Oprah Tweets “Oprah For President” Article

Newsweek reports:

Oprah Winfrey 2020? Maybe not as far-fetched as it sounds. The former queen of daytime television prompted speculation she could run for president in 2020 after tweeting a New York Post article that heralded her as the “Democrats’ best hope” to win. Winfrey, 63, wrote the author of the piece, columnist John Podhoretz, saying: “Thanks for your VOTE of confidence!”

In the NY Post column, Podhoretz praised Winfrey’s debut on CBS news program 60 Minutes last Sunday, in which she presided over a politically-charged debate between Michigan voters, both Democrats and Republicans.

An Oprah ticket would be wildly intriguing, and, according to polling, wildly popular, too. A Public Policy Polling survey in March found that if Oprah were to run as a Democrat against Republican Trump, 47 percent of Americans would vote for her, compared to 40 percent for Trump.

  • KarenAtFOH

    47 to 40 does not sound wildly popular.

    • gaycuckhubby

      Yeah if you can’t hit 50 against Trump, currently then you’re in trouble.
      Lets see polling with MO

  • Tawreos

    Running a talk show and even a media empire does not make one able to be a good president. We have a big enough example of that currently in the White House. Also, with the amount of woo that she has pushed over the years she might be just as nutty, but in a different way than Trump.

    • TrueWords

      However, the constitutional requirements for President in the USA lend itself to nothing more than the following: popularity and access to money…so basically it is akin to high school prom votes

      • Tawreos

        It is a good thing the founding fathers can’t see what has become of the idea they gave life to

        • TrueWords

          EXACTLY…this is what we as citizens should be challenging to make an amendment to as Trump is a GREAT example of how FUCKED UP it is

    • bambinoitaliano

      As a country, America is slow in reacting to the current crisis. Oprah might be the best option for what is available to counter the shit gibbon full tilt craziness. In terms of minimum qualification needed for a president to run the country, that ship had sailed. You are living in a nation who are addicted to escaping into the make believe world and embracing the make believe characters.

      • TrueWords

        That is the TRUTH many Americans truly believe that someone who has never held office and is rich is the best way to go in this country for the following reasons: they will “teach them how to climb the ladder faster and of course the entertainment factor”…this country and its media are not positioned nor poised to educate the populace…it is all about ratings and the media circus that follows…


    • TJay229
      • Tawreos

        That people without political skills can be president, YES!

        • TJay229

          Everyone starts somewhere and at sometime. Don’t hate because (if) she did it would be at the highest level of public service.

          Just because your ambitions don’t allow you to be motivated like that, doesn’t mean it should apply to everyone.

          • Tawreos

            We are seeing what an amateur can do and it is not pretty. The presidency is not the place for on the job training. I have no problem with her running, but let it be for a senate seat, a house seat, first. This is like taking a toddler that just made their first trip across the living room and signing them up for the olympics. Don’t let fandom cloud your judgement

          • TJay229

            That’s your opinion.

            I won’t allow my “Fandom” cloud my judgment, just as long as your bitterness and personal lack of ambition doesn’t cloud yours going forward.

          • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

            You won’t, huh? Seems you already have…

          • Lizard

            That’s nonsense. The Presidency of the free world is not an entry-level job. If she was really motivated, she’d start small, run for Congress, and work her way up to the Presidency while learning all the skills she’d need to be successful.

            Also, wasn’t “ambition” a bad thing when we were talking about Hillary?

          • TJay229

            Says Who?

            Show me one RULE that says “one must start small…”
            The only rule I know is that you must be BORN on US soil to run. But, I’ll wait for you to show me this rule of yours… Until then, I’ll chalk it up as your opinion and your entitled to it.

          • Judas Peckerwood

            With voters like you around, it’s no wonder that Trump is in the White House.

          • TJay229

            Soooo, is this an admission that you don’t have any real basis for your one needs to be “really motivated… Start small” 🐂💩 cause otherwise… My opinion and fact hasn’t changed.

            And uh, I’m not the reason Trump is in office. An overwhelming majority of White people voted for him.

            I am proud to inform you, I am BLACK. Trump did not win the POC vote. Blame his win on your kin and probably you. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5199e33ca4059008faca319dfb9c83f62f6914c4ab9f5e4e75c9e2ae1b613334.png


          • I’m going to jump in and point out that Lizard did not write “one must start small” or imply that such a rule exists.

