Trump Accuses Gold Star Widow Of Lying

As always, Trump is spending his morning watching TV.

The New York Times reports:

The widow of one of four soldiers killed in Niger went on television on Monday to criticize President Trump for how he spoke to her during a condolence call last week, saying the president blundered through the conversation and only deepened her grief because he did not seem to know her husband’s name.

“He couldn’t remember my husband’s name,” Ms. Johnson said. “The only way he remembered my husband’s name is because he had my husband’s report in front of him and that’s when he actually said ‘La David.’ I heard him stumbling on trying to remember my husband’s name. And that’s what hurt me the most. If my husband is out here fighting for our country, and he risked his life for our country, why can’t you remember his name?”

She went on and said, “Whatever Ms. Wilson said was not fabricated. What she said was 100 percent correct.” After the interview aired, Mr. Trump wrote on Twitter that he had a “respectful conversation” with Ms. Johnson, disagreeing that he stumbled over Sergeant Johnson’s name.

  • blackstar
    • blackstar
    • joeyj1220

      I love Olberman.

    • crewman

      Frankly, by choosing to politicize this, Trump has stepped into a minefield. Now anyone can say they were offended by what he said, while they are grieving at having lost a spouse or child in service of this nation, so what decent person is really going to be unsympathetic to them. On the other hand if he doesn’t call, because he introduced a lie that other presidents never called anyone, he can now bet eyes will be on whether he calls, so failing to call will spend time as a negative story in the news. A wiser man would have chosen not to politicize the notification to loved ones of the death of their family member.

      • Smokey

        Key words, “wiser” and “man”.

        • Ragnar Lothbrok

          and ” decency “

      • marshlc

        Almost all of his wounds are self-inflicted.

        • Robincho

          Except for the biggie that would bring Death. I still have hope…

          • Uncle Mark

            I don’t know about that. That human bloat, the red-faced anger, his inability to walk a half mile…that’s all self-inflicted. As much as I would like to see him drop dead, I hope he survives his trials, impeachment, asset forfeiture, and imprisonment. (All that will be self-inflicted too.)

          • RoFaWh

            Can we arrange for a hundred-piece bucket of KFC to be delivered to the White House daily? Might hasten the event we are all now praying for.

        • UrsusArctos 🐻

          Including Russian Roulette

      • Adam King

        Republicans aren’t “decent” people. They’re vicious, gloating racists who love nothing more than seeing a black woman hurt and humiliated.

        • VicGA

          Republicinsane Party.

    • Gerry Fisher

      Pre-Trump, I usually had found Olbermann’s bombastic style to be off putting. In response to Trump, it now feels like the only reasonable way to respond, given what we’re facing.

  • AmeriCanadian

    Sparring with a private citizen in a public forum…how very presidential. /s

    • TrueWords

      THIS…I mean…seriously THIS!!!!

    • Uncle Mark

      “How dare the black peasant try to shame me !! Destroy the uppity peasant !!”

  • Leo

    Rush-shipped condolences once called out. Rush-shipped presidency.

    • Gustav2

      The White House called the DoD to ask for a list so they could cover their asses after the controversy started.

      • -M-

        Specifically, after hearing Hair Furor say on national television that he’d called ‘virtually all of them’.

        PS – And alleging that Obama and other previous Presidents hadn’t called the next of kin.

      • Cipher

        Don’t forget the rush on the $25,000 check! Without the media that father would still be sitting with his thumb up his ass.

    • Todd20036

      UPS letters. I’m sorry your husband *state name here* got killed on *state date here*. My deepest condolences. Here is a signed MAGA hat. Please remit $45 for P&H.” God Bless America.

      • Christopher

        It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he included one of his stupid hats with the condolence letters.

        I’d actually be surprised if he didn’t, because he’s such a narcissist.

        • -M-

          He’s too cheap.

          • Christopher

            Of course!

            What was I thinking?!

      • CPT_Doom

        Not even smart enough to use the US Postal Service. Says a lot about this “leader.”

    • lattebud

      They isn’t even use the USPS… you know the United States Postal Service?

  • Proud MOFO Beaner (bkb)
  • Tawreos

    I wish he would take the high road, just once. We all stumble on names on occasion, even presidents. He could just let it go, or if asked about issue an apology to the widow and move on. But his ego requires him to win everything, every time.

