REPORT: Steve Bannon Says Homocon Milo Is “Dead To Me” After Exposé Linking Milo To White Nationalists

Buzzfeed reports:

Breitbart News executive chairman Steve Bannon has told multiple people that he will never work with Milo Yiannopoulos again in the aftermath of a BuzzFeed News exposé linking Breitbart’s former tech editor to white nationalists, BuzzFeed News has learned. Yiannopoulos, Bannon told at least one acquaintance, is “dead to me.”

But members of the Mercer family, Bannon’s and Yiannopoulos’s key, shared patrons and partners on the new right, have not signaled whether they will continue to bankroll the controversial culture warrior. Their decision may shed light on the extent to which the hedge fund billionaires are motivated by the raw ethnonationalist politics a cache of leaked documents related to Yiannopoulos and Breitbart revealed.

BuzzFeed News’s story demonstrated that Breitbart, which the Mercers partly own, ran numerous stories that were conceived and co-edited by white nationalists. The central figure in this effort was Yiannopoulos, who, the story revealed, once sang America the Beautiful” in a karaoke bar as a crowd, including the white nationalist Richard Spencer, gave Nazi salutes.

Bannon is surely just angry that the story got out in the first place. Hit the link for much more.

  • Joseph Miceli

    So the fondness for young boys wasn’t a deal breaker, but white nationalism was. Gee,what a moral victory.

  • Gigi

    So Bannon was A-OK with Milo being a pedo apologize but it was his ties to white nationalists that was the last straw. Gtk.

  • Gustav2

    Please, the Mercers and Bannon promote White Nationalism, Milo pissed them off by “marrying” an anonymous Black Man ruining his cred.

    • Todd20036

      I thought it was because Milo openly admitted to claiming that men fucking boys was a good idea.

      • Gustav2

        White men can fuck who the want, they just can’t “marry” who they want.

        • Todd20036

          He really married a black man? He actually found a black man who wants to fuck a self-hating Nazi who actually hates black people?

          • Gustav2
          • Todd20036

            Single most appropriate caption I could think of. on his suit.

          • Gustav2

            Geez, just think of the poor Mercers or Bannon would now have to have them both over for dinner! Oh, and the Christmas Party…

            Ghastly, just ghastly.

          • Christopher

            Blind people should still sue!

          • fuzzybits

            Another stunt.

          • Chucktech

            And the sanctity of marriage goes right down the crapper…

          • FAEN

            His jacket should say ‘BLIND AND STUPID’.

          • LaChatSayWha

            His jacket should read blind and paid.

          • FAEN

            Yep! I can’t figure out if it’s based on hate fucking, self loathing or a combination.

          • Publicity stunt. The marriage may or may not be legal, but this is just another one of his stunts like renting African American hustlers to accompany him to conservative events. Everything he does is for shock value. That’s why I have written off all his enablers, like Dave Rubin. That taint ain’t washing off.

      • The_Wretched

        timing – that got him off of breitbart but it’s the marrying / going rogue that created the public distancing.

    • greenmanTN

      Has there been any conformation that was real? I don’t care enough to check.

    • FAEN

      I would LOVE to talk to Milo’s husband so I can ask “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING?”

      • Dom Saunders

        He wasn’t and he isn’t. That’s the only appropriate response.

  • Judas Peckerwood

    Translation: “I can’t be seen in public with Milo anymore.”

    • ByronK

      “Ya, I’m a white nationalist, but I don’t go around flaunting it in everyone’s face like he does.”

      • clay

        (shoving it down their throats, as it were)

    • LaChatSayWha

      “The NYT compared me to FDR today. I’m gonna rise to the top of the charts. Hang out with the real stars. So you backstabbing little Nazis can fuck off from now on*. I’m gonna be the biggest star ever!”

      * actually, little nazis, do continue to support my racist site. Gimme them dollars. But just keep our relationship on the hush, mkay?

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Remember when we didnt know who either of these creatures even were ?
    Take me back.

    • Gustav2
    • matrem

      No. We need to see this evil. How can we fight an enemy we can’t see?

