Female Trump Fan Club To Host Mar-A-Lago Gala To Make Up For Charity Exodus Over Nazi Comments

The Palm Beach Post reports:

President Donald Trump’s fan club is throwing a party in January to celebrate his first year as president — and to support Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, which saw an exodus of private charity events booked for galas this winter season.

The Trumpettes will host a Red, White and Blue Celebration for the first anniversary of Trump’s presidency, to be held Jan. 18 in the Grand Ballroom of Mar-a-Lago on Palm Beach, said Toni Holt Kramer, the Trumpette’s founder and an ardent Trump supporter.

The Trumpettes started as a group of four wealthy and well-connected women seeking to get Trump elected president back in 2015. It has mushroomed into thousands of supporters nationwide and even throughout the world, leading to numerous television appearances and articles about Holt Kramer and her cause.

Holt Kramer, a former model and Hollywood reporter, said she came up with the party idea after seeing a parade of charities this summer pulling their winter fundraising events from Mar-a-Lago. The exodus followed Trump’s controversial comments following the neo-Nazi and white supremacist rallies in Charlottesville, Va. in August.

  • bkmn

    This is a warning for the male hookers of West Palm Beach – COUGAR alert, COUGAR alert, COUGAR alert.

    • greenmanTN

      Cougar? Try Chupacabra!

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    They wont have to worry abut being grabbed.

    • Snarkaholic

      …no matter how hard they beg!

    • Rex

      If they are they won’t feel a thing.

    • Tawreos

      In that case they might call it off, it was the main reason they wanted to hold this event


      Because it now resides in their cleavage. Cruella Cleaveminge. second from the left.

  • Eric

    Shouldn’t they be throwing a “Tragic Victims of Bad Plastic Surgery” fundraiser instead?

    • Butch

      What was the line – something about cadavers with Jackie O haircuts?

      • CPT_Doom

        “Every rich bitch from New York…a line of skeletons with Jackie O hairdos.” God I love Patsy and Eddie.

      • perversatile

        At least their ugly on the inside matches their ugly on the outside.

      • Rolf

        I was going to say they look like models from an embalming convention.

    • TrueWords
      • another_steve

        Michael Jackson.

        I get so farklempt, remembering what the plastic surgeons did to that boy.

        • TrueWords
          • another_steve

            Among his most avid fans, it’s verboten to discuss the skin-lightening.

            But it was merely one sad aspect of his very sad journey.

          • Kruhn

            Didn’t the autopsy report show that Michael Jackson suffered from vitiligo?

          • Phaulonius J Knucklebones

            Vitiligo doesn’t do THAT to your face.

          • JCF

            So sad.

            “what the plastic surgeons did to that boy”

            Aided & abetted by MASSIVE amounts of racism…

          • Librarykid

            and his father’s making fun of his looks, especially his nose.

          • Joseph Miceli

            That really is horrible and sad.

          • Nowhereman

            That man definitely had some deep problems.

        • FAEN

          Her skin color is way too dark for it to be Michael. He was almost transparent.

        • Tom Furgas

          He wanted them to do it, and he paid them well for it. Don’t blame the surgeons. Sad fact is, he was quite good looking UNTIL he had his face cut and bleached and cut some more. Poor fool.

          • another_steve

            ^^ Agree, totally.

          • Paula Key

            He didn’t pay them!

      • Tawreos

        This looks like the female Muppet in the band

        • TrueWords

          Oh dare you insult that talented Muppet!!!

          • Tawreos

            The Muppet looks more human than that

        • Del Sam

          Now, that’s just mean. Janice is much less fake than, uh, whatever that is.

      • Todd20036

        Who in their right mind thinks THAT is attractive?

        • David Walker

          Bimbos for the himbo.

    • Nic Peterson

      If they are going out in public with faces stretched that tightly, they should have the good sense to employ sleeves and high necklines to complete the illusion. They’ll fool no one, but they will save humanity from arm rolls and deteriorating décolletage.

