Seth Meyers Mocks Trump’s Lie That There Wasn’t A Trumpcare Vote Because A Senator Is Hospitalized

Entertainment Weekly reports:

According to President Donald Trump, a Republican senator — who he refused to name — would’ve voted yes on the Graham-Cassidy health care bill that failed to pass, except he was in the hospital and could not vote. Since this was proven to be false, Seth Meyers had some fun at Trump’s expense on Late Night Thursday.

“President Trump is so desperate for literally any kind of positive achievement that he’s now outright lying about the fate of his health care bill and his new tax plan,” he began a “Closer Look” segment. “But there’s one major obstacle standing in the way of Trump’s domestic agenda: he has no idea what he’s talking about.”

  • Tomcat

    Please stop me I cannot stop lying!

    • kanehau

      Please stop me I cannot stop lying!

  • bkmn

    All they have are lies.

  • 5moreminutes*imtired

    He is not a well man. Obviously.

    • Todd20036

      You think he’s a well woman?

      • Silver Badger

        That is an insult to all women!

        • kanehau

          Well, the other way is an insult to all men 🙁

          • Silver Badger

            The bastard is an insult to all humans and the rest of creation.

  • Todd20036

    Please. People can count to 100. And with only 52 republicans, and no courting of democrats, everyone knew that the loss of 3 senators would mean the death of the bill.

    McCain said definitely no.

    Rand Paul said no (for the wrong reasons, but hey…)

    Collins said no.

    Even Cruz said probably no.

    Frankly, the only people who thought the GOP would vote in lock step were those who thought being anti-democratic was the same thing as having one collective opinion.

    Republicans may march to the same tune more often than democrats, but given how much some republicans want to REALLY screw over Americans versus only somewhat screw over Americans, well, there’s a reason the far, far right is fringy. They don’t want to compromise with anyone, including their allies.

    • Tawreos

      “People can count to 100.”

      I think you are giving his base a bit to much credit.

      • Todd20036

        His base doesn’t even know how the government runs, and frankly, neither does he.
        I bet he thought all he had to do was make a decree, and Congress would heil him and rubber stamp his proposals.
        Which, TBH, is how he got his way on an executive board.

        • TrueWords

          this is TRUE as long as it STOPS the Democrats…

        • Gerry Fisher

          …in a private, family-owned company. He never would have gotten away with his nonsense in a company with a board that could oust him.

          • RoFaWh

            Investment in any Trump property or organization is a very poor choice for placing your money.

    • Tomcat

      I just want to give credit to our Democrats for not being taken in by the offers of more money for their states.

      • clay

        They read to the bottom of the page, where it says that would be zeroed out in 2027.

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    • That’s not counting, it’s math, specifically subtraction in the form of a word problem. 100 – 48 = 52 52 – 3 = YOU FAILED AGAIN! However, you are giving them credit for knowing that there are 100 senators, which I believe is still taught in social studies, when Social studies is taught.

    • Taylor

      Republicans might be able to count to 100. But, I’m pretty sure they can not divide by 2 and then add 1.

    • RoFaWh

      The GOP is a strange outfit. You’d think the overall goal of politicians would be to improve the country, make it a better place to live, etc, but no, the GOP works very hard at making America a worse place to live.

      The only possible explanation is that GOP types are all being bribed like crazy by “conservative” hyperwealthies.

      Incidentally, it strikes me (and has probably already come to the notice of many, many others) that “conservative” is not the right word.

      Even “fascist” doesn’t work; both Hitler and Mussolini had some regard for the welfare of the common man. These people want to make the common man’s life as tough as possible while the hyperwealthy while away their hours in gilded cages, eating larks’ tongues and other delicacies. Maybe the right word is “anti-democracy”, but I admit to uncertainty.

      • It may be necessary to determine: do they actually want to make the common man’s life as tough as possible, due to ego or perhaps religion (ie end days scorched earth policy), or do they simply not even consider the effect on people unlike themselves?

        Finding the answer to that is crucial not only for naming them, but countering them as well.

      • The_Wretched

        The aristocracy wants an oligopoly of the mega wealthy

      • popebuck1

        Oligarchy. The word you’re looking for is “oligarchy.”

  • Tawreos

    I wonder if there is a lie that he can tell that his supporters will not buy? Somehow, I get the feeling that it is not ever going to happen.

    • Fifth-and-a-Half Element
    • Butch

      Last night while I was watching Chris Hayes a line from the Handbook for the Recently Deceased came to mind – that the living “won’t” see the dead. It seems like it’s that way with the Trumpkins: there is no sort of evidence or logic or fact that can penetrate.

