Multiple Senate Republicans Laughably Claim To Know Nothing Of Roy Moore’s Long History Of Batshittery

Despite weeks and weeks of nonstop national headlines, many Senate Republicans are claiming that they hardly know anything about Roy Moore.  

What about Moore’s history of racially insensitive comments? Haven’t heard anything. Homophobic remarks? Nada. Moore’s claim that some American communities are living under Sharia law? Crickets. Moore’s statement that 9/11 happened “because we’ve distanced ourselves from God”? Nothing for you on that.

Moore’s assertion that Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison shouldn’t be allowed to serve in Congress because he’s a Muslim? We’ll get back to you. Moore saying Mitch McConnell should be replaced as Senate majority leader? Uhh, zip.

“I don’t know anything about Roy Moore,” said Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa). “If I’ve read anything he’s said, I wouldn’t have any recollection of it.”

“I don’t know him. I think I’ll leave it there,” said Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, who laughed when asked about Moore. “I supported Luther Strange.”

Sen. Roger Wicker of neighboring Mississippi said he couldn’t recall whether he’d ever met Moore. And if he had, Wicker added, it was many years ago.

“I want to make sure we hold the seat. I want to make sure he wins in Alabama,” insisted wyoming Sen. John Barasso.

“He’s going to be for tax reform, I think,” volunteered Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio. “I don’t know, I don’t know him.”

South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, the lone African-American Republican in the Senate, said he didn’t know anything about Roy Moore, and “I’m not going to comment about anything I haven’t read about. I literally have not followed that race.”

Sen. Dean Heller really stretched credulity: “Who won? I wasn’t paying attention. I’m just worried about taxes.” Hit the link for much more.

  • PickyPecker
  • Lumpy Gaga

    “I don’t know him. I think I’ll leave it there,” said Sen. Susan Collins
    of Maine, who laughed when asked about Moore. “I supported Luther

    • SpiderPIG

      …great minds, something, something.

  • Mike C

    “I supported Luther Strange but knew nothing of his opponent”. Sure, sure. Wow, Sue. Sure got rid of that spine you grew last week fast. I hope the operation didn’t leave a scar.

    • Ninja0980

      She never had a spine.
      If she wasn’t running for governor, she would be a yes vote without question.

  • SpiderPIG
  • JAKvirginia

    “I do not know him!”
    — Saint Peter

    Just sayin’….

    • Gustav2

      Two more times! Two more times!

      • JAKvirginia

        Yep! Third one’s the charm. Right?

  • Ninja0980
    • PickyPecker

      (sigh) bad news.

      • bzrd

        it may not be bad news if it was caught early

        • PickyPecker

          That’s a thought to hang on to. However, sometimes even early detection doesn’t factor in.
          My lovely sister-in-law was detected early and opted for total mastectomy. That worked for a while, but the cancer came back in other parts of her body.
          She suffered on and off for 13 years of chemo, radiation, multiple clinics / surgeries for recurring tumors – until finally it had metastasized to her blood.
          She was 54. Left behind a devastated husband and two wonderful children who miss her every day. RIP, Cynthia.

          • TampaDink

            I’m sorry for your loss. Fuck cancer!

          • bzrd

            You are correct, and so sorry for her, her family and you. I lost my mother to breast cancer, it metastasized to her bones and brain, a horrid death.

        • boatboy_srq

          It certainly hasn’t slowed Kylie all that much.

    • Lumpy Gaga


      • PeggyCGroh

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    • james1200
    • FAEN

      I’m sure she can beat it.

    • Lars Littlefield

      This is sad news. I watch reruns of Seinfeld and marvel at how remarkable JLD was and still is. It’s been five years since I lost my step sister to breast cancer. She was diagnosed early. She had the best oncologists in NYC caring for her. But after supposedly being in remission for two years the cancer reappeared in another part of her body. She suffered immensely before getting the extra hit of morphine to help her finally rest.

      She was the classiest, most intelligent, and wonderful person in the world. And I dearly miss not being able to proudly introduce her to strangers as my sister because we always got a great deal of pleasure watching the expressions on strangers faces. I’m as Scandinavian as one can be, but Marilyn was Japanese-American. Beautiful mind and beautiful woman.

      • bzrd

        very sorry, Lars. Catching it “early” usually has a good outcome

      • TampaDink

        I’m sorry for your loss. Cancer sucks!

        • Lars Littlefield

          Like an open chest wound.

