Grieving Gold Star Father Says Trump Offered $25,000 In Personal Phone Call But Never Followed Through

The Washington Post reports:

President Trump, in a personal phone call to a grieving military father, offered him $25,000 and said he would direct his staff to establish an online fundraiser for the family, but neither happened, the father said.

Chris Baldridge, the father of Army Cpl. Dillon Baldridge, told The Washington Post that Trump called him at his home in Zebulon, N.C., a few weeks after his 22-year-old son and two fellow soldiers were gunned down by an Afghan police officer in a suspected insider attack June 10. Their phone conversation lasted about 15 minutes, Baldridge said, and centered for a time on the father’s struggle with the manner in which his son was killed.

“I said, ‘Me and my wife would rather our son died in trench warfare,’ “ Baldridge said. “I feel like he got murdered over there.” Trump’s offer of $25,000 adds another dimension to the president’s relations with Gold Star families, an honorific given to those whose loved ones die while serving in support of the nation’s wars. The disclosure follows questions about how often the president has called or written to grieving military families.

  • Lazycrockett

    Yeah $25,000 bout sums up the worth of a loss son.


    • Treant

      Given that he and Pence consider our lives not even worth a plugged nickel, $25K sounds about right for cannon fodder.

      • Phillip in L.A.

        You are so right about the moon! :-{)>>

  • Do Something Nice

    With Trump, it’s always ‘the check is in the mail.’

  • PickyPecker
    • laura

      Sad but true. 😢

    • Treant

      Melanoma: Totally getting off on this shit just as much as he does. Not a victim. Never forget that.

    • zhera

      Well, not all of them.

      • JT

        Definitely not. There’s also a diametrically opposed view of the shitstain Nazi traitor.

  • Outlaw Woman

    Word is Donald has NEVER, not even ONCE, followed through with any promised charitable donation.

  • Treant

    Fake news! Never happened! Liar! His son deserved what he got for having an asshole father!

    Did I cover tonight’s diatribes well enough? Frankly, if you’re a military or ex-military dude who supports Trump, fuck off and let me know so I can permanently block your moronic ass.

  • bkmn
    • Megrim Twist

      ” … and Nina Garcia, who we love … “

  • HZ81

    But kneeling at a Football game disrespects the troops. Fuck you, Dolt 45.

  • Jamie_Johnson

    Trump lies — again — and we’re supposed to be shocked?

    • Lantor

      No, we’re not. That’s the point, though, isn’t it?

  • netxtown

    If I get started…this diatribe would be the ugliest ever. So I will log out, and go back outside and dig in some dirt, or tear up a trash can, or scratch his face out on the ground and piss on it.

  • Ranger One

    If it doesn’t bring King Baby lots of applause and praise, he doesn’t care. When are his supporters going to learn that it is fame he craves, not country. He is just a whore for fame?

    • Ross

      I have not seen that since the 1970s!

      Thank you!

      • Ranger One

        Still perfect, right?

      • Ranger One

        John Waters has a summer camp.

    • Phillip in L.A.

      Chew that scenery, Glenn! 💋

      Miss u so much, Hog Princess a/k/a The Most Beautiful Woman in the World.

  • fuzzybits

    Making fake promises to a grieving family. Sounds about par for the course.

    • bambinoitaliano

      Conman never stop lying.

      • Ken M

        One of the many “benefits” of putting a business man in charge. People expected a change. Safe to say they got one.

      • FAEN

        I don’t think he knows that he’s lying. I honestly don’t. Can’t believe this douche is POTUS.

  • PickyPecker

    OT: Thought this was worth a read. Very nicely stated by this commentor:

    Christopher Mcdaniel ….

    Let me see if I can clear something up here. To all the #45 fundamentalists, apologists, worshippers, and staunch supporters. Those of us who loath, detest, and otherwise don’t trust #45, it isn’t because we are sore losers, as you tend to like to label us as, nor are we snowflakes, or any of a thousand other juvenile names you call us. Our opposition to #45 is because he isn’t an honorable human being, he isn’t qualified to hold the office that he was able to conn you into voting him into, and he’s a serial liar, and he is a constant embarrassment to our nation.

