MICHIGAN: Former Asst AG Wants Law License Back Because Anti-Gay Haters Have Power Thanks To Trump

This freak show is still making news after all these years.

The Detroit Free Press reports:

A former Michigan assistant attorney general known for his attacks on the first openly gay student body president at the University of Michigan is appealing the decision by a discipline board to revoke his law license. Andrew Shirvell claims the board was biased against his beliefs and cites Donald Trump as a reason why he is speaking out.

“Given that my case is one of the most politically-charged to have ever come before a Hearing Panel. I cannot imagine a more biased panel of attorneys who sat in judgment of me,” Shirvell said in a press release Tuesday. “With Donald Trump now in the White House, conservative Christians like me will no longer tolerate being railroaded by the liberal elite.”

Shirvell, who was fired by then-Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox in 2010, came to prominence after an intense national media spotlight on Shirvell’s anti-gay postings. He had targeted Chris Armstrong, who was the first openly gay student body president at the University of Michigan.

In 2012 an appeals court upheld a $3.5 million judgement against Shirvell for his harassment of Armstrong, whom he depicted with swastikas on his face and called “Satan’s representative on Earth.”

Below is his combative 2010 interview with Anderson Cooper if you’re unfamiliar with this nutjob.

(Tipped by JMG reader TJ)

  • 無門 Mumon7

    Mr. Shirvell, when a hearing panel slaps you because of your stupid bigotry, you’ll take it and you’ll like it!

  • Todd20036

    You idiot. You weren’t fired for being anti gay. You weren’t fired for being gay. You were fired for stalking and harassing a college student

    The fact that you don’t see that alone proves you are unqualified to be a lawyer

    • bambinoitaliano

      In other words he weinsteined an innocent kid.

      • Tawreos

        He didn’t get close enough to give him the full weinstein/trump treatment

        • bambinoitaliano

          We may never know how close the psychopath came to commit the act. I have a feeling his obsession of the kid has not end.

          • Puck

            He probably stood over him while he slept! Cupping balls whispering “soon”.

          • HAAAAAAA

            That sent a cold shiver down my spine,

          • aagold76 .

            It puts the lotion in the basket…..

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      • whollyfool

        Gonna throw this in here just because I don’t think it’s gotten enough attention…. it’s about how Corey Feldman’s statement about pedophilia in Hollywood is now being taken more seriously.


        • It’s not that it was never taken seriously, but the police can’t do much with a general claim.

        • bambinoitaliano

          Corey Heim’s death is the direct result of these sexual predators.

        • Goodboy

          There’s definitely a pedophile ring in Hollywood. We got a glimpse of it with the Brian Singer lawsuit but $ talks and was quickly squashed. It opened up pandora’s box for a little bit.

    • Not just stalking him but continuing to do it after told by a judge to stop. The man has obvious mental health problems that prevent him from thinking clearly. He can’t be allowed to harass other people, though, and as a result he’s not competent to legally represent the interests of others.

    • Goodboy

      The interview was extremely fascinating though. His obsession on this kid is probably clear to a mental health professional though.

  • S1AMER

    Well, he’s right: We now have a national government that just might be much more sympathetic to him, and a sizeable portion of the populace who would cheer on restoring his law license and giving him more and greater opportunities for gay-bashing.

    It’s Trump’s America now.

    • Silver Badger

      If that is the case, we must take it back.

    • Eddie Besketti

      and that’s what scary about this whole thing. – I’m worried that the crazies are winning.

  • Rex

    Liberal Elite – I like the sound of that.

    • netxtown

      I got one of them Elite keyboards….and I suppose it is liberal as it has all the keys to spell out naughty un-xtian words…..

  • TJay229

    I remember this interview… And the one that followed AFTER the verdict.. They are hilarious!

  • Achilles Tsakiridis

    I think McDonalds is hiring … or maybe he can AirBNB his spare bedroom ….

    • bambinoitaliano

      Ewwwwww crusty sheets………

    • Adam King

      There are lots of careers out there to get fired from.

  • Gustav2

    You haven’t learned the lesson your punishment was supposed to teach you:

    Your license was revoked because you are an asshole, not because you are a “conservative Christian.”

    • FAEN

      Conservative xtian, asshole, same thing.

      • Gustav2

        Now, now, some of my best friends are…

        • FAEN

          Conservative Xtians or assholes 😉

          • Todd20036

            I have good friends with great assholes.
            That counts. RIght?

