John McCain Blasts “Half-Baked Nationalism” [VIDEO]

NPR reports:

In what appeared to be a thinly veiled reference to politics in the Age of Trump, Sen. John McCain on Monday warned Americans against “half-baked, spurious nationalism,” calling the abandonment of U.S. global leadership “unpatriotic.”

Speaking in Philadelphia, where he was being honored with the Liberty Medal by the National Constitution Center, McCain did not mention the president by name, but his words appeared aimed at Trump and his administration.

“To abandon the ideals we have advanced around the globe, to refuse the obligations of international leadership for the sake of some half-baked, spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems,” he said, “is as unpatriotic as an attachment to any other tired dogma of the past that Americans consigned to the ash heap of history.”

In an apparent reference to white supremacists who sparked violence in Charlottesville, Va., in August, the former prisoner of war said: “We live in a land of ideals, not blood and soil.”

As you’ll see below, the half-baked white nationalists at Breitbart are very upset with McCain. Again.

  • Frostbite

    Too little, way too late.

    • DaddyRay

      But I am glad he is doing it at all

      • Frostbite

        But to what end? He’s preaching to the choir who didn’t agree with Turnip to begin with. He might be saying what others of his party are thinking, but none of them will act on it. He’s in his last few hours, in office if not on this planet. He might be doing this to try and atone for his past few years decades of his own bullshit in office (bringing Palin to the world stage being one of his worst sins) but again, too little, too late. He certainly isn’t going to effect any real change in the world, so this is entirely for his own peace of mind, may he never have it.

  • Tawreos

    It is so nice to see a republican not catering to the needs of the haters that make up their base. I just wish it didn’t take a brain tumor to make it happen.

    • DaddyRay

      He needs to lead the charge of impeachment

      • Tawreos

        It would be nice, but there is not enough support in the GOP to go after one of their own…yet.

        • GayOldLady


        • canoebum

          The Senate GOP has only a two vote margin, plus Pence. All it will take three GOP Senators to say NO to everything to shut this shit down. Say NO until impeachment begins. But the GOP isn’t like that. They choose party loyalty every time over everything else. The country be damned.

      • gaycuckhubby

        Yep, put your money where your mouth is. He and Bob Corker need to start the resistance. I doubt they will.

        • margaretpoa

          This. It’s nice to talk but action speaks much louder.

        • Xiao Ai: The Social Gadfly

          Of course not. The plan is to step aside and let someone else handle the mess. Patriotism indeed.

          Time isn’t on our side any longer.

          • Janet

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          • Xiao Ai: The Social Gadfly

            ♬ Damnit, Janet, I hate you!

        • I’m picturing McCain in a trench coat and a beret with an unfiltered Gauloises hanging from his lip…vive la resistance!

    • bambinoitaliano

      John McCain words are meaningless until he puts them in action. He has very limited time to rewrite his legacy.

      • Tawreos

        Sometimes I get the feeling that he is only expressing things like this to give the GOP an angle that makes them somewhat palatable to republicans that are tired of Trump.

        • netxtown

          While I appreciate his ‘thumbs down’ a couple times now, I’ve wondered his sincerity as well. He has the clout to make and move an agenda, but there appears to be none. I’d back Corker in the long run.

        • bambinoitaliano

          He is a living senator, he should not need to be hinting to his colleagues.

    • greenmanTN


    • DesertSun59

      But note that it takes either the threat of death (his tumor) or not running again to call this egregious charlatan. That’s how deeply disturbed the Republican party is today. They’d rather watch the country dissolve than give up their political position.

  • vorpal 😼

    “to refuse the obligations of international leadership for the sake of some half-baked, spurious nationalism”

    Does it have to be one extreme or the other?

    • vorpal 😼


      1. I could not be more opposed to nationalism.

      2. That being said, “American Exceptionalism” and the idea that the US should be the “global leader” of the free world hasn’t worked out too well in many situations, especially when we rebound back and forth from Bush to Obama to Trump.

      Still, with regards to #2, nature abhors a vacuum, and I would rather have the US as the global leader than, say, ugh – Russia.

