Homocon Drag Queen To Promote Milo With Roger Stone After Venue Boots Her Over Puerto Rico Post

Back in July, homocon Miami drag queen Elaine Lancaster claimed she had been black-balled from gigs after appearing on CNN to defend Donald Trump. Yesterday a South Beach venue showed her the door after she posted a typically douchey message on Facebook.

Steve Rothaus reports at the Miami Herald:

After conservative drag diva Elaine Lancaster posted on social media new comments that further inflamed South Florida’s LGBTQ community, Drag Bunch at Señor Frogs erased her from its Sunday line-up, replacing Lancaster’s image with another star female impersonator, Tiffany Fantasia.

Lancaster says she wasn’t fired, that she quit — and besides, she doesn’t need the money, anyway. “I quit Brandon yesterday, Sunday. I can come back anytime I want to come back. There’s a lot of hate that’s been generated for him and is making him uncomfortable,” she said. “I just got my inheritance. My mother is still alive, but I got it anyway. So I don’t have to work another day if I don’t want to.”

Not only that, Lancaster says she’s got a better gig: Traveling around the world with conservative gay author and provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos. “It’s a free-speech rally promoting Milo’s free-speech book. It’s going to be a love fest. I’m going to tell my story, how I came into doing drag,” said Lancaster, known off-stage as James Davis. “First we’re going to Orlando on Friday. The next one is in Australia. International destinations. The tour hasn’t been laid out yet.”

JMG reader Daniel provides a screencap of one of Lancaster’s Facebook postings. Below that is a graphic posted today to Lancaster’s Facebook page.

  • PickyPecker
  • ByronK

    I guess this is the literal version of putting lipstick on a pig.

    • FAEN

      But pigs are intelligent. This C U Next Tuesday is anything but.

      • ByronK

        Doesn’t come across as the brightest crayon in the box.

      • Philly Mike

        Well after all tRUMP is a repiglican and that ain’t going to change.

      • Oscarlating Wildely

        OT on pigs: So I didn’t used to eat meat. Lots of reasons. Not important. Now, mostly due to health reasons, the lack of the protein is of issue. So, I occasionally eat some pork as the taste of beef and poultry kind of makes me ill (understatement. I actually feel like vomiting if I try to eat it.)

        I got into this heated debate with a person noting that that I was contributing to slaughter, should pick an animal that can’t think as much, and am just evil as I just can’t eat tofu. I did try the “they had a life, better than nothing. They then ended up without one so I could continue mine.” That didn’t go well.

        Hence my question: if one has to eat meat to help with one’s health, is one animal “more ethical” than another?

        • pch1013


          • Robincho

            Fish are fine. They eat each other…

        • Robincho

          Welcome to the wide, wide world of bacon…

        • marshlc

          The biggest animal you have access to. Many meals, one life. Whereas eating something like shrimp, where many lives have been sacrificed for one meal, is less ethical.

          At any rate, that’s how a Buddhist monk I knew explained it to me, many years ago. I guess it makes sense, me, I eat ’em all.

        • Dicky

          Socially ethical? Locavore time. Locally sourced animal, locally sourced butcher. Bonus if they are able to find a use/buyer for all parts of the animal.

          Philosophically ethical? Depends on what your life value grading system is. If all life has equal value, protein deficiency is no reason to predate. The human extreme is human supremacy, where everything else is on the table. You can always make adjustments for just about anything, such as the mental space occupied by knowing you are eating (former) life.

          Just find the value you can live or die with.

  • bkmn

    I bet you will never see Elaine mixing and mingling with Milo’s fanbase, unless she has her own security contingent.

    • PickyPecker

      Milo has a fanbase?

      • pch1013

        They hold meetings once a month…

        in a Prius.

        • bkmn

          not in my Prius

          • ByronK

            I wouldn’t even let them look in the fridge before I got out the broom.

          • FAEN

            Awesome cars.

          • Craig Howell

            And not in front of my salad!