      • CPT_Doom

        I once walked past Donnie Osmond in Vegas. My first thought was “he looks too young to be Donnie Osmond.” Then I realized his face looked too young, but his neck was the right age.

        • Kerri Kezza McIntosh

          Apparently he only tried Botox once and didn’t like it, according to an article I can’t seem to paste the link to.

      • Todd Allis

        And guys with misters to moisturize them constantly.

      • charemor

        I bet they think they are hot and sexy looking.

    • Todd Allis
    • LovesIrony

      When plastic melts in the tanning bed.

    • Paula Key

      That was my thought, too! LOL.
      Perhaps, they are friends of Donny’s mom?

      • Chitta Nirmel

        No, his grandmother.

    • Alicia Norvell

      Truer words have never been spoken

    • Herbert Taylor

      That’s in March to align with “Spring Thaw.”

    • Sidra

      Not just victims of bad plastic surgery, but also victims of over bleached blonde hair. A fundraiser by a bunch of rich bimbos for a rich pathological lying, ignorant, incompetent, greedy, sleazy, lazy, mean, vindictive, con, crook, malignant narcissist, treasonous POS!!

      • Librarykid

        Please, don’t hold back for our sake! Love it.

      • Chitta Nirmel

        Sidra, you are among friends here. So don’t feel shy and hold back. Tell us how you really feel about dumbDonnie. I’m waiting for the truth.

    • Carol Graves Inskeep

      Dear Mr. Trump, we’re your biggest fans 😗
      Do they realize that Trump would not find them attractive enough to proposition?

    • Librarykid

      Stars from the remake of Hocus Pocus.

    • ShelleysLeg

      Indeed. They should rename themselves “The Forgotten First Wife’s Club”!

  • RaygunsGoZap

    Her Quote: It’s always a mistake to mix politics with charity.


  • Tawreos

    They claim to have supporters throughout the world, or as the rest of us call it, Russia.

  • Snarkaholic

    And the award for most horrifying Halloween costume goes to…
    …I can’t decide!

  • William

    Attack of the Lizard Women!!!

    • Lizard

      Nope! They’re not ours. Too scaly.

  • Lindoro Almaviva

    Look, it is the (participation) Trophy Wife club. Well, they have something to do while their husband are away with their mistresses (or boyfriends)

    • The_Wretched

      I read that as petrified trophy wives.

      • greenmanTN

        More accurate, really.

  • Stephen Elliot Phillips

    “Just Say No!”

  • j.martindale

    The Strumpets–how appropriate.

  • TrueWords
  • Mike C

    Oh my god you could bounce a quarter off those faces.

    • Tawreos

      That might break them.

    • Rex

      Can I try a roll of quarters?

      • Snarkaholic

        How about a roll of free weight plates?

    • Snarkaholic

      And embed it deeply in the skull of someone all the way over on the other side of the ballroom!

  • gross.
    on all levels.

    • Snarkaholic

      Gross? You mean there will be 144 of them there…ALL like that?!?!?

  • Rex

    Between the alcohol and the plastic surgery, there will be no candles at the event due to the extreme flammability.

  • another_steve

    Cheap women.

    Raise your hand if you’re old enough to remember when women were referred to as “cheap.”

    • SelectFromWhere

      This photo just shows how “cheap” has nothing to do with how much money you have.

      • another_steve

        Thank you.

        I live in the Baltimore area. I’m enamored of John Waters and cheap women.


        • MT YVR

          The husband still looks at me strange whenever I randomly start shouting out “MISTER EEEEEGGMAN!!” at him.

          I’ve no idea why.

          • another_steve

            You possess the disease, MT YVR.

            There’s no cure.

            Just enjoy it.

          • MT YVR

            I had an older friend who was snark made incarnate. He introduced me to Pink Flamingos. I got to watch it in an actual theatre. He liked to claim he was the filthiest person alive.