          • Steverino

            Shrivel is confused: he’s not the type of asshole we’re interested in fucking.

          • netxtown

            but…but …he is a fucked up asshole.

          • FAEN


          • Gustav2


    • Reality.Bites

      Basically because he was a stalker, not an asshole.

  • FAEN

    Jeebus this asshole again.

    • John Kusters

      My thoughts precisely.

  • Tawreos

    Wow, some cockroaches really just won’t die.

    • boatboy_srq

      And the EPA’s new radiation exposure guidance won’t have any effect.

      • TrueWords

        LOVE that you tied that in…

  • Karl Dubhe

    Using the power of the state to persecute someone because of your religious beliefs is something the current AG seems to favor.

    If he gets readmitted to the bar, I presume the Constitution will lose that pesky First Amendment?

  • Silver Badger

    So, he seems to think that as he can get away with it now, he is appealing the decision to revoke his law license. That’s just a bit twisted.

  • greenmanTN

    “Well, Anderson…,” he said in his whiniest, mamby-pamby voice.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Gayest voice ever…ok, next to Jared’s.

      • greenmanTN

        Shhh! You’ll only encourage Another_Steve.

        • Tawreos

          When it comes to Jared I don’t think Another_Steve needs much encouragement, just an opportunity

    • boatboy_srq

      If ever there is a biopic of this idjit, Paul Reubens would be the perfect one to play him – in full Pee Wee Herman mode.

      • Tawreos

        Sounds a bit too butch for the role

    • BartmanLA

      I found it very unsettling through out that entire interview he did with Anderson he kept saying “Ummm” and licking his lips a LOT, it reminded me of a old former roommate I had who I found out later had a meth problem… Either that or he was smacking his lips over the fact he could take his attention off one gay man and focus it on another (Anderson Cooper)…. who knows???

  • SoCalVet

    I guess he will never understand that he is wrong.

  • Blake Mason

    Joe… can you check you gmail… I sent an interesting update on Bermuda

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Elections have consequences, consequences that inevitably trickle down so that even a raging asshole like this can feel emboldened. Please remember that in 2018.

  • bambinoitaliano
  • JoyZeeBoy

    Won’t somebody please throw this self-loathing prick a mercy fuck?

    • Gustav2

      Ewwwwww, no one should have to sacrifice that much for the cause.

    • greenmanTN

      Not even with Todd Starnes’ alleged dick.

      • Uncle Mark

        Todd Starnes has a DICK?!! I just thought it was an outie belly-button

        • zhera

          A cloaca, most likely.

    • bambinoitaliano

      Who wants to taste a bitter and rancid asshole?

    • William

      Not it.

  • Sporkfighter

    “Given that my case is one of the most politically-charged to have ever come before a Hearing Panel.”

    A lawyer writing an important press release should be able to write well. If this is the best he can do when it really matters to him, he can’t be much of a lawyer.

    • bambinoitaliano

      Sadly we have come to the point that stalking and harassment are view as political charged issue for the offenders.

    • Tawreos

      He is not real big on reality either which could hamper his ability as well.

    • Natty Enquirer

      Well, he’s no lawyer at all without a license. But this phrase is syntactically perfect, although it suffers an unnecessary hyphen.

      • John30013

        Of course there’s much more to persuasive writing than good syntax. Shirvell’s argument is unconvincing.

        • netxtown

          starting with “given that’. It can’t be ‘given’ when he built it all by his little woeful self..

      • jayjonson

        Uh. It is not a complete sentence. At most it is a dangling phrase.

  • greenmanTN

    I followed this story extensively at the time because it was so weird, a clear example of someone so delusional yet unable to see how delusional they are. I wonder how Chris Armstrong is doing these days, though if he wants privacy he certainly deserves it. I was a bit worried about his safety because Shirvell is clearly off his rocker.

    • TexasBoy

      “…so delusional yet unable to see how delusional they are…”
      You just perfectly described all of Trump’s base voters and the President, himself.

  • Natty Enquirer

    Denied. Go away, Mr. Shrivel.

    • Robincho

      And take your dirvel with you, kbai…

  • gaycuckhubby

    Any bets on whether he will get his license back?
    I would normally say no. But who knows these days?

    • Hue-Man

      “These days” he could join Louie Gohmert on SCOTUS!