          • TampaDink

            Absolutely….and I have a rather pronounced sternum scar to show for my experiences.

          • Lars Littlefield

            Sorry about that.

      • Mark McGovern

        Lost my dad and younger bro 5 months apart. Sucked.

        • TampaDink

          Fuck….that is awful! I’m so sorry for your losses, Mark.

          • Mark McGovern

            Thanks, it’s 3 years in the past now, and like everyone else, we’ve since seen countless others succumb to this relentless disease.

            Make hay while the sun shine folks! Good health is everything.

            As an aside, I am Canadian, and both of my family members received fabulous free end of life care; especially my father who was in hospice 5 months.

          • Steve Smith

            Me too. Dad and youngest brother 6 months apart, both to cancer. Sucked is an understatement.

      • ColdCountry

        So sorry. Cancer is so huge in this country, more so than a lot of others, and it is such an absolute bitch.

  • Harveyrabbit
    • “But we’ll support every single thing this anonymous gentleman asks for, without question. We hear he’s a Republican and that’s good enough for us.”

  • FAEN

    Dear Senate Republicans-for a full view of how Bat Shit Crazy Roy Moore is go take a listen to Michaelangelo Signorile interview of him in 2007 and 2011. Of the many many lies and obfuscation what stood out to me the most was his calling for Keith Ellison (D) Minn. not to seated in Congress because he was a Muslim. So much for your parties stance on freedom of religion right?

    He’s also called for LGBT Americans to be rounded up and gassed. How can you be ok with that? That’s rhetorical-his calling for our deaths is a plus for your party not a minus.

    Stop endorsing this Dominionist already.

    • boatboy_srq

      Every single position Moore holds involves keeping Those Other People® from getting uppity and demanding things.

      • FAEN

        Like equality and protections. How dare they! Who do they think they are-AMERICANS?

  • Rebecca Gardner
    • Jay George

      Rumor has it his own men tried to get him killed in Nam because they hated him so much.

      • Lumpy Gaga

        “Alabama’s not sending their best people.”

        — South Vietnam

        • BudClark

          Don’t they have any LOCAL trash dumps, rather than sending all their trash to DC???

      • Rebecca Gardner

        Yeah, he apparently loved handing out Article 15s.

        “His policies damn near got him killed in Vietnam,” Barrey Hall, who
        served under Moore, told The Associated Press in 2003. “He was a

        • Jay George

          “Moore wrote he set up a boxing ring in Da Nang in part to “meet all challenges from soldiers in the battalion.””
          Because apparently there wasn’t enough fighting in Vietnam to meet his needs. He wasn’t battling the enemy, he was fighting his own men. What a fucking horrible asshole…

      • Paula

        Frag ‘im!

        • Xiao Ai: The Social Gadfly


          • Paula

            Its the only way to be sure.

      • Todd20036

        Rumor has it that they succeeded.
        He looks rather decayed.

      • Mike in NC

        Kind of like Niedermeyer?

        • Jay George

          😀 Moore wrote once in his autobiography that he slept with sandbags (!) around his bed to protect himself against being killed in his sleep. I will hunt around for the exact quote and post it if I find it.

    • FAEN

      Grassley-“What ya say?”

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      god he makes me puke.

      • PickyPecker

        He should have been forced to retire years ago.

  • Denis
  • AJ Drew
  • Moore said God killed the folks in Newtown because the community “wasn’t following God’s law.”

    • Corrected from ‘Sandy Hook’ to ‘Newtown’. Sorry, my bad.

  • Ninja0980

    A better question to ask them GOP Senators is if they agree with Roy Moore that LGBT people should be locked up and are tools of Satan etc.
    When they say no, then ask them why they are voting to confirm people to the courts who have said the same exact things.

    • Also: “How can a man swear and oath to uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States when he’s said on many occasions his religion is supposed to override that. And furthermore also says he wants to break up the U.S. so his home state can rejoin a new Confederacy?”

      • boatboy_srq

        Quite sure Moore is looking foward to placing his hand on the Constitution and swearing to uphold the Bible…..

        Whaddayamean that’s not how it works?


    • Lazycrockett

      As long as he is for giving corporate donors huge tax cuts they don’t care if he hangs “Strange fruit” from the trees in his yard.

      • kirby7771

        I think you are right.