            Until the day that, to make a point, I licked a strip clean on his patio door. On the inside. Which you couldn’t see through because of the tobacco smoke. He almost threw up.

            I got a buzz.

            Yes. I have the disease. 😉

          • another_steve

            Love to you.

            I am similarly…disturbed.

  • TrueWords
  • ByronK

    EEEEEK!!! Holy snappin’ arseholes. Never has so much plastic surgery been performed to realize so little benefit. They look like they’re in a retirement home for Las Vegas hookers.

  • netxtown

    Golden Meadows Retirement Center presents: Petticoat Junction: 50 years later…

    It’s petty. It’s plastic. And it ain’t purty.

    • Snarkaholic

      I think they’re calling the sequel Petty Goat Function.

  • Tatonka

    They are literally concerned that Trump is not making enough money from being president. People like this are why we can’t have nice things.

  • TrueWords
  • Boreal

    These skanks left the s off, strumpettes.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
  • 2patricius2

    And to go along with the red, white and blue theme, they will fly Russian flags along with Confederate flags, and complete the ensemble with big, white crosses, lit by red matches with blue tips, and burning in red, white and blue flames.

  • skyweaver

    I’ve never seen a group of strangers in a photo that I so immediately disliked so quickly

    • CanuckDon

      Wait staff are so relieved that their shift is over when a group of privileged problems like these skanks walk through the door.

      • SelectFromWhere

        I imagine the staff at somewhere like Mar-a-Lago never gets a relief from “groups of privileged problems like these skanks”, though.

    • SelectFromWhere

      My thought as well. Makes me glad I’ll never be a millionaire, if this is the kind of company I’d have to keep.

    • JCF

      Wait till you see their husbands…

      • Bob Huntsman

        . . .and their husbands’ mistresses!!

  • penpal

    It’s literally a toxic dump of humanity. The hairspray, botox, fillers, and caked makeup in that one space would destroy the ecosystem of a small country.

  • Blake J Butler

    Step right up, step right up folks, and feast your eyes on the latest attraction in the trump circus, behold the Beverly Hills freakshow!!!

    • SelectFromWhere

      Palm Beach, which is even worse–at least in LA/BHills, there area SOME pretty, rich people.

  • Todd

    Ha ha! Very funny Joe, posting a Halloween picture on a story about wealthy older female Trump supporters. Oh, wait…

  • AmeriCanadian

    OMG do they realize that none of them would be considered higher than five(?) in Drumpf’s rating system?

    • Chris Baker

      They are exactly what I imagine Trump supporters to look like–gaudy and excess makeup. And yes, Trump would probably cringe at having his photo taken with them.

  • Proof there are women who were brought up to believe without question it is men’s inalienable right to grab their pussies.

    • AmeriCanadian

      I think they are wishin’ and hopin’ and prayin’ that ANYBODY grab them.

    • JDS

      Well anyone that grabs those pussies are in for a shock.

      • Dazzer

        Because the face lifts mean the pussies are located just below the breastbone now?

  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    They need to give up on the idea of being the one to replace Melania.

  • Lazycrockett

    What horrible plastic surgery.

    • Rich enough to afford an excess of plastic surgery. Not rich enough to afford quality plastic surgery.

      • Skeptical_Inquirer

        I remember reading once that one should stop at the equivalent of two full face lifts. There is only so much material to work with and a small margin for error.

        • Mike_in_the_Tundra

          They will have to start wearing chokers to cover their belly buttons. Every time they swallow, their eyes fly open.

        • Cuberly Deux

          The whole concept of filler just eludes me. They inject it all over and it NEVER looks natural.

          My favorite example of filler run amok has got to be Lorie Bakker. Her filled cheeks appear to be migrating south.


          I don’t think cheek bone filler should touch ones lips.

