Pastor Rick Wiles: The Las Vegas Shooting Was Carried Out By A Super Secret Gay Nazi Death Squad [AUDIO]

Last week Jesus Campos, the hotel security guard who first encountered the Las Vegas shooter, appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show to tell his story. Enter end times scamvangelist Rick Wiles, who regularly appears on Jim Bakker’s show. 

Kyle Mantyla has the quote at Right Wing Watch:

“I stand by my claim that this country has death squads. We have death squads in this country and it’s being run by a super secret agency, but there is participation at the state and local level. We’re in a fascist Nazi police state. There will be a day that they tell law enforcement [officers] to execute your children right in front of you and they will do it.

“America has become a Nazi state. The deep state is a Nazi state. That is why Campos appeared on a daytime talk show hosted by a fast-talking, dancing comedienne, and, let me add, a lesbian, because this Nazi regime is a gay/lesbian Nazi regime, just like Nazis in Hitler’s day.

“Hitler was a bisexual, the top Nazi leaders of the Nazi party were homosexuals. The Nazi takeover of Germany was a militant homosexual fascist takeover; that is what is taking place in America today.”

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Rick Wiles declares that God punished Houston with a hurricane because the city loves “LGBT perversion.” Rick Wiles declares that Queen Elizabeth is a “satanic lizard person.” Rick Wiles declares that Bill Clinton is dying from a brain disease brought on by cannibalizing children. Rick Wiles declares that God’s love is “oozing” over America thanks to Trump. Rick Wiles prays that Hillary Clinton falls down at the presidential debate. Wiles declares that Satan is using Pokemon to murder Christians. Wiles declares that the “Nazi freaks at Target” will get American destroyed in a nuclear war. Wiles declares that God will murder the enemies of Donald Trump. Wiles declares that President Obama ordered the murder of Antonin Scalia as a human sacrifice to pagan fascism. Wiles declares that gay Nazis control America. Wiles renounces US citizenship because Obergefell. Wiles declares that God will destroy the earth with a “fireball from space” because of gay marriage. Wiles declares that God is killing chickens, bees, and pigs because of gay rights. Wiles declares that God sent the California drought because of gay rights. Wiles declares that Russia will nuke the United States because of gay rights. Wiles says God will destroy America and the survivors will be the “slaves of sodomites.” Wiles says ebola could solve “America’s problem with gays and atheists.” Wiles declares that MSNBC viewers are “demon-possessed fans of the anti-Christ.” Wiles declares that God sent a plague of locusts to Egypt because Obama.

  • Christopher
  • Butch

    I go away for a week and this is what I come back to? You guys let me down….
    (And Becca, if you’re llistening, avoid decompression sickness while you’re diving. I’m now familiar with Navy Level 6 and Navy Level 5 decompression treatment. You don’t want to be.)

    • David Walker

      Welcome back. We knew you needed some exercise to get back into SMH mode. The real shit will come along soon enough.

  • Dave B

    Mental illness, pure and simple.

    • Christopher

      Religion has a funny way of spreading that!

    • Joe in PA

      The mental illness reveals itself in his followers, this guy is just in it for the $$$$. 🙁

      • northern_neighbour

        You absolutely nailed it, but four figures isn’t enough …

        Try at least seven $$$$$$$ !!! These guys are not around for the chump change y’know!

  • bkmn
    • Tawreos

      Well, those are molded from what is in his pants.

      • Christopher

        I think Todd Starnes was the model for these.

        • easygoingmister

          Was thinking these would be fun for Halloween until this association. Yikes!

        • David Walker

          Like most dildos of famous people, these are actual size.

      • Skokieguy [Larry]

        Except for the orange ones. They were molded of someone else…

        • Hank

          Based upon his “hands” they are WAY too big!!!

        • Tawreos

          well they did have to enlarge the orange ones a bit to match the others.

          • David Walker

            “Out of the same mold” in so many ways.

    • Joe in PA

      I’m hungry. Just saying.

  • Sam_Handwich

    oh no he’s discovered our secret.

    • TampaDink

      Our secret? He’s onto all of our secrets.

