Zinke Pleads Ignorance On Energy Contract: Dishonest Media Is Blaming Me But I Had Nothing To Do With It

Talking Points Memo reports:

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke on Friday said he welcomed all investigations into Whitefish Energy Holdings, an electric company based in his hometown that was recently awarded a $300 million contract to repair Puerto Rico’s badly damaged electricity infrastructure.

“I had absolutely nothing to do with Whitefish Energy receiving a contract in Puerto Rico,” Zinke said in his statement. “Any attempts by the dishonest media or political operatives to tie me to awarding or influencing any contract involving Whitefish are completely baseless.”

Zinke acknowledged that he “was contacted by the company” after the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) awarded Whitefish the contract, but, he said, “I took no action.”

  • Ragnar Lothbrok


    Liars go to HELL!

    • geoffalnutt

      He’d try to lie his way out!!

  • bkmn

    Would one of those wealthy Trump donors be the one that flew Zinke around on a private jet?


  • another_steve

    What must people who are not American think of us?

    I am deeply ashamed.

    • Rambie

      This asshole is playing Sgt Schultz “I Know Nothing” defense…. ugh

      • clay

        I thought it was the Mob Boss “I can’t help it if my associates, here, get a liddle . . . other excited.”

        • TheManicMechanic

          It’s just that he isn’t some bumbling Nazi. There’s no bumbling involved.

    • edrex

      i hope you can get your righteous sodomy project off the ground.

    • DavidOntario

      As a Canadian that follows your politics very closely I might offer you some insight. If you’re really interested, I promise to be brutally honest but fair.

      • another_steve

        You Canadians have your own brand of fucked-up biased and bigoted politics, but you possess the certain…umm…wisdom of your British cousins. The Brits who have survived countless centuries of trial and tribulation and who, in despite of it, have contributed so much to the world.

        We Americans are still learning.

        Please bear with us.

        • ETownCanuck

          Ya we’re not perfect by any stretch, one look at the Wildrose Party in Alberta will attest to that.

          • JaniceInToronto

            Fortunately, they’re not running the country.

          • prixator

            And never will!

        • DavidOntario

          The reporting is great and everyday brings a new “scandal”. Just piss or get off the pot and DO SOMETHING for fuck sake. Have no laws been broken? Nobody has to take the blame for anything? It’s tough to watch and you guys keep me somewhat sane in the comments. It’s an insane situation and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. Just don’t let the fucker blow us all to smithereens. Please. Good luck my American brothers and sisters.

          • another_steve

            Many thanks for your good wishes, David.

            One way for non-Americans to understand our politics is to appreciate our puritan beginnings. Our founders. From whence we came.

            The current Republican Party – the party of Donald Trump – is a direct descendant of that puritan origin.

      • David Walker

        Have at it. I’m interested…and probably offer no objection to what you have to say.

    • ETownCanuck

      You don’t really wanna know 😉

      • David Walker

        Actually, I do.

        • ETownCanuck

          I think for the most part what we feel is pity, for the majority of you anyway. Somehow you’ve all managed to let yourselves be taken hostage by ignorant; gun loving, whackjob, thugs with phony Jesus fixations, who have been manipulated by the very wealthy into equating common sense and intelligence with weakness. And we’re all horrified at the fact that not only was it was allowed to happen, it has been encouraged at nearly every opportunity. And that it will likely spill all over everything else close by, destroying it in it’s wake.

          If America were a person, we would equate it with the douchiest “Bro” on campus. Someone who beats up fags, treats women poorly, bullies everyone around him, gets off playing with dangerous toys, gets drunk and pisses all over everything around him yet when sober claims to be the smartest, sanest person in the room and refuses to be held accountable for anything because he’s “right with Jesus”.

          • another_steve

            I try to understand our current American horror in an historical context.

            First and foremost, our long and sorry history of socially-sanctioned slavery. Please remember – for we Americans, slavery isn’t ancient history. When I was born, there were still Confederate Civil War veterans alive. People who engaged in civil war for the purpose of perpetuating the institution of racial slavery.

            When you hear Donald Trump and his followers decry Mexican judges and when you hear them equate Nazis with anti-Nazis, please keep the above in mind.

          • Kenster999

            Sounds about right!