    • AmeriCanadian

      If wishes were horses…

      • Bubba in TX

        You just inspired me to play my Big Eden soundtrack playlist on Spotify. Thanks!

        • AmeriCanadian

          When I need a “feel good” movie, Big Eden and Shelter are my go to’s.

    • Gerry Fisher

      I think that you’re indirectly pointing out why personality disorders can be just as debilitating and damaging as primary psychiatric diagnoses, such as Major Depressive Disorder, PTSD, Schizophrenia, or Panic Attacks. He is mentally ill, and we don’t have a medication for his particular symptoms.

  • distributorcap

    lets see how that POS spokesperson – SHS – defends this. This whole presidency is a reality show spun out of control – taking down the entire country with it. ANYONE who defends this behavior deserves what we get – the rest of us don’t.

    Bets on how many Republicans in Congress twist to defend this. After all it is all “hyperbole”

    we cannot survive 4 years of his shit

    • Joe in PA

      Locker room talk. He was just kidding.

      Blah, blah, fucking blah. Every day I hate him more.

      • Todd20036

        The word of of POTUS or some black grifter trying to make a buck?
        That’s how Trump’s base will see it. That’s how the GOP will allow Trump’s base to see it

        Personally, I’d call the widow more of a hero than Trump, or even McCain could ever be

        • Joe in PA

          Pssst, don’t look at the comments on Mediaite. There are some hateful people in the world. ;(

          • teeveedub

            Also don’t look at the comments on Breitbart unless you want your brain to shrivel up and die.

          • Karen

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    • joeyj1220

      She’ll say: “Trump is the bestest President we’ve ever had. The biggest. So if you want to get into a debate with a bigly President, I think that’s highly inappropriate.”

    • Bluto

      shs will present a strongly worded letter from Pickles condemning these spurious attacks on the beloved by all, never wrong, unquestionable dear leader.

    • Todd20036

      In WaPo, a few of the trolls say, “But Hillary. But Benghazi!”
      That’s all they got

    • Droz

      Just once, I want a reporter to ask Sarah where she feels the president’s scandals fall on a scale between Watergate and a family member killing a dog.

    • Uncle Mark

      This lying colostomy bag could have tried to make amends by attending the funeral of this hero this weekend, instead of golfing. Since the man-baby can’t bring himself to apologize, this gesture may have gone a long way to smooth over the bad feelings and put an end to this latest f-up of his. Instead he defaults to his tired, predictable tactics of lying or attacking…and this chapter of the Twitler horror show continues.

  • David J

    Congress, Cabinet, someone please: Get that madman narcissist out of our White House!

    • AmeriCanadian

      Not before they get him to scribble on the coming “tax reform” that will bankrupt the country and give everything to the 1%.

    • paganguy

      Preferably before he starts a war and gets us blown up.

  • greenmanTN
    • gaycuckhubby


    • gaycuckhubby

      Damn I wish Divine was alive. What our country needs now is a raunchy, hysterical, trashy, in bad taste movie from John Waters and her.

      As Anohni said…”He was the Mother of America. My self determined guru..she held a mirror up to fools”

      • canoebum

        I’d prefer Divine as President over what we have now, but then again, who wouldn’t?

        • Bluto

          “Republicans, you have been found guilty of assholism.”

          • Ross

            I want that on a bumper sticker.

      • AJD

        We just had a trashy movie. It premiered on Nov. 8, 2016.

  • DaddyRay
  • Taylor Bixler

    It is not even 9am Monday. Buckle up.

  • Blake Mason

    Accused of not remembering/stumbling through sargent’s name… makes sure to put it in a tweet.

    • Adam King

      He had one of his best people help him spell it.

  • Harveyrabbit
    • JCF

      Batman slapping while yelling “Don’t Lie!” to Drumpf is a blank meme, isn’t? [Just fill in TODAY’S disgusting mendacity…]

  • bambinoitaliano

    So the POTUS fighting with some crazy in North Korea, Puerto Rico mayor and now he is picking on a widow of a soldier. Seriously folks, hide your kids. This fucking moron will pick fights with a caterpillar that crawl across his desk.

    • Acronym Jim

      Unless it was crawling across his upper lip. Then he’d glue it there.

    • another_steve

      These ongoing tweets regarding the death of this young man are Trump’s most horrible to date. On the reputable cable news networks the commentators are literally speechless.