      • FAEN

        I agree with you but at this point how can we NOT see it-it’s running the government and marching in the streets screaming about anti Semitism.

        • JackFknTwist

          All I can think of is: – US American political life is so f ucked.

    • boatboy_srq

      Just a friendly reminder that going back that far means going back before Windsor and Obergefell, and possibly Lawrence. That’s a lot to give up.

    • teeveedub

      You spelled “cretins” wrong.

  • Sam_Handwich

    i’d like to think his 15 minutes are finally up, but he’ll probably percolate up from the septic tank eventually.

  • JWC

    Lets get this STR8 Milo is dead to Bannon, Milo is dead to the rest of us Bannon is also dead to Milo as Bannon is dead to the rest of us Any one wanna cue the undertakers?

    • clay

      Oh, and Breitbart is also (still) dead.

      • JW Swift

        Along with Generalisimo Franco. (Showing my age again.)

        • LaChatSayWha

          Franco died around the time I was born. I will still grab every chance of celebrating his death.

        • Raising_Rlyeh

          Hey now, some of us young gaylings appreciate classic SNL weekend update.

    • ByronK

      You’re dead right.

    • greenmanTN

      Let Blowfly and Blowfly deal with it. I can’t be bothered.

      • JWC


  • Leo

    Rebranding? This is symbolic so he can collect speaking fees from groups like the California GOP that just had him. He separated from Milo because Milo lied to him and went rogue, that’s it.

    A man whose totem and mantra is “Camp of the Saints” depicting refugees as marauding hordes is never not a racist. Point blank and period.

    Why anyone associates with this creature that ran a meth and prostitution ring out of his old home in Miami and HOW they’re still getting away with the screaming hypocrisy is beyond me.

    • Gustav2

      I was thinking the ‘rebranding’ back to ‘polite racism’.

    • Todd20036

      Might be where he started his meth addiction

    • LaChatSayWha

      Oh yeah, the ‘liberal media’ has been covering this bubbling pustule of hate like he’s a respected statesman. And since he’s an enema bag of resentment b/c of decades of failure, he’s super thirsty to keep clawing his way to the top.

      He wants his little nazis to continue their work & continue to pay him through BreitShart, but he only wants to be seen with power players now. Thirsty, thirsty Steve Bourbon.

  • paganguy

    Bannon : “I’m shocked… SHOCKED… to learn there have been white nationalists at Brietbart.”

    • greenmanTN

      Helen Keller must have spilled the beans.

      • GanymedeRenard

        Have I told you how much I love you, lately?

        • greenmanTN

          LOL. No, but thanks. 😁

          • GanymedeRenard

            Kisses, kisses, kisses.

          • FAEN

            Hey you need to spread your kisses all around 😉

      • Reality.Bites

        What they were thinking hiring a 147-year-old deaf-blind dead woman to harvest crops in the first place is beyond me.

  • Ninja0980

    Milo is being thrown overboard.
    Got to love it.

    • alguien

      i’d be happy to throw him an anchor

      • boatboy_srq

        Cannon. Preferably 32 pounder. I’m sure HMS Victory can spare one.

        • Karl Dubhe

          No, those are historical.

          Use one from the USS Constitution.

          • boatboy_srq

            Constitution’s 24-pounders should be historical as well, and might not weigh enough.

          • Karl Dubhe


      • ZRAinSWVA

        Or a few gallons of blood and fish bits…assuming he’s in the ocean where he can meet the real great white…

    • clay

      One look at his “book tour” and they figured, “why not?”

  • Lawerence Collins
    • greenmanTN

      And smelling of week old taco bowls.

  • Karl Dubhe

    Well, Kapos get what they deserve, right?

    Although, technically, well maybe… I suppose the world _could_ be seen as one huge death camp..

    /I need to quit drinking.

  • GanymedeRenard

    Oh, shut up, Bannon. We all know the real reason Milo fell from your grace is he married a black guy because, in Milo’s own words, he likes black cock!

    • Cuberly Deux

      …or was that just typical Milo theater?

      I don’t take anything he does at face value. He’s made it known he’ll do anything to razz and provoke.