  • shellback
  • Oscarlating Wildely

    Oh Mary, another one.


  • Treant
    • Uncle Mark

      I’m totally stealing this !!

      • Treant

        I stole it from somebody, so have at. 🙂

  • Smokey

    Besides, don’t Republicans support “right to work” laws? Thoughts and prayers.

  • pj

    she should be doing gigs in conservative clubs. oh wait. only gays like drag queens. sorry bitch.

    • jerry

      They’ve already reached their quota of Kaitlyns.

    • 2guysnamedjoe

      Conservatives don’t go to clubs. They go to megachurches.

      • pj

        ive seen a lot of drag there too.

  • duncansdad

    That’s quite a line up they’ve got there. Should be a sell-out crowd every time!! LOL!!!

    • Treant

      Yep, they’ve all sold out, all right. Every last one of them has sold out.

      • Silver Badger

        I take comfort in knowing that they will be the first ones in the camps.

  • “Lancaster says she wasn’t fired, that she quit — and besides, she doesn’t need the money, anyway.” So let me guess the reality is that she was fired and really really needs the money.

    • popebuck1

      She and Milo will be perfect together. Hope she’s not expecting him to pick up any of the checks.

      • Todd20036

        FYI, I’m sure the mayor of PR was trying to be nice to Trump because he needed his help.
        When Trump refused to help anyway, the gloves came off.
        Frankly, The Mayor probably thought that now Trump would at least act like a president.
        No such luck

      • clay

        Is she paid entertainment on the book promo tour, or just a groupie along for the ride?

        • popebuck1

          The budget is tight – she’s gonna have to be both.

  • Helen Damnation™

    I don’t imagine James/Elaine has much of a fan base, nothing a little (ha) medication can’t fix.

  • another_steve

    Thank you, but I’m on my second Beefeater Martini of the afternoon and this story is entirely too complicated for me at the moment.

    • FAEN

      After the cluster fuck of the day I’m having I need a Moscow Mule the size of a small European vehicle.

      • another_steve

        Thank you.

        If Joe would “diagram” this story just as Mrs. Sullivan in the fourth grade taught us to diagram sentences, I might consider it. You know… here’s the subject, here’s the verb, here’s the object, here’s the modifiers.

        Short of that, fuck this story.

        • KevInPDX

          The last time I learned much of anything of real use about the English language was from Lydia Dibble in 8th grade (1976) and I believe there was diagraming sentence structure in her class. She rocked! All 4’10” and 99 pounds of her.
          Based on the EL AssBook post “Homocon Drag Douche” would probably best describe this tool.

      • Stephen Elliot Phillips

        Ive taken to guzzling jose quervo silver reposado with rocks and a lime.
        100 proof. Im comatose by 9.30.

        • FAEN

          Atta boy! Wish I could be.

    • Talisman

      1.5 hrs til happy hour at my place…

      Who am I kidding? It’s the nightly binge.

  • pch1013


  • FAEN

    Jeebus, this homocon bitch again?

  • JWC

    Well Honey what ever your politics are you have aligned yourself with a stellar troupe

  • Slippy_World
  • Nic Peterson

    Somebody get this out to Perkkkins’ email list and that one miserable mom skank. Their audience needs to see the kind of riff raff that Dotus is attracting.

  • Kevin Perez

    “Elaine Lancaster”? That’s the best name he could come up with? I miss the good ol’ days when we had Heidi Salami, Brianna Ritz and Sally Forth. Lazy kids!!

    • FAEN

      Bang Bang Ladesh.

      • DavidAZ

        LOL. Don’t forget Anita Mann. I loved Harvey Fierstein in that movie!

        • LosFelizGuy

          My drag name was Shanita Knapp. (I get sleepy when I drink)

      • Kevin Perez

        Helena Handbasket
        Wanda Ringeye
        Frieda Black
        Ted Cruz

    • paganguy

      And drag kings like Mike Hawk and Hugh Janus.