          • TJay229

            Oh my bad. I didn’t interpret “If she was really motivated, she’d start small, run for Congress, and work her way up…” correctly. /s

            You go and be great, ok.

  • TrueWords
  • Enough with TV personalities running for President. The current example is disastrous.

  • Snownova

    Winfrey Degeneres 2020!

  • glass

    NO! NEVER! Oprah gave us dr oz-scammer, dr phil-white-trash.
    We don’t need another clueless “celebrity” in office, we have that now.

    • mr wonderful

      Like Oprah very much, but yeah… “Dr.” Oz, “Dr.” Phil…. NO THANK YOU

    • Nic Peterson

      Exactly! She could be elected, which would only further the inevitability of more scamming celebrities having a seat at the table of public policy.

      Business skills, media skills, acting ability, and wealth can help inform someone about policy but it takes a lifetime of learning to understand the skill of governance.

      • VeronicaJBeasley

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    • RaygunsGoZap

      I agree. Oprah seems to have a strong ethical core and great humanity. But, Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil exist at their current level because Oprah exercises poor judgement due to her uncritical acceptance of so much “woo” aka bull$hit

  • netxtown

    Whether intentional or not – A Winfrey Presidency would promote the “O” brand. Personally – I am quite over all this branding crap. The re-branded office isn’t for sale. We have that problem now.

    • Tawreos

      Given the current occupant, it is absolutely for sale and it can be bought with ignorance and hatred.

      • netxtown

        and a membership to MAL

        • Todd20036

          Love MAL

    • Card

      In the “silver lining” category, a powerful black woman candidate would probably get the GOP behind some of the campaign reforms that we needed prior to the orange shitgibbon’s candidacy…

  • Tawreos

    Since we are starting out with Oprah for president I think today might be a good time to have an Irish Coffee, hold the coffee.

  • bkmn

    Absolutely not. We need someone with demonstrated experience, not a fan base.

  • greenmanTN

    Uh, haven’t we learned our lesson already about rich celebrities as political saviors?

    Though I’d support the Beelzebub/Pazuzu Democratic ticket over any Republican.

    • That’s my feeling too. For the most part, I like Oprah: she’s a single black woman and doesn’t apologize for any of those three. And while I’d take her as President over anyone in the GOP, one of things that’s really been driven home to me with this awful administration is that we need a politician as President, someone who has worked in government. Not a celebrity, not Oprah, not George Clooney or Brad Pitt or Meg Ryan or whoever.

    • Christopher
      • greenmanTN

        I’ve sunken to the depths of degradation but I’m still not voting Libertarian.

        • Christopher


  • Comixbear

    I like Oprah. Having said that, I think it would be wrong for her to run, further turning the Presidential race into a contest of ratings rather than issues. She would be better than the orange shitgibbon (who wouldn’t?), but we need to have someone who knows the insides of politics in order to survive and thrive against the machinations of the professional power grabbers.

  • zhera

    Obviously she’d do a better job than any republican, but does anyone really think she’d manage to get elected? After what Hillary went through? After 4 years of fascism, misogyny, racism?

    I don’t know if USA will ever be ready for a woman President, much less a black woman President.

    • SoCalGal20

      Right now, if any woman had a chance it would probably be her tbh. (I’m hope I’m proven wrong and a highly qualified Dem woman is elected in 2020).

      • Todd20036

        Elizabeth Warren?

        • gaycuckhubby

          Kristen Gillibrand

    • CanuckDon

      Oprah hasn’t had the rightwing smearing her reputation over the past 25 years so that’s one hurdle she doesn’t have to get over.

  • TuuxKabin

    No, no, no a thousand times no more celebrities. Enough already.

  • Keith D Plane

    If this is the Dems best hope I’m definately moving out of the country

  • Butch

    OK, people here have said what I wanted to say and said it better so I’ll just bring up my thought that a line of frozen vegetables called Okra Winfrey would be a success. You could cook them on skewers branded Britney Spears.

  • greenmanTN

    You get a Secretary position! You get a Secretary position! You get a Secretary position! You ALL get a Secretary position!