    I know, I know, but president Obama, but crooked Hillary and her emails, and Benghazi! yeah yeah, we get it! You hated both of them. But, let’s just be real here for a moment, as much as you may deny it, as much as you try to hang some legitimacy on your hatred of president Obama, we know the real reason you hated him, and so do you, and it had nothing whatsoever to do with his policies! He was an honorable man, who loved this country, and governed with a steady hand, and compassion. There wasn’t a major 9/11 attack during his watch, and he gave the order to send to Hell the mastermind of the 9/11 attack!

    You’ve been taught to hate Hillary Clinton over the last 25 years, by the republicans, because they knew that they were going to eventually have to face her, so they fed you all sorts of reasons to hate her, as a matter of fact, the republicans can always tap into your hate to get their way, they know that your hatred is always accessible, and easy to provoke, just tell you “the democrats want to take your guns away”, and they gotcha! You’ve been groomed to hate Hillary, it’s been a 25 year plan by the republicans, because they have no new ideas, so they go with the old favorites, feed you hate and fear, and it still works like a charm, after all these years.

    In less than 100 days #45 has insulted our allies, gotten a navy seal killed after ordering a military operation from his dinner table, sent the nation into chaos, after signing a convoluted Muslim ban. He’s insulted the media, insulted our intelligence agencies, insulted the judicial system, called the media the enemy of the people because they fact check him. He hasn’t kept any of his lofty promises, and he still tweets like some prepubescent 11 year old, with a vocabulary about the same.

    So, please get this through your heads, we are not sore losers, we just don’t want to lose the country simply because you hate so much that you’ve given power to a geriatric senile sexual predator and Russian puppet!

    • Treant

      There are words over two syllables in that. They won’t read it.

      • It’s also longer than a couple of Donald’s demented tweets. So there’s that, too.

      • Bad Tom

        But we do, and it is a balm to us.

        • Linda

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      • Phillip in L.A.

        I didn’t even finish it!

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      That is exactly what a snowflake would say !

    • FAEN


    • PickyPecker

      EDIT: Disqus is prone to removing ‘longer’ posts like this as the algorhythms ID it as spam.

      • Phillip in L.A.

        Although I am inclined to trust you, PP, others might not be so trusting of advice that incorporates a misspelled technical term! 🙂

    • TuuxKabin

      WOW. Thank you PickeyPecker. That says more than all.

    • JCF

      DrumpfenKorp: “Stop treating us like we’re idiots!”

      Popular Vote majority (plus, oh yeah, the VAST majority of Planet Earth—outside Russia): “For the love of [whatever you hold dear], please, PLEASE Stop Being Idiots? Please? Could you please? That’s all we ask.”

    • Mike__in_Houston

      This is wonderful. Is it from Twitter or where?

  • bambinoitaliano

    Meanwhile thousands of unpaid contractors nodded in sympathy saying: We know how you feel.

  • Henry Auvil

    He’ll probably claim the father did a very substandard job of grieving, and didn’t deserve the $25K.

  • zhera

    Bottom? There’s no bottom. The bottom is a lie.

    Donnie Two Scoops need to say or do something outrageous every single day in order to make the media forget about his tax returns, his failed policies, his failed wall, his disasterous administration.

    That gives us the downward spiral we see here. IT WILL NEVER END as long as he’s the president.

    • worstcultever

      THIS, +100000000

    • Charlie

      mmmm…don’t ask where the bottom is in a crowded room…just sayin…

  • safari

    The check is in the mail

    In response to queries from The Post, White House spokeswoman Lindsay Walters said, “The check has been sent. It’s disgusting that the media is taking something that should be recognized as a generous and sincere gesture, made privately by the President, and using it to advance the media’s biased agenda. “

    • Ken M

      “He would direct his staff” so who is to blame? Who was still there back then? Damn that incompetent staff.

    • bambinoitaliano

      I would examine the date of the conversation and the check printed and mailing time.

      • zhera

        The phone call was in June/July. If the check was sent in July there’s something seriously wrong with the mail service.

        But we all know that the check was never sent. It’ll probably never be sent, even after they claim to have done so. They’ll blame Hillary or something.

    • Classic Donald: He wants kudos, approval and thanks for the appearance of generous gestures…but none of the actual cost of doing them.

  • Ken M

    The lack of contact (which is still highly disrespectful) isn’t nearly as bad as lying to claim he actually did it. Hr would get heat for being off golfing, but at least he wouldn’t be lying about his actions.

  • Harveyrabbit
    • coram nobis

      Is this real?

      • Harveyrabbit

        It is in his own mind.