    • Tomcat

      He could say Hillary was completely innocent of his charges.

      • Tawreos

        That would be too close to admitting he was wrong so he will never do that

        • Tomcat

          That is NOT what you asked.

    • Duh-David

      “My name is Caitlyn…”

  • bambinoitaliano

    The biggest reality show is running in US currently. Too many wanting to be part of it because you do not need to send in an audition tape to be cast. Just make as loud as anyone can hear you and act as outrageous as you can to be notice. Now the entire nation get to be part of the show. We are just waiting for the show to run its course. Will it end? Who will have the power and will to pull the plug?

    • Duh-David

      Ratings are down in key demographics. Advertisers are concerned. If there was just something else on the other channels…

      • bambinoitaliano

        Those regular shows offer by the networks while still popular can’t compete with the current mutated version that is happening to the world.

        • Duh-David

          We just need one charismatic, experienced, eloquent, caring, sane show. Everyone I know is searching for the remote.

          • Silver Badger

            Like the Obama show?

          • Duh-David

            I wouldn’t wish that on Michelle.

          • Silver Badger

            Me either too. She has had to put up with enough as it is.

          • bambinoitaliano

            We had that. It got cancel.

      • Silver Badger

        I haven’t watched network TV in years. Netflix is commercial free.

        • ColdCountry

          I haven’t watched any tv in years.

  • Randy Ellicott

    Ok yeah, trumps a liar… What did everyone think of the Will and Grace episode?

    • netxtown

      They wasted no time at all going after donnie’s thin skin…. loved it….especially the ball cap…

    • RoFaWh

      Keep in mind what one person familiar with Trump said: “He’s such a prolific liar that if you ask him the time of day, he’ll lie, just to keep in practice.”

      You can write off everything Trump says as nothing but lies. I won’t say “pay no attention” because he is a very dangerous man, but don’t believe him about anything at all.

      Dangerous to the foundations of democracy in the USA, at that.

  • clay

    Has the president chirped, yet, today?
    With the High Holy Day, I imagine tonight and tomorrow could be interesting.

  • olandp

    Now? Now he is lying to cover his fat ass? Really? Now?

    • Todd20036

      Well, he has an awful lot of ass he needs to cover, so he really needs to lie a LOT.

  • TrueWords
  • greenmanTN

    Myers, Kimmel, and Colbert are doing more for us than most of our elected officials.

    “The world’s most powerful toddler.”

    • Kyle Deetz

      “Inevitable doesn’t always mean its gonna happen. Just ask Hillary Clinton.”

  • blackstar

    made me choke on my oatmeal !

  • stuckinthewoods

    Senator Cochran is recuperating at home in Mississippi from a urological condition and tweets it isn’t him, and Scalise has gotten recent press attention but he’s a Representative. Perhaps this mystery senator is hospitalized on an island sitting in the middle of an ocean. And it’s a big ocean, a very big ocean.

    • A biglyist ocean! The BEST ocean!

  • kaydenpat

    Imaginary Senators are just like the imaginary friends we had as children. Emphasis on children.

  • greenmanTN

    An aside, but Colbert’s Ben & Jerry’s flavor “Americone Dream” is their 2nd most popular after Cherry Garcia. All Colbert’s profits go to charity. He just started a Twitter thing, every celebrity who posts an embarrassing photo of their teenage self and the hashtag PuberMe, gets $1000 donated to Puerto Rico relief funds.

    It’s a bit “showbiz” I guess, but Colbert really seems to do a lot of good things. And for a straight devout Catholic he sure does like the gays!

  • greenmanTN

    President Derp is what I heard and it’s uncannily accurate.

    • -M-

      Derp or Twerp. I don’t hear chirp.

      • greenmanTN

        Yeah, but President Twirp is entirely too kind. But President Total Fucking Asshole is a bit unwieldy. I never took typing classes.

        I guess that makes me a hunt and pecker. 😉

  • Gerry Fisher

    Seth’s relentless, isn’t he? I owe him the beverage of his choice should we ever meet.

  • markmac123

    Republicans: “Democrats had the majority under Obama but couldn’t pass anything because they are inept.”
    **gains the majority**
    “We can’t pass anything because of Democrats’ obstruction!!!”

    Willfully ignorant pieces of shit all.

  • andrew

    Thanks to all the late night comedian who use comedy very effectively to shine a bright light on the disastrous Trump Administration.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Seth has been on point from the start.

  • DonnaLee

    LIAR!! That Is All Trump DOES!!

  • Alexodia

    Are we really surprised he made some nonsense up?