Trump: Mike Pence’s NFL Stunt Was “Long-Planned”

USA Today reports:

Amid criticism over Vice President Mike Pence’s truncated visit to an NFL game Sunday, President Donald Trump said the trip was “long planned” in a tweet Monday. Pence’s trip on Air Force 2 — which doesn’t take into account logistics on the ground like Secret Service — cost about $242,500, according to an estimate from CNN published on Monday. Pence flew from Las Vegas to Indianapolis before he headed to a fundraiser in Southern California.

  • Tomcat

    Shows disrespect for real Americans by wasting our tax dollars.

    • Frostbite

      Trump doesn’t pay taxes, so what does he care?

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    • Mark Née Fuzz

      It’s also another display of entitlement. If they were planning this stunt, they could at least have given him a funny nose and glasses disguise and let him fly coach.

      • David Walker

        Groucho would come back from the grave and kick his ass. Mother’s, too.

    • David J

      What does the VP’s plane travel with his Secrete Service and others in his entourage? Something like 60,000 an hour ! Vegas to the game then on to L.A. a big waste of taxpayer dollars, all to thumb Prez and VP’s noses at free speech and First Amendment rights of all Americans.

      • Oh come on! Everyone knows that Indianapolis is “on the way” from Las Vegas to Los Angeles! /s

  • DaddyRay

    I was watching CNN last night and they were saying the pool reporters traveling with the VP were not allowed into the stadium and were told they would not be staying long. It was a stunt – Pence was going to leave no matter what

    • Tomcat

      He knew San Fran would take a knee since they started it.
      All a dog and pony show that taxpayers paid dearly for.

      • fuow

        And, quite frankly, we deserve it for not voting in November 2016. Wait until Trump leaves and this christer is el presidente. You think things are bad now?

        • Judas Peckerwood

          “we”? Speak for yourself.

          • fuow

            Yes, dear, ‘we’. I voted for Hillary. I campaigned for Hillary. I’m a yellow-dog who is active every year, not just in general years – and I am absolutely furious with my fellow gay men who did not vote or voted ‘green’.
            What bothers you about that?

    • Steven B

      Trump himself admitted this morning that it’s been planned for some time. They’re not even trying to deny that it was all a stunt.

  • PickyPecker
    • Tomcat

      And he can spell. See that trump?

      • CanuckDon

        What’s so bloody frustrating is that these goddamn Trump supporters are so totally duped, blinded and bedazzled by Rightwing spin that they are pissing on their fellow peers as well as the nation’s veterans.

        • 🎶 Blinded by the right… 🎶

          • fastlanestranger

            Wrapped up by a douche…🎶

        • Karl Dubhe

          It’s the old difference, between the patriots and the nationalists.

          The one knows that their nation’s not perfect, but would rather see it made better.

          The latter thinks their shit don’t stink.

        • fuow

          They do, however, manage to do one thing we liberals don’t:
          They vote. Regardless of how dreadful the candidate is, they vote. We don’t.

        • CottonBlimp

          They haven’t been tricked into hating their fellow Americans, it’s what they’ve always wanted to do, and they’ll simply eat up any excuse to be a bastard.

        • stanhope

          They are not duped..they are a combination of stupid as hell and racist as can be. The dumbest thing Obama and the democrats ever did was allow the opposition to hang the term “Obamacare” on the Affordable healthcare act. His ego caused the racists to have a galvanizing point. Half or more of the dumbasses don’t even realize they get benefits from it, all they know is that it is that n-word president’s doing.

    • David J

      Thanks to that man for his service and for his conscience.

    • Acronym Jim

      We already know Trump’s response to that would be that he likes people who don’t get shot.

    • Todd20036

      I also don’t respect the Purple Heart recipient who gave his medal to Trump.

      But that’s just me.

      • Uncle Mark

        There were arguments that the guy giving the Fucking Moron his Purple Heart was perhaps dealing with onset dementia. Others were arguing that the Fucking Moron had one made up for some vet to bestow upon him.

        • Palmer

          How do we know the man was even a vet?

          • Uncle Mark

            That’s true. He easily may not have been a vet, but I imagine that it wouldn’t have been too hard for the Fucking Moron to find some sad, deluded vet willing to kiss his orange ass. I suspect that if the Twitler team had a non-vet do this, the press would have discovered & revealed this fact. When this happened, the press seemed rather curious about this man’s background.

    • David Walker

      From Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian:

  • Adam King

    This is grounds enough to impeach.

    • David J

      Abuse of office in order to suppress First Amendment rights of all Americans, YEAH, a clear impeachable offense.

  • Mark Née Fuzz

    This man is so delusional that, regardless of the criticism, his dotardish brain will hear that he can do no wrong and his shit doesn’t stink.

    • Uncle Mark

      Of course the man-baby doesn’t think his shit stinks. He’s been a walking-colostomy bag his whole life and is oblivious to his own rancid stench.