  • Scott Carpenter

    This morning, just after seeing the video clips of this and during a segment about the federalist society and how that’s where Hair Furor is getting all his judicial nominees, I hit outrage overload. Seriously, never felt like that before, just consumed and ready to flatten someone. Instead I went to work, where maybe something I do will resolve something.

    • FAEN

      But her emails! 🙄

    • Ninja0980

      Democrats have to take some blame too.
      We have never care about or fought about the courts the way Republicans have and that is a fact.

  • Gustav2

    Yes, Sen Portman, the tax reform wants is to give more tax money to churches.

  • billbear1961

    The irresponsible bastards can play this game for just so long, especially once the NAZI is there, polluting the Senate, disgracing the nation!

    • Gustav2

      Maybe we should ask them if they can spell “authoritarian theocrat?”

      • billbear1961

        LAWLESS (as someone last night said) authoritarian theocrat!

  • Rex

    Our country is being governed by idiots.

    • FAEN





    • They’re not idiots, but they believe the American voters are.

      Sadly, they’re often right.

      • Rex

        You are correct. The real idiots keep electing these liars to office.

    • billbear1961


      • boatboy_srq

        The dark side of Sonny and Cher? 😉

        jk. But it’s nearly too horrible to watch.

    • boatboy_srq

      The US is being disassembled by idiots. One law/treaty/department at a time.

  • JWC

    This is totally normal They disavow Trump is an idiot, climate change is not real , a tax cut does not benefit the wealthy. the Keebler elf is not evil Why not throw Roy Moore on the pile

  • Rex

    Sen. Portman, here’s a little tid-bit of information, Roy Moore would like nothing more than to imprison your son for being gay. Oh, wait, he’d like it more if your son were dead.

  • Bob Conti

    Well bitches, get off internet porn and Google “Roy Moore.” Christ on a Triscuit, it’s not that difficult. Hell, my cats know that Moore’s batshit crazy!

    • Prost Seattle


  • kirby7771

    The GOP will sell us all out in order to put a win in their column. This has gotten beyond ridiculous, and beyond tragedy. I’m calling it treasonous. I can’t come up with a better word for it.

  • shivadog

    Barasso is one of the biggest shit-stains in the Senate. I met an old timer who said he voted for him because he was such a terrible doctor that he figured he would do less harm in the Senate then as a doctor. Kind of funny, but I disagree with the reasoning. As a doctor there was only a limited number of people he could hurt, his ability to cause damage is almost unlimited now. I apologize on behalf of all the sane people in Wyoming (all 5 of them) for inflicting him on the nation.

  • Rex

    Why bother to lie about something if you’re not even going to try to make it believable? They’ve all heard of him. This is an attempt to avoid the next question – if they approve of him.

  • billbear1961
  • Steven Jaeger

    This is a huge visible reason that Current Events should be taught in every year of school from middle school on. Kids will get in a habit of looking at the news and paying attention to what is said. Part of the training has to include picking out fake news. That way we can grow us some responsible adults, who will be paying attention to this crap and stop it at the ballot box. If pre-teens know what is on-going then we can get rid of these nincompoops. I really feel the GOTP is a reincarnation of the Know-Nothing party of the 1850’s. They were also RWNJ.

  • I remember a time when it was embarrassing to be ignorant. Now it’s just called being a Republican.

    • Ninja0980

      My grandparents would be horrified someone like this was ever let into the party.
      Sad to say, with the rise of Sam Brownback and others, they saw this coming.

    • billbear1961

      WILLFULLY ignorant!

  • Christopher

    The world is full of monsters. One should not aspire to be the monster, but to be the one who fights the monster.

    And one should not pretend that they’ve never heard a story about monsters.

  • TheManicMechanic

    They know, but rather they didn’t, as well as wish the rest of the population would just let all this happen in secret.

  • Tomcat

    Republican party is now part of the Putin regime.

  • Tomcat

    What do you know,, it IS your grandfathers party again.

    • matrem

      My grandfather was in the John Birch society, so you’re right.

  • matrem
    • Tomcat

      All the best in fighting the fight girl.

  • KCMC
  • anne marie in philly


  • billbear1961

    In a genuine democracy, where citizens really cared, massive and relentless protests would paralyze and overthrow a government that came–by whatever means–to be dominated by batshit-crazy fanatics, gangsters, pathological liars, and traitors!!

    • MBear

      It’s perhaps compounded by the propaganda networks…controlled mass media

      • billbear1961

        It IS!

