TEXAS: Republican House Speaker Joe Strauss To Retire After Battling Hate Groups On Transgender Rights

The Texas Tribune reports:

Texas House Speaker Joe Straus, a San Antonio Republican, announced Wednesday he will not run for re-election in 2018, a decision that has the potential to upend the political balance of power of the state.

Straus, who has lately been the most powerful moderate Republican in the Texas Capitol, said he will serve until the end of his term. But that means there will be a new speaker when the Legislature next convenes in 2019. His decision will immediately set in motion a scrum for control of the House, pitting arch-conservative members who have opposed him against the more centrist Republicans who have backed Straus.

Straus has clashed with hardline conservatives in recent years, not least Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. Tea Party leaders and their allies have blamed Straus for killing controversial measures backed by the hard right, most notably a bill that would have regulated which bathrooms transgender Texans could use.

Straus has long been a target of the Family Research Council and other anti-LGBT hate groups.

  • bkmn

    I’m hoping enough Puerto Ricans move to Texas to turn the state solidly blue.

    • Goodboy

      You’ll see tighter voting restrictions and more and more clever kinds of redistricting.

      • iambu

        At least we know it’s coming. Hopefully that’ll minimize the damage.

    • Hank

      Actually, they are coming in droves to Florida, which already has the largest Puerto Rican population outside of the island. I am hoping, that they will do the same to Florida…. finally make it a blue state and get rid of the State Rethuglicans in our State Houses, etc.

      • stanhope

        Perhaps they will overtake the Cubans which have been republican assimilationists for years

        • Hank

          There are about 1,200,000 Cuban Americans in Florida. As of 2010, Puerto Ricans passed the 1,000,000 mark. They make up 5.1% of the population. So with 7 years AND the recent movement since Maria…. The 2 populations are close, most likely.

    • Tommy

      You enjoy seeing them homeless and displaced by a disaster because it will help your political party. Sick.

  • JWC

    another brick has fallen Another crack in the dam

  • Tawreos

    Great, Texas could come out of this even more of the asshole conservative state than they are. That should be fun to watch.

    • William

      Not from the inside.

      • Paula

        Ramen, brother!

      • Tawreos

        Sorry, I forgot to tag that last bit with the sarcasm tag

        • Tor

          We get the sarcasm.. No need to always tag it. We’re smart enough to get it.

  • j.martindale

    The problem continues to be that so-called moderate Rethugs will continue to vote “R” until hell freezes over.

    • Chucktech

      Just like the traitors they truly are.

      • Todd20036

        Yup. Even McCain. He voted to make it impossible to sue Equifax for their fuckup

        • LovesIrony

          Yes and no one is charged even though they dumped stocks and had an undisclosed previous breach. The credit industry owns many congresspeople of both parties. Insidious is an apt discriptor.

        • LovesIrony

          I worked on an anti trust suit against experian. Learned a lot about how corrupt and had laws written for them. They lied in their depositions…no consequence. One said under oath that he never heard of “project green” my review of discovery showed he was in charge and the author of the original “project green” letter that he denied ever seeing…no consequence.

    • LaChatSayWha

      I’d like to think that they’ll change their votes once they really start hurting personally. But then, that’s how we got the Dump.

      Red state republicans: Starting to really suffer after 30 years of voting against your own interests because you feel better about yourself when you can force young women to bear children & when the gay couple down the block can’t get an unaesthetic wedding cake. Reaction: vote in a guy who will rob you even blinder but who will let you scream racial epithets in Walmart w/o worrying about legal consequences.

      I fear it’s going to take a brutal depression before they change behavior & they’ll probably go further right before they accept reason.

  • coram nobis

    This man, like a number of retiring GOP senators, seems to be unqualified to be a member of the modern Republican party, which is to say, he can pass a saliva test.

    • Paula

      Yes, not enough rabies in the saliva.

  • William

    There goes the only decent republican to hold elected office in Texas.

    • Last there have been others.

    • LovesIrony

      How’s the secession thing going?

      • William

        I think Putin quit funding it for now.

      • gary47290

        Man oh man do I wish that urban legend about Texas having the right to secede were true. (Something supposedly in the treaty with the Republic of Texas when they joined the union.) Just think of the partisan impact to the electoral college and congress if we wiped out Texas.

  • billbear1961

    They are stepping aside, abandoning the country to fascist EVIL.