  • Todd20036

    I don’t care if she is a liberal at heart. The POTUS is not an entry level job.
    And yeah, “Dr.” Oz? His claims keep getting debunked. My mother listens to him a lot.
    I’ve no use for such people, and neither does the nation.
    Sorry, O, but while you certainly would be better than our Nazi POTUS, you are far worse than even HW.
    And I hated HW.

  • TJay229

    If she ran…. OMIGAWD. Summa those White folks would have a conniption.

    Of course she’d sweep the POC vote, the gay vote and the highly coveted women vote. It would be a slaughter.

    And watch, the first thing they would start to say is ” Do we want TV personalities to run the country” or some 🐂💩 like that. But even the #NeverTrumps would side with her.

    I hope she does.

    • Silver Badger

      Perhaps Michelle Obama would be a better choice. Not only would she do the same things you mention, she is more qualified.

      • vorpal 😼

        ^^^ Sanity. Thank you, Silver Badger.

      • Lizard

        Kamala Harris!

  • Michael White

    No, just NO

  • Rex

    She could better serve by actively campaigning for the Democratic nominee.

    • Ernest Endevor

      Thank you.

    • Lizard

      And donating some of that fortune to their campaigns.

  • skyweaver

    Her heart is probably in the right place if she ran but I prefer my powerful politicians to be wonkily and nerdily into the details, like Obama and Bill Clinton were. Hell, even Dubya had at least a passing interest every other Tueseday. On the other hand, to watch the Trump rage-o-meter go into the red zone because he had to run against a woman, and a woman of color to boot, would be quite entertaining

  • gaycuckhubby

    No no no no no no no no no no

  • TJay229

    Ooo I am loving to read all these ‘No’ comments. 🤣😂🤣😂

    She is a United States citizen
    She is ELIGIBLE to run For ANY OFFICE she chooses.
    She’s popular
    She’s a GAY ALLY

    And the list goes on and on.

    White Gays DO NOT RUN THE WORLD, if you did y’all should have stopped the monstrosity that’s occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NOW.

    Y’all are so hypocritical.

    • Silver Badger

      I don’t think that any one cares what color she is. She is simply not qualified. We already have an unqualified president.

      • Lizard

        Kamala Harris is my favorite. She has demonstrated that she already has the skills needed to be a successful president.

    • vorpal 😼

      I don’t think anyone here has remotely suggested that white gays run the world.

      We just don’t think that TV show stars should.
      That’s like going to consult a lawyer instead of a doctor when I have health issues: it doesn’t make sense.

      Oprah is a great ally and excellent at what she does.
      And certainly, she meets the eligibility criteria to run for president.
      That doesn’t make her president material.

      • TJay229

        I stand by EVERYTHING I said I’m NOT editing or changing anything. If you don’t like it.

        Fine (see pic) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f8b4285ae35d451ed185240790f415b1e173fb0ff57635f3dd7666b84592d510.gif

        • vorpal 😼

          I’m not mad: I just think that every time I see posts from you, you provide us with further evidence that you have the intellectual and emotional maturity of a four year old.

          • TJay229

            Ok.. So if that’s true, why in the fuck do you respond to me?

            (Notice the YOU RESPOND TO Me part) I NEVER initiate conversation with yo idiotic simple minded bitch ass, first. So in that regard, we’re both grown men with the maturity of 4yr Olds. You obviously want me to engage with you cause you care what I think, whereas I only notice you when I smell you.

          • vorpal 😼

            I don’t have to be mad to respond to you. Maybe you’re the angry one and projecting it onto everyone else, because I really haven’t seen much anger towards you here, and yet you’ve responded like a five year old with “U MAD?!” GIFs to almost everyone instead of actually attempting to have a conversation.

            LOL it’s cute that you think I’m an “idiotic simple minded bitch ass.”

            As for acting like four year olds, I addressed your initial comment with a rebuttal, like grown ups do and you just ignored it and “U MAD?!”ed me, so no, it isn’t me who is the four year old.

            I enjoy calling people out on their bullshit, and when I am full of bullshit, I am glad when people call me out on it.

            Since, however, this is the third JMG post where I’ve seen you comment, and on all three, you’ve acted like a dumbass and just embarrassed yourself with no self-awareness of that fact, you are hereby blocked.

          • Oh, Parker

            Yeah, didn’t take me long to figure that out and block him/her.

  • No More GOP.

    Oh, goddess, no. Seriously NFW. Haven’t we had enough of “celebrities” in office? How ’bout somebody who is actually qualified through years of public service?

