MIAMI: Private Prison Giant Parties At Trump Resort After Landing $110M ICE Detention Center Contract

The Washington Post reports:

In recent years, the private prison company GEO Group has held its annual leadership conference at venues near its Boca Raton headquarters. But this year, the company moved its gathering to a Miami-area golf resort owned by President Trump.

The event last week, during which executives and wardens gathered for four days of meetings, dinner receptions and golf outings at the luxurious 800-acre Trump National Doral, followed an intense effort by GEO Group to align itself with the president and his administration.

During last year’s election, a company subsidiary gave $225,000 to a pro-Trump super PAC. GEO gave an additional $250,000 to the president’s inaugural committee. It also hired as outside lobbyists a major Trump fundraiser and two former aides to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, one of the president’s most prominent campaign backers.

Shortly after Jeff Sessions reversed Obama’s phase-out of private prisons, GEO Group landed a $110 million federal contract to build an immigrant detention center. Since then their stock value has tripled. Obama’s move came after widespread reports of corruption and mistreatment of prisoners by GEO Group.

  • Lazycrockett

    Lock them up.

  • bkmn

    Pay to play.

    Has anyone noticed that the deportation numbers are down significantly? They are arresting lots of people but not deporting them, as promised, all so for profit prisons can be filled up.

    • The_Wretched

      Making money by detaining people is sick and cruel. It should be a crime.

      • FAEN

        That’s EXACTLY what SB 1070 was about-making money off of legal and undocumented immigrants.

        • JackFknTwist

          The Presidency of the USA has been turned into a family business.

          There seems to be none of the much vaunted “checks and balances’ on this mafioso bunch of white trash family.
          They are milking the Presidency in front of our very noses and most of the Tories are enablers .

          • FAEN

            Yep. And not a word from the GOP. But Obama wears a tan suit and suddenly he’s insulted the nation. Jeebus 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️.

          • SkokieGuy [ChicagoAdjacentGuy]

            Family business? How about organized crime ring?

  • Mark

    Re-payment of favours granted.

  • Chrissy

    Bribes well spent

  • Eric Lewis

    Notice: Swamp Draining Delayed until Further Notice.

  • j.martindale


    • Treant

      Great minds. We hit enter at the same moment!

    • BudClark

      Republicans can’t SPELL it, much LESS *pronounce” it!

      • bandanajack

        my thought exactly, too big a word…

  • Treant

    Um, Emoluments Clause. Kthxbai.

  • Friday

    More blatant corruption from the Trumpublicans.

  • DennisH

    This country has it’s head so far up it’s ass we will never get the stains out.

  • Ninja0980

    Gee, where is the media that was screaming about the Clinton Foundation on this?

    • Treant

      Paid off. Just like Mueller.

      • Gretchen

        Now I’M going to need a new blood pressure cuff.

  • boobert

    Besides the donation, they probably paid trump double for the conference party.

  • Renfield

    I wonder how they’ll treat trump and family when they’re “guests”.

    • Treant

      They’ll “forget” and leave the doors open.

      Besides, Dumpster would go to a posh Federal prison with a golf course, if he were ever sent to jail. Which won’t happen as he won’t ever be indicted.

      • i don’t know if there are any FPC’s (federal prison camps) with golf courses, but I know the one I attended for a nickel had a 6 lane bowling alley. And a full size movie theater with a stage. Both of these were leftover from the air national guard facility it used to be.

        it also had radium saturated top soil

        • Treant

          While I was being satirical…um, a theater and bowling alley? Functional, I presume?

          Also, should we ask why you did the nickel? And perhaps tell us what a nickel is*?

          * Five years, I’m being funny.


            in fact, the maintenance and operation of these niceties was all on the inmate’s back. Some kept the bowling alley working, and to be honest in my 5 years for 1000 hits of very nice LSD I never once got the time to go bowling. It was a busy period for me in the art studios. My user logo is a 36″x36″ acrylic on canvas of the album cover, I spent an entire winter working on. I also made a hell of a lot of ceramic hand drums.

          • perversatile

            I imagine it would have been difficult to convince a judge 1000 hits w ere for personal use. Were you charged with 1000 counts of felony possession? I’m glad to see you on the outside.