      A decent human being would have initially responded with something like, “I’m sorry if my words to the family of this fallen hero came across as insensitive or uncaring. That was not my intention. Sometimes we inadequately express our true feelings on matters and I’m so very sorry that that appears to have been the case here.”

      That would have been the end of the story.

      • -M-

        He’s incapable of saying that.

      • Cipher

        “Making these calls is the most difficult thing I have to do as President. If anything I said upset her, I am so sorry. Finding the right words and saying them without breaking down is something I am learning to do.”

      • bambinoitaliano

        Even a minor celebrity has a PR team available to advice how one ought to behave in a public forum never mind the White House. A 3 year old can be forgiven as he or she just learn the boundaries of social networking. A 70 year old kook should be institutionalized.

  • Buford

    I’ll state the obvious… the President Of The United States apparently has no other items on his agenda today which are more important that ‘winning’ an argument with a Gold Star family still grieving over their loss, despite the fact that ‘winning’ in this case means proving that the widow is lying about how his condolence call was subjectively interpreted by the family.

    Trump is apparently too petty and vindictive to even see that even ‘winning’ this argument will not be a victory for him. He’s is dangerously unfit for this job. HE MUST GO!

    • Gustav2

      It keeps the hoi polloi from focusing how he is screwing them.

      • -M-

        He, Russia, and the Republicans.

    • RoFaWh

      “Petty and vindictive”

      That’s our boy!

  • Anastasia Beaverhousen

    This is going to end up like the Rosie/Donald fight. He will call her a “fat, disgusting cow, bleeding from her… wherever.”

  • Dutchlander

    Well she is black, so, you know, she was asking for this.


    • Dave B

      You make a good point. The Sargent, his wife and the congress woman are black. Are we really that surprised how the white supremacist and his administration are treating them?

      • Adam King

        Donald has contempt for women and contempt for people of color. If you’re a woman of color, you aren’t even a human being in his eyes. He’s a horror.

  • greenmanTN
    • Bj Lincoln

      I wish my cats were this polite. We had to ‘hide’ our litter box from the dogs to keep them out of it.

  • I spoke to the widow WHATEVER HER NAME WAS.
    Me me me me me me.

  • Just don’t think about Russia.

    • another_steve

      I genuinely think that’s part of his strategy.

      Every news cycle in which Russia is not being discussed is a good one for Trump.

      • Ross

        But all the while Mueller keeps working away.





      • Then again, I have to wonder if this a smokescreen for some other nasty thing coming from this administration — like a “guidance” from Betsy DeVos reinstituting segregated schools.

  • Smokey

    It wouldn’t matter but I wish someone would say those famous words to tRump’s face at a presser. “You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

    • Dave B

      Have you no sense of decency, asshole? Fixed it.

    • JohnJay

      Didn’t he just give the answer the other day Re:McCain? (Paraphrasing from memory:) I get hit, I get hit… and eventually… I’ll hit back… and it won’t be pretty.

      • BearEyes

        Not pretty, but definitely petty

      • Smokey

        None of us here need to be reminded but that’s not how a president behaves; a bully, a thug, perhaps, but not a president.

      • Daveed_WOW

        Like a bully. Checks out.

    • TrollopeReader

      I’d really love some reporters to actually ask “Sarah, why do you lie to us, to America? Why does POTUS lie to us, and to America?”

      msnbc is using the lie word much more freely — and accurately (as their chyron typists do too!) ….the WH press corps needs to be relentless on this from now on.

      • KarenAtFOH

        Network ratings depend on their press corps not losing WH press access.

        • TrollopeReader

          I think the WH Correspondent’s Assoc. would have something to say about that …..

        • RemusL

          Access to what exactly? To being lied directly to their faces vs being lied to by tweet, press release or Fox network propaganda?

    • Cipher

      “Sarah, how many more lies do you think this Administration can tell before you all lose every shred of credibility with the majority of Americans?”

    • charemor

      Trump doesn’t even know what decency is.

  • TheGrandWazoo2
  • DesertSun59

    45 will argue with anyone as long as they end up the loser. That is the ‘art of the deal’ with him. The entire world is witness to the sociopath that he is even to the point of him disrespecting our military.

  • AmeriCanadian
    • Adam King

      But you can correct and educate a child.

      • Bj Lincoln

        Plus most children learn the lesson and move on.

        • Karl Dubhe

          Not when they get to Donny’s age. Then they start to re-gress, and grow ever younger. While they’re mental infants, they still have the strength of an adult.