          • Skeptical_Inquirer

            She looks like the Joker and I am not even trying to be ultra mean to this woman. Filler is just for very fine lines but insistent patients and bad doctors try to kill canyons and reshape the entire face.

    • Skeptical_Inquirer

      They remind me of Joan Rivers and that cat lady.

    • Cuberly Deux

      Is cosmetic surgery a competitive sport? If so, the second one from the left appears to be winning…..not in a good way.

  • Tawreos

    These are the kind of girls you bring home to Mom, if Mom is a cigarettey retired hooker.

  • greenmanTN

    In related news, my dick just became an innie.

    • Mike_in_the_Tundra

      We can work on that. It can become an outie again with proper care.

  • Oscarlating Wildely

    Ah yes, because Nazi comments are all just fine and dandy. “Other side” and all that.

    I’ll say this, they got the hair down. Let’s work a tad on the outfits there, girls.


  • OdieDenCO

    with any luck, they will be celebrating donny & co’s indictments. Mr. Mueller, please all I want for Christmas is indictments.

    • Uncle Mark

      Those hags can bring Drumpf the most beautiful chocolate cake when they visit him in prison…tho’ i suspect that at that point, they’ll lose interest

  • Uncle Mark

    The irony is that these ugly, old, plastic hags probably think that they could entice the orange shitgibbon, when in reality he would probably make fun of them behind their backs about how hideous and undoable they are

    • edrex

      have you seen his wives?

      • clay

        I believe there’s one common reason those are his ex-wives.

  • Ninja0980

    These women haven’t seen their real faces in years.

  • Boreal
    • Snarkaholic

      By comparison, she’s lovely!

    • jmax


    • -M-

      It’s mean because it’s true.

  • another_steve

    To help offset the horror of this post (Joe’s on a horror roll today), this moment of loveliness.

    “Demelza’s Song,” from the BBC TV series, “Poldark.”


    • Gustav2
      • another_steve

        Thanks for that, Gustav.

        The Poldark series is an orgy of incredible music, incredible scenery and incredibly gorgeous men.

        Aidan Turner may be (“may be”… I can’t be certain) the most beautiful man ever to have lived.

        • Gustav2

          An Irish shaygetz?

          • another_steve

            The goyim can be gorgeous.

            I married one.

  • DrRobY

    So much plastic in one place.

    • Uncle Mark

      More plastic than a Hefty bag. They’re Hefty Hags

  • Gustav2

    They are raising money for their favorite charity, Donnie.

  • June Gordon

    They look EXACTLY as I would imagine them to look.

    • clay

      Well, I was surprised they let that redhead in.

      • Blake Jordan

        That is about as far as their diversity goes… 😂😂😂

  • Rascal

    What the hell are they wearing? And what is wrong with their faces?

  • Natty Enquirer

    Our beauty consultants will be in the lobby during intermission.

  • Lazycrockett

    is anyone having problems with disqus on the new thread?

    • PickyPoussin

      Pick me! Pick me!

    • Boreal

      Yup, disqus just loops and won’t load.

  • Judas Peckerwood

    Sorry ladies, he’s just not that into you.

    Now your granddaughters, on the other hand…

  • Leo

    OT. Shit’s about to go OFF. I’m talking possible eco-terrorism. Hopefully not but a lot of its followers are in that region and nothing surprises me anymore

    • Cuberly Deux

      The Kochs & energy and mining interests are obvs delighted.

    • clay

      On August 17, 2017, Turmp chirped:
      “Sad to see the history and culture of our great country being ripped apart with the removal of our beautiful … monuments. You can’t change history, but you can learn from it. . . the beauty that is being taken out of our … parks will be greatly missed and never able to be comparably replaced!”

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    I don’t have words. Their hair-dos and clothing are for much younger women. Perhaps they should invest in mirrors.

    • edrex

      much younger women with bad taste.