      • CanuckDon

        Eloquently said.

  • HZ81

    Mike has been planning to be the Elizabeth of Drama Queens at a football game forever, y’all.

    • Halou

      Remember his appearance at Hamilton last year, just after the election results came in? Mike Pence, the most religiously bigoted anti-liberal VP in at least half a century and he just decided to attend a modernised and racially diverse re-imagining of the time of the Founding Fathers?

      Aside from the scandalous Trump revelation that happened immediately afterwards, but the media at large ignored it because Mike Pence! Hamilton! Oooh! Now, as then, the VP is playing Trump’s distraction game.

      • HZ81

        Yup, they stir the pot of bullshit to distract from all the real damage they’ve already done and plan on doing yet.

        And it works.

  • Halou

    If your country is defined by how aggressively the police target racial / religious / other minorities for abuse and death, tell me again why it deserves respect, because I can’t work it out otherwise.

    • Tomcat


  • CB

    It boggles the mind that dump & co think the public is so gullible to fall for a staged thing. And, of course, they’re probably right, vgiven that 50% of the population is below average in intelligence.

    • fuow

      Not to mention that that 50% is far better at voting than we are.

  • bambinoitaliano

    Of course it’s a long plan. The idiot has minimum capacity to understand simple script just like his appointer.

  • Gustav2

    Yes, the VP had long planned to be there for the Peyton Manning Day, but the leaving the stadium was something new.

    So new Pence forgot his tiki torch.

  • worstcultever


  • That it “was long planned” might be one of the first honest things Trump has said.

    • Dave B

      Right. This falls under that 5% column on the graph.

    • Bob Conti

      STILL waiting for him to show the letter the NFL sent to him complaining about the debate schedule.

    • Steven B

      That fact that he fired Comey over the “Russia thing” is the other honest thing he said.

  • S1AMER

    I wouldn’t mind their juvenile publicity stunt quite so much if I wasn’t one of the American taxpayers paying for it.

    • Tomcat


  • Skokieguy [Larry]

    Donnie, a quarter million dollars could have bought a lot of paper towels.

  • Sam_Handwich

    Pence used the national anthem to make a political statement in protest of using the national anthem to make a political statement

    • Tomcat

      Isn’t freedom of speech only for repubs?

      • SFBruce

        That would be Christian Repubs, especially including the pussy-grabbing ones.

    • bzrd

      not only is the Resdident Nazi and VP fckin’ morans, the are fcking oxymorans

    • jerry

      How avant garde.

    • SFBruce

      Just more evidence of the extreme irony deficiency that defines today’s Republican party.

      • Marty Pavelka

        It’s a matryoshka doll of irony with the GOP.

  • Tomcat

    Every dime of our money trump spends allows him the ability to skim some.
    And who would know since he is god to the party.

  • Tomcat

    Good thing trump did away with the ethics people, convenient.

  • Tomcat

    The real question is,,, If I took a knee to protest inequality, would you stand up and walk out on me? Our leaders say yes they would. Should be a song about that.

  • Acronym Jim

    Maybe the bone spurs came from Trump continuously shooting himself in the feet. Since he continues to do so without any apparent damage, they seem to have cured it by installing a Teflon foot.

  • Tawreos

    I don’t think I am ready to deal with this putz yet, of course, I have been saying that for almost a year now.

  • Charlie 2001

    The primary purpose of this trip was to attend a fund raiser. I wonder how the costs are allocated. How much of the cost his covered by the RNC.

    • Tomcat

      He did not have a fund raiser in Indianapolis, I don’t think?
      He flew from Vegas to Indi then to California for fundraiser.

    • Tomcat

      Probably none, there is no ethics in the admin.

  • JT

    LMAO. Drumpf: It’s all about ME!

    Drumpf’s neverending attempt to arrogate everything to himself leads him to undermine the credibility of all that his regime does.

    • greenmanTN

      It really depends. A segment of the population, probably larger than just his remaining supporters, looks at this and thinks “They sure showed them what for!”

  • Kevin Andrews

    These sick Christ-O-Fascist bastards are the poster-children of absolute corruption and only concerned with doing their Master’s bidding. Where are the snipers when we need them?

    • Tomcat

      The snipers are on their team.

  • barrixines

    Just another brief flash of a tit at a football match.

  • ByronK

    Of course the great praise came from Mother, and Melania because she doesn’t want to have to double down on eye makeup.

  • OdieDenCO

    donny, last week is not long ago, even though you tend to forget yesterday

  • Todd20036

    And with one tweet, Trump negated any pretense about this stunt. Sure his base will love it, but showing how little he cares about wasting money to throw useless red meat at his base will only drive more people into the “anyone but Trump” camp.

    Hell, the Nazis don’t even GET anything from this except a sense of spite.