      • Silver Badger

        Not quite all…

        • TampaDink

          Ooops. My lips are sealed.

    • David Walker

      Srsly. What part of “Shred After Reading” do we not understand, people?

    • Anastasia Beaverhousen

      Who did not burn our agenda along with the cross last week?

      • Tatonka

        I thought that was supposed to go in the newsletter. Was that wrong? Should I not have done that?

    • KCMC

      We can keep secrets?

      • doninkansas

        I had a really hot deputy sheriff in Cowley County Kansas help me when I ran off the road late Saturday night (sheets of rain coming down, road turned and thought I turned enough with it, I didn’t), for my personal slave. He was a hottie!!!

        • KCMC

          mmmm, thank you hot wet officer. Cum in from the storm.

        • NMNative

          An inattentive driver blew through a stop sign a couple of weeks ago and totaled my car. Thankfully, other than a small cut and a few abrasions, I was fine, but, I did have to be checked out by paramedics, firemen and the police. I swear, all of them seemed to be handsome and under thirty. The hunky paramedic and his partner were doing a very thorough job making sure I was ok. Mr. Muscles was a bit concerned my heart rate was high, but, I told him not to worry, it wasn’t the crash causing my heart to beat so rapidly. 🙂

          • David Walker

            I hope he took as the well-meant compliment he deserved.

          • Joseph Miceli

            The elevator in my old building in Wilton Manors used to get stuck at the bottom so the fire department would be called to open the doors. One time an elder gay (about 70) was trapped in there and when they got the doors open he stood there looking up with his jaw open and said, “Wait….you guys don’t look like the firemen on the calendar.”
            There was some debate among the men as to whether they should leave him in there, but they finally helped him out.

          • BillyDee4

            I ran a homeless shelter for 5 years. We occasionally had to call the paramedics. They were the hottest men in the county. I would beg them for mouth-to-mouth. They would laugh and say, “If you can ask for it, you don’t need it.”

    • james1200

      I wish we had a fraction of the power they like think we have. Sigh.

    • liondon#iamnotatraitor

      He’ll expose our conversion coven next.

  • vorpal 😼

    I love how Obama and Hillary – both of who are in their first marriages and go to church and profess to be Christian – are the anti-Christs (there are just so many of them), but Trump – married three times and an adulterer – is Christ’s envoy.

    • Lawerence Collins
      • kimc

        Jesus seems to have failed here.

        • Lawerence Collins

          It’s more so the evil that claim to be his followers in my perception

    • Joseph Miceli

      That’s what kills me about Hillary . She stayed with her husband like a good Christian so she’s treated with contempt . If she had left him , she would have been a traitor of us slept with poor Christian values . Christians are such assholes .

      • Lars Littlefield

        There are some who will argue that all christians are not bad people. I contend they are all bad people.

        • northern_neighbour

          Religion itself is what is bad.

          Some of the sheeple are just badly misled.

          Education is generally bad in America, and that has increased the numbers of the dim-witted, but that’s a separate problem.

          But yeah the Pastors themselves are Evil Hypocrites full of Lust and Greed for the most part. Fuck them to Hell and Tax the fuckin’ shit outta them … Go after every griftin’ greenback until they are as “blessed as the poor”. !!!!

        • Joseph Miceli

          Well, look at their mission statement. They believe that if YOU don’t believe in what they believe then you will spend an eternity writhing in the fiery agony of burning alive…because God is merciful. By that metric, Hiltler was like God.
          You might as well say, after reading the Republican party platform: “Republicans are good people.”
          They aren’t.

          • Lars Littlefield

            ⬆︎ THIS!!! ⬆︎

          • kimc

            That is not true of all of them, just the right wing ones. There are lots of the other kind, you just don’t hear about them. Check out a FB group called The Christian Left.

          • Joseph Miceli

            NALT’s are fine. They need to be louder. Still, unless they reject a large part of their doctrine their belief system is anti-gay. There’s no helping that.

        • kimc

          You are wrong. Not all Christians are right-wing authoritarian types. There are a number of Christian churches that try to follow the teachings of Jesus about peace and love and taking care of the poor. They just don’t get the press.