  • TuuxKabin

    Her candidacy wildly intriguing? No. Wildly insulting, or further rubbing piss n’ vinegar into the wound. Nothing against her. But she’s another brand we don’t all need.

  • gaycuckhubby

    I shudder to think what her cabinet would look like.
    her show was filled with experts that had no peer-reviewed work, her show is a mouthpiece for charlatans who sell pseudoscience and pseudo-medicine.
    this is not the person that we need to pull our country away from Trump

    • TJay229
      • gaycuckhubby

        Yeah. I’m mad that Trump has proven that any unqualified charismatic personality can be president. I think that’s wrong

        • TJay229

          So according to YOUR logic… Only people who are BORN politicians or those that attend Politics High School /*Public Service University can be a politician?

          • Silver Badger

            It’s not who can be a politician, it’s who should.

          • gaycuckhubby

            Nope. But they should start out with a house seat or senate or mayor or constitutional scholar or political science professor.
            Something other than a personality who pushes fake science

          • TJay229

            Well… That’s your opinion. You have a right to it.

            But just because a poor black woman did her footwork for DECADES, became popular, wealthy, affluent, lovable and likable… And your dreams and life skills haven’t allowed you to achieve ⅛ of what she has… Don’t be mad, celebrate someone else’s ambition and achievements instead of your “I wish i had…” or “If only I could(s)..”

          • gaycuckhubby

            Yep you got me. I’m just jealous of her.

          • TJay229

            I knew it. Thanks for saying so.
            (go ahead and say “you meant that sarcastically” to cover your true feelings)

          • gaycuckhubby

            Nope, not sarcastic. I dont want a president who is more ambitious than me. Thats why I was such a big fan of Obama and Clinton

          • TJay229
          • gaycuckhubby


          • Raising_Rlyeh

            Random comment, but love the shirt

          • gaycuckhubby

            Thanks 😉

          • Raising_Rlyeh

            You’re welcome, now why don’t you sit closer so we can discuss what it means? ;P

          • Karl Dubhe

            I’d rather see Maxine Waters run than Oprah. I know that the former would have the experience needed to be a president.

            I can’t say that about Oprah.

            Amateurs should demonstrate some competence in the trade they want before they’re given the job. Had that been done with trump, that man would not be your president.

          • TJay229

            That’s your opinion, you’re entitled to it.

            But just because a poor black woman did her footwork for DECADES, became popular, wealthy, affluent, lovable and likable… And your dreams and life skills haven’t allowed you to achieve ⅛ of what she has… Don’t be mad, celebrate someone else’s ambition and achievements instead of your “I wish i had…” or “If only I could(s)..”

          • Karl Dubhe

            As you’re entitled to yours.

          • TJay229

            Ok ✌️

          • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

            How many times are you going to run on about this?

            Just because any old asshat can run doesn’t mean we should vote for them.

          • TJay229

            As many times as I see fit.

            Don’t like it, make me stop!

          • Or Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren or….

          • Brian Randall

            Yeah, we’re all “mad”. Uh huh, just as you’ve plastered about nine times all over this thread. Not to mention the whole “you mad”, “sure Jan”, and “bitter” insults. Grow the hell up. Ignored

          • TJay229

            Suck my asshole after I eat beans.

          • Oprah is great at what she does. I agree with “cuck” about her selling woo, but as a talk show host she’s probably better than anyone who has ever done that format. Donahue basically invented it, but she perfected it. It looked easy because both of them did it so well. Then everyone tried it and most of them were a disaster. It’s not easy managing a guest and an audience and keeping things interesting and entertaining while discussing serious topics. She is great at that. And if that were the requirements for the job of president I’d support her. But it’s not. Does she know anything about foreign policy? Domestic policy? Where is her health care plan? Managing a media company where you can fire anyone at any time is not like dealing with Congress. Congress is not your hand-picked board of directors. She’s not qualified for this job. Can we have a look at the governors and senators (and former ones)? that’s the applicant pool.

          • TJay229

            That’s your opinion. You are more than welcome to it.

            I do not agree.

          • No. But if you want to be president you should first become a governor or senator or hold another type of office. Just as for any job, people should have some qualifications and skills. Trump had none and look at how bad he is at it. (Even I’m surprised at how badly he’s doing and I had already thought he’d be terrible.) Oprah is highly successful in her own field, but that field is not in any way like running the executive branch of our government. If she wants to be president she should run for governor and get some experience.

