Ben Shapiro’s Site Notes Columbus Day With Video Mocking Native Americans As Bloodthirsty Cannibals

Mediaite reports:

To celebrate Columbus Day this year, right-wing pundit Ben Shapiro’s website posted a video apparently excusing ethnic genocide by depicting Native Americans as cannibals and savages who weren’t tamed until white Europeans came to America and took their land.

The Daily Wire’s animated video begins with a caption that sarcastically reads, “The North American indigenous people are a noble people…” Then, a group of Native Americans are seen slaughtering and even eating each other.

But alas, there is hope for these evil, murderous savages, as the clip then cuts to a very Caucasian looking Christopher Columbus arriving on the North American continent and taming the indigenous people. He does this by teaching them how to construct buildings, raise cattle, and farm crops — though, the video does not include the ethnic genocide, land-stealing, and rape that Columbus and his crew are known by many for.

  • DonnaLee

    Ben Shapiro….you’re not fooling anyone you creepy ass.

    • Todd20036

      I wouldn’t fuck him with a chainsaw

      Ok, maybe I would but I wouldn’t post it

      Ok, maybe I would, but I wouldn’t charge for people to view it

      • Christopher

        Ok, maybe you would charge people to view it, but you’d donate the money to a worthy cause.

        • Bad Tom

          But it would be A OK if other products on the website turned a profit.

  • Todd20036

    When I was in grade school, history books called Native Americans, savages

    I thought it was wrong then, but I was just a kid

    I think it’s wrong now, but I’m still impressed my grade school self picked up on it

    • jmax

      My mother was a native Central American. In Sunday School at the Baptist church I attended as a child, we were taught that God took America from the natives because they weren’t using the land and its resources correctly. I’ve never forgotten that and it still pisses me off to think about it.

      • Christopher

        I was raised both Roman Catholic and Southern Baptist, long story.

        When I was 7 or 8 years old, I told the Sunday School lady that she was wrong.

        “God didn’t take the land, white people did.”

        She responded with “They were children of God therefore they were entitled to the land.”

        I ended the conversation with this:

        “I don’t care who you think you are, you don’t kill people that didn’t do nuthin’ to you! God said so right there!” (I pointed to the Ten Commandments poster on the wall.)

        I was sent home with a note for my mother pinned to my shirt, explaining that I was being disruptive and asked too many questions.

        • Bad Tom

          The ol’ Asking too many questions charge.
          I hope your parents said Good Boy!

        • jmax

          Asking too many questions – that’s a sure ticket to Hell.

  • PickyPecker
  • KarenAtFOH

    Guess I’ll pass on any dinner invite from Ben.

  • Harveyrabbit

    If it wasn’t for those darned Indians General Custer might still be alive today.

  • Bj Lincoln

    If this is funny to them, I’d hate to see what they think is sick.

    • Todd20036

      They tried doing a comedy show with a conservative bent

      This is funny to them. No joke

    • DreadPikathulhu

      ..Marriage equality, freedom of choice, non-fundamentalist Christian religions, health care, livable wages. The list goes on and on.

    • Tawreos

      2 men falling in love and poor people getting the help they to get and stay healthy are the horrors they envision the most.

      • Tatonka

        Well, those things and representative democracy.

        • DawnVComstock

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          • hdtex


      • KnownDonorDad

        And brown people streaming over the border and taking their jerbs.

        • Keroleen

          And women being treated as equal citizens, with autonomy over their own bodies.

      • Snarkaholic

        People of color receiving an education/being taught critical thinking skills.

      • prixator

        They don’t think about love – they think about sex.

    • JT

      The trouble is they’re sick. Very sick. So, sick jokes are just “jokes” to them.

    • Todd20036

      To be fair, not all the people on the right find this funny. For one thing, Tomas Peters will not stand for this…

  • JoeMyGod
    • Tatonka

      The right-hand column should have included genocide.

      • Lumpy Gaga

        “Nice warm blankies”

    • vorpal 😼

      They forgot to add “sustainable living” and “clean air and water” to that Pre-Columbus list.