          • David Walker

            Thank you. I can’t disagree with anything you’ve said. Perhaps the Mueller indictment will start good things coming. But thank you for your observations. We have to wake up at some point. We cannot continue to play the victim.

          • ETownCanuck

            Don’t get me wrong though, I love America. I’ve been treated kindly by strangers on the streets of New York, And by strangers in Texas while wading in the warm gulf waters. I’ve been all over your country and most people individually are lovely. It’s collectively where ya all seem to fall apart. We’re aghast at what’s happening, but we’re also rooting for you to pull through it. We’re hoping that America is like a battered spouse, who is finally able to free themselves of their tormentors and be the person they were always meant to be.

    • FAEN

      My aunt who lives in the UK refuses and I mean REFUSES to come here. She won’t even consider the idea.

      Fucking 45.

      • Todd20036

        How would she feel about some visitors? Like for a few years?

        • FAEN

          As long as you like dogs she’d be fine lol.

          Love my dad but still mad at him for not applying for my British citizenship when I was a kid. Now it’s too late.

      • Willys41

        Why would anyone take the risk of coming here? Because they want to see their cell phone confiscated? Because they want to be detained until they give TSA the passwords to all their online accounts?

      • Bj Lincoln

        We have some friend down under and they are shocked, a little amused and a little scared Not one of them want to visit. One has cancled his plans to come here stating the fear of the gun nuts was bad enough but it has gotten worse plus the hassle of paperwork and TSA is enough.

        • Mark

          None of my mates from Queensland will visit now. I miss them a lot!

      • acde

        And so do many other foreigners[ previous frequent guests in the USA] who have a lot of family in the USA. We find it increasingly risky and dangerous due to extreme unpredictable border screenings [not any normal identity verification] and not knowing who has guns trained on us as we de-plane, while having serious mental issues and alt-right [read: fascist/nazi belief system] status.

    • whollyfool

      I work for an international company. I spend most of my day apologizing. 😛

    • kaydenpat

      My Canadian family are still in shock that someone as sleazy and horrific as Trump could replace someone as classy in the White House. They’re not planning to visit anytime soon.

    • zhera

      Just yesterday I was talking to a friend and we were discussing the insanity that is tRump in the WH. To quote myself: If this was a movie we’d say ‘Rii-ii-ght like that could EVER happen!’

      My friend said she’d never worried about nuclear war before; now she’s freaking out.

      • another_steve

        I refuse to go full freak-out. I’m cynical, but I haven’t gone there yet.

        I trust in these:

        There are more good people than there are evil.

        Good always triumphs, ultimately.

    • Ninja0980

      A nation that gave into hate and worse.

    • gothambear

      we’re owned by a Canadian company and i keep feeling the need to apologize to our counterparts in Toronto and Vancouver…so sad.

    • Tony Anderson

      We smile, all the time.
      Sometimes it’s an outright laugh at the inane antics of your president; often it’s a smile of sympathy for the unwanted mess you’ve found youselves in; too often it’s a rictus of horror at what’s being done by the most powerful man in the world.

    • Strepsi

      We (Canada) are the biggest trading partner of the U.S. (and I believe over 30 States) and on 2 business trips to the U.S. this year I have had colleagues flatly refuse to travel to your country. I never even saw that after 9-11.

      • JaniceInToronto

        You couldn’t drag me across the border with a tractor.
        No way am I leaving my safe and somewhat saner home. My new travel rule is simple. If they don’t have marriage equality, I won’t travel there. If they have a crazy, vicious, lying leader I won’t go there. Easy to follow rule.

  • Bluto
    • Ernest Endevor

      And I am Marie of Romania.

    • Oscarlating Wildely

      Always thought Bluto was kind of hot in that daft but fuzzy bear sort of way. Dumb as a box of rocks, though.

      Carry on.

      • JerryRich

        As a longtime Popeye fan (I carried a can of spinach around the house as a kid), I am still upset that the character’s name was changed to Brutus in the cartoons.

      • FAEN

        The beard is hot. And as we all know-or not-beards are my Kryptonite.

        • Oscarlating Wildely

          Recently at an event. Saw more facial beards on young guys than I *ever* recall seeing before. Free and distinguished at the same time– superb!– but nary a Brian Sims in sight. Pity!