    Americans must make it clear they will not recognize as legitimate the authority of fascist gangsters in what is SUPPOSED to be a GENUINE democracy.

  • Paula

    I can only imagine what kind of person will get the job now.
    Texas has the potential to be a great leader and example for the world.
    Instead, they shoot themselves in the foot every chance they get. I hate going to the east side of the state where these people live.

    • Avenger280

      “I hate going to the east side of the state where these people live.”
      Me too. That’s why I haven’t been home in years.

    • netxtown

      only thing on the east half that i stop at is the Whataburger north of i-20 at Marshall. At 3am – its about the only decent thing open on my way back from Shreveport (boats). But, that was the old days. Now I just drive the 40 miles up to Choctaw.

  • Circ09

    Fuck. This is really bad news for Texas.

  • Hank

    I never thought, that I would be sad to see a Rethuglican leave office. However, a MODERATE is now an endangered species!!! All that is left to fill the voids are RWNJ!!!

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
    • JCF


  • Scoot

    Apparently there is no more room in the Republican party for people who are only moderately evil. It’s full jackbooted brownshirts or nothing at all.

  • Lazycrockett

    This quit and go home shit needs to stop.

    • Treant

      I’m very faintly hopeful that, just possibly, this may shift the Republican Party to Evil Enough that people don’t vote for them quite so much in the non-crazy states.

      Very faintly hopeful…

      • Marty Pavelka

        Lately, I’ve been wondering of we’re headed to some sort of three-party system-the far right/Tea/Trump/Bannon collective, the moderate Republicans, and the Democrats.

        • Treant

          Perhaps, if the Republicans can be divorced from their “Vote Republican Uber Alles” philosophy.

          Not all historic Republicans are going to be like my mother, who plainly said the party had left her behind, she didn’t “buy that shit,” and became a Democrat.

          • KarenAtFOH

            When the pain gets high enough, they just may vote Democratic, if only long enough for a new conservative party to form out of sane people again.

          • Treant

            I wish I believed that. 🙂 Most will continue to believe the lie that it’s all Obama’s fault. Or insert today’s Democratic demon.

        • Lazycrockett

          How further right can a minority jerk this country to?

    • Chucktech

      This quit so I can speak the truth because I don’t have to fear the pitchfork and teabag crowd and go home shit needs to stop.

  • netxtown

    Believe me – dan patrick will do his best to chase out anyone who doesn’t go his way. fucking creep.

  • coram nobis

    Also in Texas, megachurch Pastor Robert Jeffress interviewed Sean Hannity during his sermon last Sunday. Religion News Service is a bit taken aback.


    The clip of Jeffress’ interview was criticized by many online, including some conservative Christians, who feel that using a church service to promote a film with a political message is inappropriate.

    • Chucktech

      What?? What’s the jesus BFD? I thought these Jesus-rimmers want to politik from the pulpit?

      • coram nobis

        The article warns about the temptations of mixing preaching and politics. It may have had to do with actually inviting Sean Hannity to the pulpit at that megachurch.

        If you hear someone praying too loud, go home and lock the smokehouse immediately.
        — Harry S Truman

  • Ninja0980

    That means Texas’s legislature is about to get even worse.
    Scary thought.

  • mikeinftl

    Bye Felicia!

  • coram nobis

    I wouldn’t get too nostalgic for the GOP politicians leaving. US Senate just passed a bill to stifle class-action lawsuits against predatory financial institutions, on a 50-50 tie (Pence cast the tie-breaker). Kennedy and Graham were the only GOP defectors.


    It’s simply a case of the Wall Street conservatives still hanging on — they just don’t want to mix with the loony part of the GOP base.

  • gaycuckhubby


  • Richard

    As more and more reasonable Republicans purposefully leave political office, the more the GOP is sucked up by the cult of dolt45. It does not bode well for our Democracy.


  • Slim Compersion

    Ouch. He was the last linchpin of non-insane GOP governance in the Texas State Capitol Building. Now it’s going to be completely crazy.

  • JCF
  • Ann Kah

    I understand the desire to get out of politics, I really do. But unless we all have vacation homes in some other country to retire to, we are left to deal with the scum that inherit the jobs.

  • LesbianTippingHabits

    God will send another hurricane to Texas.

    Or a significant migration of American citizens from Puerto Rico.