    • AJD

      Camille Teaux

    • Stephen Elliot Phillips


      • THE Lady Chablis. She had her name legally changed and became the only person ever whose first name was “The”.

    • Rockola404

      Rachel Slurr

      • e’ville_globeguy

        Rachel Tensions (wearing a confederate-flag gown.)

    • Duh-David

      Donatella Nobody … and her sister Imatella Everybody.

    • clay

      and for those in the Country Club set . . . Ivana McArthur Grant

    • My favorite was Kitty Litter.

    • Robincho

      Helena Handbasket works for this one. Also, Shaneesta Kwitt…

    • e’ville_globeguy

      Nova Gyna.

    • Tuna

      Hedda Lettuce
      Sharon Needles
      Pandora Boxx
      Latrice Royale

  • Mike

    What’s the deal with all these “homocons?” Is that a real thing, or are they Russian propaganda in humanoid form?

    • pch1013

      Attention whores. That’s all they are.

      • FAEN

        Plus they’re just fucking stupid.

    • Oscarlating Wildely

      “I’m a professional homosexual! Why can’t they all just be like me? Oh these dumb nelly queens! See, I can hang out with the haters! They’re not that bad! Oh, why can’t the rest of those Queers be just. like. me.?”

    • Money. They have inheritances coming from their right wing families and don’t want to be disinherited for associating with liberals or pay taxes on their big payday for being born to right wing douchebag corporate criminals.

      • Mike

        They are drag queens in South Beach nightclubs, but their rich families draw the line at associating with liberals? All right then.

        • If you have a better explanation, I’m all ears.

  • PickyPecker

    Well, at least Roger Stone is getting top billing someplace.

  • G Thomas

    “You go (to hell) girl!”

  • Lumpy Gaga

    “First we’re going to Orlando on Friday. The next one is in Australia.
    International destinations. The tour hasn’t been laid out yet.”

    So… just the one American booking, dear?

  • Silver Badger

    Homo con drag queen. Isn’t that a conflict in terms? If it isn’t, it should be. The conservatives hate drag queens.

    • Brian Burleson

      Conservatives hate everything and everyone. Just hateful ppl overall.

  • Eric Lewis

    She’s as popular as liver & onions at a elementary school cafeteria

  • Texndoc

    Isn’t this post just a plug for him? I look at the guy now and then on Instagram and saw he got married but didn’t know about the October tour. But now I do. If he plays the blogs that hate him he plays them well. Can’t believe he’s still spending the money that was given him with that Hawaiian wedding at the resort where rooms starts at 1K a night. I was under the impression he had money before becoming political but he never did did he.

  • CB

    It wants sympathy from people who could kill it with impunity. Anything for attention whoring. Disgusting.

  • Christopher
    • Raising_Rlyeh

      Oh gravity falls, how I miss thee.

  • Rex

    Hold on, checking to see if I care….Nope.

  • Bluto
  • Ninja0980

    Trying to find a fuck to give and can’t find one.

  • Jack

    What a boring drag queen. And *talking points*? FFS? They already have Sarah Palin.

    BTW, small point — Puerto Rico doesn’t have a mayor. It has a governor.

  • First of all, what kind of drag name is Elaine Lancaster? That sounds like a name from a soap character. That’s just lazy.

    Also, she got her inheritance? Well that explains being a homocon. I got mine, Fuck the rest of you! That should be the LCR motto.

  • JWC

    O/T if you bprefer a bit of Eye Candy Outlanders S3 E4 Sam Heughan is not to shabby

    • Oscarlating Wildely

      Oh, he’s been candy for many episodes beyond that one! What’s under that kilt there, big boy?

      • Lars Littlefield

        We’ve all been wondering. Tobias Menzies (Claire’s husband) has proven to be the real full frontal warrior, letting his pendulous uncut freak fly in several episodes, especially the one where he raped Sam Heughen’s character.

  • Slim Compersion

    Elaine Lancaster, being such a conservative star who decries divisive politics and identity politics, ought to put in for a speaking slot at the next CPAC conference. She could tell the attendees all about her experience! Her conservative politics would be good enough for them, right?