          • FAEN

            Speaking of my Brian-he’s apparently in love which upsets me but to make it worse his boyfriend has a fucking man bun! 😠😠😠

    • greenmanTN
    • FAEN

      Mmmm-come sit next to me 😈

    • carrot festival
      • Oscarlating Wildely

        there.” Sweets, you forgot the last word.

  • RyanInIllinois

    Obviously, the only thing left to do is figure out how this was Obama’s fault.

    • lymis

      No doubt it’s all in Hillary’s emails.

  • Oscarlating Wildely

    The blood of PR is on your hands, you asshole.

    And I hope that those who did this drown in the fetid water that they helped create. It still won’t wash off those stains.


  • Cuberly Deux

    This corrupt self-serving asshole is so freakin sociopathic.

    “Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is under investigation by his own agency’s inspector general over reports that he threatened Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, with repercussion for her healthcare vote last week.”

    “Interior Department investigators are probing Secretary Ryan Zinke’s use of private charter flights.”

    “Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is under investigation by two federal agencies for a speech he made to a NHL hockey team this summer, according to a new report Wednesday.”

    “As Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke blasted many within his department for being disloyal to the Trump administration’s agenda this week, the agency’s inspector general’s office continued a probe into whether officials acted inappropriately when they abruptly reassigned dozens of senior workers.”

    I could keep going, there’s many more….this guy is a train-wreck opportunist, basically right up trump’s alley.

    • Xiao Ai: The Social Gadfly

      Corrupt people are emboldened, when the rest of us really aren’t doing anything save bitching about it online. That’s what we’ve become; the get-off-my-lawn generation.

      • Bj Lincoln

        My generation grew up being told you can keep people off your lawn when you have worked hard, own the home and are retired. Will, I am retired and have earned the right to tell people and their pets to stay off my lawn. I was also taught to question my government, vote and take interest in basic politics because it does matter and make a difference. We went from feeling safe, progressive attitudes toward LGBT folks and weed and trusting my President to watching my country turn on itself, a government that is corrupt and a President that can’t tell the truth. Ya’ll can get the f**k off my lawn and leave me alone because I can’t trust anyone now.

      • Cuberly Deux

        The new norm.

        I’m not throwing the towel in yet, though I reached numb long ago. We’ll see what happens. I feel futilely optimistic that our checks and balances will win out, it’s just a brutal process till then.

      • Vote. That’s pretty much the only tool we have, and Republicans are trying to take that away too.

        • Cuberly Deux

          The GOP thinks of Russia as a blueprint.

          Yeah, we have oligarchic tendencies in the US, the super-rich wield considerable power. But we’re far from what Russia has become.

          UR right, VOTE!

          The never ending fight.

    • Joe in PA

      this guy is a train-wreck opportunist…

      Before I even read the rest of that sentence, I knew that was coming. Ugh.

    • kaydenpat

      Corruption is endemic in the Trump regime. I know they have little power but Dems need to keep up the pressure on Zincke. It’s quite shocking that he threatened a sitting Senator because of her vote on healthcare. Wow!!

      • Cuberly Deux

        If you get a chance google him, he’s really a piece of work. He’s been under investigation in one form or another for his entire political career. Every accusation brought against him is based, one way or another, with him exploiting or pursuing self enriching schemes.

        • Christian1234567

          That’s because Lyin’ Zinke only cares about enriching himself. He appears to have no conscience.

    • Thorn Spike

      Why do you think Trump chose him?

    • netxtown

      Follow the money….

      “…raised questions about the role of HBC Investments, a key financial
      backer of Whitefish Energy. The Dallas-based company’s founder and
      general partner, Joe Colonnetta, has contributed thousands of dollars to
      Trump and other Republicans, including Energy Secretary Rick Perry, a
      former Texas governor, and Texas Sens. John Cornyn and Ted Cruz. Colonnetta also gave to Trump’s inauguration.



    • Jay Silversmith

      In an unrelated issue, Zinke said “the check is in the mail and I won’t cum in yer mouth.”

    • Christian1234567

      There’s a reason his nickname is Lyin’ Zinke.

  • Gustav2

    OK, the press is asking questions about something that looks shady. So of course you call them liars for just asking the question.

    That is their job.

  • Henry Auvil

    This is the new reality: The press doing its job and asking questions is “dishonesty”. We’re fucked.