      • GanymedeRenard

        Or, giving him the benefit of the doubt, he’s just an asshole.

    • Dagoril

      I thought we all did!

      • swimboy

        Except Milo doesn’t like the rest of them, just the cocks.

  • boatboy_srq

    They Eat Their Own redux.

    • greenmanTN

      If somebody has to eat them, let it be their own and leave the rest of us out of it.

  • MikeBx2

    Hey Milo, did you hear what Steve Bannon said about you? What say you?

  • AdmiralPecker, USS JMG
  • Tawreos

    I hope this little tiff between the two of them erupts into a war. A war where all the casualties are from friendly fire and only the haters lose. I might be fun to watch.

  • Canadian Observer

    How long till Milo pens an article proclaiming his embracing of necrophilia?

    • Karl Dubhe

      Now that’s an article of his that I’d read. 😀

    • The_Wretched

      It cuts down on messy emotional attachments.

      • agcons

        Those messy physical detachments are another issue.

    • popebuck1

      It does make consent a breeze – though if anybody could get rejected by corpses, Milo’s the one.

      • Canadian Observer

        I was thinking more along the lines of him making himself attractive to “he’s dead to me” Steve Bannon once again… maybe they can co-write the article.

  • Halou

    “How dare you get caught. How dare you let the public know our true nature!”

  • fuzzybits
  • Harveyrabbit
    • Dreaming Vertebrate

      Cannot unsee!!!

      • agcons

        Neither can I, more’s the pity.

    • clay

      1) I would believe that photo could be as accurately captioned ” … from the nasty non-European!”

      2) I had not realized how much Alex Jones looks like the (older) Alan Hale, Jr. of “Gilligan’s Island” fame.

      3) I want (someone else) to search their bodies for white nationalist tattoos.

    • greenmanTN

      First off, ewww.

      Second, does Bannon work part time as a wet nurse?

  • clay

    As Milo’s tour fizzles, Trae Crowder and friends have sold out one of their two Philadelphia shows.

  • Tatonka

    He’s still super fine with Richard Spencer and torch-wielding mobs of Docker-pants-wearing cheese weasels though.

    • clay

      They’re still “useful”.

      • -M-

        Bingo. Distancing from Milo is just diversion and damage control.

  • JDS

    I guess no more blowjobs between the two of them.

  • bkmn

    I have a feeling the white nationalist angle has less to do with this than the pedophile-enabling does.

    • clay

      Why? They didn’t seem to care when that came out.

      • Gustav2

        Not at all. It fit the pattern conservatives believe.

  • -M-

    ‘I am shocked to learn that there are racists in the Nazi Party.’ ~ probably, Himmler 🙄

  • Ronald Reagan is Dead!

    Steve Bannon disowning Milo because of Milo’s ties to white nationalist makes no sense since Bannon is a NAZI.

  • Frostbite

    Please. He was never “alive” to you, only “useful”. He’s no longer useful to you.

  • worstcultever

    It’ll be a great day when they’re both dead to everyone.

  • Cuberly Deux

    Did Bannon, leak the emails to buzzfeed?

    A set up to turn the Mercers off on backing Milo? Bannon wanting to dump Milo ties because his new mission is attacking the GOP. Trying to rewrite his overt racism and pass it off onto Milo?

  • JustDucky

    Some additional context for all of this (and a reminder of why we need to give a shit about misogyny):

    “In the mid-2000s, Bannon was on the board at a company called Internet Gaming Entertainment…an online business that allowed people to purchase in-game World of Warcraft goods, many of which came from gold farms in China.

    In 2007, however, the company got hit by a class-action lawsuit led by an irate World of Warcraft player who accused IGE of “substantially impairing” players’ enjoyment of the game, at which point IGE removed its hands from the grimy gold business and rebranded as Affinity Media. Bannon then became CEO…From then until 2012, he ran a company that launched ventures like the ZAM network of video game sites, which included hugely popular World of Warcraft resource Wowhead, as well as… TF2Outpost.