    Then she should tell us what the response is.

    • ByronK

      I’m sure they would be enthralled by the story of how she “came into drag”, whatever the fuck that means. Did she toss off into a wig?

      • Oscarlating Wildely

        I think she did– well, at least in that wig. Girl’s gotta get hair lift somehow!

  • Paula

    Oh Elaine, they still hate you, you know that right?

    • Oscarlating Wildely

      And she’ll be all sorts of surprised even when the haters ruin her life. “But what, what did I do wrong? I turned them over to you, right? Why don’t you love me for catching them?”

  • Proud MOFO Beaner (bkb)

    Stunt Queen.

  • BearEyes


  • Nowhereman

    Gag me. Sounds like she’s found her true home. Milo and Roger are especially foul.

  • worstcultever

    Lamest drag name ever. Patti O’Furniture is not impressed.

    • alguien

      neither is helen highwater

      • Ben in Oakland

        Neither is Vagina Lee Twatsworth.

        • worstcultever

          Nor Connie Pinko (then again, she’s one of those SF fun nuns)

          • UrsusArctos

            Eartha Quake gives that gal side-eye for thinking she’s even left her double-wide.

          • Lars Littlefield

            Shirley Ewejest has filed a cease and desist order against this lame-ass excuse impersonating a drag queen.

          • UrsusArctos

            Your Utah is showing with EWEjest. *grin*

    • PickyPecker

      Olive D. Cox agrees.

      • Beagle

        As does Bertha Venation.

    • RMJ

      Nor is Mona Lott…

    • I forgot one of my favorites. Aida Herring. (She entered to Ride of the Valkyries and wearing full Brunnhilde gear/drag.)

  • Elaine is terribly confused. The Mayor is the mayor of San Juan, a city on the island of Puerto Rico, while the governor of Puerto Rico is the one who was saying nice things lest Senor Trump get very angry.

    I can understand a possible source of Elaine’s confusion – originally San Juan was the Island’s name, and the “rich port” was the location of the City

    • kareemachan

      Well, you can’t expect a repug to know actual facts, right?

  • Tiger Quinn

    Elaine Lancaster? To quote Trixie Mattel, “Is she in witness protection? Why kind of drag name is that?”

  • Lazycrockett
    • Oscarlating Wildely

      “They use this for toilet paper, right? This should help the whole island! There– help all done!”

    • The_Wretched

      I swear he out does the Onion with some regularity.

      • kaydenpat

        All the dang time.

    • ByronK

      The guy behind him looks impressed.

    • Talisman

      The dumpster: How do you solve a problem like Maria? With Bounty, of course. Compared to Katrina, It’s just a little spill, after all.

      • PickyPecker

        Wait…we know for sure dRUMPf ain’t the quicker-picker-upper.

      • Friday

        He’s ever picked up a paper towel before?

        • 2guysnamedjoe

          I doubt he wipes his own ass.

    • kaydenpat

      He has no shame. It’s only going to get worse.

  • Phaius

    Ah, so a boring queen promoting a book for someone who is said to be an utterly uninteresting and boring try hard whose greatest fear is that people will finally realize it.

  • Moebym of the Returners

    Conservatives are the biggest whiners, Exhibit #892,614,235.

  • hdtex
  • Megrim Twist

    I hate a drag queen who can’t spell.

  • Hank
  • Uncle Mark

    So basically this venue is going to be a trio of tacky drag queens. Of the three, I find Roger Stone’s drag the most convincing.

    • Phaius

      Although he was wearing an ill fitting suit recently which, for shame Rog! You as a “Style icon” should know better than that!

      • Adam King

        His whole body is ill-fitting.

        • Phaius

          Some article said Stone is an avid weight lifter and when I went to look to see… NOPE.

  • billbear1961

    Quite on the set? QUITE??

    • Jean-Marc in Canada


    • Acronym Jim

      Indubitably so.

