s career is pretty much over. There doesn’t seem to be any police case, it’s just straight to a public claim of assault and we’re done.

        • netxtown

          Which is exactly the reasons I have never allowed anyone under the age of 21 to be alone in my home with me. The risk of ruination by allegation outweighs all else. The rule is never spoken – but it is prudently in place.

          • Gay Fordham Prep Grad

            I used to work with a senior manager who would *never* go on a business trip with a female coworker for exactly the same reason.

          • Do Something Nice

            You sound like Mike Pence.

          • netxtown

            If all you want to add to the conversation is insults – please go back to Towleroad….

          • Do Something Nice

            Sorry, but your fear of “ruination” is irrational.

          • netxtown

            No. Your familiarity with history is lacking. This isn’t the first “sex scandal” to hit Hollywood.


          • Do Something Nice

            Enjoy living in fear and paranoia.

          • Michael White

            I was a member of a religious for many years. High School guys would come to the rectory when I was there alone. I would never let them in without another adult. I have been out since 1971 and am always careful around young kids and teens. I suspect Pence has a very unhealthy attitude towards human sexuality and I don’t think I do. In the 90’s in the catholic world one had to be above suspicion. Better safe than sorry.

          • Do Something Nice

            Ok, but that was the 1990s. We are now almost in the 2020s and things have changed. Being in a room with high school students isn’t ‘suspicious.’ That you feel this way is internalized homophobia that our culture reinforces.

            I’m not saying you are bad or even wrong. But it is a bit extreme.

          • Dazzer

            I’m not sure it is ‘internalised homophobia’.

            I suppose it depends on what times you’ve lived through and what you’ve experienced, but to me, ensuring boundaries are clear is a prudent move.

            I wouldn’t go as far as some others on the board here, but I’m aware of problems that could arise and try to head them off before anyone apart from me can make them an issue.

          • Hue-Man

            This headline from 2016 (not 1996)
            Catholic priests in Montreal banned from being alone with children

          • ColdCountry

            I don’t think it has anything to do with orientation, but with the fact that we live in such litigious, suspicious, and vengeful times.

          • Gretchen

            I had the same rule as a classroom teacher. It was an unwritten rule at every school where I worked that you were never alone with a student behind a closed door. It was an invitation for trouble. It wasn’t a matter of being gay or straight; it was about avoiding liability.

          • ColdCountry

            And that is truly sad.

          • BobSF_94117

            And how sad is that?

          • narutomania

            It is also the same reason why I won’t teach any age group younger than university.

            I taught grades 7 and 8 for one year (1990-1991) and was accused by two 12-yr-old girls of “ogling” their breasts in class.

            My then principal warned me of the allegations and said he knew they were false but he still had to warn me to be extra careful.

            I quit at the end of the school year.

          • drtrmiller

            You practically have to wear a body camera nowadays if you work with kids. It’s ridiculous.

          • narutomania

            I teach at a university in southern Georgia, and I have entertained the idea of either audio-recording or video-recording all interactions with students that take place in my office.

            I have, in almost 20 years of university teaching, never been accused of an impropriety. But I was accused once (by a student AND her mother) of attacking them verbally and menacing them physically in my office whilst the student was complaining about the F that she had earned in my class.

            Fortunately, my department head saw through their charade and told them to get their story straight.

          • ColdCountry

            I remember a first grade teacher saying, when this first was becoming an issue, that she had been warned not to touch her students. Her response was that if a child fell and scraped a knee, or was homesick or frightened, and she could not hug the child and comfort them, that she could not do her job. I don’t know how it turned out, but she was really upset. It’s no wonder so few men teach the lower grades, because of course a man is more likely to molest a child. (And yes, that last bit was sarcasm.) I am all for the rights of the victim, but perception can be a real problem.

          • jo gerardo

            I just started volunteering at an elementary school. My first week, there was a 1rst grade boy that would come up to me, ask, “Are you my Grandpa?” and then cry when I told him “No”. Teachers would actually scold me for not consoling him. Then, I was told by everyone, from the principal on down, to give him a side hug, but he would just grab my neck and hold me tight. It probably helps that the only time I see him is in the crowded, LOUD cafeteria.
            I was introduced to his Mom two weeks ago at a PTA function, she said I resembled her late father and have the same white, bushy mustache. Now, I get teary when I give the kid his daily hugs. He knows I’m not his granfather, but he still wants his hugs.