          A bad combination. 🙁

  • Gigi

    45’s been tweeting, and lying about, his telephone conversation with the pregnant widow of Sgt. La David Johnson and casting aspersions on Rep. Wilson for days on end, but he’s said nothing about the events in Niger that led to the deaths of these four young men. All he and the rest of his duplicitous minions are doing is distracting from the truth. #NigerghaziGate

    • TrollopeReader

      I hope the widow is getting good natal care … this must be hellish for her ….

      • LesbianTippingHabits

        At least she personally knows a Member of Congress who cares.

        That’s not all that common any more.

    • Gerry Fisher

      Rachel Maddow hypothesized that the disrespect shown to Chad by placing them on the travel-ban list (which resulted in them withdrawing their highly effective troops from Niger, which resulted in suddenly emboldened terrorists) was due either to 1) Tillerson getting revenge on Chad for embarrassing Exxon/Mobile, or 2) Some bean counter being angry at Chad for a temporary inability to give them a sample passport (because they ran out of passport paper), so the US could vet valid passports.

  • Silver Badger

    This is just another distraction. It is a shame he had to involve a gold star widow.

    • TrollopeReader

      this one is black, the parents of Khan are Muslim …. beginning to see a pattern?!

  • Tom G

    Our collective shame is crushing.

  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    The true problem is the electorate. He really should have lost.

    He really should lose the military vote but while some Veterans groups have pointed out how his failures, I can’t keep wondering how much are vets like the GOP base where “I got mine fuck you” when it comes to other vets, especially if they don’t personally know them?

    • Christopher

      When I lived in rural Misery I met a lot of those type of vets.

      I was sitting at a bar drinking with one, and I finally asked him “Are you really saying ‘you’ve got yours and fuck everybody else’?”

      His response “Yep!”

      Just a couple of years later that man was elected Mayor of that Podunk-Cousinfuckerville town.

    • Ross

      He really should have lost.

      But did he win?

      Or did Russia steal the vote for him?

      My money is on the latter.

  • Jefe5084
    • JCF

      So THAT’S why the Deplorables love Pepe!

  • FAEN

    Hucky-boo-boo will go out there and will say whatever she needs to defend this thin skinned whiny little butch. She has no shame.

    • Christopher

      She left her shame on the floor with her control-top pantyhose.

      But clearly knew where she kept her makeup gun.

      • FAEN

        My brother in law bumped into her at a Starbucks. He’s not one to speak badly of people but he did say she looks like her father in bad drag. I burst into laughter.

    • kat

      Just what you’d expect from a Christian fundie who is as vile as she is witless.

  • Russell Hooks
  • Boreal
    • JCF

      Nitpick: one was an ambassador, not a soldier.

      • Boreal

        I’m not interested in nitpicks. It’s part of the reason I took a break from this blog. Make your own meme if you have issue with it.

  • Boreal
  • Boreal
    • Christopher

      I think the number is higher than 43.

      • Adam King

        Out of date meme.

    • djcoastermark

      As of this weekend, 75 golf trips.

  • worstcultever

    Just saw her interview with Stephanopolos – she was very real and moving.

    But of course Divisive Dumpfuck is now deeply invested in trashing her – a freaking still-grieving military widow – and so will be his racist deplorables. (They will especially seize on her somewhat “black” way of speaking to ridicule her, despite the utter cogency of her words and points.)

    Trump is destroying this country faster and faster. A real president – even one trying to cover his ass about the whole Niger fiasco – would seek to use the death of La David Johnson as a unifiying moment. Dumpy simply cannot stop himself from throwing gasoline on anything and everything.

  • Boreal
    • TampaDink

      And, lest we forget, has admitted…in public to sexual assault.

      • Natty Enquirer

        I believe Trump intended that conversation to be private but was too dumb to realize the mics could still be live.

        • TampaDink

          Those sneaky bastards wired him up without his taking notice. /sarcasm.

        • Smokey

          Was there a microwave oven nearby?

          • TrollopeReader

            no, but lots of tin foil hats were being worn …..

    • worstcultever

      Being white, straight, male, rich, nazi, and pussygrabbing automatically photoshops Dumpy’s fat-ass physique into that of Ryan Reynolds. Them’s the new Murkan rules!

  • Skokieguy [Larry]

    War widow as shiny object is doing its job.