        The right-wing propaganda machine and the abject fucking FAILURE of the “serious” press, for the past QUARTER CENTURY, to call them out and destroy them is the MAIN reason for the decline and, I fear, FALL of the Republic!!

        At THIS point, it may very well be too late to stop the ongoing COUP without a MAJOR and TERRIFYING confrontation–things are THAT grave!!

        And I fear that a population where HALF won’t even get off their asses to VOTE will tremble and faint at the prospect of a major STRUGGLE to save their democracy!!

    • Karl Dubhe

      Well, actually…. Not always. 🙁

      The history of democracy is genuine, and rather messy. Messier than sex.

      • billbear1961

        I very much fear that the people of this country will FAIL in their DUTY to protect the Republic.

      • billbear1961

        More and more I think that we must turn our attention to preserving democracy in Canada, Karl, to make sure that what Americans allowed to happen to THEIR democracy–not standing up to a toxic LIE machine in time and failing to hold a major party accountable for abandoning the principles of genuine democracy–does not replicate itself in our fair land!!

      • billbear1961

        If the American republic fails–and without massive and relentless protests, I think it will–the gangster oligarchs there, allied with those of Russia and others around the globe, will set their sights on undermining and destroying the world’s remaining “advanced” democracies: the nations of northern and western Europe, Britain’s oldest Dominions, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea.

  • O/T: Donald is STILL trying to claim Graham-Cassidy can’t pass by this Saturday because an unnamed Senator (presumed to be Thad Cochran) is in the hospital.

    There are no Senators currently in the hospital, not even McCain who was a confirmed No vote.

    • Rex

      But he saw himself say it on Fox and Friends, so it must be true.

      • boatboy_srq

        If only that wasn’t likely…

        “Teevee, Teevee, on the wall, who’s the yuugest of them all?”

    • Tomcat

      He kept saying it until that person asked him to stop saying he was in hospital. Chad was a home recuperating.

    • The_Wretched

      trump’s not fit for office…sigh.

      i can’t imagine the media if Obama had such clear lies / pigheaded stupidity.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada
  • Ernest Endevor
  • Tomcat

    Everyday I wish I had been born 20 years earlier and died in the early 1990s.
    That way I would have missed most of this shit. Children today have NO future at all. They just don’t realize it yet.

    • Ben in Oakland

      I know far too many who did exactly that. not good.

  • Talisman

    I can very much believe it; few people pay attention to much outside their own bubble. Most straight people have never heard about Tony Perkins or Brian Brown, and I’m sure there are any number of Christian preachers, singers, and lecturers that I’ve never heard of.

    • Tawreos

      If the person in questioning isn’t threatening their lives they can’t bothered to pay attention

  • Lazycrockett


    I’m making Bobby’s Ghoulash for dinner.

    • PickyPecker

      What time shall we be there? A nice red wine ok?

      • Lazycrockett

        and the salad. I got the french bread and garlic butter.

      • boatboy_srq

        At least a Zin or Cab. No less than six years old.

    • Treant

      If Bobby’s a ghoul, should you be eating him? They’re kind of nasty.

      That’s meat I’d heat to 175, if I were you. And use plenty of rosemary to cover the taste, ghouls are gamy.

    • Karl Dubhe

      A goulash without sour cream in it?

      My aunt would swoon, I’m sure. (actually, she’d hit me with a spoon for suggesting that she’d ever have swooned.)

    • PickyPecker

      Wow. One cup of salt in the seasoning!

      • Lazycrockett

        yeah thats for the mix that you are suppose to save and use on other things. Some people don’t get that. SMGDH.

  • Cipher

    Be sure that Mitch warned everyone who is not part of the Freedom Caucus. Meanwhile, Cruz encouraged everyone who is to welcome this windbag’s win over Mitch’s chosen candidate.

  • Hank

    “Climate Change? I do not know anything about it. I am not a scientist” said every Rethuglican…. and just about as believable, as their NOT know about Christianist Moore!!!

  • rednekokie

    That’s right — most of the senate republicans know little about anything.
    I’m not at all surprised — that, or they are lying, as usual.
    Either way, none of them are fit to hold office.

  • The_Wretched

    time for a “Sure Jan”

  • TampaZeke

    The sad fact of the matter is, the more non-Alabamans attack him, particularly northerners and Californians, the bigger his win will be. The more they attack him for his bat shit crazy, extremist Christianity, the bigger his win will be. The more they attack him for his extreme homophobia, the bigger his win will be.