          • ColdCountry

            Aw, poor little kid! Don’t blame you for being hesitant, but I’m glad he gets his hugs now. I’d forgotten about side hugs. They’ll do, I guess, in a lot of cases, but there are times when little kids just need the real thing. Thanks for helping him through this.

          • jmax

            I used to live alone across the street from a large soccer field. One fall evening, I had a maybe-12-year-old girl knock on my door in tears, asking to use my phone because her mother had not picked her up after practice and it was getting dark out. I had a neighbor who was a single mother, so I walked the girl over to her house and asked if she could call from there because I was not about to let her come into my home. I felt bad that I had to do that, but there was no way in hell she was coming into my house alone.

          • seant426

            Um, cell phone?

          • jmax

            This happened back in the late 80’s. Not many cell phones around at that time.

          • seant426

            I must’ve missed that in your original post. ☎️📞☎️📞

          • jmax

            I didn’t mention a time frame in the original. My bad.

          • seant426

            I’m just fucking with you. 💋

          • jmax

            I’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes.
            I wish you would have told me sooner. I might have enjoyed being fucked with had I known 🙂

          • yes b’y
          • seant426

            At least you never lost it.

          • ColdCountry

            That is such a sad commentary on our society. And I don’t blame you in the least!

          • AngelaChanning

            I’m 53 and out at work but I will never take a male intern to lunch without someone else present.(We have a tradition the manager taking the intern out for welcome lunch and then a group farewell lunch.) Many of my straight colleagues feel the same way about taking a female intern out to lunch, of course. I make it so that I am rarely alone or within site of others in the open environment.

          • seant426

            Ha! I make the intern get me lunch. That’s about all they’re good for. 😂

          • I have friends who are music teachers who video tape all their private lessons. The official reason is so you can play back and students can see and hear themselves perform. But the main reason is that it documents what actually happened when they were alone in case someone every claims something. As a voice teacher it would sometimes be useful to touch students to make adjustments in their posture but I’ve been advised not to do that. I have no interest in putting the moves on my students, but the risk of being accused of doing so if a student misinterprets what I’m doing is too great.

        • Nowhereman

          Claiming he doesn’t remember because he was drunk really isn’t like saying it didn’t happen. In fact it makes me wonder how many times he pulled something like that. He was 26. The boy was 14. Even a drunk should get a little twinge that he’s doing something wrong.

      • Tawreos

        I agree that so far in a lot of these cases all we have is accusations with no proof put forward and people’s lives are being ruined. If they did what they are accused of then I have no problem with them reaping what they have sown, but it should take more than an accusation to make it happen.

        • j.martindale

          Spacey said to expect more accusations to come out, so I have no doubt about the veracity of the accusation. What’s more, the accuser made this story known a long time ago without naming names or using the claim to get money. That is damning to me. When possible extortion is present, I am more skeptical.

          • netxtown

            But he did name names. The Advocate knew it was Spacey and didn’t publish the name.

          • Tawreos

            I get the feeling that this particular accusation is true as well, just from the way he responded to it.

          • ETownCanuck

            I expect more to come out as well, I have the feeling that Spacey likes ’em young. The story from a few years ago when he was supposedly mugged while walking his dog in the park at 4:00 am, described the assailant as a youth. He dropped the charges on that almost immediately, so I’m sure there was a LOT more to that story than what he originally reported to the police.

          • Dazzer

            There is no doubt that Spacey likes them young – but until now all the stories I’ve heard about him over the years suggested that he liked them to be of legal age and the sex to be consensual.

            As for the ‘dog-walking’ incident, they never caught the person who is supposed to have mugged him. No one in the UK believed his story anyway, so I suspect the police didn’t put a lot of effort into investigating his story.

      • narutomania

        Agreed. A world in which people are accused then immediately assumed guilty and subsequently pilloried by society – ALL IN A MANNER OF MINUTES – is quite unsettling.

        • Scott Fitler

          “The Orville” – a sci-fi Star Trek clone tv series just had an episode that dealt with this subject. A whole planet wore up/down vote buttons and people who received too many down votes had to go on apology tours where their final vote tally determined if they were “re-educated” or not. It felt not too far from today.

          • narutomania

            My brother just told me about that episode over the weekend. (I have not seen the show yet.) It sounds chilling because yes, it does seem to be right around the corner in many ways.

