Putin Puts British Critic On Interpol’s Wanted List

The Guardian reports:

Russia has placed a prominent British businessman on the Interpol wanted list. President Vladimir Putin is understood to have sanctioned the move against Bill Browder, who has led an international campaign against Russia over the killing of the jailed Moscow lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky.

On Wednesday Canada became the latest country to pass a “Magnitsky Act”, targeting officials “who have committed gross violations” of human rights. The move infuriated Putin, who accused Canada of playing “unconstructive political games” and later name-checked Browder for pursuing what the Russian president described as “illegal activity”.

On Saturday it emerged that Russia had placed the US-born British citizen on Interpol’s list, exploiting a loophole that lets countries unilaterally place individuals on its database used to request an arrest.

Browder said he was alerted to the move by an email from the US department of homeland security, stating his “global entry status” had been revoked. Further calls confirmed he had been added to Interpol’s list via an arrest demand, known as a “diffusion”.

Putin has tried to get Interpol to arrest Browder multiple times, but they have refused, citing Putin’s “political motives.”

  • Gustav2

    Putin is only 65 years old, damn.

    • Mikey

      yes, but polonium is quite fast-acting. so there’s still hope.

    • perversatile

      He probably lies about his age too.

  • agcons

    The Cypriot Connection must be moving closer to being made public. You’re next on the list, Vladdy.

  • Andrea_Rae

    Wait, what law did Browder break again?

    • agcons

      Pissing off Pootie, I guess.

    • Halou

      Not being a loyal, quiet Russian.

  • hoover2001

    Trump just got an idea but his stupidity and incompetence will fuck it all up.

    • DaddyRay

      Trump will now attempt to put all Trump critics on Interpol’s Wanted List

      • agcons

        Jesus, you’re probably right. You should have started a betting pool.

      • OdieDenCO

        63 million Americans is a big list

        • Bad Tom

          It will crash Interpol.

        • Danieruw

          I’m sure there’s more than that.

        • Debby

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    • Chucktech

      God, I hope so.

    • Halou

      Trump will probably have Browder arrested as soon as he finds out the guy is in the United States. Got to get along well with Russia.

      • JaniceInToronto

        I hope he has the sense to come to Canada.

      • jonfromcalifornia

        More like following the Godfather’s orders.

  • AdmiralPecker, USS JMG
    • Johnny Wyeknot

      Once again, I find linking these two to homosexuality odd on a LGBTQ site.

      • TominDC

        The fact that they’re of the same sex is immaterial (at least in this case).

        This would still “work” if they were of different genders.

      • Nowhereman

        Well they are an odd couple. But there it is.

      • JCF

        The “link” isn’t to homosexuality. It’s to suggesting these two Manly-Men Dictators/Wannabe-Dictators are pissy (!) little closet cases. They’re the FURTHEST thing from being Out, Loud & Proud Gay Men.

    • greenmanTN

      That’s SICK! SICK I tell you!

      And very very funny. 😁

    • yes b’y
  • olandp

    So, why doesn’t someone put Vlad on the Interpol wanted list? After all he is a despotic tyrant that has stolen tens of billions from his country.

    • bzrd

      and murdered many of his critics

  • Leo

    Pure symbolism. Whatever. Gig’s up Vladimir.

  • Halou

    And America’s DHS is going along with it, telling Mr Browder that he is likely to be detained (extradited to no doubt) if he ever enters the country again?
    All this because a non-Russian dared to lobby for legislation in parts of not-Russia. How dare he!

    • Leo

      Interpol, more specifically the Brits, WILL intervene and raise HELL if they try it. Guarantee it.

    • Chucktech

      We don’t have an extradition agreement with Russia. Not yet, anyway…

      • Halou

        The US doesn’t, no, but Trump probably does. As the Mike Flynn experience shows there doesn’t need to be an extradition treaty for someone to be arrested and shipped off, he was conspiring with the Turkish regime to have a green card holder kidnapped and sent out to face a show trial in Ankara, no regard for due process.

        • Chucktech

          Nevertheless, that Turkish green card holder sits in his home somewhere in New England unmolested.

    • Mike Rasor

      That’s not really what the letter from DHS says. Global Entry is an expedited entry process where travelers get pre clearance to enter and then use a computer kiosk to enter the US. It’s dependent on not having a criminal record or active arrest warrant, so his removal from the program is automatic upon his inclusion of Interpol’s most wanted list.

  • JohnJay
  • Chucktech

    I thought Interpol was a respected international policing organization? If all some despot like Putin has to do is declare someone be arrested, there goes any respect I had for them. I must not be understanding something.

