Trump: I Hope “Crooked Hillary” Runs Again In 2020

The Washington Examiner reports:

President Trump said Monday morning he hopes Hillary Clinton runs for president again in 2020. Trump defeated Clinton nearly one year ago, and the next presidential election is 1,114 days away. In an interview last month with CBS, Clinton said she wouldn’t seek the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020. “I am done with being a candidate,” she said.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    I logged off of Twitter for #WomenBoycottTwitter. I logged in about 10 minutes ago and my blood pressure went up. So I logged back off. I have too many wonderful things happening in my life right now. I don’t think I’m ever going to view any Social Media again for the rest of my life. I’m done with the insanity. Trump is the leading cause of the insanity and as long as he is still alive and in office the insanity is only going to continue to grow exponentially.

    • Todd20036

      This thread is the closest I come to social media.
      Frankly, after having a president who loves it this much, and catering to a base who is this brain dead, and having the leaders of social media (I’m looking at you Zuckerfuck) be complacent in the downfall of democracy in this country, I’ve realized that being old school has serious advantages to my sanity.

      • netxtown

        same here. Biggest worry being old school is getting a splinter in your ass from an old desk……but some would consider that foreplay.

        • Todd20036

          *raises hand*

    • james1200

      You gotta look on the bright side. We’re still alive, the sun is still shining, tomorrow is another day! Still so much hope, so smile, Rebecca!

    • DesertSun59

      The sole purpose of his existence right now is to be a Merchant of Chaos. You’re better off not following him or his insanity.

    • motordog

      I have never done social media…I don’t see the point. I don’t do twitter, facebook, or any of those ‘look at what I’M doing’ things. Watching the zombies stumble through their days obsessed with their cell phones is equally amusing and disturbing. I already know this world is full of idiots, racists, and trolls, and anyone I want to see (a very small list) I already see in ‘real life’.

      • kareemachan


      • Daveed_WOW

        You ending up discovering that those relatives you never really liked have earned your dislike.

        • Todd20036

          My attitude towards relatives tends to be along the lines Pappy, Popeye’s father.
          “I have no use for relatives!”

          • Daveed_WOW

            All this time I thought people were just joking about how much they dislike relatives. This explains why I hate weddings and family reunions. And Thanksgiving. #amitheonlyone

      • cleos_mom

        This is like the former pot smoker syndrome*, which has been endemic for a few decades now.

        * No one online is ever a pot smoker. Some of them used to be but haven’t been “for awhile” (since breakfast).

    • crewman

      I’ve never gotten into Twitter (except for very specific job-related things), and I’ve all but quit Facebook in the last 3 weeks. I can’t say I miss Facebook at all. It’s now just an endless spew of people posting things from somewhere else. I don’t need Facebook to be an intermediary for that.

    • Joe in PA

      Speaking of that…any movement on the Houston move? They are NOT going to be ready for you in Texas. πŸ™‚

      • Rebecca Gardner

        Yes. It really seems like it is actually going to happen. I would not be surprised that six months from now I’m living in Texas.

        • RMJ

          I’m in DFW Rebecca, there are lots of us and all the metro areas are pretty liberal. We’ve been purple the last few elections and as the metro areas continue to increase in population (lots of transplants from CA including me, because of the low cost of living here) we’ll eventually outnumber the rural areas and turn blue. Our state government is pure crap, as are our schools, but I think that Dems are finally waking up to the importance of voting in every election and eventually just as with any state with a huge metro population, we’ll start to elect politicians that aren’t totally brain-dead. We’re ready for you sweetie, can’t wait to have another smart Dem in the state. ;o)

        • JCF

          Yikes! Your job moving you?

          • Rebecca Gardner

            No, my heart is moving me. A move worth making for this very special someone.

        • McSwagg

          Choose your neighborhood carefully. There are some that don’t flood. I live in one.

          Otherwise, I wish you a prospective “Welcome to Houston”.

    • vorpal 😼

      Just please don’t leave us.
      You’re a real treasure here and many of us would miss you tremendously.

      • Rebecca Gardner

        I promise to stick around. I am at the point where I just want to get a taste of the news from here. News filtered through the snark and fun of all of you. I can’t even turn on Rachel anymore. Any news is just too overwhelming.

        • Bj Lincoln

          We would miss you so much. Good to hear you will stay here!

        • Kruhn

          May I suggest The Final Word and Fake The Nation podcasts. They are pretty good analyses of the news with comedy to ease the pain of this regime’s abuses.

        • DonnaLee

          That’s how I feel as well. I need this shit backed up with some snark to be able to process it at all.

        • Ann Kah

          I’ve hardly read newspapers since last November – or perhaps many months before that. I used to read the paper pretty thoroughly, but when the top story every day concerns the Orange Vulgarian, I can’t face it.