          • TJay229

            Obviously you have no clue why people become politicians.

            They become politicians because they feel that they can do a better job than what’s being offered. There is no litmus test for “experience on the job” an if there was, id take her people and problem solving skills any day over HIS.

            But, that’s your opinion, your entitled to it.

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      Best friend Gayle would have to give up her CBS gig to be VP

  • Jonty Coppersmith

    Well, contrary to everyone else here it seems, I’ll stick my neck out and say that I would vote for her enthusiastically.

    • Comixbear

      I don’t think that there are many (any) of the regular posters here who would vote for the Orange Terror over Oprah. What we are all saying is that she is the wrong person to run due to her lack of experience and inside knowledge of how the government runs.

    • gaycuckhubby

      I think a majority of the U.S. are with you.
      I think she would sail through the primaries.
      And that terrifies me

  • barrixines


  • CanuckDon

    Oprah could likely be the best deal for Democrats to get back into office. Trump getting elected proved that political experience and nobility are meaningless to the American masses. That ship has sailed caused by a combination of ridiculously wealthy people on the Right, gerrymandered states and a lot of uneducated, easily-duped voters. The same people enchanted by Trump are just as enchanted by Winfrey. I could see an elected Winfrey being big on getting education back on track. That’s really the only hope for America’s future.

  • Infinite Jest

    SO MUCH science fiction predicted a future like this, where the rulers of super powers were just the most popular celebrities. I wish I could cite some examples, but I just remember reading stuff like that as a kid.

    IF she could find the right VP (someone that understood politics), and IF she already had GOOD ideas for her cabinet, it MIGHT work. But I fear misguided choices, as so many have pointed out re: “Dr.” Phil and Dr. Oz. Though it would be great if she picked that hottie from The Doctors to be Surgeon General. 😉

  • olandp


  • Gustav2

    I love the smell of desperation in the morning. You know, Democrats should always, always take John Podhoretz’ advice. LOL

    Yesterday he was on MSNBC blaming Democrats for not voting in the Republican primary runoff in Alabama and Moore winning. Of course he ignored a new law making it illegal to vote in the R runoff if you had voted in the D primary.

    • gaycuckhubby

      He’s an idiot. Unfortunately I think he’s on to something here

      • Gustav2

        No, Democrats don’t win by repeating Republicans’ mistakes or taking advice from Neocons.

        • gaycuckhubby

          Won’t stop them from trying

  • GayOldLady

    Oprah is more than a celebrity, she’s a 1st Class business woman. She’s brilliant and capable. Is she qualified to be POTUS? I’d say she’s more qualified than punk politicians like Mike Pence, who’s only claim to fame is being the political foot soldier for the Evangelical right. I’d say she’s more qualified than George W. Bush, whose only qualification was two terms as TX Governor. Oprah Winfrey has even had more real world experience that Barack Obama. And she’s so much more qualified than DJT it’s impossible to make a comparison. NO ONE handed Oprah $2 million dollars to start a business. No one left Oprah millions of dollars in inheritance, including property and businesses. Oprah, unlike Trump, would surround herself with competent professionals who SHE WOULD listen to when making decision. I’m not endorsing Oprah, but she’s much more than a celebrity, she’s an accomplished, respected, respectful, intelligent, proven Business woman and a decent human being.

    • Silver Badger

      Good points.

    • If it came down to Oprah and Trump in the national race, I would vote for Oprah without a second thought. But in the primaries, I would have a hard time supporting her over, say, Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren or Cory Booker.

      • GayOldLady

        I’d rather have a person who’s more seasoned in politics, but I have no doubt that Oprah would excel at any job, including POTUS. Her life history is a remarkable testament to truly remarkable woman.

        • It would also drive many deplorables absolutely nuts, ha ha.

          It’s funny, Taiwan elected their first woman president last year (Tsai is also single, something the news media in China decided to bring up). She was a university professor and also held a bunch of different offices before being President, however. I have a few cousins who work for the Taiwanese government, and one of them asked me if we (in the US) “elect all our movie and TV stars into office” after Trump was elected (she was also still thinking of Arnold Schwarzenegger being elected governor of California). :p

          • kelven

            Driving the deplorables nuts would be the cherry on top!

