Lewandowski: Mueller’s Indictments Have Nothing To Do With Trump, I Know Because I Was There [VIDEO]

“Let me be very very clear, I am certain of this, this has nothing to do with the president. If there were players on the outside that had a periphery or a small role of some type in the campaign, my guess is these charges have nothing to do with the campaign because I was there, there was no collusion, cooperation or coordination with Russia. So, let’s see what Mueller does, but the dam is not breaking. The only thing that is breaking are the Democrats.” – Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, speaking this morning on Fox & Friends.

  • bkmn
    • DesertSun59

      45 has three things he does in every situation:

      1. 45 screws up something.
      2. 45 then lies about the screw up.
      3. When called out about the screw up, 45 attacks whoever is exposing him.

  • kcken

    So funny. Twitter is beating the shit out of him for calling on investigations into the “Clinton Administration” on fox news.

    So fucking clueless…

    • Steverino

      Maybe she has a shadow administration in place, waiting in the wings to take over…

      • edrex

        if only…

      • Stephen Elliot Phillips

        who knew Hills and Barry are actually still running the govt. Thats why “president orange armageddon” cant get anything done!

      • zhera


        • Snarkaholic


          • zhera


      • JCF
  • Ernest Endevor

    That’s settled then. Good enough for me.

  • Lazycrockett

    “How do we calm Drumpf down?” WH Staff
    Quick, Get Lewandowski on Faux!” KellyAnne

    • JustDucky
      • EqualityForAll

        That is the funniest caricature of SmellyAnne that I’ve seen to date!

        • Todd20036

          Really? I’d say it was far more flattering than the original

        • JCF

          Funny, I was just thinking that was the {throws up in mouth} most accurate Drumpf caricature I’ve seen! Obese, hands are the right size…and (thank God!) you can’t see anything between his legs.

          • TheManicMechanic

            You wouldn’t be able to see it anyway.

  • Gustav2

    He was fired and replaced by Manafort, does he think we would forget he was not there for the entire campaign?

    • clay

      Particularly w/ Manafort?

      • Gustav2

        Manafort named campaign manager May 19, 2016…Lewandowski was demoted then he was fired on June 20, 2016

  • BearEyes

    One trick pony
    With apologies to ponies

    • Steverino

      And apologies to tricks.

      • clay

        pony-boy tricks, in particular

  • Michael R
  • JustDucky
    • Dreaming Vertebrate


  • Sporkfighter

    I’ve heard of “whistling past the graveyard”, but damn! Corey is a one-man band. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/be1d2dc3b4d3392e2316af7e7ac5e6915517e580177aa193b4e036236fb2e900.jpg

  • crewman

    Let me be very very clear[…]

    Your clarity isn’t the problem. It’s your tendency to lie.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
    • Steverino

      Freudians would have a field day with that one.

    • Michael R

      Notice that since Niger you hear a lot less about Benghazi ?

      • bkmn

        Because Niger was Benghazi on steroids and it was on his watch.

      • Stephen Elliot Phillips

        My trump relatives call this “Let’s not talk about politics….”

      • Steverino

        Just like when Benghazi occurred, you heard a lot less about Yemen, Karachi, Beirut, etc. But these all occurred under Republican administrations, and only one (Beirut, under Reagan) was investigated, so you likely didn’t hear much about any of them in the first place.

        • Todd20036

          And no one went to jai for Beirut, despite 100s of Marines getting slaughtered.

          • Dazzer

            The day after the Marines were killed in Beirut, Reagan declared war on Grenada to distract everyone.

            It worked, too.

          • olandp

            Then he cut and ran from Beirut.

          • William

            No one (Oliver North) went to jail for the Arrow Air Flight 1285 crash either. There were 248 American soldiers and 8 airline crew killed.

    • Strepsi


      • JCF


  • Jmdintpa

    sad thing he is probably right. The whole investigation will yield nothing. Then we just keep sliding down the rabbit hole. If you have not figured this out Trump and Republicans will never lose elections again. Fascism and religious rule will slowly become law. Soon we will be at the mercy of Jeff Sessions and Roy Moore. If you don’t know how to protect yourself and I don’t mean kung fu you better learn. you better have a plan for you and your family. this is going to get worse and its going to start speeding up.