  • jerry
    • clay

      “watching a network try to assemble its own Bride of Frankenstein, using parts of Ellen DeGeneres, Kelly Ripa and whatever else it can find.”

    • I wonder how long it will be before no celebrity will agree to go on that show? Or, (since it’s live *snork*) they’ll go on and tell her off and walk out. (Please let that happen. Please please please.)

      • jerry

        According to a story I just saw, she cut off Tom Brokaw today when he attempted to talk against the NRA.

        • I heard about that. Then there was the Jane Fonda moment. And before that the Will and Grace cast interview. I’m sure I’m leaving something out. I think there’s a fundamental problem there. It’s not that she turned into a hateful piece of shit from her time on Fox. It’s that Fox hired her hears ago because she was like this. She’s not going to change. I’m sure NBC (and everyone else) is under intense pressure from their board to appeal more to right wingers, especially as the late night hosts have all gone on the offensive against Trump. But if these shows can ban guests (which they do even if they never admit it) then stars (and even agencies) can refuse to appear on shows or have their clients appear.

  • justme
    • The_Wretched

      Matching diapers? I don’t want to know.

      • coram nobis

        It depends.

      • justme

        they drank the water!!

  • Johnny Wyeknot

    Inheritances are easy to go through quickly. Let’s check back in 5 years.

    • Talisman

      Grifters gonna grift.

      • Adam King

        Even weasel cash out of their own mothers.

  • coram nobis

    I always liked Avro Lancaster better. Her act always bombed.

  • trouble94114

    1. “I just got my inheritance. My mother is still alive, but I got it anyway. So I don’t have to work another day if I don’t want to.”

    Which translates to “My mother gave me a quarter and told me to go out and play in traffic and I’ll never have to work again”

    2. It’s possible that the Mayor of San Juan did speak in a somewhat positive vein about President Trump in an attempt to actually get him to DO HIS JOB and assist 3 million Americans in Puerto Rico. When DJT finally showed his true colors, then the claws rightfully came out.

    3. Until and Unless someone actually can some me some type of official “Script” (from some legitimate higher up in the Democratic party) such has has been claimed, I’m calling “Bull Pucky!” i.e. Elaine and anyone else trying to change the subject or deflect attention from DJT is lying like the proverbial rug.

  • darren lyle

    Oh, and she “got her inheritance early so she doesn’t have to work.” If you have to tell us that, it is most certainly a lie. I have lived in South Florida all my life, drag queens come and go, some succeed, some become well-known, some get booted out on their ass. She is definitely the latter. Her two and a half minutes were 20 years ago.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Homocons, may they all face the same fate as other collaborators and kapos have throughout history.

  • bambinoitaliano

    Nothing new here, two no talent attention whores relied on bad publicity to make a living. There’s only so far they can stay relevant. There’s always someone shinier in the long line up.

  • Greg B.

    I never thought I’d read the phrase “conservative drag diva”.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      I’m shocked any club would book her. I’m mean really, who wants to see a pro-Trump, Milo loving, Roger Stone fellating Drag Queen?

      • Beagle

        Milo and Roger.

      • Rocco

        Ugh, that visual…

    • Ross

      Lady Bunny voted for Trump.

  • David

    She sounds dreadful.

  • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

    She needs a more fitting name. How about:

    D’Plora Bull or D’Spyka Bull

    Any other suggestions?

    • Beagle

      Adrienne (or A. for short) Bominna Bull.

  • GanymedeRenard
  • Jonty Coppersmith

    Homocon should be considered an oxymoron, but homocon drag queen, I just can’t even…..

  • Jeffrey

    Elaine is a shitstain on the gay community and a liar to end all liars.

  • clay

    Is there any evidence she isn’t just telling Trump’s lie, better?
    Is there any evidence that Trump actually got the story from her?

  • aagold76 .

    a stone/milo free speech rally….why can’t the mass shootings be at one of those?

    • David Gervais

      Two people doesn’t qualify as a mass.