    • Uncle Mark

      Yeah…circus mirrors

  • TampaDink

    That picture makes me wonder how much money those 4 cretins have spent on plastic surgery….it is probably more than most of us have earned in our lifetimes.

  • Chrissy

    It’s a cash bar.

  • LeeCMH

    I’ve got tons of group shot pictures of drag queens that look just like this.

    • Tawreos

      Drag queens have more respect for themselves than to be photographed looking like that

      • edrex

        um… do you know dina martina?

        • LeeCMH

          Many years ago when I lived in Atlanta (1979) we had Kitty Litter.

          • Galvestonian

            I always liked Chandra Lear … from Philly

          • Librarykid

            Wasn’t she a member of the Grease Sisters? The other two were Lily White and Alvina LaVerne. Kitty was shot to death by her partner in October, 2014 and was 60. I remember Diamond Lil and Lavita Allen.

  • greenmanTN

    I’ll have you know that each of these ladies is a pageant winner!

    From the left:
    Mrs Potato Head 2005
    Miss Rictus Grin 2008
    Miss Beef Jerky, 2012-2017
    Miss Portable Bed Object, emeritus

  • Lizard

    Obviously they’re just hoping to be chosen as Wife #4.

    • TampaDink

      And not realizing that if he lives long enough to marry again, their granddaughters have a much better chance of “winning” that prize.

      • GayOldLady

        Their great granddaughters.

        • TampaDink

          Probably so!

  • Hank

    I hope, that their Plastic Surgeons had GREAT malpractice insurance!!! Then again, who knows, what they had to “start” with!!!

  • Robin Bailey

    “Old Bags for Trump?”

  • Dagoril

    Trumpettes? Should have called themselves Leatherettes.

  • FAEN
    • TrueWords

      these women NEVER vote…they marry Republicans…NOTHING MORE THAN THAT…

      • FAEN

        I wish it were that simple.

  • GayOldLady

    Oh my, they could do a documentary on why not to have plastic surgery!

    • AmeriCanadian

      A bit of schadenfreude on my part to feel no sorrow for this one…


      • GayOldLady

        He’s so young.

    • clay

      Who would want their face to be so taut that their cheeks have become shiny, while the wrinkles have spread down to their cleavage? It’s just so . . . discontinuous?

      • GayOldLady

        I know some women, particularly women who were once very beautiful, have a hard time just letting go and accepting nature. These procedures that pump up their cheeks and lips and pull their faces so tight their skin shines don’t make them more attractive and I don’t understand why they can’t see that. I hate looking old too, but it is what it is.

  • ClevelandJim

    Omg Joe, STOP! That PHOTO! Pleeeease!

    • Mike_in_the_Tundra

      Just be happy you’re not straight. If you were, you would never want to have sex again.

  • edrex

    “c’mon girls! these pussies ain’t gonna grab themselves!”

    • lattebud

      Well, since they are dragging on the floor

  • greenmanTN

    Come for the canapés, stay for the beer goggles.

  • Cuberly Deux

    Eva Braun looky-likeys?

    • Uncle Mark

      Yep…they were all born the same year as Eva Braun.

      (Little known fun fact: Hitler was reticent to get married after 1933 because he viewed himself as a sex symbol for the German women…and oddly there was some truth to that. That’s why he waited to get married when he was trapped in his Berlin bunker with the Russians closing in.)

      • Cuberly Deux

        I always thought that utterly bizarre. Hitler lionized the generalized blonde aryan stereotype, meanwhile he looked like an unwashed rodent.

        • Stephen Elliot Phillips

          take a gander at bannon and gorka……
          or even trump….

          • Cuberly Deux

            Urp….I’d rather not.

    • carrot festival

      After the match was lit.

  • lattebud

    Notice their hair styles. They will never let the back of the ears be seen since the area is just one big scar.

    And I bet they make sure their hair is always covering up the area by tucking it behind their ears every 3 minutes.