    In 2012, Bannon became executive chairman of Breitbart News, and you might know where this is going. In addition to publishing all sorts of fun stories like, “the confederate flag proclaims a glorious heritage,” “birth control makes women unattractive and crazy,” “the solution to online ‘harassment’ is simple: women should log off,” “‘Islamophobia’ is a silly myth put about by left-wing journalists,” and dedicating a whole section to “black crime,” Breitbart worked tirelessly to stoke the flames of Gamergate.

    Gamergate, if you’ll remember, led to sustained and ugly harassment of many women and minorities in games and tech in the ostensible pursuit of cracking down on journalism ethics.

    Breitbart took things a step further: it legitimized those views and, in the process, legitimized Gamergate’s mob tactics and strategies for disseminating misinformation (and, you know, bold-faced lies) as well…”

    • BobSF_94117

      I never thought I’d miss the days when political corruption involved simple things like oil leases and stock manipulation.

    • Bunter

      Also, that’s how the alt right/Trump learned those internet strategies.

  • Lars Littlefield

    I’m so tired of the lover’s quarrel between these two jealous queens. Do we really care? As if. Whatevs. Just keep them from shitting on my lawn or I will personally rub their noses in it.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    White Nationalist, Alt-Right, etc….Nazis, by any other name, still smell putrid.

  • KarenAtFOH

    Can he be dead to all of us? Except for himself. He needs to live with his stink.

  • Jmdintpa

    why do i have a sick feeling in my belly that so many of these asshats are deep mentally ill closeted sodomites….wait sodomite is what i prefer to be called.

  • another_steve

    And now for some good news!

    Jared Kushner has come out! Not only that, but he appeared at my home this afternoon and begged to be given refuge. In leather briefs, no less!

    Am I a lucky guy or what?

    • agcons

      Pics or it didn’t happen.

      • another_steve

        $25 unsigned or $75 autographed by Jared.

        Special $200 edition: autographed by Jared with his handwritten note reading, “Ivanka, your father sucks cocks in hell.”

    • Phil2u

      YUCK. I’d send him running with the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses that periodically appear.

    • AdmiralPecker, USS JMG
    • OdieDenCO

      are you sure it wasn’t a boy scout trying to sell you a magazine subscription?

    • Tor

      It’s a little early for the martinis, dear.

      • another_steve

        Not where I live.

      • another_steve

        He has what experts in the area call “relatively flat yet defined Jew pecs and abs.”

        It’s a cultivated taste vis-à-vis the male physique.

        If one lacks the requisite queer Jew genome, one might not fully appreciate it.

      • William

        Flat Stanley had a baby?

  • Todd

    C’mon Stevie ……. if Milo’s African American husband can overlook it ……….

  • Dagoril

    And here I would have thought that a link to white nationalists would have brought them closer together.

  • agcons

    Why, exactly, would Yammeropolis’ links to white nationalists be a problem for you, Bannanon?

    • Gil

      I’m not getting it either…

    • lymis

      Because they imply that there are some white nationalists who put up with gay people?

  • Tempus Fuggit

    Whassamata, Bannon doesn’t like Yiannopoulis wearing his same pointy white dress?

  • Athirson

    So, Milo being a white trashionalist was a bridge too far for Bannon, but Milo being a pedophile wasn’t? Nice to know Bannon has such high standards

  • bambinoitaliano

    Maybe Steve Bannon is just a necrophiliac who like to have sex with a skinny expired twink?

  • billbear1961
    • coram nobis

      You can come back in from the South Portico, Donald. Supper is waiting.

      • LaChatSayWha

        2 buckets of extra crispy and 3 gallons of shitty vanilla ice cream. Come ‘n’ get it! Soo-eeeeeey!

    • Friday

      That is *so* the “So, I just made an arse of myself, what are you gonna do about it” series of poses. Always made me wonder. 🙂

    • William

      Did Trump’s toupee fly away?

  • billbear1961

    And is Nazi Richard Spencer dead to him?

    Is Bannon dead to himself?

    How about just plain dead?

    • Adam King

      An excellent suggestion.

  • Congratulations to the quisling Yiannopoulos. You’ve finally achieved your purpose. Sacrificial offering.

  • Tor

    I don’t understand Bannon’s problem.

    • vorpal 😼

      Alcohol-induced dementia.