    • Pizza009

      Orrrr it’s just going be a repeat of the bush administration, just with more incomponence and racism.

  • PopstarPecker
    • unsavedheathen

      From Vanna’s lips…

      • clay

        . . . to Ivanka’s hips?

      • JCF

        I’m betting Vanna wants to include PSajak on that DIP list…

  • vorpal 😼

    More cries of, “HILLARY!”
    Republicans be like: “LOOK AT ALL THEM SQUIRRELS!”

  • I love dim sum

    This Russiagate McCarthyist nonsense means nothing, especially after the revelations this week that it was actually Hillary and the DNC that was actively colluding with the Russians to dig up dirt on Trump. So it appears that Hillary is guilty of what she was accusing the Republicans of doing.

    Hillary comes of as someone who tries really hard to look smart, but is actually incredibly dumb. That she was actively engaging Russia for info, and got caught, makes her look like a villain from a Scooby Doo episode

  • David



    • djcoastermark

      You should see my back porch every morning. We have over 10 of the little guys and gals joining us for coffee and nuts.

      • another_steve

        I’m on the East Coast. The squirrels here are busy burying their nuts for the winter. There’s one particularly energetic guy who’s been burying them among some established astilbe on our property.

        I’ve read him the Riot Act.

        He causes damage to my astilbes, I’m gonna eat him.

        • clay

          I know a furry-tailed guy who was wanting to bury his nuts yesterday about 4:00pm, but that might have just been me acting out about in resistance to still being at work.

          • another_steve


            Trash, you. 😉

        • Dazzer

          I couldn’t grow astilibes in my garden for love nor money. I’m envious.

          • another_steve

            We have some out on the deck, in a planter.

            They’re on their way out now due to the cold, but they look pink and glorious in bloom all summer long.


          • Opinion Sousaphones

            … nor could I, but, where I live, it is rather more like Mars (cold, dry, barren, thin air) than that bit of heaven in the video. We do get squirrels (from time to time, but still rare). Squirrels are fantastically destructive in the garden, and able to climb fences (unlike the rabbits, elk, and hares that abound here). We capture the squirrels and transport them. It is too hard to kill them (anything, really), but they are particularly lovely to look at. We kill a few gophers every year too, and that is grim, but we need those gardens to eat, and we cannot capture and transport gophers.

        • Opinion Sousaphones

          Another white meat? Well, let nothing go to waste. I applaud your frugality.

        • Cattleya1

          I have a friend who does eat them when he catches them eating mangoes.

          • another_steve

            I’m not a vegetarian. I eat meat. Unless squirrels are an endangered species, I’d have no ethical issue with eating them. The fact that they’re cute and playful and smart is irrelevant.

            Some people believe otherwise and don’t eat meat – or certain kinds of meat – for ethical reasons. And that’s fine.

          • Cattleya1

            They are a big problem for those of us who grow tropical fruits here in S FL. As such, I tend to think of them as vermin – bushy-tailed rats. I have tasted them – not bad for treif…

          • another_steve

            They’ve been a food source for humans for many many hundreds of thousands of years.

  • SoCalGal20

    It would be hilarious is Corey Lewandowski was indicted on Monday.

  • Bluto
  • GayOldLady

    He fired you Corey to bring on Manafort. He made you call him Mr. Trump while you worked for him and he looked down on you as just another peon who he paid to do his dirty work. You should move on Corey because that well is getting ready to dry up for good. So are all the connections he delivered for you. You’re going to have to find a new scam network Corey, maybe in prison.

  • Cuberly Deux

    …and he bypasses the potential for obstruction charges.

    The fact we’re at a point where charges are being issued, it’s a big deal. Even if the end result doesn’t take Donnie down, it’s a big deal.