          • Karl Dubhe

            Although that is one of the reasons that the deplorables voted for mr trump.


      • kelven

        She could carry one of them as the Vice President. Or conversely, she would give a serious boost to one of them as the Vice.

    • TJay229

      GURLLLLLLLLLLLL…! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    • kelven

      I agree. People who are using the current disaster of an administration as an argument against business people running the show are comparing a low class mob boss installing a kleptocracy to an smart, compassionate, generous, wildly successful entrepreneur. She is certainly the polar opposite of the hateful little hobgoblin occupying the Oval Office.

    • Lizard

      I just don’t think businesspeople make good politicians. I don’t think they’re the same skill sets.

      Oprah is to be commended for how she built an empire from essentially nothing, but in doing so she likely learned different lessons than the ones she’d need to build a country. You don’t get that far by compromising very much.

      • Misutaa Roboto


        They are not the same skill sets at all. Being good at either implies a certain level of intelligence, but that will only get you so far without the relevant experience, and being good at business does not mean someone really gets diplomacy or policy making. And that includes economic policy. I get so sick of people thinking that doing well in business means that someone understands economics.

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      Yep, VP Punce started out as a talk show host winch propelled him into State Politics.

      • FAEN

        You misspelled VP Dunce.

  • Ernest Endevor

    I see Russia’s getting into 2020 nice and early.

    • gaycuckhubby

      Russians don’t have an ideoligy they just want to see chaos and confusion I think they would support Oprah running against Trump

  • Ken M

    Time to make a few enemies this morning. Unless this nation goes through some major changes between now and 2020, she already has 3 things against her. Single, Black, Female. As we’ve been learning in recent elections, her opposition will also make a difference. Probably won’t be Trump, but announcement this soon will only give the GOP more time to find a better adversary. Maybe in 2024.

    • gaycuckhubby

      I actually think she would win pretty handily but I think it’s a bad idea

    • TJay229

      I disagree.
      Her “3 things against her” are all pluses from MY vantage point.

    • GayOldLady

      I’ve said, from the beginning, the biggest hurdle for Hillary was the fact that she’s a woman. This country is still sexist. Even women are culturally indoctrinated to believe that women are not equal to men in many fields of endeavor, especially in Executive endeavors. Hillary was never able to level the playing field. Oprah, on the other hand, has defied the gender stereotype to become one of the richest women in the world and she did it through her own brilliance. Oprah has defied the race barriers by stepping into the arena as a Black woman and carrying herself with grace and intellect to heights people of every race respect and admire. She went into a white man’s world as a black woman and she excelled at the highest level. Oprah learned early on that you can’t break down a wall by deciding it’s just too high. You can only break down the wall by continuing to challenge it. I believe Oprah can conquer anything she sets her mind to. If she wanted to be POTUS, SHE WOULD BE POTUS.

    • GayOldLady

      And as for Oprah being “Single”, you must remember, Oprah Winfrey is single because she chooses to be single. Oprah is her own person, ruled by no one, respected by everyone who has worked for her and with her.
      She’s obviously never seen marriage as something that she needed to be happy and successful. I personally see that as an advantage. There will be no way people can say she’s being influenced by the “man” in her life. 🙂

  • Cackalaquiano

    I cannot imagine the degree of despair among the deplorables if a celebrity, liberal black woman were elected president. Oprah’s sharp too. Not sure about president, but I’m mighty intrigued by the idea.

  • gaycuckhubby

    For the record I think Ellen Degeneres and make a horrible president too

  • Mike

    I saw Oprah’s shallow, sappy segment on 60 Minutes last week, more about Oprah than the serious issue it purported to be about. Oprah for daytime TV host!

  • kelven

    I see a lot of people weighing in on the side of “hell no” for all the obvious reasons. However, I agree with the people who say she may indeed be the best chance of countering what has become a popularity contest. While she is not a politician, she is a savvy businesswoman and knows how to delegate. She is much more likely to fill her cabinet with qualified people than cronies and as far as her “woo” goes, we could use a big dose of that at the national level to counter the christianist agenda that has poisoned so much of our system. I don’t think she would be perfect anymore than I thought Obama was, but I believe she would make a sincere effort to be the best president she could be to the people of this country just like he did.