      • Friday

        And a longstanding ingrown sense of importance.

        • David Gervais

          Spelling check – did you mean impotence?

  • coram nobis

    Would you call this a false-fag attack?

  • vorpal 😼

    That video was painful to watch. My ears may never recover.
    Milo always has to make sure he’s the centre of attention.

    It’s pathetic when adults like Trump and Milo never grow out of the five year old, “Look at me! Look at me! Are you looking? Are you looking? LOOK AT ME!” phase.

  • Chucktech

    So, Buzzfeed isn’t fake news anymore?

  • Friday’s_cat

    So, Bannon wont swallow?

    • Hank

      Bannon just BENDS OVER!!!

      • Ben in Oakland

        Thanks for ruining buttsex for me.

  • Adam King

    How does this implicate Milo but not implicate Bannon? I can’t tell one Nazi from the next.

    • Johnny Wyeknot

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Friday

      Bannon obviously hasn’t been speaking to himself for some time, therefore can’t possibly know what kind of fascist bigot he is always yammering on about being and doing like.

  • hdtex
    • Oscarlating Wildely

      Pity, that’s a lovely shade of blue, almost cobalt. Doesn’t quite match the jacket, except perhaps the outline, is that Prussian blue?

      • Ben in Oakland

        Can you notzee it?

  • KnownDonorDad

    Milo should realize what eventually happens when you’re gay and associate with Nazis, cf. Ernst Röhm:

  • Johnny Wyeknot

    I wonder if Steve Bannon’s scrotum resembles Jan Brewer’s face. Actually, no I don’t.

  • Ernest Endevor

    They aspire to be second-rate. And George Clooney still doesn’t take Bannon’s calls.

  • boobert

    The ” infighting is funny” tag has never been more relevant ! lol

  • Oscarlating Wildely

    Well, that video… gee…..Queeny homo-con has been ex pat sings with too much vibrato in a cheesy gay bar basement before blowing Donald Trump? Meh, dime a dozen.

  • June Gordon

    Anything, even fake outrage, that deprives Milo of grocery money is a good thing.

  • Friday

    They talk so tough, these Drumphists, but smack into each other when running from the light like roaches.

  • Frank McCormick

    I cry bull….

  • Ben in Oakland

    Dear mr. Bannon,

    To anyone with a soul and a heart, mylow has always appeared to be pretty dead. Just not in the sense you mean it.

  • thatotherjean

    Bannon’s kidding, right? And here I thought they were blood-brothers. There’s a tiff in Naziland?

  • Stubenville
  • SoCalGal20

    Bullshit. I don’t believe Milo has been cut loose for a second. And if you read the original Buzzfeed article, Milo’s like BFFs with Rebekah Mercer. I doubt that has changed.

  • andrew

    Bannon sounds like a teen aged girl referring to a former boyfriend.

  • wds

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle “white” … SMH

  • Gerry Fisher

    Bannon was PERFECTLY FINE with what Milo was doing, as long as it didn’t go public. The Buzzfeed article made that glaringly clear. (It even exposed Bannon’s adolescent penchant for saying, “Dude!”) I hope he’s not fooling anyone with this “faux outrage.” He’s as dark and evil as it gets, way worse than Milo, who’s more opportunist. Steve really wants to burn it all down with no plan for recovery.

  • Observing U

    LMAO. More like Bannon was just looking for an excuse to make Milo “dead to him” after he found out Milo married an African American Muslim.

  • DesertSun59

    Milo’s advocacy of pedophilia just wasn’t low enough for Bannon.

  • JCF

    This is too boring even for popcorn. Fuck BOTH of these guys: rusty and sideways!

  • Davester

    Hilarious! Condoning the sexual abuse of 13 year old boys by priests wasn’t a problem, but this is? I’m glad Bannon has found a place to draw a line!

  • NowVoyager

    No doubt Milo took some inspiration from the 1969 film “The Damned” by director Luchino Visconti.

  • Guy Johnson

    Let’s just tell the truth. Milo broke the cardinal rule.

    You can have an anonymous gay sex with a black man, but God forbid you marry one.