    • ChrisMorley

      It is respected.
      Putin is abusing its procedures.

      ‘The Council of Europe last year criticised Russian attempts to seek Browder’s arrest through Interpol, calling the efforts “abuses” of the system.’

      • Chucktech

        Thanks, but again, I must truly not be understanding something. From the article:

        Putin tried three times between 2012 and 2015 to get Interpol to issue arrest orders against Browder, but failed to convince the organisation that it did not have political motives.

        So, what’s different this time? And as another poster below asked, why hasn’t Putin been adding anyone he doesn’t like to his Interpol hit list?

        • SoCalGal20

          He has other ones murdered. I think with Browder being both a foreign national and so high profile, it’s a little more difficult for him to just have Browder murdered. So instead he harrasses him with Interpol warrants which Interpol then ignore when they determine they’re political.

  • Statistics Palin

    DHS is going along with this? This is TREASON.

    • Chucktech

      Yeah, blah, blah, blah. Who’s gonna do a goddam thing about it?

    • SoCalGal20

      At least they let him know. Not that I’m giving DHS credit for anything but without their email notification he wouldn’t have known he was back on Interpol’s list.

  • Friday

    So, what story was Browder on that Putin didn’t want reported? Least we could do is look. 🙂

    • ChrisMorley

      FYI The first para Joe quotes contains your answer.

      • Friday

        Yeah, I meant the report, how Putin’s implicated, etc. There must be some meat to that that Putin’s wanting buried.

        • sfbob

          The Wikipedia article on Browder is here:

          Browder ran Hermitage Capital Management, a major investment firm that did business mainly in Russia, beginning in the mid-1990s. His firm was at one time the largest investment firm operating in Russia.

          Browder originally supported Putin but he quite suddenly was blacklisted by the Russian government in 2006. Their corporate offices were raided and their auditor/attorney Sergei Magnitsky was imprisoned on false charges essentially because Magnitsky had begun investigating and blowing the whistle on Russian government corruption. Other corporate officers were arrested, physically attacked or otherwise harassed. In 2009 Magnitsky died in prison under what could charitably be called “suspicious circumstances.”

          Browder began lobbying the US government asking for action to be taken against Russia because of Magnitsky’s murder in prison. The result was the Magnitsky Act, passed in 2012.

          “The act directly targeted individuals involved in the Magnitsky affair
          by prohibiting their entrance to the United States and their use of its
          banking system. The Russian government to retaliated by prohibiting
          adoption of Russian children by American citizens, and prohibiting
          certain individuals from entering Russia.”

          The individuals mentioned above included a number of Putin’s cronies so of course Putin was pissed. You might recall that the meeting in June 2016 between Trump, Jr and other members of the Trump campaign with Russian agents took place ostensibly because Russia wanted the Magnitsky Act to be repealed (and Russia would then overturn its own ban on ending their adoption ban). Though as far as Trump Jr was concerned the meeting was about getting dirt on Hillary Clinton. Browder testified before Congress this summer about Russian influence in the 2016 elections.

          Does that explain things?

          • Friday

            Thanks. I recall hearing bits about this as they came out, now that you place it in context and all. 🙂

          • The_Wretched

            And the apparent draw of backing Trump was to get the Magnitsky Act repealed.

          • sfbob

            That among other things, like the chaos a Trump presidency was bound to create. Russia likes to destabilize her rivals.

  • SoCalGal20

    Can we get Donnie put on Interpol’s list?

    Bill Browder is a hero and I hope he outlives Putin.

    • Gianni

      Oh, if only!

  • Elsewhere1010

    “Vlad told me to keep you out of the U.S, and when the boss says jump, you jump.”

  • JWC

    Here is Putty now trying to dictate world policy to his criminal whims

  • JAKvirginia

    So, if Interpol says no, Pee-man will put them on the list? Let’s try it and see, m’kay?

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Putin’s still pissed about our government fucking him over on his fake news and hacking efforts, so from our perspective, having him get more pissy is just icing on the cake.

  • KnownDonorDad

    On Saturday it emerged that Russia had placed the US-born British citizen on Interpol’s list, exploiting a loophole that lets countries unilaterally place individuals on its database used to request an arrest.

    OK, fix that damned loophole.

  • alguien

    va te faire futre, putain.

  • Charles Nelson

    So…now…Homeland Security is following Putin’s orders? I wonder how many Putin stooges our Glorious Leader has slipped into Federal Govt positions?

  • leastyebejudged

    The rich and politically connected get all sorts of special rights.