      • Todd20036

        This place is an oasis. Not too many trolls to block, and nothing is filtered.
        Plus the occasional shirtless man

        • prixator

          Pantsless, too!

          • McSwagg

            I’m always pantsless while reading JMG. In my imagination, everyone is.

    • Ann Kah

      One of the things that is not always easy to tell is whether it’s a lot of people who like trump, or a few people who like trump very very much. Also how many of his twit base are actually sulky teenagers who can’t vote, and how many are dirt farmers who will vote only if reminded on Election Day itself.

  • netxtown

    I don’t know that i can make it 1,114 more days….

    • swimboy

      2020 isn’t the issue. We need to keep our eyes on the midterms, which are coming up sooner than you think. The primary in Texas is March 6, 2018. Maybe Ted Cruz will get primaried.

      • Adam Schmidt

        Only six months away!

    • Todd20036

      Have more sex. It helps.

      • netxtown

        neighbor moved all his sheep to a different pasture….

  • swimboy

    Why should he care? He’s not going to be running against her.

    • netxtown

      hopefully he will be running for the border…one with russia

    • Misutaa Roboto

      Because he’s a petty little piece of shit.

      • Todd20036

        Stop disrespecting shit.

    • Todd20036

      Because his “win” against her is still his only accomplishment.

  • Tawreos

    Isn’t Art Laffer one of the architects of trickle down economics? I am pretty sure he knows how a democrat, or anyone for that matter can vote vote against this tax plan.

    • Gustav2

      Yup, he is the architect of our economic disaster Republicans are still pushing.

    • jerry

      Yep…known as the “Laffer Curve”.

  • TrueWords
    • GayOldLady

      And we don’t even know about the cases that may be sealed, like Sexual harassment or Sexual misconduct.

      • TrueWords

        It boggles my mind anyone voting for this man who is the text book definition of a FRAUD

  • Gustav2

    Art Laffer has always been correct! /s

  • Michael R
    • Todd20036


  • Halou

    Right after Julian Assange starts whacking off (again) to thoughts of Hillary Clinton, Trump joins in. I sense something big is coming that neither of them want American people to know about.

    Also something that I’m sure has nothing at all to do with the timing of this latest round of Clinton bashing, Roger Stone gave in to demands from the Congressional Committees to hand over the name and details of his Russian/Wikileaks contact.

    • Daveed_WOW

      Red meat, baby! Red meat to the base! They’ve hated Hillary since 1991 and they’re not stopping now.

  • Misutaa Roboto

    Don’t make me Laff.

  • JustDucky
  • Rex

    He’s still crushing on Hillary. Sad.

  • CanuckDon

    I suspect by 2020 Trump’s mind will be so much further cray-cray that he’ll ask “Hillary who? Wasn’t she president?”

  • Halou

    Art Laffer is not a moral arbiter, his opinions on any given issue is not relevant and is not a reason for American people to behave in a certain way.

  • Trump uses Twitter like a stuck-up middle school cheerleader with a smartphone:

  • aagold76 .

    one VERY smart thing Trump does- albeit childish, is to brand people with a nickname- his base will always think of Hillary as crooked- Rubio as little, etc. We need to fight on his level- everyone opposed to him needs to brand him ‘RACIST DON’

    • motordog

      That’s a good one, but I prefer ‘Dotard’ Don…

      • justme

        Me .. I like Truthless Trump..

      • “Loser”

        That’s one of his favorites — turn it back on him, because when all is said and done, he is a loser.

        • Ann Kah

          No, that’s the rest of us who are the losers.

    • greenmanTN

      Moron Don

      • GayOldLady

        Fucking Moron doN

    • Ross

      Fucking Racist Nazi Asshole Piece-of-Scum Sexual Abuser Shit-head Don.

      Why, it just rolls off the tongue!

    • alguien

      i’ve found “moron donald” to be effective

      • stuckinthewoods

        I’m thinking of him as MOTUS, or fMOTUS.

      • cleos_mom

        “Dolt45” is effective as well. I believe I first read it here on JMG.

    • greenmanTN

      Too bad you can’t say Shitgibbon on TV.

      • Tread

        Why not? Turdmonkey works just as well.

        • greenmanTN

          Turd-fondler is another fave.

          • CharlestonDave

            Tho I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…where is Chris Kluwe when we need him?

      • Todd20036

        And on Fox, you can say “fuck that chicken” live on air.

    • Natty Enquirer

      You mean like “Dr. Stabby” or “Crazy Eyes”? It’s a scrappy and ancient rhetorical device and one that does not belong on the lips of a sitting President.

    • Bluto
      • Ann Kah

        Unfortunately there is some truth in your words. Bring back political correctness, and make racists go back underground as social pariahs.