    In the meanwhile, Scott Pruitt now has his security force increase to 30, while the EPA is facing 30% budget cuts, oh and proposed increasing levels for radioactivity in water that would would permit radiation exposures equivalent
    to 250 chest X-rays a year

    And one of the things that Russian wanted has now happened, but totally obscured by the Mad King: “The State Department has reportedly revoked a visa for British citizen
    Bill Browder, a hedge-fund manager-turned human-rights activist
    responsible for the Magnitsky Act. The 2012 U.S. law is aimed at
    punishing Russian officials believed responsible for the death in a Moscow prison of Sergei Magnitsky, who was allegedly beaten and denied medical care.”

    • TrollopeReader

      and the head of Indonesia’s military was denied entry to the US for a conference he was invited to by the Chair of the Joint Chiefs, Gen. Dunford!

      and a Yemeni/Swedish freedom of the press advocate was denied a visa to receive her award, after trying visas for each nationality ….

      We are such a welcoming nation.

      (and woe to the CBP person who has to listen to a four-star general bellow on the phone!)

      • Skokieguy [Larry]

        And it was so outrageous for the call to be on speaker phone, where Frederica could hear it (along with family members in the car), but its totes cool for Trump to have the General and other in the room with him when he made the call.

        • TrollopeReader

          If she was using Bluetooth, it’s a safe(r) way to drive and talk!! Why more folks insist on using their phone, and drive, and ….. ugh!

          • Skokieguy [Larry]

            They were in a limo going to meet the body of La David Johnson. A body not suitable for an open casket funeral.

            Ms. Johnson was not driving. But no doubt she the call on speaker so that the other relatives in the car could also hear the President’s condolence call. And Frederica was a long-term family friend, hence why she was also in the limo.

    • KarenAtFOH

      And B-52 aircraft with will soon be back on 24 hour nuclear alert.

    • Why the hell does Pruitt need that level of security? We need some new rules in place for our officials.

  • Friday

    When lying scumbags go senile.

  • LesbianTippingHabits

    Of course, President Donald J. Trump only insults Gold Star Families of color.

    • Well the family of Dillon Baldrigde was promised $25,000 and they are white. So, no he’s just a heartless bastard.

      • LesbianTippingHabits

        Perhaps not yet fulfilling an optional promise to give money is an insult, but Trump’s treatment of Gold Star Families of color is reprehensible.

        Thank you.

        • I agree, but just wanted to point out he is rude to everyone, just more so to POC.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Someone in the WH needs to take a sledge hammer to his dammed Phone, and make him watch it being smashed.

    • TrollopeReader

      supposedly he has people go out and buy new phones (plural) for him … not that that is secure, of course. ….

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        Then cut the WIFI !

        • Halou

          Change the password to “Obama Did A Good Job And I Appreciate His Service”

        • Naw, a much more simpler solution is to get into the settings when he’s not looking and turn off the ability to use the internet on his phone. It would “look” right, just not work.

    • Ross

      Someone in the WH needs to take a sledge hammer to…

    • worstcultever

      Hope Hicks is probably the only one who could do it, while diverting his attention with a handy.

      (gah, sorry, just made myself puke)

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        Would NOT even be surprised that is already going on.
        She had no previous reason, knowledge or experience to qualify being in the WH

        • But her hand is too big! She’d have trouble keeping a grip on it.

    • Halou

      And feed him the remains.

    • RoFaWh

      Like a kid watching daddy smash his phone with a sledgehammer, Trump might very well just burst into tears

      Youtube has lots of examples.

  • Treant

    Moron. Dotard.

    • worstcultever

      Not to mention Evil Incarnate.

      • Evil Moron Dotard Incarnate?

        Oh, here, this is better! cheetolini loves acronyms,

        DIMES and that would fit nicely on a hat….

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Seargeant Johnson did everything single thing right. A beautiful man, killed in service who actually stood for everything a real American is supposed to stand for.
    And THIS is what his family gets ?

  • liondon#iamnotatraitor

    She better go into hiding…the right doesn’t take kindly to “lippy” widows.

    • Halou

      Especially from those who aren’t white.

  • Halou

    Disrespecting the military again, Donald?

    Oh, that”s right. Respect for the military starts and finishes with simply standing up while someone else sings a song.

    • worstcultever

      Dumpy’s “respect for the military” = make those billionaire NFL owners FORCE those uppity n-words to show respect to Dumpy.