            I had shared an episode of “Black Mirror” (the episode was called ‘Nosedive’) that also dealt with this increasing obsession that people have on their social platforms with either up-voting or down-voting the posts that their “friends” share publicly. Not only quotes but photos, too. Photos from their personal life.

            In the episode, a person’s upward mobility in both personal and professional circles is based on her/her approval rating which is obtained through votes from the people that s/he encounters either in real life or online. So (most) everyone has become manically happy and relentlessly upbeat, obsessed with garnering more and more 5-star ratings to keep them in the popular upper echelon of society. But everything is empty, vapid, and meaningless. Numbers are all that matter.

            Like in today’s politics.

          • Nowhereman

            Hear hear! I may not have many friends, but the ones I do have are real people, not Facebook “friends”. In fact, I’ve never even been to Facebook. And what a stupid name for a social platform to begin with.

          • Nowhereman

            Oh that gives me some ideas! (And a good chuckle–I really need to check out that show.)

    • lymis

      I don’t agree that one predatory asshole sets any of the rest of us back.

      In the days when we didn’t have openly gay public figures, absolutely. But there are far too many out, healthy, honorable gay people for any of us to buy into the idea that Spacey somehow represents anyone but himself.

      The sell-by date of “I had no choice but to be closeted” is well past. Spacey’s choice to do so is therefore entirely personal and individual – and the consequences are personal and individual.

      Sure, people will TRY to paint us all with this brush. But they shouldn’t be allowed to by any of us even seeming to buy into it.

      And seriously, anyone who is surprised by Spacey coming out must have been living under a rock for the last couple of decades.

      • It would be different if Spacey’s career was playing romantic leading men. But he’s basically a character actor and a good one. He wouldn’t have lost any jobs for being out. A lot of people already thought he was. He’s done more winking about being in the closet than Ellen Degeneres did in her publicity stunts leading up to officially coming out. See this year’s Tony Awards for an example. Everyone who cared knew and most people didn’t care.

    • Stuart ArtFart

      This is dumb.

      31 years ago, a young, dumb, drunk man made a pass at a teenaged boy. Nobody was raped, nobody was traumatized.

      Kevin Spacey is a talented actor. I really don’t care what kind of person he is.

      Soon we’ll be reading about Meryl Streep’s many Oscars being rescinded because 31 years ago she failed to tip a waitress 20% of the bill.

      Absolutely ridiculous.

      • RaygunsGoZap

        Idiot. Rapp has said explicitly how it traumatized him.

      • Tawreos

        What the actual fuck? Are you really comparing not tipping to sexual harassment of a minor? Are you really that fucking stupid?

        • seant426

          Um, the name? Why bother?

      • Annerdr

        I like Kevin Spacey’s acting too, but you can’t let that keep you from seeing how wrong it was for an adult to hit on a 14 year old. You can still admire his work, while thinking this particular action was abysmal.

        • Stuart ArtFart

          Everybody makes mistakes. A 26 year old coming onto a 14 year old is most definitely a mistake. However, I didn’t read in Anthony Rapp’s allegations that any of the following happened:
          * tongue in mouth,
          * hand down pants,
          * penetration of any orifice

          So, no big deal.

          WHY we are talking about this 31 years later is a mystery to me…

          • Annerdr

            Because none of those things have to happen for Rapp to feel victimized and taken advantage of. For me at 14, having one of my parents’ friends lean on me drunk, telling me how pretty I was, pulling me down to sit on his lap, was enough to be extremely creepifying. Nothing illegal, but I remember how awful it was 35 years later and I avoided that man for the rest of his life.

            Furthermore, at 26, I was not interested in 14 year olds. I wasn’t even interested in 21 year olds, even drunk. Most people prefer peer relationships.

            There’s plenty wrong here. I don’t think it needs to be dismissed or ignored because Rapp deserves better than that. There won’t be criminal charges, but it really is a big deal that deserves attention, and even Spacey knows that.

          • Because the dam has broken and actors are now talking about being sexually harassed, assaulted and raped by people more powerful in the business. Everyone knew this crap went on. It’s been a running joke for decades, the casting couch. So he told his story AGAIN. He’s told it before, just without the name attached. I suspect Spacey’s name was withheld because of the publications’ legal department and not because Rapp didn’t say in the interviews.