    • jerry

      I told a right-wing christian nut earlier this year, “It seems your anti-christ is really enjoying retirement.” Because I was told over and over that Obama was that fictional character.

      • kimc

        Yeah. the real anti-christ was Ronald Reagan. 🙂

  • Tawreos

    I guess the thousands of homosexuals that the Nazi’s put into concentration camps and death camps were just cover for their homosexual regime?

    • paganguy

      And they escaped at the end of the war and have been living secretly in Rio. The Real Gay Boys From Brazil.

    • Anastasia Beaverhousen

      Fake News. Even in the 40’s.

      • Karen

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    • Tawreos

      To expand a bit on my answer.

      I have never seen any evidence that Hitler was anything other than heterosexual. The only top Nazi that I have ever heard about being homosexual was Ernst Rohm, head of the SA. Hitler is said to have known that Rohm was a homosexual, but didn’t seem to care as long as he wasn’t involving kids. On the whole the Nazi’s were against the homosexuals because much of the populace was, and that is how we ended up with the pink triangle and in the concentration and death camps.

      • Tatonka

        There’s something especially horrifying about a person who objects to molesting kids while happily consigning millions of them to death in the gas chamber. The only worthwhile thing that Hitler ever did was to kill Hitler.

        • zhera

          They didn’t consider Jews to be humans. They were untermenschen. So why would they care about their children?

          • Lars Littlefield

            And yet we have a troglodyte as president and we’re supposed to regard him as human? Tsk.

          • jmax

            A president who sleeps with a copy of Mein Kampf on his nightstand, coincidentally.

          • theresa perry

            C’mon jmax. You know that’s not true. Too many big words, and besides, Drumpf has to be up by 4 AM so he can do his tweets.

          • jmax
          • theresa perry

            Or maybe the audiobook? But remember, even with pictures, that attention span of his will only get him to page 59, and there will be fewer pictures each night. You really think he could go 720 pgs. in 10 months? That’s really pushing it. Whew!!!

      • olandp

        “I have never seen any evidence that Hitler was anything other than heterosexual.” And a Catholic, don’t forget he was a Catholic.

      • Robert Eckert

        “Hitler is said to have known that Rohm was a homosexual, but didn’t seem to care” Aside from having him arrested and murdered, you mean?

        • Tawreos

          That was for supposedly planning a coup, not for being gay

          • Robert Eckert

            In reality it may have been for being an independent center of power, but it was announced as being for homosexuality.

          • Tawreos

            I am not sure where you get that, in the speech that Hitler gave on the subject, homosexuality is alluded too but it is the coup that is the reason given.

          • Robert Eckert

            Sometimes I’m wrong

          • Bad Tom

            That was the given excuse.

          • Claudie Johnson

            Not against Hitler. Hitler became concerned that Rohm had to much power with brown shirts. The real military wanted him out. His homsexualty was starting to become more of a concern. They were very open and flauted it with Himmler.

      • BillyDee4

        Roehm was killed because he was a potential rival of Hitler. He was a threat to Hitler. His being gay was an excuse for the killings.

    • Lars Littlefield


  • worstcultever

    I stopped reading at “Pastor”

    • Lizard

      Wise decision.

    • Snarkaholic

      His followers are sheeple, so he’s aptly named.

  • Tatonka

    That guy’s nuttier than two squirrels having an acorn fight.

    • David Walker

      Playing hockey with a warped puck.
      More bats in his belfry than Notre Dame.
      Only man in the world with a “time of the month.”
      Drives around town in the church van with a snap-on “Free Candy” sign.
      Playing poker with a deck of 52 jokers.
      Nuttier than Aunt Alma’s fruitcake and twice as stale.

  • Kevin Perez

    Lately, I’ve been embracing my demonic possession. Being a fan of the anti-Christ has its benefits. If everyone is going to be slaves of sodomites then it would be a good idea to be a sodomite, no?

  • KCMC
    • Dagoril

      I blame Section 31.

  • Dagoril

    Funny how the people working actively to create a Neo-Nazi police state see neo-nazi police state actions in everyone but themselves…

    • Paul

      It’s that projection thing again.