      • Friday

        They forgot to say anything true on either list. Actually white people introduced ‘scalping.’ They had put bounties on dead Indians, evidenced by scalps, which some Native Americans took up as *revenge.* Then as now as ever, Christians lie and project.

        • Christopher

          Wasn’t it the French who started that? I honestly can’t recall.

        • grada3784

          Not only dead Indians. Hair-buying Hamilton comes to mind. He was a British officer during the Revolutionary War.

  • DreadPikathulhu
    • KarenAtFOH

      This is so awesome.

    • jmax

      Love The Oatmeal.

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      Bumretch, Nebrahoma !

  • Christopher
  • Lazycrockett

    It has been theorized that almost 90% of all Native American’s died in this hemisphere due to Small Pox in bout 50 years. Those who survived were pretty much scattered to the winds due to no longer being able to maintain the vast network of trading routes throughout both the North and South Americas, their cultural or their community. So even if the infection, at first, was accidental the loss of millions of people should not be taken lightly.

    • jerry

      Between 1600 to 1620, a plague supposedly moved up the east coast and then began spreading westward. The vikings and other previous attempts to establish a settlement in North America had all failed because of the huge native population–estimated at around 20 million, larger than the population of Europe. By the time the pilgrims landed, it was estimated that the population was down to around 2 million.

      When the Europeans settled, the remainder were hit, some times purposely, with small pox.

  • matrem

    Racists gotta racist

  • boatboy_srq

    Makes you wonder what Europeans were doing in the same period – oh, yes, they were slaughtering each other over the the number of Sacraments and the infallibility of the Pope.

    • Friday

      At the same time as they were making shit up about others… Which is *all the time ever.*

    • Joseph Miceli

      That Pope! He can do no wrong…am I right?

  • Stogiebear

    I look forward to Ben Shapiro’s satiric video of Jews eating Christian babies for Hanukkah later this year.

    • Gustav2

      Or the satirical look how the pilgrims died because they ate the fish instead using it as fertilizer for the maize as they we taught by the indigenous culture.

    • Christopher

      Are Christian babies even Kosher?

      I know my dill pickles are because it says so on the label.

      • Dagoril

        It’s ok to eat them, as long as you don’t eat them with cheese. Also, don’t cook them after sun-down on the Sabbath.

        • Chicago joe


    • JT

      Isn’t that for “Thanksgiving”?

  • Thorn Spike

    Stay classy, Benji.

  • PickyPecker
    • JCF

      IF ONLY it was only one day a year!

  • kelven

    Yes, the Native Americans continue to benefit enormously from our kind benevolence. /s There have been over 450 treaties with our Indigenous People and every single one has been broken. More than half of the homes in reservations in this country have no electricity or indoor plumbing. Many live in poverty that would shock the average “poor” person. But by all means, let’s make fun of the savages and justify their genocide in the name of “satire.” Ugh.

  • PickyPecker
  • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

    And now they have, “Take, eat, this is my body…Take, drink, this is my blood”, symbolic Christian cannibalism.

  • worstcultever

    Fuck this asshole. And fuck that headcase Columbus.

    Btw the tree outside my window and my bird cafe have both been inundated with – cardinals! It’s like they finally discovered the joint!

    • Canadian Observer

      Did they figure out they have to inhale to get the full effect?

  • Christopher

    I really wish Conservatives would understand that they are just not a funny lot.

    We LGBTQ’s got more than our fair share of the humour gene, but it seems like the whole gaggle of goose-steppers were passed over completely.

    Ignorance and hatred CAN be a premise to a funny joke or story, but these people just wallow in it, like pigs in shit. I think that’s why they stink.

    • Tawreos

      Most conservatives don’t get that the point of humor is to make people laugh, not be a poor cover story for you to put your hatred and biases front and center.

      • I actually did a term paper on humor once upon a time, and one of the reasons people laugh is relief at having escaped another’s misfortune — like when a comic takes a prat fall.

        Another, of course, is when someone else is ridiculed.

        That seems applicable to what conservatives consider funny.

    • Daveed_WOW

      Not to spoil the fun, but this guy once beat his wife unconscious and then carefully bragged about it to Barbara Walters. So, he’s sort of like Columbus.