          • narutomania

            To pick up on what Annerdr says, I would say that the discussion needs to take place because (1) Rapp was 14 at the time and Spacey’s actions were clearly indicative of inappropriate desires that he was having and (2) it is difficult to look at Spacey now and hold him in any kind of esteemed light. His actions were egregious. And, based on what others have been saying for a long time, this incident with Rapp was not the only one.

          • ColdCountry

            It can still be a big deal.

  • Stubenville

    So is Spacey being treated more harshly because he’s gay? The condemnation of Harvey Weinstein didn’t seem quite so swift.

    • Tawreos

      It is more the way he responded to it than the accusation itself that is drawing the harsher criticism.

    • Michael White

      i think I agree with you. I am so confused about what has been happening. There is no excuse for any sexual harassment and working as a nurse all of my adult life I have seen women harassed in terrible ways (more in the 70’s than now, but unequal pay for same work is also harassment).but the sudden and long needed retribution is troubling. Where were the men of Hollywood and male politicians, who knew about this behavior for years?

      I want all sexual misconduct stopped and punished, but learning ho to respect others starts when we are young. Until fathers teach their sons proper behavior and mothers teach their daughters they are not sex objects but worthy of respect because of their intrinsic human dignity this will continue. The way red states and chrisitans treat women, I do not see this ending anytime soon.

      • netxtown

        I hesitate to even put this out there – but I suspect that the ‘equality’ aspect is now lost in a soup of fear and protectionism. Sure, some will be weeded out – but the remaining have now seen first hand the public denigration and will quietly move towards protectionism.

      • Beagle

        A slight quibble — mothers can also teach their sons proper behavior.
        When my younger brother was in junior high school, he had a female classmate with the last name Will. One day, my brother came home with a joke punning on Miss Will’s last name, suggesting that she was sexually available. My mother made it very clear that one DOES NOT say such things about a woman — clear enough that I remember the exact circumstances 40 years later.

    • Do Something Nice

      No, he is being treated more harshly because he came out as being gay as a misguided attempt of damage control.

      • CanuckDon

        Which seems crazy. Would people have less scorn for him currently if Spacey had lived openly?

        • JCF

          I think so. Openly gay people have been accused of harrassment, underage assault: I think there COULD have been 1) “innocent until proven guilty” and/or 2) *some* understanding for intoxication or alcoholism. But when a perpetually “None of Your Business” star uses *this incident* as excuse to step out of the closet, 1) & 2) are dramatically decreased.

    • Ernest Endevor

      Temper of the times. I don’t think the two situations are at all analogous but people seem to be so freaked that there is now a contest going on to see who can be more outraged, who can react faster. People I know who know Spacey don’t have a lot of good to say about him though some seem to be very fond of him at the same time. Also, it seems to be common knowledge that he likes young men, even underage boys. I’m also told that the event with Mr Rapp didn’t happen. So who knows.

  • Bambino

    I expect Gore, the bio pic of Gore Vidal with Netflix Spacey is set to play will be can as well.

    • JAX


  • zherazhera

    I was not aware they had a morality clause for giving out awards. Not sure how I feel about this.

    • What

      It has to do with hopping on bandwagons, don’tcha know?

      • Jeffg166

        I expect that bandwagon to break down with the number of people who will be coming out of the woodwork with their stories.

      • seant426

        Is that a bandwagon playing a swan song?

    • whollyfool

      I’m uneasy that this happened because of allegations, not a conviction. (Not that I don’t believe Anthony Rapp.)

      • exactly! this is ONE person making allegations. they are likely true (especially based on spacey’s response). but it seems very presumptuous to do all this based on one person’s statement.

    • John30013

      It mirrors the Roman Polanski situation in many ways (although I don’t recall whether Polanski was actually convicted of statutory rape).

      These are different times, though, and since Spacey hasn’t denied the incident outright, I think it’s reasonable to believe Rapp’s account of the incident.

      There is no doubt that Spacey is a talented actor, but there’s more to deserving worldwide acclaim than just one’s professional and artistic achievements.

      • Dazzer

        Polanski was found guilty in absentia by the court.

        • No, Polanski was found guilty but skipped out of the country before sentencing. He was there for his trial. He was found guilty.

          • Dazzer

            Thank you. I knew he was in absentia for part of the trial. LOL – but I’m an idiot for not remembering it was the sentencing.

            Thanks again.