    • clay

      The skin back of my ears is a mass of scars, and since I’m mixed race, noticeably darker than my neck. But then, I never cover it up.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    Having watched this bitch when interviewed on the Daily Show all I can say is that I hope she dies soon. Old people who don’t give a fuck about the younger generations.

  • Professor Fate

    I’m willing to bet cash money up to a buck fifty we never hear about this again

    • clay

      I suggest someone keep their ear to the police scanner. I hear the marble, there, is slippery.

  • SelectFromWhere

    The “youngest”-looking one (2nd from left) is almost surely at least 75.

  • Cuberly Deux
  • Leo Tallant

    Judging by the picture I guess they are also providing prostitutes?

  • greenmanTN
    • jruffdc

      This guy is mentally ill

      • JCF

        Any moreso than a female Drumpf-supporter?

  • -M-

    Other people ran away because they didn’t want to be associated with Nazis, white supremacists, or corruption. These collaborators did the opposite.

  • Halou

    Pussy galore at mar-a-lago.

    • Dazzer

      You wouldn’t find Honor Blackman within a million miles of that place!

  • djcoastermark

    Hopefully Pam from True Blood will make an encore appearance there like the one she did in the show at a republican ball.

  • jruffdc

    Ugh. I can already smell the thick layers of Avon and Mary Kay makeup, aging sun-damaged skin, and bad breath from dehydration. And they should call themselves Old Hags for Trump.

    • trouble94114

      interesting, I’d have thought that in their income bracket they’d be wearing MAC or L’Oreal.

      Ultimately the same result, the $29.99 Earl Scheib special.

      • jruffdc

        Rich people don’t stay rich by spending money

  • Friday’s_cat


    • carrot festival


  • JDS

    Wow, look at all that silicone. Enough to sink a ship.

  • MT YVR

    Oooh, the movie Witches is having a reunion?

    Oops. Wait. Nope.

  • LeeCMH

    The is a picture of the founding members of the Topeka Drag Queen annual conference.

    • misterjack

      Yes, that’s (L-R) Sarabelle Palsy, Angie O’Graham, Visa D’Nied and Tulip Sonja Cox

      • LeeCMH

        Oh you remember them.

    • clay

      (Topeka? Not with waistlines that small, they’re not.)

  • Macbill

    Did they say Trampettes?Tramps they are, by the looks of them. They don’t mind a pussy-grab.

  • Ernest Endevor

    Having once played the Palm Beach Playhouse that’s about what the audience looks like on opening night. You think you’ll go blind for the stage lights reflecting back off the jewels in the audience. And they all leave after 20 mins having been photographed on the way in. Classy.

  • Paul_in_Dallas

    From their (hideously ugly) save-the-date announcement:

    …proudly presents A Red, White and Blue Celebration for the first birthday of the Inauguration of…

    : : : tiresome overuse of colons : : :

    Email [email protected]aol


    • clay

      Thank you for your brave reconnaissance.

  • Friday’s_cat

    Will the venue be decked in confederate rags and swastikas?
    Burning cross centerpieces instead of candles?

  • acde

    My first thought at seeing them was: ” My what a sad bunch of bleached out hookers!” but then I realized they are well past hooking days in spite of the obvious surgeries. They are a quartet of desperate Madams in glitzy bordellos

  • JWC

    Oh my second Whoopee of the day

  • pj

    cadavers for trump

  • Guest

    What a lineup of clowns in makeup.

  • Jonathan Smith

    honey, with that much $,
    you can’t afford a better plastic surgeon?

  • chris james

    The Trumpettes? I though it was a photo of a streetwalkers convention. Tired old Pu**y, bet Trump wouldn’t even grab ’em.

  • JaniceInToronto

    Oh great. My workstation is now covered with vomit. Thanks.

    Hey, maybe a trigger warning or something. You can’t just spring a picture like that onto unsuspecting readers.

  • Professor Barnhardt

    Yowza. I might be questioning my gayitude.