    • Uncle Mark

      I prefer to call him the “Fucking Moron.” I doubt that he would be upset by being called a Nazi, racist, or sexual abuser. There seem to be only two things that upset him:
      1. Jokes about his NOT being wealthy
      2. Jokes about his obvious idiocy

      I suspect his father and school mates branded him a moron a long time ago, and it still sticks in his craw. His SoS seems to have given us the best name to call him. I will continue to hammer away on this sore spot.

    • unsavedheathen

      Fucking moron Donald.

  • Ross
  • DesertSun59

    This particular Tweet is a distraction. I hear a damaging story is about 45 is going to be released this week. This is his lame way to deflect attention from it.

  • Daveed_WOW

    Julian Assange released an encryption key. They’re really gonna impeach Hillary now!

  • Paula

    5.2 trillion dollar gain? Doesn’t he realize that is money that only exists as electronic impulses somewhere? Money on paper that only exists on paper.

    • Natty Enquirer

      Hate to break it to you, but all our money has been pretend since the U.S. abolished the gold standard in 1933.

      • Karl Dubhe

        I hate to break it to you, but the gold standard wasn’t a good economic idea.

      • David L. Caster

        Money is a convenient fiction. The value of gold is too.

      • The gold standard was an unreliable, unstable wreck that fluctuated more heavily every year than fiat currency has done in decades.

        Ultimately, the only reason any money has worth is if someone is willing to accept it as trade. With commodity-based currency, value is based on the perception of the value of the commodity. With fiat currency, the government creates value for trade via taxation.

        The latter is far more reliable and stable a source of value than the former; the government is always going to tax, after all, while gold or whatever other commodity is vulnerable to massive market fluctuations as perceptions change on a day to day basis, especially with something like gold where a few countries have the ability to just dig it out of the ground and have arbitrarily more wealth.

  • Princess Lardass

    Delete your account.

  • nowaRINO

    This is the reason for both the twerps’ tweets:

  • Joe in PA
  • Statistics Palin

    I’d love to see the pussy grabbed lose to a woman, even if it is by a very close shave. hi

  • GayOldLady

    “I was recently asked if crooked Hillary was going to run in 2020”.

    Anyone who believes that tweet is as stupid as Trump. No one asked him that question, that’s just his way of hooking people into to bashing Hillary and deflecting from his own CRIMES. THIS IS A DESPERATE MAN WHO IS GOING DOWN, SOON!

  • kareemachan

    Who’s Art Laffer?

    • kiprian

      Inventor of the Laffer curve, which “shows” that decreasing tax rates would increase tax revenues. It’s the voodoo economics that Bush the Elder accused Reagan of believing.

      • -M-

        The Laffer curve is a trivial tautology that they’ve embroidered with loads of unwarranted assumptions to ‘support’ the call for tax cuts designed to benefit the wealthy.

        Will tax revenue be zero at both zero and one hundred percent tax rates, sure. Would you logically expect that most possible levels of tax revenue could be achieved by two (or more) different tax rates, sure. Is there any reason or evidence to indicate that our tax rates are higher than necessary for the revenue they bring in, No. (Oops.)

        Conversely, A) Logically, given that taxes have generally started at very low percentages, they probably started on the good side of the curve and we ought to be able to tell if they had crossed over later. And B) The evidence from the many times they’ve tried the ‘cut taxes drastically to boost the economy’ experiment is that tax revenues crater leading to massive deficits and forced reductions in government services such as schools, infrastructure investment & maintenance, public health and public safety.

        • kiprian

          Hence the quotation marks around “shows”.

          • -M-

            Yes. My rant was merely elaborating on that. (Sorry.)

  • Matt

    Why? He won’t be around to worry about it. Do they allow tv in prison cells?

  • boatboy_srq

    HRC 2020. Because 18 months of misogynistic sexist tRumpery on the 2016 campaign trail wasn’t enough.


    Lord Dampnut really is a sadistic wanker.

  • TexasBoy

    “Since Election Day on November 8, the Stock Market is up more than 25%, unemployment is at a 17 year low & companies are coming back to U.S.”

    Except, of course, Trump branded manufacturers.

  • penpal

    In spite of everything, he’d likely flatten her again.

    • Friday

      Losing the popular vote isn’t ‘flattening.’

      • penpal

        Okaaaay, so I’ll change that:
        In spite of everything, he’d likely flatten her in the electoral college votes again.

        • Friday

          Even that wasn’t a ‘pummeling.’ He was monkeyed in on a couple of thinly-‘won’ states.

        • Rebecca Gardner

          Yet he didn’t “flatten her.” His electoral college win was not that big and only possible through Republican election tampering, gerrymandering, etc. Sadly, those underhanded Republican techniques will ensure he is re-elected in 2020 if he’s not impeached or he doesn’t resign first.