    • TJay229


    • Lizard

      Here’s my problem: People are equating “successful businessperson” with “successful politician.” I don’t agree with that. I think they’re diametrically opposing skill sets, actually. The point in business is to get the most money and the most market share. The point in politics is to compromise with others powers to find the best solution for everyone involved.

      Trump pulling out of the Paris Accords is the perfect example. He wanted “a better deal for America,” but that’s not how international diplomacy works.

      That fact that she’s “sincere,” to me, doesn’t change the fact that she doesn’t necessarily have the skills to make a good president.

      • Government is not a business. If your toaster division is losing money, you stop making toasters. But you can’t just ignore that a territory with millions of people is without food, clean water and power. Oh, well, maybe you can for a week and then finally give in to media and social media pressure to do something. Government is not business. The goals are completely different as are its best practices. That seems kind of obvious but for some reason to half the country it’s not. Also, if we’re going to elect someone from the business world can we at least elect someone good at it. Mike Bloomberg isn’t from money and is actually a billionaire. Now he’s not my first choice for president (or even on my list, actually) but at least he’d fit that requirement. Trump most certainly did not.

    • I think it’s simple:

      1) Oprah SHOULDN’T run (and TBF I think she posted the article as a joke)

      2) However, if she DOES run and it comes down to her vs. Trump, she’d be infinitely preferable to him.

      Damning with faint praise, indeed.

  • gaycuckhubby

    I think she will win. Liberals who oppose her will be too scared of her fanatic fanbase to speak out against her until it’s too late.
    And she will sail through the primaries

    • Treant

      Mebbe. But I don’t scare easy.

  • Karl Dubhe

    The major objection that I have is that she’s not a politician.

    Then again, she couldn’t be worse than trump is.

  • TJay229

    **** Important Note****

    If I do not respond to you. It is because I have you BLOCKED.

    Someone continues to respond to my comments, those that I initiate or reply to others… And I never respond back… All I see in my DISQUS TL is “Blocked User”

    So Dear Blocked individual(s),

    Why waste your time… You’re blocked, never to matter to me again.


    • Oh, Parker

      You’re vapid and annoying, so I’m happy to return the favor.

  • JustDucky

    Bread and circuses.

  • gaycuckhubby

    I think this thread is basically a much smaller version of what the primaries is going to look like.
    so yay

  • downtownla

    Yes! Oprah would win in a landslide. Sure, she may not be a politician, but as long as she understands that government is not a business and operates for the public good, I think she will be fine. Not only is she an excellent communicator who knows how to connect and motivate people, I think she has a firm grasp of the issues, both national and international. Plus, once you hang in the circles she does, she is only one or two degrees of separation from all the political power brokers. There area lot of idiots who get elected to political office. Just because you have that on your resume, doesn’t mean you can do the job. As pointed out below, that would mean people like Mike Pence and Sarah Palin are qualified because they have been elected.

    • Misutaa Roboto

      Unlike the current administration, I think she’d get the purpose of government just fine. I’d just like someone who also knows the mechanics of it too, i.e. how to get things done, and which things to prioritize. That takes experience.

      • downtownla

        The mechanics are actually pretty easy. It’s the chiefs of staff and legislative directors who move legislation anyway. I think the benefit of being a politician is the personal relationships you develop with other politicians. In that regards, I think someone like Oprah would make fast friends. Heck, she may already have that with some of them.

      • downtownla

        The logistics are always handled by the chiefs of staff and the legislative directors. Where being a politician may be helpful is in the relationships they established by serving with other politicians and having a previous personal relationship. In that sense, that type of “experience” helps, but it’s not the knowledge of moving legislation.

  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    Not crazy about inexperienced people getting into office though I would vote for her if she straight up won the Dem primaries and she is better than Trump in that she wouldn’t tweet crazy batshit that could get us nuked, wouldn’t hire people like Sessions, and would probably listen to good advice though I also worry about her tendency to get invested in woo peddlers.

    I will be blunt in saying that the campaign would be super, super ugly with Trumpeteers having a fucking tantrum every other microsecond and having got used to saying things more crudely and louder. She would get all the shit that Obama and Hillary got. People cut entertainers a lot more slack than they do Democratic politicians (mean while GOP pols could probably openly hunt people and get re-elected). And the media has shown itself repeatedly to be shit when it comes to balance (points to blaring about e-mails and how Hillary got pooped on while they just stick Jared’s e-mail fuck-ups in the back pages). And then there’s Russia.