      • The_Wretched

        I find myself asking that every one of his tweets and for every fake tweet.

        • coram nobis

          It’s fresh: 4:17 pm EDT. And it sounds like him, so callous and obtuse. Should make for new headlines if true.

          • The_Wretched

            This one is a fake.

          • coram nobis

            This one, yes. Horribly plausible though.

      • Treant

        No. But you did have to ask, didn’t you?

        • coram nobis


          • carrot festival

            It really is.

    • Lumpy Gaga

      He was warned.

      Still, he enlisted.

      • TuuxKabin


  • bambinoitaliano

    To think 10 months ago when the word of a president mean something. Now you already know what bullshit is going to come out before he gets his tiny fingers on his phone.

  • Tatonka

    Doesn’t matter. Forty-percent of America will believe it happened regardless.

    • worstcultever

      How much of that 40% are Russian bots

      • Reality.Bites

        Trump supporters aren’t as smart as Russian bots.

  • BlindBill

    45 OFFERED HIM $25,000 OF OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY, if he remembered to have his people set up a fund raiser (you know he forgot about a second after he said it) – sickening

    • Halou

      Such a generous billionaire he is. /s

  • coram nobis

    This on top of another gaffe, mentioned in the WaPo story.

    Rep. Frederica S. Wilson (D-Fla.) said that Trump called Johnson’s widow, Myeshia Johnson, on Tuesday and said that her husband “knew what he was signing up for, but I guess it hurts anyway.” Wilson was riding in a limousine with the wife and said she heard the conversation on speakerphone.

  • Ken M

    If asked again about his “proof,” he can simply say that Sarah has already covered/explained what he meant. Bastard is off the hook again.

    • TuuxKabin

      Continually off the hook.

  • lattebud

    “will you settle for $25K?”

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    There is no low low enough for this SOB.

    • Lumpy Gaga

      Don’t worry. He’ll come up with something.

  • coram nobis

    By the way, he said cynically, have they gotten Donald to be able to pronounce “Niger” correctly, yet?

    • David Walker

      It reminds me of the story about the Washington socialite who complained to Bess Truman that the president used the word “manure” in a speech. “The president of the United States should never use the that word in public,” she reprimanded Bess, who replied, “Be glad he said that. It took me 25 years to get him to say ‘manure.'”

      • Phillip in L.A.

        ‘An Englishman about to return home from America asks for a typical American joke he can repeat in England. He is given a riddle:
        –“A woman is standing on a street corner and three men go by, one on a horse, one on a bicycle, and one on foot. One of the men knows the girl. Which one?”
        –“I give up,” says the Englishman; “which one?”
        –“The horse-manure!”
        –“Oh, ripping!”

        ‘He goes back to England and tries it out: “A young lady is standing at an intersection–this is in America, you know–and three gentlemen pass by: an equestrian, a pedestrian, and a velocipedist. One of them is acquainted with the young lady. Now which one?”
        –“We give up, Reggie. Which?”
        –“Well, I don’t know how that American chap did it, but the answer is horse-shit!”‘

        Legman, Dirty Joke, at 179.

  • bkmn

    Syphilis and dementia will do that to you…very forgetful.

    • Artsy

      I wonder who gave the other syphilis first? Rump or Bannon?

      • Reality.Bites


        Trump promised to, but didn’t follow up.

      • bkmn

        Probably got it through his pedophile bestie Jeffrey Epstein, shared via a young girl

  • Michael White

    If I am not mistaken the military went overwhelmingly for the orange turd. Sorry, about your loss, but you voted for him.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Nope, not one single solitary molecule of it.

    • Not one shred, no.

    • TuuxKabin


  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    It’s been said before but: elect a clown, expect a circus.

  • Ninja0980

    And yet there will still be way too many current and former military members who will vote for this POS again.

  • FAEN

    Another hour, another embarrassment.

  • When contacted by the Post, White House spokeswoman Lindsay Walters said that the check is in the mail and called the media “disgusting” for inquiring about it.

    “The check has been sent. It’s disgusting that the media is taking something that should be recognized as a generous and sincere gesture, made privately by the President, and using it to advance the media’s biased agenda,” Walters said.

    ‘The check is in the mail’ is their excuse. Baldridge was killed on June 10th. It’s more than four months later.

    • Reality.Bites

      Is the online fundraiser in the mail too, I wonder?