          • penpal

            He will never be impeached without a Democratic majority, and the chances of that in 2018 are almost non-existent. He will never resign now that he’s discovered he doesn’t actually have to do any real work. As for underhanded techniques, you’re absolutely right–they will get him re-elected. And those are the parties we are stuck with: one that cheats, lies, scams, and acts like spoiled children, and another one that still thinks common sense will eventually reign them in.

        • joe ho


          It took Wikileaks, Russia, a rogue FBI, GOP voter suppression and a sustained vicious attack by the far-left to bring her down. And in a third-term election, which is hard to win anyway unless the economy is booming.

          Only 70000 votes spread over MI, WI, PA gave him the electoral college.

          Bernie couldn’t even win California–with the GOP and Russia/Wikileaks helping him. In the general election the GOP hate machine would have squashed him like a bug.

          Delete yourself. People spreading false information like you are losers. Go crawl up Putin-loving Jill STein’s skirt with Slurandon and the rest of the far-left saboteurs. 2000. 2016.

          The US is not going to turn into a Brocialist workers’ paradise. Get that through your thick skull and work for moderate progressive change.

          • penpal

            And her approval ratings are currently lower than his. But, FAKE NEWS, right?

          • joe ho

            lol. GOP/Wikileaks/Putin hate machine haven’t done their job on Bernie yet. Even when they were helping him he couldn’t beat her.

            You don’t seem to grasp the political dynamics involved.

            Which is why you shouldn’t be voting. You’re too clueless.

            The only revolution you Bernie-bots will bring about is an advent of right-wing fascism–until you learn that when general elections come around you have to vote blue no matter who and not sabotage because you don’t get everything you want.

        • Friday

          Not if Berniebots/Stein protest votes hadn’t actually put him barely over in those states, or if anyone actually called the Republicans on their ineligible Electors.

  • GeneInSJ

    As if he’s going to last until 2020. LOL!!!!

  • Even if Hillary WANTED to run again (which I sincerely doubt), she wouldn’t stand a chance. She is “damaged goods,” as they say.

  • OdieDenCO

    1,114 is a damn depressing number

    • AdamTh

      That will likely be split with Pence, Ryan and/or Rubio. Still depressing πŸ™

  • Dagoril

    I hope Hillary runs again and you are executed for treason, you worthless piece of shit.

  • OdieDenCO

    hey donny how about this: Hillary will run again in 2020! you and your gop cronies’ collusion with russia to steal the election will be laid bare for all the world to see. special elections will be call for by the SCOTS to fill all the seats vacated by treason convictions. Hillary is elected in a land slide in 2019 and again in 2020. the 70% of the nation rejoices, 30% crawl back under their rocks.

  • jmax

    Hopefully by 2020 Trump will be a convicted felon and ineligible to vote anyway.

  • justme

    But Donnie.. more people are on to your games.. Hope we hear “Truthless Trump” from the crowds..

  • Rocco

    Doesn’t matter he will in jail, a SNF, or “spending time with family” by then.

  • AdamTh

    Why does Pres F. Moron think he’ll be on the ballot in 2020? I expect the next Trump Tower to be in a prison yard…..

  • narutomania

    Enough with the infantile name-calling, you bloated moronic turd !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JWC


  • Alexander Stallwitz

    You wish, jackass. You helped make sure shes wont run again and now you will have run against someone you cant streamroll with bullshit and lies.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada
  • Snarky

    No one asked him about Clinton in 2020, he made it up. The only question is why. He wants people to be talking about this and not something else – like perhaps the four Green Berets who were killed in Niger (he STILL has not mentioned them, but, you know, BENGHAZI!), Mueller & the Russia probe, Tom Price, Morongate, no legislative success despite the GOP being in control of both sides of Pennsylvania Avenue, no wall, no health care repeal & replace, Puerto Rico begging for help and getting only crumbs, Kim’s saber rattling, a revolving door for WH staff, “adult day care,” etc.

    So yeah. Let’s talk about Clinton.

  • JIM W

    The question is…. Will Psychotic Trump run in 2020?

  • leastyebejudged

    They need to run her against an unknown with a funny name.

  • Willys41


  • DevineBovine

    If she were to run against him again, she would lose again.

    • penpal

      Yes, indeed. Her current approval ratings are lower than his. People on this thread just don’t get that.

  • Gianni

    Just can’t let it go, can you Donnie? Even having not been chosen by the voters in this country and still having been awarded the presidency isn’t enough for you to move on with the business at hand. You are a scumbag. As a previous commenter said, “You made this up.” I’ll go with that.

  • JCF

    Drumpf has had ZERO impact on the economy (except periodic instability at the micro level, via irresponsible tweets). The statistics mentioned above? THANKS, OBAMA!!!!