  • fahvel

    what can one expect from something named shrivell? except maybe the psychosis of something named tiny digit frump??

  • TexasBoy

    He reminds me of Jack on Will & Grace.

  • James in Hollywood

    She’s a nut! She’s a nut! Mrs. Primrose is a nut!

  • Joe in PA

    O/T, I hope Joe posts a link to the live feed for Sessions time in front of the Senate this morning (10:00am). I CAN’T WAIT TILL KAMALA GET A HOLD OF HIM!

  • bkmn

    The butthurt is strong with this one.

    • lizdhm

      It aches from longing.

  • Texndoc

    It says in the link the “4 million dollar judgement was knocked down to 3.5 million”. Whew! (wipes brow). He’ll spend the rest of his life in debt to the guy he harassed who is probably “give him back ANYTHING so he can pay me!”

  • gaycuckhubby

    Just a reminder that a couple of days ago the President of The United States joked about his Vice President lynching gay people.
    And no one is talking about it.

    If he talked this way about any other group there would be riots and 24/7 coverage.

    • Barry William Teske

      No one will talk about it until one of their own goes missing.
      You know, movie of the week kind of thing.
      Side of a milk carton kind of concern.
      Because as long as the label doesn’t fit, well, one is still in business, so to speak.

      • That made me think of “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson.

  • Jay Silversmith

    At the hearing, Shirvell was quoted as asking, “Why do all these homosexuals keep making me suck their diks?”

    • JAKvirginia

      Truly. I was just walking down the street minding my own business when suddenly, BAM! Dick in mouth. It took at least 30 minutes to remove it until the swelling went down.

  • William

    WHo here hasn’t obsessed over a college boy?

    • Todd20036

      Not me. I didn’t come out to myself until graduate school.

    • Mike

      I’ve heard of right wing closet cases trying to divert attention from their own wide stances, but this is ridiculous.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    Trump truly has all the cockroaches and scum of the earth coming out from under their rocks.

  • caphillprof

    Did he pay the judgment?

    • BartmanLA

      I’m willing to bet he didn’t, most likely he’s declared bankruptcy or has buried his assets with family members or who knows where to avoid paying anything out on the judgement. Now he wants his law license back? NOT likely!!!

  • zhera

    The dumbest people on Earth are the ones who refuse to shut up and go away when they’ve publically been declared morons. He has no shame at all, thinks he’s in his right to act this way, because White Jeeziz and Zombie Reagan, or something.

    I pit his family members. Pretty sure having him as a son or a brother is a nightmare.

  • Can’t this little weasel find a job at the Family Research Council?

  • ByronK

    I can’t stop reading his name as Shrivell.

    • AmeriCanadian

      That may partially explain his disposition. Kids are extremely cruel and I’m positive that was his playground moniker. Please note I am in no way defending or excusing him. Just postulating.

  • Professor Barnhardt

    Starting at 10:00 a.m.:

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions Testifies Before Senate Judiciary Committee


    • Dazzer

      I think you’ll find the correct spelling is Lies not “testifies”

      • netxtown

        testy lies

        • Hue-Man

          Neologism for Sessions: testilies.

  • disqus_D9pH1OIG67

    If this guy had a brain (and he may not), he could probably get his license back if he shut up and simply say he was sorry for what he did. However, with his unapologetic attitude I doubt he will be practicing law anytime soon.

    • JAKvirginia

      And thanks goes to him for proving the panel correct in their decision. Keep talking butthead!

  • netxtown

    You can always tell when momma had second thoughts…

  • Duh-David

    Sometimes we have crushes that are not reciprocated and it gets us into trouble, but then we move on to the fourth grade.

  • Gene Perry

    Geez, I had forgotten all about this dude. 15 minutes of fame? Maybe trying for an additional 5 secs? Probably gonna run for something. (or hoping for an appointment by Trump to something … asst. in the DoJ, perhaps).

  • Rocco

    Hasn’t this fool come out yet?!?

    • Hank

      Who would even want him???

      • Stev84

        Some self-loathing Republican

        • Gustav2

          Some other self-loathing Republican.

      • Skeptical_Inquirer

        The Log Cabins. Their standards are that low.

      • Rocco

        Oh I think you might be surprised…lol

  • Hank

    Shirvell said….“With Donald Trump now in the White House, conservative Christians like me will no longer tolerate being railroaded by the liberal elite.”