    • Definitely not taking up for Spacey on this but if Roman Polanski can win an Oscar after being convicted of raping an underage girl, I don’t see how Spacey gets an award taken away for allegedly attempting to seduce an underage boy.

      • Kissmagrits

        It seems to me that Spacey’s been selected as a convenient focus for the closeted exploitation of young talent in show biz. Actually, I found his response to last week’s allegations to be refreshingly classy and appropriate.

        • RemusL

          Forever linking his coming out gay to the (alleged) sexual assault of a minor is “classy and appropriate”?

          • Kissmagrits

            How did Spacey become this week’s Hester Prynne based on the allegations of just one person for an alleged incident in 1986? Seems like a lot of “holier than thou” going on here. And I still find his response measured and decent.

        • Nowhereman

          How do you like having being gay to be conflated with being a pedophile? Refreshing? Classy? Appropriate?

    • Nowhereman

      There actually may be a morality clause, and I’m fine with it. Giving him an honor like this and then having to take it away would be pretty silly.

  • Rex

    The next time I’m in trouble I’m coming out as straight.

    • Todd20036

      No one will believe it. Sorry hon

      • Jeffg166

        His mother will.

        • Hue-Man

          “Sonny-boy is going through a phase.”

  • BobSF_94117

    I’m constantly amazed at the misuse of language by people in the performing arts. “Harassed”?

  • Chris Bartlett

    he did something drunk and stupid 30 years ago.
    Lets disembowel him! lets hang him by his balls.
    Because none of us have ever been drunk and stupid.

    So says the court of popular opinion.

    • Anastasia Beaverhousen

      If you are THAT drunk, don’t be stupid enough to be around a 14 year old kid that you hit on and he was a kid.

      • John Ruff

        Right. 14! Gross

      • Chris Bartlett

        heh, I have learned that as stupid as I find humans, they never fail to surprise me on just how much stupider they can be.

    • pablo

      Was he drunk and stupid when he decided to come out amid accusations of preying on a 14 year-old? I’ve gotten pretty shitfaced at parties and I never came on to a minor.

      That said; he didn’t rape anyone. The kid said “no” and walked away. People need to not get hysterical about this.

      • Jeffg166

        If he had tried to dick a 14 year old girl he might have gotten a pass. A boy is quite another story.

        • Strepsi

          Mm i don’t think so, Jerry Lee Lewis was 60 years ago

      • RaygunsGoZap

        He tried. He gave it a real try.

      • pj

        unless there are more 14 year olds out there.

    • John Ruff

      It’s his response to the allegations that bothers me

    • lymis

      I’d grudgingly have some mixed feelings if Rapp had thrown himself at a drunken Spacey. Most gay men are more than well aware that we knew, if only vaguely and naively, what we wanted when we were 14, and far too many men of my generation proudly share their stories of managing to get laid while underage.

      But unless Rapp is lying through his teeth, no such thing happened in this situation. There’s never been a point where adults shouldn’t have been adults, and adults need to be be able to say no to inappropriate advances. But in this case, it looks like ALL of the responsibility lies solely with Spacey.

  • Texndoc
    • RaygunsGoZap

      Idiot. Most of those statues were put up in the 20th Century.

  • John Ruff

    So, he’s into twinks.

    • pablo

      I expect some dirt about Bryan Singer to hit the news soon.

      • John Ruff


    • JAX

      He ONLY fucks twinks.
      It’s an open secret in Hollywood.

      • John Ruff

        And he probably takes trips to the Philippines for some underage fun

        • JAX

          He prefers them pale and blonde (sometimes brunette).

  • Jmdintpa

    If he were a priest I wonder if so many of us would question this? The man used his attempt to get on a child, even if it was 30 yrs ago, to so call ‘come out”. He gives ammo to about 50% of this country, and to the ones in charge right now, to advance the notion that all of us are child molesters. If he had come out and simply apologized and even blamed it a little on being drunk then I would not have such an issue. He denied being gay time and time again and only when it might save his ass did he admit it. He was to good to be one of us before and only when it came out what a sleazy thing he did and probably did over and over did he “come out” to try and make it about him. Get lost Kevin and drop off all your participation trophy s at the door. You deserve them.

  • Dazzer

    I’m not a fan of Spacey, but I think there ought to be some clarity here.

    When Rapp consulted a lawyer in the 1990s, he was told that he would have no case.

    I don’t know the basis of that legal advice, but I can make a well educated guess.