    • Natty Enquirer

      To be precise, Chris Baldridge said the offer was made a few weeks after the killing. But even allowing six weeks, that’s the beginning of August. So if the check is in the mail, it was just put there by panicked staff.

      • And of course paid for using other people’s charity donations.

      • justme

        sort of like the money for the veterans group after the rally

  • Mike C

    But football players kneeling……

    • And Clinton colluding w/Russia and her emailz and the pizza pedo ring…

      • Karl Dubhe

        Don’t forget the billions and billions of people the Clintons have had murdered. In the most horrific of ways. Unspeakable.

        Tens of billions. Hundreds of them…

  • Charlie

    please, please, please, pretty please…drop.dead!

    • TuuxKabin

      Multiple times. Once for every lie.

  • FAEN

    Why does this horror of a man think everything can be solved with money?

    • David Walker

      It is for him. I mean, if not money, what is there? Besides, hush money has worked in the past.

  • Mark my words: Donald’s gonna have a major screaming meltdown over this shit because it’s more shame being heaped upon him, and shame is the one main things pathological narcissists cannot tolerate.

    • Natty Enquirer

      Kelly’s Day Care will have its hands full.

  • He really is a pathetic, craven liar.

    • It gets worse…and as i said before, Donald’s gonna throw an embolism over this because shame is being directed at him for his gross dereliction of duties:

      • Natty Enquirer

        Fake news! Every one of these people is being paid off! There isn’t even a war and no one is dying!
        –Alex Jones

        • Alex Jones doesn’t exist. He’s a virtual character created by the Illuminati to fool us all.

          Ever actually *see* him except in photos or on TV? There’s the proof right there.

          • Natty Enquirer

            That’s exactly what they want you to think.

          • Johnny Wyeknot

            I saw the top of his head once.

          • TuuxKabin

            Standing Room Only, rear balcony? Friend needs to know.

          • Johnny Wyeknot

            Yes, by accident. Be warned: his tongue is like sandpaper.

          • TuuxKabin

            Ewwwwh x 5689. Horrible accident, sure.

          • Johnny Wyeknot

            These things happen from time to time …

      • thatotherjean

        “Donald’s gonna throw an embolism over this because shame is being directed at him for his gross dereliction of duties”

        We can only hope.

      • Those poor families who believed his lies. I’m hoping they didn’t vote for that sack of traitorous shit.

  • ByronK

    Media: Trump Grabs War Widow by the Pussy
    SHS: It’s just disgusting the way the media is manipulating this when all the President was doing was expressing his sympathy for her sacrifice offering comfort.

    • Media: “Donald never actually bothered to learn her or her husband’s names, did he? Which is why he’s already objectified her as “the wife” in his rage tweets earlier today…”

      • Natty Enquirer

        Did you hear Huck-Sans’ paraphrase at the press conference today? She made up an earnest soliloquy that Trump was supposed to have delivered. Utter hogwash.

        • No, I didn’t watch her. I find I can’t anymore.

          • Jerry Kott

            I don’t know when watching her is she is a talking Humanoid or a taking Hemorrhoid because she talks out of her ass.

  • liondon#iamnotatraitor

    He’s a monster.

  • thatotherjean

    Trump offered a donation and never followed through? Now there’s a shocker! Not.

  • ohbear1957

    Who could have predicted that he would treat Gold Star Families so poorly?

  • Frank McCormick

    Is there anything that comes out of this man’s mouth that isn’t a lie?

    • Johnny Wyeknot

      Bad breath

      • carrot festival

        Melania’s piss.

        • Johnny Wyeknot

          Idiot doesn’t even swallow.

  • justme

    offered him $25,000..
    Must be time for another “reelection rally”

  • Johnny Wyeknot

    Trump has proof, remember?

  • bambinoitaliano
  • DaveMiller135

    You think you have ADHD.

  • Kelly Lape

    When the Reich Wing allows Dear Leader to treat gold star families so poorly, then there is no return for the GOP. There is not a single person in the party who is a patriot.

  • Xiao Ai: The Social Gadfly

    There’s no greater insult to the memory of these vets than having had to serve under this turd of a Commander In Chief. Every soldier, every Marine, every airman and airwoman, every seaman and seawoman should collectively refuse to serve under his office. It’s a higher service to their country.

  • Schnackenpfefferhausen

    Why did he even offer the money? As precedent I suppose the family of every service member killed during DJT’s tenure should expect a personal check for $25k.