  • Hue-Man

    He has to stop watching Scandal!
    “B613 is a covert government agency formerly run by Rowan, later by Jake Ballard for a while and now run by Olivia Pope.”

  • Skokieguy [Larry]

    We’re in a fascist Nazi police state. There will be a day that they tell law enforcement [officers] to execute your children right in front of you and they will do it. “America has become a Nazi state. The deep state is a Nazi state.

    So I guess the Pastor supports removing Trump and his evil white supremacist / Nazi cabal from the White House? Good to know!

    • David Walker

      I’ll believe just about anything about the fucking moron, even the nazi enabler. But 45 as a secret mo? Please, no. Please, please, please, no. Pence, probably, but the liar-in-chief?

      • Snarkaholic

        As revolting as that idea is, it WOULD turn most of his base against him…with a vengeance.

  • Dutchlander

    Man, I was so with you on this. Until I read the satanic lizard person quote. Then you lost me.

  • Lakeview Bob

    Such a pathetic little man. His mental illness is out of control. If there was a death squad then surely he would have been targeted long ago. Like I said his mental illness is out of control.

  • HZ81

    Yes, our death squads are the GOP and organized religion. PS. Jesus hates you.

  • TampaDink

    Get the net.

  • djcoastermark

    Oh poor mister deluded pastor, don’t you realize that Jesus was the first on site to encounter the killer ? The majority of death squads throughout history have been the religious ones, which you seem to be hell bent on carrying on the tradition.

  • Friday

    More Christianist bile, projection, and calls for pogroms based on utter lunacy.

  • shellback

    Gee, Rick, You don’t sound like a raving lunatic to me.

  • Jonathan Smith
  • Sporkfighter

    If you guys are taking over the world, fucking get on with it!

  • Smokey

    Should check to see what aluminum foil futures are doing in the stock market…

  • tim870

    It obviously hasn’t occurred to this lunatic that if any of the bullshit he said is true, the super secret Nazi death squad would have taken his ass out already.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    I will state that I have never been contacted to join, support or donate to the Super Secret Gay Nazi Death Squad.

    • Jonathan Smith

      not enough pink or glocks in your wardrobe?

    • Silver Badger

      Perhaps it’s time has come. Training at 8.

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        Fine. So long as I can be Captain.

    • 2guysnamedjoe

      Lucky you! I get their robocalls every day, at dinnertime. So annoying.

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        NO, that’s just me, wondering what your’e doin’.

        • 2guysnamedjoe


          • TuuxKabin

            With me!

          • Ragnar Lothbrok

            Well next time, JUST SAY SO !!!

      • The_Wretched

        If you ever get a human:

        “Put me on your do not call list and the do not call list of every entity that your company does work for”

        Robocalls are generally illegal btw – except for politicians and non-profits.

    • ByronK

      I will also state that I have never been contacted to join, support or donate to the Super Secret Gay Nazi Death Squad. (Wink, wink. Nudge, Nudge. Say no more. A nod’s as good as a wink to a blind bat!)

  • acde

    If he was not using religion as his foil, he would be locked up in a psych
    facility in a rubber room in a strait jacket

    •Edit•Reply•Share ›

  • The_Wretched

    We are still without a motive for the shooter. The void’s been filled with all sorts of psychological second guessing and conspiracy theories.

  • JAKvirginia

    Imma gonna let this one pass. So much crazy shit there it jammed my snark machine. Oh look! Sunshine outside. Later.

  • LovesIrony

    Hey, I’m gay I deserve some power here. Roll me in designer sheets

  • Joe in PA
  • Blake J Butler

    So now we’re on the hunt for a gay nazi death squad ? Oh where to look for them ?

    • LeeCMH

      Be sure to add dance choreographers.

  • Gustav2

    All rightie now, which one of you had the party and didn’t invite me!

  • Statistics Palin
  • Joseph Miceli

    If this were actually true would there be a member of the anti-gay for profit Industry aka “scamvangelists” Who didn’t have their head blown off ? Would Pat Robertson be alive ? Would any of these death to gay assholes be alive ? I’m not saying I would support such an Organization , but I’m not wholey condemning the idea either . Hey I’m just asking questions !!