  • Mike

    Halloween in Provincetown?

  • Lakeview Bob

    Man, having money does not necessarily bestow good taste. I wonder how many gallons of botox has been used between these four?

  • agcons

    There is only one of those women who looks even remotely human, and she’s wearing a cunning little jacket made from dead pigeons.

  • trouble94114

    Tom Wolfe coined a phrase for these women in “The Bonfire of the Vanities”, they are “Social X-Rays” too-rich-too-thin dowagers, with too much plastic surgery, and too much botox, whose only skill is making an entrance.

  • motordog

    Won’t that much peroxide and/or bleach make their leathery scalps very brittle?

  • motordog
  • Saul Farias
  • Happy_Housewife

    Women who hate other women…… I will never understand it.

  • LovesIrony

    way too much chlorine in that there water.

  • mark99k

    Before I put on my eyeglasses I thought this photo was some sort of bitchy drag-themed parody.

    • David Gervais

      It is. Remember, Republican’ts have no self awareness.

  • tim870

    They look they’re standing in line for him to come grab their pussies.

  • dcurlee

    Just a bunch of plastic bitches

  • Gregory In Seattle


    They forgot the initial S.

  • Del Sam

    From the looks of them, they are probably hoping that someone will come grab their [email protected]$$!%s. But who would know? Will never be able to tell from their frozen expressions due to plastic surgery and botox abuse.

    • Old Top Kick

      They’re way too long in the tooth for Hair Drumpfenführer.

  • Homo Erectus

    Trumpettes, Strumpettes whatever.

  • Blake Mason

    That photo is quite unfortunate.

  • boobert

    Biddy, Cissy, Muffin and Delphine from designing women !

  • Aurvara

    This picture is just what I needed to help my Polish partner understand the word blowsy. Trying to explain that its originated with an old word, blowze, meaning a wench, or beggar’s female companion didn’t quite get it across.

    Here we have it all; coarse, cheap, and even the ruddy complexion.

    • D. J.

      Some of the chemical peels need more time to heal….

    • Ann Kah

      Oh, come on. They don’t look that bad for ancient crones, spending money from their first husband, and their second, and their third…

      • Johnny Wyeknot

        on their fourth (who is gay)

  • Homo Erectus

    Mama said “If you keep making those hateful looks, your face will stick that way”. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/76e152b6555132f010e406b689fd15cfa62b38671574d74889b1105a9e4c19db.jpg

  • Gloria Hafner

    pretty good for drag queens.

  • Cackalaquiano

    They look like they’d support Trump.

  • redgrouper62

    Everything you wanted to know about botox,but you were afraid to ask.

  • JCF

    “The Trumpettes will host a Red, White and Blue Celebration for the first anniversary of Trump’s presidency, to be held Jan. 18”

    You fookin’ bitches dare to DEFAME MY BIRTHDAY???? Oh, you’re gettin’ it NOW!


  • Canadian Observer

    Maybe it is the proximity of Halloween, maybe it is because it is a new season of the show but DAMN, those four look like extras from The Walking Dead

  • Linda Vencill

    Bleach must have leaked thru to their brains!

  • Joseph Miceli

    Holt Kramer: “Dahrling, I have a simply splendid idea! We can host a fundraiser. Everyone contributes the same amount that they’ve paid for plastic surgery over the years. Let’s see….botox…eye lift…neck lift…..boob lift, nose job, anal bleeching…between the four of us that’s at least 5 millon!”

  • Tallulah

    Twat a scary group!

  • misterjack

    Angie O’Graham, Peg Legg, Anne Gina and Ginger Vitus, out painting the town.

  • fuzzybits

    Well we see how that support has taken a toll on them.

  • Paula

    Damn!! Those ladies were rode hard and put away wet. WOW!

    • Lumpy Gaga

      It’s why they did so well in the divorce settlement.