          • the DEA nailed me when I was in a sharing mood; and I had some of their serial numbers on the bills in my pocket.

          • perversatile

            “The road to Hell is paved with Girl Scout Cookies”

          • I want to add something about the mountain passes suffering from Ben&Jerry’s avalanches

          • also we had hot fresh popcorn in the theater

  • Tawreos

    If Obama had come anywhere near this kind of thing we would still be having hearings about it for 20 years to come.

  • Oh, Parker

    Just imagine if this were President Obama or the Clintons. The screams of outrage from the right would rupture our eardrums.

  • NZArtist

    Okay, so what if the Mueller probe exists solely to give people some hope, and thereby disempowering them from taking any actual action against the current government?
    My understanding is that everyone’s plan for stopping the rise of Nazism in the US is ‘leave it to Mueller’.
    So, the answer to “If you had a time-machine, what would you do to stop the rise of Nazism?” is “Let the politicians sort it out.”
    Because here you are, back in time, while Nazism is rising.

    • Treant

      I calculate that the probe is a scam and came to an interesting realization. I have nothing in the way of political skills (translation: I’m going to tell you the truth and it doesn’t concern me as to whether you like it or not). I can’t organize a march. I don’t think marches do anything anyway.

      The populace seems, for the most part, powerless. There’s no legal recourse, and no recourse that’s legal.

      • Friday

        Kinda why I kept warning we couldn’t afford to lose this last Presidential over bullshit, we weren’t in a good position even *if* we’d had Hillary there holding the line.

    • OdieDenCO

      should Mueller come back with “nothing to see here”, I for one will take the protest to the streets

      • Treant

        That might draw some attention, but well-organized protests won’t cause them any worry. Ones that turn into mobs will simply be dealt with and if the protesters die, too bad.

        Start thinking of how to hit them in the wallet. Make a billionaire lose a hundred million and he’ll take notice.

      • JCF
    • 2guysnamedjoe

      If Mueller is Plan A, we need to get Plan B into action, now.

    • Cattleya1

      NZ has a Parliamentary system. It is possible for you to pull off a no-confidence vote and trigger a new election. Our constitution only gives us 2 options for ousting a bad president: the 25th amendment and impeachment. With the current makeup of our legislative and executive branches, tRump would have to nuke Texas for either to become a possibility.

    • CottonBlimp

      I’ve been worrying about this for a while now. This isn’t a case where we need an investigator to uncover the facts – Trump has been committing crimes right out in the open for Chrissakes, and the whole Russia thing was just one of them! And yet it seems like no one with actual power is interested in bringing justice until Mueller does his thing.

      I have so little faith in any of our establishments to do what’s right. My biggest suspicion is that Mueller’s investigation will uncover a fuckton but Trump will only get a slap on the wrist, maybe impeachment, and then the GOP just carries right on with this shit.

  • netxtown

    gotta turn it off. my blood is boiling…

  • shellback

    I have fucken had it for today. Time to calm down. See ya, kids.

    • j.martindale

      I had to go out and get a new blood pressure cuff today. I have worn the old one out in the last six months. Seriously. Truth.

      • Treant

        I just had mine taken at the ENT before “surgery” (if you can call it surgery, which I really don’t).

        130/84. For somebody pushing fifty, that ain’t bad. And I was highly annoyed when I walked in.

        • PickyPony

          OT: was wondering if you had gotten your first hard freeze yet.

          • Treant

            Not even a killing frost! The gardens are still up, although I’m pulling things as they get old and die, and being a little aggressive about it as I don’t relish doing this in November weather when the heat finally breaks!

            We might hit 45 tonight as a low. Maybe. There’s an off chance of frost tomorrow night, 16 days late. Maybe. It’ll be a very light frost, if so.

            I have photos of the dahlia tubers I dug out. They’re less tubers and more alien creatures, come to blind us all and hunt us down.

          • PickyPony

            LOL @tubers. I used to love growing dahlias, but alas the critters here where I am now also enjoy them.

            We had some patchy frost night before last, but nothing killing. Managed to get my tender potted plants all in. Remind me again why I put out dozens of pots each Spring!!!