    First, because there could be no independent corroboration, it would be a “He said/He said” case.
    Second, under the laws at the time, no sexual harassment happened. ‘A drunk man fell’ on a boy is how the law would have looked at it.
    Third, if Spacey claimed that he was ‘black-out’ drunk, he would not (according to the law of the time) be held responsible for his actions.

    Even if there were no statute of limitations (and why the US has a statute of limitations on sex crimes strikes me as ridiculous) and Spacey were put on trial, I can’t see any way in which he would be found guilty. And that’s putting aside the fact that in various jurisdictions that he would have to be tried under tha laws at the time in which the alleged offence took place.

    I’m not making a case for the morality or lack of it with regard to Spacey, but this whole situation is virtually a case of a person being found guilty of something because “we all know he did it”.

    The fact is that none of us know what happened in that room. All we have is an accusation by one of the parties and a declaration by the other that he can’t remember having done anything wrong.

    I’m uneasy with conclusions being reached without hard evidence being produced.

    • worstcultever

      This is the entire hell of sexual harrassment/assault, and why it’s so prevalent in our world. The predator has the upper hand, always, and absolutely knows it. There is rarely “hard evidence” – unless we expect a traumatized woman who’s fleeing a hotel room to stop and take the potted plant full of semen with her. Look at Cosby, Weinstein, Toback – it takes literally DOZENS of victims to overcome the word of a SINGLE wealthy/powerful predator.

      I totally believe in the concept of innocent till proven guilty – but unfortunately it’s just one more civilized thing that these predatory fucks have abused to a fare-thee-well. It’s why I hate them so much – they hide behind and destroy the fabric of good will and decency we all stand on, for nothing but their own sociopathic fuckery.

      Can there be a point where overreaction leads to backlash? Sure, and it’s probably coming. Or maybe not even overreaction, but simple overwhelmedness and numbness at the sheer scale of sex predation in our world.

      For all Spacey’s awfulness in his statement re the Rapp matter, I’m still a bit alarmed that no one’s given the thing even a day to settle. Then again I do expect more victims to come forward – as Patton Oswalt said re Cosby, when you see a roach in your kitchen, there are hundreds under the stove and in the baseboards.

      Anyway, just a few thoughts

      • Strepsi

        That’s what I think, Spacey admitted it fast and with the shiny coming out story, because he knew if he gave it a hard denial the stories would start pouring forth. It’s a “rip the band-aid off” approach that may have been safest for him.

      • Hue-Man

        I would add that the “complainant” would be told that every aspect of his personal and financial life and sexual history would be investigated and made public, if he were to pursue the action against his “aggressor”. Once the action was brought, the victim would be on trial.

        This explains, in part, why Statistics Canada reported the following this summer:

        In 2014, for example, police recorded 20,735 victims of sexual assault while the GSS [General Social Survey] pegs the number of self-reported sexual assaults at 636,000.

        By the end of the judicial process, an estimated 0.3 per cent of all founded sexual-assault reports lead to a conviction.

      • ColdCountry

        And part of the problem is that our society taught these predators that they were NOT doing anything wrong, and that, as rich and powerful men, they had the RIGHT to do this sort of thing.

  • worstcultever

    I think the swift piling-on of Spacey is due to

    – Hollywood scrambling madly to assuage its collective guilt over all the decades of unpunished monstrosities

    – The avalanche of exposure now occurring, making victims like Anthony Rapp and so many others finally emboldened to speak out

    – Spacey’s unforgivable & disastrous conflating, whether he intended it or not, of gayness with predation on kids – see comedian Moshe Kasher’s brilliant analogue, e.g. –

  • Randy Ellicott

    I think I agree with this, but not because of the assault allegation, at this time it is just an allegation, no matter how damning it appears it has yet to be proven in a court. However how he tried to use an entire group of people as a shield and throwing that same group of people under the bus as if it would somehow be ok that he assaulted a 14 year old because he was gay… He is no newcomer to the scene, he is no naive gay kid who just made it in Hollywood and didn’t know how to communicate… he is Kevin [email protected]#king Spacey, he knew what he was doing in that apology and expected to be fellated for his courage in coming out and exonerated because he was just a poor confused closet case! The fact that the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, which one can only assume has a number of our community in it, decided to withdraw the honor is perfectly acceptable based on Kevin’s comments alone.