  • Henry Auvil

    That “there was no collusion” line became obsolete the day news broke about the Junior/Jared/Manafort/Kremlin-lawyer-lady meeting. But OMG URANIUM!!

  • Tomcat

    NO ONE expects the FIRST indictments will include trump you idiot.

    • Steverino

      It seems likely that part of Mueller’s strategy is to have these first indictments get the “higher ups” to start singing like canaries, rather than end up doing time in Sing Sing.

  • greenmanTN

    Says who?

    • Robincho

      You win an ice cream cohen for this. Two scoopz!…

  • clay

    “I was there,” [until I got fired for publicly arguing with Hope Hicks about her choice of sex partner.]

  • Sashineb
  • David

    If Nixon was “a cancer”, then Dotard is Necrotizing fasciitis.

    • Cattleya1

      Possibly, but I was thinking more of a national peri-rectal abscess.

  • kat

    Another repulsive Christian liar.

    • JCF


  • justme
    • blackstar

      just when I thought there were no more funny baby trump Memes LOL

    • Rocco

      Very nice…

    • JCF

      “Widdle’ Man-Baby” ;-/

  • Acronym Jim

    “I was there.”

    I’m pretty sure that counts as a confession.

    • clay

      I don’t know which would be worse for Lewandowski– if he’s a fucking Nazi traitor, or if no one in the Turmp campaign trusted him enough to tell him what was really going on?

  • Jerry Hinnant

    Translated “there was major collusion, coordination, and cooperation between the Russians and the Trump campaign because I was there”! Its always the opposite in bizarro trumpland!

  • Reality.Bites

    I ask this not for me, but on behalf of the future Oscar-seeking director of the definitive movie about the Trump era – could we possibly have one of the indictees refuse to go and grab a baby as a human shield?

    But hey – I’m no monster. I wouldn’t put a baby at risk. So how about he grab Little Pickle Jar Santorum as a shield instead?

    • Dazzer

      Wouldn’t work. The cop would shoot Santorum for pleasure and get back to work by pointing a gun at the indictee.

  • David
  • nipper

    In other words it has everything to do with Trump.

  • Just because you say something Corey, that doesn’t make it true.

    • EdA

      ESPECIALLY because you say something.

  • EdA

    Of course there’s no chance that this particular puddle of santorum wouldn’t be “invited.” As he says, he was there — except for the acknowledged meetings between trump’s brood and advisors and Putin’s de facto representatives.

  • shellback
  • Jean-Marc in Canada
  • ByronK

    Brainless media whore says what?

  • Karl Dubhe

    The problem is, whatever’s coming down as an indictment isn’t likely to satisfy anyone. Is it?

    Well, ok. It might be enough.

    • MaryJOGrady

      There may be many more indictments than three. I think of these as an appetizer.

      • Karl Dubhe

        I agree, but until trump’s in prison I doubt I’ll be happy. 🙂 And pence…

      • Robincho

        My bouche, like Victoria, remains unamused…

        • MaryJOGrady

          I hope on Monday your bouche will be bien amusee, and mine.

  • Slippy_World
    • Rocco


  • JT

    Lewandowski: Mueller’s Indictments Have Nothing To Do With Trump, I Know Because I Was There

    There’s no “there” there–aside from being up Drumpf’s ass.

  • DesertSun59

    The apologists for the charlatan, serial lying con man are out in FORCE today.

  • Lizard

    Right, because we’re totally going to take the word of someone from Fox “Colluding With Russia Is No Biggie” News.

  • JWC

    Lewandowski and the GOP “Watch the Clinton bunny over here”

  • Electriq

    Fox n Friends is where all the most desperate liars go to shit on the truth.

  • lymis

    Mueller’s indictments have “nothing to do with Trump” because it’s WAY too early for him to be reeling in the big fish. Little fish beware, but the big fish aren’t off the hook yet.

    • Robincho

      Threestix IS working for scale, as it turns out…

  • justme
    • clay

      Means he can’t admit we elected a woman, rather than a husband, as president.

  • Thorn Spike

    Lyin’ liars goin’ down, lol.