  • Jamie Wilson

    On his radio show, Wiles peddles conspiracy theories, including that Obama deliberately unleashed Ebola in 2014, that the US government controls the weather and that Nazi Germany continues to exist in the form of a hidden city/military base underneath the ice sheets in Antarctica. He’s really out there, even for an evangelical Christian.

    • trouble94114

      They even made a documentary about this. It’s called Nazi’s at the Center of the Earth. Gary Busey’s son Jake was in it so it must be legitimate

      • Jamie Wilson

        If you have time to waste, you can search on Youtube for “Nazis and Antarctica” and you will call up numerous interviews with people who push this story, including interviews on Wiles’ show.

  • Ninja0980

    He does realize if we had a super secret squad he and others would been gone long ago right?

    • clay

      Proof that they’re under God’s protective wings.

  • andrew

    How is a verbal bomb thrower like Ann Coulter going to get the attention and paid speeches she craves when the scamvangelist wiley Wiles out crazies every certifiable head job on the planet?

  • dbishop75

    It’s not a “secret” if he keeps talking about it.

  • northern_neighbour

    Seriously, … isn’t Wiles even ever so slightly concerned about being put out of his cognitive dissonant misery by a SuperSecret Gay Nazi Death Squad? /s.

    Or is he just avoiding Las Vegas in general? I mean how can he sleep at night?

    Or, is he on the NRA payroll with a stipend on the side from Tony Perkkkins and the Southern Baptist Convention?

    I really wanna know, cuz, … y’know… so deeply ‘Xian’ … An In$pirational man … /s.

    • motordog

      If I had to hazard a guess, I’d presume that ‘Magic Jebus’ is protecting him from all harm. You know, like when they cast spells with Magic Jebus to stop weather phenomenon or win the big game.

      • northern_neighbour

        Magic Jebus keeps a numbered off-shore account to protect this Crazy Like a Fox Looney Tune, just in case Internal Revenue changes policy and sends out a probe.

        … Meanwhile the FeebleMinded keep sending Lottsa Moola to one of God’s anointed ones here on Earth.

  • JWC

    sure, you ridiculous Fuck thats exactly how it happened

  • CanuckDon

    And where does this loony garbola spew out of on a daily basis? AM radio?

  • AdamTh

    I just don’t understand how a respectable christian can have a total nutjob on his show day after day….

    • Tawreos

      How many people would be left to go on a s respectable christian show if they weeded out the nutjobs?

  • Johnny Wyeknot

    Damn. He found out. The leaks have got to stop!

  • Richard B

    Here are the insane babblings of another unhinged Christian nutcase.
    In this era of Donald Trump, crazy people feel empowered to just make outrageous shit up and act like it is real.
    These are the same people who wonder why church attendance is down and why young people are abandoning organized religion.

  • Lars Littlefield

    What a silly man.

  • zhera

    Once again, the christers are using words they don’t understand. Or they’re willfully misusing them. Bisexual Hitler? All the top naziz were homosexual?

    FUCK YOU, RICK WILES! If you really believed in Hell you wouldn’t lie like this. If you really feared an all-powerful God you wouldn’t break the rules like this. If you really believed in Jesus and his message you would spout hate like this.

    You are a despicable, disgusting, deplorable piece of shit. May Karma find you, real soon.

    • David Walker

      There’s that.

    • Uncle Mark

      The irony is they act more like the “gay” Brownshirts than we do.

  • AdamTh

    …searching for a 1-800 number to join….

    • Uncle Mark

      Act now, and you get a leather vest festooned with pins, like Gov Rauner

      • Tawreos

        Do we have to wear it?

        • ByronK

          We might be gay Nazi death-squads, but we’re not that mean!

      • David Walker

        Geez. How many people do I have to off to get the number of fake pins like ex-sheriff Clarke? I can’t even imagine the requirements for getting a cowboy hat.

        • Uncle Mark

          Ahem !! Ex-Sheriff Clarke doesn’t where pins or medals; they’re called BROOCHES !!

          • David Walker

            Ah. Even more appropriate here than when I first posted it.
            A Paul Lynde reply to a Hollywood Squares question:
            “Why do Hell’s Angels wear leather when riding motorcycles?”
            “Because chiffon wrinkles!”