  • Natty Enquirer

    So I guess he’s not a good actor after all. No one can accuse IATAS of being late to the denunciation party.

  • What he did was Stupid and Shitty. But I don’t know one guy who didn’t do something stupid and shitty in their 20s. Now these guys are all clutching pearls of moral outrage. It’s just obnoxious. Spacey’s ‘apology’ was equally vile, but continuous calliope of righteous indignation is just grating at this point.

  • Ninja0980

    That was fast.

  • JAKvirginia

    Spacey tried to burnish his image with his confession. Now the Academy is trying to burnish theirs… at his expense. Yep, this is Hollywood. Sigh.

  • mwest

    Yet in France they’re celebrating Roman Polanski. How many awards was he nominated for & given since his actual conviction of child molestation? Actual molestation gets Oscars. Is it the fact that the accuser is male is making Hollywood so quick to jump on this?

    • Scott Carpenter

      Normally I’d be nodding yes to this comment, but not now.
      This is right after Weinstein. Things are STILL trickling out, and getting worse every day. Hollywood people are having all kinds of uncomfortable conversations with friends and family.
      “You knew about this and you said nothing?!?”
      I sincerely believe if it was Angela Lansbury accused of hitting on a 14 year old, right now and in this context, she would be shunned and shamed.

  • Treant

    Eh. The punishment doesn’t fit the crime; Spacey is still a good actor, and probably still deserves that Emmy.

    Now if he had an award for assisting young gay men in distress, revoking that would be a fair cop.

  • boobert

    The whole thing is getting ridiculous. And again, I am not advocating sex with minors. One public statement and they’re trying to end his career. Where are the formal charges? Who knows for sure if rapp is telling the truth? The reports are that he made a pass 30 years ago at the kid. It was wrong, the kid refused and that was it. Everything else is speculation.

  • ColdCountry

    I’m not sure I agree with this. Is the award for his body of work, or his morals? There have been many who have done great things while being awful people. Do we throw out the good because of the bad? Ted Bundy is credited for saving lives when he worked the suicide hotline. It does not excuse anything, but it is all part of the same man. I listened to a conversation between Billy Crystal and Stephen Colbert, and how Stephen could not separate Bill Cosby’s deeds from his body of work, how it was all spoiled for him, whereas Billy had no problem with the separation, and still enjoyed listening to early Cosby recordings. And you don’t have to admire a person for themselves to admire their work. It’s nice, of course, and makes it comfortable for us if the people we admire are flawless, but that doesn’t really happen, does it?

    Trae Crowder said, “I am a redneck. I am also a well educated, well traveled, godless liberal, and if you can’t reconcile the two, that’s your problem, not mine.”

    If someone discovers the cure for cancer and turns out to be a child molester, do we not acknowledge his good work? Does denying someone we disapprove of credit for something good give that person any chance of improving themselves? Is Keven Spacey still being inappropriate with underage boys? If he is, lock him up, but why deny the good in a person because they also have bad?

    • JWC

      I concur 100%. I tried to say much the same yesterday but sort of missed it’ Look what we forgave in a president

      • ColdCountry

        Times are changing, and I think for the better, but we have to get beyond this expecting our heroes and leaders to be flawless. And the thinking that a person is unworthy of admiration for one thing if he is also worthy of disdain for another.

        • JWC

          it is reminiscent of an incedence a few years back A childrens hospital desparatelty need funds so the local hookers banded together pooled their earnings and offered it to the hospital It represented a goodly amount

          • ColdCountry

            That’s great! I wonder if they told their johns what they were doing.

          • JWC

            Have no idea . the odd perdicement was the hospital was a tad reticent about accepting considering the source until one of them tru a catty bit of realism and they accepted

  • Tempus Fuggit

    C’mon, folks, stop with the pearl-clutching and bleating about innocence until guilt’s proven. We’re not talking about a court of law, we’re talking about a ceremony in which those in “the industry” applaud themselves for being fabulous. It is a selfgratulatory circle jerk, nothing less or more.

  • William Hamilton

    After thirty-five years, exactly why is Anthony Rapp disclosing this now? And, why was a fourteen year old at the apartment of a twenty-six year old late at night by himself?

  • caphillprof

    Would we turn down the cure for cancer if the discoverer turns out to be both immoral and criminal?

    • MBear

      Immoral and criminal? Depends…murrikkkans might elect them to office. Or consider them guilty without a trial.

  • Blobby