  • bkmn

    Every day I wake up I am glad I do not get the conservative ‘sense of humor’ and today is no exception.

    • Friday

      Conservatives are usually lying and hitting people and then further deriding them for ‘not getting the joke’ if ever called on being assholes and idiots.

  • Steverino

    Assholery and trollery is so funny.

  • MagnaLupus

    Of course conservatives are allowed to create satire. The problem is that they’re completely incapable of doing so.

    • Christopher

      Well, I point and laugh at them all of the time. Does that count?

  • JWC

    Lets take Columbus day for what it is Established around the late 1930 to please the Knights of Columbus , a group of itallian Americans of the Catholic faith. Columbus was not itallian he was Spanish nor was he the first to arrive in North America. Secondly the “Church is renowned for changing the ciivilization of North America , Middle Ameica and South America. In their arrogance and ignorance they encountered people, practices and customs unlike their own. Out of fear and superior military might they conguered these bewildered people Through warfare but mostly through foreign diisease they were able to pillage , plunder and rape the land. The death from diiease was catastropic . They loaded up their ships with all the plunder they could leaving a dying and broken civilization. Happy Columbus day

    • marshlc

      He was Italian. Born in Genoa.

      • JWC

        always someone to correct So I stand corrected

      • I should have read more before I commented.

    • Friday

      He didn’t ‘conquer’ much of anything, but the Church did its usual cultural-and-economic imperialism thing afterwards, that’s how his expedition got bankrolled.

    • Actually, he was Italian (born in Genoa) but was working for the Spanish monarchy.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
    • Lumpy Gaga

      “I DISCOVERED this Mall!!!”

    • grada3784

      Only if you leave some Bible verses.

  • Ninja0980

    As much as I like Yashar Ali and a couple of other folks on twitter, even they can be wrong.
    And this is one of those cases.
    They claimed Ben Shapiro wasn’t a racist and got mad at folks who claimed otherwise.
    Yes, he left Breitbart because of what happened to a female reporter and he was a never Trumper but he is still a racist, sexist, homophobic prick just the same.
    Don’t forget he was editor at large when all of the vile Obama crap was being spewed.
    The enemy of my enemy isn’t always your friend.
    Wish some folks on our side would realize that.

    • Cuberly Deux

      The primary requirement to work at breitbart is a sense of complete unimpeded entitlement to the point of messed up tribalism.

      Shapiro has more in common with a Richard Spencer than he’d be comfortable with, let alone be even mildly aware of.

  • I’m from East Texas and our local Caddo tribes were farmers. So no cannibals at least in that area.

    Also Ben Shapiro is a sick fuck. I almost felt bad for him when his Dimbart pals turned on him in a fit of antisemitism but he seems incapable of learning. He’s happy to dump racism on other groups why whining when it’s done to him. If that’s how he’s going to be then he deserves what he dishes out. What a piece of shit.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
  • Bad Tom

    A few days ago Ben Shapiro asked “Who elected Jimmy Kimmel Jesus Christ?”

    Well, Ben, compared to YOU, Jimmy IS Jesus Christ.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Especially when you consider Shapiro’s a Jew and Kimmel’s a devout Catholic.

    • edrex

      the answer is: he won the popular vote.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    I showed this to Esteban…his reaction was, well, terse to say the least. He got on my twitter and, well…

    …he doesn’t believe in pulling punches.

  • Friday

    “Satire” is not “Making up horribly defamatory shit about others and laughing at them for it.”

    Cons still think there’s a grand conspiracy that makes sane people not laugh when they think they’re ‘just joking.’

    • Cuberly Deux

      All it would take is some mild shuffling of the players and a change in geography for Shapiro to be absolutely furious.

    • Nychta

      The video is foul – I reported it to YouTube. Whoever made it failed to show that the Spanish Inquisition was still going on among “civilized” Europeans when Columbus made his voyage. Later on, Inquisition-type atrocities were inflicted upon native people in the Americas.

      • JCF

        Good idea: I reported it too!