  • Paula Key

    This is an ad for not visiting this particular face-lift doctor!

  • musiclover703

    Wouldn’t a more appropriate name for these gals be the “Strumpettes?”

    • ZRAinSWVA

      How about the “Stridentes”?

  • MikeSEA

    You know, I knew exactly how these women would look BEFORE I saw the picture!

  • Marty Pavelka

    Introducing new CougarBarbie! With accessories! Get yours today!

    • Gianni

      Obviously, the accessories include 3 friends her age.

  • Lori

    Everything about this story is pathetic.

  • Kelly

    Maybe if the whole administration is not in jail by then, they can join the party.

  • SDG

    Is it me, or do they look like “Real Housewives of New Jersey”?

    • Lumpy Gaga

      Real First Wives of Palm Beach
      American Horror Story

  • Rick James Brown

    I WAS a straight man…until I saw that pic.

    • Gianni

      See, miracles do happen!

  • Don’t they know they are too old and much to wrinkled for cheetolini to grab their pussys?

  • Alicia Norvell

    By looks of these old bags they would probably enjoy a pussy grab….you dumb fucks. Wake the fuck up. Jim Jones has some kool-aid for you to drink. Please remove yourselves from the gene pool.

  • Gianni

    Doing charitable things will put a smile on your face. Just look at the results on the faces of these cougars. A Trump Fan Club, no less.

  • Lumpy Gaga

    Hope they add a gratuity for parties of four or more.

  • Jay Silversmith

    Someone misspelled “stumpettes.”

  • Ginger Snap

    Whatever happened to aging gracefully? They all look like plastic blow up fuck dolls.

  • Raja Mitchell

    They need some more Botox, their skin isn’t NEARLY tight enough!!! Maybe they should have some fat taken out of their collective asses and injected into their cheeks as well!!!

  • “TheDixieDrifter”

    Disgusting women of wealth waiting in line to get their pussies grabbed.

  • Ben in Oakland

    Not a natural blond among them.

  • Eric
    • baruchzed

      Hi KellyAnne!

  • Nowhereman

    So they’re OK with nazis marching in the street chanting for Trump, not to mention Trump’s penchant for attacking and belittling women? Oh wait, just the non-white women.

  • scottrose
  • Carol Singleton

    I was going to suggest that they have a costume party so they could all wear their white pointy masks. Now I think it will be great fun to get pics of all the rich idiots and post their surgery horrors for all to see.

  • rlibos

    I’ll bet the average IQ of this group is under 100.

    • Franciscan

      The collective total is under 100.

  • Franciscan

    Citizens! Send money. Sacrifice from weekly paycheck for betterment of Florida mansion, Mar a Trumpo. Honest Russian bank will arrange transfer. Imagine how would feel if losing income on your house!

  • Matt

    Shouldn’t they be called ‘trump whores”? You get the feeling they don’t like their own va-jay-jays very much. If they actually DID, they wouldn’t be voting for GOP bastards like cheeto.

  • Derek Locker

    I bet chump grabbed all four of them and held the especially tight for more than 3 mins because he can…

  • BlueDotNAlabama

    Interesting because he wouldn’t grab any of their p***ies bkz they are WAY too old for his tastes.

  • Jack Holden

    Whoa. Hopefully someone will post a warning regarding open flames around this group.

  • berndtc

    These women are wealthy, so they will never have to endure any of the hardships their president is causing. They will never experience the terror of no health insurance, the fear of the financial and emotional effects that an unwanted pregnancy will have on their families, or having to live in a car because the 2 minimum wage jobs they work won’t keep a roof over their kid’s heads. No, they won’t have to live through any of this, and, just like their president, they couldn’t care less about those who will. As long as TrumPutin keeps the tax cuts coming and continues to remove rules that protect the little people, so that they can make more money, they’ll be happy. What a wonderful life.

    • BlueDotNAlabama

      Well said berndtc.