      • greenmanTN

        If nature really abhorred a vacuum Donald Trump wouldn’t exist.

  • Anastasia Beaverhousen

    Oh, John, honey when you come late to a party doesn’t mean that you are forgiven for being late, some people are just glad you finally showed up so dinner can start.

  • Treant

    Pretty words…but we’ll have to see if that translates into blocking Trump’s half-baked, spurious nationalism.

    My bet is that no, it does not translate that far. He was happy to send Callista to the Vatican, and a hack to the Supreme Court.

  • Mike

    McCain won’t even call his team’s virulent racism what it is, going with the timid “half-baked nationalism” instead. With that he’s .putting the brakes on his valiant attempt to salvage a little of his old, pre-Palin reputation. It’s deplorable that he helped deliver us to this awful moment in history, and it’s kind of sad to see him scrounging for remnants of who he used to pretend to be.

  • gaycuckhubby

    What a globalist cuck!
    Speaking of… has Jared achieved peace in the Middle East yet?

    • TuuxKabin

      Busy with A_S.

    • Gerry Fisher

      Hold on. That’s on the agenda right after he solves the opioid epidemic.

  • Joe in PA

    Pffft, John, have you checked out

    You bought this shit.

    • Inez

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    • CJAS

      Exactly. That choice proved that many voters would abandon all qualification standards for a candidate who would articulate their petty resentments.

  • greenmanTN

    While he’s in his perimortem ethical leadership phase could we get a public apology for Sarah Palin? She was the Beta version of Trump, after all.

  • margaretpoa

    I’ve always liked McCain’s courage. Don’t usually like his politics but his willingness to speak against blind rage and hate is admirable

    • canoebum

      Sorry, not buying it. The country is in real danger. He should have denounced the Orange Menace by name and called on the GOP to impeach him without delay. He should have stated clearly what a calamity has befallen this country through the failure of the Electoral College system. Trump lost. The electors failed to do their duty, choosing party loyalty over loyalty to the Constitution. The time for diplomatic roundabout references is over. Time to call the fucking riot squad.

  • Rebecca Gardner
    • netxtown

      You gave me a flash back.
      While stationed in the Azores, an earthquake @ 8.0 hit. Most of the island was destroyed. The US was haggling with Portugal on the lease of the base there…but Portugal was concerned that an extension of US influence would further the Azorian drive for independence.
      The result? The US – with all of its resources – provided no tents, no food, no shelter to the hundreds of victims. A small team of medical folks (about 10) were allowed to help treat the wounded. rest of the base was ‘locked down’ and we were not allowed to go and help at all.

      I was so ready to denounce my citizenship. I could have re-uppted for another tour – but I was done with it.

      • Rebecca Gardner

        It’s what we’re doing in Puerto Rico right now. Let everyone die, let the infrastructure fail, then send in the private corporations to “fix” the problem taking land and homes by eminent domain and building luxury homes, condos, and resorts all for fun ans profit. So the fuck what if human beings are dead, dying, or diseased. The almighty dollar is the American way!

        • netxtown

          ugh. you are so right.

        • canoebum

          Correct! Once the hedge fund and real estate guys own all the good land and take the future of the island out of the hands of Puerto Ricans, see how fast everything the new owners need gets fixed. The population will be landless serfs destined to work cleaning the hotels and luxury homes.

          • McSwagg

            But think of all the dRumphftastic jobs that will be brought to the island by its new overlords …

    • Gerry Fisher

      I love this

  • worstcultever

    A real hero would call out Trump by name, enumerate the ways he is daily destroying our country both domestically and on the world stage, and fucking DEMAND that Congress do its job and remove him from office.

    McCain has absolutely nothing to lose at this point, yet all he can offer is this timid, weak tea. Some patriot.

    Maxine Waters remains my president.

    • Gerry Fisher

      He’s soft pedaling it. We don’t have time for this.

    • CottonBlimp

      Forget a real hero. A real *man* would take responsibility for his flaws before calling out others for the same. Anyone remember this criticism of nationalism during the Bush years? Oh no, then he was perfectly happy fanning the flames of fascism, long as it resulted in more dead Arabs overseas.