          • Bad Tom

            Chiffon doesn’t protect you from Road Rash, either.

        • Uncle Mark

          Technically, it was based upon the number of Republicans that Clarke “got off”

  • Uncle Mark

    So we have elite, gay, Nazi death squads and Hillary kills everyone in her path (like a ninja), but somehow everyone in the Twitler regime, preachers, and gay-hating, misogynist politicians have eluded our non-publicized assassination attempts.
    Sure, Jan.

    • northern_neighbour

      Thats because the IRS doesn’t know their addresses …

      But if they did … wow… Bonanza! Could eliminate the deficit overnight.

      Maybe we could just call it “Holy protection money” hehe .. “You pay, you get to stay!” Otherwise a certain squad comes by in the night …

      ‘Sincerely-held’ believin’ Grifters should pay double the top tax bracket on every single dollar starting at Dollar Numero Uno.

    • Snarkaholic

      How does she kill them…does she cough on them until they catch her SARS-CoV?

      • Uncle Mark

        I have a dubious Trump-humping acquaintance, who was telling me that in his neck of the farmland, they claim “Hillary has AIDS, after catching it from Bill (who caught it from one of his many dalliances.)” But they also believe that Hillary is a lesbian, who won’t touch Bill…so how did she get it? Clearly some folks out there have a real problem with huffing fertilizer & pesticides

      • northern_neighbour

        True dat! But even the Best people don’t generally know The Donald sniffed the CoVfefe onto her during the Stalking Debate.

        That’s exactly why she went down November 8. Kills your stamina.

  • Gigi

    A super secret gay Nazi death squad? No, you POS talibangelist, it was a rich white guy. Stop lying!

  • Paula

    That’s funny, I never saw the shooter at any of the Gay meetings.

    • 2guysnamedjoe

      Maybe he was that nice quiet fella, always sat in the back?

  • olandp

    Hey Rick! If that is all true, why are you still alive? It seems you would be one of the first to be taken out, unless of course you are part of the conspiracy…

  • Blake J Butler

    So how is this squad supposed to look like anyways ?


  • Blake J Butler
    • Treant

      So how do I get into this gang? Deep, deep into this gang?

      • OdieDenCO

        dinner and drinks. same as always

        • trouble94114

          Ummn, in San Francisco, eye contact would probably be more than enough to get all 4 concurrently or sequentially

  • safari

    Yeah, keep poking the crazy. You’re complicit in what they end up doing, just like the NRA.

  • Mikey

    This man is obviously a danger to himself and others. His delusional paranoia needs to be treated and he should be confined to an institution and under treatment by competent medical professionals.

  • LeeCMH

    “Super Secret Gay Nazi Death Squad.”


    I really do not think Rick believes this crap. As long as he sows fear, anger, and hatred, he is successful.

    • 2guysnamedjoe

      How many people actually do believe this crap? (Let’s see, there’s Opal Covey, and who else?)
      Or is he like the supermarket checkout tabloids, which people look at because it’s a goof?

      • LeeCMH

        Consider viewing Rick’s hate-filled deflections from a hateful Christian point-of-view.

        Hateful Christians are continuously looking for reasons to hate gays, and others different from them.

        Also, they are trying to blame another disaster on gay people.

        Rick just feeds them material.

    • andrew

      or is all his crazy talk just a clever way a scamvangelist gets the uneducated rubes to keep sending in those checks and affording him a sweet income?

      • LeeCMH

        Yes, of course.

        There is an entire profitable hateful Christian industry centered on hating gay people and seeking donations to help them in their “cause.”

      • Natty Enquirer

        Bing! Bing! Bing!

  • Michael White

    Why did we not let the lions be more aggressive back in Nero’s days.

    • If stupid Emperor Constantine hadn’t converted, we might not be in this mess now. Had he just kept to the worship of Zeus and all, they would have gleefully kept on killing off those pesky xtians!

      • LeeCMH

        And it was Constantine’s Council of Nicaea that was charged with the creation of the “bible.”

        They determined what went in, and what didn’t.