  • Ish

    God save us from another rich narcissist.

  • JDS

    Oprah, you are a nice person. Don’t fuck it up by saying you are considering running for president. Kisses.

  • JDS
  • Texndoc

    I think the Democrats were so spooked by 2016 you won’t see a woman Presidential or Vice Presidential candidate. The biggest shock on November 9 was the woman’s vote.

    • gaycuckhubby

      I think the next Democratic candidate will be a woman

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    LOL you think the nutters lost their shit over Obama?? The very thought of Oprah in the WH would cause massive meltdown of the likes no one has ever seen.
    Let her run !

    Edit to add : Jokes aside, I am totally against another celebrity in office, ANY office.

    see Fred Grandy, Ronnie Raygun.

    • Lizard

      This is not a shock contest. We need someone who can actually put the country back together, not someone who just pisses off Republicans. (Although it would be a nice added bonus.)

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        I wasn’t serious

    • paganguy

      I dunno… as a campaign slogan “And you get a car, and you get a car and you get car…” could probably work. /s (And sadly, yes, I did decide I needed to include the /s for clarity.)

    • FAEN

      On the other hand Al Franken and Sheila Kuehl.

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        Yes. I know nothing of Sheila but AL has taken his job pretty seriously.

        • FAEN

          Sheila was one of the first out pols.

  • Westcoast88

    The notion that 40% of Americans would still vote for Cheeto sickens me.

  • I’m going to assume that Oprah retweeted that because she found it amusing, not because she intends to run. It may be a lie but reality is harsh enough as it is without dealing with such possibilities that might never happen. I hope she’s not this stupid and I really hope Americans aren’t. But recent events have taught me never to misunderestimate the stupidity of my fellow Americans.

  • Joseph Miceli

    What the fuck is going on with America? Has reality tv dumbed down the population so much they can’t tell the difference between Oprah and a leader like Murkowski or Warren?
    That wasn’t really a question, was it?

    • Jean-Marc in Canada


  • Ninja0980

    Nope, nope, nope.

  • Dagoril

    Could she possibly be any worse than what we currently have?

    Besides, a black woman running things would drive the Nazis even crazier than Obama did.

    • gaycuckhubby

      Pretty low bar

  • JWC

    hmmmm Ponder

  • ColdCountry

    She is an intelligent, sane, compassionate woman, but I still won’t hire a plumber to fix my car. This whole “star factor” is fine for selling things, but dear gods, can we please have someone who knows how government works running things?

    • James

      Well, yes, but she also unleashed Phil McGraw and Memet Oz on the world.

      • ColdCountry

        Nobody’s perfect…. 😀

  • gaycuckhubby

    Now I’m curious to go back and look what the comments were when the rumors of trump running first surfaced

  • Tempus Fuggit

    “You’re confusing celebrity for credibility.” –Martin Sheen

  • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

    Hey America,
    How about, instead of nominating another rich celebrity, we try for someone who is actually QUALIFIED to run our country?

    • Ann Kah

      You don’t understand. Without having well-educated and interested voters, the election IS a popularity contest.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Actually, you had one last election; in a tragic bit of irony, she was considered TOO qualified.

  • TheManicMechanic

    You get a president! You get a president! Everyone gets a president!

    Just, no. No more celebrities.

  • CityWOOF

    I brought up the subject of Oprah as POTUS to my drumpf-supporting mother, and she said that she didn’t think Oprah would be good because she would “support HER people” over everyone else”. I said, “you mean how white presidents support ‘their’ people over everyone else?” She just rolled her eyes, the usual response when she can’t answer a question.
    I don’t want celebs taking over politics, but I do think a brilliant one like Oprah Winfrey would be great if it’s going to happen. At least she WOULD read and learn and inspire, unlike the foul bastard who’s in now.

  • justmeeeee

    Oprah: “Oprah doesn’t DO stairs.”

  • JCF


    j/k (this comes from a bit by Colbert)—not really in favor of non-politician celebrities running for POTUS. That said, IF she wins the Democratic nomination…

  • LesbianTippingHabits

    So many Americans want to vote for a Woman for President. Just not Hillary.

  • Ore Carmi

    Well, it can’t be worse than Trump.