    It’s already been proven to be true in the primary. He and his opponent were very close in the polls until the things I mentioned above cranked up. That’s when he started pulling away.

    Take it from a Mississippian; Bama is nothing more than east Mississippi and we Mississibamians have all seen it a thousand times.

    • Ben in Oakland

      Is Mississippi the Nigeria of the south, or is that Al Abama? So many nigerias.

  • boatboy_srq

    Liars, dementia patients, or both.

    Seriously, given the kind of press GOTea pols are likely to read/watch/hear, it’s hardly surprising that Moore’ more… um, colourful… statements aren’t well known. FTFNYT is a commie-liebrul rag according to most of them, after all.

  • Michael R

    In a two-minute conversation with radio host Dale Jackson, Roy Moore appeared to have no knowledge of what DACA is. Here’s the conversation:

    JACKSON: “Would you support an end to the Dreamer program that President Trump has still continued to push?

    MOORE: “Pardon? The Dreamer program?”

    JACKSON: “Yes Sir. The DACA/DAPA. You’re not aware of what dreamers are?”

    MOORE: “No.”

    JACKSON: “Dreamers are — this is a big issue in the immigration debate. Dreamers are . . .”

    MOORE: “Why don’t you tell me what it is Dale, and quit beating around, and tell me what it is?”

    JACKSON: “I’m in the process of doing that, Judge Moore.”

    Jackson goes on to explain that Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is the result of an Obama executive order that defers deportations for nearly 800,000 young adults.

    “I’m kinda shocked that you don’t know what it is,” Jackson said.

    “Well if Trump’s done it, well then, that’s what Trump does,” Moore finally said. “I don’t necessarily agree with it.”

    But after Moore had the program explained to him — and referred by several different names just in case one jogged his memory — he still appeared to have no idea what it is, nor an opinion on it.

    • boatboy_srq

      Does Moore strike anyone else as a graphic illustration of why lead paint was a bad idea?

  • Steven Jaeger
  • thatotherjean

    In which case, multiple Senate Republicans are lying their asses off. This is not a new thing.

  • billbear1961

    When the depraved monster begins to spew his poisonous hatred in the Senate, he should be EXPELLED by its members. A two-thirds majority is required.

    • Hank

      You will never get enough defections from the Rethuglicans, unless “The Turtle” agrees to it!!! Hell, they have not even attempted it with Cruz after his filibuster!

  • Gerry Fisher

    >“I don’t know him. I think I’ll leave it there,” said Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, who laughed….

    Yeah, your party lurching into Fascism and extremism is so friggin’ *funny*, Susan!

  • carrot festival
  • Mark McGovern

    I hope she fares well through this.

    Having lost 2 members of my family within 5 months to this scourge, I would like to take an opportunity to put a plug in for support of your local hospice. My father was in Hospice 5 months (he outlived his prognosis by 3 months) and hospice made his end of life an amazing experience.

    Give time. Give money. Give to their thrift shops if they have them. Or just go visit someone when they are there.

  • Stuart Wyman-Cahall

    Strangely enough I actually believe them when they say they know little or nothing of Roy Moore. Did you see Roy Moore asked by a CONSERVATIVE talk show host when asked about DACA?! Moore didn’t even know what DACA was leaving this particular right wing talk show host completely dumbfounded!! These Republicans are know nothings. Seriously. They are the least knowledgeable ever elected to congress!

  • lymis

    I’ll believe someone who is surprised by a question about someone that they no nothing of him.

    Five minute’s of any random staffer’s time, however, and they’ll have more than enough to give a pretty clear picture of him. So, 15 minutes after any GOP legislator gets asked, and my benefit of the doubt is officially over.

    Choosing to remain ignorant after you have the option not to makes someone as culpable as anyone who lies about it.

  • 2guysnamedjoe

    Wow. Senate Republicans act like they never heard of Roy Moore, and the Log Cabin-ettes act like they never heard of drümpf.
    The Potomac’s new name is Da Nile.

  • Ken M

    Doesn’t surprise me. I’m sure he doesn’t know theirs either. Keep in mind, he was a State level judge. Why would they care?

  • Gianni

    I so believe them when they deny knowing anything about Roy Moore. Lying is so automatic for so many of them.

  • ColdCountry

    I believe it. After all, you have Senators who don’t have a clue about how a women’s basic reproduction system works. Why should they? They’re men. Why should they know about Roy Moore? He doesn’t vote for them.