  • AJD

    Sure, Jan.

  • Sam_Handwitch
  • Tatonka

    Right. And Don Jr. totally never solicited help from the Russian government, Jeff Sessions didn’t discuss sanctions with the Russian Ambassador the day after the election, and Donny Two-Scoops absolutely remembered the name of that dead soldier.

  • Oscarlating Wildely

    Generations will look on at PR as when the American government openly and without a shred of shame fucked over an island solely due to racist hate. And Trump will rightly be blamed for being at the center of it. “Better that he had never been born at all.”

  • Sam_Handwitch
    • Oscarlating Wildely

      Circling now, closing in…

      Seal the deal. Get this shit done and over with.

    • Treant

      Right on time, another week of absolutely disgusting behavior and blatantly obvious grifting, discrimination, and downright murder.

      And we get another little potato chip thrown at us.

      • Lazycrockett

        But but

        Just say No!

  • MikeBx2

    Why did the company contact you after the contract was awarded, Sec. Zinke? Could it have been to thank you?

  • Somewhere in this shitshow, I guarantee there WILL be kickbacks, bribes, and payola.

  • j.martindale

    300 million contract to company that had two employees a short while ago? Nothing here to see. Move on.

  • JerryRich

    I wasn’t there
    That wasn’t me
    It must have been my evil twin brother
    I couldn’t hear
    I didn’t see
    It must have been my evil twin brother
    (Evil twin, my evil twin brother)

  • LovesIrony

    The media is doing its job, you’re not. You should have something to do with the contract, you’re the fucking secretary of the interior. You’re either lying or incompetent whichever your inferior to the last Secretary of the Interior: Sally Jewell actually cared about the earth.

    In 2009, Jewell received the National Audubon Society’s Rachel Carson Award for her leadership in, and dedication to, conservation. She was also named a 2012 Woman of Distinction from the Girl Scouts of Western Washington, and that same year was awarded the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Award for Public Service.

  • ultragreen

    It’s unlikely he is telling the truth. The probability that a tiny energy company from Zinke’s hometown would be awarded a giant $300 million contract to restore electricity to Puerto Rico among myriads of other competitors is amazingly small if the bid system for this contract was fair.

    • Natty Enquirer

      Not just any $300 million contract. A sweetheart deal that shields the contractor from all scrutiny. And there was no bidding.

      • lymis

        Yeah, that “it’s illegal to ask for any accounting of where the money went” part should be grossly illegal if it isn’t already.

    • pluky

      There was no bid for this. They were just singled out for their own essential special whatever..

      • Natty Enquirer


      • Bj Lincoln

        Location, experience and huge trained staff?

  • Michael R
  • greenmanTN

    It’s mere coincidence the company is from his hometown and gave large donations to his campaign, right, Secretary Fucking Liar?

    • AmeriCanadian

      Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

  • boobert

    BALONEY ! These creeps are paying off campaign donors. How else did they get this contract when NO ONE gave it to them? The copy I saw last night was signed.

    • Mike

      I figure a few chunks of this federal loot will come back to Republicans as future campaign contributions too. Meanwhile, Puerto Rico is sure to get a system that doesn’t work.

      It feels like we’re watching barbarians ransack our house.

      • Bj Lincoln

        That doesn’t work, is over priced and will cost them because that 300 million will somehow be tacked onto their debt.

  • FAEN

    “I know nothing about that car fire. All I did was spray the gas and light the match.”

  • Natty Enquirer

    You made a mistake somewhere along the way, Zinke, and we will find it.

  • Pat Padrnos

    Well…he certainly is ignorant.

    • David Walker

      But he’s just following orders.

  • Sam_Handwitch
    • He’s objectifying and sexualizing children.

      I’ve long had a suspicion about the nature of the ‘other’ kompromat Russia is said to have on him.

      • BearEyes

        those rumours remain consistent.

    • bambinoitaliano

      The buffoon can’t relate to human period!

    • carrot festival

      Bet he grabbed for her candy.

      • lattebud

        And joked about it being “Fun Size”

    • MikeBx2

      Remember the video of Trump seeing a 10 year old girl on an escalator and said he’d be dating her in 10 years? Looking at little girls and evaluating their bodies is not new for him.

      • Bj Lincoln

        That is so sick.