    • Goodboy

      Not sure how his boss or a jury counts as the “liberal elite”. Maybe he means those that made fun of him.

  • Benny S.

    2010!?! Damn, I’m getting old.

  • dcurlee

    Geez not this fucking guy again

  • Richard B

    One need to be human to have a law license.
    That said, Andrew needs to slither back under his rock and stay there. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/769f8576f09f4b461eb341ff0130695213c97262b9e7e44bb262c23a842b9d31.jpg

  • Vinnie NYC
  • justmeeeee

    Did he ever cough up the #3.5 mil?

  • Talisman

    In the land of dumpsters, this trash will probably get his wish.

  • carrot festival

    Harry Potter had Moaning Myrtle. We get stuck with Shrieking Shirvell.

  • The Sentinel

    Shirvell & Shkreli. It could happen.

    • Paul_in_Dallas

      Yes, but only as cellmates.

  • Joseph Miceli

    As you all know, I enjoy using pithy and insightful commentary to illustrate the issues of today. My take on this matter all boils down to one concise statement: fuck this guy.
    Call me when you need to negotiate with the Russians.

  • -M-

    A bunch of nutjob buzzwords and of course the Trump-esque self-aggrandizing superlative rationalizations – ‘most politically-charged’, ‘most biased’.

  • Charles Nelson

    How many GOP pedophiles elected to office in the last few years? Therefore, all convicted pedophiles should be immediately pardoned with their records expunged.

  • bambinoitaliano

    Netflix had a new series ,Mindhunter that starred Johnathan Groff. Loosely based on the real life story of an actual FBI special agent in the late 70’s before the term serial killer was coined for notorious killers. This creep display some of the psychopathic characteristic of one. I would love to see him sitting on the other side of the table and be probe by the FBI profilers.

    • canoebum

      Oh, he wants to be probed alright. He’s just can’t admit it.

  • Paul_in_Dallas

    Anagrams: Andrew Shirvell ~ Lavender Whirls ~ Dawn Ever Shrill

  • Xiao Ai: The Social Gadfly

    Reality Show America! Where you do ANYTHING to stay in the spotlight!

    I blame Mark Burnett.

  • Reality.Bites

    He should remember that it wasn’t a left-wing AG that fired him.

  • KnownDonorDad
    • Goodboy

      Yes the resemblance. Ha ha. Pee Wee might have played the nerdy guy but would never have anything to do with this nutjob.

      • KnownDonorDad

        I think of it as the Good Pee Wee laughing hysterically at the Evil Pee Wee.

  • JWC

    Well my oh my how did Trump miss this little whinny gem He has all the right credentials for secretary of something

  • Ninja0980

    Go away asshole.

  • Halou

    For a gang of ‘alpha males’ these manly men sure are pathetic.

  • Deacon Phreque

    Fuck that hateful piece of shit. He should have faced criminal charges for his harassment campaign.

  • DaveMiller135

    Don’t do the crime, if you can’t figure out another way to earn a living.

  • Randy503

    I think from now on when so-called religious people cite the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and Hobby Lobby for their right to practice religion, we should cite this instance as proof that all they really want to do is harm LBTG people.

  • Secure

    I can’t imagine this dude has ever been laid. I also don’t want to imagine it.

    • Hank

      Perhaps in a back room of a bar, when the lights were turned out, and no one could see his face!!!

      • Ewell Knévanneaux

        More likely some Jerry Sandusky-type situation, which involved a lot of tickling.

  • Clive Johnson

    Dishonest to the end and beyond. Incapable of learning or seeing his actions honestly and accurately. Probably no shock or disruption to his life could spur honest self-examination and insight.

    Go back to and stay in your hate church. Go back to the sickly embrace of your abominable god.

  • StudioTodd

    Andrew is just upset that his current job as a Junior Sales Associate at Bed Bath & Beyond doesn’t pay enough to fund his true passion–stalking Chris Armstrong and exposing his sinful sexy radical liberal gorgeous sexy agenda.

  • Robert

    Closet Case

    • JCF

      …and barely inside it.

  • JCF
  • BobSF_94117

    Did he ever pay the judgment against him?

  • olandp

    His boss, Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox, was a conservative Republican, who referred to Shirvell as competent, can hardly be called the “liberal elite”.

    He has a right to his own beliefs, but not his own facts.