            Supposed to hit 30F Sat morning, so that should be it for the season. Leaves are coming down rapidly, etc. They’re saying possible snowflakes in the air this weekend as well.


          • Treant

            Here’s hoping. If we miss it tomorrow night, the next chance of frost is Hallowe’en night. And it won’t be much! November 3rd is our first chance of a hard frost.

            I keep the critters away by spraying the soil with 2 oz castor oil, 1 oz dish soap (not antibacterial), 1 (optional) oz of Neem oil, in any convenient amount of water per thousand square feet.

            Burrowing critters like moles can’t stand it. Digging critters hate the smell and taste. Insects are repelled by the Neem, and it’s one of the few things that actually works on iris borer if you catch it early enough.

          • Jay George

            Mail them to DC asap! 😉

          • Treant

            I would if they’d stop lashing me with their tentacles every time I try to get near them.

            Seriously. One tuber, with two tuberous growths, turned into a mass of twenty tubers, all the size of small potatoes and all tangled together. I’m going to need a sharp knife to split this thing.

            My Blue Boy were a little easier. I started with five. I pulled out seven just from one naturally breaking into three. Two need knives. The others could use it. Off the cuff, five dahlia became at least 30, and that’s if I leave more tubers than I have to.

          • Jay George

            But that will make more flowers, right? That’s a good thing. 🙂

          • JCF

            Here in Sacra-tomato (w/ a western-exposure garden) I’m actually glad that our growing season is So Long: it was too warm for my tomatoes to set during the summer.

            …that said, it was 89F here today. Normal high is 74F. }-/

          • Treant

            Yeah, I’ve adjusted the gardens here to completely exempt anything that likes cooler weather–it simply won’t get it. Not any longer, and the Impatiens crap out in August when they get fungal infections due to the heat.

            It’s tropicals all the way. Some of them that do well don’t even tolerate temperatures under 45°.

            It’s October 25th. Those cold-intolerant tropicals? They’re doing just fine, thanks.

        • William

          My blood pressure is always higher when my partner drives me to the doctor. Something about thirty miles of terror.

        • Maeve

          OT here. Treant- Wondering what “not surgery” you had @ the ENT? My daughter had a “minor procedure” few weeks ago. Total nightmare 😟
          Hope I’m not getting too personal. TIA

    • PickyPony

      Enjoy the rest of your day! XO

  • Lars Littlefield

    Is there anyone who can’t see what is going on? Anyone?
    Then why the fuck are you putting up with it?

    • Friday

      Frankly, if the corporate media chose to simply list the daily outrages rather than try to ‘balance the controversy’ or just ignore what’s going on in favor of gossip and ‘process stories’ …this would probably already be dealt with.

  • Jonathan Smith
    • worstcultever

      Hilarious. Not.

      • Jonathan Smith

        well,donnie learned it SOMEWHERE.

    • Blake J Butler

      Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. In the real world he would have either been slapped in the face, or made president by the EC and foreign enemies.

    • justme

      I recognized him by the small hands and daddy’s money!!!

    • Todd20036

      Why am I guessing that kid is being exploited?

    • Gianni

      Plus, one can see he already knows that the magnetic strip goes on the inside.

  • Harveyrabbit

    Ideal candidates to stay and hold conferences at T Junior’s dream Mississippi plantation hotel. And when I say conferences I mean parties with lots of hookers.

    • justme

      East European ones with golden….

  • zhera

    And anyone who complains about this corruption is an enemy, right? Donnie will whine about false news and lies about him, and NOTHING WILL HAPPEN.

    Can building a new detention center be seen as the beginning of consentration camps? If so (and I think so) it’s time to get out, my dears. Get out while you still can.

    • William

      Do you have a spare room?

      • zhera

        🙁 I’m afraid not. I have a small apartment with one small bedroom. Short-term visits on an air mattress, only.

  • JWC

    is anyone out there even surprised??

  • justme

    Hurricane season is not over!!!

    There’s still hope …

  • Todd20036

    And this is why marijuana will be illegal on a federal level for some time to come.

    • FAEN

      Ironically the KKKeebler Elf would benefit from a giant box of edibles.