        I sure would like to see the material that ended-up on the cutting room floor.

        And all of this 350 years after Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus supposedly lived.

        • motordog

          I read about some of this actually. Seems there was one apocryphal story that recounts an adolescent Jebus pushing a friend of his off a roof. The kid dies, but Young Jebus just brings him back to life. No word if the kid ever went back to Jebus’s place to play again…I’m guessing not.

          • LeeCMH

            One concrete example is the writing of Judas, The Book Of Judas. It was suppressed and only recently discovered.

            I that “book” Judas says Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus asked him to sell Jeeeeeeeeeeesus out to the Romans so Jeeeeeeeeesus can complete his plan.

          • motordog

            There was also supposedly a Book Of Mary (as in Magdalene)…a female woman! Harumph!

          • LeeCMH

            Yep. That was also suppressed by Constantine’s Council.

  • CCleverly

    “We’re in a fascist Nazi police state” aka GOP

  • Harveyrabbit

    Rick Wiles declares that Queen Elizabeth is a “satanic lizard person”.

    Not just her.

  • TexasBoy

    This preacher isn’t the craziest person on the planet. The craziest people are the ones that believe him and give him money.

    • LeeCMH

      Yes, Rick is just a modulator of Christian hatred.

  • Paula

    Pagan fascism? What the hell is that?

  • Phil2u

    Is there a rock group called Deep State? Should be ….

    • LeeCMH

      When global warming comes into full fruition, Florida will be a deep state.

    • AmeriCanadian

      No but there’s a Canadian rock band called The Tea Party. SMH.

  • Natty Enquirer

    So much evil. I say without hesitation that I look forward to the day that Rick Wiles draws his last breath.

  • Pablo Sánchez

    This guy missed his calling. He should be writing for Shonda Rhimes.

  • motordog

    This guy must beat off to this movie every night (the actual film, not the funny review).

  • Halou
    • Bad Tom

      [bet ter ker ning nee ded]

  • Halou

    I want to know how many times has Pastor Rick Wiles been ‘disappeared’ or executed for his “crimes”. If it is a “homofascist” police state with death squads, where are they?

    America under Trump-Russia is undoubtedly fascist but let’s not kid ourselves, it is nowhere near as lost to hateful delusion as Nazi Germany was, try as it might to go in that direction.

  • ETownCanuck

    With all the mental gymnastics they’re capable of performing, one would think their brains would be well exercised and in top working order….one would be wrong.

  • Gene Perry
    • There is no way that hitler could have stuffed a thong.

      • LeeCMH

        That’s a sock with a grapefruit under it.

        • hahahahahaaaa!

    • whollyfool

      Now there’s something I didn’t expect to see today, lol.

  • Long Tom

    Super Secret Gay Nazi Death Squad sounds like a punk rock band.

  • Professor Barnhardt
    • William

      The Brownshirts (Sturmabteilung) were the people killed during the Night of the Long Knives.

  • teedofftaxpayer

    Damn, took them long enough to blame the gays. I would have thought it would have been the next day.

    • minidriver

      They had to get their other talking points from the NRA

  • DaveMiller135

    I don’t have the oomph to start one, but I’d be glad to join a super secret gay death squad, as long as we weren’t Nazis, and as long as someone like Rick Wiles could be my target. Allegedly.

  • jm2

    but… but… the Nazis threw all the gays into concentration camps and began with the elimination of Ernst Rohm and his troopers, who he believed to be gay, beside being a threat to his shaky power at the time!

  • Tor

    Yes, we do have death squads in this country, but they are Republican legislators and President who want to kill health care insurance for millions, who want to deny education, who want to ban procedures that protect women’s lives…. and on and on.

  • William

    Did someone put Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy prions in the tap water?

  • Droz

    “And I should know, because I’m a super secret gay Nazi!”

  • chris james

    How does this creature sleep at night? Such paranoid-schizoid thoughts, he just ought to go jump off a cliff and end his delusions.

    • LeeCMH

      And she takes her ancient book of made-up stories with her.

  • canoebum

    The laws in this country regarding involuntary commitment are entirely to restrictive. The men in the white coats should have come for this guy years ago.