    • Reality.Bites

      His base LOVES the idea of spending money for a good cause.

      • Tomcat

        And pissing off good Americans is a good cause for them.

    • “And with one…” sweetie I think you misspelled twat

  • Tomcat

    That a boy Donnie, wrap that flag around you and SPIT ON IT.

    • Uncle Mark

      Let the Fucking Moron wrap himself in the flag…as long as we’re allowed to burn the defiled flag, while its wrapped around its defiler. I wonder if it would smell like bacon

  • Jack


  • Gustav2

    Why did Pence forget his tiki torch?

    • Reality.Bites

      Too phallic. Makes him all tingly and Mother gets angry.

    • Uncle Mark

      Mother doesn’t let him play with fire. She won’t even let him eat a hot dog, due to its phallic shape and fear that he will catch “the gay” from it

  • Scout

    Isn’t he trying to say by ‘long planned’ that Pence was planning to go to the game long before any of this kneeling was turned into a chaotic diversion by trump?

    • Scout

      However, long planned or not, it was known there would be kneeling, and Pence made a plan to leave because of this known factor, costing the taxpayers $$$$$. The long planned part of it should have included the plan to cancel. They could have made a big deal about cancelling and not going at all, but they did this instead. Drama queen is right.

  • Gigi

    Pence, like all Dominionists, only respects one thing: power. He’d walk out on his own mother’s funeral if he thought it’d score him points with his rich and powerful Talibangelist friends. He’s really the lowest of the low.

  • KarenAtFOH

    Another successful diversion of major media attention. The next bombshell is gonna be huuuuuge.

  • TrueWords

    I hear that “Leaving Early” is also Pence’s preferred birth control strategy.

    • jmax

      I’m thinking his wife’s face is enough.

      • TrueWords

        I love it…I sure he places it firmly in his mind every time…

    • JohnJay

      Can’t be. That’s not Christian. That thwarts God’s plan. If you’re going to do IT, it’s got to be all the way… let the juices go with the flow. (Or you sin. See Onan).

  • Charles in Bloomington

    You can see why we don’t want him back.

  • Gene Perry

    Mike Pence = Drama Queen

  • Ken M

    OK I’ll play dumb. What was he doing, and how long has he been, in Las Vegas?

  • Steven B

    ‪Hmmm. So let me see if I got this right. The VP protested because he saw the players protesting?‬

  • Southeast PDXer

    Pence, who is NOT a veteran, is protesting people disrespecting the flag. Okay. So take a gander at this. This is Mike Pence using a US Military flag from the Revolutionary War to protest paying his fair share of taxes. People carried this flag into battle, and died for their right to use it. But Mike Pence is wrapping himself in it to protest taxes. Seriously.

    Can’t have it both ways, Pence. But I understand that IOIYAR.

  • SFBruce

    Little Donnie is so busy thumping his chest over Pence’s very expensive, infantile NFL walkout, he doesn’t have time to notice or comment about the white supremacists rally in Charlottesville. Tragically, these shocking events aren’t even remotely surprising; they’re just one more in a string of transparent, raw political moves by a man whose only thoughts are of himself and maintaining his neo-Nazi base.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    I saw that tweet this morning and had to reply…

  • Rebecca Gardner

    OT but all of us here in the SF Bay area are slowly suffocating. The smoke from these massive wildfires are unbelievable. I think I need to get out of SF. My breathing is taking a hard hit. Be safe to everyone of you in the Bay Area. This is really bad.

    • Johnny Wyeknot

      Looks frightening out there. 1500 homes and other buildings lost, so far, and, as you point out, growing health concerns. Maybe Trump will come out to throw stuff at you?

  • ClevelandJim

    Brought to you by the party of fiscal conservancy

  • Friday

    That’s it, Dump, be sure plenty of your assholery gets all over Pence.

  • JWC

    Give us an “A” give us an”S” and another “S”……

  • fuow

    But her emails!

  • Jean-Marc in Canada
  • Johnny Wyeknot

    Can I demand my federal taxes be escrowed until these fools are out of office? Just askin

  • andrew

    It is unfortunate that these well intentioned NFL protests will accomplish little more than allowing the Republicans to wrap themselves in the flag and present themselves as the true patriots. These protests will unfortunately turn out to be a gift for Republicans come election day 2018.

  • HappyDance904

    Wasting tax dollars should be against the law!! It proved nothing, except the fact that your whole society of ignormus asshats will do anything to waste tax dollars. The team still benefited from all that money your baboon in training invested!!

  • stanhope

    This is how the president and vice president spend their time? Potential war raging on several fronts, natural disasters about and these two contemplate spending a quarter of a million dollars for a PR stunt? LOL

  • netxtown

    So Pence planning on walking out on the anthem is A-OK but players kneeling for the anthem isn’t? Fuck pence. 2-faced bastard.

  • ohbear1957