      • He’s even done it with female babies. His own.

        • MikeBx2

          Exactly, which is the worst of all. Yet, people still voted for him.

          • David Walker

            They could identify.

        • Kenster999

          Yes, literally *babies*. I assume you saw that clip from when he was on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” where, when asked about his newborn daughter, complimented her looks and legs, but wasn’t sure about her chest yet.

    • Joe in PA


    • lattebud

      Then why isn’t Sarah Huckabee Sanders on a diet.. which he would boast about on twitter while shaming her.

      • Tor

        Daddy Huckabee is holding a bag of dirt over Donnie’s head.

    • zhera

      I don’t want to watch it myself, because I need to not vomit. But here’s video:


      • Tor

        That’s just creepy. You just know he’s visualizing her at 17 with bigger tits and that same tiny waist.

        • zhera

          More like 12 with just a hint of breasts. I am convinced he’s a pedophile.

          • Tor

            I just don’t want to think about that.

    • Kenster999

      “The bad news is… I’m about to ask everyone else to leave the room”

  • Tomcat

    Damn dishonest media, the one business that still has tons of regulations on them, how could they?

  • lymis

    Part of accepting the position of head of a government department is being responsible for the actions – including the corruption – of anyone who works for you.

    It’s telling that his complete response to what is clearly corrupt, and likely seriously damaging to the people of Puerto Rico is “Don’t blame me” rather than “I will fix this.”

    • David Walker

      That’s because, as the fucking moron famously stated at its convention speech, “I alone can fix it.”

    • Ronald Ibach

      Zinke can find the corruption by just looking in a mirror. Does anyone honestly brelieve this lying sob?

  • Michael R

    We need to change the national bird to
    something more suited to this administration


    • Sam_Handwitch

      is that a black bellied dotard?

    • KarenAtFOH

      Too skinny.

  • Willys41

    Yeah, I believe this guy as much as I believe Trump Jr.

  • Joe in PA

    So why was he “contacted by the company”? He took no action. What did they want him to do? I don’t get that statement.

  • kaydenpat

    This needs an independent investigation since we cannot take the word of anyone associated with this regime at face value. They lie as easily as they breathe.

  • BearEyes

    of course he had “nothing” to do with it.
    That’s why he has “people” to do those contracts.

  • Mike Thakar

    Dishonest or incompetent — the Drumpf Administration.

    • David Walker

      Or? AND!

  • DaddyRay

    This is the Worst Deal and it came from your department – you and Donnie OWN IT

    Republicans preach about Personal Responsibility
    Just don’t try to hold them Personally Responsible

  • Thorn Spike

    Secretary Liar.

  • kareemachan


  • acde

    As Interior Secretary, it is your f*cking job to know this. That is how Public Service works. You are responsible for everything / EVERYTHING your minions do. Get over your self and take responsibility

  • olandp

    If you didn’t, then who did?

    • thatotherjean

      This, we need to know ASAP, preferably last week.

  • Peter Wong

    I would respect old Stinky Zinke more if he had said “Yeah, I fixed the contract process to benefit my buddies at Whitefish. But you can’t prove anything! Neener, neener!”

  • William

    My friends get huge no-bid government contracts all the time.

    • Tor

      That would be true if your name were Ryan Zinke.

  • Ninja0980

    Yea… go fuck yourself you lying asshole.

  • coram nobis

    Isn’t Rick Perry the current Secretary of Energy these days? And what were his whereabouts on the day of the crime?

  • Jonathan Smith
  • Jim Maloney

    So he’s implying that he’s another example of an incompetent Trump appointment.

  • Tor

    Whitefish, Montana is not that large. Hell, neither is Montana, population-wise. I smell rotting fish.

  • Tor

    That 300 million is going to run up to 600 million in the not-to-distant future.

    • Jukesgrrl

      YES!, given the way the contract was written. Anyone who signed that needs to be fired. Customer, FEMA head and/or US comptroller are not permitted to audit per terms of contract! According to a reporter for the media company Mashable, who has a copy of the contract, “Site supervisors are earning $330 an hour for their work, while project accountants are earning $440 per hour. The lowest-paid workers, according to the contract, are making $140.26 an hour. By comparison, minimum wage in Puerto Rico is $7.25 an hour.” Workers are getting $80/day for food on top of that salary. The company is being paid huge per diems for housing the workers. Whitefish is charging customer $4,000 per hour for use of necessary helicopters.