  • Hank

    OT: Undocumented Teenager Obtains Abortion After Court Victory

    I do not know if anyone has been following this, although Rachel had it on her show, the other day.

    • JP

      I have been reading about it the past few days. I find it troubling that they let her go to anti abortion counseling but wouldnt let her get the abortion she obviously wanted to get.

      • FAEN

        Texas. Enough said.

      • The_Wretched

        Forcing someone to go to “abortion counseling” should be a crime. 1. it’s cruel and full of lies 2. it’s essentially always done by xtian fundamentalists and is thus a violation of SOCAS.

        • 2guysnamedjoe

          I just learned a new acronym:
          SOCAS = Separation of church and state.

      • Danieruw

        Forced her to go to anti-abortion counseling, you mean.

        • JP

          yes, sorry. forced.

    • FAEN

      Yeah I’ve been following this. Another swipe at Roe V Wade I hear.

    • John30013

      Woo hoo! I have been following this story, and I’m gratified the courts upheld this young woman’s rights despite the Trump administration’s transparent attempt to subvert them.

      In this case, justice delayed truly would have been justice denied, since the woman is approaching the end of the first trimester.

      This is Terri Schiavo territory all over again, where a government official tries to substitute his own opinion in place of the clearly stated health decisions of the person involved.

      So much for small government.

    • Gianni

      I love it when the biased powers-that-be get legally smacked down.

    • JCF
  • JWC

    is anyone out there even surprised??

    • Hank

      Only, that, living so close to their Boca Raton headquarters, I was NOT invited to the party!!! /s

      • 2guysnamedjoe

        You wouldn’t want to party with that scum.

  • William

    Swampity swamp swamp.

  • EdA

    And I’m sure that they will write off the costs as a business expense.

    • Tor

      You don’t even have to guess about that.

      • 2guysnamedjoe

        Ledger entries for “conferences” and “meetings” look so much nicer than “graft”.

  • FAEN

    Private prisons should be against the law. They are not regulated as federal prisons are and people have died for lack of water, food, medication and medical treatment.

    It’s appalling we have them in this country.

    • Michael R

      Maybe we should eliminate regulations on
      everything so no one ever finds out .

      • FAEN

        Don’t give them any ideas.

      • OdieDenCO

        except for all the working class. need to regulate them. can’t have them expecting to be treated like the rich folk.

      • Danieruw

        Then they’ll start charging people to breathe

  • Michael R
  • JWC

    O/T in the time Of Trump we move from emoticons to ASSICONS
    (_!_) reg ass
    (__!__) fat ass
    (!) tight ass
    (_*_) asshole
    {_!_) swishy ass
    (_o_) ass thats been around
    (_x_) kiss my ass
    (_X_) leave his ass alone
    (_zzz_) tired ass
    (_E=mc2_) smart ass
    (_$_)Money coming out his ass
    (_?_) dumb ass

  • Tor

    Nothing suspicious here. Nope. Nothing at all.

  • Michael R

    Maybe Ivanka and Jared will open a kinder gentler prison .

  • OdieDenCO

    nothing suspicious about all that money changing hands prior to awarding a big contract, nope nothing at all.

  • Riccardo Capachilli

    Trump is going to need this Facility.

  • SkokieGuy [ChicagoAdjacentGuy]

    Does someone have to hand Trump a suitcase of cash on live TV? Will it make any difference to his cult members.

    • Treant

      It still won’t work.

      “That’s for the orphans,” Mueller noted in his probe report, “And we have been promised that it’ll be delivered to Ivanka Trump’s Home For Indigent Children directly, to be used for authorized expenses only.”

  • Johnny Wyeknot

    800 acre polluter

  • No More GOP.


  • LesbianTippingHabits

    This isn’t even news.

    Of course, Democrats like Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL) do the same thing, in her case, re the payday loan industry that exploits real people.

    • leastyebejudged

      Democrats are just as responsible for the private prison industry and the fact that this country imprisons more of it’s population than any other country in the world.

      Democrats share the guilt and in the responsibility to fix this.

  • Henry Auvil

    Something tells me that photo is NOT of the ICE detention center.

    • MBear

      thats the break room

  • andrew

    Privately owned for profit prisons should be against the law.