  • greenmanTN

    Don’t be silly, Rick. If there were super secret gay death squads you wouldn’t be here.

  • DesertSun59

    How did he find out about our group? It’s supposed to be ‘super secret’!!

  • AaronD12

    Holy closet case, Batman! Almost everything he things about are homosexuals or bi-sexuals. Give it a rest! Come out of the closet!

  • Jean-Marc in Canada
    • GanymedeRenard

      I love me some Ryan Gossling. 🙂

  • Tempus Fuggit

    this country has death squads.

    Yes, it does. Most of them have “Corp.”, “Inc.”, or “LLC” after their name, but there’s at least one exception just called “The Republican Party”.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    Tertiary syphilis?

    • William

      Tertiary idiocy.

      • GanymedeRenard

        Primary, my dear.

        Edit to add: Should I say primal instead?

  • Steve Smith

    If there really was a secret Gay Nazi Death Squad, this creep would have been eliminated a while back. Stupid beyond belief.

  • Pip

    They just can’t stand that another straight white dude did another mass shooting.

    • LeeCMH

      It is getting more difficult to explain away white terrorists as just isolated crazy people.

  • GanymedeRenard

    What a brilliant mind. He should be working for NASA.

  • Old Top Kick

    Wiles spends WAY too much time thinking about other people’s penises and where they’re put.

    Frankly, I’m waiting for the rent boy scandal to break.

    • Cattleya1

      ‘Wouldn’t make any difference – Bakker had one and the goobers who watch him still send him money. If you are willing to buy buckets of freeze-dried slop to reconstitute during the end times, you couldn’t find the seat of your pants with 2 hands… let alone see that Bakker’s guest cretin is seriously deranged.

    • LeeCMH

      Or a “wide-stance” public bathroom moment.

  • Karl Dubhe

    Those who believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.

  • jackstraw005

    why would anyone listen to this guy? he is obviously as soft as a sneaker full of shit

  • fuzzybits
  • juanjo54

    This gay Nazi crap comes from a 1995 book[?] by Miss Scott Livey, the “minister” run out of Portland Oregon when it came out she was “ministering” to the homeless hustler boys hanging out in the fruit loop while preaching about the sins of homosexuality. It is a complete work of fiction and has been refuted by a number of real scholars but that doesn’t stop the looney tunes on the far right from trotting that nonsense out.

    One need only look at the history of the time period to see it is a false claim. Rohm and some of his top lieutenants were gay or at least flexible but Hitler was not nor were the little clique that existed around him. Himler in fact gave regular speeches about the degenerate homosexuals and once in power had a law passed giving the death penalty to any member of the police, Gestapo, or SS who engaged in homosexual activity. Under the prior version of Paragraph 175, a person could only be convicted of homosexual behavior if caught actually engaging in such by the police officer. There were very few arrests or convictions either in the Imperial time or the Weimer Republic. The Nazis amended the law which allowed for an unsupported accusation of a 3rd party to be enough to detain someone and send them to Dachau or another camp.

    In fact the Nazi leadership gave so many speeches on the evil, decadent nature of homosexuality that prior to 1933 the Communists and Socialists used to point to the vehement anti-gay speeches of the Nazis as evidence of their extremism.

  • coram nobis

    No, the conspiracy was moon men from the planet Neosynephrine. This is a false-flag theory.

  • JCF
  • Gianni

    Dementia personified.

  • Benji

    Jesus F***ing Christ, secret gay nazis.

  • Gay Nazi? Now that’s an oxy-MORON!

  • kimc

    Sounds like Wiles is gay.

  • Harrylechat

    Good Lord in Heaven! Is it any wonder that the rest of the world shakes its head in disbelief at the state of affairs in America today (under Trump, not Obama)

  • Zipper666

    Seems to me that ol’ Rick is a little TOO scared of “The Gay Agenda” – we might have to delve back into his childhood and find a little backdoor action that frightened him…

  • wds

    All this makes me want to grab my diamond tiara, put on my glittery spandex and shoes and go forth and wreak havoc in the world … ROFLMAO … I knew Rick was somewhat delusional, but I had no idea he’d gotten that lost in the darkness of his mind.