  • 2patricius2

    At least he could blame Clinton. Or the mayor of San Juan. Or Obama. That’s it. Obama arranged for this contract. Of course. I had nothing to do with it. The fake media made it up.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Sorry, not in the mood to be charitable…..


  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    Mr. Zinke, you accepted that position, so it’s your mess. Why don’t you try cleaning it up, instead of pleading ignorance?

  • LesbianTippingHabits

    Secretary Zinke’s denial is simply not relevant.

    The company based in his hometown certainly mentioned that fact to PREPA officials who – rather than activate painstakingly negotiated “mutual aid” agreements with its mainland U.S. counterparts, just winged it.

    PREPA needs to state, on the record, how this came about.

    Otherwise, I’m afraid that President Trump has a point – that Puerto Rico has serious governance issues unrelated to Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

    If our federal government no longer wishes to exercise sovereignty over, or care about, Puerto Rico, well, which competitor – China, Russia, Cuba? – will take over?

    Think about it.

    • Ben in Oakland

      I will take over, because I need an endless supply of Puerto Rican pool boys.

  • pablo

    The results of this investigation will likely determine if the US has slipped into a banana republic kleptocracy.

    • Ann Kah

      Oh, that ship has already sailed.

  • j.martindale

    The fundamental principle of government service is that your first obligation is to the public which you serve. These people have no concept of public service. None. Nada. Nothing. Fuck them.

    • Cattleya1

      The people 45 appoints are there for 2 reasons: to fuck the government up beyond repair and to enrich themselves and their buddies.

  • JWC

    In the Trump administration be most careful what you vehemently deny today for tommorrow has much larger and sharper teeth

  • Ann Kah

    “I had nothing to do with it.”

    Well, there it is, folks, official confirmation of wrongdoing.

  • JAKvirginia

    This is what I could compile on the fly:

    – 1952, Puerto Rico gains commonwealth status

    – Currently, relations between the U.S. and Puerto Rico are coordinated between the:
    – Office of the Deputy Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs, and the
    – Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration (PRFAA)

    Current Deputy Assistant to Trump:
    Justin R. “JC” Clark.

    Zinke may be telling the truth. The Interior Dept. has no jurisdiction over PR. Look to the WH.

    • Ben in Oakland

      And yet, a small company for. Zinke,s home town got the contract.

      Nothing to see here.

  • fuzzybits

    Said the man who needs a silence cone.

  • Grumpy Old Man

    The contract states that supervisors are to be paid $600.00 per hour; simple math (there are 2080 hours in a work year, for simplicity drop the 80) that comes to $1,200,000.00 per year; they were also to get per diem and other pluses. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/04b0e26dadad8dd654ff40af127b246d03b1c21ac77e62343f261d592d9a2304.gif or $105,600 per month

  • -M-

    “Dishonest media?” How is it unfair to ask him if he knows how a company from his town, with some connections to him, got the Puerto Rico electrical gig?

    • AdamTh

      Didn’t you know WhiteFish is a four-star company? Therefore it’s inappropriate to question them. – SHS

  • SDG

    Pure coincidence, sure!

  • Something must have struck a nerve — I’ve seen nothing accusing Zinke of anything, just articles pointing out that Whitefish is headquartered in his home town and his son worked there for a while.

  • Chris Bartlett

    so it looks like no one hired these guys. Everyone has so far denied even contacting whitefish.
    Why is this so hard. Federal contracts are public domain information.

  • Acronym Jim

    “Only in elitist Washington D.C. would being from a small town be considered a crime.”

    A company being utterly inexperienced in dealing with a crisis of the magnitude of Puerto Rico’s isn’t a crime…but why and how they were awarded the contract probably is.

  • rednekokie

    He hasn’t mention the fact that his son worked for Whitefish at one time.

  • juanjo54

    So what he is saying is that he is either a lying, corrupt sack of bovine excrement or he is an incompetent, lying, corrupt sack of bovine excrement.

  • Stubenville

    Follow the money.

  • Bronxboy47

    If he had merely said the media, instead of the dishonest media. I might have been inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt. But “dishonest media” sound too much like “fake news” for my taste.