  • Dagoril

    It’s nice that you’re willing to call a turd, a turd. But what are you and the rest of the GOP going to do about him? Subtly alluding to him without even mentioning his name is not nearly enough. The country is going down in flames, and the GOP is just warming its hands by the fire, wondering if it can get even more tax cuts before everything has burned down.

  • TuuxKabin

    Nice speechy. Now where’s the money?

  • Karl Dubhe

    Iff he keeps this up, and starts to argue for impeachment of the trump; then I’ll retract every mean thing I’ve ever said about him.

    Does anyone really believe I’ll have to do that?

    Prove me wrong, Johnny. Do eet.

  • kladinvt

    Vote ONLY for Democrats in 2018, take over the House and let’s get the Impeachment trials going!

  • Bluto
  • liondon#iamnotatraitor

    We lost any moral leadership a long time ago…highest infant mortality rate,highest incarceration, bloated military, undermining democratically elected governments…

  • GayOldLady

    I’m not surprised by this speech from John McCain. He’s tried to be loyal to his party, but even before he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, he was making stands against Trump. Now we’ll see if his former buddy, Lindseybelle, will continue to consort with the devil or will he follow the lead of his friend. My bet is on Lindsey continuing to consort until he figures out the wind is not blowing in Trump’s direction and that it never will again. It’s hard for us to remember that our Senators and Congressmen live in a bubble in DC so WE have to remind them daily about how we’re perceiving them.

    • DonnaLee

      Had he gotten some backbone when Trump was spouting shit during the election, I’d give him a lot more credit now. The only ones who gave him any real opposition were the ones running against him, and even then, we saw Christie ready to back him pretty damn soon.

  • DesertSun59

    Well, well, well. Dr. Johan Galtung’s prediction about our empire’s demise by 2020 is still completely on target.

    At this point, it must be obvious to every Republican in our Congress that the good doctor was never wrong about a single prediction he ever made about the demise of country he every discussed.

    The US is no longer a viable empire already and they know it. History will record that 45 was the sole reason for our demise.

  • TexasBoy

    I’m pleased McCain still looks to be in relatively good health. Perhaps it is a good sign. Everyone I’ve known with brain cancer deteriorated very quickly once they were diagnosed.

    • Câl

      It is amazing how fast treatments have improved for brain cancers in recent years. A ex-work colleague of mine was diagnosed with a brain tumour 6 years ago about the same time I was diagnosed with my first cancer (bowel). She is ex-colleague as it was me who never recovered properly and I had to leave work. However, while her tumour came back a year after the first treatment, a second lot of radio and surgery seem to have got rid of it. She continues to do her job and had a promotion a year after. Mind you, she is a lot younger than the senator and age and general health does make a big difference to recovery.
      I wish McCain well in his treatment, but even more would wish a UK-style health service on the poor and even middle class of the USA who have to undergo cancer treatment- I would be dead now if I would have had to pay for all the masses of treatment I have received over the last 6 1/2 years.

  • Gerry Fisher

    He’s speaking in Washington-ese. He’s not speaking plainly enough for it to make much of a difference, I’m afraid. (But it’s really hard to get on his case when he’s struggling with such personal challenges. He gets credit for doing the best he can under his health circumstances, that’s for darn sure.)

    • JWC

      yes it was Washington ese but its there where Ammendment 25 or Impeachment procedures will begin not in the wheat id rust bekts of America

  • Stev84

    Fully baked nationalism isn’t really any better

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    John, the fact that the GOP even entertained baking it in the first place should have given you pause.

  • Ander

    Good for him. He still shares a chunk of the blame, but good for him.

  • Nic Peterson

    This? Coming from the man who single handedly lobotomised the GOP and empowered 8 years of exactly the thing he claims to detest? Folly!

  • teedofftaxpayer

    McCain knows he’s dying. Now he’s going to unleash the truth and keep it coming until he passes away.

  • James

    So, McCain is going to continue to refuse to accept responsibility for the large role he himself played in the outcome he’s now railing against.

  • leastyebejudged

    I don’t trust Angry Grampy, after all, he’s responsible for the Palin.