  • JAKvirginia

    Case in point, ahem…

    The Special Prosecutor does not indict. He collects evidence, brings charges to the Grand Jury which decides if the evidence warrants the charges. It is they who indict.

    Mueller did his job. The Grand Jury is doing theirs. Am I the only one who knows about The Google? Sigh……

  • Rocco

    Simple minded and single minded, the answer to all ills: “it’s the Democrats.” Lol…

  • Tom G

    Is Corey packed? Just in case.

    • Dazzer

      Bring your microscope and a pair of tweezers. Just in case.

  • Friday

    Let me make this very, very clear: You’re Corey Lewandowski, and you’re speaking on Fox News. That means we know everything you say is backwards. 🙂

  • William

    Oh Scarecrow, how did I forget about you?
    Yes you will be going off to see the Big House.

    • kareemachan

      He and Stone both sound awfully….. scared.

  • David
  • David

    Hmmmmm. Someone is getting a bit nervous…


  • KaBoomBOX

    Don’t worry Corey, you’ll get yours.


    Lewandowski would be more palatable if his mouth was full of…something. Just sayin’

  • LeeCMH

    Hey Lew, you might want to be a little careful with your comments regarding indictments. Some may have your name on them.

  • Kelly Lape

    One can obstruct justice without having committed other crimes. Trump is obviously guilty of obstructing justice.

  • kareemachan

    You sound *awfully* defensive, Lew….

  • juanjo54

    Lew is tweeting Clinton solid since yesterday. I wonder why?

  • sisterfalconer

    For EVERYONE of these traitors to be innocent they are doing a hell of a lot of ‘splainin’.

  • DaveMiller135

    His credibility is not high with me.

  • geoffalnutt


    • -M-

      The one who ‘left’ after assaulting a female reporter, and was then hired by CNN.

  • Kenster999

    “If there were players on the outside that had a periphery or a small role of some type in the campaign…”

    They’re giving ground bit by bit to accept and normalize their actions. First it was completely insane to suggest they ever even met with any Russians. Now we’re up to “a small role of some type.” Methinks there’s more to admit down the road…

  • The_Wretched

    Hmmmmm, the trumpettes are in over drive. It seems disproportionate.

  • TrollopeReader

    Hi Corey?!

    If I want news, I go to something other than the Romper Room that is Fox & Friends … Romper Room was a great show for kids, but for presidency stuff … not so much.

  • TrollopeReader

    oh, and Corey … your name was one of the numerous ones mentioned in the series of letters DiFi sent out to various agencies yesterday ….you’re not off the hook.

  • -M-

    Ya. Sure. You betcha.

  • Gianni

    More bullshit from another Trump campaign irrelevancy. “….there was no collusion, cooperation or coordination with Russia.”….Sure, that’s why there were almost countless meetings and discussions with Russian lawyers, ambassadors, various agency people, and various others with connections to Trump’s favorite friend, Putin. Your lies aren’t even remotely believable. You can speculate all you want about who is receiving the first indictments, but we’ll see on Monday. Plus, the process will be moving up the line until Mueller gets to the top of this disgusting food chain.

  • LesbianTippingHabits


    And Donald Trump pays his bills and tips generously for good service.


  • Grumpy Old Man
  • Randy Baldwin

    We shall see; won”t we?

  • Jerry Kopp

    lol Lewandowski is not credible he supports Trump Zero credibility.

  • Hryflex

    I’ve been busy and out of touch since 8 this morning, but if this has nothing to do with the President, then his rant is really defensive, as if he knows something. If it does have something to do with the President, he is being a whiny snowflake. Damned if he does; damned if he doesn’t. If Fox is defending 45, then should keep Lewandowski off the air. It seems as though they are building up 45 for the Big Sleep. I’m never sure what Fox News’ real agenda is.

  • Charles Nelson

    Hey, Corey…did you know that it is a felony to lie to the FBI, even if you are not sworn in?

  • mimar

    Oh Corey, Corey, Corey. Even moron Trump was smart enough to kick your sorry ass out the door.