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
  • Lumpy Gaga


  • BeaverTales

    Europe’s Hypocritical History of Cannibalism
    From prehistory to the present with many episodes in between, the region has a surprisingly meaty history of humans eating humans

    Europe… has a long chronicle of cannibalism, from prehistory through the Renaissance, right up to the 21st-century Meiwes case. In addition, the area has bequeathed us a bounty of fictional cannibals, including Dracula, who is arguably the world’s most famous consumer of human blood and a gory harbinger of the current pop culture fascination with vampires and zombies.

    • Friday

      They’ve had a tendency to lie about that everywhere they want to brutally-suppress ancient cultures, Europe being no exception.

      • RoFaWh

        The only obvious areas where cannibalism is known to have been prevalent are Polynesia (including, notably, New Zealand) and New Guinea. While the Aztecs and Toltecs were extremely blood thirsty, I can’t recall any accusation of cannibalism against them.

        Don’t quote me.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Your people responded you piece of crap :

    • Friday

      Christians wonder why their symbol of hate and aggression is not positively received, when they use it to piss on everyone else.

  • Dagoril

    I had to look him up on Wikipedia to refresh my memory as to which horrible bigot he was. They all look alike. 😉

    It has reproduced. Ugh.

  • Oh hey, he still exists.

  • Alexander Stallwitz

    Btw, if you want to read a excellent and (actually accurate) book on the Native Peoples. 1491 by Charles Mann is a good one.

  • Lars Littlefield

    There are two delightful books written by Jack Weatherford, Indian Givers and Native Roots. They should be required reading by all 9th grade high school students. After reading the first one, Indian Givers, you’ll be so embarrassed about your lack of knowledge regarding how all of Europe raped, pillaged and enslaved the native people of all the Americas that you’ll probably give everything you own to the Native American and First Peoples’ College funds.

    Not reading these two little books is doing your intelligence a serious disservice.

  • Halou

    Captain Kirk kicks ass.
    “Get your genocidal ass off of my bridge”

  • Nic Peterson

    Dear Ben,

    There is zero evidence to support the practice of cannibalism in any part of North America. There is plenty of evidence of nazis putting all sorts of people into ovens and not eating them. See you at shul. Dick.

    • Gregory Peterson

      Actually, I think there is, here in the Southwest, if vague memory serves. However, the civilization here was apparently crumbling from a severe drought and famine.

      Biochemical evidence of cannibalism at a prehistoric Puebloan site in southwestern Colorado
      Marlar, Richard A; Leonard, Banks L; Billman, Brian R; Lambert, Patricia M; Marlar, Jennifer E. Nature; London407.6800 (Sep 7, 2000): 74-8.

      • Nic Peterson

        Thanks for the information and citation.

  • Taylor Bixler

    This is the “intellectual” the alt-righters in Berkeley had a hard on for last month.

  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    Then white conservatives wonder why so many minorities side eye the fuck out of them.

    People of the Americas had their own civilizations, trading routes and estimates of up to 90 percent died from disease and war brought by the Europeans. Countless works of art and stories were burned by the Church. This whole white savior fantasy needs to die.

  • Silver Badger

    Is Ben Shapiro still alive? Really?

  • SDG

    It’s because he is a piece of shit!

  • fuzzybits

    Not going to watch that evil shit.

  • Ogre Magi

    What the hell did Native Americans ever do to him?

  • If this is an example of conservatives doing satire, please don’t.

    First off, satire needs to have some basis in reality, and we all know how conservatives suck at reality.

  • Gene Perry

    Ben, as always … classy.

  • Y’know, while I am not happy with the attempt to rename Columbus Day “Indigenous Peoples Day” (I’d strongly suggest that Indigenous Peoples be honored on Thanksgiving instead, and I would prefer that some other Italian be honored with this ethnic holiday – why not make it Sacco & Vanzetti day instead?), there is no need for Shapiro to sink so low – then again, it’s kind of faux-Goldwaterish of him, in an “extremism is no vice” (without bothering to care about it being in “the pursuit of liberty”) sort of way.

    • Friday’s_cat

      Al Capone day?