  • Lumpy Gaga

    “When Miami sends us their drag queens, they’re not sending their best.”

    — Australia

    • DaveInSF

      Their hecklers are hysterical. She is in for some serious torment.

  • iambu

    Everything about this is like…the opposite of fun…I don’t even…?

  • kaydenpat

    Yawn. Next!!

  • Jmdintpa

    shitty “female impersonator” says what?

  • Randy503

    Oh sure. You come into money. Suddenly, it’s all big tips, fancy restaurants, taxicabs everywhere. But pretty soon that $10,000 will be gone.

    (Apologies to Jackie Gleason)

  • Phillip in L.A.

    “HomoCon Drag Queen to Promote Milo” is enough to make me want to skip this entire ‘story,’ Joe! Maybe that there Headline Robot needs a tune-up.

  • Rocco

    Nasty skank will soon be spreading her VD all over the world with walking, breathing, STD Milo Yiannopussos.…unless of course, there’s another hurricane…

  • leastyebejudged

    Exploitation of the mentally ill in the USA needs to stop.

  • Stubenville
  • theonlyseven

    Okay, I’m going to say this and I don’t care if I get blasted but I really don’t see the point of drag queens. There are a few exceptions, such as people like RuPaul who come up with their own material. That actually requires some talent. But the rest are useless. Anyone can throw on a dress and wig, make themselves up like some ugly freak and move their mouth along to some lame ass song. Sorry if I have upset anyone by saying this. If you want to slap me around because of it, go for it. But I would rather someone explain why in 2017 we are still embracing this archaic ritual.

    • tasteless chap

      Thank you!!

    • Ross

      “Anyone can throw on a dress and wig, make themselves up like some ugly freak and move their mouth along to some lame ass song.”


      But it takes talent to do it well.

      And that is what you are missing.

      I suspect that if you threw on a dress and wig, made yourself up like some ugly freak, and moved your mouth along to some lame ass song, you would be booed offstage.

      But if Alaska or Sasha Velour threw on an incredible dress and wig, and made themselves up as brilliantly as they do, and moved their mouth to some bad ass song, they would get a standing ovation.

      You know, I could care less about, say, basketball. Yawn.

      But a brilliant drag queen?

      I am there, baby.
      . https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/22b17a5ffeada3588fb7975ba27ea81648c8e25df30546030e77851704423bf1.png

    • Phaius

      Quite a few do create their own material or are accomplished in other ways related to drag. Here are a handful:

      – Jackie Beat (singing, comedy, TV writer)

      – Willam (singer, actor)

      – Peaches Christ (stage productions, wrote/directed an independent movie)

      – Coco Peru (interviews with celebrities, comedy shows, acting)

      – Trixie Mattel (songwriting, comedy show along with Katya Zamolodchikova which is on Viceland)

      – Lady Bunny (stand up comedy shows, night club promoter, DJ, created Wigstock in NYC)

      – ChiChi LaRue (DJ, porn producer/director)

      There are quite a few more, and not just a handful like you seem to be suggesting.

  • Greg in Oz

    Oh no you dont!
    We dont want Stone or that Milos nut job down under, thank you very much.
    First I have heard of them coming down here and if they do, hope they’re ready for some pretty small crowds. Both of them are recognised for the idiots that they are.
    Can’t see why anyone in this country would want to hear from the likes of them – although we too have a rabid right wing down here, so maybe that who is bringing them out here and also why I haven’t heard about this till now…….

  • JCF

    “I just got my inheritance.”

    And she’s a homocon, you say? SHOCKING!

  • TestSubject51

    What a kunt.

  • andrew

    Do conservative drag queens get to pick the type of stones that their fellow fundamentalist Christian conservatives would cast at them when they come to power?

  • JoshuaSamuels

    Oh my, how gauche/tacky to publicly declare one has come into money. I’m surprised he didn’t stipulate the amount so people would (hopefully) be greatly impressed. Shallow and devoid of class.