  • Ross
    • worstcultever

      And the “values voters” – even their women – just eat it up.

    • I’ve love to know who this woman was.

      • -M-

        I don’t know who it was, but I’m pretty sure they said who it was when the tape came out.

  • Eric Lewis

    Trump always has to have the last word … even if it means calling a devastated pregnant military widow a liar. Shameful.

  • Daveed_WOW

    I’m gonna cry. I can’t watch him abuse anyone else. ITMFA

  • Natty Enquirer

    What did you all expect? This is still Donald Trump. He has not and will not ever magically acquire class or a heart no matter how much money he spends and how many people vote for him.

  • Halou

    Set up a recording device next time then leak to the press.

    • Jerry Kott

      T45 had made claims he had proof of what he said, implying he recorded conversation .He should release the recording.

      • He can’t! Because that would prove for once and all that he is a lying sack of shite and would lose more of his core voters.

    • worstcultever

      Would it even matter? This is USA Jonestown.

    • The_Wretched

      After checking local State laws. It’s illegal in some places.

    • KarenAtFOH

      He would still lie. He has to. It’s what addicts (to attention) do.

  • Bluto

    It’s great to finally have a prez with the balls to stand up against war windows. MAGA

  • Gene Perry
  • Tatonka

    Just take a knee, Donald.

  • Steven B
  • The_Wretched

    this isn’t normal
    it is distraction
    a second week of harassing a citizen doesn’t help his legislative agenda
    then again, it might. He screws everything up so keeping Trump on bs might let the evil actually progress.

    • jimbo65

      I think the only success this POS has had with his distractions are filling the lower court judge vacancies. Damage for decades to come.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
  • M Jackson

    And 4-Star General Kelly is a lying lapdog whose career is flushed down the trump toilet along with all the rest.

  • Jonathan Smith
  • Ann Kah

    Donald, that hole is pretty deep. Stop digging.

  • Hank

    Let the Lyin’ POS play the tapes a la Nixon!!!! Then we will know the truth AND get everything he has done to obstruct justice!!!!

  • Lars Littlefield

    Who to believe? Who to believe. Surely, Trump wouldn’t lie, would he? /s

  • Ninja0980

    And already, people are attacking this woman and saying she is trying to make a buck etc.
    And all to defend a worthless POS.
    Makes you sick.

  • BlindBill

    I hope she or the good congresswoman responds publicly to dementia-dons tweet. …. Keep him stewing and focused on how unfair he is being treated … He will be plotting revenge 24/7 for a good week or so.
    The Russian investigation goes on and the Niger investigation will be demanded.
    Wonder what the snivelingsoninlaw is screwing up?

  • I don’t doubt that he couldn’t remember his name. cheetolini couldn’t remember Mrs Johnson’s name when he was bitching about Sen. Wilson press conference.

  • JWC

    Trump lies has no empathy and not to good sense to apologize and let it go No Tweet and keep it stirred up

    • LeeCMH

      “Very presidential”

  • boobert

    FACT ! moron has a problem with people of color!

  • JAKvirginia

    “… the widow of Sgt. La David…”. So, you forgot her name, too!! Shut it down, Donnie, just shut it down.

  • andrew

    Trump is such a psychologically impaired man that he doesn’t now how a real man acts when criticized, rightly or even wrongly, by a grieving soldier’s widow.

  • June Gordon

    Ask Lara Trump what the transcript says.

  • boobert

    Plain and simple, this man has a problem with people of color. He fought with gold star father Khizr Khan and this woman, but the white blond widow of Ryan Owens gets a standing ovation at his address to congress.

  • safari

    DonJohn is presenting the medal of honor today at 3, so expect him to trip over his tiny dick.

  • LeeCMH

    People who have recently lost loved ones in the GOP wars should make sure to record their phone calls.

    So if Trumplina calls them, they can have a recording.

  • Richard B

    Having lost all his credibility from months (years) of incessant lying and the eyewitness reports from the Green Beret’s widow and her congresswoman, why would Trump believe anyone believes him???

    • RoFaWh

      Two words fully explain: he’s nuts.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada
  • RoFaWh

    I honestly can’t understand why Trump doesn’t realize that his reputation is “a non-stop liar”.

    People not only don’t like you, Donny, they don’t believe you.

    • ted-

      Some still believe his sorry orange ass.

  • JCF

    There’s no bottom. There will NEVER be a bottom.